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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives.
Hilla von Rebay Foundation
Hilla von Rebay Foundation
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1894-1997 (bulk 1938-1955)
101 cubic ft. (204 boxes)
Historical Abstract:
Established in 1967 with the aim of promoting nonobjective art, the Hilla von Rebay Foundation has retained control of the estate of Hilla Rebay who was the first curator and director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting.
Scope and Content Abstract:
The Hilla von Rebay Foundation Archive spans the years 1894-1997 (bulk 1938-1955) and consists of 101 cubic feet of records created or collected by Hilla Rebay (HR) and/or the Hilla von Rebay Foundation (HVRF). The collection reflects HR's work as an artist as well as her tenure as the first director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP). The collection includes both personal and professional correspondence; HR's and other artists' writings; photographs of HR and her associates and friends, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim family; HR's scrapbooks; artwork, including printing plates prepared by the MNOP for the catalogue publication; records from HR's tenure as director of the MNOP; research materials prepared for HR's biography, Hilla Rebay: In Search of the Spirit in Art written by Joan M. Lukach and published in 1983; and both the HVRF's and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's records regarding the management of the estate of HR. The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence and photographic materials. Select records from Series 1 and Series 2 have been digitized and can be viewed in the folder list.
Collection is primarily in English.
Organized into 3 series: Series 1. Audio-Visual; Series 2. Hilla Rebay papers; and Series 3. Institutional records.
The collection is partially restricted. Please contact the Manager of the Library and Archives for further information.
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Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Manager of the Library and Archives.
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Hilla von Rebay Foundation Archive. M0007. Solomon R. Guggenheim Archives, New York, NY.
Art museum directors.
Art museums--United States--New York.
Art patrons--United States.
Art, Abstract.
Bauer, Rudolf, 1889-1953.
Guggenheim, Solomon R., 1861-1949.
Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959.
Rebay, Hilla, 1896-1967.
Finding aid prepared by Sang Ae Park in August 2008 and records digitized by Holly Deakyne in August 2009.

The processing and digitization of this collection was generously funded by The Hilla von Rebay Foundation.

Historical Note

The Hilla von Rebay Foundation (HVRF) was established in 1967 with the aim of fostering, promoting, and encouraging the interest of the public in nonobjective art. Hilla Rebay (HR), the first director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP), first drafted a plan for the HVRF in 1962. Her first plan for the HVRF included using HR's house as an art gallery and research facility where her art collection, extensive library, and other historical materials would be available to the public. Following her death in 1967, the HVRF inherited the estate of HR. In the early years of service as custodian for HR's estate, the HVRF loaned HR's art collection to other art institutions for exhibitions. Among the loan exhibitions held were: "Kandinsky and His Contemporaries," at Dartmouth College in 1972; "Homage to Hilla Rebay," at the University of Bridgeport in 1972; and "Vasily Kandinsky," at the William Benton Museum of Art in 1974. Additionally, around this time in 1972, the HVRF made an agreement with University of Bridgeport to care for HR's art collection. However, in 1974, the HVRF made a subsequent agreement with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF) regarding the management of HR's estate. The agreement stated that the SRGF would manage HR's art collection and archives, which would remain owned by the HVRF. The SRGF continues to manage HR's art collection and archives to the present day (2008).

HR was born Hildegard Anna Augusta Elisabeth Rebay von Ehrenwiesen to Franz Josef Rebay von Ehrenwiesen and Antonie von Eicken on May 31, 1890 in Strasburg, Germany (now Strasbourg, France). HR was the younger sibling of her brother, Franz Hugo. In her youth, HR took private lessons in music, painting, and drawing. She attended Hhere Mdchenschule and studied under Professor August Zinkeisen, a member of the Düsseldorf Academy in Cologne. HR enrolled at the Cologne Kunstgewerbeschule in 1908.

In 1909, HR moved to Paris to attend the Académie Julian, where she studied portraiture, landscape painting, and genre painting. During this time, HR prepared to submit a portrait painting to the 1911 Salon des Beaux-Arts as well as attended evening classes at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. In 1910, HR moved back to Munich, where she took drawing classes by Moritz Heymann and Hermann Grber. It was in 1912 when HR held her first exhibition at the Cologne Kunstverein. Subsequently, HR returned to Paris, and met her mentor, Félix Fénéon, an artistic director of the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune and supporter of Neo-Impressionism. Fénéon introduced HR to private collectors, galleries, and artists' studios. In 1913, HR contributed several works at spring exhibitions of the Munich Secessions and the Salon des Indépendants in Paris. Moving back to Berlin, HR met Hans Richter and Wilhelm Lehmbruck, and painted many dance and ballet scenes inspired by Sergei Diaghilev's Ballet Russes.

At the end of 1915, while traveling to Zurich, HR met Jean Arp who encouraged HR to embrace the idea of nonobjective painting. Arp also introduced her to the work of Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky (WK), Paul Klee, Franz Marc, and Rudolf Bauer (RB). Thanks to Arp, HR met Herwarth Walden and associated with avant-garde art in Germany through the Galerie Der Sturm in 1916. It was in 1917 at the Galerie Der Sturm that HR met and began a long relationship with RB, who profoundly impacted her art and emotional life. Throughout this period, HR participated in many group and individual exhibitions, and met many artists, including Kurt Schwitters, Viking Eggeling, Max Ernst, Eric Mendelsohn, and Otto Nebel with whom HR and RB later co-founded Die Krater.

HR came to the United States in 1927. After relocating to New York City, HR exhibited collages and drawings first at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts and later at the Galleries of Marie Sterner in New York City. In 1928, HR was commissioned to paint a portrait of Solomon R. Guggenheim (SRG). While working on the portrait, HR introduced SRG to the world of abstraction and encouraged him to begin a collection of nonobjective painting. Throughout 1929 and 1930, SRG started to collect nonobjective paintings on HR's advice. HR and the Guggenheims first visited WK's studio and purchased his work during their trip to Switzerland in 1929. In addition to WK, HR and the Guggenheims met many nonobjective artists including Chagall, Robert Delaunay, Fernand Léger, Albert Gleizes, and László Moholy-Nagy. At this time, SRG commissioned RB to act as an art dealer on SRG's behalf in order to develop a nonobjective collection of European art for his growing art collection. SRG also provided RB with a subsidy that allowed RB to open his own gallery-museum in Berlin, Das Geistreich ("the realm of the spirit"). As the SRG Collection had grown substantially by the end of 1930, SRG decided to install his collection in his rooms at the Plaza Hotel in 1931. It was in 1931 when HR began to articulate her ideas for a museum which would serve as "a temple to nonobjectivity."

In 1936, the SRG Collection was first shown to the public at the Gibbes Memorial Art Gallery in South Carolina. In addition to exhibiting her own work in this exhibition, HR wrote an introductory essay, "Definition of Non-Objective Painting." On June 25, 1937, SRG established the SRGF for "the promotion and encouragement and education in art and the enlightenment of the public" and named HR as curator. HR became a trustee of the SRGF in 1938. The SRGF purchased a house for HR in Connecticut, which was named Franton Court, in exchange for the donation of her art collection to the SRGF. The SRGF planned to create a museum, and provided money to fund stipends and employment opportunities for American artists in great need.

The SRGF opened the MNOP on June 1, 1939, at 24 East 54th street in New York City. HR was named as the first director of the MNOP. Among the significant exhibitions were a Kandinsky retrospective in 1945 and a László Moholy-Nagy retrospective in 1946. SRG continued to develop his collection based on HR's advice throughout this period. SRG and HR purchased the entire estate of Karl Nierendorf following his death in 1947. This acquisition added over 700 new works for the collection, largely German Expressionist painting. Throughout her tenure at the MNOP, HR advised SRG in developing the SRG Collection; wrote and lectured on nonobjective art; provided scholarships and funds for art supplies to artists; educated the public about the nonobjective art; sponsored many European artists by sending CARE packages during wartime; provided critique and instruction to young artists; and supported American abstract artists.

Out of a desire to find a permanent home for the SRG Collection, in 1943 HR contacted Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) to design a new museum building. The site for the museum on Fifth Avenue and 89th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan was secured in 1944. The construction of the building was completed in 1959. Temporary locations for the MNOP were kept during this period and exhibitions continued to be held.

In the late 1940s, HR actively participated in exhibitions of her own artwork in Europe. HR sent several works to the Paris exhibition, "Deuxième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles," held in 1947. During her visit to Europe in 1948, HR also met gallery owner Otto Stangl and a group of painters called the Gruppe der Gegenstandslosen (Group of the Nonobjectivists) in Munich. They made her an honorary member in 1949. HR later exhibited with them under the name of ZEN 49.

HR resigned as director of the MNOP in 1952, the year when the name of the museum was officially changed to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) in honor of its founder. After leaving the SRGM, HR continued to exhibit her artwork and traveled the world. HR continued to support artists interested in nonobjective art, including Georges Vantongerloo, Julius Bissier, Piero Dorazio, Ellsworth Kelly, and Jack Youngerman. HR died of heart and circulatory complications on September 27, 1967. HR was buried with her parents in Teningen, Germany.

Chronology of Exhibitions

1912Unidentified (group exhibition: Hilla Rebay's first exhibition), Cologne Kunstverein.
1913"Salon des Indépendants" (group exhibition), Paris; unidentified (group exhibition), Munich Spring Session.
1916"The Juryfrei" (group exhibition), Cologne Kunstverein; "Abels Kunsthandlung" (solo exhibition), Cologne.
1917"Der Sturm, 53rd Exhibition" (group exhibition), Galerie Der Sturm, Berlin; unidentified (group exhibition), Galerie Dada, Zurich.
1919"73rd Exhibition: Hilla Rebay and Hugo Hndel" (two-person show), Galerie Der Sturm, Berlin.
1927"Hilla Rebay Exhibition" (solo exhibition), Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts; "Plastic Paintings: A New Medium by Hilla Rebay" (solo exhibition), Galleries of Marie Sterner, New York.
1928"Exhibition of Portraits" (group exhibition), Kingore Galleries, New York.
1929"The Exposition Hilla Rebay; Nègres d'amerique" (solo exhibition), Galerie Carmine, Paris.
1930"uvres de Hilla Rebay" (solo exhibition), Bernheim-Jeune, Paris.
1935"New Works by Hilla Rebay" (solo exhibition), Gibbes Memorial Art Gallery, South Carolina.
1947"Deuxième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles" (group exhibition), Palais des Beaux Artes de la Ville de Paris.
1972"Homage to Hilla Rebay" (loan exhibition), University of Bridgeport, Connecticut; "Kandinsky and His Contemporaries" (loan exhibition), Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.
1973"Kandinsky from Rebay Foundation" (loan exhibition), Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, Connecticut.
1974"Vasily Kandinsky" (loan exhibition), Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Massachusetts; "Vasily Kandinsky: An Introduction to His Work" (loan exhibition), William Benton Museum of Art, Connecticut.
1977"Kandinsky" (loan exhibition), Greenwich Library, Connecticut.
1989"Kandinsky" (loan exhibition), Westport Arts Center, Connecticut.


Lukach, Joan M. Hilla Rebay: In Search of the Spirit in Art. New York: George Braziller, Inc., 1983.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Art of Tomorrow: Hilla Rebay and Solomon R. Guggenheim. New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2005.
DC Moore Gallery. Hilla Rebay and the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. New York: DC Moore Gallery, 2005.

Scope and Content Note

The Hilla von Rebay Foundation Archive collection spans the years 1894-1997 (bulk 1938-1955) and consists of 101 cubic feet of records created or collected by Hilla Rebay (HR) and/or the Hilla von Rebay Foundation (HVRF). The collection reflects HR's work as an artist as well as her tenure as the first director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP). The collection includes information on exhibitions at the MNOP; nonobjective art from the 1930s to the 1960s; the Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) designed museum building; HR's exhibitions; aid to artists in Europe after World War II; the management of the estate of HR; the HR Collection; and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection. Included in the collection are original artwork, architectural plans, correspondence, minutes, photographs, slides, catalogues, reports, announcements, agreements, statements, art portfolios, writings, and brochures.

The collection is divided into three series: Series 1. Audio-Visual; Series 2. Hilla Rebay papers; and Series 3. Institutional records. Series 1. Audio-Visual includes audio-visual materials created or collected by HR. It consists of architectural plans, drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, scrapbooks, and sound recordings. Series 2. HR papers, created or collected by HR, documents HR's personal life as well as professional life. It contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence, journals, address books, portfolios, writings, lectures, exhibition publications, postcards, books, and press clippings. Series 3. Institutional records includes the records created by the HVRF and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. It is comprised of inventories of the art collection and archives, records of the Board of Trustees, legal and financial documents, and research materials prepared for the publication of HR's biography. Each folder is arranged alphabetically, and folders titled German names are listed under surname instead of prefix. The term "nonobjective" is also spelled as "non-objective" in accordance with official titles used by HR and the MNOP.

Highlights of the collection include HR's incoming and outgoing correspondence; HR's and other artists' unpublished drawings and paintings; printing plates, which were prepared by the MNOP for artwork reproductions in the MNOP's catalogues; FLW's design portfolio of the museum building; photographs of HR and her associates including Solomon R. Guggenheim, RB, FLW, and Wassily Kandinsky; photographs of the MNOP's exhibition views; Kandinsky's woodcut prints; artwork portfolios of both HR and RB; the MNOP's first five traveling exhibition catalogues; the MNOP's postcard booklets; HR's essay drafts on nonobjective art; the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection's acquisition records in the 1930s; and the HR Collection's inventories.

Select records from Series 1 and Series 2 have been digitized and can be viewed in the folder list of the collection's online finding aid. These records document HR’s personal and professional life, artwork and philosophies. They include photographs of HR, photographs of exhibitions she curated, her drawings, and her writings. When a folder contains earlier drafts of a document along with the finished document, only the finished document is digitized. Conversely, one or more drafts are digitized when there is no clear final version. For listings with several folders of records such as “[Penrod Centurion]” under “Writings” by HR in Series 2, only a sampling has been digitized. The items that have not been digitized are similar in content and form to those that have been. In a few instances, only the verso of a document has been digitized because the recto has the same content from an earlier digitized document in the same folder.

Series Descriptions

Series 1. Audio-Visual, 1894-1977 (bulk 1930s-1950s), 44 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 1. Audio-Visual spans the years 1894-1977 (bulk 1930s-1950s) and consists of audio-visual materials created or collected by Hilla Rebay (HR). Four subseries comprise the series: A.) Artwork, B.) Photographic Materials, C.) Scrapbooks, and D.) Sound Recordings. Items are arranged alphabetically by title or creator. When no title was present, a title was supplied in brackets by the processing archivist. Digitized records include drawings and prints by HR, photographs of HR, and installation views of exhibitions curated by HR. Subseries A.) Artwork is arranged by medium and then by creator. Included are: architectural plans, a collage, drawings, paintings, prints, printing plates, and art reproductions on paper. Subseries A consists of 11 cubic feet and covers the subjects of nonobjectivity, portraiture, Christmas, and fashion, among others. Drawings and paintings were created by HR or sent to HR. Prints contain HR's etchings and Wassily Kandinsky's (WK) color prints. Items of note include a woodcut by WK entitled "Holzschnitt für XX Siècle," from 1939 and lithography by WK entitled "Lithographie Blau," from 1932. Printing blocks and plates, made of wood or copper, were produced by the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP). Both printing plates of artwork and art reproductions on paper were used for the MNOP's catalogues. Items of interest include Frank Lloyd Wright's (FLW) museum building design portfolio; HR's casual sketches made during her trip to Asia in 1955; HR's Christmas card designs, dating from 1942 to 1952; James Ernest Dean's watercolor portraying HR in 1911; and printing blocks of photographs of people. Artwork attached to correspondence remains with original correspondence under Series 2. HR papers. Subseries B.) Photographic Materials comprises the bulk of the Audio-Visual series. The photographic materials, documenting people and places important to HR, date from 1894 to the 1960s. Subseries B consists of 8 photographic albums; 73 boxes of photographs and negatives; and 4 boxes of slides. The photographs are largely black and white with notations on the verso. Color photographs and slides taken in the 1960s are also present. Highlights of this subseries are the photographs of HR and her friends and family, including Kurt Martin who was HR's second cousin and the director of the Staatliche Kunsthalle in Germany; HR and Solomon R. Guggenheim (SRG) taken by László Moholy-Nagy; HR's residences, Franton Court and Sunlife; HR's associates, including SRG, Rudolf Bauer, FLW, WK, among others; the SRG family; the MNOP's exhibition installation views; Das Geistreich in Berlin; Dockum machines; design models of the FLW designed museum building; and black and white photographic reproductions of artwork by artists important to the museum, including not only nonobjective painting but also HR's early portraiture work. Items are arranged alphabetically by title or portrayed object, and then chronologically if identified. The name of each person portrayed in a photograph is listed. If HR is present in a group photograph, the photograph is listed under her name. Subseries C.) Scrapbooks includes 19 scrapbooks pertaining to artwork and exhibitions at the MNOP, HR's personal art and exhibitions, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum building design. Each scrapbook contains photographs, negatives, magazine and newspaper clippings, press releases, and exhibition catalogues. Photographs within scrapbooks depict artwork and exhibition installation views, including views from early exhibitions at the MNOP. Scrapbooks cover HR's private and group exhibitions both in the United States and Europe and the Hilla von Rebay Foundation's loan exhibitions. Highlights of this subseries include a scrapbook of press clippings showing HR's Bonwit Teller department store window displays, accompanied by nonobjective artwork; a scrapbook of Charleston, including photographs of HR and SRG; and a scrapbook of Hannes Beckmann's artwork, dedicated to HR. Subseries D.) Audio consists of 1 box of commercial LPs collected by HR as well as cassette tapes recorded by Joan M. Lukach (JML) who is the author of HR's biography, Hilla Rebay: In Search of the Spirit in Art. Cassette tapes contain interviews conducted by JML, to be used for HR's biography. Other items related to HR's biography are located under Series 3. Institutional records. The commercial LPs are of classical music and jazz. Items are arranged by type of recording, and then organized alphabetically by name of interviewee or creator.
Arrangement: Organized into 4 subseries: A.) Artwork; B.) Photographic Materials; C.) Scrapbooks; and D.) Sound Recordings.
Series 2. Hilla Rebay papers, 1902-1993 (bulk 1930s-1960s), 51 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 2. Hilla Rebay papers dates from 1902 to 1980 (bulk 1930s-1960s) and contains documents created or collected by Hilla Rebay (HR) throughout her life, as well as other relevant items added by the Hilla von Rebay Foundation after HR's death. Series 2 contains 51 cubic feet of records of information on HR's life, covering the subjects of family, friends, travels, museum work, and relationships, among others. The series is comprised of legal and financial documents, writings, publications, press clippings, and correspondence. Items of interest include HR's journals and appointment books; Die Krater; Rudolf Bauer's (RB) ephemera; and copies of Solomon R. Guggenheim's (SRG) will regarding SRG's bequest to HR. Digitized records include writings by HR, and transcripts of lectures given by HR. 103 boxes (37 cubic ft.) of incoming and outgoing correspondence comprise the bulk of this series, the majority dating from 1930 to 1957. Correspondence is organized by correspondent, while unidentified correspondents' items are arranged chronologically under the heading of general correspondence. Correspondence is addressed to or sent by HR unless indicated. Correspondents include HR's friends and family members, artists, other institutions/galleries/museums/non-profits, patrons of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP), and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF) staff. RB, Wassily Kandinsky (WK), Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW), Harry F. Guggenheim, Alexander Calder, and Jean Arp are among the correspondents. Correspondence often discusses nonobjective art and the MNOP. Also covered are the subjects of HR's family and friends, aid after World War II, HR's legal status in the United States, and the SRGF. Attachments include drawings and watercolors from RB, HR's family, and HR herself. A highlight of among these attachments is RB's pencil sketch of the car body design for Duesenberg. When folders include correspondence from more than one correspondent or when a letter is co-signed, each name present is listed. The name of an affiliated organization is indicated in parentheses when identified. Correspondence containing shipping records and information on board of trustees is restricted due to content. The section on exhibitions consists of exhibition catalogues, brochures, and checklists for exhibitions in which HR was interested or involved. Some of the materials pertain to exhibitions held at the MNOP. Items are arranged by exhibition venue and then chronologically. Items cover subjects of nonobjective art, the SRG Collection, and HR's artwork. Highlights of exhibitions are catalogues of the MNOP's first five traveling exhibitions, HR's exhibition catalogues dating from the 1920s to the 1950s, and Der Sturm's exhibition catalogue from 1913. HR collected many ephemeral and scholarly items related to nonobjective art and her travels. These subjects are documented through her postcard collection, collected publications, press clippings, and writings. The postcard collection contains blank postcards collected by HR throughout her travels to Europe, Asia, and the United States. Postcard booklets of the MNOP, featuring the SRG collection as well as exhibition views at the MNOP, are also present. Newspaper and magazine clippings include obituaries of artists and art patrons. It is noted that RB's portfolio titled Das Geistreich and HR's portfolio titled Hilla Rebay are located under publications. Writings describe theoretical ideas concerning nonobjective art and biographical sketches of nonobjective artists. Writings include essays written by HR throughout her life, including the period when she was director of the MNOP. Writings of her colleagues and art critics, including RB, WK, FLW, Franz Marc, Pablo Picasso, and Will Grohmann, among others, are also present. Items of interest are unpublished and published prefaces of early exhibition catalogues of the SRG Collection; aphorisms on nonobjective art; and HR's essays collected by Penrod Centurion. Postcards and press clippings are organized by subject, while publications are arranged by title. Writings are arranged by author and then by title. When no title is present, a title has been supplied in brackets by the processing archivist. Digitized records include checklists of exhibitions in which HR was a participant, checklists of exhibitions curated by HR, transcripts of lectures given by HR, and other writings by HR.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 3. Institutional records, 1936-1997 (bulk 1971-1978), 6 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 3. Institutional records dates from 1936 to 1997 and consists of 5 cubic feet of records created by both the Hilla von Rebay Foundation (HVRF) and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF). Series 3 documents the activities of Hilla Rebay (HR) as director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP) and the care of the estate of HR. It consists of inventories and worksheets, reports, correspondence, and agreements. Series 3 is divided into two subseries: A.) Hilla von Rebay Foundation and B.) Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Subseries A.) Hilla von Rebay Foundation (bulk 1970s) consists of records created by the HVRF. Subseries A provides information on the management of HR's art collection and archives and the publication of HR's biography, Hilla Rebay: In Search of the Spirit in Art, written by Joan M. Lukach (JML). Records regarding HR's art collection and archives management before 1974 are present here. Included are loan exhibition records from 1972 to 1974; the HR Collection's restoration records; research requests regarding the HR Collection and HR herself; documents pertaining to the University of Bridgeport's management of the HR Collection from 1972 to 1974; and inventories of HR's art collection and archives. Legal documents, correspondence, and research materials prepared for the HR's biography publication are also present. Some research materials for the biography written by JML were prepared by Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum curatorial staff, Linda Shearer and Angelica Rudenstine. Cassette tapes recorded interviews conducted by JML for the biography are included under Series 1. Audio-Visual. Subseries B.) Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation consists of records created by the SRGF. Subseries B is divided into two sections: Directorship and Post-Directorship. Directorship contains records created by HR during her tenure as director of the MNOP, dating from 1938 to 1953. Records include correspondence, reports, and inventories documenting the SRG Collection and museum administration. Inventories of the SRG Collection contain information on the estate of Karl Nierendorf, HR's gift, and external agencies' reports from 1939 to 1940. Also included is information on artwork purchases made between 1938 and 1945. The section Post-Directorship documents the SRGF's management of the HR's estate. The bulk of these records are from the 1970s. Records are comprised of agreements, correspondence, inventories, worksheets, and press releases. Highlights include worksheets containing information from original frame backs of artwork important to the HR Collection, such as Kandinsky's works; inventories of the HR Collection dating from 1939 to 1997; and the Memorandum of Agreement pertaining to the care of the estate of HR, made between the HVRF and the SRGF. Legal records are restricted due to content.
Arrangement: Organized into 2 subseries: A.) Hilla von Rebay Foundation and B.) Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

