Public Programs

Composing with Patterns: Music at Mid-Century, July 2012. Photo: Enid Alvarez © SRGF

The Sackler Center for Arts Education helps visitors more fully engage with the art on view at the Guggenheim Museum through programs, courses, tours, and film screenings. The center also sponsors internships and fellowships for a range of students and experienced professionals.

Lectures & Symposia

Organized in connection with current exhibitions, the permanent collection, and the museum’s mission, lectures and symposia are presented by established and emerging scholars, curators, and artists. A full list of upcoming events is in the calendar.

Conversations with Contemporary Artists

In this series of talks, the most innovative artists working today present their creative process. Introduced by a museum curator, each conversation discusses themes in the artists’ work as well as current issues in the art world.


Courses at the Sackler Center focus on a single topic, theme, or technique, and often meet multiple times over a period of weeks. A full list of upcoming courses is in the calendar.

Tours & Gallery Programs

Tours and gallery programs offer a range of opportunities for visitors to experience and share ideas about works of art, including through one-and-one discussion with Gallery Guides and in programs developed for visitors with disabilities. See the Tours page for more information.

Film Screenings

Providing a rich context for visitors, weekly film screenings are organized into thematic series relating to current exhibitions. Screenings take place in the New Media Theater, located on the lower level in the Sackler Center for Arts Education and are free with museum admission.

Internships & Fellowships

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum offers a variety of internships for students and professionals at many places in their careers, as well as the prestigious Hilla Rebay International Fellowship.

Composing with Patterns: Music at Mid-Century, July 2012. Photo: Enid Alvarez © SRGF


Guggenheim Video

Watch HD video of exhibitions, events, and collaborations.