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Guggenheim International Award 1960

Guggenheim International Award 1960

Published in 1960
36 pages, fully illustrated

The Guggenheim International Award (GIA) was established in 1956 to honor an artist from anywhere in the world, chosen specially by an international jury and awarded $10,000. In 1960 the award was presented to Dutch artist Karel Appel for his painting Woman with Ostrich (1957). American artist Franz Kline and Yoshishige Saitô of Japan received honorable mentions. The catalogue includes selected black-and-white reproductions of the award winners, a list of jury members, and a checklist of participating artists organized by country.


The awards, created to further the desire of the founder for the "promotion and encouragement of art and the enlightenment of the public, especially in the field of art," are designed to stimulate public interest in contemporary painting and to encourage artists throughout the world.

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