Arts Curriculum

Moving Pictures

June 28, 2002–January 12, 2003


Architecture The art or science of designing and building structures, especially habitable structures. Typically classified as fine art, significant architectural structures are generally considered to have aesthetic value, are designed by architects, and constructed with skilled labor.

Body Art A style of art in which the body of the artist literally becomes the artist’s medium. Sometimes the work is executed in private and communicated by means of photographs or video recordings; sometimes the execution of the "piece" is public. The performance may be pre-choreographed or extemporaneous.

Earthworks Art Art that transforms an area of land using rock, soil, and other natural materials.

Ephemeral Art Works of art that exist only for a short time.

Performance Art An art that consists of or features a performance by the artist and combines elements of theater, music, and the visual arts. Performances are often dramas juxtaposing symbolic, sometimes vaguely disturbing, bits of action.

Santeria A religion that incorporates worship of the Orisha (head guardian) and beliefs of the Yoruba and Bantu people in Southern Nigeria, Senegal, and Guinea Coast with elements of worship from Roman Catholicism.

Sculpture A three-dimensional work of art created by carving, modeling, welding, or assembly.