Amsterdam Paris Düsseldorf

Amsterdam Paris Düsseldorf

Contributions by Cor Blok, Blaise Gautier, Jürgen Harten, and Thomas M. Messer
Published in 1972
88 pages, fully illustrated

This exhibition catalogue covering three different European art centers, gathered 26 artists young in years and/or reputation. The exhibition introduced the then-little-known Joseph Beuys, Christian Boltanski, Dieter Rot, and Ben Vautier (and many others) to the New York art community. Uniquely designed by Malcolm Grear, this catalogue offers city-specific introductions to the European art climate with texts by Cor Blok, Blaise Gautier, and Jürgen Harten. Issued as both bound book and folder, the preface and a list of featured works are attached to the cover and three separately bound books for each city are tucked inside. The individual books contain artist profiles with birthplace, list of exhibitions, bibliography and a black-and-white image of one of their works.


It would seem that the climate for group exhibitions is becoming more difficult. The public may still crave for news from abroad, for comparative surveys illuminating a particular theme; people may be curious about deserving young artists who still should be spared the risk of one-man shows, or wonder how the work of already well-known ones has developed; public or private donors might be entirely willing to lend their support, and museums their facilities: yet the artist remains skeptical if not disinterested. He demands at least a voice in the selection, and makes his participation dependent on conditions which are difficult to fulfill or entirely impractical, even with every good intention.

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