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Kandinsky Contributions by Wassily Kandinsky and Hilla Rebay 1945
Edvard Munch Contributions by Johan H. Langaard and Sigurd Willoch 1965
Mark Rothko, 1903–1970: A Retrospective Contributions by Bernard Malamud, Diane Waldman, and Clair Zamoiski 1978
"Malevich, Painting and Writing: On the Development of a Suprematist Philosophy" Jean-Claude Marcadé 2003
Brice Marden Contributions by Brice Marden and Linda Shearer 1975
Futurism: A Modern Focus: The Lydia and Harry Lewis Winston Collection, Dr. and Mrs. Barnett Malbin Contributions by Marianne W. Martin and Linda Shearer 1973
"Gender Trouble in the Amazonian Kingdom: Turn-of-the-Century Representations of Women in Russia" Olga Matich 1999
Alexander Calder: A Retrospective Exhibition Thomas M. Messer 1964
Fernand Léger: Five Themes and Variations Thomas M. Messer 1962
From Degas to Calder: Major Sculpture and Works on Paper from the Guggenheim Museum Collection Thomas M. Messer 1984
Paintings from the Collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Thomas M. Messer 1965
Jan Müller, 1922–1958 Contributions by Thomas M. Messer and Dody Müller 1962
Elements of Modern Painting Thomas M. Messer 1961
Modern Masters from the Collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Thomas M. Messer 1961
Acquisition Priorities: Aspects of Postwar Painting in America Contributions by Thomas M. Messer 1976
Jean Dubuffet: A Retrospective Contributions by Thomas M. Messer and Margit Rowell 1973
Six Modern Masters from the Guggenheim Museum, New York Thomas M. Messer 1985
Ten Young Artists: Theodoron Awards Contributions by Thomas M. Messer, Linda Shearer, and Diane Waldman 1971
"Dressing Up and Dressing Down: The Body of the Avant-Garde" Nicoletta Misler 1999
František Kupka, 1871–1957: A Retrospective Contributions by Meda Mladek and Margit Rowell 1975

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