Hilla Rebay records

Hilla Rebay records

Collection Overview

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives.
Museum of Non-Objective Painting. Office of the Director.
Hilla Rebay records
Call Number:
1882-1967 (bulk 1937-1952)
46 cubic ft. (141 boxes)
Historical Abstract:
Hilla Rebay met Solomon R. Guggenheim in 1927 and served as his art advisor before becoming director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting in 1939. She resigned from her directorship in 1952.
Scope and Content Abstract:
The Hilla Rebay records document the activities of Hilla Rebay (HR), first director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP). Topics covered within the collection include the governance of the MNOP; the establishment and operation of the MNOP; the MNOP's support of nonobjective art through scholarships and its promotion of nonobjective film; the activities of Rudolf Bauer; the exhibitions and permanent collection of the MNOP; the activities of HR independent of her work for the MNOP; and the research interests of HR and her staff. Correspondence comprises the majority of this collection. Other record types include articles, essays, and lecture transcriptions; exhibition brochures and checklists; meeting minutes; memoranda and notes; newspaper and magazine clippings; photographs and color reproductions; press releases; record books; reports; and scholarship applications.
Collection is primarily in English and German.
Organized into 6 series: 1. Governance; 2. Administration; 3. Rudolf Bauer; 4. Exhibitions and Objects; 5. Personal; and 6. Research.
The collection is unrestricted unless otherwise indicated in the folder list.
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Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Manager of the Library and Archives.
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Hilla Rebay records. A0010. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York, NY.
Art museum directors.
Art museums--United States--New York.
Art patrons--United States.
Art, Abstract.
Bauer, Rudolf, 1889-1953.
Guggenheim, Solomon R., 1861-1949.
Kandinsky, Wasily, 1866-1944.
Museum of Non-Objective Painting.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959.
Rebay, Hilla, 1896-1967.
Related Materials:
Hilla von Rebay Foundation Archive. M0007. Solomon R. Guggenheim Archives, New York, NY.
Finding aid prepared by Archives Staff in June 2011.

Historical Note

HR was born Hildegard Anna Augusta Elisabeth Rebay von Ehrenwiesen to Franz Josef Rebay von Ehrenwiesen and Antonie von Eicken on May 31, 1890 in Strasburg, Germany (now Strasbourg, France). She took private art lessons in her youth and attended the Höhere Mädchenschule, where she studied under Professor August Zinkeisen, a member of the Düsseldorf Academy. HR enrolled at the Cologne Kunstgewerbeschule in 1908 but moved to Paris the following year to study at the Académie Julian. In 1910 HR moved back to Germany and held her first exhibition at the Cologne Kunstverein in 1912. Subsequently, HR returned to Paris, and met her mentor, Félix Fénéon, an artistic director of the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune and supporter of Neo-Impressionism. Fénéon introduced HR to private collectors, galleries, and artists' studios. In 1913, HR contributed several works at spring exhibitions of the Munich Secessions and the Salon des Indépendants in Paris. At the end of 1915, while traveling to Zurich, HR met Jean Arp who encouraged HR to embrace the idea of nonobjective painting. Arp also introduced her to the work of Marc Chagall, Vasily Kandinsky (VK), Paul Klee, Franz Marc, and Rudolf Bauer (RB). Thanks to Arp, HR met Herwarth Walden and associated with avant-garde art in Germany through the Galerie Der Sturm in 1916. It was in 1917 at the Galerie Der Sturm that HR met and began a long relationship with RB, who profoundly impacted her art and emotional life. Throughout this period, HR participated in many group and individual exhibitions, and met many artists, including Kurt Schwitters, Viking Eggeling, Max Ernst, Eric Mendelsohn, and Otto Nebel with whom HR and RB later co-founded Die Krater.

HR came to the United States in 1927. After relocating to New York City, HR exhibited collages and drawings first at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts and later at the Galleries of Marie Sterner in New York City. In 1928, HR was commissioned to paint a portrait of Solomon R. Guggenheim (SRG). While working on the portrait, HR introduced SRG to the world of abstraction and encouraged him to begin a collection of nonobjective painting. Throughout 1929 and 1930, SRG collected nonobjective paintings on HR's advice. HR and the Guggenheims first visited VK's studio and purchased his work during their trip to Switzerland in 1929. In addition to VK, HR and the Guggenheims met many nonobjective artists including Chagall, Robert Delaunay, Fernand Léger, Albert Gleizes, and László Moholy-Nagy. At this time, SRG commissioned RB to act as an art dealer on SRG's behalf in order to develop a nonobjective collection of European art for his growing art collection. SRG also provided RB with a subsidy that allowed RB to open his own gallery-museum in Berlin, Das Geistreich ("the realm of the spirit"). As the SRG Collection had grown substantially by the end of 1930, SRG decided to install his collection in his rooms at the Plaza Hotel in 1931. It was in 1931 when HR began to articulate her ideas for a museum which would serve as "a temple to nonobjectivity."

In 1936, the SRG Collection was first shown to the public at the Gibbes Memorial Art Gallery in South Carolina. In addition to exhibiting her own work in this exhibition, HR wrote an introductory essay, "Definition of Non-Objective Painting." On June 25, 1937, SRG established the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF) for "the promotion and encouragement and education in art and the enlightenment of the public" and named HR as curator. HR became a trustee of the SRGF in 1938. The SRGF purchased a house for HR in Connecticut, which was named Franton Court, in exchange for the donation of her art collection to the SRGF. The SRGF planned to create a museum, and provided money to fund stipends and employment opportunities for American artists in great need.

The SRGF opened the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP) on June 1, 1939, at 24 East 54th street in New York City. HR was named as the first director of the MNOP. Among the significant exhibitions were a Kandinsky retrospective in 1945 and a László Moholy-Nagy retrospective in 1947. SRG continued to develop his collection based on HR's advice throughout this period. SRG and HR purchased the entire estate of Karl Nierendorf following his death in 1947. This acquisition added over 700 new works for the collection, largely German Expressionist painting. Throughout her tenure at the MNOP, HR advised SRG in developing the SRG Collection; wrote and lectured on nonobjective art; provided scholarships and funds for art supplies to artists; educated the public about the nonobjective art; sponsored many European artists by sending CARE packages during wartime; provided critique and instruction to young artists; and supported American abstract artists.

Out of a desire to find a permanent home for the SRG Collection, in 1943 HR contacted Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) to design a new museum building. The site for the museum on Fifth Avenue and 89th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan was secured in 1944. The construction of the building was completed in 1959. Temporary locations for the MNOP were kept during this period and exhibitions continued to be held.

In the late 1940s, HR actively participated in exhibitions of her own artwork in Europe. HR sent several works to the Paris exhibition, "Deuxième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles," held in 1947. During her visit to Europe in 1948, HR also met gallery owner Otto Stangl and a group of painters called the Gruppe der Gegenstandslosen (Group of the Nonobjectivists) in Munich. They made her an honorary member in 1949. HR later exhibited with them under the name of ZEN 49.

HR resigned as director of the MNOP in 1952, the year when the name of the museum was officially changed to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) in honor of its founder. After leaving the museum, HR continued to exhibit her artwork and traveled the world. She continued to support artists interested in nonobjective art, including Georges Vantongerloo, Julius Bissier, Piero Dorazio, Ellsworth Kelly, and Jack Youngerman. HR died of heart and circulatory complications on September 27, 1967. HR was buried with her parents in Teningen, Germany.


1890Born in Strasburg, Germany (now Strasbourg, France) on May 31
1927Came to the United States and met Solomon R. Guggenheim (SRG)
1930Introduced SRG to Vasily Kandinsky (VK)
1936Organized the first of three loan exhibitions entitled Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Paintings
1938Named Curator of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
1939Appointed Director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP); the MNOP's first exhibition, Art of Tomorrow, opened to the public
1943Contacted Frank Lloyd Wright to design a new museum building
1945Organized a major retrospective of VK's oeuvre
1947Organized a major retrospective of László Moholy-Nagy's oeuvre
1952Resigned as Director of the MNOP on March 29 and became Director Emeritus
1967Passed away on September 27


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Scope and Content Note

The Hilla Rebay records document the activities of Hilla Rebay (HR), first director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP). Topics covered within the collection include the governance of the MNOP; the establishment and operation of the MNOP; the MNOP's support of nonobjective art through scholarships and its promotion of nonobjective film; the activities of Rudolf Bauer; the exhibitions and permanent collection of the MNOP; the activities of HR independent of her work for the MNOP; and the research interests of HR and her staff. Correspondence comprises the majority of this collection. Other record types include articles, essays, and lecture transcriptions; exhibition brochures and checklists; meeting minutes; memoranda and notes; newspaper and magazine clippings; photographs and color reproductions; press releases; record books; reports; and scholarship applications.

Information on the operations of the MNOP can be found in Series 1: Governance and Series 2: Administration. Series 1: Governance covers the stewardship of the MNOP under the SRGF's Board of Trustees, while Series 2: Administration documents HR's vision for the MNOP and her promotion and administrative oversight of it. Information on the development of Solomon R. Guggenheim's (SRG) art collection and the permanent collection of the MNOP can be found in Series 3: Rudolf Bauer and Series 4: Exhibitions and Objects. In addition to documenting Rudolf Bauer's (RB) activities on behalf of the SRGF and his relationship with SRG and HR, Series 3: Rudolf Bauer provides information on RB's own work as an artist and gallerist. Series 4: Exhibitions and Objects provides information on the MNOP's exhibitions, loans, and holdings of individual works of art. Series 5: Personal documents HR's activities and interests independent of the MNOP. HR often intermingled her personal and business activities, however, and as a result, Series 5: Personal contains HR's personal copies of select administration records. Likewise, some of her personal correspondence and financial records can be found in Series 2: Administration. Series 6: Research documents the interests of HR and her staff and consists of artist biographies and subject files of collected materials on a wide range of topics, including artists.

Variations in spelling within this finding aid reflect discrepancies between the spelling used at the time the records were created and the preferred spelling used by the SRGF today.

Digitized highlights can be seen at http://www.guggenheim.org/nhprcfindings.

