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Guggenheim International Award 1960 1960
"The Guggenheim Reader Series: Russia" 2012
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: An Architectural Appreciation 2012
"The Guggenheim Reader Series: Modern Asian Art" 2013
Öyvind Fahlström Contributions by Erró, Öyvind Fahlström, Olle Granath, Pontus Hultén, Billy Klüver, Ilmar Laaban, Matta, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, and Carl Frederik Reuterswärd 1982
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Paintings Contributions by Yarnell Abbott and Hilla Rebay 1937
Amazons of the Avant-Garde Contributions by Natalia Adaskina, John E. Bowlt, Charlotte Douglas, Matthew Drutt, Ekaterina Dyogot, Laura Engelstein, Nina Gurianova, Georgii Kovalenko, Alexander Lavrentiev, Olga Matich, Nicoletta Misler, Vasilii Rakitin, Dmitrii Sarabianov, and Jane A. Sharp 1999
Wassily Kandinsky Memorial Contributions by V. Agarych and Wassily Kandinsky 1945
Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity Contributions by Tatehata Akira, Nancy Lim, Alexandra Munroe, Reiko Tomii, and Mika Yoshitake 2011
Pierre Alechinsky: Margin and Center Contributions by Pierre Alechinsky, Michael Gibson, and Octavio Paz 1987
"Russian Art of the First Half of the 19th Century" Mikhail Allenov 2005
RUSSIA! Contributions by Mikhail Allenov, Sergei Androsov, James Billington, Alexander Borovsky, Boris Groys, Valerie Hillings, Lidia Iovleva, Albert Kostenevich, Evgenia Petrova, Robert Rosenblum, Dmitry Sarabianov, Mikhail Shwydkoi, and Gerold Vzdornov 2005
Catherine Opie: American Photographer Contributions by Dorothy Allison, Jennifer Blessing, Russell Ferguson, and Nat Trotman 2008
Systemic Painting Lawrence Alloway 1966
Barnett Newman: The Stations of the Cross: lema sabachthani Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and Barnett Newman 1966
European Drawings Lawrence Alloway 1966
Gauguin and the Decorative Style Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and Marilyn Hunt 1966
Jean Dubuffet, 1962–66 Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and Jean Dubuffet 1966
William Baziotes: A Memorial Exhibition Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and William Baziotes 1965
American Drawings Contributions by Lawrence Alloway and Thomas M. Messer 1964

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