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John Chamberlain: Choices Edited by Susan Davidson with contributions by Donna De Salvo, Dave Hickey, Helen Hsu, Adrian Kohn, Don Quaintance, and Charles Ray 2012
Robert Motherwell: Early Collages Contributions by Susan Davidson, Megan M. Fontanella, Brandon Taylor, and Jeffrey Warda 2013
Point and Line to Plane Contributions by Howard Dearstyne, Wassily Kandinsky, and Hilla Rebay 1947
The Hugo Boss Prize 2008 Contributions by T.J. Demos, Liza Johnson, Shanna Ketchum-Heap of Birds, Lars Bang Larsen, Gerhard Mack, and Joan Young 2008
Angles of Vision: French Art Today: 1986 Exxon International Exhibition Contributions by Lisa Dennison 1986
Italian Art Now: An American Perspective: 1982 Exxon International Exhibition Contributions by Lisa Dennison and Diane Waldman 1982
New Horizons in American Art: 1985 Exxon National Exhibition Contributions by Lisa Dennison 1985
"Six (And a Few More) Russian Women of the Avant-Garde Together" Charlotte Douglas 1999
"Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism" Matthew Drutt 2003
Kazimir Malevich: Suprematism Edited by Matthew Drutt with contributions by Nina Gurianova, Jean-Claude Marcadé, Tatiana Mikhienko, Yevgenia Petrova, and Vasilii Rakitin 2003
Jean Dubuffet: A Retrospective Glance at Eighty Contributions by Jean Dubuffet, Morton L. Janklow, and Thomas M. Messer 1981
"Between Old and New: Russia's Modern Women" Laura Engelstein 1999
Twenty Contemporary Painters from the Philippe Dotremont Collection, Brussels Contributions by Paul Fierens and James Johnson Sweeney 1959
19 Artists—Emergent Americans: 1981 Exxon National Exhibition Peter Frank 1981
Guggenheim International Exhibition 1967 Contributions by Edward J. Fry and Thomas M. Messer 1967
Guggenheim International Exhibition, 1971 Contributions by Edward J. Fry and Diane Waldman 1971
Contemporary Japanese Art: Fifth Japan Art Festival Exhibition Contributions by Edward F. Fry 1970
Nine Young Artists: Theodoron Awards Contributions by Edward F. Fry and Diane Waldman 1969
On the Future of Art Edited by Edward F. Fry with contributions by J. W. Burnham, Louis I. Kahn, Herbert Marcuse, Annette Michelson, James Seawright, B. F. Skinner, and Arnold J. Toynbee 1970
Picasso Black and White Edited by Carmen Giménez with contributions by Giménez, Dore Ashton, Olivier Berggruen, and Richard Shiff 2012

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