Series Descriptions

Series 1. Governance, 1937-1959 (bulk 1937-1952), 2.55 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 1: Governance documents the activities of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's (SRGF) Board of Trustees (BOT) and the governance of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP). Record types within the series include correspondence and memoranda; BOT meeting minutes and agendas; reports on museum activities; financial records; and governing documents such as copies of the SRGF's charter and by-laws. BOT correspondence is heavily represented in this series. The incoming and outgoing correspondence of individual trustees can be found under the trustee's name; records of individual trustees are arranged according to whether the trustee was a member or officer and are then further arranged alphabetically. Day Files, which contain carbon copies of the BOT's outgoing correspondence, are arranged chronologically; Day Files regarding MNOP administrative matters can be found in Series 2: Administration. Reports on the activities of the MNOP are also heavily represented in this series and provide a wealth of concise information on the operations of the MNOP and SRGF.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 2. Administration, 1927-1953 (bulk 1937-1951), 27.8 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 2. Administration documents the establishment and operation of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP) and its support of nonobjective art under the direction of Hilla Rebay (HR) from 1937 until 1952. The series is comprised of brochures, correspondence, lecture texts, memoranda, newspaper and magazine articles, record books, reports, scholarship applications, and writings. Correspondence is heavily represented in this series and is arranged according to a filing system created by MNOP staff. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by last name, subject, or type. Additionally, a general correspondence section exists for each letter of the alphabet. Please note that the original filing system was not always consistent; when looking for the correspondence of a particular individual, look under the individual's last name as well as under the relevant general correspondence section. Carbon copies of outgoing MNOP administrative correspondence are arranged chronologically in the Day Files. Day Files composed of outgoing Board of Trustee correspondence can be found in Series 1: Governance. Appreciation letters were compiled and arranged separately from other correspondence by MNOP staff; these letters, largely from artists, express support for non-objective painting, the MNOP, and/or HR. Additional public feedback is contained in the weekly Hostess Reports and Public Comments. The Hostess Reports are composed of testimonials by gallery visitors that were collected by the MNOP staff. Information from the Hostess Reports was utilized by HR in correspondence, reports to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, and in creating Public Comments. Public Comments are testimonial excerpts that have been filed by subject. Some of the Public Comments were also used to produce a booklet promoting the museum. This series further documents the MNOP's public affairs efforts through press releases, copies of newspaper advertisements, and scripts for radio broadcasts and interviews with HR. Series 2: Administration also contains articles, essays, and transcribed lectures on the MNOP and on nonobjective art in general. The titles of some of these writings contain a number that was assigned by the MNOP. Articles used for general research or reference can be found in Series 5. Research. Information on the day-to-day administrative aspects of the MNOP can be found under Office Files, which were created by MNOP staff for general office use; information on the various buildings that housed Solomon R. Guggenheim's art collection and the MNOP can be found in the buildings section of this series. The HR administration not only operated the MNOP but also provided donations and scholarships to the nonobjective art community. Records in this series document HR's efforts to encourage domestic nonobjective painters through monthly paint fund checks and scholarships. The MNOP also sent aid to European artists, art collectors, and critics, as well as to the families of artists and MNOP employees living in Europe. Additional information on the MNOP efforts to support nonobjective artistic endeavors can be found in the records related to film. Highlights of the film records include reports on Charles Dockum's Mobile Color Projector as well as Dwinell Grant's original studies and color experiments for non-objective films.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 3. Rudolf Bauer, 1917-1955 (bulk 1930-1944), 1.95 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 3: Rudolf Bauer documents the activities of Rudolf Bauer (RB) both before and after his immigration to the United States from Germany. Records types contained within this series include correspondence, memoranda, and telegrams; financial, legal, and acquisition records; personal writings; newspaper articles; printed ephemera; and reports. The series is divided into two subseries: A.) Personal and B.) Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Activities. Material in subseries A.) Personal pertains to RB's activities independent of his work for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF). Included in this subseries are short texts written by RB and records related to RB's Das Geistreich gallery/museum as well as his own artistic work and exhibition activities. Subseries B.) Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Activities documents RB's work on behalf of the SRGF and assistance provided to RB from the SRGF. This subseries contains a large amount of documentation pertaining to acquisitions facilitated by RB. Acquisitions information can be found both under the acquisitions heading and under correspondence. Correspondence contains both RB's incoming and outgoing correspondence, including correspondence with Solomon R. Guggenheim, Hilla Rebay, and Albert Thiele that predates the formation of the SRGF. Also heavily represented within this subseries is information pertaining to the Bauer Trust, which was established by the SRGF to support RB during his lifetime. With the exception of immigration records, the majority of legal records are restricted.
Arrangement: Organized into 2 subseries: A.) Personal and B.) Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Activities.
Series 4. Exhibitions and Objects, 1936-1952 (bulk 1939-1951), 3.75 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 4. Exhibitions and Objects documents exhibitions organized by Hilla Rebay as well as activities surrounding the custodianship, documentation, lending, and shipping of individual works of art—both those within the permanent collection of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP) and those borrowed from other institutions or individuals. While the majority of information within this series pertains to exhibition and collections-care activities during Rebay's directorship of the MNOP, information can also be found on Solomon R. Guggenheim's collection prior to the 1939 establishment of the museum, including information on a series of traveling exhibitions first organized in 1936. The majority of the records within this series document exhibitions. Exhibition records include: brochures; catalogues and catalogue information; checklists (both internal and published); correspondence; exhibition planning documents; invitations, announcements, and press releases; newspaper and magazine clippings, and information on shipping and insurance. In addition to providing information on exhibitions of original works of art, the series documents traveling exhibitions of reproductions organized by the MNOP. Information on the commercial production and sale of the reproduction plates, as well as samples, can be found in Series 2: Administration. Exhibition material is arranged alphabetically by exhibition title, and if known, an exhibition number is indicated in parenthesis after the title. Exhibition numbers were assigned by past Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum staff; exhibition numbers including a T denote that the exhibition was organized for another institution. Information on completely unidentified exhibitions can be found in the general exhibitions section; in cases where the title of an exhibition has not been securely identified, a descriptive title has been placed in brackets. Permanent collection records primarily document acquisition activities. Also heavily represented within this series are inventories, which provide information on the location and holdings of works of art both before and after the formation of the MNOP. The folder titles for inventories reflect the titles assigned to the inventories by MNOP staff. Information pertaining to acquisitions, conservation, loans, and shipping is restricted. Many documents that deal with insurance matters are also restricted.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 5. Personal, 1925-1967 (bulk 1937-1958), 4.95 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 5. Personal documents Hilla Rebay's (HR) interests as an artist; citizenship and naturalization; personal correspondence and finances; health, household and residences; and travel during and after her directorship at the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (MNOP). The series is comprised of correspondence, insurance forms, legal documents, photographs, newspapers and magazine articles, sketches, notes, and ephemera. The residential records focus on the alterations, renovations, furnishings, and gardens of Franton Court in Westport (Green Farms), Connecticut and Sunlife in Jefferson, New Hampshire. Additional information on HR's possessions, ranging from clothes to furniture to vehicles, is found in insurance records. The series also includes collective letters which were written by HR to provide regular updates on her activities, particularly while traveling. Some of these letters contain lists of recipients and are written in a combination of German and English. Travel documents include trips to the southwest, west coast, Europe, Japan, and South America. Museum business contains HR's personal copies of select administration records. Undated and/or unidentified texts by HR can be found in three locations: autobiographical notes; correspondence: unidentified drafts; and notes and drafts. Highlights within the collection are her hand-drawn Christmas cards, enemy alien procedures within immigration and naturalization, information on HR's charitable donations, and her interest in new and alternative medical treatments including teeth and skull x-rays. HR often overlapped her personal and business lives, and as a result, additional personal correspondence and financial records can be found in Series 2: Administration.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 6. Research, 1882-1967 (bulk 1940-1966), 5 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 6. Research is comprised of materials collected by Hilla Rebay (HR) or her staff. The series is divided into two categories: artist biographies and subject files. The artist biographies were likely created by the museum staff and vary from a single sentence to a couple pages. The HR and Kandinsky files also contain longer narrative biographies not written by the staff. Subject files are comprised mostly of newspaper and magazine clippings, but also contain collected ephemera. The subject files reflect the range of HR's personal and professional interests. HR's annotations, found on many of the materials within the subject files, reflect her opinions, thoughts, and reactions. The files have remained organized in the original categories from HR's administration.
Arrangement: Alphabetical

