Making Art


Making Art

Who built the Transcontinental Railroad, and what do we know about their lives and experiences? How can we imagine what it was like to be one of these workers? How can we convey this person's experience through a portrait?

Art is a means to explore and express ideas. In Making Art, students engage with important ideas and questions through open-ended, curriculum-related art projects. Process-oriented explorations of art materials and techniques provide them with the tools to express their ideas visually. Through art, students become enthusiastic and reflective learners.

This section of the Learning Through Art website includes descriptions of projects collaboratively taught by teaching artists and classroom teachers. For selected projects, we have provided longer overviews, along with links to bibliographies, tips for using art materials, and other useful information.

"The LTA program enhances the curriculum presented in my classroom. Students see the connection between textbook materials, current events, personal opinions, and art. In addition, students are given the opportunity to express their emotions and knowledge in a unique form."
—Agnes Lombardo, fifth-grade teacher, PS 148

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