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Richard Prince Contributions by Jack Bankowsky, John Dogg, Glenn O'Brien, and Nancy Spector 2007
The Art of Tomorrow: Hilla Rebay and Solomon R. Guggenheim Contributions by Vivian Barnett, Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, Robert Rosenblum, Brigitte Salmen, Karole Vail, and Roland von Rebay 2005
Kandinsky in Paris: 1934–1944 Contributions by Vivian Endicott Barnett and Christian Derouet 1985
Kandinsky: Vasily Kandinsky (1866–1944): A Selection from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Hilla von Rebay Foundation Vivian Endicott Barnett 1982
Kandinsky Edited by Tracey Bashkoff with contributions by Vivian Endicott Barnett, Christian Derouet, Matthias Haltemann, Annegret Hoberg, and Gillian McMillan 2009
The Great Upheaval: Modern Art from the Guggenheim Collection, 1910–1918 Edited by Tracey Bashkoff and Megan Fontanella with contributions by Emily D. Bilski, Milton A. Cohen, and Tara Ward 2011
Art of Another Kind: International Abstraction and the Guggenheim, 1949–1960 Contributions by Tracey Bashkoff, Megan Fontanella, and Joan Marter 2012
Josef Albers: A Retrospective Contributions by Neal Benezra, Mary Emma Harris, Charles E. Rickart, Diane Waldman, and Nicholas Fox Weber 1988
Wang Jianwei: Time Temple Contributions by Thomas J. Berghuis, Gao Shiming, and Wang Jianwei 2014
"Russia!: Introduction" James Billington 2005
Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance Edited by Jennifer Blessing with contributions by Blessing, Peggy Phelan, Lisa Saltzman, Nancy Spector, and Nat Trotman 2010
Jeff Wall: Exposure Contributions by Jennifer Blessing and Katrin Blum 2007
The Guggenheim Collection Contributions by Jennifer Blessing, Julia Brown, Anthony Calnek, Susan Davidson, Lisa Dennison, Matthew Drutt, Michael Govan, Kay Heymer, Ted Mann, and Diane Waldman 2006
True North Contributions by Jennifer Blessing and Rebecca Solnit 2008
Speaking with Hands: Photographs from the Buhl Collection Contributions by Jennifer Blessing, Kirsten A. Hoving, and Ralph Rugoff 2004
Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective Contributions by Jennifer Blessing, Sandra S. Phillips, Chelsea Spengemann, and Jan van Adrichem 2012
Photo-Poetics: An Anthology Contributions by Jennifer Blessing and Susan Thompson 2015
Amsterdam Paris Düsseldorf Contributions by Cor Blok, Blaise Gautier, Jürgen Harten, and Thomas M. Messer 1972
Ilya Bolotowsky Contributions by Ilya Bolotowsky, Adelyn D. Breeskin, Mimi Poser, and Louise Averill Svendsen 1974
"Women of Genius" John E. Bowlt 1999

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