Folder List

Series 1. Governance, 1937-1959 (bulk 1937-1952), 2.55 cubic ft.
Board of Trustees
30001Correspondence: Architectural Forum: Magazine of Building1952
30002Meeting Minutes (restricted)1952
Wright, Frank Lloyd
30003aThe American Institute of Architects Citation1949
30003bBrochure: Opening Ceremonies of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1959
30004Text: Concerning the Solomon R. Guggenheim Memorial Museum1952
30006Scholarship Application and Letter of Appointment1938
50391Finance (2 folders) (restricted)1943-1953
30007-8Correspondence: General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1937-1943
9-18, 1-13, 1-9Day Files (32 folders) (16 restricted)1938-1958
Guaranty Trust Company of New York
300210Guggenheim Nitrate Corporation (restricted)1949-1957
300211-12Nebel, Otto (2 folders)1938-1951
13, 2Hilla von Rebay Trust (2 folders)1943-1953
Legal Council
30031Law Offices of V. Henry Rothschild, 2nd (restricted)1940-1941
30032White and Case (restricted)1945-1946
30033Lists of Officers and Members1951, undated
50393Meeting Agenda (restricted)1945
30034-6Meeting Minutes (3 folders) (restricted)1943-1951
30037Boothe, Willis H.: Correspondence: Clarence Rothschild1941
Havemeyer, Henry O.: Correspondence
30038Grant, Dwinell1941
30039Rebay, Hilla1942-1951
300310-12Levy, Louis: Correspondence: Hilla Rebay (3 folders) (1 restricted)1938-1952
Newlin, A. Chauncey
300313Correspondence: Hilla Rebay1944-1950
300314Memoranda: General (restricted)1943
300316For the Historical Record from the Creator of the Foundation's Former Collectionscirca 1952
300317For the Trustees1952
300318Notes on the Paintings (restricted)undated
Bullis, Ralph
300319Correspondence: Hilla Rebay1938-1945
300320Memoranda: Hilla Rebay1941
Castle Stewart, Arthur Stuart, Earl: Correspondence
300321Cassou, Jean1951
300322Rebay, Hilla1951-1952
300323Rossell, Margaret (Secretary to Hilla Rebay)undated, 1951-1952
300324-26Guggenheim, Harry F.: Correspondence: Hilla Rebay (3 folders)1941-1952
Guggenheim, Solomon R.
300327General: Congratulatory1937
300328American Consul Basel Switzerland1940
300329Barr, Alfred1940
300330Board of Trustees1938
300331Burchenal, Elizabeth1939
300332Carlebach Gallery1949
300333Delaunay, Robert1938
300334Delaunay, Robert; Gleizes, Albert; Rambosson, Ivanhoe; Coeffin, Mrs. ?, Delaunay, Sonia; and Richter, Rolfundated
300335Edson, Ebie1938
300336The Educational Alliance1939
300337Grant, Dwinell1942
300338Hartmann, Sadakichi1937
300339Havemeyer, Henry O.1945
300340Havemeyer, Mary Beard1940
300341Higgins, William (restricted)1939
300342Joralemon, Dorothy1938
300343Kelekian, Dikran1938
300344Knoller, Jacob1944
300345Lawson-Johnston, Peter1949
300346Levy, Louis1938
300347MacCracken, William P.1947
300348Maybank, Hon. Burnet R.1937
300349Mount Holyoke1938
300350Newlin, A. Chauncey1944
30041Rambosson, Ivanhoe1938-1939
30042-5Rebay, Hilla (4 folders)1937-1949
30046Rebay, Rolandundated
30047Richter, George1942
30048Sager, Peter1938
30049Savannah Evening Press1938
300410-11Thiele, Albert (2 folders) (1 restricted)1939, 1949
300412Viele, Chase1943
300413Westport Bank and Trust Company1945
300414Wolfe, Alan L.1945
300415Memoranda: Higgins, William (restricted)1937-1939
300416Statement of Purpose of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundationundated
Higgins, William: Correspondence
300417General: Regarding Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart1938-1939
300418Barr, Alfred1940
300419Macgowan, Kenneth1937
300420Mason, H? (restricted)1938
300421Rebay, Hilla1937-1939
300422Richards, Mabel H.1938
Hunt, Clinton
300423Allied Van Lines1949
300424Art Institute of Chicago1952
300425Artists Equity Association (restricted)1951
300426Board of Trustees1951
300427Empire Safe Deposit Company1950
300428-30Rebay, Hilla (3 folders) (1 restricted)1945-1953
300431-32Rossell, Margaret (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952
300433-34Slevin, Joseph (2 folders) (1 restricted)1946-1947
300435Stone, Thomas (restricted)1945-1946
300436United States Post Office1951
300437Warner, Helen1948
300439Bullis, Ralph1951
300440Collins, Fred1951
300441Rebay, Hilla1951
300442Riley, Orin1950
300443Rossell, Margaret1950-1951
300444-45Javana, Max William: Correspondence: Hilla Rebay (2 folders) (1 restricted)1945-1948
Rothschild, Clarence: Correspondence
46-48, 1, 4Rebay, Hilla (5 folders) (1 restricted)1939-1949
30052Waldes, Ica1946
Thiele, Albert E.
30053Castle Stewart, Arthur Stuart, Earl1952
30054Cohen, Walter1948
30055Guggenheim Nitrate Corporation1951
30056Healy, Ann1946
30057Heythum, Antonin1942
30058Kickinson, Joseph1948
30059-13Rebay, Hilla (5 folders) (1 restricted)1937-1950
300514Slevin, Joseph1945
300515Viele, Chase1943
300516Warner, Helen1946
300517Morris, Marie1946
300518Rebay, Hilla1946-1949
Whelpley, Medley G.: Correspondence
300519Rebay, Hilla1943
300520Rossell, Margaret1951
21-24, 1-10, 1-2, 5Reports: Activities of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting (17 folders)1948-1952
30073By-Laws and Charter of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation1937
30074Customs and Tax Exceptions1938
Series 2. Administration, 1927-1953 (bulk 1937-1951), 27.8 cubic ft.
5-10, 1-10, 6Appreciation Letters (17 folders)1936-1952
11-16, 1-13Artist Criticisms (19 folders)1940-1952
300914-19Attendance and Sales Reports (6 folders)1939-1942, 1945, 1947-1949, 1951-1952
Background Information on Museum
300920Data about the Museum of Non-Objective Painting and the Solomon R. Guggenheimundated
50397History of the Museum of Non-Objective Paintingundated, 1948, 1951
21-23, 1-2Bonwitt-Teller Window Displays: Photographs (5 folders)1947
1 East 88th Street
30103Alterations, Furnishings, and Maintenance1951
24 East 54th Street
30106Architectural Drawings1939
30108Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1939
30109Façadecirca 1939
301010Fashion Shootcirca 1939
301011Preparators Building Framescirca 1939
301012Preparators Framing Hilla Rebay's Contrast no. 1 (1943-45)circa 1945
301013Preparators Moving Artworkcirca 1939
301014Staff Photographing Artworkcirca 1939
1071 Fifth Avenue Townhouse
301017-18Alterations: William Muschenheim (2 folders)1944, 1947-1948
301019Block Diagram1944
301020-21Furnishings and Maintenance (2 folders) (1 restricted)1945-1948
301022Improvement of Vacant Lot1951
23, 1, 8Legal (3 folders)1944-1947
301024Announcementundated 1947
301025Invite List1947
30871-7Museum Tour (7 folders)1948
301028North Property1951
Carnegie Hall
301031Correspondence: Kurt Martinundated
301033Furnishings and Maintenance1943-1950
301034Lease1945, 1950
Frank Lloyd Wright Building
30111Bibliography: Frank Lloyd Wrightundated
30113-4Wright, Frank Lloyd (2 folders)1943-1952
30115-6Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1945-1953, undated
Notes and Sketches
30117Rebay, Hillaundated
30118Wright, Frank Lloydundated
30119Architectural Drawingundated
10, 1-3Building Model (4 folders)1945
301111Press Luncheon at the Plaza Hotelcirca 1945
301112Reproduction Requests1952
13-14, 9Press Releases (3 folders)undated
Statements to the Press
301115Guggenheim, Solomon R.1944-1945
301116Rebay, Hilla1951
301117Wright, Frank Lloydundated
Plaza Hotel Apartment
301118Appraisal Inventory of Residential Furnishings1936
301119-30Artists' Tea (12 folders)1939-1942
301131Lecture: Rebay, Hilla: Progress of Paintingundated
301133Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1951
301135Invitation Letters1938-1940, 1946
301136Invite List1939-1942
301137Report of Plaza Showings1941
30121Requests to See Artwork1937-1948
2, 10Real Estate Offers (2 folders)1941-1943
Trillora Court at Sands Point, Long Island (Solomon R. and Irene Guggenheim's Home)
503911Bedroom Floor Plan: Sketchcirca 1940
30126Estimates and Receipts1940-1942
30127Furnishings: Material Swatches1940
30128Illustrated Drawingcirca 1940
301210-11Businesses Offering Products and Services (2 folders)1937-1941
12, 12Christmas Cards (2 folders)1940-1951
1-10, 1General (11 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1939-1952
301311Adams, Judgecirca 1942
301312Addison Gallery of American Art1941
301313Adler, Rose1938
301314Agencia Literaria-Traducciones Espanolas-Americanas1943
301315Aharon, Gregor1941
301316-17Albers, Josef (2 folders) (1 restricted)1951-1952
301318Albright-Knox Art Gallery1935
301319Allen, Georgiana1940-1941
301320Allisat, Herbert, Dr.1939-1941
301321Allman, Henry1938
301322American Art for American Homes Week1940-1941
301323American Association of Museums1945-1946, 1951
301324American Express Company1947, 1950-1951
301325American Federation of the Arts1938-1942
301326American Forestry Association1943
301327American Library of Color Slides1941
301328American Mission to Lepers1943
301329American Railway Express Company1943
301330American Society for Aesthetics1942
301331Antorini, Lucille1940-1941
301332Aram, Dr.?1942
301333Armitage, Merle1937
301334Art Appreciation Movement1942
301335-36Art Institute of Chicago (2 folders) (1 restricted)1939-1949
30141-3Art Institutes, Galleries, and Museums (3 folders) (1 restricted)1943-1952
30144Artists Equity Association1950-1952
30145Artists Union of America1937
30146Arts Club of Chicago1935-1936
30147Arts Club of Washingtonundated
30148Ashmore, Jerome1951
30149Askew, R. Kirk1944
301411Augusta Arts Club1947
12-16, 1-9, 2General (15 folders) (1 restricted)1938-1949
301510-11Backer, Frank (2 folders) (1 restricted)1947
301512Baldwin, Raymond E.1944
301513Baltimore Museum of Art (restricted)1948
301514Barnes, Ryllis1939-1942
301515Barnhart, Edward1940
301516Barnstone, Howard1944
301517Barr, Alfred1943-1949
301518Barrows, Charles1947
30161Beaudoin, Kenneth Lawrence1943-1944
30162Beck Engraving Company1938-1940
3, 3Beckmann, Hannes (2 folders)1946-1951
30164Beckmann, Mrs. M. W.1949
30165Belson, Jordan1947
30166Benno, B. G.1940-1942
30167Berg, Boris and Sonia, Count and Countess1943-1947
30168-9Berger, Robert (2 folders)1949-1952
301610Berry, Unknown1943
301611Bethers, Ray1947
301612Biel, Eugene V. and Mary1942-1950
301613Bignou Gallery1939-1940
301614Bill, Max1946-1951
301615Binet, George1942
301616Bissier, Julius1948?-1951
301617Blake, Edwin M.1944-1946
301618Blanshard, Frances1948-1949
301619Blaue?, A.1950
301620Bloomfield, Zelda1944
301621Bok, Hannes1942
301622Bolander, Karl1937-1938
301623Bolotowsky, Ilya1941-1942, 1952
301624Bolton, Dorothy1940
301625Borden, Thelma1940-1941
301626Bowell, Peyton Jr.1948
301627Bozyan, Edith1938
301628Bradford Press1936-1941
301629Bragdon, Claude1941-1942
301630Braxton Art Company1941-1942
301631Brewer, Floyd E.1940-1942
301632Brightside Day Nursery and Kindergarten1940
301633Brooklyn Orchestral Society1947
301634Brooks, B.V.1944
301635Brown, Charles1942
301636Buchholz Gallery1940-1949
50404Budnick, Sidney1943-1944
301637Bureau of Customs1939
301638Burroughs Welcome & Co.1947
301639Burrow, Mrs.1944
301640Busa, Peter1943
30171-7General (7 folders)1937-1952
30179Calder, Alexander1945
301710Carmichael, Gregory1945
301711Carnegie Hall1939, 1942
301712Carré, Louis1937-1947
301713Carter, Helen1944
301714Cash, Sherman A.1939-1940
301715Cassou, Jean1951-1952
301716Catholic University of America1941
