Selections from the Guggenheim Bilbao Collection IV

Prudencio Irazabal, Untitled #767 (Sin título #767), 1996
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Selections from the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Collection IV is the final installment in a series of four exhibitions that began in 2010 with the aim of contextualizing the works in the Guggenheim Bilbao collection, while providing a comprehensive overview of its holdings that currently boast 128 artworks by 73 artists.

On this occasion, the exhibition compares and contrasts works created by two generations of contemporary artists who defy the boundaries of art by playing an active role in the transformation of reality. These artists address interpersonal relationships, reference broad subjects such as the history of art and the cosmos, and explore other abstract fields. The show challenges viewers to critically observe the works on display in order to discover what lies beneath the surface. This installment includes works by Elssie Ansareo, Manu Arregui, Juan Manuel Ballester, Prudencio Irazabal, Darío Urzay, and Juan Uslé.

Prudencio Irazabal, Untitled #767 (Sin título #767), 1996. Acrylic on fabric on wooden panels, 211 x 346 cm. Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

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