Making Art


MAKING ART: Animals Rising

Animals Rising
  • Animals Rising
  • Theme: U.S. History, Animals, Nature, Color
  • Technique: Sculpture, Painting

Project Description

In this artwork, land and sea animals sculpted from clay climb toward the top of a tree, where they intermingle with magical creatures. This site-specific installation is the culmination of a yearlong exploration of sculpture. First, students used a variety of materials to create a series of individual and group sculptures, each exploring themes related to their study of Native American history and culture. Then, students worked together as a class to brainstorm, design, and build this sculpture to express how their study of the past has inspired and transformed them. The students intend this artwork to symbolically represent the importance and power of animals in our lives today.

"I feel expressive when I am making art! Miss Jenny gives us the idea and we make it our own as artists."—Fourth-grade student, PS 8


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