301717Central Bureau for Registered Addresses1939, 1948-1950
301718Centurion, Penrod1939-1943
301719Change of Address1952
301720Chapellier, George1943
301721Chase, Virgil1944
301722Cheltenham Township Art Center1942
301723Cheney, Rowena1946
301724Cheney, Sheldon1941-1944
301725Chicago Historical Society1944
301726Cholley, Marie1937-1946
301727Cimino, Basil1938-1939
301728Citizens Committee for the Army and Navy1942
301729City of New York Department of Housing and Building1945
301730Clausen, Svend1944-1950
301731Cleveland, F. W.1939
301732Cleveland Museum of Art1945-1949
30181Cleveland, Stephen1945-1948
30182Clipping Services1937-1946
30183Clough, Stanley T.1943
30184Coble, Gilbert1945
30185Cohen, Richard P.1952
30186Cohen, Walter1948, 1951
30187College Art Association1938-1951
30188Columbia Broadcast System1944
30189Colvin, Blanche and Loula1943
301810Comer, Sarah Ryel1943
301811Congress of the United States1949
301812Cook, Walter W.S.1937-1940
301813Corazzo, Alexander1941
301814Cornell, Joseph1937
301815Cornyetz, Paul1942
301816Cortissoz, Royal1943-1945
301817-18Corwin, Tom (2 folders) (1 restricted)1941
301819Cox, Theodosia1944
301820Cranbrook Academy of Art1946
301821Crosby, Amy L.1948
301822-23Crosby, Roy Corwin (2 folders) (1 restricted)1942-1944
301824Crosley, Stewartundated
301825Crown Publishing1942
301827-33General (7 folders) (1 restricted)1938-1952
301834Danneman, Mrs. William1944
301835Davis Delaney Inc. Printers1945-1948
301836Davis, James Edward1947-1948
301837Davringhausen, Henri1952
301838-39Dayton Art Institute (2 folders) (1 restricted)1940
301840DeGrazia, Fred1943-1944
301841de Kruif, Paul1940
301842de Laban, Juana1941
301843de la Droitiere, Marguerite1944
301844Delafield, John1939-1940
301845Delaney, Beauford1942
301846Delej, Janos1940
301847Delvante, S.1943
301848De Niro, Robert1940-1946
30191Department of Justice: United States Attorney1944
30192der Hohannessian, Garabed1941-1942
30193Derwood, Gene1941
30194Design Creative Arts1939-1940
30195Detmond, Grand Duchess1947
30196Devree, Howard1945
30197Dewey, Mrs. Lloyd1944
30198Dieterle, Charlotte1945
30199Diller, Burgoyne1939-1940
301910Di Pace, Donato1940
301911Dingle, Edwin1942-1943
301912Disney, Walt1956
301913Dockum, Myrtle S.1942
301914Donovetsky, Ivan1940
301915Dows, Olin1941
301916-17Dreier, Katherine (2 folders) (1 restricted)1944-1946
301918Drewes, Werner1939-1946
301919Drouin, Rene1948
301920Dyer, Carlos1939-1940
21-26, 5General (7 folders)1938-1952
301927Eastern Art Association1944
301928Eastman Kodak Company1939-1951
301930Educational Alliance1943
301931Edwards, Emmet1940-1947
301932Egeressy, Olga1942
301933Eicken, Hans von1948
301934Eicken, Karl von1946-1948
301935Eldred, Thomas1940-1943
301936Emtage, G. Dalby1943
31282Engel-Pak, Ernest1947
301937Engel, Peter1951
301938Essman, Manuel1938-1946
301939Express Forwarding and Storage1949
301940Extension of Alien Bond: Vera Keenan1940-1942
41-44, 1-6General (10 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1937-1952
50406Faisant, Ernest1939-1940
30207Fallot, Ruth1943
30208Father Flanagan's Boys Home1946
30209Feininger, Lyonel1942
302010Fénéon, Félix1936-1937, 1945
302011Fenn, Charles1940-1941
302012-13Feragil Galleries (2 folders) (1 restricted)1938
302014Ferren, Johnundated
302015Fine, Perle1946
302016Firma Svenskt Glassundated
302017Fisher, Reginald1940
302018Fortune Magazine1939, 1941
302019Four Arts Aid Society1943
302020Fowler, Thomas Coolidge1944
302021Frankenstein, Sam1948
302022Frankfurter, Alfred1947
302023-24Franklin, George (2 folders) (1 restricted)1937-1940
302025Funk and Wagnall's New Standard Encyclopedia1944
26-36, 7General (12 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1949-1952
30211Galeria de Arte1941
30212-3Galerie Charpentier (2 folders) (1 restricted)1939-1940
30214Galerie Jeanne Bucher1939
30215The Gallery Press1945-1949
30216Gallwitz, Exchen von1947-1948
30217Garman, Ed1942
30218Gary, Ruth R.undated
30219-10Geiger, Rupprecht (2 folders) (1 restricted)1950
302111Geiges, Maja1946
302112George, George L.1944-1946
302113Geyso, Marie-Adelheid von1948
302114Gibbs, Sir Philip1946-1947
302115Gimpel, Peter1948
302116Gimpel, Renéundated
302117Gisela ?, Demi1953
302118Glarner, Fritz1947
302119Global Furniture Sevice1946
302120Goldblatt, Maurice1949
302121Gordon, Daniel1945
302122Government Printing Office1944
302123Grafley, Dorothy1939-1942
302124Grain, Mark1947-1949
302125Graves, Maitlandundated, 1950
302126Greenwich Mattress Company1939-1940
302127Greiff, Buta1946
28, 8Grohman, Will (2 folders)undated, 1947
302129Grossman, Noah1940-1944
302130Group Tours1947
302131Guggenheim, Edmund1943-1944
302132Guggenheim, Ireneundated
302133Guggenheim, Meyer Robert1949
302134Guggenheim, Peggy (restricted)1942
302135Guggenheim, Simon1939
302136Gurlitt, Hildebrand1946-1948
37-46, 9General (11 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1938-1952
302147Hachmuth, Henry1943
302148Hahn Brothers (restricted)1938-1948
302149Halle, Fannina1945-1946
302150Halpert, Edith1942
302151Halsey, W.F.1942
302152Halvorsen, Ruth1940
302153Hamilton, Carl1941-1947
302154Hamlin, Chauncey1947
30221Hammer Galleries1941
30222Hankinson, Bessie1942
30223Hanush, Hubert1940-1941
30224Harding, Walter1943
30225Harms, Ernest, Dr.1940-1941
30226Harrington, B.1947
30227Harris, Calvin1942-1943
30228Harris, Dan1940-1941
30229Harrison-Irvine, Jessamine1943-1944
302210Harrison, Wallace K.1938
302211Hathaway, G.A.1943
302212Hathaway, George1942
302213Hausmann, Raoul1948
302214Havemeyer, Mary Beard1941
302215Heard, Ida Mae1946
302216Hearst, Randolph1947
302217Heilman, Horace1947
302218Heitmanek, George1945
302219Herbert, Gordon1941
302220Herbert-Coeffin, Josette1937-1939
302221Herlichy, James1940
302222Herman, James1943
302223Herman, Simoneundated
302224Hertzberg, Katherine1945
302225Herwarth, Baron1946
302226Higgins, John Woodman1944-1947
302227Hiler, Hilaire1943
302228Hobart, Mrs. Garret A.1942
302229Hogan, John1944
302230-31Hohenberg, Marguerite (2 folders) (1 restricted)1940-1947
302232Holtzman, Harry1945
302233Hospitals Receiving Reproductions from the Museum of Non-Objective Painting1943-1946
302234House of the Good Shepard1943-1944
302235Hübner, Gisela1946-1947
302236Hudson Forwarding and Shipping Co.1938
302237Hurst, Fletcher1946
302238Hyperion Press1941
302239-41General (3 folders)1945-1952
302242Ileig, Barbara1942
302243Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (restricted)1948
302244Institute of International Education1944
45, 10Institute of Mental Physics1942-1945
302246Institute of Modern Art1940-1941
302247Inter-American Bureau1941-1942
302248International Council of Museums1950, 1953
302251-59General (9 folders) (1 restricted)1938-1951
302260Jacques Seligmann & Co., Inc.1946
302261James, George S.1952
302262James, Lesley1947
302263Jamison, Jeannette1944
302264J. B. Lippincott Company1941-1942
30231Jewell, Edward Alden1939-1944
30232John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation1938-1951
30233Johnson, D. Rhodes1939-1941
504011Julius Lowy, Inc.1938-1939
30234-15General (12 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1939-1952
302316Kamrowski, Gerome1938-1945
302317Kasak, Nikelaj1952
302318Katchoubey, Princess Olga1943-1948
302319Kelly, Ellsworth1952
302320Kenneth H. Ripnen Company1947
30241Kepes, György1951
30242Kerns, Maude1941-1945
30243Kimball, Fiske1945
30244Kirby, Gustavus T.1945
30245Klee, Paul1939-1941
30246Klein, Erich1948
30247Klinge, Ilse1947
30248Konnerth, Lotte1948
30249Koppelman, Hi1943-1944
302410Körner, Mary1946-1948
302411Kraus, H. Felix1941-1942
302412Kuyper, George A.1943
13-24, 12General (13 folders) (2 restricted)1927-1952
302425La Guardia, Fiorello H.1942
302426Lake, Mary1945
302427Lambert, Grace Y.1942
302428Landon, Edward1940-1942
302429Lansford, Alonzo (restricted)1942
504013Laporte, Paul M.1942
302430Larkin, Adrian1942
31, 14Lassaw, Ibram (2 folders)undated, 1941-1948
302432László, Alexander1939
302433Le Corbusier1939
302434Leonhard, Kurt1949
302435Lévi-Strauss, Claude1947
302436Lewis, Louise (restricted)1942
302438Library of Congress1938-1947
302439Lion, Stephanundated, 1940-1942
30251Loeb, G. M.1945-1946
30252Loshak, Althea (restricted)1947
30253Lossonczy, Tamás1949
30254Ludeke, Henry1939-1942
5-20, 15General (17 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1937-1952
302521MacCracken,William P., Jr.1945-1947
30261Magazine Digest1941-1942
30262Magnolia Artcraft Shop (restricted)1938-1939
30263Manfredi, Joseph1941
30264Mann, Frank1942
30265Mansueto, Nancy1951
30266Marquette, Jacques, Dr.1943-1949
30267Martin, Julian Agart1941
30268Matchabelli, Princess Norina1942
30269Mattern, Alice1943
302610McCloud, Lillard1945
11, 16McGraw-Phillips, Inc. (2 folders)1939-1950
302612-13McMahon, Rosemary (2 folders) (1 restricted)1942-1943
302614Menken, Marie1938-1941
302615Merkel, John E. Jr.1939
302616Merou, Jean1937-1938
302617Merriam, Mylon1939
302618Meteorology Observatory1942
302619Metropolitan Museum of Art1947
302620Miller, Henry1949
302621-22Milligan, Gladys (2 folders) (1 restricted)1942
302623Milwaukee Art Institute1945
302624Mitchell, Hellen G.1946
302625M. Knoedler and Company1938
302626-27Moholy-Nagy, László (2 folders) (1 restricted)1937-1944
302628-29Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl (2 folders) (1 restricted)1947-1948
302630Molinari, Miss?1942
302631Morris, Charles1940
302632Morris, George L.K.undated, 1940
302633Morris, Lawrence S.1946-1947
302634Motherwell, Robert1944
35, 1-2, 17Müller-Kraus, Erich (4 folders)undated, 1948-1952
30273Munro, Katherineundated, 1940-1941
30274Murray and Leon Guggenheim Dental Clinic1941
30275-6Muschenheim, William (2 folders) (1 restricted)1938-1947
30277Museum Council of New York City1947-1948
30278Museum News1952
30279Museum of Fine Arts, Bostonundated, 1947
302710Museum of Fine Arts, Houston1937-1946
302711-12Museum of Modern Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1939-1947
13-15, 1-9General (12 folders)1937-1952
302810Naess, Elsa1949
302811National Gallery of Art1943-1948
302812-15Nebel, Otto (4 folders) (1 restricted)1936-1951
302816-17Neumann, J. B. (2 folders) (1 restricted)1939-1950
302818New York City Federation of Women's Clubs1945
302819New York Herald Tribune1942
302820New York Journal-American1941-1942
302821Ney, Lloyd Raymond1942
302822Nierendorf, Karl (2 folders)1937-1950
302823Nitz, William1943-1944
302824Nixon, David1945
302825N. M. Hill Gallery1946
302826-34General (9 folders) (1 restricted)1939-1952
302835Ocorr, Clarence1938
302836Oelsner, Waldemar (restricted)1947
302837Oeri, Gabrielleundated
302838O'Hagan, John1945
302839Olwyler, Jay1951
302840O'Neill, Cecilia1943-1944
302841Orb, Ovan1941
302842Otto, Unknownundated
302843Oviatt Galleries1937-1938
302844Owens, Virginia1939
30291-10General (10 folders) (1 restricted)1938-1952
302911Pandolfi, Unknownundated, 1940
302912Pantheon Books1944
302913Partridge, Roi1939, 1942
302914Passedoit, Georgette1940-1949
302915Peavy, Paulina1944
302916Pepsi-Cola Annual Art Competition1946
302917Pereira, Irene Rice1943
302918Peters, Ruby M.1943
302919Petroleum Heat and Power Company1942
302920Pierre Matisse Gallery1938-1941
302921Plantin Pressundated, 1941
302922Politis, M. J.1939
