Jeff Wall: Exposure

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Jeff Wall: Exposure

Contributions by Jennifer Blessing and Katrin Blum
Published in 2007
60 pages, fully illustrated
10 x 12 inches
English and German editions

Jeff Wall: Exposure introduces four new large-scale black-and-white photographs by the Canadian artist Jeff Wall. Presented publicly for the first time in an accompanying special exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, this new work is shown alongside earlier pieces—both black-and-white photographs as well as transparencies mounted in light boxes—to create an ensemble that resonates formally and thematically. Wall has long been interested in the language of Realism, in the values and aesthetics of representing daily life. All of the pictures realistically portray desolate places and people in straitened circumstances typical of contemporary society. This focused catalogue, with essays by Guggenheim Museum Curator of Photography Jennifer Blessing and Katrin Blum, aptly demonstrates Wall’s continuing interrogation of the history of photographic representation—here specifically the legacies of documentary photography and Neorealist film.

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