Folder List

Series 1. Audio-Visual, 1894-1977 (bulk 1930s-1950s), 44 cubic ft.
A. Artwork
Architectural Plans
7735401O'Dwyer , Edward F.: Proposed Art Institute, Connecticut1965
7735402Holden, McLaughlin & Associates: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1951
7735403Irons & Reynolds: [Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum]1945
0000461Rebay, Roland von: Unidentifiedundated
0000462Wright, Frank Lloyd: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1958
4, 1aUnidentified (2 folders)undated
0000463Collage: Unidentifiedundated
0000464Frank, Edvard: Unidentifiedundated
0000441-2Rebay, Hilla (2 folders)undated, 1955
0000443Rebay, Hillaundated, 1955
7735405Rebay, Roland von: [Wessling]1965
0000445aDean, James Ernest: [Portrait of Hilla Rebay]1911
0000445bMueller-Kraus, Erich: Unidentifiedundated
0000445cMullin, Margaret: [Christmas Card]Unidentifiedundated
Rebay, Hilla
0000465[Christmas Card]1935-1936?
0001701[Christmas Cards painted by Penrod Centurion]1943-1944?
0000447-8Rebay Family: Unidentified (2 folders)undated
0000449Talbot, Ada: Unidentifiedundated
Printing Blocks and Plates
7732821Bacon, Francis: Screaming Popeundated
Kandinsky, Wassily
7732822-4Composition IX (3 plates)undated
7732825-8White Line (4 plates)undated
7732829-16Unidentified (8 plates, 4 proofs)undated
Louis, Morris
6436061-4Terrain of Joy, 1954 (4 plates)undated
6436065-8Untitled, 1960 (4 plates)undated
6436069-12Xceron, Jean: Unidentified (4 plates)undated
1-6, 1-13, 1-6Unidentified (25 plates)undated
7863161-20Unidentified (20 plates)undated
7650991-4Maps: Peru (4 plates)undated
7650921-2Bauer, Rudolf (2 plates)undated
7650923Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Bauer, Rudolfundated
7650924-6Rebay, Hilla (3 plates)undated
7650927-8Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Wright, Frank Lloyd (2 plates)undated
7650929Place: Florida Southern College Campusundated
76509210Starter Imagesundated
7735406Bauer, Rudolf: Untitledundated
Kandinsky, Wassily
0040291bThe Archer1908-1909
0040292-9Holzschnitt für XXe Siècle, 1939 (8 folders)undated
00402910Lithographie Blau, 1922undated
00004410-11Rebay, Hilla: [Christmas Card] (2 folders)undated, 1942-1952
7, 11-13Rebay, Hilla: [Christmas Card] (4 folders)undated
00004412-34Bauer, Rudolf (22 folders)undated
14-15, 1-2, 6Bauer, Rudolf (5 folders)undated
3, 35-39, 40-44Kandinsky, Wassily (11 folders)undated
45-49, 7Kandinsky, Wassily (6 folders)undated
50, 1-14Rebay, Hilla (15 folders)undated
51, 15-20Xceron, Jean (7 folders)undated
52, 8Unidentified (2 folders)undated
B. Photographic Materials
0000521-2[Franton Court, Connecticut]undated
0000523[Franton Court, Connecticut]undated
4-5, 2[Hilla Rebay Family] (2 albums)1894, 1956-1966
0000526[Museum of Non-Objective Painting]undated
7-8, 3[Solomon R. Guggenheim and Guggenheim Family]undated
0000531[Solomon R. Guggenheim, Rudolf Bauer, and Wessling House]1939
2, 4[Sunlife and Franton Court]1963-1965
3-9, 1[Sunlife, New Hampshire] (2 albums)undated, 1947-1963
Photographs and Negatives
Art Reproductions
all, 1-193, 1-96, 1-84, 1-252Hilla Rebay (22 boxes)undated, 1910-1960?
1-63, 1-42, 1-174, 1-120?, 1-120?, 85-117Other Artists (6 boxes)undated, 1900-1960?
Exhibition Installation Views: Museum of Non-Objective Painting
0000431-3"Hilla Rebay" (#61) (2 folders)1948
0000434-14"In Memoriam László Moholy-Nagy" (#57) (11 folders)1947
00004315a"In Memory of Wassily Kandinsky" (#43)1945
00004315b"In Memory of Wassily Kandinsky" (#43)1945
00004316"Loan Exhibition" (#39)1944
00004317"Loan Exhibition" (#54)1946
18-22, 1-6"Loan Exhibition" (#58) (11 folders)1947
0000011aPermanent Collectioncirca 1948
0000011bPermanent Collectioncirca 1948
0000012-3Permanent Collection (2 folders)1950-1952
0000547-27Permanent Collection (21 folders)undated
00005428-43Permanent Collection (16 folders)circa 1947
0000014Agreda, M.undated
5, 1Albers, Josef (2 folders)circa 1935
0000016Barrett, W. R.undated
0000017-10Bauer, Rudolf (4 folders)1917-1940?
00000111Bauer, Rudolf; Léger, Fernand; Richter, Hans194?
00000112-14Bauer, Rudolf; Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso (3 folders)1933-1936
00000115Bauer, Rudolf; Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso; Unidentifed1932-1933
00000116Bauer, Rudolf; Rebay, Antonie von1932
00000117Bauer, Rudolf; Rebay, Franz Hugo von1931
00000118Bauer, Rudolf; Unidentifiedundated
00000119Beckmann, Hannes1946
00000120aBerg, Boris; Berg, Sonia; Grey, Alma; Keenan, Vera1946
00000120bBill, Max1948-1952
00000120cBill, Max and Georges Vantongerloo1946
00000121Bissier, Julius1946-1958
00000122Bolotowsky, Ilya1947
00000123Butler, Barbara; Oeri, Georgine1954
00000124Caravigno, Margaret1925
00000125Cavael, Rolf; Hildebrand?194?
00000126Centurion, Penrod1938
00000127Chagall, Marc1937
00000128Day, Dorothy?194?
29, 1Delaunay, Robert (2 folders)undated, 1933
00000130Dingle, Edwin1950-1951
0000021Dreier, Katherine1940-1950?
0000022Dockum, Charles R.circa 1949
0000023-4Eicken Family (2 folders)undated, 1930-1960?
0000025Englert, Rudolfundated
0000026Fénéon, Fanny; Fénéon, Félix1912?
0000027Fischer Familyundated, 1951
0000028Fischinger, Oskar1949
0000029Frazier, Fredaundated
00000210Gleizes, Albertundated
00000211G'schrey, Paranundated
00000212Grey, Alma194?
00000213Grey, Alma; Keenan, Vera; Unidentified194?
00000214Guggenheim, Ireneundated
00000215Guggenheim, Peggy; Ernst, Maxcirca 1930
16-25, 1-7, 2, 2-3Guggenheim, Solomon R. (20 folders)1920-1940?
0000038-10Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Bauer, Rudolf (3 folders)1931-1940
00000311Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Bauer, Rudolf; Rebay, Antonie von1936
00000312Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Guggenheim, Daniel and Wife; Guggenheim, Irene; Unidentified: Alaskaundated
00000313Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Guggenheim, Eleanor: Sunlife, New Hampshire1948
00000314Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Martin, Kurt; Rebay, Roland von1946
00000315Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Meyer, Otto194?
00000316Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Rebay, Maresia: Long Island House1949
00000317Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Rebay, Roland von194?
00000318-19Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Wright, Frank Lloyd (2 folders)1945
0000041-3Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Unidentified (3 folders)undated, 1934-1935
0000044Haffmans, Gerd1944
0000045Huber, Karl1957-1958
0000046Hubner, Gisela1950, 1965
0000047Hunt, Clinton N.undated
8, 4Institute of Mental Physics: Members (2 folders)1949-1950
9-10, 3Kandinsky, Wassily (3 folders)1930-1940?
00000411Kandinsky, Wassily; Kandinsky, Nina1925-1926
00000412Kandinsky, Wassily; Klee, Paul1930
00000413Keenan, Vera1940-1960?
00000414Kidder, De Lea?; Laurenze, Mr.1934-1935
00000415Koch, Ava; Unidentified1940-1950?
00000416Konnerth, Lotte; Konnerth, Hermannundated, 1948
00000417Lauenstein, Johann-Dieter1948
00000418Lehmbruck, Wilhelm1916
00000419Lindner-Wiek Familyundated, 1923
00000420Lingen, Adelheidundated
00000421Malbin, Lydia Winston1947
00000422Marc, Franz1950?
00000423Marinetti, Filippo Tommasoundated
00000424Marquette, Jacques deundated
00000425Martin, Kurt1940-1960?
00000426Mason, Alice Trumbullcirca 1943
00000427Mattern, Alice1942
00000428Meyer, Ottoundated
00000429Moholy-Nagy, Lászlócirca 1945
00000430Mueller-Kraus, Erichundated
00000431Murphy, Eugeneundated
00000432Nebel, Otto1924, 1943
00000433Nixon, Davidundated
00000434Paepcke, Heinrich v.1940-1950?
00000435Pevsner, Antoine1945
0000051Pischinger, Maria; Rebay, Chlodart von; Rebay, Richard vonundated
0000052Prohme, Annaundated
0000053Rebay, Antonie vonundated
0000054Rebay, Antonie von; Rebay, Franz Josef vonundated
0000055Rebay, Franz Hugo von1916-1967
6, 5Rebay, Franz Josef von (2 folders)undated, 1914
000005-821, 2, 6, 10, 14, 10Rebay, Hilla (6 folders)undated, 1931-1959
7-20, 22-25, 1, 3-5, 7-9, 11-13, 15-23, 1-21, 1-9, 11-12, 4-6, 6-7Rebay, Hilla (75 folders)undated, 1902-1967
0000091Rebay, Hilla; Bauer, Rudolf1918-1944
0000092Rebay, Hilla; Bauer, Rudolf; Guggenheim Family; Rebay Family1930
0000093Rebay, Hilla; Bauer, Rudolf; Léger, Fernand; Unidentified194?
0000094Rebay, Hilla; Dorazio, Piero; Bucarelli, Palma; Manisco, Lucio; Perelli, Achille; Basaldella, Afro; Capogrossi, Giuseppe; Unidentified1949
0000095-7Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R (3 folders)1930-1946
0000098Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Bauer, Rudolfcirca 1939
0000099Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Beech, Floyd: South Carolina1941
00000910Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Guggenheim, Irene; Kandinsky, Wassily1930
00000911Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Guggenheim, Irene; Sanders Family: Montana1931
00000912Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Martin, Kurtcirca 1934
00000913Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Sanders, Cleveland; [Beech, Lloyd?]: South Carolinacirca 1940
00000914-20Rebay, Hilla; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; Wright, Frank Lloyd (7 folders)1945-1947
00000921Rebay, Hilla ; Guggenheim, Solomon R.; [Rebay, Roland von?]circa 1934
00000922Rebay, Hilla; Léger, Fernand1930-1940?
00000923Rebay, Hilla; Léger, Fernand; Unidentified194?
00000924Rebay, Hilla; Martin, Kurt; Unidentified1940-1960?
00000925Rebay, Hilla; Meyer, Ottoundated
00000926Rebay, Hilla; Olson, George1953
00000927Rebay, Hilla; Rebay, Antonie voncirca 1914
00000928Rebay, Hilla; Rebay, Antonie von; Rebay, Franz Josef von191?
00000929Rebay, Hilla; Rebay, Franz Hugo von1918-1967
00000930Rebay, Hilla; Rebay, Franz Josef von1910-1920?
00000931Rebay, Hilla; Rebay, Marta1912
00000932Rebay, Hilla; Rebay, Roland von1948
00000933Rebay, Hilla; Rebay Familyundated
00000934Rebay, Hilla; Riter, Carlundated
00000935Rebay, Hilla; Spivey, Ludd M.1955
00000936Rebay, Hilla; Stangl, Otto1948?
00000937Rebay, Hilla; Stangl, Otto; Unidentifiedcirca 1949
0000101Rebay, Hilla; Vordemberg-Gildewart, Gabriele; Unidentifiedundated
0000102Rebay, Hilla; Wright, Frank Lloyd; Unidentified194?
0000103Rebay, Hilla; Unidentified1910-1950?
0000104Rebay, Hilla; Unidentified: Baden-Baden1958
0000105Rebay, Hilla; Unidentified: Italycirca 1925
0000106Rebay, Hilla; Unidentified: Maine1940
0000107Rebay, Roland vonundated, 194?
0000108Rebay Familyundated, 195?
0000109Roch, Rudolf1948
00001010Rorimer, James J.undated
00001011Ruata, Ada Passali?circa 1926
00001012Runge, Kurtundated
00001013Sahmel, Charlotteundated
00001014Sanders, Cleveland; Sanders, Rheacirca 1940
00001015Scheller, E. F.1960-1964
00001016Schmidt-Gregor, Ottoundated
00001017Schott, Erwin1950
00001018Schulz-Klingauf, Hans Viktorundated
00001019Schwank, Friedrich H.undated
00001020Schwemmer, Dorliundated
00001021Siehr Family1948-1956
00001022Simpkins, Nathaniel Stoneundated, 1939-1961
00001023Simpkins Familyundated
00001024Soderstrom Family1950-1957
00001025Spengler Familyundated, 1955-1958
00001026Stocke, Heiaundated
00001027Tacon, Perce H.undated
00001028Tscheulin Family1928
00001029aVantongerloo, Georges1948-1952
00001029bVaupel, Eberhard1951
00001030Volker, Ernaundated
00001031Volmer, Lita1965
00001032Vordemberge-Gildewart, Friedrichundated
00001033Walter, Milaundated
00001034Weidener Family1946-1948
00001035Weimar Familyundated
00001036Whitney, James; Whitney, Johncirca 1944
00001037Wigold Family1963-1964
00001038Winter, Fred A. Th.undated
39, 8, 21Wright, Frank Lloyd (3 folders)1940-1950?
00001040Wright, Frank Lloyd; Spivey, Ludd M.circa 1953
00001041Wright, Frank Lloyd; Wesley, Brandochundated
00001042Xceron, Jean1950-1960?
00001043Zitelmann, Franz Carlundated
44-45, 1-7Unidentified (9 folders)undated, 1920-1950?
0000118Africacirca 1956
0000119-10Bauer, Rudolf: Residence (2 folders)undated
00001111Carnegie Hall Studio1935
00001112Conrad House, Wessling1964
00001113Culture Mall at Rockefeller Center: Proposal1933-1936
00001114Florida Southern Collegeundated
000011-1315-19, 1-7, 1-5Franton Court, Connecticut (17 folders)1930-1960?
0000136Das Geistreich, Berlin1930
0000137Guggenheim Family Birthplaceundated
8, 9Guggenheim Light Institute, California (2 folders)undated
0000139Haffman, Gerd Houseundated
0000141Mexico City, Mexico1947
0000142Morgan House, New Yorkcirca 1945
0000143-4Museum of Non-Objective Painting (2 folders)circa 1947
0000145New York City1934
0000146-8Plaza Hotel: Guggenheim Suite (3 folders)1930-1940?
0000149Rebay Family Tombundated
00001410S. C. Johnson Wax Building, Wisconsin1930-1940?
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
00001411-13Building: Interior and Exterior Views (3 folders)undated, 1959
14-17, allBuilding Design (includes models, plans, and renderings) (31 folders)1944-1951
0000177-8Temporary Exhibition Spaces (2 folders)1948-1957
0000179-10South Carolina (2 folders)undated
00001711Spengler Houseundated
12-13, 1Sunlife, New Hampshire (3 folders)undated, 1940-1960?
0000182-6Taliesin West, Arizona (5 folders)1947
0000187Vancouver Art Galleryundated
0000188Wessling Houseundated
9, 1Unidentified (2 folders)undated
7735421-7Art Reproductions (7 folders)undated
0000559Bauer, Rudolfundated
00005512Calder, Alexander; Richter, Hans1941
0000555Chagall, Marcundated
0000556Dreier, Katherineundated
00005510Gibbs, Philipundated
13-19, 4, 15Guggenheim, Solomon R. (9 folders)undated, 1949
0000561Kandinsky, Wassily; Kandinsky, Nina1925-1926
0000558Keenan, Veraundated
0000568Marquette, Jacques deundated
1-4, 2-3Rebay, Hilla (6 folders)undated
00005511Rebay Familyundated, 1953
00005716Wolff, Robert J.undated
00005520Wright, Frank Lloydundated
0000565-7Unidentified (3 folders)undated
0000575Charleston, South Carolinaundated
00005611-18Franton Court, Connecticut (8 folders)undated
0000569-10Guggenheim, Solomon R.: Boat (2 folders)undated
00005718Museum of Non-Objective Painting: Installation Views: Exhibition of Permanent Collection (June 19, 1951)1951
0000571New York Cityundated
00005719Paradise Inn, Phoenix, Arizona1953
00005720Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: Frank Lloyd Wright Presentation Drawingsundated
19-20, 2-4Sunlife, New Hampshire (5 folders)undated, 1952-1953
0000576-14Unidentified (9 folders)undated
C. Scrapbooks
7735441Charleston, South Carolina (leather string bound)1941
0000581[Hannes Beckmann]1946
0000601[Installation Views Museum of Non-Objective Painting] (leather hard bound)undated
0000602[Installation Views Museum of Non-Objective Painting] (leather hard bound)1939
0000611[Installation Views Museum of Non-Objective Painting] (leather hard bound)1939
0000612[Installation Views Museum of Non-Objective Painting] (leather hard bound)1939, 1945
0000582[Museum of Non-Objective Painting Collection: Artwork Reproductions]undated
0000583a[Museum of Non-Objective Painting Collection: Artwork Reproductions]undated
0000583b[Museum of Non-Objective Painting Collection: Artwork Reproductions]undated
0000621[Press Clippings] (paper soft bound)undated, 1931-1951
0000622[Press Clippings] (paper soft bound)undated, 1931-1951
0000623[Press Clippings] (paper soft bound)undated, 1931-1951
0000631[Press Clippings] (paper spiral bound)undated
0000632a[Press Clippings] (paper spiral bound)1942
0000632b[Press Clippings] (paper spiral bound)1942
0000632c[Press Clippings] (paper spiral bound)1942
0000632d[Press Clippings] (paper spiral bound)1942
7735431a[Press Clippings] (paper hard bound)1931-1951
7735431b[Press Clippings] (paper hard bound)1931-1951
7735431c[Press Clippings] (paper hard bound)1931-1951
7735431d[Press Clippings] (paper hard bound)1931-1951
7735431e[Press Clippings] (paper hard bound)1931-1951
Rebay, Hilla
7735471a[Artwork and Exhibitions] (paper hard bound)1931-1946
7735471b[Artwork and Exhibitions] (paper hard bound)1931-1946
7735471c[Artwork and Exhibitions] (paper hard bound)1931-1946
7735471d[Artwork and Exhibitions] (paper hard bound)1931-1946
7735471e[Artwork and Exhibitions] (paper hard bound)1931-1946
0000514Ausstellung (paper soft bound)1927-1952
0000591[Portraits: Early Works]undated
0000592[Portraits: Early Works]undated
0000593-4[Portraits: Early Works]undated, 1926-1927
0000595-6[Portraits: Early Works] (2 scrapbooks)undated, 1926-1927
0000597[Portraits: Early Works]undated
D. Sound Recordings
Cassette Tapes: Joan M. Lukach
0040171-2Bertoia, Harry (2 folders)1978
0040173Bultman, Fritz1977
0040174Croasdale, Thorold1977
0040175McLeod, Debbie; Moses, Lucy1977
Commercial LPs
Bach, Johann Sebastian
0040178The Art of the Fugue by Columbia Records (10 discs)undated
0040177Brandenburg Concertos by Columbia Records (3 discs)undated
0040177Passacaglia in C Minor by Victor Records (2 discs)undated
0040177Bailey, Mildred: The Weekend of a Private Secretary by Brunswick Recordsundated
0040178Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Concerto in C Major, K.299 by Victor Recordsundated
0040177Trace, Al: Mairzy Doats by HIT Recordsundated
Series 2. Hilla Rebay papers, 1902-1993 (bulk 1930s-1960s), 51 cubic ft.
Address Books
53-60, 61-74, 1-5Undated (27 folders)undated
0000487-101952 (4 folders)1952
00004811-12Franton Court (2 folders)undated
00004813Museum Staffundated
00004914New York/London/Parisundated
Address Lists
00004918-20Europe (3 folders)undated, 1957
00004921Junger Westenundated
00004922Appointment Book1943
Bauer, Rudolf
7735408Die Krater1919?
00004925Sheet Music and Programundated
16, 26Biographical (2 folders)1944-1984
00004927Certificate of Death (Copy) (restricted)1967
all, 1-2Incoming (132 folders)undated, 1911-1967
25-50, all, 3-8Outgoing (100 folders)undated, 1906, 1915, 1939-1967
0000726Abbot, E. (Art Institute of Chicago)1937
0000727Abbott, Yarnall (Philadelphia Art Alliance)1936-1937
0000728Abels, Kunsthandlung1913
9, 9Ackermann, Max (2 folders)1949-1951
00007210Acosta, Juan de (Academia Interamericana)undated, 1950
00007211Adair, Dorothy H. to Irene Guggenheim1943
00007212Adams, Arthur (Artists Equity Association)1949
00007213Adams, Margot; Adams, Masonundated
00007214Addison, Katharine1939
00007215Adelheid, Deineundated
00007216Ades, Robertundated
00007217Agreda, M. (Waisenhaus mit Kinderheim)1947-1955
00007218A'Hearn, Harold B. (United States Department of the Treasury)1955
00016010Ahlers-Hestermann, Povorinaundated, 1940, 1948
00007219Ahrens, Henry W. (Lincoln School)1942
00007220Aiken, George D. (United States Senate)1958
00007221Alastair, H. V. Vosgt1932
00007222Albers, Josef1934-1949
00007223Albin, Edgar A. (University of Arkansas) to Margaret Rossell (Museum of Non-Objective Painting)1951
00007224-25Albin, Herbert (2 folders)undated, 1954-1959
00007226Aldrich, L. C.1950
00007227Aldridge, C. Clay (Joe and Emily Lowe Art Gallery)1960
00007228Alexander, Beatrice; Alexander, Heywood (Sugar Plum Farm)undated
00007229Alexander, Hortense; Alexander, Jimundated, 1955
00007230Alexander, Ruth (Life)undated, 1954
00007231Alford, Roberta M. (Rhode Island School of Design)1950, 1952
00007232Alguias, Leonor deundated
00007233-34Allan, Georgiana, T. (2 folders)undated, 1940-1941
00007235Allen, Harvey P. to Willis H. Booth1937
00007236Allen, Janet ("New" Leavitts)1948
00007237Allen, Mary F.undated
00007238Allen, W. G. Russell (Institute of Modern Art)1945
00007239-40Allisat, Herbert (2 folders)undated, 1938-1947
00007241Allison, John; Andrews, Stephen1954
00007242Almasy, Stephen1957
00007243Altensleben, Annalisseundated, 1933-1934
44, 11Altensleben, Marta (2 folders)undated, 1932-1951
00007245Altripp, Alo1949
00007246Alvarez, Franzundated
00007247Alvarez, Octavio A. (Institue of Mental Physics)undated
00007248Alwin, Carl1933
00007249American Abstract Artistsundated
00007250American Artists Group Show1949
00007251American Institute of Architects: Frank Lloyd Wright1949
00007252American Leprosy Missionundated
00007253American Museum of Natural History1939
00007254American Society for Aestheticsundated, 1946,1952
00007255Ammers-Küller, Jo van1937-1938
0000731Amsutz, John O.undated, 1959-1962
0000732Andersen, Lisbeth1952
0000733Anderson, Alma (Northern Illinois State Teacher's College)1949
0000734Anderson, Wm. H.1937
0000735-6Anderson, Winslow (2 folders)undated, 1943-1944
7-8, 12Andlaw, Louise (3 folders)undated, 1948-1963
0000739Andraud, Leon to A. Spongy1951
00007310Andry-Farcy (Musée de Grenoble)1948
00007311Anspach, Elfrieda1948-1951
00007312Anspach, Gerlindeundated, 1948-1949
00007313Anspach, Johannesundated, 1948-1951
00007314Ansbacher, Eure1959
00007315Antonopulo, Hugoundated
00007316Apollonio, Umbro (Archivio Storico d'Arte Contemporanea della Biennale)1949-1950
00007317Appaly, Marcell1948
00007318Appel, H. (Duren Leopold Hoesch Museum)1960
00007319Applebaugh, William King (Los Angeles County Museum)1950
00007320Appleby, Elizabethundated
00007321Appleton, Eleanor; Appleton, Francisundated, 1953
00007322Aquaro, Evelyn R. (American Express Company)1947
00007323Arbuckle, Mabel (Detroit Public Schools)1941
00007324Argue, Dorothy, F. (Barnard College)1943
00007325D'Armaille, Odetteundated
00007326Armanni, A. (Hotel Excelsior Roma)1955,1959
00007327Armstrong, Elizabeth Howard1935
00007328Armstrong, G. F. (National Airlines)1953
00007329Arnold, Fritz (Thema)1949
30-31, 13Arnold, Hans (3 folders)1949
00007332Arnub, Therese P.1947
00007333Arp, Jeanundated, 1916, 1962
00007334Art d'Aujord'hui1950
00007335Art Institute of Light1941
00007336-37Ash II, Mark (2 folders)1943-1948
00007338-39Ashmore, Jerome (2 folders)undated, 1951-1963
00007341Atkins, G. W. (National Gallery, London)1950
00007342Atkinson, Amalia F. (American Committee for Christian Refugees) to Dr. Herbert Allisat1941
00007343Atkinson, Sheilaundated
00007344Atoarmeu, Fernando (includes photographs of Hilla Rebay's paintings)1978
00007345Aty, Charles1927
00016014Atzl, Fr.1947
0000741Aubert, F. (Boucheron Jeweller)1938
0000742Audette, Louis G.1943
0000743Aüracher, Franz1948
0000744Austermann, Gertaundated, 1949
0000745Austin, William F. (De Lancy & Kipp, Inc.) to Clinton N. Hunt1950
6, 15Autornio, Lucille (2 folders)1941-1944
0000747Autzen, Carsten1951, 1954
0000748Autzen, Klaus1950
0000749Autzen, Lieselotte1948-1951
00007410Ayling, Walter C.1950
00007411Azuma, Mutsukoundated, 1955, 1964
00007412B. Westermann & Co.1938
00007413Bach, Otto K. (Grand Rapids Art Gallery) to Evelyn Simpson1940
00007414Bachke, Viebonia1956
00007415Bachmann, Gerd1967
00007416Bacon, Ina (Association of the Junior Leagues of America)1952
00007417Baden, Hilda vonundated, 1932, 1950-1951
00007418Badisches Reisebüro to General von Rebay1927
00007419Baerwald, Hellmuth1936
00007420Baetzner, Marie C.1947
00007421Bailey, Everettundated
00007422Baker, C. M. (University of Kansas Library)1937
00007423Baker, Mary E. (University of Tennessee Library)1937
00007424Balay, Roland to Solomon R. Guggenheim1938
00007425Baldwin, Martin (Art Gallery of Toronto)1943
00007426Ball der Karrikaturistenundated
00007427Ballerini, ?undated
00007428Bally, ?undated
00007430Barack, E. to Toni von Rebayundated
00007431Barack, Hermann to Franz Hugo von Rebay1932
00007432Baragens?, Erich1952
00007433Barker, Edna Campbell1953
00007434Barnard, A. L. (National Broadcasting Company)1944
00007435Barnes, Elsie Brown (New York School of Fine and Applied Art)1939
00007436-37Barr, Alfred H., Jr. (Museum of Modern Art) (2 folders)undated, 1943-1949
00007438Barrault, Jean-Louis?undated
00007439Barrett, W. R.undated, 1954-1964
00007440Barron, Maryundated, 1952
00007441Barthelemy, Marguerite1950
00007442Bartholomae, Bettyundated, 1943
00007443Bartolozzi, Mauroundated
00007444Barton, Jane (Reader's Digest)1948
00007445Bartow, Alma; Bartow, Samundated
00007446Bartow, Florenceundated, 1964, 1967
00007447Bary, Heidi1958, 1961
00007448Bass, Sarah E.1944
00007449Bastian, F.1932
00007450Bates, Andrew J. (American Express Company) to Vera Keenan1947
00007451Batigne, Rene (Embassy of France)1946
00007452Bauer, C.1920
00007453Bauer, Herbert1958
00007454Bauer, Louise Huberundated, 1955
9-10, 55-57, all, 16-23, all, 9-10Bauer, Rudolf (319 folders)undated, 1915-1953
00008515Baumann, Celestin1958
00008516Baumann, Gertrud1936-1955
00008517Baumann, Inge1926
00008518Baumeister, Klasse1947?
00008519Baumeister, Ruth1951
00008520-22Baumeister, Willi (3 folders)undated, 1936-1955
00008523-24Baumgarten, Elisabeth (2 folders)undated, 1951-1956
00008525Bavaria Land Commissioner to Friedrich H. Schwank1950
00008526Beaudoin, Kenneth Lawrence1943-1944
00008527Beausacq, Ingeborg deundated, 1952-1953
00008528Bebarfald, Anne (Evander Childs High School)1944
00008529Beck Engraving Company to Albert E. Thiele1939
00008530Beck, Ingrid1955
0000861Beck, L. von1932
0000862Becker, Marion R. (Cincinnati Modern Art Society) to Mildred Ferris1943
0000863Becker, William1948-1949
0000864Becket, Elise Gransbery1946
0000865Beckmann, Mrs.undated
6-12, 20-21Beckmann, Hannes (9 folders)undated, 1946-1956
00008613Beecroft, Edmund M. (White & Case) to James Johnson Sweeney (restricted)1958
00008614Beer, Wilhelm1934
00008615Behm, Walter1951
00008616Behr, Anna1940-1948
00008617Behr Family1935-1941
00008618Beidlemanp, H.1943
00008619Bekker vom Rath, Hanna1948
00008620Bell, Julia Loveundated