302923Powers Reproduction Corporation1939-1942
302924Price, Edward T.1939-1941
30301-2Printers (2 folders)1943-1950
30303Proctor, Bertram1941
30304Prytek, Hildegarde J.1949-1950
30305Pullman Company1943
30306Quaker Emergency Service1944
30307Quilty, Margaret1950
30308-15General (8 folders)1937-1952
303016Radio Stations1944
303017Railway Express Agency1941
303018Rambosson, Ivanhoe1937-1940
30311Rawnsley, Violet1947
30312Ray, Rudolf1942
30313RCA Communications1947-1950
30314Realty Associates1942
30315Rebay, Franz von1939
30316Rebay, Gabriele von1947-1951
30317Rebay, Hella von1946-1947
30318Rebay, Roland von1947-1950
30319Red Comet1941
303110Rehmann, R.1947
303111Requests for Admission Tickets1939-1940
303112-13Requests for Information about the Foundation (2 folders)1939-1949
303114Rewald, John1945
303115Rhett, Mrs.1941
303116Rich, Daniel Cotton1945
303117Richter, Aly and George1941-1944
303118Richter, Hans1939-1941
303119Robertson, Thomas A. and Virginia N. (restricted)1946
303120Robicsek, Hans1945
303121Robinson, Jay1947
303122Roché, Henri Pierre1946-1950
303123Roh, Franz1949
303124Roosevelt, Eleanor1945
303125Rosenthal, Rachel1946
303126Rosenthal, Robert1942-1943
303127Ross, G. H., Dr. (Nevada Board of Medical Examiners)1947
303128Rothschild, Louis F.1939, 1943
303129Roullier, Alice1938
303130Rowan, Edward B.1941
303131Ruffini, Elise (Teachers College, Columbia University)1943-1946
303132Russell Sage Foundation1937-1941
30321Ryan, Mary1940-1942
2-12, 18General (12 folders) (1 restricted)1936-1952
303213Sahmel, Charlotte1949
303214Salemme, Attilio (restricted)1943
303215Salon des Réalités Nouvelles1946-1951
303216Sanders, Sue T.1940
30331San Quentin Prison1948-1949
30332Satterlee, Hugh1943
30333Sawyer, Julian1949
30334Scarlett, Rolph1937-1942
5, 19Schiller, Albert (2 folders)1938, 1945
30336Schwank, Friedrich H.1950-1951
30337Selleck, F. S.1942
30338Sides, F.1949
30339Sidney Janis Gallery1944,1948
303310Silk, Thomas1943
303311Simpkins, Carmen and Nathaniel1939-1941
303312Smith, Charles1938-1942
303313Smith, Unknown1945
303314Soby, James Thrall (restricted)1944
303315Solomon, Charles1947
303316Sonberg, Mrs. J. M.1944
303317Southern Literary Messenger1942
303318Spier, Lotte1943
303319Spring, Bernard Polmer1945
303321Star Record Company1940
303322Stenotype Services1941-1942
303323Stern, Lucia1944-1952
303324St. John, Margaret1944
303325Stockmar, Severinundated, 1938
303326Strahord-Giesler, Mrs.1948
303327Strauss, Julius1946-1947
303328Stevens, Will Henry1940
303329Stokes, Cecil (Auroratone Foundation of America)1947-1948
303330Strother, Shelby F.1945
303331Summit Art Association1942
303332Sweeney, James Johnsonundated, 1949, 1952
33-38, 20General (7 folders)undated, 1937-1952
30341Taçon, Edna1940-1946
30342T. Eaton Company1943
30343-10Telegrams (8 folders)1936-1952
30351Templeton, Alec (WQXR)1943
30352Thannhauser, Justinundated
30353Theobald, Paul1943-1947
30354Tierney, Gene1941
30355Timely Prints1943-1945
30356Time Magazine1943-1945
30357Tobey, Harry1940
30358Tobias, Fischer and Company1943
30359Tolstoy Foundation1943-1945
303510Tom Fizdale Incorporated1941-1942
303511Tomorrow: The Magazine of the Future1943
303512Tost, Heinrich1949-1951
303513Town Hall Club1940
303514Tracy, Lois Bartlett (restricted)1947-1949
303515Triboro Engineering Company1948-1949
303516Troubetzkoy, Serge and Dorothy1943
303517-18General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1941-1952
303519Uding, Karl Heinz1948-1951
303520Ulber, Althea1939
303521Unique Art Galleries1947
22United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (2 folders)1949-1952
303523United Service Organizations (USO)1946
303524United States Post Office1939-1952
303525University of Georgia1946-1948
303526Usonia Homes, A Cooperative1946
303527-31General (5 folders)1938-1952
303532Van Everen, Margery1948
303533Vaughan, Agnes Carr1952
303534Vaupell, Edna1949
303535Ver Becke, W. Edwin1944-1947
303536Viele, Chase1944
303537Viereck, Hardy von1945-1948
303538Vietta, Egon1950-1951
303539Vilas, Faith1945
40-42, 1-6, 22General (10 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1938-1952
30367Walden, Nell (restricted)1949
30368Wallenberg, Hans1950
30369Wall-Rus Fabrics Company1951
303610War Department: Civil Affairs Division1947
303611Waugaman, Blanche1945, 1947
303612Wheeler, Roy R.1943
303613Whitelaw, Robert N.S. (Carolina Art Association)1941
303614Wicht, John van1938
303615Williams, Amancio1946, 1949
303616Winter, F.A. Th.1950
303617Wright, William A. Jr.1946
303618Writers War Board1943
303619Woelffer, Emerson1946
303620Woodner-Silverman, I.1937-1938
303621X: Xceron, Jean1951
303623Youngerman, Jackundated, 1950-1952
303624Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association1943, 1947
303625-26General (2 folders)1939, 1947-1952
303627Zara, Louis1950
303628Zerahn, Annelies1947
303629Zitelmann, Edith1946
303630Zogbaum, Wilfrid1937
303631Unknown, Edward1937
303632Unknown, Felix1940
303633Unknown, Mady1939
303634-35Unknown (2 folders)undated, 1938-1951
36-37, 1-12Day Files (14 folders) (2 restricted)1950-1952
Donations and Scholarships
30381Artist Checks Paid by Hilla Rebayundated, 1938-1941
30382Cancelled Checks1937-1941
30383Bullis, Ralph1951-1952
30384Javana, Max William1948
30385-7Thiele, Albert (3 folders)1939, 1948, 1951
503913Donations to Art Students1948
Humanitarian Aid Overseas
30388-9Artists (2 folders)1945, 1949-1952
303810Artists and Organizations1950-1951
303812-16Correspondence (5 folders)undated, 1939-1940, 1946, 1949-1952
303817Memoranda and Notesundated, 1947-1951
19-20, 1-8, 1-9, 1-10, 1-6Record Books (35 folders)1946-1952
30431Statements of Donations1951-1952
30432Statements of Monday Transfers1948-1951
30433American Committee for the Relief of German Needy1950-1952
30434American Women's Voluntary Services1951-1952
5, 14Bircham Newton Company (2 folders)1951-1952
30436-8Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (CARE) (3 folders)1948, 1951-1952
30439Deutsche Bundespost1952
304311Gramercy Shipping Company1951
12, 15Hamburg-Bremen Steamship Agency (2 folders)1951-1952
503916Hansa Delicatessen1951
13, 17Hildebrand Shop (2 folders)1951-1952
503918H. Muhlenbrock1951
304314Karl Hardach1951
304315-18Koch Overseas Company (4 folders)1951-1952
304319Landerer Import and Export Company1952
304320Linden Cake Company1951
503919Overseas Associates1951
21-22, 1, 20Richard Seitz: Foreign and Domestic Securities (4 folders) (1 restricted)1949-1952
2-10Save a Friend in Europe (SAFE) (9 folders)1948-1951
503921-22United States Relief Service (2 folders)1951-1952
304411Wisconsin Farms1951
Paint Material Fund
503923Account Balance1951-1952
304412Artists' Declarations to Properly Use Payments1942
13-16, 1-5Check Requests (9 folders)1942-1952
30456-7Beneficiaries (2 folders)1943-1951
30458Seitz, Richard1950
30459Memoranda and Notes1945-1951
304510-21Payments to Artists (12 folders)undated, 1938-1952
Reports and Statements
304523Artists' Activities with Foundationundated
304524-26Requests for Funding (3 folders)1937-1951
503924-27Applications (4 folders) undated, 1938-1945
30461Lists of Scholarships and Other Periodic Payments1937-1952
30462Memoranda and Notes1938
30463Ownership of Artworkundated
Progress Reports
30464Ryan, Mary1940
30465Scarlett, Rolph1940
6-13, 1-12, 28-29Requests for Application and Information (22 folders)1937-1952
304713Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation French Writing Prize: Correspondence1939
304714Educational Program Questionnaireundated
15-18, 1Guest Lists (5 folders)1939-1942
30482Museum Council of New York City: Dinner1951
30483Correspondence: General1941-1949
Equipment and Supplies
Festival of Rhythm (Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, South Carolina) (2 folders)
503930McLaren, Norman1941
30487Press Release1941
30488Program Notes1941
9-12, 31Film Concerts (5 folders)1940-1941
304813Bray Pictures Corporation1939
304814Bute, Mary Ellen: Correspondence1937, 1947
304815Crockwell, Douglas1937-1938
Dockum, Charles
304816-19Correspondence (4 folders)1943-1950
Mobile Color Projector
304820Budget Estimate1950
304821Contract (restricted)1946-1950
304822Location and Installation1951
30491Photographscirca 1944
30492Plan for Temporary Installation of Mobile Color Machine in Proposed Lecture Room at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museumundated
30494Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Film Center: Notesundated
Fischinger, Oskar
503932Contract1941, 1947
30495-10Correspondence (6 folders)1938-1948
304911Non-Objective Musical Film in Color1941
304912Optical Poem1941-1946
304914Grain, Mark: Correspondence1948-1949
Grant, Dwinell
304915-17Color Research: Scales and Value Key (3 folders)undated
304918Contract (restricted)1944
30501-3Correspondence (3 folders)1939-1951
30504-9[The Composition of the Non-Objective Film] (6 folders)undated
305010The Place of Abstract Design in the Art of Western Europeundated
305011Memoranda (restricted)1950
305012Proposal for Film about Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation1942
305013Composition #5 Part 1undated
305014Three Themes in Variation1945
30511Uncompleted Composition in 4 Major (2 folders)undated
1b-c, 1Stereoscopic Drawings (3 folders)undated
30512Storyboard [Unknown Composition]undated
Lester, Howard
30514Manuscript: The So-Called Absolute Film. Will it Find a Place in the Entertainment World?Undated
Levene, Behn
6, 33Manuscript: It Could Never Happen Again (2 folders)1937
McLaren, Norman
7, 34Correspondence (2 folders)1941-1945
30518Direction on Mr. Guggenheim's Filmcirca 1942
30519Merriam, Mylon: Motion Picture Target Photography1939
305110Moholy-Nagy, László: Correspondence1944
305111Nemeth, Ted: Correspondence1941, 1949
305112Pressman, Irving: Correspondence1946
305113Radl, O.P.: Correspondence1949
305114Rogers, Robert: Correspondence1949
Smith, Harry
503935San Francisco Museum of Art: Art in Cinema Seventh Series1946
Whitney, James and John
30522Film Framescirca 1946
30523Film Still: Animation #3circa 1946
30524Movement Diagramcirca 1946
30525Photographcirca 1946
30526Report of Workcirca 1946
503936San Francisco Museum of Art: Art in Cinema Series One1946
503937Writing: Color Music-Abstract Film-Audio-Visual Music (Arts and Architecture)1944
30527Inventories of Films Owned by Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundationundated, 1942, 1949
30528Lecture: Experimental Film Making1948
30529Memorandaundated, 1942,1949
503938Motion Picture Exhibition License1941
305213-16Approved Invoice Transmittals (4 folders)1945-1947
Artist Supplies
305217Memoranda and Notes1941
305218Receipts and Packing Slips1941-1942, 1948-1950
19, 1, 40Books, Catalogues, and Magazine (2 folders)1941-1950
Petty Cash
Account Statements
30532-6Rebay, Hilla (5 folders)1946-1952
30537-15Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (9 folders)1943-1950
305317Memoranda and Notes1947, 1952
305318Record Book1949
1-8, 1-4, 41Vouchers and Receipts (13 folders)1941-1950
30555-7Refunds from Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation to Hilla Rebay (3 folders)1942, 1947-1950
30559Form Lettersundated
Guggenheim, Solomon R.
Biography by Hilla Rebay
