Arts Curriculum


Greene, Vivien, ed. Italian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the
Universe. Exh. cat. New York: Guggenheim Museum, 2014.

Rainey, Lawrence, Christine Poggi, and Laura Wittman, eds. Futurism:
An Anthology. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009.


A recitation of the founding manifesto of Futurism at MoMA in honor of the 100th anniversary of its publication

A reading of Marinetti’s Words-of-Freedom at MoMA

A reading of the “Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe” at MoMA


An online guide to the Tate Modern’s Futurism exhibition

The Guggenheim’s Futurist works

Yale’s Beinecke Library’s Marinetti papers

The Getty Museum’s exhibition on Futurist poems

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection’s Gianni Mattioli Collection

Italian life under Fascism

PBS’s history of the skyscraper

Museum of Art and Design’s lesson on design

Marinetti’s Words-in-Freedom

More on artists’ manifestos

More on Surrealism on the Guggenheim's Collection Online

MoMA Learning includes a manifesto writing exercise

Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe related terms and additional resources

Download the Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe PDF of all lessons