00008621Bell, Mary L. to Clinton N. Hunt1946
00008622Belmont, I. J. (Belmont Galleries)1943
00008623Belmont, Jeanundated
24, 22Belson, Jordan (2 folders)1948-1952
00008625Bender, Kurt1947
00008626Bendig, William C. (Art Gallery)1962
00008627Benette, Margaret (Arts Club of Chicago)1952
00008628Benkert, Ernst George1963
00008629Bennett, Edward J. (Jamesine Franklin School of Professional Arts)1950
00008630Benneward, J. M. (Thos. Cook & Son)undated, 1955-1956
00008631Benson, Florence to Edwin G. Dingle1946-1947
00008632Benson, Mary D.1939
00008633Berard, L.1947
00008634Berchem, Seppa1952
00008635Berg, Annundated
00008636Berg, Boris1951-1953
00008637Berg, Soniaundated, 1949-1952
00008638Berger, H.1933
00008639-40Berger, Robert (2 folders)undated, 1949-1952
00008641Bergstrer, Gisela to Roland von Rebay1969
00008642Berlin National-Galerie to Rudolf Bauer1921
00008643Berlin National-Galerie to Roland von Rebay1969
00008644Berndt, Johannaundated
00008645Berne, Mildred1941-1943
00008646Bernfeld, Siegfried1953
00008647Bernheim Jeune & Cieundated, 1929
00008648Bernstorff, Sibylle1955
00008649Berry, Joseph F. (Day, Berry & Howard)1943-1946
00008650Berryman, Doris (Memorial Hospital)1950
00008651Berst, Theo1920
00008652-53Bertoia, Harry (2 folders)1943-1945
00008654Besinger, Curtisundated, 1950-1957
00008655[Best?], Beverleyundated
00008656Bethencourt, Emily1947
00008657Beyd, Robertundated
00008658Betz, William1950
00016323Biddle, George M.1945
00008659Biddle, Warren1952
0000871-2Biel, Eugene V. (2 folders)undated, 1942-1954
0000873Biel, Mary1943-1952
0000874Biermann, Franz B.1949
0000875Biestkopf, H.1953
6-7a, 24Bill, Max (3 folders)undated, 1938-1952
0000878Binder, Alois1952
0000879Birnbaum, Martin1963
00008710Birrell, Don R. (E. B. Crocker Art Gallery)1950
00008711Bischof, Karl1949
00008712Bismarck, H.1935
00008713-14Bissier, Julius (2 folders)1949-1954
00008715Bissier, Lisbeth1950-1953
00008716Bisttram, Emil (Bisttram School of Fine Art)1950
00008717Bisttram, Mayrion J. (Bisttram School of Fine Art)1947-1950
00008718Bitian, Olever?1955
00008719Black Mountain College1953
00008720Black, Victor (Dr. A. Posner Shoes)1948
00008721Blackburn, R. B. (Albert R. Lee and Company)1952
00008722Blacker, Carmen P.1950-1955
00008723Blacker, Thetisundated
00008724-25Blair, Jeannette (Catholic University of America) (2 folders)1940-1941
00008726Blake, Edwin M.1944-1953
00008727Blake, Gilson G. to Solomon R. Guggenheim1946
00008728Blaker, Thetasundated
00008729Blanks, Lloyd1952
00008730Blasingame, Dorothyundated, 1951-1952
00008731Bliss, Maria; Bliss, Rodyundated
00008732Blissett, William1953
00008733Block, Maurice (Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00008734Blocker, S. M. (Extrin Foods)1955
00008735Bloom, Ted1945
00008736Blue, James P. (Office of the Public Administrator County of New York)1947
00008737Bluher, Doris Charlotteundated, 1950-1967
38, 25Bluhm, Ursula (Freunde Zeitgenossischer Kunst) (2 folders)1950-1951
00008739Blumenau, Lili1951
00008740Blumenthal, Florence N. (Warsworth Atheneum)1938
00008741Board of Trustees (Hilla von Rebay Foundation) (restricted)1966-1967
00008742Board of Trustees (Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation) (restricted)1944-1954
00008743Boardman, Leland V. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)1953
00008744Bogen, Mr.undated
00008745Boise, Mrs. Howard1943
00008746Boisecq-Longuet, Simoneundated
00008747Bolander, Karl (National Art Hobby Guild)1938
00008748Boles, Bernard1954-1955
00008749-51Bolotowsky, Ilya (3 folders)undated, 1947-1954
00008752Bonham, Frederick T.undated
00008753Bonine, Beatrice L.1944
00008754Bonneau, E.1937
00008754Bonta, Elizabeth Illsey (Montclair Art Museum)1952
00008756Bookbinder, Jack1947
0000881Booth, Willisundated, 1952-1957
0000882Borchers, Hana1932
0000883Borden, Thelma1941
0000884Borgatta, E. A.undated
0000885Borland, Gustav1953
0000886Borne, Mortimer (New School)1948
0000887Brner, Alexander1950-1951
0000888Brner, Barbara1949
0000889Boschi, Ugoundated
00008810Boswell, Edna Marsh (Art Digest)1943
00008811Boswell, Peyton Jr.1943
00008812Bottenberg, Heinz1948-1950
00008813Bottenberg, Ingaundated
00008814Bottenwieser, Paul1929
00008815Bouchard, Thomas1945
00008816Bowen, Edithundated
00008817Boyd, Mrs. L. M.1962
00008818Boye, F. W. (United States Equestrian Team)1952
00008819Boyer Galleries1939
00008820Boysen, M. B. (Institute of Mental Physics)1943
00008821Bradbury, Altheaundated, 1946-1947
00008822Bradley, Morton C. Jr.undated
00008823Branner, Dr. (Kassel Oberburgermeister)1964
00008824Brassert, Ethelundated
00008825Bray, Margaretundated
00008826Brecher, Gustundated, 1912-1926
00008827Breest, Lore1950
00008829Breitenbach, Edgar (Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany)1950
00008830Bremer, Anja (Galerie Bremer)1950
00008831Brena, Gisele1955
00008832Brena, Jorgundated, 1948-1962
00008833Brenan, J. J. (Guaranty Trust Company of New York)1932
00008834Brenneis, Jo1953
00008835Brenner, Alfred (Brenner's Park-Hotel)1960
00008836Brenson, Theodore1950
00008837Breuer, Leo1954
00008838Bridgman, Robertundated, 1955-1965
00008839Brigham, Beulah R.1951-1952
00008840-41Brillinger, Florence (2 folders)undated, 1940-1951
00008842Brinbaum, Martin?undated
00008843Brinckmann, A. E. (Geistiges Europa)1948-1951
00008844Brink, Guido1953
00008845Brinkmann G. M. B. H.1959
00008846Brinks, Louise1936
00008847Brion, Marcelundated, 1950
00008848Brisch, Klaus1949
00008849Briscoe, Traverundated
00008850Bristol, Gertrude1945
00008851Brix, Dora1950
00008852Brodnitz, Otto W.1948
00008853Broll, ?1938
00008854Brooks, T. Ruggles1939
00008855Brough, Richard (University of Alabama)1950
00008856Brown, H. R. (Melbourne Technical College)1952
00008857Brown, Harperundated, 1945-1947
00008858Brown, Margaret F. (Cleveland Museum of Art)1952
00008859Brownell, F. H.1945
00008860Brownridge, J. A. (National Wildlife Federation)1956
00008861Bruce, J. E.1940
00008863Brugger, Delwin A.1947
00008864Brumme, C. Ludwig1952
00008865Brummer, Joseph (Brummer Gallery)1929
00008866Brunel, Lois G. (Wheaton College)1941
00008867Brunner, Gertrud1956
00008868Brunner, Otto (Galerie Brunner)1950
00008869Brunotto, Lorenzo (Ecole Polytechnique)1942
00008870Brunton, Paulundated, 1937-1940
0000891Brusberg, Joseph1948
0000892Bucalo, Nicholas1949
0000893Bucarelli, Palma (Galeria Nazionale D'Arte Moderna)undated, 1951-1969
0000894Bucher, Jeanne (Galerie Jeanne Bucher)1938
0000895Buchheim, ?undated
0000896Buchheim Verlag1963
0000897-8Buchheister, Carl (2 folders)undated, 1949-1950
0000899Buchmann, Otto1934
00008910Budde, R. to Roland von Rebay1969
00008911-12Budnick, Sidney (2 folders)undated, 1943
00008913Buhl, Otto Ernst1952
00008914Buhler, Albert1952
00008915Buhler, Anna1933
00008916Bulletin and Scots Pictorial1951
17-18, 26Bullis, Ralph (3 folders)undated, 1939-1960
00008919Burckhardt, Carlundated, 1958-1959
00008920Burdon-Muller, Rowlandundated
00008921[Bureinmann?], Paulundated
00008922Burg, Priscilla (Cazenovia Junior College)1943-1947
00008923Burger, Rosa1947
00008924Burkhard, Arthur1950
00008925Burklin, Annaundated, 1948
00008926Burlant, G.1956
00008927Burnett Brothers1966
00008928Burns, Mary A.1948
00008929Burr, Caroline L. (Beloit College)1941
00008930Burrelle's Press Clipping Bureau1948
00008931Burrow, Helen1942
00008932Burrow, Trigantundated
00008933Burtchen, Gerd1949-1952
00008934Burton, Charles H.1947
00008935Busa, Peter1943
00008936Busch, G. (Kunsthalle Bremen) to Roland von Rebay1969
00008937Busch, Paul; Busch, Hanna1924
00008938Bush, C. L.1937
00008939Bush, Prescott (United States Senator)1956
00008940Bustle, ?1920
00008941Butcher, Betty (Tate Gallery)1949
00008942Bute, Mary Ellen1941-1947
00008943Butler, Mr.undated, 1942-1945
00008944Butler, Donnaundated
00008945Butler, Islaundated
00008946Butler, Nicholas Murray1943
00008947Butts, Alfred M. (Holden, McLaughlin & Associates)1951
00008948Byfield, George D. to William P. MacCracken Jr.1948
00008949Byrne, Paul R. (University of Notre Dame)1943
00008950Byron, Karin?undated
00008951Cable, Eric1912-1914
00008952Cadbury, Eleanor (Downington Friends School)1951
00008953Cahiers d'Art to Rudolf Bauer1937
00008954Cahill, Irene A.undated
00008955Cahn, Marcelle1962
00008956Cain, Jo; Cain, Matene; Cain, Michaelundated
00008957Cajanello Carlsson, Elin Maria di1950-1951
58, 27Calder, Alexander (2 folders)1941-1947
00008959Call, Mrs. Harry B., Jr.1953
00008960Camp, Liselotte to Roland von Rebay (includes a photograph of Hilla Rebay's painting)1969
00008961Campbell, Kenneth1947
00008962Canadian Bank of Commerce to Franz Hugo von Rebay1914
00008963Capogrossi, Giuseppe1950
00008964Caproni Galleries, Boston1943
00008965Carach, ? (Wodemar Klein Verlag)undated
00008966Carboni, Maria (Origine)1953
00008967Cardazzo, Carlo (Gallerie d'Arte del Cavallino, Venice)1950
00008969Carlson, Mona1954-1955
0000901Carmine, ? (Gallerie de Tableaux Modernes, Paris)1929
0000902Carovigno, Margaret1925
0000903Carragon, Martha Beckundated, 1951
0000904Carre, Louisundated, 1938
0000905Carrington, Sallie1936
0000906Carson, Caroline Thorntonundated
0000907Carson, Ralph Mooreundated
0000908Carter, Adams; Carter, Ann1953-1965
0000909Carter, Edith1948-1952
00009010Carter, Helen Maryundated, 1943-1965
00009011Cartwright, Helene to Margaret Rossell1951
00009012Carusi, Ugo (United States Department of Justice) to William P. MacCracken Jr.1946
00009013Case, Charlotte W. (South Shore Music Club)1948
0001641Casper, Montague: Lawsuit by Karin Gienanth1948
00009014Cassirer, Paul to Franz Drey1929
00009015-16Cassou, Jean (2 folders)undated, 1951-1952
00009017-29Castle Stewart, Arthur Stuart, Earl (13 folders)undated, 1950-1954
30-32, 1-15, 2Castle Stewart, Eleanor (19 folders)1949-1959
00009116-23Castle Stewart, Eleanor; Castle Stewart, Arthur Stuart, Earl (8 folders)undated, 1950-1954
00009124Castricoil, Alfonso A.?undated
00009125Cavael, Dorotheaundated, 1948-1952
1-2, 3Cavael, Rolf (3 folders)undated, 1948-1952
3-8, 4Centurion, Penrod (7 folders)1937-1949
0000929Cerbini, Francis M. (Cerbini Research Corporation)undated
00009210Chagall, Marc1930-1959
00009211Chalmers, William J.undated
00009212Chanier, George, K1953
00009213Chanin, Margit W.undated, 1961
00009214Chanticler Press1952
00009215Charles Fleschner & Company to Arthur C. Holden1951
00009216Charles Im Obersteg & Company1949
00009217Charlton, Mary Elizabeth (National Gallery of Art)1948
00009218Chase, Elizabeth1962
00009219Cheek, M. Adolphus, Jr. (Park School of Buffalo)1941
00009220Cheney, Margaret (San Franciso Museum of Art)1939
00009221Chermayeff, Serge: László Moholy-Nagyundated
00009222Chester, Alice1937-1962
00009223Chidsey, G. Alan (J. F. Tapley Company) to Mr. Dickenson1948
00009224Chillman, James, Jr. (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) to Evelyn Simpson1941
00009225Cholley, Marie1938-1952
00009226Choong Ang Orphanage1960-1967
00009227Chr. Kaiser Buchhandlung1956
00009228Chrambach, Gisela1951
00009229Chrambach, Moritz L.1947-1955
00009230Christison, Muriel B. (Virginia Museum of Fine Art)1950
00009231Chuckrow, C. M. (Fred T. Ley & Company)1948
00009232Church, Howard (Michigan State University)undated, 1955-1965
00009233Cipriani, Evelyn (Museum of Modern Art)1944
00009234City Investing Company1962
00009235Clapp, Maud C.undated
00009236Clarke, Lewis Lathamundated
00009237Clarke, Nellie J.1950
00009238Clarke, Stanley (Stanchfield & Levy)1937-1939
00009239Claude, W. G.1929
00009240-41Clausen, Svend (2 folders)1944-1952
0000931Claussen, Hertha1947, 1949
0000932Clay, Lusius D. (Office of Military Government of Germany)1945, 1948
0000933Clear, Charles Val (Akron Art Institute)undated
0000934Cleveland Museum of Art1953-1966
0000935Club Milch Strasseundated
0000936Cluett, Catherine R.undated
0000937Cluitt, Carmen?undated
0000938Coe, Ilse G.: Estate of Karl Nierendorf1948
0000939-10Coffin, Josette Hébert (2 folders)undated, 1938-1953
00009311Coffin, JouJouundated
00009312Coffey, W. C. (University of Minnesota)1941
00009313Cohen, Esther S. (Willimantic State Teachers College)1949
00009314Cohen, Richard P.1952
15-16, 5Cohen, Walter (3 folders)undated, 1947-1950
00009317Coleman, C. (Day, Berry, & Howard)1943
00009318-19Coleman, Laurence Vail (American Association of Museums) (2 folders)1949-1952
00009320Coleman, William Wheeler1959
00009321Coleman, Mr.undated
00009322Collier, William Miller1933
00009323Collignoz, E.1950
00009324Colligny, Isabel deundated, 1935, 1946
00009325Collins, L. (University Book Store)1944
00009326Colville, Cynthia1948
00009327Coomaraswamy, A. K. (Museum of Fine Art, Boston)1947
00009328Comstedt, J. F. A.1945
00009329Conigliaro, Nicolaundated
00009330Connors, Cornelia K.1949
00009331Cook, Walter W. S. (New York University)undated, 1947-1950
00009332Cooke, Robert W. (University of Wichita)1950
00009333Coolidge, John (Harvard University)1950, 1962
00009334Cooper, Edith C. (South Shore Music Club)1960
00009335Cooper, Lowell (Headquarters of the Commandant Third Naval District)1942
00009336Cooper Unionundated, 1962
00009337Copp, Marie T.1952
00009338-39Corbett, Adelaide Thornton (2 folders)undated, 1948-1955
00009340Cornell, E. F. (Manhattan Storage and Warehouse) to Joseph Slevin1946
00009341Cornwell, Merle P. (Kurt H. Volk Printing Company)1955-1956
00009342-43Cortissoz, Royal (2 folders)1942-1944
00009344Coste, E. Frank, Jr.undated
00009345Coughlin, Patricia S.1948
00009346Cousteau, Gabriele1953
00009347Cox, Theodosia (American Association of Museums)1944
00009348Cramblitt, Walter E. (Bayside High School)1950
00009349Cramer, R. H. (Headquarters of Commandant Third Naval District)1942
00009350Crane, Aimee (Hyperion Press)1943
00009351Credner, Lene1948
00009352Chrichton, G. C. L. (Government of India)1947
00009353Crimm, Mrs. E. Frances (Shelby Public Schools)1953
00009354Crist, Richard1950
00009355Croasdale, Dorothy1927
00009356Crosby, Everett U.1949
00009357Crosby, Roy Corwin1944, 1950
00009358Cross, Eloiseundated
00009359Crumb, Frederick W. (State University of New York)1950
00009360Cummings & Lockwood1938, 1940
00009361Currier, Raymond P. (American Leprosy Missions)1956-1957
00009362Curry, Ericundated, 1950
00009363Curtin, T. F. (National Magazine)1949
00009364Curtis, J. C. (Curtis Hardware)1950
00009365Cushing, ?1943
00009366Dale, Eric1946
00009367Dalley, A. K. to Albert E. Thiele1939
00009368Dalvit, Oskar1948-1949
00009369Damaske, Heinz to Freiberger1950
00009370Damian, Cornelia1950
0001646Danheuser, E. J. (American Express Company)1948
0000941Darie, Sanduundated, 1947-1954
0000942Darnell, Carla1945
0000943Darner, Trudel1951
0000944Dater, Walton F. (Guaranty Trust Company)1951
0000945Daub, Gotthelf1947-1949
0000946Davenport, Patsy Lynchundated
0000947Davidson, A. Wolfe (Greenville Senior High School)1941
0000948Davidson, Robertundated, 1952-1956
0000949Davis, Arch (International Business Machines)1940
00009410Davis, Harold M. (Davis Delaney Printing Company)1948-1954
00009411Davis, James E.1947
00009412Davis, Malcolm W. (Red Cross)1943
00009413Davis, Marian (Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design)1950
00009414Davis, Robert Tyler (French & Company)1962
00009415Davis, Stuart1939
00009416Davringhausen, H. M.1952
00009417Dawson, C. A. (Brewer-Cantelmo Company) to Mrs. Healy1946
00009418Dawson, George C.1950
00009419Dayton, Alanundated
00009420-21Dearstyne, Howard (2 folders)undated, 1931-1947
00009422Decker, Elwood1951
00009423Defrise, Henry Harrison; Defrise, Jeannette1952-1960
00009424Degand, Léon1951
00009425Degenfeld, Henry Count1940
00009426Deichler, R. E. S. (American Airlines)1955
00009427Deknatel, Frederick B. (Harvard University)1950
00009428-29Delafield, John White (Delafield, Marsh, & Hope) (2 folders) (restricted)undated, 1950-1959
00009430Delaunay, Robertundated, 1930-1941
00009431-39Delaunay, Sonia (9 folders)undated, 1934-1980
00009440Delden, Mathieu vanundated
00009441Delej, Janos1940
00009442Demillly, Adolphe1943
00009443Dempsey, Jeannette John1961
00009444Denecke, Minna1950
00009445De Niro, Robertundated, 1941, 1952, 1976
00009446Denny, Jeanne1954
00009447Derwood, Gene1941
00009448Des Marais, Jeanne C. (Special Libraries Association)undated, 1952
00009449Desautles, Chas E.1943
00009450Deutsche Verkers-Kredit-Bank1951
0000951Deutzmann, Wilh1953
0000952D'Harnoncourt, Rene (Museum of Modern Art)1951-1954
0000953Diamond, Harold1952
0000954Dick, Caroline1949
0000955Dick, Youlah1946, 1961-1964
0000956Dickinson, Joseph1948-1950
0000957Diekmann, Berthold (Deutsche Grammophon) to Franz Hugo von Rebayundated, 1955
0000958Dietel, William M. (Emma Willard School)1962
0000959Dietrich, Gertrude1949
00009510Dietz, F. Meredith (Southern Literary Messenger)1942-1943
00009511Diller, Burgoyne1937
00009512Dillon, Janet W. to Clinton N. Hunt1946
00009513-20Dingle, Edwin J. (Institute of Mental Physics) (8 folders)undated, 1942-1967
00009521-22Dingle, Gloria (2 folders)1945-1961
00009523Dingle, Polly1952-1953
00009524Displaced Persons Commissionsundated
00009525Divine Shepherd, Maryundated, 1951
00009526Dobson, J. D.1946
0000961-4Dockum, Charles (4 folders)undated, 1942-1953
0000965Dockum, Gretchen1948
0000966Dodge, Beulah1945-1954
0000967Dodge, Frank Schuyler, Jr. to Alexander Kirkland1949, 1962
0000968Dodge, Mary Alice1950
0000969Doe, Marjorie (Walton High School)1950
00009610Doede, Werner (Dusseldorf Kunstammlungen der Stadt)undated, 1948-1949
00009611Dolan, John A. (Westport Police Department)1956
00009612Dolge, Karl A.1946-1951
00009613D'Olier, Florenceundated, 1956-1958
00009614Doll, ? to Fritz Wiek1958
15-16, 7Dombrowsky, Francesco Iwan de (3 folders)undated, 1927-1951
00009617Dombrowsky, Louise Robinson de1951
00009618Domela, Cesar1938-1952
00009619Dominick, O. (Domnick Verlag)1948-1950
00009620-21Dondero, George A. (United States Senate) (2 folders)undated, 1949-1957
00009622Donleavy, J. P.undated, 1950-1951
00009623Donovan, C. V. (University of Illinois)1949
00009624Dooly, Oscar E.1953
00009625Doppler-Zink, Elizabeth to Dr. Sudhoff; Dr. H. Buchner; Dr. Hanna Kronenberger-Freussen1930
26-28, 8Dorazio, Piero (4 folders)undated, 1948-1957
00009629Dorazio, Virginia Dortch1955, 1960
00009630Dore, Ronaldundated
0000971Doremi Farm1946
0000972Dorfles, Gillo1950
0000973Dorival, Bernardundated, 1951
0000974Dory, Ludwig1950
0000975Dougherty, Ella Mae1940
0000976Doveil, Ginaundated
0000977Drake, F. W.undated
0000978Draper, William H. Jr. to William P. MacCracken Jr.1948
0000979Dreger, Fritz1949
00009710Dreger, Hans1948
00009711-13Dreier, Katherine S. (3 folders)1945-1952
00009714Dresdner Bank1960-1964
00009715Dresel, Bertel1960-1961
16-17, 9Drewes, Werner (3 folders)1942-1944
00009718Drey, Franz (A. S. Drey)1929
00009719Dreyfus, Mrs. Richardundated
00009720Driessen, Else1949
00009721Drillien, Pierre1952
00009722Droege, Josephine (National Association of Women Artists)1945
00009723Drouin, Rene1948-1949
00009724Drucklieb, Katherine1950
00009725Drummond-Hay, Grace M.1936
00009726Dschenfzig, Theodor1948-1967
00009727Dubuis, Andre1935
00009728Duce, Ivy1954
00009729Dudley, Lavinia (Encyclopedia Americana)1944
00009730Dumont, Paul1946
00009731Dunn, M. Elizabeth1947
00009732Dutt, Albert V. (Richardson and Dutt)1948
00009733Duveen, Albert1950
00009734Dwyer, Sylvia B. (Brooklyn Arts Gallery)1962
00009735-36E. Weyhe Bookstore (2 folders)1937-1949
00009738Eatenson, Ervin1949
00009739Ecole Libre des Hautes Etudes1949
00009740Edgar, Grace la Marundated
00009741Edson, E. C. (Carolina Art Association)1939-1940
00009742-43Edwards, Emmet (2 folders)undated, 1943-1954
00009744Edwards, O. (National City Bank)1951-1953
00009745Edwards, Ronundated
46-48, 10Efros, Leah (4 folders)1948-1949
00016411Egeressy, Olga1941
00009749Eggers, George William (Worcester Art Museum)1929
00009750Ehrbach, Wolf?undated
00009751Eicken, Annie von1948-1957
00009752Eicken, Barbara vonundated, 1958-1967
1-5, 12Eicken, Carl von (6 folders)1938-1958
0000986Eicken, Carl-Dieter von1967
0000987Eicken, Cisa von1952-1964
0000988Eicken, Dorettchen von1960-1963
0000989-11Eicken, Dorothee von (3 folders)1958-1964
00009812Eicken, Elsa von1933
00009813Eicken, Hans von1948-1953
00009814Eicken, Heidi von1951, 1961
00009815Eicken, Heinrich von1948-1950
00009816Eicken, Helga von1960
00009817Eicken, Herbert von1947-1954
00009818Eicken, Hermann W. von1938-1939
00009819Eicken, Ingeborg von1951-1965
00009820Eicken, Irene von1947
00009821Eicken, Joh von1956-1967
00009822Eicken, Joh. Wilh. von1947-1965
00009823Eicken, Jutta von1950-1962
00009824Eicken, Karl von1946-1964
00009825Eicken, Kate vonundated
00009826Eicken, Kurt vonundated, 1948-1967
0000991Eicken, Lilo vonundated, 1948-1954
0000992Eicken, Ulla vonundated, 1953
0000993-4Eicken, Wilhelm von (2 folders)undated, 1931-1964
0000995Eicken Familyundated, 1962
0000996Eisendrath, William N., Jr. (Arts Club of Chicago)1952
0000997Eisler, Edmund A. (Arthur Siegman)1946
0000998Ekels, Douglasundated
0000999Elam, E. H. (Martin College)1945
00009910Elbertzhagen, Th. W.1934
00009911Elder, Madgeundated, 1949-1958
00009912Elder, Williamundated, 1951-1959
00009913Ellin, Evertt1964
00009914Elling, ?undated
00009915Ellingson, Sidney Weston1941
00009916Elliott, Clarence1955, 1956
00009917Ellis, Robert C.undated
00009918Elpren, Ira J.1941
00009919Elverfeldt-Ulm, Sigismund von1957
00009920Embassy of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics1943
00009921Embler, Weller (Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art)1949
00016413Emmerich, André1954
00009922Emmons, Ray1956
00009923Emtage, G. Dalby1943
00009924Enders, John? (Harvard Medical School)undated
00009925Endle, Fritzundated, 1959-1967
00009926Engel, Peter1949-1951
00009927Engelhardt, Hilde E. (Stuyvesant High School)1950
00009928Engels, Gertrude1951
00009929Englert, Rudolf1948-1956
00009930Erickson, Pat1948
31-32, 14Erlik, Shlomo (3 folders)undated, 1949-1955
00009933Erenfried, Schwester1955, 1956
00009934Ertel, K. F.1945-1959
00009935Erzinger, Lili1953
00009936Estienne, Charles1949
00009937Etowski, Gertrud1962
00009938Etscheit, Clemens1950
00009939-40Ettenberg, Eugene M. (Gallery Press) (2 folders)1945-1946
00009941d'Eu, Comtesseundated
00009942Eulenberg, Till1948
00009943Eustis, John (Lafayette High School)1950
00009944Evans, Elinor1952
00009945Ewart, Arturo1948
00009946Fable, Frederick (Fable Funeral Home)1947
00009947Fackenthal, Frank D. to Albert E. Thiele1943
00009948Faiss, Fritz W.1950, 1951
00009949Faletti, Heidi1975
00009950Falkenstein, ?undated
00009951-53Falley-Killian, Helene (3 folders)undated, 1920-1966
00009954Fallot, Ruth de1946
00009955Fass, George (Electronic Devices Company)1955
00009956Fassbender, Josephundated, 1950
1-6, 15Fasshauer, E. Ranier (7 folders)undated, 1951-1955
0001007Feist, Else1927
0001008Felber, Wolfgang1949-1950
0001009Felbermeyer, Johannes1950
00010010Fénéon, Fannyundated, 1930-1949
00010011-13Fénéon, Félix (3 folders)undated, 1930-1939
00010014Fenn, Charles1940
00010015Ferraby, May1948
00010016Ferris, Earle (Hope Associates)undated, 1948
00010017-18Ferris, Mildred (2 folders)undated, 1941-1944
00010019Fiedler, Hilde Stinnes1954-1955
00010020Fiene, Ernestundated, 1952
00010021Fierens, Paul to Harry F. Guggenheim1956
22, 16Fietz, Gerhard (2 folders)1948-1952
00010023Finch, F. Margot to George A. Dondero1953
00010024-26Fine, Perle D. (3 folders)1943-1948
00010027Fink, Frances S.1958
00010028Finkbeiner, Gerhardundated
00010029-30Finley, David E. (2 folders)undated, 1943-1952, 1977
0001011Finn, Mary G.undated
0001012Finnegan, John F. (Pennsylvania Railroad)1953
3-4, 17Fischer, Maja Geiges (3 folders)1938-1958
0001015Fischer, Sven1950-1954
0001016Fischinger, Angelica Joanundated
00016418Fischinger, Elfriede1947
7-14, 19Fischinger, Oskar (9 folders)undated, 1939-1965
00010115Fitzgerald, Margaret to Mr. Devree1945
00010116Fix, Lucienundated
00010117Father Flanagan (Boy's Town)1946
00010118Fleck-Kuntz, Leoundated, 1948-1949
00010119Fleischmann, Adolphe1939
00010120Fletcher, H. B. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)1947
00010121Fletcher, John Gould1943
00010122Flint, Leroy (Akron Art Institute)1957
00010123Florida Southern College1954-1955
00010124Floud, Peter (Victoria & Albert Museum)1950
00010125Flygare, Enoch J.undated, 1947-1951
00010126Foerster, Karl1937
00010127Fonaroff, Vera1946
00010128Fonseca, Christina Rebay to Joan M. Lukach1976
00010129Forbes, John Ripley (Mid Fairfield County Youth Museum)undated, 1961-1964
00010130Force, Juliana (Whitney Museum of American Art)1941
00010131Fordon, John L. (Fordon Model Agency)1947
00010132Forsberg, Natalie1950
00010133Forster, Otto H. (Wallraf-Richartz Museum)1960
00010134Foster, C. W.1952
00010135Foster, Kenneth E. (New York University)undated, 1941
0001021Foster, Richard B. (Circle)1946
0001022Foster, Sigrid1948
0001023Fountaine, George1961-1963
0001024Fowler, Julian S. (Oberlin College)1937
0001025Fox, George G. (Foreign Service of the United States of America)1953
0001026Fracassini, S. Carlundated
0001027Fradin, Meyer1952
0001028Francis, Henry S. (Cleveland Museum of Art)1956-1962
0001029Frank, Peggy (Cincinnati Modern Art Society)1940
00010210Franke, Gunther (Galerie Gunther Franke)1947-1951
00010211Frankenstein, Wolfgang1949-1950