305510Draftsundated, 1939
Birthday Celebrations
Eightieth: Portfolio
305512Correspondence: Artists1940
305513Memoranda and Notes1940
305514Participating Artists1940-1941
305515Preface to Portfolio1940
305516Boyd, Robert1946
305517Guggenheim, Solomon R.1946
305518Gunther, Arthur1946
305519National Gallery of Art1946
305520Correspondence: Artists1945
305521Memoranda and Notes1946
305522Participating Artistsundated, 1946
305523Record of Birthdays1946
305524Condolence Letters1949
25-26, 1-5Photographs (7 folders)undated, 1948
27-29, 1-13, 1-9, 1-9, 1-9, 1-9, 1-4Hostess Reports (56 folders)undated, 1942-1952
30621-2Instructions on How to Hang Artwork: Remember the Center Must Embrace the Outside (2 folders)circa 1950
30624Requestsundated, 1940-1948
30625Invite Lists1940-1941
Rebay, Hilla
30626Art is Power Because It is Fate1935
30627Fundamental Values of Non-Objectivityundated
30628The [?] Influence of Creative Prophetic Artists1933
30629Kuntschaffen und Kunsterlebenundated
306210Music of Non-Objective PaintingOctober 15, 1946
11-17, 1-27, 1-13Non-Objective Painting (47 folders)1940-1952
306414Non-Objectivity in ArtOctober 15, 1942
306415On PeaceJanuary 13, 1948
306416-17Research Notes (2 folders)undated
50412Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection and Non-Objectivity: A Fundamental Value to the Nationundated
18, 3Unidentified Drafts (2 folders)undated, 1940
306419[Cheating not only through poor materials]undated
306420[The exhibition which we are showing]January 6, 1938
306421[The field I want to cover]January 15, 1935
306422[I am extremely glad to be back in New York] (Includes Press)October 4, 1935
306423[Intuition expressed]undated
306424[Recently a painter brought me a canvas]undated
306425-26[Thousands of years ago] (2 folders)1940-1941
30651Electrical Inspection1940
30652Graham vs. Guggenheim Foundation (restricted)1937-1939
Maintenance and Office Supplies
30653Blackout Curtains1942
30654Brochuresundated, 1946-1949
30655-8Correspondence (4 folders)1941-1952
306510List of Suppliersundated
306511-12Memoranda and Notes (2 folders)1941-1942, 1948-1951
30661-8Receipts and Packing Slips (8 folders)1941-1951
30669Requisition Forms1950-1952
10-13, 1-4Museum Reports (8 folders)1940-1951
30675Music Programs1939-1941
30676Non-Objective Research Projects and Studies: Proposalsundated, 1940
Office Files
Address Books
30681-10General (10 folders)undated
30691Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregonundated
30692Art Criticsundated
30693Art Directors of Advertising Agenciesundated
30696Art Schools in the United Statesundated
30699-13Foreign (5 folders)undated
306915German Universities and Other Institutions of Higher Education in Occupied Germanyundated
306918List of Delegationsundated
306919-20Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont (2 folders)undated
306921Museum Directors1950
306922-23Museum Visitors (2 folders)undated
30701Names of Organizations and Schoolsundated
30705Teachers and Pupil Teachersundated
30706Universities in Germanyundated
30707Women's Clubsundated
30708Air Raid Instructionsundated
30709Business Cards: Hilla Rebay: Samples and Informationundated, 1947
307010-17Daily and Weekly Updates to the Director (8 folders)1940-1951
30711Gramophone Shop1939
30712aMemoranda and Notesundated, 1943-1951
30712bMuseum Filecirca 1948-1950
30713Postage Information1941
30714Safe Deposit Box (restricted)1942
30715Shipping Labels (Blank)undated
30716Staff Instructionsundated
30717Storeroom Inventory1941
30718Telegram Instructionsundated
30719-10Calls1940, 1950
307112Visitor Requests and Suggestions1947
Other Institutions: Exhibitions
30801American Women's Club Art Gallery, New York: Memorial Exhibition of the Work of Lucille Douglas1937
30802Associated American Artist Third Floor Galleries, New York: Cathal O'Toole1934?
30803Buchholz Gallery, New York: Oskar Kokoschkaundated
30804Downtown Gallery, New York: Isabella Howland, Raymond Breinen1938-1939
30805Galerie F & F, Berlin: Magie de Farbe dargestellt in Bildern von Hangeler1936
30806Gallery Georgette Passedoit, New York: A.E. Gallatin1938
30807Lilienfeld Galleries, New York: Paintings by Modern French Masters1939
30808London Gallery, London: Living Art in England1939
30809Nierendorf Gallery, New York: Forbidden Art of the Third Reich1945?
308010Paul Reinhardt Galleries, New York: Paintings by Tamara de Lempicka1939
308011Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York: Marc Chagall1941
308012Quartier St.-Georges (Galerie d'Art), Paris: Exposition de Peintures Reflexions Musicals1939
308013Theodore A. Kohn and Sons, New York: Non-Objective Paintings by John von Wichtundated
308014Valentine Gallery, New York: First Exhibition of Paintings by Cristofanetti1940
308015-16Buenos Aires: Retrospective del Prete (2 folders)circa 1952
308017Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland: Hilla Rebay Lending Collectionundated
308018Galerie Louis Carré & Cie, Paris: Robert Delaunay1946
308019Modern Gallery, Munich: Wassily Kandinsky1948
308020Oberheissisches Museum, Giessen: Unidentifiedundated
308021Salon D'Automne, Paris: Unidentified1938
308022Sidney Janis Gallery, New York: Wassily Kandinsky1949
308023Venice: XXIV Exposizione Internatzionale d'Arte di Venezia1948
308024Unidentified, Germany: Unidentifiedundated
308025Unidentified, Greece: Xceron, Jeanundated
308026Unidentified, Hamburg?: Unidentifiedundated
308027Unidentified, Paris: Unidentifiedundated
308028Unidentified: Unidentifiedundated
307113Appointment of Hamilton Mason, Assistant Curator1937
307114"Dangerous Characters" (restricted)undated
307115Duties of Employees1949
307116Employee Questionnaire: How Do You Tell The Difference Between a Good and Poor Non-Objective Painting?undated
307117-39Employee Records (24 folders) (restricted)undated, 1938-1952
307140Employment Advertisements1946-1951
41, 5Payroll (2 folders)undated, 1945, 1949-1951
42, 1-3Requests for Employment (4 folders)1937-1951
30724-5Staff List and Telephone Directory (2 folders)undated, 1950
3072 6Workmen's Compensation1942-1950
30727-8Work Schedule (2 folders)undated, 1948-1950
Proposals and Statements
307210Department of Experimental Non-Objective Artundated, 1939
307211Museum of Non-Objective Art Plancirca 1937
Publications and Reproductions
307212-13On the Spiritual in Art: Photographsundated
Point and Line to Plane
307215Cranbrook Foundation1947
307216Dearstyne, Howard1945-1947
Sixth Anniversary Catalogue
307217Preface Draftundated
307218Text Draftundated
Art of Tomorrow
307220-22First Proof (3 folders)undated
307223Mailing Lists1942
Published Copies
30732Forty-One Reproductionsundated
30733Thirty-Three Reproductionsundated
Public Comments
30735Published Copyundated
30736Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's Art of Tomorrow: Published Copyundated
Unsolicited Comments Made by the Public in the Museum of Non-Objective Painting, in New York: Published Copy
30737Commissioned Manuscript: William Suidaundated
30738-9Correspondence (2 folders)1944-1950
307310-11Draft (2 folders)undated
307312Complimentary Copies of Publications1945
307313Copyright Applications1939
16-17, 1-11, 1-12, 1-2, 6Orders (28 folders)1937-1951
Postcard Albums
30763Bauer, Rudolfundated
30764Kandinsky, Vasilyundated
30765Proposed New Buildingundated
30766Rebay, Hillaundated
30768Crosby, Roy Cowin1939
30769Publications for Sale: Price Listundated
307610Replacement Listsundated
Reproduction Plates
307611-12Bids and Samples (2 folders)1946, 1951-1952
307614Price Listsundated
15, 1-5Progressive Proofs (6 folders)undated
16-17, 3-5Study Prints (5 folders)undated
307618Sales Book1949-1950
Public Comments
1-2, 1General (3 folders)undated
30782Albers, Josef1951
30783Bauer, Rudolfundated, 1949-1951
30784Beckmann, Hans1951
30785Bolotowsky, Ilya1951
30786Books and Prints1945-1946
30787Cavael, Rolf1951
30788Colleges and Universitiesundated
30789Education and Influences on Childrenundated, 1946-1948
307810Fine, Pearl1946
307811From Artistsundated, 1946-1948
307812German Translationsundated, 1946
307813Grant, Dwinell1947
307814Healing the Mindundated, 1946-1948
307815Heartfelt Gratitude1946-1948
307817Hunt, Vince1951
307818Improving Humanityundated
307819Jones, Philip1951
307820Kandinsky, Vasily1945-1951
307821Klein, Medard1946
307822Mattern, Alice1945-1946
307823Moholy-Nagy, László1945-1951
307824Müller-Kraus, Erich1951
307825Museum of Non-Objective Paintingundated, 1949
307826Music and Non-Objective Painting1947
307827Nebel, Otto1951
307828New Museumundated
307829Ney, Lloyd1951
307830Non-Objective Painting1948
307831Patecky, Albert1951
32, 1Rebay, Hilla (2 folders)undated, 1945-1947
30792Robertson, Thomas1945
30793Scarlett, Rolph1945-1951
30794Schatz, Zahare1951
30795Schwab, [unknown]1951
30796Stern, Lucia1951
30797Therapeutic Value1946-1948
307910-16Visitors (7 folders)undated, 1943-1947
307917Vordemberge-Gildewart, Friedrich1947
307918Xceron, Jean1945-1951
30811Mock-upsundated, 1941-1944
30812New York Herald Tribune1943
31286Subway Posterundated
Articles on the Foundation
50417Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsundated, 1938
Charles Z. Offin Advertising
Edson, E. I
30816-7Correspondence (2 folders)1939-1946
30819Engel & Engel: Correspondence1942
308110Ettlinger, Arthur K.: Correspondence1940
308111Helen Shelley Publicity: Correspondence1941
Hope Associates
308112-14Correspondence (3 folders)1945-1947
308115Report of Public Affairs1948
308116Richmond-Semtembre Exploitation Counsels: Correspondence1940
308117Roy S. Durstine, Inc. Advertising: Correspondence1947
308118Tom Fizdale, Inc.: Correspondence1941
308119Universal Public Relations, Inc.: Correspondence1946
308121A. I. Friedman, Inc.1948
308122Airways Magazine1944
308123American Federation of Arts: Magazine of Art1949
308124American Women's Voluntary Service1943
308125Architectural Forum1946
308126Art Digest1948-1950
308127Art in America1944
308128Art in New York1939
30821Art News1939-1949
30822Artvue Post Card Company1945
30823Barnaby's LTD1945
30824Bergin and Nolan1944-1946
30825Bridgeport Telegram1945
30826Brooklyn Eagle1943
30827Burelle Clipping Service1944
30828Copy by Thomajam1941
30829Country Life and the Sportsman1937-1938
308210Cue Magazineundated, 1949
308211Daily Telegram and Morning Post1945
308212Eastern Arts Association1944-1946
308213Evening Sun1945
308214Fairfield News1944
308215Fifth Avenue Coaches1941
308216France Forever1943
308217G & B Distributing Group1946
308218Gallery Magazineundated
308219Gardner Advertising1945
308220Hampshire House1942
308221Hagstrom Map Company1949
22, 8Herald Tribute (2 folders)1943-1945
308223Iconograph Magazine1946
308224Interstate Broadcasting Company1940
308225J & K Trading Associates1947
308226Livingston, John H., Jr.1950
308227Mastai's Classified Directoryundated
308228Museum Council of New York City: Exhibition Bulletin1948-1949
308229Museums Catalog1951
308230National Association of Women Artists1945
308231National Transitads1940-1941
308232New York Calendar1942, 1949
308233New York City Federation of Women's Clubs1945
308234New Yorker1941
308235New York Herald Tribune1945
308236New York Motor Coach Advertising1943-1947
