Peter G. Loggin records

Peter G. Loggin records

Collection Overview

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Department of Facilities.
Peter G. Loggin records
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1954-1981 (bulk 1965-1969, 1972-1974)
1.5 cubic ft. (2 boxes)
Historical Abstract:
Peter G. Loggin served as the building superintendent of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). The Building department (today called the department of Facilities) managed both the Maintenance and Security departments within the SRGM.
Scope and Content Abstract:
The Peter G. Loggin records contain the Building department records of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM), spanning the years 1954-1981. This collection documents the construction, additions and alterations to the SRGM building as well as general management. Record types in the collection include agreements; permits; architectural drawings; photographs; specifications; reports; correspondence; agendas and minutes; and handwritten notes.
Collection is primarily in English.
Organized into 2 series: 1. General; 2. Architectural Projects.
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Peter G. Loggin records. A0034. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York, NY.
Freed, Donald E.
Loggin, Peter G.
Museum architecture.
Peters, William Wesley.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
Taliesin Associated Architects.
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959.
Finding aid prepared by Kyung Eun Kwon in November 2007.

Historical Note

Peter G. Loggin (PGL) was the building superintendent of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). As building superintendent, PGL served as the head of the Building department (today called the department of Facilities) of the SRGM. The Building department managed both the Maintenance and Security Departments within the SRGM, covering space design and planning, facilities management, and security system maintenance. PGL was involved with the construction projects of the SRGM building as the project engineer. In 1963, SRGM began construction of an annex behind the existing Frank Lloyd Wright structure to house administrative and storage facilities. The building addition was designed by William Wesley Peters, Wright's son-in-law. He was a member of the Taliesin Associated Architects, a division of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The annex was constructed between 1966 and 1968. Although it was designed as a six-story structure, only four floors were constructed due to financial limitations. Because the administration recognizes that future expansion maybe possible, the foundation of the annex is built with the capacity to support a ten-story building. In 1974, the Wright building underwent further structural alterations with the addition of a restaurant and bookstore on the ground floor. The alterations were designed by Donald E. Freed. To accommodate these additions, the driveway between the rotunda and the monitor building was enclosed and the sculpture garden along 89th Street was transformed into an outdoor café.


"The Building." Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. (accessed October 1, 2007).

Scope and Content Note

The Peter G. Loggin records span the years 1954-1979 (bulk 1965-1969, 1972-1974). This collection documents the construction of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) building and its alterations, as well as the general management of SRGM. Record types in the collection include agreements; permits; architectural drawings; photographs; specifications; reports; correspondence; agendas and minutes; and handwritten notes. The bulk of this collection relates to the new annex construction. This collection is organized into 2 series: 1.General; and 2. Architectural Projects.

Series Descriptions

Series 1. General, 1938-1981, .4 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 1. General contains Peter G. Loggin's (PGL) records concerning the management of the Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum's (SRGM) facilities. Included are the certificates of inspection and insurance and the plans and descriptions that detail aspects of the SRGM building. Liquor licenses and theatre permits include the application forms, related correspondence and memoranda. Of special interest is a 1973 desk calendar with notes by PGL that records the scheduling for the installment and dissolution of a Jean Dubuffet exhibition. Insurance and telephone folders are restricted due to content.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 2. Architectural Projects, 1956-1974 (bulk 1965-1969, 1972-1974), 1.1 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 2. Architectural Projects contains Peter G. Loggin's (PGL) records relating to the construction of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). Record types include correspondence, reports, photographs, plans, and drawings. This series is primarily composed of documents that relate to the original construction of SRGM by Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW), the new annex project by William Wesley Peters (WWP), and later alteration by Donald. E. Freed (DEF). The records of the annex project date from 1964 to 1969 and they relate to the addition of the annex including the Thannhauser Gallery. The section pertaining to the annex includes correspondence between SRGM officials (PGL and business administrator of the SRGM, Glenn H. Easton. Jr.) the structural architect (WWP), consulting structural Engineers (Fraioli, Blum, and Yesselman), and consulting mechanical engineers (John L. Altieri). Correspondence between general contractor (Euclid Contracting Corp), mechanical contractor (Taggart) and subcontractors is also included. A highlight of the collection includes a log book by Glenn H. Easton containing information on the daily annex construction process from September 1966 to May 1968. The project file includes preliminary sketches, correspondence with bidding invitation list, correspondence between WWP and Harry F. Guggenheim, minutes of job conferences, and reports outlining the scope of mechanical and electrical work from 1965 to 1966. The records of the alteration project date from 1972 to 1974. They relate to the general construction, restaurant, café, tea room and new door opening, completed by DEF. Correspondence includes letters between SRGM officials (PLG and Deputy Director, Henry Berg), general contractor (A-J Contracting), structural architects (DEF), consulting structural Engineer (Alvin Fromme) and subcontractors. Of special interests are public affairs records and correspondence with the Board of Standards and Appeals that document the controversial issues surrounding the construction project. The FLW plans and specifications include level plans, mechanical and electric drawings.
Arrangement: Alphabetical

Folder List

Series 1. General, 1938-1981, .4 cubic ft.
709684Bureau of Gas and Electricity, City of New York1974
709684Calendar with Notes1973
709684Door: Richards-Wilcox (2 folders)1972
709684Energy Retrofit Systemundated
691360Fire Suppression System1975
Specifications and Drawings (4 folders)1957-1974
709684Insurance (Restricted)1971-1973
709684Lighting and Signsundated
709684Liquor Licenses and Theatre Permits1972-1974
709684Power Control Diagrams1938-1959
Telephones (Restricted)
709684Descriptions (2 folders)undated, circa 1959
Plans and Diagrams (4 folders)undated, 1956
Series 2. Architectural Projects, 1956-1974 (bulk 1965-1969, 1972-1974), 1.1 cubic ft.
Freed, Donald. E.: Alterations
709684Agreements and Estimate (Restricted)1973-1974
709684Change Orders1974
709684A-J Contracting (2 folders)1973-1974
709684Board of Standards and Appeals1973
709684Contractor Bids1973
709684Donald. E. Freed (2 folders)1973-1974
709684Restaurant (Contractors)1973-1974
691360Department of Buildings, City of New York1973-1974
Fee and Payment (2 folders) (Restricted)1973-1974
709684Minutes of Construction Meetings1973-1974
Plans and Specifications
709684Door (2 folders)1973-1974
709684Mechanical Plans (2 folders)1973-1974
709684Restaurant and Toilets (3 folders)undated, 1974
709684Site and Floor (2 folders)1973
709684Tea Roomundated
709684Public Affairs1973
709684Receiving Slips1974
709684Reports (2 folders)1974
709684Specifications (3 folders)1973-1974
709684Transmittal Letters1972-1974
Peters, William Wesley: Annex
709684Change Orders1966-1967
709684Construction Log Book (2 folders)1966-1968
709684Contractors (2 folders)1966-1969
709684Euclid (5 folders)1966-1967
709684Glenn H. Easton. Jr.1966
709684Taliesin (4 folders)1965-1969
709684Department of Buildings, City of New York1966-1967
709684Minutes of Job Conference1966
709684Photographs: Stair Tower1968
Levels and Sections (2 folders)1967
Mechanical and Electrical Drawings (5 folders)1966-1967
709684Project File (2 files)1965-1966
709684Punch List for Certification of Occupancy1968
709684Reports (3 folders)1967-1968
709684Specification: Thannhauser Gallery1964
709684Transmittal Letters1966-1967
709684Waiver of Liens (Restricted)1968
709684Work Order1967
691360Wright, Frank Lloyd: Original Building: Plans and Specifications (5 folders)1956-1959