00010212-13Frankfurter, Alfred M. (Art News) (2 folders)undated, 1943-1958
00010214Franklin, Clarence C. (400 Club)1951
00010215Franklin, Vivien1939
00010216Fraunberg, Adriana von1952-1964
00010217Fraunberg, Iliana1955
00010218Fraunberg, Regine von1947
00010219Frazier, Freda; Frazier, Hugoundated, 1953-1967
00010220Freelon, Allan R. (School District of Philadelphia)1950
00010221French & Company1962
00010222French, Gilbert M.1952
00010223Frerichs, Doris Coulstonundated
00010224Freund, Mariaundated, 1913
00010225Frey, Marta1948
00010226Frick-Schmidt, Marta1947-1948
00010227Fricke, M. to Rudolf Bauer: Lotteryundated
00010228Friedberg, Carl1911
00010229Friede, Vincent1939
00010230Friendmann, Felix R. (United States Army Camp Ritchie Maryland)1943
00010231Fries, D. R. (Park Lane Hotel)1956
00010232Friez, Mrs. ?undated
00010233Frings, Grete1947
00010234Frisch, Margaret S.1947
00010235Frisching, Ada von1947, 1951
00010236Fritz, Else1951
00010237Fritz, Ernst1948-1950
00010238Fromanhauser, ?1927
00010239Frühwein, Friedrich1962
00010240Fuchs, Erich1949
00010241Fuchs, Fridel1965-1966
00010242Fuchs, Friedrich1948
00010243Fuchs, Margaret1945
00010244Fuerstein, Carol (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1965
00010245Fuhrman, Arend1957, 1962
00010246Furness, George (TEAM, United Council on World Affairs)1953-1954
00010247Fürstenau, Magdalena1955
00010248Futterman, Harry (Armed Forces Master Records)1942
00010249-50Gabo, Naum (2 folders)undated, 1948-1952, 1977
00010251Gagliardi, Patrick (Kurt H. Volk of Connecticut)1955
00010252Gaiser, Karl1954
00010253Gaiser, W. (Gebrüder Gaiser)1933
00010254Gaitani, Lucy1942-1944
00010255Gale, M. (Solomon M. Chadabe)1938
00010256Galerie des Deux Iles1948
00010257Galerie Hella Nebelung1952-1953
00010258Galerie Lutz & Meyerundated, 1950
00010259Galerie Maeght1949
00010260Galerie Max Rodriguesundated
00010261Galerie Pierre1938
00010262Galeries Moghrebiennes1951-1952
00010263Gall, Charlotteundated
00010264Gallagher, Herbert C.1943
00010265Galloway, Arthur J. (Wagga Wagga Art Society)1953
00010266Gallus, Giustina?undated
00010267Gallwitz, Barbara v.1934
00010268-70Gallwitz, Frieda Englerth v. (3 folders)1914-1957
0001031Gallwitz, Klaus1958-1960
0001032Gallwitz, Margaret v.1947-1950
0001033Gallwitz, Max v.1915-1918, 1941, 1948
0001034Gallwitz, ?undated
0001035Gander, Carol L. (Tacoma Public Library)undated, 1952
0001036Ganders, Wilm1963
0001037Ganter, Hans1957-1960
0001038Ganter, Irma1955-1961
0001039Gardner, Mary1947
00010310Garets, de Garnier des (Petit Palais)1938
00010311Garrison, Weldon S. (Michigan State College)1955
00010312Gary, John L. (Multnomah College)1948
00010313Gattaia. Torri1929
00010314Gates, Gerald F. (Illinois State Normal University)1952
00010315Gaumann-Wild, Dorisundated
00010316Gause, Jeanundated
00010317Gebhardt, Lolo v.1935-1940
00010318Gebmann, Heinrich1953
00010319Gedat, Gustav Adolf1948
00010320Gegler, Isabelle C.1963
21, 20-21Geiger, Rupprecht (3 folders)1949-1952
22-23, 22Geiges, Maja Carlsson (3 folders)undated, 1931-1955
00010324Geist, Peter1950
00010325Gelbin, Allan J.1962
00010326Gelinas, Arthur J.1948
00010327Geller, Eugene1948
00010328Gelsner, Kurt1948
00010329Gensoli, M.1947
00016423Gentle, Esther1944
00010330GEO. F. OF Incorporated1946
00010331George, George L.1944, 1950
00010332Georgesko, ?1949
00010333Gerdau, Mira1932-1955
00010334-35Gerdine, Leigh (2 folders)1946-1954
00010336Gergely, L. H.1946
00010337Gericke, Heinz to Frank Lloyd Wright1947
00010338Gerlach, Rose D. (Emerson Public Schools)1959
00010339German, Carl, Jr.1957
00010340Germania Import Company1959-1961
00010341Gerner, Hannah1948
00010342Gerould, James Thayer (Princeton University)1937
00010343Gerson, Otto M. (Fine Arts Association)1951
00010344Gerth, Erich G.undated
00010345Gerth, Eva Maria1930
00010346Gesellschaft der Freunde Junger Kunst Baden1958
00010347Gessner, Jason1948
00010348Getlein, Frank (Milwaukee Journal)undated
00010349Geyer, Hans v.1947-1948
00010350Geyer, Helene v.1933
00010351Geyer, Helmuth v.1933-1947
00010352Geymuller, Johannes von (Dusseldorf, Kunstmuseum)1975
00010353Geyso, Marie v.1933-1966
00010354Ghiringhelli, Gino1953
00010355Giaimo, Doris1953
00010356Gibbons, Douglas (Real Estate Douglas Gibbons & Company)1943
00010357Gibbs, Bertram Henleigh1943
00010358-59Gibbs, Philip (2 folders)undated, 1942-1953
00010360Gibson, Betsy1945
0001041Gibson, Mary S. M. (National Arts Club)undated, 1953-1955
0001042Gibson, William M.1938
0001043Gienanth, Ulrich Freiherr von1938
0001044Giese, Delius1948
0001045Giesecke, Albert v.1954
0001046Giessen, Karl1933
0001047Gigl, Hedwig-Helene1947
0001048Gilkey, Gordon W. (Oregon State College)1950
0001049Gill, Minnie1952-1957
00010410Gimpel, Peter (Gimpel Fils)1948-1949
00010411Gimsford, J. A.1930
00010412Giradi, Gloria (American Association of Museums)1945
00010413Gitelson, M. Leo to Solomon R. Guggenheim1944
00010414Giusti, Francoundated
00010415Glarney, Ethel1938
00010416Glassgold, Cook (Federal Works Agency)1941
17, 24Gleason, Viola H. (2 folders)1948-1953
00010418-20Gleizes, Albert (3 folders)undated, 1930-1950
00010421-22Gleizes, Juliette Roche (2 folders)undated, 1954
00010423Gloddek, W.1957
00010424Gloeckner, Aimee Craneundated, 1960
00010425Gloeckner, Andre (Hyperion Press)undated, 1952
00010426-27Godfrey Family (2 folders)1944-1963
00010428Godin, Baronesse Wilhelmine vonundated, 1935
77354011Goetz, P. H.undated
00010429Goetz, Klaus1964
00010430Goldblatt, Maurice H. (University of Notre Dame)1949
31, 25Goldammer, Heribert v. (Benedict Schnfeld & Company) (2 folders)1951-1952
00010432Goldman, Harry1928
00010433Goldschmidt, Ernst (Editions de la Connaissance)undated
00010434Goldstein, Morris1953
00010435Goldston, Johnundated
00010436Gombert, H. to Roland von Rebay1969
00010437Gomes, Henriette1939
00010438Goodall, Donald (University of Southern California)1950
00010439Goodrich, Nathaniel L. (Dartmouth College Library)1950
00010440Gore, Helen M.1952
00010441Goris, Jan Albert (Belgian Government Information Center) to Solomon R. Guggenheim1947
00010442Gottingen Universitats Bibliothek1948
00010443Gottlober, Sigmund (City Center of Music and Drama)1947
00010444Gtz, Karl Otto1948, 1950
00010445Gouveia, John A.undated, 1952
00010446Graf, Jack (United States High Commissioner for Germany) to Peter Engel1950
00010447Grafe, L. M. (Institute of Mental Physics)1944
00010448Grafly, Dorothy (Philadelphia Record)1937
00010449Graham, Constance1938-1939
00010450Graham, J. A. (Toplis and Harding)1932
00010451Grandinetti, M. (Arte Contemporanea)1951
0001051-6Grant, Dwinnell (6 folders)undated, 1940-1954
0001057Granville, Philip1956-1958
8, 26Pastor Greber (2 folders)1941-1944
0001059Grecula, Richardundated
00010510Green's Farms Church1957
00010511Greene, Balcombundated
00010512Greenfield, Albert1950
00010513Greenwald, Anna1948
00010514Gregor, Otto S.1948
00010515Greftegreff, Vivi1950
00010516Greiff, Berta1933-1952
00010517Grele, Robert F. (Cummings & Lockwood) to Francis P. Schiaroli1969
00010518Grever, Barbara Annundated
00010519Grey, Alma Griffithundated, 1946-1947
00010520Grez, Alfonso (Consul General of Chile)1945
00010521Greider & Cie1951-1965
00010522Griffin, Donaldundated
00010523Griffin, Worth D. (State College of Washington)1941
00010524Grigsby, A. S. (Vancouver Art Gallery)1943-1944
00010525Grill, Henry F. (Grill & Company)1956-1959
00010526Grimm, Dorothy (Institute of Mental Physics)1944
00010527Grimm, K. L.1946
00010528Grochowiak, ? (Ruhr-Festpiele Recklinghausen)1952
00010529Groeber, Else1947-1952
00010530Grohmann, Will1934-1957
31, 27Gropius, Walter (2 folders)1930-1933
00010532Groseclose, Nancy1948-1949
00010533Grosshenning, Wilhelm (Galerie Wilhelm Grosshenning)1956
00010534Grossman, Noah1943
35, 28Grote, Ludwig (2 folders)1948-1949
00010536Grout, Johnundated
00010537G'schrey, Paranundated, 1950
00010538Güaita, Maria von1932, 1951
00010539-40Guggenheim, Barbara (2 folders)undated, 1942-1964
00010541Guggenheim, Gertrude1927-1949
1-11, 1-2, 29Guggenheim, Harry F. (14 folders) (3 restricted)undated, 1949-1963
0001073Guggenheim, Peggyundated, 1952
0001074-6Guggenheim, Solomon R. (3 folders)undated, 1938-1949
0001077Guggenheim Familyundated
0001078Guggenheimer, Felicitas to Fraulein Weiss1948
0001079Gunter, Karlundated
10, 30Gunther, Arthur (2 folders)undated, 1956-1967
00010711Gunther, John1961
00010712Gurlitt, Hildebrand1947-1948
00010713H. A. & W. L. Pitkin Limitedundated, 1952
00010714H. S., Elizabethundated
00010715Haagen, J. K. van der (UNESCO)1949-1950
00010716Haake, Trude1955
00010717Haam, Harry van1942
00010718Habasque, Guy1955
00010719Haberman, Normanundated
00010720Hackl, Gisela1949
00010721Haedke, Curt H. W. (Mahlzeit Foods)1948
00010722Haffmanns, Gerdundated, 1959-1967
00010723Haffmanns, Peter1955-1967
00010724Haftmann, Werner1949
00010725Hagen, Charlotte Wirth v.1955
00010726Hagen, Louis1927
00010727Hahn, Irisundated
00010728Hake, J. v. to Franz Hugo von Rebay1932
00010729Halit, H.undated
00010730Hall, Katie1932
00010731Halle, Fannina1945
00010732Halliburton, J. K.1943
00010733Halmasy, Janosundated
00010734Hamilton, Carl W.undated, 1938-1947
00010735Hamilton, Cosmoundated, 1933
00010736Hamilton, George T. (Kenneth Taylor Galleries)1950
00010737Hamlin, Chauncey J. (International Council of Museums)1947
00010738Hampele, Juliette1950-1951
00010739Handling, Mary J. (Columbia University)1949
00010740Hanfstaengle, Eberhard1947
00010741Hansfstaengle, Erika to Roland von Rebay1969
00010742Hanke, Maryundated
0001081Hankinson, Bessie1942
0001082Hans, ?1962
0001083Hansen, Ferdinand (Romanoff Caviar Company)1932
0001084Hansen Family1920
0001085Hanswirth, Hermann1948
0001086Hantelmann-Hasenclever, Liane1949
0001087Harada, Jiroundated
0001088Harding, Walter1943
0001089Harper, W. D. (W.D. Harper Paper)1932
00010810Harrell, Thos. (Greensboro College)1941
00010811Harringa, Ernst v. (Oviatt Galleries)1937
00010812Harris, Calvin1943
00016431Harrison, Michael1949
00010813Harrison-Irvine, Jessamine?undated, 1943-1953
00010815Harry Maring Jr. Inc.1938
00010816Hartfield, Joseph M. (White & Case) to Joseph Savoretti1945
00010817Hartmann, Paul1924-1948
00010818Harrt, Frederick (Yale University Art Gallery)1942
00010819Hartzsch, Fred E. (Office of Military Government for Germany)undated, 1948
00010820Haselhuhn, Erichundated, 1951-1962
00010821Haskell, Mrs. Sprague Foggundated
00010822Haskin, Gladys R. (Cleveland School of Art)1950
00010823Hasselberg, Jeanna1943
00010824Hastings, John D. (American Red Cross)1948
00010825Hatchards Booksellers1956, 1961
00010826Hathaway, George A.1943
00010827Haubrich, Dr. ? (Klnischer Kunstverein Cologne)1948
00010828Hauck, Fred1953
00010829Hauer, Dr. Aug.1938
00010830Haus Lerchenfeld1940
00010831Hausmann, Raoul1948
00010832Hausmann, Walter1949
00010833Havard, Elizabeth Brant (Ann Arbor Senior High School)1941
00010834-35Havemeyer, Henry O. (2 folders)undated, 1945-1953
00010836Havemeyer, Maryundated
00010837Hawkins, Frances (Museum of Modern Art)1943
00010838Hawksworth, Marjorie1946-1947
00010839Hayes, Lawrence, Jr.undated
00010840-41Hays, Mortimer (Hays, Podell & Shulman) (2 folders)1944-1945
00010842Hazard, Carolyn Riceundated
00010843Hazen, Major1946
00010844Healy, A.1946
00010845Healy, Bruce1945
00010846Heard, Ida Mae1947
00010847Heaton, Raymond Hennikerundated
00010848Heberling, Glen1945
00010849Heckeroth, Ursulaundated, 1948
00010850Heider-Hartog, Gerta to Irene Guggenheim1947
00010851Heidersberger, Heinrich1949
00010852Heilmeier, Hans1944-1949
00010853Hein, Mimi1925-1951
00010854Heine, Edmund; Heine, Peter1951
00010855Heise, Carl1949, 1952
00010856Heller, Herbert J.1947
00010857Hemke, Edith; Hemke, Paulundated, 1952
00010858Hempel, Willyundated, 1948-1950
00010859Hemm, Richard1958-1960
00010860Hendelson, William (Funk & Wagnalls)1944
00010861Henderson, Jim1956-1965
00010862Hendriks, B. (Palaestra)1948
00010863Henecka, Karl1962
00010864Hennig, Emmyundated, 1955
00010865Henington, O. P. (McGill University)1943
00010866Hennin, Camillo1925-1947
67, 32Hennin, Liesel (2 folders)1932-1955
00010868Hensel, Bruckmann & Lorbacher1938
00010869Hentzen, Dr. A. (Hamburger Kunsthalle) to Roland von Rebay1969
00010870Herbert, Jack; Herbert, Joanundated
0001091-3Herbin, Auguste (3 folders)undated, 1948-1952
0001094Herdersche Buchhandlung1963
0001095Herlihy, James F.undated
0001096Herman, Florence A.1954
0001097Hermans, James, Jr. (New York Herald Tribune)1943
0001098Herwarth, Hans v. (Henny Wyle Chocolates)undated
0001099Herzberg, Günther (Frankfurter Kunstcabinett)undated
00010910Hesketh, Edwin1966
00010911Hessen, Gisela von1947-1952
00010912Hesser, Emma1948
00010913Hesser-Klinger, Oskar1948, 1952
00010914Heuser, Frederick W. J. (Germanistic Society of America)1947
00010915Heuss, Theodor1945-1948
16, 33Heyken, Richard (2 folders)1948-1952
00016434Heyl, Friedrich1947-1948
00010917Heythum, Antonin (California Institute of Technology)1942
00010918Heywood, Rosalindundated
00010919Hicks, Edward; Hicks, Aliceundated, 1963
00010920-21Higgins, John Woodman (John Woodman Higgins Armory) (2 folders)1935-1950
00010922Higgins, W. F. (Railway Express Agency)1955
00010923Higgins, William1936-1939
00010924Hiler, Hilaire (Hiler Colllege)1949
00010925Hill, Landrey E. (Women's City Club of Detroit)1942
00010926Hills, Christopher B.undated
00010927Hindell, Lilundated, 1952-1966
00010928Hindenburg, Frau Herbert vonundated
00010929Hinkhouse, F. M. (Phoenix Art Museum)1962
00010930Hinterreiter, Hans1956
00010931Hirschberg, Ilsa1951
00010932Hobans, Agnesundated
00010933Hodge, M. C.1952
00010934Hoff, W. (W. L. Hoff Import Export)1952
00010935Hoffa, M. D.?1951
00010936Hoffmann, H. O.1950
00010937Hoffmann, Jakob1955
00010938Hoffmann, Paul G.undated
00010939Hofler, Irene1963
00010940Hofmann, Hanna1953
00010941Hofman, Ottoundated, 1950-1952
00010942Hogan, Marie-Germanine1951, 1953
00010943Hohannesian, Garabed der1943
44-45, 35Hohenberg, Marguerite (3 folders)undated, 1941-1952
00010947Holden, Arthur C. (Holden, McLaughlin, & Associates)undated, 1949-1952
00010948Holden, Haroldundated, 1947
49, 36Hollander, Eduard von (2 folders)1947-1952
00010950Hollins, Harry B.1930-1932
00010951Hollis, Karenundated
00010952Honoré, Edmond1930
00010953Hook, Mrs. George Thomasundated, 1954
00010954Hooten, Bruce D. (Archives of American Art)1965-1966
00010955Hoover, Herbert to Paul Comly1947
00010956Hoover, ?undated
00010957Hopps, Thomas D.1950
00010958Horn, Isabel1939
00010959Horn, Ruth Carlsonundated
00010960Hornung, Gertrude; Hornung, Robertundated, 1964-1965
00010961Horowitz, Charlesundated, 1946
0001101Horsey, J. William (Dominion Stores Limited)1951-1952
0001102Horsford, T. O'B. to Lord Stuart1943
0001103Horton, Douglas; Horton, Mildredundated, 1961
0001104Hoskins, Fred (General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches) to Edmund R. Strait1961
0001105Hosteins, J.1945
0001106Houck, A. Carle1956
0001107Hough, Christineundated
0001108Houghton, Dorothy D. (General Federation of Women's Clubs)1952
0001109House of the Good Shepherdundated, 1942-1944
00011010Houston, Charles S.1953
00011011Howard, Gertrudeundated
00011012Howard, Richard F.1948, 1951
00011013Hsieh, Chiang1943
00011014Huber, Emilyundated, 1951-1952
15-21, 37Huber, Karl (8 folders)undated, 1942-1969
00011022Hubert, Mrs. J.1966
00011023Hubner, Gerbert1947-1955
24, 38Hubner, Gisela (2 folders)undated, 1939-1965
00011025Hubner, Ickeundated, 1950-1963
00011026Hubner, Peterundated, 1948
00011027Hubsch, Bobyundated, 1946
00011028Hubsch, Hedwigundated, 1932-1966
00011029Hubsch, Wilhelm1947-1953
00011030Huck, Georgina1943
00011031Hudson Forwarding & Shipping Company1936-1937
00011032Hudson, Joel C. (Foreign Service of the United States of America) to Solomon R. Guggenheim1939
00011033Hudson, S. P. (H. A. & W. L. Pitkin)1954
00011034Huebner, Gerhardundated
00011035Huebsch, Robert T. (National City Bank)1950
0001111Huemer, Frances1948-1949
0001112Hueper, W. C. (Federal Security Agency) to Otto Meyer1949
0001113Hughes, Bettyundated
0001114Hughes, David G.1949
0001115Hughes, Elizabeth; Hughes, George1949-1965
0001116Hugo Kaufmann & Co's Bank1936-1939
0001117Humbert, Agnes (Musée National d'Art Moderne)1947
0001118Humphrey, Mary Churchillundated
0001119Hunoltstein, Margaretha v.1921
10-17, 39Hunt, Clinton N. (9 folders) (3 restricted)undated, 1937-1963
00011118Huntington, A. S. (American Express Company)1947
00011119Hurst, Johnundated, 1946-1960
20, 1Huth, Gertrud (2 folders)undated, 1947-1952
0001121Huttner, Gunther1948
0001122Iltis, Paul1934
0001123Ingledow, T. (Vancouver Art Gallery) to Harry F. Guggenheim1954
0001124Ingold, Marilu W.1947
0001125Institute of Mental Physics1943-1950
6, 2International Council of Museums (2 folders)1950, 1953
0001127Irwin, Donald J. (House of Representatives)1959
0001128Isenberg, Melvin W. (Pennsylvania State College)1942
0001129J. Max & Companyundated
00011210Jackson, Ward1946-1949
00011211Jackman, William (Investors League)1953-1959
00011212Jacobsen, Andreaundated, 1964-1966
00011213Jacobsen, Noel; Jacobsen, Wandaundated, 1952-1967
00011214Jacobson, Charles R.undated, 1950, 1955
00011215Jacobson, Stan1943
00011216Jacoby, Joseph F.1951
00011217Jakel, Magda1949
18, 3Jakel, Otto (2 folders)1947-1952
00011219Janetis, Hella1952
00011220Janis, Sidney (Sidney Janis Gallery)1944-1950
00011221Jannasch, Dr.1950-1952
00011222Jantzen, Mildred (School District of Philadelphia)1950
00011223Jchcic?, Walter1956
00011224Jchick, Michael1938
00011225Jeand'heur, Emil1956
00011226Jedermann, Ruth M. (Minneapolis Public Library)1944
00011227Jennings, Martin G. (M. Knoedler & Company) to Irene Guggenheim1936
00011228Jenson, Florence1944
00011229Jewell, Edward Aldenundated, 1943-1944
00011230Joesaar, Valentin1955
00011231John Fitzgerald Kennedy Libraryundated
00011232Johnson, D. Rhodes to Rudolf Bauer1940
00011233Johnson, F. (Institute of Mental Physics)1948-1950
00011234Johnson, Frank to James Johnson Sweeney (Copies)1960
00011235Johnson, H. F. (S.C. Johnson & Son)1952-1953
00011236Johnson, John B., Jr. (Milwaukee-Downer College)1956, 1960
00011237Johnson, Judith Cressy1941, 1948
00011238Johnson, Mary W. (American Artist)1952
00011239Johnson, Philip (Institute of Modern Art)1943
00011240Johnson, S. H.undated
00011241Johnston, Paul (Harrison Color Process)1951-1952
00011242Jones, Bob, Jr. (Bob Jones University)1962
00011243Jones, Fridaundated, 1932
00011244Jones, Hunter1947
00011245Jonson, Raymond (Transcendental Painting Group)1940, 1950
00011246Jordan, E. H.1943
00011247Jordan, Juliana (Florida Southern College)undated, 1955-1962
00011248Josten, Eileen1949
00011249Josten, Wernerundated, 1944-1960
00011250Julich, Lotteundated, 1950-1952
00011251Jung, Berta1929
00011252Jung, Friedrich Hermann1952
00011253Kabiella, Harry1948
00011254Kabisch, Margarete Heleneundated, 1963-1965
00011255Kajahn, F. Elisebeth1948
00011256Kaltenborn, Hans v.undated
00011257Kamrowski, Gerome1942-1949
00011258-60Kandinsky, Nina (3 folders)1945-1949
0001131-19Kandinsky, Wassily (19 folders)undated, 1929-1947
00011320Kanicky v. Czachrow, Leopold1948
00011321Kaniuk, Moshe (Museum Tel Aviv)1950
00011322Kppele, Peter1948, 1961
00011323Karger, Gertrud von1949
00011324Karlen-Wanner, Nellie1948
00011325Karmuth, A. J. (United States Immigration and Naturalization) to Vera Keenan1947
00011326Karp, Benjamin (New Jersey State Teachers College)1941
00011327Karshner, Elizabeth, J. (University of Southern California)1950
0001654Karweik, E. A.1949
00011328Karzke, Franziska1949
00011329Kasak, Nikolay1951
00011330Kasemsuwan, Prasert; Kasemsuwan, Vichianundated
00011331Kast, Fritz1954, 1957
00011332Katzoff, Samuel1943
00011333Kauffmann, Johannes1960-1961
00011334Kaufmann, C. Ernst1947
00011335Kaufman, Charlotteundated
00011336Kayal, F. H.undated
37-39, 5Keenan, Vera (4 folders)undated, 1946-1957
00011340Keller, Dieter1949
00011341Keller, Helen1949-1956
0001141-3Kelly, Ellsworth (3 folders)1950-1954
0001144Kelly, Helen (House & Garden)1945
0001145Kendrick, Frank R. to James Johnson Sweeneyundated
0001146Kenison, Evaundated
0001147Kenny, L. E. (Sears, Roebuck and Company)1954
0001148Kepes, Gyorgy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)1951
0001149Kerfoot, Margaret (Carleton College)1943
10-11, 6Kerns, Maude I. (University of Oregon) (3 folders)undated, 1941-1964
00011412Kerns, Maude S.1943-1957
00011413Kerp-Killian, Anna Gustel1949-1950
00011414-15Kerp-Killian, Hans (2 folders)undated, 1948-1949
00011416Ketterer, Roman Norbert (Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett)1950, 1952
00011417Kiesl, Cara Ilsabe1950-1951
00011418Kiesler, Frederick J.1933
00011419Killian, ?undated, 1949
00011420Killian, Hans1933, 1950, 1959
00011421Killian, Helene Emma Emilie1913-1956
00011422Kimura, Akiraundated
00011423Kingore Galleriesundated
00011424Kinzinger, Edmund1957-1958
00011425Kipnis, Leonid (Leonid Kipnis Gallery)1953
00011426Kippenberg, Hans (Karl Hardach Travel Service)1956
00011427Kirby, Harriet (Vivisection Investigation League)1961
00011428Kirkland, Alexander (Gallery 14)undated, 1962-1963
00011429Kirkpatrick, Agnesundated
00011430Kirsten, Bonnie1962
00011431Kischling, Dr. to Kurt Friedrich Ertel1947
00011432Kiss, Rodolpheundated
00011433Kitchell, Alma (American Broadcasting Company)1946
00011434Klee, Felix1949
00011435Klee, Paul1930
00011436Klein, Medard to Nancy Groseclose1949
00011437Klein, Woldemarundated, 1948
00011438Klekottka, Ursula1952
00011439Kleykamp, Pierreundated, 1952
00011440Kliese, Walterundated, 1944-1950
00011441Klinge, Ilse1947
00011442Klinger, Emma1948-1957
43, 7Klipstein, Aug. (2 folders)1938-1945
00011444-45Kloster, Paula R. (Arizona State College) (2 folders)1950-1959
00011446Kluffel, Hildeundated, 1932-1933
00011447Klug, Ulrich1948
00011448Klyne, Maurice Geoundated
00011449Knausenberger, Wulfundated, 1966
00011450Knickerbocker, Chollyundated, 1956
00011451Knopf, J. H. (Oversea Gift Parcel Service)1945-1946
00011452Knox, Gordon (Princeton Film Center)1953
0001151-5Koch, Carl (5 folders)undated, 1950-1967
0001156-10Koch, Mimi Killian (5 folders)undated, 1905-1913, 1930-1959
00011511Koesters, Gustavundated
00011512Kohl, Dorothy (Philadelphia Art Alliance)1937
00011513Kohl, Harry von1949-1964
00011514Khler, Maria1951
00011515Kokoschka, ?undated
00011516Kolb, Fritz1949
00011517Kollin, Sachaundated
00011518Kolmakoff, N. v.1913
00011519Konig, Annelise1959
20, 8Konig, Günther (2 folders)1949-1950
00011521Koning, John C. de (Maico Company)1949
00011522-23Konnerth, Hermann (2 folders)1948-1953
24, 9Konnerth, Lotte (2 folders)1932-1949
00011525Kontrollamt Freiburg1936
00011526Koppelman, Hyman1942-1945
27, 10Korner, Ria (2 folders)undated, 1935-1949
28-29, 11Korostovetz, Vladimir de (3 folders)undated, 1950-1954
00011530Kosice, Gyula (Arte Madi)undated, 1950-1954
0001161-2Koskas, Georges (2 folders)undated, 1951-1962
0001163Kosnickloss, Jeanne Freundlich1951
0001164Kotchovbey, Olgaundated, 1943-1949
0001165Kothen, Peter von; Kothen, Tiny von1947-1965
0001166Kovats, Georg1950-1952
0001167Krafft, Else1932
0001168Krasinckieso, Cyrill v.1954
0001169Kraus, H. Felix1942
00011610Krayd, Fremas (Krayd Galeria de Arte)1954
00011611Krebs, Herman E.1950
00011612Kreider, Stanton, L.1950
00011613Krieger, Ursala v. Eicken1951
00011614Kress, Bernhard J. (McGraw-Phillips)1955
00011615Krohn, Audhild1956-1964
00011616Krüger, D.1931
00011617Kruger, K.1964
00011618Kruglak, Edward T.1947-1949
00011619Kubert, Chanel1943-1952
00011620Kuester, Elise1946
00011621Kuhk, R.1949
00011622Kuhn, Charles L. (Harvard University)1948-1950
00011623Kuhn, Marylou (Northern Indian Artists)1950
00011624Kuhnle, L.1947, 1949
00011625Kuhnlenz, F. W.1947-1948
00011626Kunsthalle Dusseldorf1950
00011627Kunst Kabinett Klihm1955
00011628Kunz, J. L.1948
00011629Kusenberg, Kurt1951
00011630L., Elizabeth1943
00011631L., Metzner1927
00011632Laban, Juana de?undated
00011633Lachenmayr, Lotte1948-1949
34, 12Lachmann, Erich (2 folders)1954
00011635Lader?, Franziska1947
00011636Ladstetter, Günther to Roland von Rebay (includes photograph of a Hilla Rebay painting)1969
00011637La Grange, Jacques (Art Alliance of Altoona)1952
00011638Lake, Mary (Fort Worth Art Association)1945
00011639La Mar, Grace1950
00011640Lamb, T. V.undated
00011641Lamprecht, Gisela1946
00011642Lancaster, J. R.1941
00011643Landerer, A. (Landerer Import & Export)1952-1953
44, 13Landon, Edward (2 folders)1941-1943
00011645Lane, Charles J.1942
00011646Lane, Eliseundated
00011647Lang, Friedel1934
00011648Lang, Lillian Keller (New York Times)1935
00011649Lange, Hendrik J. de1940
00011650Lange, Lawrence J.1944
00011651Lange, Ruth W.1952
00016514Langhardt, Emilundated
00011652Langmaid, Rowland1950
00011653Langweld, Wolfgang1952
00011654Lankheit, Klaus (Universitat Heidelberg)1952, 1964
00011655Lansford, Alonzo, M.undated, 1942-1952
00011656Lantz, Joyceundated
00011657La Pierre, Robert (Institute of Mental Physics)1945
00011658Laporte, Rene (Editions du Sagittaire)1950
00011659Larimer, Louise1953-1954
00011660Larkin, Katherineundated, 1935
00011661Larkin, Thomas III (Who's Who in the East)1941
00011662Lassaw, Ibram1948
00011663Lauck, Anthony1950
00011664Lauenstein, Johann-Dieter1948
00011665Lauts, Jan1949, 1969
00011666Lawrence, Ruth (Colonial Families of America) to Mrs. Adrian H. Larkin1927