308237New York Sun1944-1945
308238New York Times1932, 1941-1945
308239New York World Telegram1943, 1945
308240Parents' Magazine1948-1949
308241Pictures on Exhibit1940-1949
308242PM 5 Cents New York Daily1940
308243Postal Promotion Service1946
308244Promenade Magazine1949
308245Sciences Illustrated1946
308246Surface Transportation Advertising1946
308247The Town Crier1944-1945
308248The Westport Herald1944
308249White Publications1948
308250Who's Who1945-1946
308252World Scope Encyclopedia1947
50419Women's International Exposition1945
Interviews: Rebay, Hilla
308253Voice of Americaundated
308254WBNX: Biosophical Institute Program1939
308255WHN: Adrienne Ames Program1945
30831WINS: Dorothy Day (2 folders)1947
30832WJZ: The Women's Program1946
30833WRUL: Art in America Program1948
30834-5Unknown Radio Station (2 folders)undated, circa 1940
30836Listings: Exhibitions1951-1952
Mailing Lists
5041101000 Art Interested Individualsundated
30837Advertising Agenciesundated
504111Art Editors1940
504112Art Periodicalsundated
30838Art Publicationsundated
30839aAssociate Members1938
504113Attendees of SC Johnson Dedicationundated
30839bBoard of Directors New York Adult Education Councilundated
308310-11Catalogue Recipients (2 folders)undated, 1948-1949
308312Educational Institutionsundated
308313Exhibition Notices Recipientsundated, 1949
308314High Schools of Brooklynundated
308315Hostess Report Recipientsundated
308316aInstitution Officialsundated
308316bMiscellaneous Universities and Institutionsundated
308318Press Release Recipients1949
308319State Teacher's College and Universityundated
308320Women's Clubsundated
308321Memoranda and Notesundated, 1944-1950
308322-24Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (3 folders)1944, 1951-1952
Press Releases
1, 14General (2 folders)undated, 1939-1949
30842Resignation of Hilla Rebay: Drafts1952
30843Radio Broadcasts: Scriptsundated, 1943
Statements to the Press
4, 15Rebay, Hilla (2 folders)undated, 1942
30845Guggenheim, Solomon R.undated, 1941
30848-9Arizona and California (2 folders)1950-1951
10Colorado (American Association of Museums Meeting)1950
308411-12, 16Europe (3 folders)1950-1951
308413Europe (International Council of Museums Conference)1950
308414Maryland (American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting)1947
308415Washington District of Columbus1951
308416Washington District of Columbus (American Association of Museums Meeting)1950
308418World's Fairundated, 1938
19-20, 1-2General (4 folders)undated, 1940, 1951
30853Apollinaire, Guillaume: Modern Paintingundated
30854Ashmore, Jerome: Das Alte und Neue1951-1952
30855Bauer, Rudolf: 5: Translation of an Introduction to a Portfolio of Hilla Rebayundated
30856George, George L.: Kandinskyundated
30857Gleizes, Albert: The History of Art and the Value of Formundated
30858Grohman, Will et al.: Selection: Chronicle of the Artistic Life, X1V Wassily Kandinsky1933
30859Henle, Mary M.: Die Non-Objektive Kunstundated
Kandinsky, Vasily
308510Schematic Plan of Studies and Work of the Institute of Art Cultureundated
308512Text of an Artist1918
3085 13Malevich, Kazimir: Suprematism1919
Marc, Franz
308514The "Savages" of Germanyundated
308515Spiritual Posessionundated
308516Two Paintingsundated
Rebay, Hilla
17, 171: New Age (2 folders)1949-1950
5041182: Una Nuova Eraundated
3085184: L'Age Nouveau1949
3085194: Musik und Gegenstandslose Malerei in dem Neuen Museumundated
3085206: [Kandinsky kam zur Gegenstandslosigkeit]undated
3085218: Contemporariesundated
3085228: Gegenstandslose Malerei1942
3085239: Musik und Gegenstandslose Malereiundated
30852410: The Rhyme of the Inbetweenundated
30852511: Innovation: Beauté de L'Inobjectivéundated
30852612: Réalitésundated
30852715: Die absolute Malerei dient nicht der Repetition der irdischen Erscheinungen, und Sensationen, sondern den Geheimnisvollen Erfahrungen der Seeleundated
30852824: Realitaetenundated
30852941: Zeitgenossenundated
30853080: [Die Natur hat mich mit der aussergewohnlichen Gabe ausgestattet]undated
308532The All-Russian Convention on Art 19111945
308533America is the Country of Rhythm1943
308534[Apparent safety of intellect hinders enjoyment]undated
308535Art of Tomorrowundated
308536[The change which has taken place in the world]undated
308537[The development of objective painting to Non-Objective]undated
308538The downfall of objectundated
308540[Fenster und Türen haben feind]undated
308541[Fifty thousands of years ago the caveman knew how to reproduce]undated
308542For the Magazine Digest of Toronto1942
308543[Greatness is]undated
308544Great Non-Objective Masterpieces in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Collection (Country Life)1938
308545[Having been exceptionally endowed by nature]1949
308546The highest goal in life is artundated
308547[Historians of art hardly ever know what they are talking about]1940
30861[Hoffentlich wird es jetzt doch bald]undated
30862[If you want to know what art really is]undated
30863[The ignorant misconception in a cliché]undated
30864[In nature the weak is made to die]1944
30865[In painting as in music]undated
30866L'Inobjectivite-Domaine d l'Espritundated
30867L'Inobjective Est le Domaine Spirituelundated
30868[In the nineteenth century objective painting had developed]1940
30869[It is beauty which humanity needs and wants]undated
308610[It seems to me an important reason why many people do not turn the radio on]undated
308611[Kandinsky the lyric]undated
308612Eine kurze Uebersicht von der Gegenstaendlichkeit bis zur Gegenstandslosigkeit in der Malereiundated
308613[Life is only worth living if we make it interesting]undated
308614[Life is really spirituality and not matter]1944
308615Mission Spirituelle de l'Inobjectiveundated
308616Music and Non-Objective Painting in the New Museum to be Built by Frank Lloyd Wrightundated
308617[My father, as a German officer, used only our German title]undated
308618Neues Zeitalterundated
308619New Ageundated
308620[The non-objective painter]undated
308621Non-Objective Paintingundated
308622[A non-objective painting contains no objective reproductions]undated
308624[Non-objectivity belongs to the essential research]1943
308625[Non-objectivity is a sensitive, yet intense, realization]undated
308626Non-Objectivity is the Realm of Spiritundated
308627[One can not expect painters to be good writers]undated
308528La Peinture Abstraite et Non Figurativeundated
308629La Peinture Inobjective (Southern Messenger)1942
308530La Peinture Non-Objectiveundated
308531La Pintura No-Objetivaundated
308632Pioneer in Non-Objective Painting (Carnegie Magazine)1946
308633Le Pouvoir du Rythme Spirituelundated
308634The Power of Spiritual Rhythmundated
308635Puissance du Rythme Spiritual1939
308636Réalités Nouvellesundated
308638Le Realtàundated
308639[The reason why sculpture is not]undated
308640[Die schöne klare Verneinung die sich]undated
308641[The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation brings to the American public]undated
308643[The task of the teacher is sacred]undated
308644[These pictures are a new world]undated
308645[To live with the most perfect Mondrian]undated
308646La Valeur de l'Inobjectiviteundated
308647La Vision de Kandinsky Etait la Plus Eternelle de Tous les Prophetes: Il ne Pouvait pas se Servir de Traditionundated
308648[Da waren die Dotterblumen, Anemonenundated
308649[Wenn Baden und Württemberg und Hohenzollern]undated
308650Der Wert des Ungegenständlichenundated
308651[When reverence fills the heart of the intellect]1943
308652Rebay, Roland: Frank Lloyd Wright at the Palazzo Strozziundated
Ruffini, Elise
3086536: [Hilla Rebay n'a certainement jamais redouté le sort]undated
30865412: [Die jetzige Ausstellung der Aquarelle und Kollagen Hilla Rebayundated
308655Wright, Frank Lloyd: 9: La Musique et son Role au Musee de Peinture Non-Objectiveundated
3086561: Neue Realitaten1948
3086573: [Aus dem Vorwort der ersten Katalogs der Solomon R. Guggenheim Sammlung]undated
3086585: [Comme peintre Hilla Rebay a passé par toutes les phasesundated
3086595: [Motto: Der Mensch unseres geistigen neuen Zeitalters1948
3086607: [Der Deutschen Hoffnung ist die Geistigkeit]undated
3086617: [Yes, the Inbetween always is non-objective divine]undated
30866210: [Und warum ist die gegenstandslose Malerei nicht nur schon]1947
30866311: [Aus dem Vorwort des Ersten Katalogs der Solomon R. Guggenheim Sammlung gegenstandsloser Malerei]undated
308664[President Hoover]undated
308665[Upon this great conception]undated
308666Vorwart zum 6. Katalogundated
Series 3. Rudolf Bauer, 1917-1955 (bulk 1930-1944), 1.95 cubic ft.
A. Personal
30881Generalundated, 1937
30882Redslob, Edwin1931
30883Musée de Jeu du Paume: Newspaper Articleundated
30884Der Sturm: Newspaper Article1917
Das Gesitreich
30885Magazine Article1932
30886Photographscirca 1930-1937
30888Publicationcirca 1930
308810Portrait Photographundated
308812About the Baronessundated
308813[Le moyen age heroique...]undated
308814On Honesty1942
308815On Humor in Comic Strips and Americans1942
308816On Influences1942
308817[On Rebay's Works]undated
308818The Realm of the Spirit1942
308819Weihe (Consecration)undated
B. Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Activities
20-21, 21-22Acquisitions for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (4 folders) (restricted)undated, 1930-1943
22, 23Bauer Paintings (2 folders) (restricted)1938-1939, 1947
Bauer Trust
504124General (restricted)1950
23, 25-26Estate (3 folders) (restricted)1954-1955
24-25, 1Finance (3 folders) (restricted)undated, 1939-1953
26-27, 1-2Guaranty Trust Company of New York (4 folders) (restricted)1929-1954
30893Legal (restricted)1940-1944
30894Memoranda (restricted)1940-1955
30895-8General (4 folders)undated, 1931-1947
30899Crosby, Roy1939, 1944
10-16, 2-3Guggenheim, Solomon R. (9 folders) (restricted)undated, 1929-1944
17, 1Menken, Marie (2 folders) (restricted)1942-1943
2-9, 4-6Rebay, Hilla (11 folders) (restricted)undated, 1927-1944
309010Sennhauser, John1943
11-12, 1Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (3 folders) (restricted)1943-1944
30912Thiele, Albert (restricted)1933-1942
30913Dogsundated, 1937
30914Duesenberg Car Project1936-1943
30915Labelscirca 1936-1939
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Painting (#1-T)
30916Annotated Brochurecirca 1936
30917Newspaper Article1938
30918Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Painting (#5-T): Annotated Brochure1939
30919Traveling Exhibition Information: Bauer Paintings1942
10, 7Finance (2 folders) (restricted)1934-1943
309111Furnishings (restricted)undated, 1940
309112Correspondence (restricted)1938-1943
13-19, 1, 8Huber versus Rebay (9 folders) (restricted)1942-1945
Immigration: Correspondence
2, 9General (2 folders)1936-1942
30923Allisat, Herbert1938-1940
30924-5Rothschild, Henry (2 folders)undated, 1941
30926Memoranda and Telegrams Regarding Bauer (restricted)1934-1939
30928Painting Supplies: Information1940-1941
Reports on Bauer
30929-10General (2 folders) (restricted)undated, 1940-1943
309211Background Check1936-1937
309212Handwriting Analysis1939, 1944
309213Report to Trustees (restricted)1952
309214Release from Imprisonment1938
