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Zaha Hadid Contributions by Alvin Boyarsky, Germano Celant, Joseph Giovannini, Detlef Mertins, Mónica Ramírez-Montagut, and Patrik Schumacher 2006
Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting Contributions by Emily Braun, Megan Fontanella, and Carol Stringari 2015
Jacques Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Marcel Duchamp Contributions by André Breton, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Marcel Duchamp, Walter Pach, Réne-Jean, and James Johnson Sweeney 1957
"Albert Eckhout and Frans Post: Two Dutch Artists In Colonial Brazil" Rebecca Parker Brienen 2001
China: 5,000 Years, Innovation and Transformation in the Arts Contributions by Helmut Brinker, James Cahill, Elizabeth Childs-Johnson, Patricia Ebrey, Sherman Lee, and Zhang Wenbin 1998
Agathe Snow: All Access World Contributions by Katherine Brinson and Agathe Snow 2011
The Hugo Boss Prize 2010 Contributions by Katherine Brinson, Maria Lind, Jessica Morgan, Yasmil Raymond, Angeline Scherf, Helena Tatay, and Kaelen Wilson-Goldie 2010
Maurizio Cattelan: All Contributions by Katherine Brinson, Diana Kamin, William S. Smith, Nancy Spector, and Susan Thompson 2011
The Luminous Interval: The D.Daskalopoulos Collection Edited by Katherine Brinson and Simon Critchley with contributions by Brian Sholis, Nancy Spector, Susan Thompson, and Jamieson Webster 2011
The Hugo Boss Prize 2012 Contributions by Katherine Brinson, Suzanne Cotter, Dominic Eichler, Kate Fowle, Beatrix Ruf, Adam Szymczyk, and Julie Rodrigues Widholm 2012
Christopher Wool Contributions by Katherine Brinson, Suzanne Hudson, Richard Prince, and James Rondeau 2013
The Hugo Boss Prize 2014 Contributions by Katherine Brinson, Petra Cortright, Jeramy DeCristo, Suzanne Hudson, Fionn Meade, and Grant Watson 2014
Francis Picabia William A. Camfield 1970
The Emergent Decade: Latin American Painters and Painting in the 1960’s Contributions by Cornell Capa and Thomas M. Messer 1966
Vasily Kandinsky 1866–1944: A Retrospective Exhibition Contributions by Jean Cassou, Will Grohmann, Nina Kandinsky, Kenneth C. Lindsay, Thomas M. Messer, and H. K. Röthel. 1962
"Claes Oldenburg and the Feeling of Things" Germano Celant 1995
Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward Contributions by Richard Cleary, Neil Levine, Mina Marefat, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, Joseph M. Siry, and Margo Stipe 2009
Paintings from the Arensberg and Gallatin Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Henry Clifford 1961
Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele Contributions by Alessandra Comini, James T. Demetrion, Johannes Dobai, and Thomas M. Messer 1965
Felix Gonzalez-Torres: America Contributions by Amada Cruz, Susanne Ghez, Ann Goldstein, and Nancy Spector 2007

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