00011667Lay, Clemewell (Emma Willard School)1953-1960
00011668Layton, W. T. (Thos. Cook & Son)1956
00011669Leche, Alain deundated
00011670Lederer, Gabrielleundated, 1947-1948
00011671Lee, Byong S.undated
00011672Lee, Sherman E. (Cleveland Museum of Art)1960, 1962
00011673Lees, Dan; Lees, Leilaundated
00011674Lefebvre-Foinet, Mauren (restricted)1948
00011675-76Leger, Fernand (2 folders)undated, 1930-1949
0001171Legueltel, Robertundated
0001172Lehmbruck, Wilhelmundated
0001173Lehner, Frederick (West Virginia State College)1941
4, 15Lehnert, Karl (2 folders)1950-1955
0001175Leicester Galleriesundated
6-7, 16Leichtenstern, Anna von Eicken (3 folders)undated, 1933-1941
0001178Leichtenstern, Endrux Ella?undated
0001179Leichtenstern, Katheundated
00011710-12Leichtenstern, Rudolf (3 folders)undated, 1932-1965
00011713Leiser?, Sylvia1956
00011714Leite, George (Circle)1945
00011715Leksell, Ingeborg1957
00011716Lemaitre, Georges (Stanford University)1942
00011717Lemon, Mrs. H. E.undated
00011718Lempereur, M. (Salon des Réalités Nouvelles)1952
00011719Lengerecke, A. v. to Franz Hugo von Rebay1932
00011720Lengl, Georg1950
00011721Leon, F.undated
00011722Leonard, H. J.1938
00011723Leonard, Nellie-Mae (Benton & Bowles)1952
00011724-25Leonhardt, Kurt (2 folders)undated, 1949-1950
00011726Leppien, Jean1949-1951
00011727Lerch, Lila (Wyomissing Institute of Fine Arts)1941
00011729Lesly, F. to Clarence C. Franklin1951
00011730Lesser, Gloria C.undated
00011731Lettery, Louise1932-1956
00011732Letree, Gisaundated
00011733Lettre, Amelia1947
00011734Leuthner, Alfons1955
00016517Leuwer, Franz (Buch und Kunsthandlung)1939
00011735Levedag, Fritz1949-1951
00011736Leveille, Andre (UNESCO)1950
00011737Levetzow, Sophie von1905, 1940
00011738Levy, Albert (Librairie Centrale des Beaux Arts)1950
00011739Levy, Daniel A.1946
00011740Levy, Florence N.1939
00011741Levy, Julien (Julien Levy Gallery)1938
00011742-43Levy, Louis S. (Stanchfield & Levy) (2 folders)undated, 1938-1952
00011744Lewin, Lucie1952
00011745Lewis, Amelia D. (New York City League of Women Voters)1942
00011746Lewis, Elizabeth N. (Elizabeth Arden)undated
00011747Lewis, Elizabeth S. (Friends Institute)1961
00011748Lewis, Joseph W., Jr.1952
00011749Lewis, Louiseundated, 1942
00011750Lewis, Tomundated
51, 18Leyden, Ernst van; Leyden, Karin van (2 folders)1948-1964
00011752Lhote, Andre (International Association of Plastic Arts) to Harry F. Guggenheim1956
00011753Lieberman, Renee (Neo Dadaist Art and Literary Group)undated
00011754Liebman, Alice A.undated
00011755Liefeld, Marion1949
00011756Liertz, Cato1948-1967
00011757Liessen, Maria1947-1948
00011758Liessem, Josefin1948
00011759Lietz, Gisela1949
00011760Liliencron, Ann? v.1947
0001181Linden Cake1957
0001182Lindenau, Christiane vonundated, 1948-1961
3-10, 19Lindner-Wiek, Hanne; Lindner-Wiek, Friedrich; Lindner-Wiek, Johanna (9 folders)undated, 1913-1968
00011811Lindon, Mary Anita1959
00011812-13Lindsay, Kenneth (Harpur College) (2 folders)undated, 1956-1958
00011814Lindt, Dorisundated, 1947
00011815Lindt, Theodora L.1947-1949
00011816-17Lingen, Adelheid v. (2 folders)undated, 1947-1967
00011818Lion, Stephanundated, 1940
00011819Liper, Thiebault1929
00011820Lipp, Carl1935-1936
00011821Lisa, T. G. (Universal Trans Continental Corporation)1949
00011822Lisso, Adriana (Spazio)1952
00011823Liston, Ilo? C. (Western Association of Art Museum Directors)1941
00011824Lit Tout to Rudolf Bauer1937
00011825Little Sisters of the Poor1955
00011826Littlefield, Lester (UNESCO)1948-1949
00011827Lobraico, Ida1941
00011828Lockett, S. Hobart (Guaranty Trust Company of New York)undated
00011829Lodge, John (Governor of Connecticut)undated, 1952
00011830Loeb, G. M. (E. F. Hutton & Company)1945
00011831Loeb, Pierreundated
00011832Loeffler, Gisellaundated
00011833Loeser, Charlesundated
00011834Long, Bettyundated, 1962
00011835Long, Walter K. (Cayuga Museum of History and Art) to Evelyn Simpson1941
00011836Longo, D. T. to William P. MacCracken Jr.1949-1954
00011837Lonngren, Lillianundated
00011838Loomis, Frederic B., Jr.1952-1954
00011839Lord, Ellen A. (Damascus High School)1941
00011840Lorenz, Mrs. John L.undated, 1963
00011841Losada, Jorge A.1943
00011842Lotz, Wolfgang (Zentralinstitut for Kunstaeschichte)1948
00011843Lougee, Arthur Townsend1936
00011844Lovenbruck, Margueriteundated
00011845Lovett, Cara1942-1943
0001191Lowe, Eileen1956
0001192Lowe, Paul1950-1951
0001193Lowekamp, Julian A. (Woods Interiors)1939-1940
0001195Lowrey, Joanne1944
0001196Lubin, Alma1946
0001197Luce, Clare Boothe (House of Representatives)1946
0001198Luce, Ivy1952-1954
0001199Lucks, Helen1950
00011910Ludeke, Henryundated, 1938-1951
00011911Ludwig, Hildaundated
00011912Luisi, Gerard1951
00011913Lukash?, Peter1962
00011914Lund, Jan-Erikundated
00011915Lund, Lillian M.1947
00011916Luneau, O. J.undated
00011917Luther, Hans1933-1951
00011918Lüttwitz, Lidy von1949-1951
00011919Lutz, Ottoundated
00011920Lydenburg, H. M. (New York Public Library) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00011921Lynch, Patsyundated
00011922Lyon, Margaretundated
00011923Lyons, Sondra1948
00011924MacAgy, Jermayne (California Palace of the Legion of Honor)1945
00011925MacCarthy, Grace1949
00011926MacCracken, Francine Whittenundated
00011927-30MacCracken, William P., Jr. (MacCracken & O'Rourke) (4 folders)undated, 1939-1965
00011931MacDonald, Maryundated
00011932MacDonald, J. Carlisleundated
00011933Mace, Berndtundated
00011934Macedonio, Josephine1942
00011935MacGregor, Andrew Jacksonundated
00011936Machado, Lourival Gomes (Museu de Art Moerna, Sao Paulo)1949-1950
00011937Mackenzie, H. Lincoln (First Congregational Church)undated, 1946-1957
00011938MacWhorter, Irene N. (Bridgeport Public Library)1953
00011940Madden, Richard J.undated
00011941Madenfort, Duke (Henry Houck High School)1950
00011942Magida, Abram S. (Yeshiva College)1945
00011943Magill, Peter (College Art Association)1952-1955
00011944Mahl, Alan R. (Mid Fairfield County Youth Museum)1962-1963
00011945Mahlum, Ralph R.1951
00011946Maier, Eleanor1949
00011947Maier, Karl1958-1960
48, 20Maillol, Gaspard (2 folders)1930
00011949Main, Walter H. (Union Star)1941
00011950-51Majthenyi, Ernone? (2 folders)undated, 1951-1967
00011952Malcolm, Allenundated, 1953
00011953Malcolm, Patty1953
00011954Malderen, Paul van (Missionhurst)1967
00011955Mallery, Martuzzaundated, 1913
00011956Mallo, Marujaundated, 1948
00011957Mandel, A.1938
00011958Manfredi, L. F.1941
00011959Manion, Esther Ann. (National Geographic Society) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00011960Manisco, Lucio1949-1950
00011961Mann, Mary Elizabeth1948
00011962Mannen, Paul W. (New Mexico College)1950
00011963Manno, Celeste1925
00011964Manship, Paul (Art Committee of National Council of American-Soviet Friendship)1944
0001201Mansueto, Nancy1949-1951
0001202Mantell, Ann1943
0001203Manzi, Kateundated
0001204Marafino, C. Anthonyundated
0001205Marble, Harrietundated
0001206Marc, Franz1950-1952
0001207-8Marc, Maria (2 folders)undated, 1948-1951
0001209Mare, Jeanne deundated, 1949, 1965
00012010Mare, Marie deundated, 1953-1955
00012011Margules, De Hirschundated, 1952
00012012Mariacher, Josef1951
00012013Mark, Julius1949, 1977
00012014Markoff, Lucille1937
00012015Markov?, Hedviga?1953
00012016Marqueardsen, Carl?1952
00012017-19Marquette, Jacques de (3 folders)undated, 1943-1955
00012020Marquette, Phillis de1951-1952, 1964
00012021Marrapese, Albert A.1952
00012022Marriner, Kenneth; Marriner, Maryundated
00012023Marsillia, Vincent L.1943
00012024Martin, Ann Ruth1947-1948, 1966
00012025Martin, Annis1951
00012026Martin, Armand; Martin, Kathleenundated, 1965
00012027Martin, Avril1956-1957
00012028Martin, Constance1956, 1958
00012029Martin, F. A. Ernstundated, 1947-1967
00012030Martin, Gerhard1947
00012031Martin, Hildegard1941-1951
00012032-35Martin, Kurt (4 folders)undated, 1940-1966
00012036Martin, Mariaundated, 1948
00012037Martin, Mercedes to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
38, 21Martin, Walter (2 folders)undated, 1932-1951
00012039Martin, Weraundated, 1944-1950
00012040Martinez Pedro, Gertrudundated, 1953-1954
00012041Martini, Tilde?1947
00012042Martinoff, Serge B.undated, 1947
00012043Marvin, Al1948
00012044Mary Immaculate School1949
00012045Masland, Mary Elizabeth (Gardner School)1946-1947
00012046Mason, A. Hamiltonundated
00012047-49Mason, Alice Trumbull (3 folders)1947-1952
00012050Mason, Lucile1942-1943
0001211Massat, Rene1950
0001212Masselink, Eugeneundated
0001213Mates, R.undated, 1951
0001214Matisse, Pierre (Pierre Matisse Gallery)1941-1945
5-6, 22Mattern, Alice Louise (3 folders)undated, 1943-1947
0001217Matthias, Elaine1950
8, 23Matthies, Mathias (2 folders)1948-1950
0001219Maurstad, Betty (University of Minnesota)1950
00012110Mayer, Edward N., Jr.1955
00012111Mayer, Marion H.1940-1941
00012112Mazurie, H. L.1956-1957
00012113McCampbell, Mary (includes a photograph of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting's permanent collection: exhibition view, 1952)undated, 1950-1960
00012114McCandless, Roberta T.undated
00012115McClelland, E. E.1946-1947
00012116McClelland, Lee1946
00012117McCloy, John J. (United States High Commissioner for Germany) to William P. MacCracken Jr.1950-1951
00012118McClusky, G. N.1948
00012119McConnnell, Josephineundated, 1949
00012120McConnell, Mary E. (University of Rochester)undated
00012121McCormick, John H. (Headquarters United States Air Forces in Europe) to Leigh Gerdine1946
00012122McDermott, W. T. (American Express Company)1948
00012123McEachen, Marian D.1943-1945
00012124McGill, Minnie1952
00012125McKeever, Mrs.1936
00012126McKnight, Anna Caulfieldundated
00012127McLain, Charles Albert (Metropolitan Opera House)undated
00012128-29McLaren, Norman (2 folders)undated, 1941-1944
00012130McLaughlin, Mary E. to Irene Guggenheim1950
00012131McLaughlin, Roseundated
00012132McMahon, Audrey (College Art Association)1938
00012133McMahon, Brien (United States Senate)1948-1949
00012134McMahon, Dennis J. (United States Treasury Department)1950-1951
00012135McMahon, Rosemary1942-1943
00012136-37McNab, Allan (2 folders)undated, 1952-1960
00012138McNally, John to Frank Lloyd Wright1948
00012139McNeil, N.1950
00012140McWilliams, Saraundated
00012141Meeks, Everett Victor (Yale University)1941
00012142Meert, Josephundated
43-44, 24Meier-Dennighoff, Brigitte (3 folders)1947-1950
00012145Meier, Norman C. (State University of Iowa)1941
00012146Meiningen, Wera1953-1954
00012147Meissen-Stowe, Matja v.1938
00012148Meister, Wanda1942
00012149Mellin, Hubert1948-1949
00012150Mendelsohn, Erich1920
00012151Mendelsohn, Louiseundated, 1955, 1957
00012152Mengel, Jack O. (Continental Travels)1953
53-55, 25Menken, Marie C. (4 folders)undated, 1939-1945
00012156Mennis, Audrey1952
00016526Mentzel, Wolfgang1949-1953
00012157Merington, Marguerite1943
00012158Merov, Jean (Chanth)1937-1939
00012159Merriam, Harold1952
00012160Merril, Janeundated
0001221Messer, Thomas M.undated, 1967
0001222Metal, Martin1947
0001223Metzger, Samuel to Clinton N. Hunt1951
0001224Meyer, Alvin F. (Federal Correctional Institution)1943
0001225Meyer, Charlotte1952
0001226Meyer, Ernst W.1936, 1946
0001227Meyer, Klaus1948
0001228-9Meyer, Otto (2 folders)undated, 1942-1950
00012210Meyerson, Morris (State of New York Department of Taxation and Finance) to Maresia Rebayundated
00012211Michael, William (Patty Publishing Company)undated
00012212Michelsen, Elaine S.1946-1947
00012213Michigan State College1955
00012214Micksch, Carl1964-1967
00012215Milkman, Jerome1935
00012216Miller, E. J. (Trans World Airlines)1951
00012217Miller, Frances L.1943
00012218Miller, F. P. to Clare Boothe-Luce1946
00012219Miller, Harold1940
00012220Miller, Margaret (Museum of Modern Art)1945
00012221-22Milligan, Gladys (2 folders)1941-1950
00012223Millikan, Clarke B. (California Institute of Technology) to Harry F. Guggenheim1950
00012224-25Milliken, William M. (Cleveland Museum of Art) (2 folders)undated, 1946-1956, 1978
00012226Millonzi, Victorundated, 1943-1944
00012227Millsaps, Daniel W., Jr. (Artists Equity Association)1946-1949
00012228Milstead, William1943-1945
00012229Milwaukee Art Instituteundated, 1954
00012230Miner, Dorothy (Walters Art Gallery)undated
00012231Miner, Jack (Migratory Bird Foundation)1957-1965
00012232Minifie, Mrs. Benjaminundated
00012233Minor, Hope Browneundated, 1939
00012234Mirow, Anke1947-1963
00012235-38Mirow, Betzi Greiff (4 folders)undated, 1946-1967
00012239Mirow, Hansundated, 1946-1962
00012240Mirow, Hans-Peterundated, 1946-1960
00012241Missingham, Hal (Sydney National Gallery of Art)1953
00012242Mitchell, Edith L. (State of Delaware Department of Public Instruction)1944
00012243Mitchell, Wallace (Cranbrook Academy of Art)1948
00012244Mitropoulos, Dimitri (Philharmonic Symphony Society of New York)1955
00012245Mitze, Rosaundated, 1948
00012246Moe, Henry Allen (John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation)1944-1953
00012247Mogens, Francesundated
00012248-49Moholy-Nagy, László (2 folders)undated, 1930-1946
00012250-51Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl (2 folders)1944-1951
00012252Moir, Catherine M. W. (Victoria and Albert Museum)1950
00012254Molzahn?, Loretto1946
00012255Monahan, Joe; Monahan, Marieundated
00012256Monckeberg, Frida1948-1953
00012257-58Mondrian, Piet (2 folders)undated, 1930-1941
00012259Monsen, M. F. to Ruth C. Pusey1951
00012260Montague, Joseph Franklin1940
00012261Montenz, Joseph to Gabrielle von Rebay?1965
00012262Monteraca, R. Wendel Del1927
00012263Montgomery, Oliveundated
00012264Montlack, Edith (Biosophical Institute)1938
00012265Montmagner, ? deundated
00012266Montooth, Charles; Montooth, Minerva1952
00012267Moore, Arthur P. (Adelphi College)1942
00012268Morang, Dorothy1944
0001231Morano, Albert P. (House of Representatives)1956-1957
0001232Morelli, Dario Mario1948
0001233Morita, M.1955-1956
0001234Morley, Grace L. McCann (San Francisco Museum of Art) to Robert N. S. Whitelawundated, 1936
0001235Morley, Rose1936-1937
0001236Morris, Lawrence S. (United States Department of State)1947
0001237-8Morris, Marie C. (2 folders)undated, 1946-1957
0001239Morrison, Marilyn to Walter Hyams & Company1947
00012310Moser, Werner M.1953
00012311Moses, George H.1943
00012312-13Moses, Lucy; Moses, Henry (2 folders)undated, 1929-1959
00012314Moses, Robert1948-1962
00012315Mousees?, Henry1941
00012316Mudge, Helen1947
17-28, 27Mueller-Kraus, Erich (13 folders)undated, 1949-1957
00012329Mulholland, Olivia1957
00012330-31Muller, Ehrhardt (2 folders)1912-1951
00012332Muller, Ernst1952
00012333Muller, Eugen1937-1966
00012334Muller, Hedwig1938
00012335Muller-Jensen, Ilse1949
00012336Mullerklein, B. to Otto Weitz1951
00012337Mulligan, Francis J. (Office of the Public Administrator, New York): Karl Nierendorfundated, 1948-1952
00012338Mullin, Margaret1945
00012339Mumm, Joan? v.1951
00012340Munakata, H. (Kokusai Koeki Company)1950, 1960
00012341Munchen der Oberfinanzprasident to Franz Hugo von Rebay1937
00012342Müncke, O.1908
00012343Mundt, Alice (Worcester Art Museum) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00012344Munro, Cynthiaundated, 1953
00012345Munro, Donald Jacquesundated, 1962-1965
00012346Munro, Eleanor C. (American Federation of Arts)undated, 1960
00012347Munro, Lucileundated, 1957-1963
48-50, 1Munro, Thomas (Cleveland Museum of Art) (4 folders)undated, 1952-1961
0001242Munro, Thomas; Munro, Cynthia; Munro, Ellieundated
0001243Munsing, Stefan P. (Office of Land Commissioner for Bavaria)1950
0001244-6Münter, Gabriele (3 folders)undated, 1957-1962
0001247Munves, James (New Yorker)1947
0001248Murphy, Connie1952-1956
0001249Murphy, Edwins1956
00012410-11Murphy, Eugene (2 folders)undated, 1947-1949
00012412Murphy, J. C.1953-1956
00012413Murphy, James1945
00012414Murphy, May (Starr King Farm)undated, 1948
00012415Murray, Anne R.1946
00012416Murtagh, Rena W. (Omaha Society of Liberal Arts) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00012417-18Muschenheim, William (2 folders)1938-1964
00012419-21Muschwitz, Charlotte (3 folders)undated, 1951-1952
00012422Museum of Contemporary Craftsundated
00012423Muss?, Inge1949
00012424Mutter, A.1934
00012425Myer, John Walden (Museums Council of New York City)1950
00012426Mzuaga?, Emilieundated
00012427Naess, Elsaundated, 1946-1948
00012428Nagel, Charles (Brooklyn Museum)1953
00012429Nakata, Toshiko1955
00012430Nalewajk, Walter1952
00016528Nash, Edward C.1953
00012431Nastasia, James E.undated, 1952
00012432National Academy of Design1950
00012433National Magazine Companyundated
00012434Neaderland, Ralph1946
00012435Neagor, Peterundated
36, 29Nebel, Hilda (2 folders)1938-1950
11, 37-45, 1-8, 30-31Nebel, Otto (20 folders)undated, 1920-1956, 1968
00012510Neitzel, L. H.1917-1918
00012511Nelson, Hildegardundated, 1943-1944
00012512Nelson, Martha B. (Troy Woman's Club)1952
00012513Nelson, O. E. (Fine Photography)1957
00012514Nemeth, Tedundated
00012515Neppert-Boehland, Maria1950
00012516Neugass, Fritz: Paul Cézanne1954, 1962
00012517Neukirch?, Toni1953
00012518Neumann, J. B. (New Art Circle)undated, 1950-1951
00012519Nevas, Alan H. (Nevas, Nevas, and Robinson)1956-1957
00012520-21Newlin, A. C. (White & Case) (2 folders) (restricted)1941-1967
00012522Newman, Thomas G. to Clinton N. Hunt1953-1954
00012523Newton, Francis J. (Portland Art Association) to Francis P. Schiaroli1965
00012524New York Infirmary for Women and Children: Robert De Niro1943
00012525New York Museums Committee: UNESCO1952
00012526Ney, Lisa1951
00012527-28Ney, Lloyd R. (2 folders)1941-1954
00012529Nicely, Lois1957
00012530Nichols, Alice W. (Ball State Teachers College)1949
00012531Nichols, Bernice S. (Stepney Camp)1958
00012532Nicolls, Henry (United States Department of Justice)undated
00012533Nicolodi, Rudolf1956
00012534Niedersachsische Landesgalerie1962
00012535Nierendorf, Agnes1947-1948
36-38, 32Nierendorf, Karl (4 folders)undated, 1939-1947
00012539Nierendorf, Lorenz; Nierendorf, Mets1948
00012540Niklas, Maria; Niklas, Werner1947-1950
00012541Noack, Lining1945
00012542Noeller, Christian1955
00012543Noguchi, Isamu1944
00012544Norden, Langdon van (Metropolitan Opera Guild)1966
00016533Nordkunst K. G.1949
00012545Norkus, Gisela1948-1965
00012546Norman, Mariaundated, 1951-1952
00012547Norris, Ben (University of Hawaii)1950
00012548Northcott, F.1954
00012549Nostik, Helen1933
00012550Nostik, Herbert v. to Solomon R. Guggenheimundated
0001261-2Notari, Fred J. (Notari & Dunaway) (2 folders)1943-1954
0001263Nothstein, Paul L. (Kroch's Bookstores)1948
0001264Noyes, Jean R. (Art Students League of New York)1948
0001265Nubar, Y.1937
0001266Nyboe, H. de F. (Sheraton Plaza, Boston)1956
0001267Nygaard, Lisbeth Andersen1951-1952
0001268Nyhoff, Hedi S.1962
0001269Oberweg, Jurgen1955
00012610O'Connor, John, Jr. (Carnegie Institute)1946
00012611O'Connor, Sheila1954
00012612Odegaard, Charles E. (American Council of Learned Societies)undated
00012613O'Donnell, Louise H.1941
00012614Oeri, Georgine to James Johnson Sweeney1954
00012615O'Grady, Peggy (American Women's Voluntary Services)1948
00012616O'Hara, Shirley P. to Mr. and Mrs. Solomon R. Guggenheim1941
00012617Ohlert, Hilde1950
00012618O'Keefe, Arthur1939-1951
00012619Olbert, Margarete1947
00012620Oleg, Martha1949
00012621Olga?, ?1957
00012622Olkinetzky, Samuel (Oklahoma Institute of Technology)1951-1952
00012623Olmes, Hugh H. (School District of the Borough of Westchester)1945
00012624Olmsted, Anna W. (Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts)1953
00012625-26Olson, George (Florida Southern College) (2 folders)undated, 1953-1965
00012627Olympiadens Ryttartavlingar1955
00012628Oncken, Carl G. to Robert Berger1951
00012629O'Neil, Laetitia R. (American Express Company) to Vera Keenan1947
00012630-31O'Neill, Cecilia (2 folders)undated, 1943-1947
00012632Opfermann, W. (German Consulate General)1951
00012633Oppenheimer & Companyundated
00012634Opik, Eldriundated
00012635Orrefors Galleries1943
00012636Orth, Alexander S.1946
00012637Osgood, P. R. (Institute of Mental Physics)1945-1946
00012638Osmann, Vera M. (Long Beach Public Library)1948
00012639Ostermayer, Ludwig1947-1948
00012640Ostertag, Ferdinand1948
00012641-42Ostmann, Magda v. (2 folders)undated, 1932-1956
00012644O'Toole, James St. L.1941
00012645Ouroussow, S.1929
00012646Overweg, Jueren W.1954
00012647Ovitz, Delia G. (State of Wisconsin Teachers College)1942
00012648Paasche, Hans1918
00012649Pabst, Heinz1937, 1944
00012650Pace, Frank, Jr. (Department of the Army) to William P. MacCracken Jr.undated
00012651Paepcke, Ilse von1947-1951
00012652-53Paepcke, Heinrich von (2 folders)1947-1952
00012654Paepcke, Kordula vonundated, 1947-1948
00012655Page, Margaret E. (Emma Willard School)undated, 1952-1954
00012656Pallavicini, Charles; Pallavicini, Veraundated, 1951-1955
00012657Pallucchini, Rodolfo (Biennale di Venezia)1949
00012658Pan American World Airways (includes photographs of new airport)undated, 1956
00012659Papenberg, Ilse1947
00012660Paquette, Mrs. John1932
00012661Parham, Marion C. (North Carolina College)1952
00012662Parr, A. E. (American Museum of Natural History)1950
00012663Parr, Ella1950
00012664-65Partridge, Roi (Mills College) (2 folders)1937-1943
00012666Parzinger, Tommi1939, 1945
00012667Paschen?, Emma1931
00012668Passarge, Walter1946-1951
00016534Patas, Meta1960
00012669-70Patecky, Albert (2 folders)1949-1956
00012671Pater, Alan F.1941
00012672Patman, Wright (House of Representatives)1962
00012673Patterson, Alma Andersonundated
00012674Pattison, Frederick Woodworth (Trinity College)1950
00012675Patton, Barbara1947
0001271Patton, Jolanda Apreeundated
0001272Paul, T. S. (Teachers College, Bathurst)1953
0001273Pauli, Helene1949
0001274Paullin, Ethel Parsons (National Society of Mural Painters)1950
0001275Pavlow, Olga1955
0001276Payne, F. C. (Chicago Surface Lines)1942
7, 35Payro, Julio E. (2 folders)undated, 1949-1954
0001278Peck, Agnetta F.; Peck, Thomasundated, 1955-1958
0001279Pell, Howland; Pell, Madeleineundated, 1952, 1965
00012710-12Pereira, Irene Rice (3 folders)1940-1962
00012713Perilli, Achilleundated
00012714Perrine, Van1941
00012715Perrins, Gabrielle J.1948
00012716Perry, Stanley H. (Aurora College)1941
00012717Peter, F. to Hans Syz1946
00012718Peter, W. L. (Bankers Trust Company)1951
00012719Petermann, Elisabeth1939
00012720Petermann, E. (Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) to Roland von Rebay1969
00012721Petermann, Lotte von Eicken1947-1960
00012722Peters, Thomas M. (New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Society)1954
00012723Peters, William Wesley (Aldebaran Farm)undated
00012724Petersen, Ingeundated
00012725Petersen, Elsie to Albert E. Thiele1939
00012726Petit, Andre1931
00012727Pettengill, Samuel G.undated
00012728Pevsner, Antoine1948-1951
00012729Pevsner, Virginie1952
00012730Peyster, Ella deundated
00012731Pfannschmidt, Gebhardt1950
00012732Pfender, Strumpfhaus H.1957
00012733Phelps, Warren1943
00012734Philippart, L. (Institute Provincial de l'Education et des Loisirs)1952
00012735Pickett, Grace1957
00012736Pickwick Arms Hotel1927
00012737Pierre Berès1952
00012738Pierrel, R.1946
00012739Pile, Dennis F.1952
00012740Pini Photo Kino Optik to Franz Hugo von Rebay1954
00012741Pinto, Edith H.undated, 1953-1954
00012742-43Piper, Raymond F. (Syracuse University) (2 folders)undated, 1942-1961
00012744Pischinger, Mariaundated, 1932-1955
00012745Pischer?, Ella R. F.undated
00012746Planners Institute1936
00012747Plaquevent, Paul Ambroise (Galerie Paul Ambroise)1955
00012748Plaut, James S. (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston)undated, 1948-1952
00012749Plaut, Walter (Plaut Travel)1951
00012750Plessen, Francesundated, 1955-1960
00012751Plessen, Leopoldundated, 1955
00012752Pleur?, Mogens1956
00012753Plum, Maria to Franz Hugo von Rebay1935-1936
00012754Pochapin, M. M. (Art Appreciation Movement)1942, 1948
00012755Poeller, Ann (Society of the Four Arts)1940
00012756Poggio, Inez (Museum of Modern Art)1952
00012757Pohl, Lavera (Milwaukee Art Institute)1954
58, 36Pohl, Oswald (2 folders)1951-1955
00012759Pollet, Elizabethundated
00012760-61Pollock, Jackson (2 folders)1943
00012762Pommier, Charles; Pommier, Vivienneundated
00012763Pontzen, Herbertundated
00012764Popp, Ludwig1950-1956
00012765Porta, Vincent1948
00012767Poulenc Freresundated
00012768Poussette-Dart, Richardundated
00012769Povolozky, Jacques (Galerie Povolozky)undated, 1930
00012770Powers, Patrick A. (Longshore Club)1937, 1945
0001281Powers, William K. (United States Department of Justice) to Vera Keenan1947
0001282Prancy, Anne (Manhattanville College)1942
0001283Preckel, Ruth1948-1949
0001284Prescott, Martha L. to Evelyn Simpson1940
0001285Prevet-Cholley, Francoise1946-1955
0001286-7Price, Edison T. (2 folders)1941-1944
0001288Price, F. H. (Free Library of Philadelphia) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
0001289Price, Gertrude1948
00012810Price, Helen1948
00012811Price, Luisa Egan1939
00012812Priebst, Walterundated, 1958
00012813Prijnitz, Kurt1953
00012814Princesse de Metternichundated
00012815Pring, Joanundated
00012816Probst, Ingrid1957
00012817Probst, Jacobundated
00012818Probst, Rudolf1948-1952
00012819Prohme, Anna1947-1952
