Nine Artists

Nine Artists: Theodoron Awards

Linda Shearer
Published in 1977
36 pages, fully illustrated
Softcover, 7.50 x 8.50 inches

This exhibition of young American artists represents the third installment of an acquisition program sponsored by the anonymous Theodoron foundation, in addition to several new sponsors who provided support for this 1977 installment. The catalogue includes a section with biographical information, a list of previous shows, and selected black-and-white images for each artist featured in the exhibition. The accompanying introduction, written by Linda Shearer, briefly contextualizes the work of the nine selected artists and the atmosphere of the art world in the late 1970s.


Critically self-conscious, these artists have reached the point at which they feel compelled to go beyond the acceptable, even to the extent of a deliberate denial of talent in the sense of facility. This is not symptomatic of a failure of individual talent, but rather indicative of a realistic awareness that talent is so abundant that it is simply not enough. To be good is the rule, not the exception.

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