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Futurism: A Modern Focus: The Lydia and Harry Lewis Winston Collection, Dr. and Mrs. Barnett Malbin

Futurism: A Modern Focus: The Lydia and Harry Lewis Winston Collection, Dr. and Mrs. Barnett Malbin

Contributions by Marianne W. Martin and Linda Shearer
Published in 1973
252 pages, fully illustrated

This catalogue presents a selection of works in the Winston/Malbin Collection. Detroit-born Lydia Winston Malbin (1897–1989) was an avid collector of European art, who, with the Guggenheim's first director Hilla Rebay, organized Detroit's first show of abstract art in 1940. Although the focus of the collection was on Futurism (and the catalogue includes an extensive section on drawings and prints by Italian artist Umberto Boccioni), it was by no means limited to that movement. The catalogue brings together a selection that ranges from Cubist and Surrealist works to postwar Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting: "a rewarding insight into twentieth-century art," as Linda Shearer notes in her essay.

The catalogue's two essays trace the influence of Futurism on other art movements, and each reproduction is accompanied by an artist biography, provenance, and exhibition history.


All the artists discussed here were intent upon creating a total world view. Whether it is a Schwitters collage or an Arp sculpture, a Lissitsky Proun painting or a Pevsner construction—the intention of the artist was based on the profound need to construct a new vision in relation to the contemporary world. Without doubt, the Futurists were instrumental in furthering and expanding the highly influential Cubist breakthrough. Widening the scope of their art by introducing social and political elements and including allied media like photography, they affected the artists association with Dada and the fantastic on the one hand and Constructivism and geometric abstraction on the other. The esthetic reverberations of Futurism are still felt today in such areas as kinetic and environmental art, as well as performances.

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