00012820Proudman, Donald W. (State National Bank)1962-1967
21-22, 37Prytek, Hilda J. (Nierendorf Gallery) (3 folders)1946-1949
00012823Puckle, R. D. A. (Phoenix Art Museum)1962
24-25, 38Puiforcat Orfevre (3 folders)1956-1957
00012826Pulaski, Art1956
00012827Purcell, Virginia A. (Chapman College)1949
00012828Purtell, William A. (United States Senate)1956
00012829Pusey, Ruth1950
00012830Putnam, John Francis1951
00012831Quarles, Geo. R.1945
00012832Rabes, Max1930
00012833Radl, Otto Peter1949
00012834Radwany, Emery L.1949
00012835Rafferty & Kane1948
00012836Raffle, Mary E. (Department of Public Instruction)1945
00012837-38Ralfs, Otto (Galerie Otto Ralfs) (2 folders)undated, 1931-1952
00012839Ramaley, John D. (Adams State Teachers College)1944
00012840-44Rambosson, Yvanhoe (5 folders)undated, 1929-1945
00012845Rassmussen?, Tomas?1920
00012846Rath, Ilse1949
00012847Rathbun, Grace C.1945
00012848Rau?, ?1937
00012849Rauch, Charlotte von1949-1961
00012850Rauch, Fritz von1946-1947
00012851Rauch, Gerta vonundated, 1946-1964
00012852Rauch, Johann Moriz von1946
00012853Rauch, Karl-Ulrich von1952-1965
00012854Rauch, Ruth vonundated, 1948
00012855Rawnsley, Noel; Rawnsley, Violet (Federalists)1947-1977
00012856Rawson, Marjorieundated
00012857Raymond & Raymond1945
00012858Read, Helen S. (Kansas City Public Library)1941
0001291Read, Herbertundated, 1936, 1948
0001292Reardon, Mrs. Daniel1938
3-23, 39Rebay, Antonie von (22 folders)undated, 1907-1933
00012924Rebay, Augusta von1953, 1965
00012925Rebay, Chlodwig von; Rebay, Else von1932-1965
00012926-30Rebay, Eva von (5 folders)undated, 1956-1967
31-35, 1-28, 1-12, 40Rebay, Franz Hugo von (46 folders)undated, 1907-1967
00013113Rebay, Franz Josef vonundated, 1926-1931
14-18, 1-6, 41Rebay, Gabriele von (12 folders)undated, 1933-1968
0001327Rebay, Gusta von; Rebay, Richard von1933-1961
0001328Rebay, Helga von; Rebay, Rudiger vonundated, 1957-1967
9-12, 42Rebay, Hella von (5 folders)undated, 1930-1967
00013213Rebay, Luciano1961-1963
12, 1-10, 43Rebay, Maresia von (12 folders)undated, 1935-1968
11, 1-6, 44Rebay, Roland von (8 folders)undated, 1938-1969
0001347Rebay, Trude1947
0001348Rebay, Willi vonundated, 1946-1967
9-14, 1-12, 1-18, 45Rebay Family (37 folders)undated, 1908-1916, 1929-1965
0001371Reck, Ernst v.1948
0001372Reck, Hans v.1932-1948
0001373Reed, Orrel P.undated
0001374Rees-Dutilh, Catherine A. van1953
0001375Reese, Walter O. (Cornish School) to Evelyn Simpson1941
0001376Rehbinder, Xeniaundated
0001377Rehman, Rudolfundated, 1947-1960
0001378Rehorst, C.1913
0001379Reichmann-Lewis, S.1943-1944
00013710Reichwein, Gerhard (Collegium Germanicum)1955-1964
00013711Reidemeister, L.1947-1952
00013712Reilly, J. Jay1946
00013713Reimann, Maria1949-1956
00013714Reinfelder, Edward C. (De Lanoy, Kipp & Swan Insurance)1943-1946
00013715Reinhart, Philip Y. (Ostmark, Flack & Reinhart)1951
00013716Reitzenstein, Irene v.1952
00013717Reitzes, Maria; Reitzes, Franz (Brick House)undated, 1955-1964
00013718Remez, D. (Ministry of Communications, State of Israel) to Shlomo Erlik1950
00013719Remsen, Ethelundated
00013720Remszhard, Godoundated
21, 46Rendla, A.: Property Control by Military Government for Germany (2 folders)1947
00013722Rene, Paul1929
00013723Renker, Fred W. (Royal Palms Inn)undated
00013724Renne, Rene1948
00013725Renner, Margarete1946
00013726Rensselaer, Gertrude van1938
00013727Reres, Leonie1953
00013728Rewald, Johnundated, 1940-1946
00013729Reygers, Leonie (Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund)1952
00013730Rhett, Blanche1939-1941
00013731Rhise, Walter1954
00013733Ribicoff, Abraham (Governor of Connecticut)1956-1957
00013734Rice, Alice (Tidewater Arts Review)undated
00013735Rice, Harry; Rice, Maryundated
00013736Rich, Daniel Catton (Art Institute of Chicago)1946-1976
00013737Rich, Wilmer Shields (Raymond Rich Associates)1950
00013738Richards, Karl1954
00013739Richardson, Wilmette1943
00013740Richenburg, Robertundated, 1950
00013741-42Richter, Aly (2 folders)undated, 1939-1951
00013743Richter, George M.undated
00013744Richter, Gigiundated, 1943
00013745-46Richter, Hans (2 folders)1939-1941, 1976
00013747Richter, Irma A.1940
00013748Rieberg, Margo1953
00013749Riedel, George D.; Riedel, Mary Louiseundated
00013750Riedel, Lora; Riedel, Larryundated, 1939-1954
00013751Riedel, Mary; Riedel, Patundated, 1948
00013752Riedesel, Lea (Public Library of Des Moines)1949
00013753Riefenstahl, John F. (De Lanoy, Kipp & Sturhahn Insurance) to Clinton N. Hunt1949
00013754Rieppel, Eva1954
00013755Riesser, Gildaundated, 1952-1964
00013756Riesser, Hansundated, 1953, 1960
00013757Riggleman, L. (Morris Harvey College) to Solomon R. Guggenheim1941
00013758Rill, Max1938
00013759Ringelmann, Brigitte1964-1967
00013760-61Ringelmann, Elsa von Eicken (2 folders)undated, 1947-1967
0001381Ringelmann, Gisela1964-1967
0001382Ringelmann, Walter1962-1967
0001383Ripke, Wilhelm1955
0001384Ripley, Malcolm P.undated
5, 47Risse, Heinz (2 folders)1947-1948
0001386-7Riter, Carl F. (Milwaukee-Downer College) (2 folders)1956-1959
0001388Ritschl, Otto1949
0001389Ritter, Ernst1963
00013810Riviere, Georges Henri (International Council of Museums) to Harry F. Guggenheim1956
00013811Riz à Porta-Bissier, Dorothee1949, 1952
00013812Riz à Porta, Fred1952
00013813Robbins, Daniel1964-1965
00013814Roberston, William (Regency Productions)1949
00013815Robinot Freres & Cie1948
00013816Robinson, Agnes M. (National Conference of Christians & Jews)1946
00013817Robinson, Carol1945, 1947
00013818Robinson, Jay1947
00013819Robinson, Pat1949
00013820Robitalle, Gerald1951
21-24, 48Roch, Rudolf (5 folders)undated, 1947-1966
00013825-27Roche, Henri Pierre (3 folders)undated, 1942-1957
00013828Rockefeller, Mr.undated
00013829Rocker, R. (Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere)1942
00013830Roden, Max1949
00013831-33Roeder, Barbara von (3 folders)undated, 1933-1951, 1963
00013834Rogler, Franz1952
35-37, 49Roh, Franz (4 folders)undated, 1946-1965
0001391Roh, Juliane1949, 1951
0001392Rohden, ? v.1916
0001393Rokos, Gladysundated, 1940
0001394Romanes & Paterson1952
0001395Romero Brest, Jorge1917
0001396Rood, Lucy1950
0001397Roos, Frank J., Jr. (University of Illinois, Urbana)1953
0001398Roothbart, Albert; Roothbart, Tony1938-1959
0001399Roques, K. R. v.1950
00013910Rorimer, James J. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)undated, 1939-1960
00013911Rosen, Gerd (Galerie Gerd Rosen)1948
00013912Rosenberg, K. F. (Burnley Modern Art Group)1949
00013913Rosenberg, Leonce1936, 1939
00013914Rosenborg, Ralphundated, 1942-1943
00013915Rosendahl, Gottfried R.1955
00013916Rosenthal, Rena1937-1938
00013917Rosenthal, Robert (Artists' Material)1953-1954
00013918Ross, Emory (Albert Schweitzer Fellowship)1957
00013919Ross, Fran1941
00013920Rossbach, Kathe1949
00013921Rossell, Margaretundated, 1950-1952
00013922Roth, Paul (Association Missionnaire Suisse)1956
00013923Roth, Peter1956, 1961
00013924Rothel, Hans Konradundated, 1959-1965
25-26, 50Rothschild, Clarence G. (3 folders)undated, 1939-1949
00013927Rothschild, Louis Frank1942, 1949
00013928Rothschild, V. Henry1940
00013929Roullier, Alice F. (Arts Club of Chicago)1936-1941
00013930Rouse, Barbara1951
00013931Roussel, L. (Art et Curiosities du Maghreb)1929
00013932Rowe, Ellen1952
00013933Roy, Vincent A. (Eastern Arts Association)1945
00013934Royce, Stephen W. (Huntington)1952, 1964
00013935R. S. M. Automobiles to Rudolf Bauer1937
00013936Rublee, George (Covington, Burling, Rublee, Acheson, & Shorb)1943-1944
00013937Ruchlein?, Otto1916
00013938Rudiger, Dein1962
00013939Rudolph, ? (Deutsches Generalkonsulate)1927
00013940Ruempler, Fritz1949
00013941-42Ruffini, Elise (2 folders)undated, 1943-1950
00013943Ruith, Helene von1933
44-47, 1-2Runge, Kurt (6 folders)undated, 1948-1953
48-49, 3Ruppersberg, Ilse (3 folders)undated, 1946-1967
00013950Rusche, Werner1949
00013951Rusk, W. S. (Wells College)undated
00013952Russell, Clotilde D.undated
00013953Russell, Dollyundated
0001401-2Russell, William F. (Columbia Teachers College) (2 folders)1943-1945
0001403Rutledge, Anna Wells1943
0001404Ryan, Aliceundated
0001405Ryan, Donald; Ryan, Danielundated
0001406Ryan, Mary1939, 1942
0001407Ryan, Patundated
0001408Rydell, Mark1962
0001409Sabean, Samuel C. to John Sennhauserundated
00014010Sachsen-Meiningen, Adelheid von1948
00014011Sachsen-Meiningen, Bernhard von1953
00014012Sachsen-Meiningen, Friedrich vonundated
00014013Sachsen-Meiningen, Georg von; Heldburg, Helene vonundated
00014014Sachsen-Weimar, Bernhard Friedrich von1956-1965
15-24, 4Sachsen-Weimar, Feodora von (11 folders)undated, 1931-1966
00014025Sachsen-Weimar, Georg von1952
00014026Sachsen-Weimar, Sophie1951-1957
00014027Sackett, Mrs. Nelson B.1956
00014028-29Sacramento, Mary (House of the Good Shepherd, Boston) (2 folders)1943
00014030Sagle, Lawrence W. (Charcoal Club)1946
00014031-32Sahmel, Charlotte (2 folders)1949-1952
00014033St. Blanche, Sister (Holy Trinity Convent)1944
00014034St. Georges Gallery Books1950
00014035St. Louis Public Library1937
00014036Saint-Gaudens, Homer (Carnegie Institute)1946
00014037Salmon, Andreundated
0001411Salon des Tuileries1932
0001412Samson, Ida; Samson, Louisundated, 1964
0001413Samuels, Robert, Jr. (French & Company)1962-1963
0001414Sandberg, ? (Amsterdam Gemeente Musea)1947
0001415Sanders, Cleveland (Beech Hill Plantation)undated, 1932-1936
0001416Sanders, Paul1934-1942
0001417Sanders, Rhea (Beech Hill Plantation)undated, 1938
0001418Sanders, Wilm1963, 1979
0001419Sandler, Benjamin P. (United States Naval Barracks)1946
00014110Sands, Laetitia Trelawny (Parrish Art Museum)1963
00014111San Lazzaro, G. di (XXe Siecle)1939
00014112Sannikoff, Alexandraundated
00014113Sara, Dorothy1944
00014114Sarasin, A.1950-1951
00014115Sargeant, Elizabeth; Sargeant, Fritzundated
00014116Sargent, Henry B.1946
00014117Sassie, Georg1960
00014118-19Satterlee, Hugh (Satterlee, Green & Sher) (2 folders)1942-1943
00014120Sauer, H.1932
00014121Sauren, Helen Mary1942-1947
00014122Savage, Louise (University of Virginia Library) to Art Alliance of Philadelphia1937
00014123Sawyer, Julianundated
00014124Scamtebury, Marie L.1954
00014125-30Scarlett, Rolph (6 folders)undated, 1939-1953, 1980
00014131Schade, Walter C. (Maryland Casualty Company)1949
00014132-34Schaefer, Lene; Schaefer, Trixi; Haffmanns, Gerbert; Haffmanns, Peter (3 folders)undated, 1946-1967
00014135Schaefer, Lucille; Schaefer, Tedundated
00014136Schaller, Rees F.1947
0001421Schandler, Reba? White1955
0001422Schang, F. C. (Coppicus & Schang)1951
0001423Schattenstein, Nikol1950
0001424Schatz, Zahara1950
0001425Schaufuss, Tatiana (Tolstoy Foundation)1943
0001426Schaumann, Ruthundated
0001427Scheel, Johannes to Erich Mueller-Kraus1949
0001428Scheiber, Wiltrude1964
0001429-10Scheller, E. F. (2 folders)1958-1964
00014211Schellhorn, Hugo1948
00014212Scherl, August to Rudolf Bauer1926
00014213Scherr, Manfred1962, 1964
00014214Scherzer, Carola Heleneundated, 1949
00014215Schiaroli, Francis P. (Cummings & Lockwood)undated, 1961-1967
00014216Schick, Otto1915
00014217Schieber, Mildred B.undated
00014218Schied, H. C. (United States Europa Corporation)1955
0001665Schill, Hildegard1948
00014219Schinnerer, A.1949
20, 6Schirra, Clare (2 folders)undated, 1930-1935
00014221Schlange, Karl1948
00014222Schlatter, A. to Roland von Rebay1969
00014223Schleith?, C. L.undated
00014224Schlesinger, Buhrer U.1957
00014225Schlesinger, Roberta1947
00014226Schlieker, Hans-Jurgen1955
00014227Schliesser, Fredaundated, 1927
00014228Schlitter, Daisy1955
00014229Schluter, Walter1948-1950
00014230Schmeidler, Blanche J.1952
00014231Schmid, Armin1953
00014232Schmidt, Fritz1933-1947
00014233Schmidt, Mott B.1942
00014234Schmidt, Theodorundated, 1950
00014235Schmidt, Wilhelm1955
00014236Schmidt Family1949
00014237-38Schmidt-Gregor, Annemarie (2 folders)undated, 1931-1967
39-41, 7Schmidt-Gregor, Carola (4 folders)undated, 1932-1962
00014242Schmidt-Gregor, Ottoundated, 1941,1949
00014243Schmiedler, Dr.1948
00014244Schmitt, Gertrud1953
00014245Schmitt-Gross, Ottoundated, 1953-1957
00014246Schnack?, H?1948
00014247Schneider, Elseundated, 1950-1953
00014248Schneider, Martin to Franz Hugo von Rebay1952
00014249Schneider, Robert Edward1947
00014250Schochet, Ethel1946
00014251Schoenfeldt & Company1921
00014252Scholle, Hardinge (Museum of the City of New York)1948
00014253Schonau-Wehr?, Gunhild? v.1951
00014254Schnbrod, ?1924
00014255Schoneman, Ruth E. (Art Institute of Chicago)1962
00014256Schonen, Gunhilde? v.1951
00014257Schorer, Georg G.1955-1956
00014258Schott, Erwin1945-1950
00014259Schramm, Ferdinand Ernst1955-1956
00014260Schraud, Myron H. (Foreign Service of the Unites States of America)1952
00014261Schreiber-Rüffer, Margareteundated, 1949-1952
00014262Schreiner, Ludwig to Roland von Rebay1969
0001431Schroeder, Mrs. William A.undated
0001432Schu, Hans-Georg to Gabriele von Rebay1966
0001433Schuenemann, Edward; Schuenemann, Emma1931-1941
0001434Schultz, William L.undated
0001435-6Schulz-Klingauf, Bettina Falley (2 folders)undated, 1947-1961
0001437Schulz-Klingauf, Hans Viktor1951-1953
0001438Schumacher, Emil1952
0001439Schuman, William (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)1963
00014310Schumann, Elisabethundated, 1944
00014311Schumann, Volker to Friedrich H. Schwank1959
00014312-14Schünemann-Killian, Lotte (3 folders)undated, 1947-1960
00014315Schünemann, Peter1948-1949
00014316Schünemann, Ulf1947-1953
00014317Schutz, Marian C.1947
18-25, 8-9Schwank, Friedrich H. (10 folders)undated, 1948-1959
00014326Schwartz, Irma F.1946
27, 10Schwarz, Frida (2 folders)1938-1959
00014328Schwarz, Moleundated
00014329Schwarzmann, Emmaundated, 1932-1959
00014330Schwarzweller, Dr. (Stadelsches Kunst Institut) to Roland von Rebay1969
0001441Schweikart, Irma (Bayside High School)1950
0001442Schweizerische Diskontbank to Franz Hugo von Rebay1933
0001443-4Schwemmer, Dorli (2 folders)1956-1966
0001445Scott, A. L. H.1952
0001446Scott, Elizabethundated
0001447Seale, Annette (Faber and Faber Publishers)1954
0001448Sears, Marlene (Shop of Fashions)undated
0001449Seaver, Esther L. (Wheaton College)undated, 1941
00014410Secker, Gerda1948-1949
00014411Secker, Hans F.1948-1953
00014412Seel, Eberhard1952
00014413Seelen, Wiltrudundated
00014414Seguin, A. (Societe des Artistes Independants)1913
00014415Sehgal, Amar1950
00014416Seibold & Company1964-1966
00014417Seiler, Karl-Guenther1950
00014418Seitz, Fritz1950
00014419Seitz, Richard (Richard Seitz Travel Bureau)1951-1959
00014420Seligmann, Kurt1937
00014421Seligmann-Lui, Maggieundated
00014422Seligsohn, Hedi1943
00014423Sellmann, Mrs. C. H.1946
00014424Sello, Gottfried (Galerie der Jugend)1949
00014425Semler, Stephan to Erich Mueller-Kraus1949
00014426Semple, Rober A. III1946
27-30, 11Sennhauser, John (5 folders)undated, 1941-1945
00014431Seuphor, Michelundated, 1949
00014432Shallenberger, Martin C.1946
00014433Shank, Anna1962
00014434Shattuck, Helen B. (University of Vermont) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00014435Shattuck, L. Hubbard (Chicago Historical Society)1944
00014436Shaw, Charles G.1940
00014437Shaw, Rue W. (Arts Club of Chicago)undated, 1952
00014438Sheldon, Charles A.: Roland von Rebay1947
00014439Shepard, Arthurundated
00014440Sherman, Clarence E. (Providence Public Library)1937
00014441Sherwood, Dorisundated
00014442Shier, Leonora A. (Carnegie Hall)1929-1950
00014443Shinn, Alida May1943
00014444Shipley, R. B. (Passport Division)1952
00014445Shortell, Ruth (CARE)1951
00014446Sibley, Elizabeth E.1952
00014447-49Sides, Fredo (Salon des Réalités Nouvelles) (3 folders)undated, 1939-1954
00014450Siebzehnrubel, Leo1948
0001451Siegel, Seymour N. (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)1952
0001452Siehr, Annemarieundated, 1947-1958
0001453Siehr, Hans Jurgenundated, 1948-1951
0001454-5Siehr, Helene (2 folders)undated, 1931-1957
0001456Siehr, Renateundated, 1948-1952
0001457Siehr, Volkerundated, 1951-1961
0001458Siemund, Irmgard1952
0001459Siepmann, Heinrichundated
00014510Sigaloff, S.1950
00014511Signon, Helmut (Kolnische Rundschau)1949
00014512Silk, George; Silk, Margeryundated, 1961, 1964
00014513Silk, Thomas W.1943-1944
00014514Silver, Ali (Hospital du Doctuer Schweitzer)1957
00014515Sim, R. Alex (McGill University)1942
00014516Simmen, Rene to K. F. Ertel1953
00014517Simmions, Louisundated, 1946
00014518-19Simpkins, Carmen (2 folders)undated, 1939-1964
00014520-21Simpkins, Nathaniel Stone (2 folders)undated, 1939-1961
00014522Simpson, Evelyn1939-1940
00014523Simpson, John A.undated, 1937
00014524Simpson, Ryllis Barnesundated, 1942
00014525Sims, H.undated
00014526Sinkler?, Carolineundated
00014527Sinner, ? v.1932
00014528Sissmann, Anna Francine1942
00014529Sjostrom, Carl F. (National Arts Club)1953
00014530Sjostrom, Joanundated, 1950-1961
00016612Skirde, Grete1947-1948
00014531Skold, Otte (Stockholm National Museum)1950
00014532Slaughter, K. E. (Golden Gate International Exposition)1939
00014533Slemeck, R. H. (African Car Hire)1956
00014534Slevin, Josephundated, 1946-1948
00014535Slobodkina, Esphyrundated
00014536Smalley, Mora1948
00016613Smith, Mr. (Senator Maybanks Office)undated
00014537Smith, C. R. (American Airlines)1938
00014538-39Smith, Charles (2 folders)undated, 1940-1952
00014540Smith, Cornell H. (Gimbel Brothers)1947
00014541Smith, George Franklin1949
00014542Smith, H. E. (Thos. Cook & Son)1956
00014543Smith, Harriet C.undated, 1949
00014544-45Smith, Harry (2 folders)1950-1952
00014546Smith, Jean1943-1947
00014547-48Smith, Leon Polk (2 folders)1943-1973
00014549Smith, Mabelle K.undated
00014550Smith, Mildred B. (Evangeline Salvation Army)1943
00014551Smith, R. J.undated, 1946
00014552Smith, Russell J. (Los Angeles County Museum)1950
00014553Smith, William Gordon, Jr.1953
00014554Snider, George T. (University of Minnesota Gallery) to Dwinnell Grant1942
00014555Snider, Helen1946
0001461Sobernheim, Claraundated
0001462Sobrinho, Francisco Matarazzo (Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo)1948
0001463Soby, James T. (Museum of Modern Art)1944
0001464Soderstrom, Clarenoreundated, 1951-1959
0001465Solling, Marie1932-1952
0001466Solway, Reuben I. H.1963
0001467Sommer, Phyllis to Marie Menken1942
0001468Sonnabend, Paulundated
0001469Sonderborg, K. R. H.1952
00014610Sorrentino, Charles1943
00014611Spanier, Joseph1938
00014612Spano, Gaetano1950
00014613Sparks, David; Sparks, Lucyundated, 1956-1965
00014614Specht, Fred; Specht, Lucyundated, 1956-1966
00014615Specht?, Robert; Specht?, Gailundated, 1967
00014616Spector, Herman K. (San Quentin California State Prison)1948-1949
00014617Spengler, Arnulf1957-1966
00014618Spengler, Chlodwig1967
00014619Spengler, Trudeundated, 1932-1966
00014620Spengler, Will1956-1961
00014621Sperber, Lionel A. (Phillips, Sperber, & Bloomfield)1945
00014622Spilller, Jurg1951
00014623-24Spitzer, Julius (2 folders)1940-1941
00014625Spivack, S. S. to Solomon R. Guggenheim1946
26-27, 14Spivey, Ludd M. (Florida Southern College) (3 folders)1951-1962
00014628Spivey, William (Florida Southern College)undated
00014629-30Spony, Alice Blanc (2 folders)undated, 1937-1954
00014631Sprague, Robert B. (Taos School of Art)1937
00014632Spraete, Anne1948-1956
00014633Springer, Rudolf (Galerie Springer)undated, 1950, 1953
34, 15Staabs, Gerdhild v. (2 folders)undated, 1936-1967
00014635Staatsprasident des Landes Baden1951
00014636Stackelberg, Hilda Hennin v.undated, 1948, 1962
00014637Stadtische Kunsthalle Mannheim1948
00014638Stafford, Gertrude P.1957-1960
00014639Stanchfield & Levy1939
00014640Standage, Hedley; Standage, Megundated
00014641Stangl, Elsa1948-1949
42-45, 16Stangl, Otto (Moderne Galerie) (5 folders)undated, 1948-1955
00014646Steetle, Ralph (Joint Committee on Educational Television)1953
00014648Stein, Johann-Georgundated
00016617Steinbach, Hans1950
00014649Steinbach, Mildred (Vassar College) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00014650Steiner, Paul (Chanticleer Press)1949, 1952
0001471Steiner, Wilfred A. (United States Air Corps): Eugene W. Murphy1946
0001472Steinkraus, Gladys1950
0001473Steinschneider-Battu, Herta1950
0001474Stendahl, Alfred E.1950
0001475Stendahl, Earlundated
0001476-7Stern, Lucia (2 folders)undated, 1947-1962
0001478Stern, Max (Dominion Gallery, Montreal)1950
0001479Sternberg, Elizabeth1962-1965
00014710Sternberg, Franz1961-1965
00014711Sternberg, Poldi1962-1966
00014712Sterner, Leoni1951
00014713Stettheimer, Ettie1931
00014714Stevens, Sara (American Airlines) to Albert E. Thiele1947
00014715Stevenson, George S. (National Committee for Mental Hygiene)1945
00014716Stewart, Margaretundated
00014717Stienen, Camilla1921-1951
00014718Stienen, Hermineundated, 1938, 1950
00014719Stienen, Jo1951
00014720Stienen, Job1924, 1945
00014721Stienen, Renate1947
00014722Stilley, J. J.1953
00014723Stinns, Clare Hugoundated, 1932-1963
00014724Stinnes, Else1953-1954
00014725Stitzel, Wilhelm1915
00014726Stockmar, Severin1938
00014727-28Stoddard, Donna (Florida Southern College) (2 folders)1953-1955
00014729-32Stcke, Heia (4 folders)1949-1956
00014733Stokes, Margaret (South Shore Music Club)undated
00014734Stollberger, Marie1907
00014735Stollmeyer, Hugh1945
00014736Stone, Pearl L.1949
00014737Stone, Thos. H.undated, 1943-1949
00014738Stone, William E. (Westport Bank & Trust)1954
39-50, 18Storck, Arthur (13 folders)undated, 1911-1915, 1922
0001481Storck, Hermanundated, 1936
0001482Storrs, Margueriteundated
0001483Story, Ala (Santa Barbara Museum of Art)1952
0001484Straight, Edmund R. (Congregational Church of Green's Farms)1953-1967
0001485Strakosch, Averyundated
0001486Strakosch-Giesler, Maria1948-1950
0001487Strayer, Dorothy S. (New York City Federation of Women's Clubs)1945
0001488Streep, Jon Nicholas1951-1952
0001489Street, Alvin M.1947
00014810Strehler, Hildegard1950
00014811Stresemann, Elisabeth1940
00014812Stresemann, Kateundated
00014813-14Stromberger, Hildegard (includes photographs of art studio) (2 folders)undated, 1950-1954
00014815Stromstead, Mr. (Summit Art Association)1942
00014816Struble?, Wolf1949
00014817Sturhahn, Herbert C. (De Lanoy, Kipp & Sturhahn) to Clinton N. Hunt1948
00014818Stuttmann, F.1948-1962
00014819Stutzer, Marta1948
00014820Stuwe?, Elinorundated
00014821Suarez, Mrs. A. de (Embajada de la Republica Argentina)1957
00014822Suemeli, Serifundated
00014823Suetter?, Gerdaundated
00014824Sugg, Evelynundated, 1948
00014825-26Suida, William E. (2 folders)1944-1950
00014827Sullivan, Walter T.1967
00014828Summers, Elizabethundated, 1948-1950
00014829Svendsen, Louise Averill1955-1957
00014830Swaney, John (Terrace Union School District)1950
00014831Swander, Phillip1949
00014832-34Sweeney, James Johnson (3 folders)undated, 1943-1960
00014835Sweeney, Joseph Lee1954-1955
00014836Sweigart, Lillian D. (Eastern Arts Association)1947
00014837Swetzoff, Hymann (Institute of Modern Art, Boston)1944-1945
00014838Swift, Charles H.1936
00014839Swift, Claire D.1936
00014840Swinden, Albert1940
00014841Swiss Bank Corporation: Karl Nierendorf1948
00014842Sycour, Agnes E. (County of Los Angeles Library)1941
00014843Syz, Hans; Syz, Emily (Lifwynn Foundation)undated, 1943-1946
00014844Szecsi, L.undated
00014845Tabb, Bernardundated
00014846Tabbert, Walter1948
00014847Tacon, Ednaundated, 1941-1952
00014848Tacon, Perce H.1942-1955
00014849Talbot, Ada1943
00014850Tanabe, Katsumi1955
00014851Tangeman, Clementineundated
00014852Tannebaum, I. (Ordnance School)1945
00014853Taussig, Franzundated
00014854Taylor, Benjamin Walterundated, 1940
00014855Taylor, Elizabeth (Everhart Museum)undated
00014856Taylor, Francis Henry (Metropolitan Museum of Art)1944
00014857Taylor, Joy Laurenceundated, 1962
00014858Taylor, Margaret H.undated, 1964
00014859Tead, Ordway (United States National Commission for UNESCO)1952
00014860Tedlie, H.1950
00016619Tellep, Leo M.1951
00014861Telesz, Stanley1946
00014862Temme, Augustundated
00014863Teningen Bürgermeister1938-1955
00014864Tenney, Sarah Camille1940-1945
00014865Terey, G. deundated
0001491Thalasso, Arthurundated
0001492Thalberg, Riza Mariaundated
0001493Thaler, Anne1948-1949
0001494Thaler, J. A. (Department of State)1949
0001495Thater, Marie Louise1938-1947
0001496Themal, Joachim H.1948
0001497Theobald, Paul1943-1944
0001498-17Thiele, Albert E. (10 folders) (4 restricted)undated, 1936-1953
00014918Thiele, Henry (Baltimore Museum of Art)1939
00014919Thienen, H.undated
00014920Thieriot, Frances Tinkerundated, 1954
0001501Thiis, Jensundated
0001503Thomas, Elizabethundated
0001504Thomas, Howard (University of Georgia)1948
00016620Thomas, Neal1962
0001505Thompson, Constance1950-1952
0001506Thompson, David B. (United States Department of Agriculture)1962
0001507Thomson, Hugh L. (White & Case) (restricted)1951
0001508Thorne, Gordon Kit1945
0001509Thornton, Dorothy (School Art League of New York City)undated, 1941-1942
00015010Thornton, Lucileundated, 1935-1949
00015011Thornton, Mary Hunter1946
00015012Thornton, Williamundated, 1939-1966
00015013Thos. Cook and Son: Travelundated, 1931-1956
00015014Thrift, Charles T., Jr. (Florida Southern College)1960
00015015Thurnheer, A. L. to Margaret A. Yerg1955
16-17, 21Thwaites, John Anthony (British Consulate, Munich) (3 folders)1948-1950
00015018Tiegel, Max1949
00015019Teimann, Dr. (Hamburg Staats und Universitats Bibliothek)1948
00015020Tierney, Howard Sherwood, Jr.undated
00015021Tingle, Sarah E.1949-1950
00015022Tinova, Nina (Dermetics Company)1940
00015023Tirala, Lothar Gottliebundated
00015024-25Tittmann, Emma (2 folders)undated, 1933-1954
00015026Tittmann, Haroldundated
00015027Tittmann, Winifredundated, 1959
00015028Tobar, Else1951
00016622Tobey, Charles W. (United States Senate)1953
00015029Tobey, Harry G.1940
00015030Tobey, Jessicaundated
00015031Tobey, Matthewundated
00015032Todd, Eleanor1965
00015033Tolkmitt, Carola1949-1950
00015034Tolstoy, Alexandra (Tolstoy Foundation)1945-1957
00015035Toney, Anthony1954
00015036Torok, Mrs. Johnundated
00015037Torrey, Arthur H.1948
38-40, 23Tost, Heinrich (4 folders)1948-1952
00015041Tost, Joana1955-1966
00015042-44Tost, Lucie (3 folders)1949-1966
00015045Tost, Thomas1956-1962
00015046Tost, Undine1961-1962
00015047Townsend, Clifford (Headquarters European Command) to MacCracken & O'Rourke1949
00015048Tracy, Bartlett (New Hampshire Art Association)1947
00015049Train, Arthurundated, 1966
00015050Trautmann, Fritz1950-1953
00015051Trautmann, Maria1950
00015052Trautmann, Oskar P.1949-1950
00015053Treide, Henry E. (Baltimore Museum of Art)1938-1939
00015054Treümann, ?1932
00015055Trier, Hann1952
00015056Trtischler, ?undated
00015057Troche, E. G.1949
00015058Troubetzkoi, Dariaundated, 1940-1950
00015059Troubetzkoy, Serge1936
00015060Truestedt, Hermanundated
0001511Tscheulin, Elise1933-1964
0001512Tscheulin, Gretal; Tscheulin, John1933-1964
0001513Tuffts, Dolandundated, 1951
0001514-5Tufts, Myrtle (2 folders)1941
0001516-7Tunley, Roul (2 folders)1942
0001518Tupperware Art Fund1956
0001519Turner, Edithundated
00015110Turske, Rudiundated
00015111Tutt, Barry1950
00015112Tuttle, Lucile Burdette (Emma Williard School)1962
00015113Tyree, Frank H.1945, 1949
00015114Uding, Karl-Heinz1948-1950
00015115Ueberwasser, Walter1948
00015116Uhland, Ludwigundated
00015117Ulm, Antonie1931-1947
00015118Underwood, Mary1950
00015120Union Nationaler Schriftstellerundated
00015121United States Olympians1957
00015122Utz, Ann1956
00015123Vacülik, Lea1948-1949
00015124Valentin, Curt1938-1945
00015125Valland, Rose1938-1939
00015126Valle, O. J.1945
00015127Vanderbilt, Harold S. (Greek War Relief Association)1940
00015128Vanderzande, William M.1957
00015129Van Deusen, Katherine1964
00015130Van Dyke, L. Dirk to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00015131Van Munster's Uitgevers1949
00015132-41Vantongerloo, Georges (10 folders)undated, 1947-1965
00015142Varco, Herbert J. deundated, 1944-1945
00015143Vaucher, Max1943
00015144Vaupel, Eberhard1950-1955
00015145Vaux, ? deundated
00015146Venezia Biennale1950
00015147Ver Becke, Edwin W.undated, 1944
00015148Ver Bryck, Ami; Ver Bryck, Larryundated
00015149Ver Brycke, Elizabeth Crawford (Emma Willard Alumnae Association)1960
00015150Versluys, Muriel Van Reigersbergundated
00015151Vetter, Carl1931
00015152Vicar, Maria1947
00015153Viele, Chase1942-1943
00015154-56Viereck, Hardenack van (3 folders)1947-1950
00015157-62Viereck, Mary v. Eicken von (6 folders)undated, 1933-1966
0001521-5Vietta, Fritz-Egon (5 folders)undated, 1950-1953
0001526Vignolo, Claudia1954
0001527Virneburg, George1941
0001528Visser, H. F. E. (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam)undated
0001529Vogler, Katieundated
00015210Vogt, Dr. to Roland von Rebay1969
00015211Vogt, Irene (Dearborn Junior College)1952
00015212Voice of Astrology1949
00015213Volker, Erna1948-1956
00015214Vlks, Marjarek1950
00015215Vollman, U.1953
00015216Volmar, Ror1957
00015217Volmer, Lita1948
00015218Volodine, Georgeundated, 1953
19-28, 24Vordemberge-Gildewardt F. (11 folders)undated, 1938-1953
00015229Voretzsch, E. A.1936
00015230Vorobiov, Nicolai, S.1949
00015231Vorster, Anna1931
00015232Vranopoulos, G. D. (Royal Greek Embassy)1966
00015233Vutenahoff?, Elsieundated
00015234Wadsworth, Lillian1961
00015235Wagner, Lee W.undated
00015236Wagstaff, Samuel J., Jr. (Wadsworth Atheneum)1965
00015237Walden, Herwarth (Der Sturm)1917
00015238Walden, Jayundated
00015239-42Walden, Nell (4 folders)undated, 1948-1950
00015243Waldman, Charles1938
00015244Waldmann, Elsaundated, 1944
00015245Waldvogel, Luise1947
00015246Wales, Carroll (Art Technology)1950
00015247Walker, John (National Gallery of Art)1948
00015248Walker, Hudson D. (Artists Equity Association)1949-1950
00015249Walker, Lucile T.undated, 1955
00015250Walker, Roy1942
00015251Walkowitz, Abrahamundated, 1940-1944
00015252Wallard, Danielundated
00015253Wallenfang, Tilda1947
00015254Wallraf-Richartz Museum1952
00015255Wall-Rus Fabrics1950
00015256Walsh, D.1948
00015257Walsh, James J.1948
00015258Walter, Ccilie1932-1934
0001531-3Walter, Mila (3 folders)undated, 1919-1949
0001534Walter Hyams & Company1947
0001535Walther, Charles H.undated
0001536Walz, Dorothy1949
0001537Wankh, R.1948
0001538Ward, W. H. (University of South Carolina)1939
0001539Waring, Anneundated, 1936-1942
00015310Waring, T. R.1950
00015311Warner, Adolphe J.1953
00015312-14Warner, Helen T. (3 folders)1946-1953
00015315Warner, Macdonald S. (National City Bank)1949
16-17, 25Wartmann, W. (Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft) (3 folders) (1 restricted)1947-1951
00015318Wassilko, Otti vonundated, 1941
00015319-20Waterstradt, Erwin (2 folders)undated, 1952-1954
00015321Wtjen, Richard E.undated
00015322Watkins, W. F. (United States Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service)1944-1945
00015323Watson, Dudley Crafts (Art Institute of Chicago)1941
00015324Watson, John E., Jr. (American Red Cross)1965
00015325Watson, Stuart D. (S. C. Johnson & Son)1953
00015326Watson, Thomas J. (International Business Machines Corporation)1940
00015327Waugaman, Blanche1950
00015328Waugh, Ellen M.1952
00015329Way, Edna M. (Ohio University)1941
00015330Weaver, Betty Jo1948
00015331Weber, Anton1951
00015332Webster, Harveyundated
00015333Weed, J. C.undated
00015334Wegner, Nicholas (Father Flanagan's Boys Home)1954-1962
00015335Wehle, Harry B. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)1929
00015336Wehrli, Rene (Kunsthaus Zuerich)1960
00015337Weibel, Borgstrom1951
00015338Weidel Company1940
00015339Weidener, Joachim1950
00015340Weidener, Julianneundated, 1948-1962
00015341Weidener, Violettaundated, 1959-1967
00015342Weidler, Charlotte1956
00015343Weidlich, Wolfgangundated, 1965
00015344Weiland, Gustav1954
00015345Weilhammer, Eva1957
00015346Weimar, Felicitas1958-1959
00015347Weimar, Katharina v.1958-1967
0001541Weimar, Wilhelm Ernst v.1958-1967
0001542Weinberg, Edwin (Investor's Planning Corporation)1962
0001543Weis, John E.1944
0001544Weisbrich Familyundated
0001545Weise, Ernst1949
0001546Weisman, David (Art Students League of New York)1939
0001547Weiss, Carl v.1931
0001548Weldon, Jeanundated, 1947-1949
0001549Weller, Allen (University of Missouri) to Solomon R. Guggenheimundated
00015410Weller, Hayden (Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art)1952
00015411Wellington, Anneundated, 1952-1962
00015412Wells, Franklin C. (Holden, McLaughlin & Associates) to Clinton N. Hunt1951
00015413Wells, Margaret A. to Irene Guggenheim1945
00015414Welsh, Wendy1948
00015415Welti, Max Henriundated
00015416Wemaere, Pierre1939-1945
00015417Wendell, Raymond J.1950
00015418Wendelstadt, Hans1949-1951
00016626Wendt, Erich1948
00015419Weng, Seigfried R. (Dayton Art Institute)1941
00015420Wenner, L. John G. (Teacher College of Connecticut)1950-1953
00015421Wenzel, Josephundated, 1947
00015422Wenzell, Sofie1947
00015423Wenzell Familyundated
00015424Werner, Bruno E.1948
00015425Werner, Theodor1948
00015426Werthern, Freifrau von1964
00015427Wescher, Herta1952, 1964
00015428Wese, Kathi1935
00015429West, Elizabeth Howard (Texas Technological College) to Evelyn Simpson1941
00015430West, Pennerton1942
00015431Western Union Telegraph Company1939
00015432Westerwelle, Clodwigis1948
00015433Westphal, Christian1940
00015434Westport Community Art Associationundated
00015435Whalen, Grover1943
00015436Whaley, Edna Reed1936
00015437Wheeler, Monroe (Museum of Modern Art)1945
00015438Wheeler, Rosalind Ray (Richmond Art Craft Center)undated
00015439Wheeler, Roy1943
00015440Whelen, Clara1949
00015441-42Whelpley, Medley G. B. (2 folders)undated, 1935, 1942-1952
00015443White, Gabriel (Arts Council of Great Britain)1952
00015444Whitehead, James L. (Museums Council of New York City)undated, 1953-1954
00015445-46Whitelaw, Robert N. S. (Carolina Art Association) (2 folders)1935-1953
00015447Whitney, James; Whitney, John1944
00015448Wichner, Milton1939
00015449-51Wicht, John von (3 folders)1939-1940
00015452Wickiser, Ralph1940
00015453Wiedemann, Clifford1944
00015454Wiedemann, Stephan1941
00015455Wieger, Will to Peter Engel1950
00015456Wiek, Friedrichundated, 1950-1954
00015457Wiencek, Jos. E.1945
00015458Wiener, Paul Lester1962
00015459Wiese, Erich1931
00015460Wiggins, Henry H. (Columbia University Press)1949
00015461Wigold, Trixi Shaefer; Wiegold, Jurgen; Wiegold, Coraleinundated, 1962-1965
00015462Wijsenbeek, L. J. F.1954
00015463Wilber, Donald N. (Color Slide Cooperative)1941
00015464Wilckens, Z.1950
00015465Wilckes, Hedeundated, 1940-1942
00015466Wilcox, Fussy; Wilcox, Nanaundated
00015467Wilczeck, Elisabeth v.1950-1951
00015468Wildenstein & Companyundated, 1954
00015469Wilfred, Thomas (Art Institute of Light)1941
0001551Wilhelm, Elisabethundated
0001552Williams, Amancio1949, 1955-1956
0001553Williamson, George P.1942
0001554Williamson, Paul B.1940
0001555Wilmot, Anna S. to Mildred Ferris1941
0001556Wilson, Arthur; Wilson, Betty1941
0001557Wilson, Claggett to Irene Guggenheimundated
0001558Wilson, Ellen E. (Principia College)1942
0001559Winckelmann, J.1952
00015510Wincker, Sepp?1948
00015511Wing, F. F., Jr. (United States Equestrian Team)1964-1965
00015512Winograd, ?1941
00015513Winser, Beatrice (Public Library of Newark) to Philadelphia Art Alliance1937
00015514Winsor, Ann1942
15, 27Winston, Elizabeth (Hope Associates Corporation) (2 folders)1947-1952
00015516Winston, Lydia K.1941-1942
17-23, 28-30Winter, Fred A. Th. (10 folders)undated, 1948-1960
24-25, 31Winter, Fritz (3 folders)undated, 1947-1953
00015526Winter, Phyllis (P. S. 69 Manhattan)1951
00015527Wirth, Heinrich von1948
00015528-29Wittenborn, George (Wittenborn and Company) (2 folders)undated, 1940-1951
00015530Wittkowska, Martaundated, 1914
00015531Witzleben, Boby v.1947
00015532Wogau?, Daniela Max1932
00015533Wohl, K.1933
00015534Wohleb, Maria1950
00015535Wolf, Lukas F.1948
00015536Wolfe, Alan L.1950
00015537Wolff, Egon to E. Mueller-Kraus1949
00015538Wolff, Gustav1947-1950
00015539Wolff, Kurt (Pantheon Books)1952
00015540Wolff, Margarita1949, 1951
00015541-42Wolff, Robert Jay (2 folders)1938-1952
00016632Wolff, Rudiger to Dr. Martin1948
00015543Wolffel, Lilo1949
00015544Wollner, Georg1948
00015545Wollner, Kateundated
00015546Wolpert, Rose1940
00015547Wolters, Susan M.1941
00015548Wong, Stella1945
00015549Wood, Marjorie; Wood, Ronaldundated, 1956
00015550Wood, Virginiaundated, 1939
00015551-52Wood, William L. (Cranbrook Press) (2 folders)1946-1947
00015553Woodner-Silverman, L.?1938
00015554Woodruff, Bliss; Woodruff, Marianundated, 1952-1960
55, 33Woodrum, Margaret (2 folders)undated
00015556Woodrum, Vivian1942-1943
00015557Woods, Fred T. (Woods Interiors-Decorations)1939
00015558Woodul, J. R. to Solomon R. Guggenheim1948
00015559Worcester Art Museum1939
1-3, 60, 1-47, 1- 44, 1-2, 34-36Wright, Frank Lloyd (100 folders)undated, 1943-1958
0001583Wright, Iovanna1946
0001584-9Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd (6 folders)undated, 1943-1948
00015810Wright, William A., Jr.1947
00015811Wündert, ? (Bürgermeister der Gemeinde Wessling)1947
00015812Wurttemberg, Dom Odo (Central European Rehabilitation Association)1946
00015813Wuthenau, Alexander von1934-1948
00015814Wuthenau, Trixi vonundated, 1948
00015815Wyler, Albert1942
00015816Wynschenk, A.undated
17-32, 37Xceron, Jean (17 folders)undated, 1938-1967
00015833Yamanaka & Company1943
00015834Yates, Herbert W.1941-1942
00015835Yerg, Margaret A.1952-1961
00015836Yingling, Raymund T. (Department of State) to Charles H. Burton (MacCracken & O'Rourke)1947
00015837Yonkers, Richard (Grand Rapids Art Gallery)1951
00015838Young, Douglas S. (Staples High School)1949
00015839Young, Marie1943
00015840Young, Milton R. (United States Senate)1958
00015841Young, Thomas?1952
00015842Youngerman, Delphineundated
00015843-45Youngerman, Jack (3 folders)undated, 1950-1960
00015846Zabolin-Rosin, Heide1947
00015847Zacharias, Walter1952
00015848Zborowski, ? (Arden Gallery)1941
00015849Zeckendorf, Marion (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)1956
00015850Zenker, Charles F. (D.P. Winne Company)1948
0001591Zenneck, Jonathan (Deutsches Museum München)1952
0001592Zentralinstitute fur Kunstgeschichte Munchen1948
3-6, 38Zerahn, Annelies von Eicken (5 folders)undated, 1947-1967
0001597Zerahn, Erich1947-1950
0001598Zerahn, Fiffi1947-1961
0001599Zerahn, Heidi1948-1965
00015910Zierer, Ernest1940
00015911Zierold, Hedwig1931
00015912Ziff, Paul1941
00015913-14Zigrosser, Carl (Philadelphia Museum of Art) (2 folders) (restricted)undated, 1938-1954
00015915Zimmergalerie Franckundated
00015916Zimmermann, Erich1944
00015917Zimmermann, Johanna1964
00015918Zimmermann, Rainer1952
00015919Zinkeisen, Anna Haastersundated
00015920Zinkeisen, Konradundated
00015921Zitelmann, Eidth1947-1951
00015922Zitelmann, Franz Carl1939
00015923Zitelmann de Diego, Dagmar1953
00015924Zizinia, Paul; Zizinia, Paulaundated, 1941
00015925-26Zogbaum, Wilfrid (2 folders)undated, 1937-1939
00015927Zorach, William1933-1940
00015928Zoueff, Alexander v.undated, 1942
00004928Dog License1935
00402917Old German Alphabet Listundated
00004929Registered Voters: New York City Recordundated
Museum of Non-Objective Painting and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
00004930-31"Acquisitions of the 1930's and 1940's" (#202) (2 folders): Catalogue1968
00005032a"Alice Mattern Memorial" (#46): Brochure1945
00005032b"American Non-Objective Painters" (#63): Brochure and Checklist1949
00005033"American Non-Objectives" (#34): Brochure1943
"Art of Tomorrow"
00005034-35Brochure (2 folders)undated, 1939
00005038"Before Picasso; After Miro" (#123): Catalogue1960
00005039"The Early Years: Non-Objective Paintings from Permanent Collection": Brochure1988
00005040"Evolution to Non-Objectivity" (#74): Brochure1952
"Hilla Rebay" (#61)
44-47, 1"In Memoriam László Moholy-Nagy" (#57): Catalogue (5 folders)1947
13, 2"In Memory of Wassily Kandinsky" (#43): Catalogue (2 folders)1945
0040043"Loan Exhibition" (# 36): Brochure1943
0040044"Loan Exhibition" (# 66): Brochure1950
0040045"The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: Inaugural Selection" (#118): Catalogue1959
Other Venues
0040056America House Exhibition: Lists of Loaned Works (Copies)1951
Arbeitskreis Bildender Künstler Rhein-Main: "Doppelbegabungen: bilder und bücher"
0040058Art Gallery, Alabama: "Paintings by Modern Masters": Brochure1956-1957
0040059Arts Club of Chicago: "New Works by Hilla Rebay": Invitationundated
00400510Betty Parsons Gallery, New York: "Boris Margo": Poster1949
00400511Cahiers d'Art, Paris: "Theodor Werner": Brochure1950
00400512Dartmouth College, New Hampshire: "Kandinsky and His Contemporaries": Catalogue1972
14, 13Florida Southern College: "Art of Tomorrow": Catalogue (2 folders)1955
00400514Fogg Art Museum: "Bernard Berenson and Isabella Stewart Gardner": Brochureundated
French & Company, New York: "Hilla Rebay"
00400518Press Release1962
00400519Galerie Carmine, Paris: "uvres de Hilla Rebay": Catalogue1929
00400520Galerie d'Art Moderne, Bale: "S. Brandon Kearl": Invitation1951
00400521Galerie Gerd Rosen, Berlin: "Theodor Werner": Catalogueundated
00004615Galerie Gmurzynska, Kln: "Rudolf Bauer 1889-1953": Poster1969
00400522Galerie Günther Franke, München: "Willi Baumeister": Catalogue1947
00400523Galerie Herbert Hermann, Stuttgart: "Gedanken zu Ausstellungen Moderner Kunst": Catalogue1948
00400524Galerie Louis Carré, Paris: "F. Léger uvres d'Amérique": Catalogue1946
00400525Galerie Max Rodrigues, Paris: "Peintures et d'Aquarelles d'Etienne Noel": Catalogue1913
00400526Galerie van Diemen & Company, Berlin: "Erste Russische Kunstausstellung": Catalogue1922
00400527Galleries of Marie Sterner, New York: "Plastic Paintings a New Medium by Hilla Rebay": Brochure1927
00400528Gallery Ferdinand Moeller: "W. Kandinsky Drawings 1910-1931": Catalogue (Copy)1932
00004616Greenwich Library, Connecticut: "Kandinsky": Catalogue1977
00400529Gres Gallery, Washington D.C.: "Jose Bermudez": Catalogue1960
00400530J. B. Newmann's New Art Circle, New York: "Vasily Kandinsky": Brochure1936
00400531aKestner-Gesellschaft E. V., Hannover: "Paul Klee": Invitation1931
00400531bKingore Galleries: "Exhibition of Portraits": Catalogue1928
00400532Kootz Gallery, New York: "Hans Hofmann": Catalogue1951
00400533Leonard Hutton Galleries: "Rudolf Bauer 1889-1953": Catalogue1976
00400534London Gallery, London: "Constructive Art": Catalogue (Copy)1937
00400535Martin Diamond Fine Arts, New York: "John Sennhauser Works of the 30's and 40's": Invitation1980
00400536-37MM. Bernheim Jeune, Paris: "Des uvres Hilla Rebay": Catalogue (2 folders)1930, 1934
Musée de Tel-Aviv
00400538"Horizons Nouveaus": Catalogue1948
00400539"Violet Citron": Catalogue1950
00400540Museum Moderner Kunst, Wien: "Rudolf Bauer": Catalogue1985
00402918Nierendorf Gallery: "Gestation-formation": Brochure1941
00400541Ostflügel der Pflz: "Rudolf Scharpf": Catalogue1952
00400542Palais des Beaux Arts, Paris: "Deuxième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles": Catalogue1947
00400543Palazzo Grassi: "Centro Internazionale delle Arti e del Costume": Catalogue1951
00400544Rotunda Gallery, Paris: "Paintings by French Modern Masters": Brochureundated
00400545Staatlichen Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden: "Bilder und Plastiken der Gedenkausstellung": Catalogue1957
00400546Stendahl Art Galleries, California: "Kandinsky": Brochureundated
00004617Der Sturm, Berlin: "Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon": Brochure1913
77354013Sydney Janis Gallery: "Climax in the 20th Century Art": Poster1951
00400547Toledo Museum of Art: Shipping (restricted)1938
00400548University of Bridgeport, Connecticut: "Homage to Hilla Rebay": Catalogue1972
00400549Vassar College Art Gallery: "20th Century German Prints and Drawings": List of Loaned Works1983
Washburn Gallery, New York
00400550"Abstract Art in America": Catalogue1979
00400551-52"Rolph Scarlett": Catalogue (2 folders)1982, 1983
00400553Westport Arts Center: "Kandinsky": Catalogue1989
00400554Wildenstein & Company, New York: "New Works by Hilla Rebay": Catalogue1935
00400555Woodstock Artists Association, New York: "Rolph Scarlett": Catalogue1993
00400556Worcester Art Museum: "Hilla Rebay Exhibition" in 1927: Correspondence1974
Unidentified Location
00400557Grenoble Exhibition1948?
00400658Paris Exhibitions1947-1950
00400660List of Lenders (restricted)1945
Traveling Created by Museum of Non-Objective Painting and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
00400661"Art of Tomorrow" (#45-T) (Everhart Museum, Pennsylvania): Brochure and Checklist1945
00400662"Mostra Fondazione R. Solomon Guggenheim" (#77-T) (Fondazione Origine, Roma): Catalogue1953
"Paintings by Rudolf Bauer from the Collection of Solomon R. Guggenheim" (#2-T) (Arts Club of Chicago)1936
00400664Brochure and Invitation (copies)1936
00400665"Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Paintings" (# 3-T) (Philadelphia Art Alliance): Catalogue1937
"Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Paintings" (#4-T) (Gibbes Memorial Art Gallery, South Carolina)
"Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Paintings" (#5-T) (Baltimore Museum of Art)
101019268aCatalogue (2 folders)1939
00400669Lists of Works1939
00400670Lists of Works1939
00400671"Wassily Kandinsky Memorial Exhibition" (#47-T) (Arts Club of Chicago): Brochure1945
00400672"Zeitgenssische Kunst unde Kunstpflege in U.S.A." / "Gegenstandslose Malerei in Amerika" (#60-T) (Kunsthaus Zürich): Catalogues1947-1948
Finance (restricted)
73-109, 110-111Bills and Receipts (39 folders)undated, 1918-1961
004007112-114Statements and Checks (3 folders)1939-1956
004007115Proxy: National Investors Corporation1966
004007116Florida Southern College: Citation for Meritorious Service1953
Franton Court
004007117Business Cardsundated
119, 19Garden Supplies (2 folders)1947
004007120List of Books on Art in the Library of Hilla Rebay1946
Horoscope Books
004007122Rebay, Gabriele von1922
004007123Rebay, Hillaundated
124, 20Immigration Application Forms: Blank (2 folders)undated
004007125-127Journals (3 folders)1902-1911
00402921Last Will and Testament (Copies)1967
Lectures Given by Hilla Rebay
004007128Music of Non-Objective Painting1946
004007129Non-Objective Art1942
004007130aNon-Objective Painting1945-1946, 1952
004007130bNon-Objective Painting1945-1946, 1952
004007131Non-Objective Painting1945-1946, 1952
004007132aNon-Objective Painting1945-1946, 1952
004007132bNon-Objective Painting1945-1946, 1952
004007133Untitled: [The field I want to cover in a short time]undated
0040131Artists Equity Associationundated, 1948-1952
0040132College Art Association1946-1955
0040133Museums Council of New York City1951
0040134Museum of Modern Art1944-1954
0040135Overseas Associatesundated
0040136Willkie for President Clubundated
Memo Books
0040137-8Undated (2 folders)undated
00401391948/19511948, 1951
Newspaper and Magazine Clippings
00401310-11General (2 folders)undated, 1947-1969
1, 12Abstract Art (2 folders)undated, 1950-1956
3, 13-14British Royal Family (3 folders)1951-1966
0001674Carnegie Hallundated
00401315Cooking and Householdundated, 1954
00401316Criticisms of Hilla Rebay Exhibitions1927-1930
0001675-6Fashion (2 folders)undated, 1964
00401317Film on Modern Art: "New Art - New Perceptions" by Domnick Production1952
00401318Florida Southern College1955
00401319Medical Essays by Otto Meyerundated, 1947-1949
00401320Museum of Modern Artundated
7, 21-23, 14, 22Museum of Non-Objective Painting and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (6 folders)1938-1972
24-25, 15, 23Nonobjective Art (4 folders)undated, 1932-1969
00402924Arp, Jeanundated
00401326Barr, Alfred H., Jr.1981
00401327Bauer, Rudolfundated, 1924, 1939, 1953
00401428Biederman, Charlesundated
00401429Bolotowsky, Ilya1981
8, 25Calder, Alexander (2 folders)undated, 1976
0001679Churchill, Winston1964
00401430Day, Dorothy1980
00016710D'Harnoncourt, Reneundated
00401431Feininger, Lyonel1956, 1974
00016711Ford, Henry II1964
12, 32Guggenheim, Peggy (2 folders)1965-1969
1, 26-29Guggenheim, Solomon R. (5 folders)1949
00401433Hepworth, Barbara1975
13, 2, 34-37Kandinsky, Wassily (6 folders)1944-1964
00016714Kennedy, John F.1964
15, 38Klee, Paul (2 folders)undated, 1949-1979
00016716Kokoschka, Oskarundated
17, 3, 39Leger, Fernand (3 folders)1935-1953
00401440Liszt, Franzundated
00401441Lye, Len1980
00401442Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich1953
00401443Marc, Franz1958, 1966
00401444Massine, Leonide1979
00016718Miro, Joanundated, 1969
00401445Mondrian, Piet1944-1979
00401446Munter, Gabriele1957
00401447Nebel, Otto1951
0040164Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy1964-1966
19, 48-49Picasso, Pablo (3 folders)undated, 1944-1974
00401450Planck, Max1947-1950
00401451Pollock, Jackson1958
5, 52-54, 16Rebay, Hilla (5 folders)1935-1985
0040166Rockefeller, Nelson1979
00401455Rosenberg, Paulundated
00016720Rubirosa, Porfirioundated
00401456Scarlett, Rolph1965
00401457Soby, James1979
00401458Sterner, Marie Waltherundated
00401459Stettheimer, Florine1980
00401460Stuart, Robert Ochiltreeundated
00401461Sweeney, James Johnson1952
00401462Thony, Eduard1950
7, 63Wright, Frank Lloyd (2 folders)undated, 1948-1969
00016721Xceron, Jeanundated
00401464Zumsteg, Gustav1980
65, 66Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (2 folders)undated, 1945-1970
Postcard Collection
67-77, 1-5Artwork (16 folders)undated
0040186Garbo, Gretaundated
0040187-11Museum of Non-Objective Painting (5 folders)undated
12-20, 21-24Travel (13 folders)undated
00402425aAcadémie Julian1909-1910
77354018Amerikanischer Leseraum Coburgundated
00402425bArt Gallery of Toronto1954
00402426Dada-Oz: Otto Schmalhausenundated
00402427-30Museum of Non-Objective Painting and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (4 folders)undated
0040201The New School, New Yorkundated
0040202Society of Illustrators1943
0040203Soprintendenza Alla Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna1956
0040204Der Sturm1921
0040205A Talk by Agnetta Floris Peck1955-1956
0040206A Talk by Hilla Rebayundated
77354019Universittsbibliothek Tübingen1949
0040207David Nixon by Kenneth Lawrence Beaudoin1943
0040208Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe1907
0040209Raul Lozza y el Perceptismo by Abraham Haberundated
00402010The Story of Painting by Murray Sheehanundated
00402013Faith Vilas1948?
0001681Foster Wheeler Corporationundated
00402014Georg Meistermann1947
00402015Grupo de Arte Constructivo: Guiones1930, 1933
00402016Hans Freeseundated
00402017Hans Jaenisch1948
00402018Herman Millerundated
00402019Maude I. Kerns Art Center1981
00402020Musei di Napoli1948
00402021Museum of Non-Objective Paintingundated
00402022Neue Pflzische Gruppe1953, 1957
00402023Primera Exposicion Circulante al Aire Libre Agear1947
00402024The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Collection: A Brief Historyundated
00402025The Taylor Museum of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center1943
00402026-28Unsolicited Comments Made by the Public in the Museum of Non-Objective Painting, in New York (3 folders)undated
00402029Verlag Alexander Kochundated
00402030Verlag J. C. B. Mohrundated
00402031Vrij Beelden: Group of Modern Dutch Artists1948
00402032Willy Baumeister1947
00402033The Arizona State College Collection of American Art1955-1956
00402034Artists Equity Association New York Chapter1952
0001682Florida Southern College1952
00402035France in the United States by the French Embassy Cultural Division1956
00402036L'Humanité et les Animaux by la Famille Universelle1953
00402037Il Milione by Galleria del Milione: Josef Albers1934
00402038Informations Culturelles by Ministère des Affaires Etrangères1947
9-10, 39-42Institute of Mental Physics (6 folders)undated, 1942-1943
00402043The New University, Florida1963
00402044The Phillips Collection1992
00402045Pratt Institute1938-1939
00402046Sierra Club1965
00402047Willard Gallery1941
Newspapers and Magazines
3, 48Architectural Forum: Frank Lloyd Wright (2 folders)January 1948
00402049Archives of American Art Journal, Volume 28, Number 3: Nonobjective Art1988
00401611Art News: Wassily KandinskyMay 1959
0001684Arte Madi: Nonobjective ArtOctober 1950
00402050Carnegie Magazine: Wassily KandinskyMay 1946
00402051Fairfield County: DogsFebruary 1967
00402052Hsten: Horse RidingMay 1956
0001688Illustrated London News: British Royal FamilyNovember 24, 1951
00402053IrregularJuly 22, 1980
0001685Life: British Royal FamilyJuly 1964
00402054Main Currents in Modern Thought: Nonobjective ArtOctober 1947
0001686Mobilier et Décoration: Hilla RebayJuly 1930
0001689-10Münchner: British Royal Family (2 folders)March 1954
00402055-56National Parks (2 folders): TravelFebruary, May 1965
00402057The New Criterion: Hilla RebayOctober 1984
00004618New York Times Magazine: BooksNovember 26, 1950
00402058Newsweek: British Royal FamilyDecember 21, 1953
00401612Nobis, Number 4: Nonobjective Art1951-1952
13-15, 59Les Nouvelles des Expositions: Nonobjective Art (4 folders)March, September-October 1937
00402060Opera NewsJanuary 1962
00402061aPen & Brush: Solomon R. Guggenheim MuseumApril 1968
00402061bRéalités Nouvelles, Number 1: Nonobjective Art1947
00004619Sphere: British Royal FamilyJanuary 23, 1954
00401616Der Spiegel: AristocratJune 1957
0001687Der Sturm: Nonobjective ArtFebruary 1919
00004620Urbeiter Zeitung: Nonobjective ArtNovember 1968
00402062-63Das Geistreich: Rudolf Bauer (2 folders)1931
0001691-3Hilla Rebay (3 folders)undated
Travel Booklets
00402065-66England (2 folders)undated
00402067-69Germany (3 folders)undated, 1951-1952
00402070-73Japan (4 folders)1955
00402074-75Portugal (2 folders)1951, 1954
00402078-83United States (6 folders)undated, 1954-1967
Solomon R. Guggenheim's Bequest
00401617Agreement on Solomon R. Guggenheim's Bequest to Hilla Rebay (Copies)1950
00401618Notice of Probate of Solomon R. Guggenheim's Will (Copy)1949
00401619-21Solomon R. Guggenheim's Last Will and Testament (Copies) (3 folders)1938-1949
00402085Ashmore, Jerome: The Old and the New in Non-Objective Painting1951
Bauer, Rudolf
00402086The Cosmic Movement1946
00402087-88The Realm of the Spirit (2 folders)undated
0040221Zum Gadjenseits1941
0040222[As Bauer says ]1946?
0040223[Contrary to the medieval period ]undated
4, 20[Le moyen ge héroque a ] (2 folders)undated
00401622[Ungegenstaendliche Kunst ist das vom ]undated
0040225Delteil, Joseph: Robert Delaunay is Dead1942
0040226Dorfles, Gillo: The Secret of Brancusi1956
0040227Fifield, William: Hans Hinterreiter, Adam Among Abstractionistsundated
George, George L.
00402210Vladimir Shwab1944
00402211Gleizes, Albert: The History of Art and the Value of the Formundated
00402212Gogh, Vincent van: [Aurier's article gives me the courage ]undated
00402213Griessmaiter, Viktor: Zur Malerie von Karl A. Wolf1954
Grohmann, Will
00402214The Art of Kandinsky1933
00402215Wassily Kandinskyundated
00402216Grzinger, Wolfgang: Zweihndiges Zeichnen und Malen der Kinder nach Methode Taddundated
Kandinsky, Wassily
00402217-18Autobiography (2 folders)1918
00402219The International Exhibition of the Secession1902
00402220Kandinsky Collective Exhibit1902-1912
00402221Mottoes for "On the Spiritual in Art"1946
00402222On Stage Compositionundated
00402223On the Question of Formsundated
00402224Painting as a Pure Art1924?
00402225Point and Line to Plane1946
00402226Schematic Plan of Studies and Work of the Institute of Art Culture1920?
00402227-28Sounds (2 folders)undated
00402230The Yellow Sound1946
00402231Untitled: [Kandinsky wrote in ]undated, 1912-1920
00402232Klar, Gerta: Gegenstandslose Malerei in Amerikaundated
00402233Lombardo, Josef Vincent: Aesthetics of Representative and Abstract Artundated
Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich
00402234Die Gegenstandslose Weltundated
Marc, Franz
00402236The "Savages" of Germany1946
00402237Spiritual Possessions1946
00402238Two Paintings1946
Marquette, Jacques
00402239Considerations on Non-Objective Paintingundated
00402240From Art to Spiritualityundated
00402241Messages of Non-Objective Paintingsundated
00402242Untitled: [The newest developments of pictorial art have ]1943?
00402243Moses, George H.: Non-Objective Paintingundated
Picasso, Pablo
00402244Statement by Picasso 19231923
00402245Statement by Picasso 19351935
00402246Plato: Republicundated
Rebay, Hilla
00402247Der Abmaler des Irdischenischen Istundated
00402248aAbout the Book on Kandinskyundated
00402248bAbout the Book on Kandinskyundated
00402249Abstraktion and Non-Objectivundated
00402250America is the Country of Rhythm1943
23, 51-58Aphorisms (9 folders)undated, 1947-1949
00402259-66Aphorisms (8 folders)undated, 1947-1949
00402267-78Aphorisms (12 folders)undated, 1947-1949
00402279Bauer, the Silent One - Ruhig Lassenundated
00402280The Beauty of Non Objectivity1937
00402280The Beauty of Non Objectivity1937
00402281Die Bedeutung der Abstraction und Ihrer Schoepferundated
00402282-83Comment on Non-Objective Painting (2 folders)undated
0040191A Definition of Non-Objectivity1936
0040192Eine Kurze uebersicht von Der Gegenstaendlichkeit zur Gegenstandslosigkeit in der Malerieiundated
0040194Gegenstandslose Malerei1942
0040195Great Non-Objective Masterpieces in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection1938
00401624History of the Museum of Non-Objective Paintingundated
00401624History of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (Drafts)undated
0040196In Answer to House of 194 X Conf'd1942
0040197Kandinsky and Modern Physicsundated
0040198Kandinsky, the Artistic Prophet of the Spiritual Eraundated
00401625Kandinsky - the Masterundated
00401625Kandinsky - the Master (Drafts)undated
0040199aKandinsky's Vision Was the Timeless One of All Seers1946
0040199bKandinsky's Vision Was the Timeless One of All Seers1946
00401910Kommentar zu Gegenstandslosermalereiundated
00401911aThe Language of Form and Colorundated
00401911bThe Language of Form and Color (Letter from The Institute of Mental Physics)1942
00401912The Meaning of the In-between and the Great Cause of Non-Objectivityundated
00401913Mission Spirituelle de L'inobjectivitéundated
00401915Music and Non-Objective Painting in the New Museum to Be Built by Frank Lloyd Wright1947
00401916, 26New Age1949,1955
00401916New Age (Drafts)1949,1955
00401917New Realities1948
00401918"NON" - the Endless Inbetweenundated
00401918"NON" - the Endless Inbetween (Drafts)undated
00401919Non-Objective Painting1942
00401919Non-Objective Painting (Drafts)1942
00401920Non-Objectivity is the Realm of Spirit1939
00401922Notes on the Life and Development of Kandinskyundated
00401923De l'objectivité à la Non-Objectivitéundated
00401924On Non-Objective Painting1958
00401924On Non-Objective Painting (Drafts)1958
00401925On Non-Objectivity for the Thinker1943
00401926-28[Penrod Centurion] (3 folders)undated, 1940-1942, 1946
00401929[Penrod Centurion]undated, 1940-1942, 1946
00401930, 32[Penrod Centurion] (2 folders)undated, 1940-1942, 1946
00401934-35, 49, 60[Penrod Centurion] (4 folders)undated, 1940-1942, 1946
00401965, 67[Penrod Centurion] (2 folders)undated, 1940-1942, 1946
00401931, 33, 36-48, 50-59, 61-64, 66, 68-69[Penrod Centurion] (32 folders)undated, 1940-1942, 1946
00401970Pioneer in Non-Objective Painting1946
00401971The Power of Spiritual Rhythm1939,1947
00401971The Power of Spiritual Rhythm (Drafts)1939,1947
00401973Ein Reisebrief der Malerinundated
00401973Ein Reisebrief der Malerin (Drafts)undated
00401974aThe Rhythm of the In Between1945
00401974bThe Rhythm of the In Between1945
00401974The Rhythm of the In Between (Drafts)1945
00401975A Short Survey from Objectivity to Non-Objectivity1955
00401975A Short Survey from Objectivity to Non-Objectivity (Drafts)1955
00401976Solomon R. Guggenheimundated
00401976Solomon R. Guggenheim (Drafts)undated
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection Exhibition: Prefaces
00401977General: Draftsundated
00401978[The Second Catalogue]: 1937 Exhibition in Philadelphia, PA. (#3-T)undated
00401979-80[The Sixth Catalogue]: Unpublished (2 folders)undated, 1944-1947
00401981a[The Tenth Catalogue]: Unpublishedundated
00401981b[The Tenth Catalogue]: Unpublishedundated
00401982[The Tenth Catalogue]: Unpublishedundated
00401983[The Third Catalogue]: 1939 Exhibition in Charleston, SC. (#4-T)undated
00401984-86Untitled (3 folders)undated
00401987Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Collectionsundated
27, 88-89Statement (3 folders)undated
89Statement (Drafts)undated
00401990To Sweeney's Barrage of Non-Senseundated
00401991Uber Gegenstandslosigkeitundated
00401992Ungegenstndlichkeit ist des Geistes Reichundated
00401992Ungegenstndlichkeit ist des Geistes Reich (Drafts)undated
00401993Value of Non-Objectivity1938
00401993Value of Non-Objectivity (Drafts)1938
0040261Vordemberge Gildewartundated
0040262Warum Nicht Abstrakte, Sondern Nur die Ungegenstndliche Malerei Gegenstandslos Istundated
0040262Warum Nicht Abstrakte, Sondern Nur die Ungegenstndliche Malerei Gegenstandslos Ist (Drafts)undated
00401628Der Wert des Ungegenstndlichenundated
00401628Der Wert des Ungegenstndlichen (Drafts)undated
0040263The World of Formsundated
Untitled (79 folders)
0040264[Absolute painting does not serve the repetition ]1950
0040265[Although extremely handicapped with no proper auditorium ]undated
0040266[Although we do not ]undated
0040266[Although we do not ] (Drafts)undated
0040267[And so it is with the nonobjective painting]1938
0040268[The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition and its attendance ]undated
0040269[The artistic development from objectivity ]1943
00402610[As usual, I was invited ]undated
00402611[At the Guggenheim Museum, 1071 5th Avenue, you can ]undated
00402612[Bauer, Rudolf. Born in 1889 in Lindenwald ]undated
00402612[Bauer, Rudolf. Born in 1889 in Lindenwald ] (Drafts)undated
00402613[Because form is temporal and relative ]undated
00402614[Because nonobjective painting is intuition made ..]undated
00402615[Die Bilder Gavotte und die Originale aller der ]undated
00402616[The circle points around itself, the triangle ]undated
00402617[Comme peintre Hilla Rebay a passé par toutes ]1950?
00402617[Comme peintre Hilla Rebay a passé par toutes ] (Drafts)1950?
00402618[Concerning program and plans ]undated
00402619[Der Deurschen Hoffnung ist die Geistigkeit ]undated
00402619[Der Deurschen Hoffnung ist die Geistigkeit ] (Drafts)undated
00402620[The development to rhythmic contact in space ]undated
00402621[Due to war time, the news of Kandinsky's death ]1947?
00402622[Der edlen linie gewidmet und dem ]undated
00402623[Einige Kommentare con Freunden der S.R. Guggenheim Foundation]1949
00402624["Enfin un genie pour nous faire gagner" said Fernand Leger about ]undated
00402625[Es ist schwer zu begreifen, dass unser ]undated
00402626[European countries gradually developed ]1946?
00402627[Everyone who knew Kandinsky's personality was impressed by ]undated
00402628[The exhibition which we are showing is unique ]undated
00402629[Franz Marc, der 1912]undated
00402630[Der gegenstandslose Maler ergiebt sich ]undated
00402631[God is a giver. There is only one thing ]undated
00402632[Great periods of art are always created by genius, ]undated
00402633[Having been exceptionally endowed by nature ]1949
00402634[How can aesthetics become dynamic ]undated
00402635[I am extremely glad to be back in New York ]undated
00402636[If nonobjectivity would be understood, there would ]undated
00402637[Il Museo di Pintura Non-Oggettiva ]undated
00402638[In the time to come education must be based firstly ]undated
00402639[In Ulm wurde die 'Geschwister-Scholl-Stiftung' errichtet ]undated
00402640[Dem Inzwischen und der edler]undated
00402641[It is amusing to observe the fear and uncertainty ]undated
00402642[It is an old story that the great of ]undated
00402642[It is an old story that the great of ] (Drafts)undated
00402643[Kandinsky kam zur Gegenstandslosigkeit wohl durch die Farbe ]undated
00402644[Life is beautiful if every day is]1947
00402645[Der Mensch unseres geistigen ]1948
00402645[Der Mensch unseres geistigen ] (Drafts)1948
00402646[Nature is our most powerful teacher ]undated
00402647[The newest developments of pictorial art ]1943
00402648[No one can make anyone else's happiness ]1946?
00402649[Nonobjective creation in painting like creative music ]undated
00402649[Nonobjective creation in painting like creative music ] (Drafts)undated
00402650[The nonobjective painter of 1910 ]undated
00402651[Nonobjectivity is the spiritual essence ]undated
00402652[NUTRAGEST ist zum Gebrauch ]undated
00402653[Objective painting means faking the earthly ]undated
00402654[One cannot abstract absolute form expressions ]undated
00402654[One cannot abstract absolute form expressions ] (Drafts)undated
00402655[Painting is the direct expression of a state of ]undated
00402656[Die schne klare Verneinung die ]undated
00402657[Seule la peinture créative est agréable ]undated
00402658[Dies sind zumeist Antworten suf ]undated
00402659[The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for nonobjective painting got from the ]1949
00402659[The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for nonobjective painting got from the ] (Drafts)1949
00402660[The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation of New York City is the only ]1942
00402661[The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation was established ]undated
00402662[The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is supported by the ]1954
00402663[This art cannot present itself at the first ]1947
00402664[This leading museum of nonobjective painting ranked ]undated
00402665[To befitted us of great comfort is to know ]1952
00402666[To free ourselves from absorption ]undated
00402666[To free ourselves from absorption ] (Drafts)undated
00401629[Unless wanting to become a musician ]undated
00402667[Vassily Kandinsky, the dean of nonobjective painters, ]1944
00402668[Vera, die mein Leben sieht, sagte ]1947
00402669[Vor 24 Jahren habe ich Deutschland ]1947
00402669[Vor 24 Jahren habe ich Deutschland ] (Drafts)1947
00402670[Und warum ist die gegenstandslose ]1947
00402671[Was Angina Pectoris Brustschmerzen betrifft ]undated
00402671[Was Angina Pectoris Brustschmerzen betrifft ] (Drafts)undated
00402672[What could be more esthetic in this modern era ]undated
00402673[What is early France?...]undated
00402674[What the spectator perceives, ]undated
00402675[When reverence fills the heart of the intelligent ]1943
00402676[Where does this come from? ]1947?
00402676[Where does this come from? ] (Drafts)1947?
00402677[Why has this been so? ]undated
00402678a[With this, the cubist banished ]undated
00402678b[With this, the cubist banished ]undated
00402679[Yes, inbetween always is nonobjective divine, ]1949
00402680[Die Zeichnung ist ja wirklich gut gemacht ]1949
00402681[Zu demselben Grade wie seine Seele die ]1947
00402682Rich, Daniel Catton: Arthur Jerome Eddy - Portrait of a Collectorundated
00402683Roh, Juliane: Altdeutsche Weihnachtsphantasie im Bildausschnittundated
00402684Schrack, J. Earl: Graphological Analysis of "X"1944
00402685Shook, Pat: Sonnet on Kandinsky1974
00402686Silesius, Angelus: [Gott wirst du, liebst du ]undated
00402687Stepanova, Varvara: Non-Objective Art1919
00402688Suida, William: [The importance of Wassily Kandinsky has for a long time ]undated
00402689Templeton, Alec: Bach is a Modern1943
00402690Ueberwasser, Walter: Zur Darstellung "Vom Frühwerk des Malers Wassily Kandinsky" von M. Strakosch-Giesler1948
00402691Watkins, C. Law: Art and Reality1943
00402692Wersin, Wolfgang von: Das Elementare Ornament und Seine Gesetzlichkeitundated
Wright, Frank Lloyd
00402693Concerning the Solomon R. Guggenheim Memorial Museum1952
30, 94The Modern Gallery (2 folders)undated
00402695Yavorskaya, ?: Non-Objective Art1927
00402696Yeatman, Pope: [Speech Script]1945
00402697Zehder, Hugo: Wassily Kandinsky1920
00402698Zuendt, E. A.: Meine Mutterundated
00402699The All-Russuan Convention on Art 19111945
004026100Americabuch Für Die Jugendundated
004026101Foundation for Encouragement in the Non-Objective Ideal and Promotion of the Religious and Spiritual in Artundated
004026102Die Gründzüge zum Aufbau eines Instituts für Pflege und Forschung der neuen Künstlerischen Kulturundated
004026103-104History of Art (2 folders)undated
004026105The Spiritual Revolutionundated
004026106Zeichnet Kriegsanleiheundated
004026107[A man's reach should exceed his grasp, ]undated
004026108[Der Geschmackssinn und Wissen um ]undated
004026109[Der grosse Schweiger ist tot ]undated
004026110[In 1935, there appeared a book by the Italian writer ]undated
004026111[Non-objective masterpieces are never mechanical decorations ]undated
004026112[Wenn ich nicht die Hoffnung ]undated
004026113[Why don't these artists ]undated
Series 3. Institutional records, 1936-1997 (bulk 1971-1978), 6 cubic ft.
A. Hilla von Rebay Foundation
Board of Trustees (restricted)
004026114Grele, Robert F.1973-1978
004026115Rebay, Gabrielle von1973-1984
004026116Rebay, Roland von1949, 1973-1978
004026117Schiaroli, Francis P.1973-1974
004026118Directoryundated, 1978
004026119Minutes of Meeting with Representatives of the Guggenheim Museum1973
004026121Cummings & Lockwood Partners: Directoryundated
Finance (restricted)
31, 122Bills and Receipts (2 folders)1973-1974
Hilla Rebay Collection
0040081Articlesundated, 1936,1972
2, 32Correspondence (2 folders)1951, 1973, 1974
0040083Paper Samples1973
00401633A.P.F. Inc.1973-1974
00401634Dain Schiff Inc.1973-1974
5, 35-36Insurance (3 folders)1971-1982
6-11, 37Inventories (7 folders)undated, 1973-1975
Loan Exhibitions
00400812Agreement Samplesundated
Brandeis University, Rose Art Museum
00400814-15Loan Agreement (2 folders) (restricted)1974
00400815Loan Agreement (restricted)1974
16, 38Shipping and Insurance (2 folders) (restricted)1974
00400917Dartmouth College: Insurance and Loan Agreement (restricted)1972
Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum
00400921Loan Agreement (restricted)1973
22a, 39Newspaper Clippings (2 folders)1973
00400922bWall Listscirca 1973
William Benton Museum of Art
00400924Invitation Lists1974
00400925Loan Agreement (restricted)1974
00401640Newspaper Clippings1974
26, 41Shipping and Insurance (2 folders) (restricted)1973-1974
00400927Williams College Museum of Art: Correspondence1973
Restoration (restricted)
28-32, 42Gaehde, Christa M.: Correspondence (6 folders)1971-1974
00400934Record of Restoration1974
00400935-36Sale of Artwork: Correspondence (2 folders) (restricted)1971-1974, 1995
Schaack, Margaret C.D. (Curator)
00400937American Association of Museums: Membership1973-1974
00400938Art Lending Program: National Gallery of Art1974
00400939Art Shipping: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Ollendorff Fine Artsundated
00401643New Yorker Films1973
00400940Programs and Publications: Other Museums1973-1974
00401042Art Photography Program1972-1974
00401043The Blue Rider Research Trust: Image Reproduction Requests1974
00401044Hilla von Rebay Foundation Board of Trustees (restricted)1973-1974
00401045International Exhibitions Foundation1973
00401046Leonard Hutton Gallery1975
00401047The National Endowment for the Arts1973
00401048The Newark Museum1974
00401049-51Research Requests (3 folders)1973-1974
00401052Rudenstine, Angelica (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1974
00401053Smithsonian Institution1974
00401054Washington International Arts1973
00401055Guggenheim Family: Family Tree and Ephemeraundated
00401056-59Kandinsky, Wassily (4 folders)1973
60, 44Museum Administration (2 folders)1974
University of Bridgeport
00401061Correspondence: Lecture and Seminar1973-1974
00401062Loan Agreement (restricted)1972
00401063Memorandum of Agreement (restricted)1972
00401646Shipping (restricted)1970-1974
65-66, 47Storage Space (3 folders)1972-1974
Library and Archives
00401648Cataloging: Brochure and Correspondence1974
1-8, 49-52Inventories (12 folders)undated
0040019Policy and User Guideundated
00400110Brochures and Articles1960-1972
00400112Research Requests: Registration Forms: Filled1974-1992
00400113Status Report1976
00400114Transcript Preface Samples: Smithsonian Institutionundated
Lukach, Joan M. (Archivist)
15-23, 24-25, 53-54Correspondence (13 folders)1976-1983
"Hilla Rebay: In Search of the Spirit in Art"
00401655Agreement1977, 1983
0040281Chronologyundated, 1977
00400229Rebay Family1978-1984
30-35, 36-41, 1-4, 1a-2Manuscript (18 folders)undated
5, 3Publicity (2 folders)1979-1984
0040283bArtist Correspondence: Copies of Documentsundated, 1931-1951
0040283cBooks: Reference Listundated
0040284Brochure: GE Galleryundated
0040236Images for Publication (Copies)undated
0040237Interview by Linda Shearer of Orrin Riley and Ward Jackson: Hilla Rebay1974
8-9, 5Magazine Clippings (3 folders)1927-1978
10, 6-6aNewspaper Clippings3 folders)1951, 1964, 1972, 1977-1978
11-15, 7-8fNotes (15 folders)undated
00402316Program: 66th Annual Meeting of the College Art Association of America1978
17-23, 9-11bSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives: Copies of Documents (13 folders)undated, 1913-1976
00402325Memorandum: Aims of the Hilla von Rebay Foundation1962
00402326Correspondence: News Release1974
00402327Press Mailing List1972
00402328State National Bank (Executor of Hilla Rebay's Will): Directory and Brochureundated
B. Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Bauer, Rudolf
00402330Art Dealing Commissioned by Solomon R. Guggenheim: Correspondence1930-1940?
31-33, 12Art Supplies Support: Correspondence and Invoices (4 folders)1940-1941
34, 13Bylaws (2 folders)undated, 1950, 1967
35, 14Carnegie Hall Lease Agreements (2 folders)1943-1949
00402336Correspondence: From Solomon R. Guggenheim to Board of Trustees (restricted)1948-1949
00402337Curator's Reports1937-1938
00402338Finance: Invoices (restricted)1942-1943
00402339-40Hostess Reports (2 folders)1943, 1951
0040251Invitation List: International Show1949
0040252Nonobjective Films at the Museum of Non-Objective Paintingundated
0040253Notice of Hearing: United States Customs Court1950
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection
0040254-5Acquisitions (2 folders) (restricted)1938-1945
6-11, 15-19Inventories (11 folders)undated, 1937-1953
00402820-21Loan Agreements (2 folders) (restricted)undated, 1940-1942
00402513Shipping Tagsundated
Statements on Nonobjective Art (Copies)
00402514Guggenheim, Solomon R.1949
00402822Rebay, Hillaundated
00402516Board of Trustees: Directory (restricted)undated
00402517-19Berg, Henry (3 folders) (restricted)1973-1983
00402520Dennison, Lisa1995
21-22, 23Messer, Thomas M. (3 folders)1975-1985
Hilla Rebay Collection
00402523Cataloging: Kokkinen, Eila1973
00402524-33Inventories (10 folders)undated, 1939-1997
34-69, 24-28General (41 folders)undated, 1969-1973
1-21, 22-37, 70-80, 29Information from Backs of Original Frames (49 folders)undated, 1976-1977
Legal (restricted)
38, 30Claim Index1968
00402831Litigation: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation vs. State National Bank of Connecticut1971
00401239-40Memorandum of Agreement: Estate of Hilla Rebay (2 folders)1971-1978
00401241Announcement: Hilla Rebay Lecture1997
Press Releases
00401242Acquisitions of the 1930's and 1940's1968
00401243Hilla Rebay Lecture1997
00402832New Museum Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Opening1959
00401244Peggy Guggenheim Collectionundated
00401245Russian Paintings Lent to Guggenheim Museum: Wassily Kandinskyundated
00402833Works to be Auctioned1971
00401246Rebay Summer Internship (restricted)1994