15, 10Seized Property: Berlin Tax Authorities (2 folders)1933
309216Statement: Hilla Rebay's Loyalty1942
309217Visit to Charleston, South Carolina1936
309218World's Fair1938
Series 4. Exhibitions and Objects, 1936-1952 (bulk 1939-1951), 3.75 cubic ft.
309219-22Condition and Treatment Reports (4 folders) (restricted)undated, 1940-1951
309223-24Guestbooks (2 folders)1940-1950
309225Numerical List of Exhibitions at the Museum of Non-Objective Paintingundated
Traveling Loan Exhibitions (Reproduction Plates)
27, 1Correspondence (2 folders)1936-1948
30932List of Requestsundated
30935-6Checklists: Internal (2 folders)undated, 1947
30937Installationundated, 1939-1940
30938Wall Stencils1952
Alice Mattern Memorial (#46)
309311American Non-Objective Painters (#25): Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1941
309312American Non-Objectives, Third Group Show Commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#34): Press Release1943
Art of Tomorrow
309314Entrance Tickets1939
309316Press Release Draft1939
309317Requests for Tickets1939
309318[Art of Tomorrow]: Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1942
Art of Tomorrow (#45-T)
309320Shipping (restricted)1945
Charles G. Shaw: Thirteen Recent Paintings (#9)
309321Exhibition Planning1940
309322Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1940
309323Price List1940
309324Press Release1940
309325Shipping (restricted)1940
Charles G. Shaw: Twenty-Six New Paintings (#17)
309326Price List1941
309327Press Release1941
309328Cinquième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles: Checklist: Internal1950
Eight American Non-Objective Painters (#8)
309329Checklist: Internal1940
309330Exhibition Planning1940
309331Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1940
309332Press Release1940
Evolution to Non-Objectivity (#75)
309335-36Published (2 folders)1952
309337Fifteen Non-Objective Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection (#19-T): Correspondence1941-1942
Fifth Anniversary Exhibition (#30)
309338Checklist: Internal1940
309340Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1940
309341Press Release1940
Gegendstandlose Malerei in Amerika (Alternate Title: Deuxième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles) (#60-T)
309343Catalogue Information: Correspondence1947
309344Event: Photographs1947
309345Exhibition Planning1947-1948
309345bNewspaper and Magazine Clippings1947
309346Press Release1948
309347-48Shipping (2 folders) (restricted)1947-1950
309349[Goethe's Doctrine of Color]: Correspondence1949
Hilla Rebay (#61)
309352Catalogue Information1948-1950
309353Checklists: Internalcirca 1948
30942Mailing List1949
Kandinsky Memorial Exhibition (Alternate Title: In Memory of Wassily Kandinsky) (#43)
Catalogue Information
30943-5General (3 folders)1945-1949
31311-3Mock-ups (3 folders)undated
30946Checklist: Internal1943?
30947Conservation (restricted)1945
30948Invitation Listundated
30949Preview Invitation1945
309410Exhibition Planning1945
309412-14Loans (3 folders) (restricted)1945
309415Mailing List1945-1947
309416Shipping (restricted)1945
309417Loan Exhibition: Advertisementundated
309418Loan Exhibition (#30): Sales1946
309419Loan Exhibition (#36): Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1943
309420Loan Exhibition (#37): Catalogue Mockup1951
309421Loan Exhibition (#39): Advertisement1944
309422Loan Exhibition (#40): Announcement1944
309423Loan Exhibition (#44): Checklist: Internal1945
Loan Exhibition (#48)
309424Announcement Mockup1945
309426Stern, Lucia1945
309428Loans (restricted)1945
309429Loan Exhibition (#51): Announcement1951
Loan Exhibition (#54)
309431Loans (restricted)1947
309432Loan Exhibition (#55): Checklist: Internal1946
Loan Exhibition (#59)
309433aArtist Notification List1947
309433bCorrespondence: Veit, Richard1948
309434Loan Exhibition (#66): Announcement1950
Loan Exhibition (#67)
309435Loans (restricted)1950
309436Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1950
309437Loan Exhibition (#69): Checklist: Internal1950
Loan Exhibition (#73): Checklists
309440[Loan Exhibition Suggested for Rollins Park, Florida]undated
309441Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by Wassily Kandinsky (#53-T): Catalogue1946
309442[Mezzanine]: Checklist: Internal1946
Mostra Fondazione R. Solomon Guggenheim [sic] (Alternate Title: Septième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles) (#77-T)
309444Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1953
309445New Exhibition, American Non-Objective Painters (#63): Insurance (restricted)1949
309446[Ninth Guest Exhibition]: Exhibition Planning1941
309447Non-Objective Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#31-T): Correspondence1942
309448Paintings and Constructions by László Moholy-Nagy (#20): Announcement1941
309449Paintings by Rudolf Bauer from the Collection of Solomon R. Guggenheim (#2-T): Checklist: Internal1937
309450[Paintings Exhibited January 1948 - Removed May 30, 1949, Second Floor]: Checklist: Internal1948-1949
309451[Permanent Collection]: Wall Labelsundated
309452[Permanent Collection and New Acquisitions]: Announcement1951
309453Quatrième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles1949
309454Réalités Nouvelles (#6-T): Shipping (restricted)1938
309455Selections from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#41-T): Correspondence1944
Selections from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#42-T)
309457Price List1945
309458Shipping (restricted)1945
Selections from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#50-T)
309459Checklist: Internalundated
309460Correspondence1942, 1946
309461Selections from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#68-T): Loans (restricted)1940
309462Selections from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#72-T): Checklist: Internal1951
309463Seventeen Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#51-T): Correspondence1946
30951Six American Non-Objective Painters (#12): Exhibition Planning1940
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Painting (#1-T)
30952Catalogue Requests1936
30953Mailing Listundated
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Painting (#3-T)
30954Catalogue Information1937
30955Checklist: Internal1938
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Painting (#4-T)
30956-7Catalogue Information (2 folders)undated, 1938
30958Checklists: Internal1936-1938
30959-10Correspondence (2 folders)1936-1938
309511Events: Opening: Announcement1938
309512Press Release1938
Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Painting (#5-T)
309513Catalogue Information1938-1939
309514-15Correspondence (2 folders)1939
309518Photographs: Installation1939
Ten American Non-Objective Painters (#15)
309521Checklist: Internal1940
309522Exhibition Planning1940-1941
Tenth Anniversary Exhibition (#64)
30962Catalogue Information1949
30963Checklist: Internal1949
30964-5Exhibition Planning (2 folders)1949
30966Insurance (restricted)1949
30967Press Release1949
30968Thirteen Non-Objective Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#21-T): Correspondence1941-1942
Thirty-Five Non-Objective Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (52-T)
309610Shipping (restricted)1945
Three American Non-Objective Painters (#7)
309611Checklist: Internal1940
309613Exhibition Planning1939-1940
309614Insurance (restricted)1940
309615Loans (restricted)1939-1940
309616Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1939
309617Press Release1940
309618Requests for Tickets1940
Three American Non-Objective Painters (#11)
309619Checklist: Internal1940
309620Exhibition Planning1940
309621Press Release1940
Troisième Salon des Réalités Nouvelles
309622Catalogue Information: Correspondence1948
309623Checklist: Internal1948
Twelve American Non-Objective Painters (#10)
309625Checklist: Internal1940
309627Exhibition Planning1940
309628Insurance (restricted)1940
309629Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1940
309630Shipping (restricted)1940
Twelve American Non-Objective Painters (#13)
309631Checklist: Internal1940
309632Exhibition Planning1940
309633Twenty-Seven Non-Objective Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (24-T): Correspondence1941
309634Wassily Kandinsky Memorial Exhibition (#47-T): Insurance (restricted)1945
Wassily Kandinsky Memorial Exhibition (#49-T)
309636Insurance (restricted)1945
309637Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1946
309638-41Insurance (4 folders) (restricted)1938-1949
309642-43General (2 folders)undated, circa 1947
504211All Paintings Insured1940
309644Bauer, Rudolfundated
309645Complete List of Non-Objective Paintings1938
309646Kandinsky, Wassilyundated
309647List of Drawings by Bauer at Carnegie Hallundated
309648List of Paintings in Arthur Jerome Eddy Collection Now Given to the Art Institute of Chicago (restricted)undated
30971[List of Works]circa 1941
30972List of Works Exhibitedundated
504212Lists of Paintings Owned by the Foundation1938-1951
30973Locations as of this Date1942
30974Non-Objective Paintings at Carnegie1938
30975Non-Objective Paintings at the Lodge1950
30976Non-Objective Paintings at the Plaza1938
30977Numbered Inventory of Works of Art1939
30978Paintings at Carnegie Hallcirca 1950
30979Paintings: Rebay Collection1944
309710Pictures Listed in Catalogue but Part of Rebay Collectionundated
309712Rebay Collection Pictures Sent to Charleston1938
309713Scarlett / Matternundated
309714Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection: Apartment at Hotel Plazaundated
309715Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection: Baroness von Rebay Apartmentundated, 1936
309716Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection: Klee Material at the Plazaundated
309718-20General (3 folders) (restricted)1946-1952
309721Addison Gallery of American Art (restricted)1941, 1947
309722Birmingham Museum of Art (restricted)1952
309723California Palace of the Legion of Honor (restricted)1945
309724College of Art Association (restricted)1937-1939
309725Five Old Masters (restricted)undated
309726Galerie Maeght, Paris (restricted)1949
27-28, 13Golden Gate International Exhibition (3 folders) (2 restricted)1939
309729Grenoble (restricted)1949
309730Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (restricted)1952
309731International Art Exhibit (restricted)1949
309732John Herron Museum (restricted)1946
309733The Society for Contemporary American Art (restricted)1950
309734Stuart Art Gallery (restricted)1946
309735Toledo Museum of Art (restricted)1938
Permanent Collection
36-40, 1-5, 14-20Acquisitions (17 folders) (restricted)undated, 1936-1951
7-15, 1-190Photographs: Artwork (199 folders)undated
Reproduction Requests
309816-17General (2 folders)1949-1952
309818Film Receipts1942
309819-20Permissions (2 folders)1939-1952
21-25, 21Slides (6 folders)undated, 1941-1951
26-28, 1-2, Shipping (5 folders) (restricted)1938-1952
3-4, 22-23Storage (4 folders)1941-1948
Series 5. Personal, 1925-1967 (bulk 1937-1958), 4.95 cubic ft.
30996American Abstract Artists: Art Raffle1940
30997Articles: Richter, Rolf: Ausstellungsbreif aus Mainz1962
30998Allen, A: Sketchesundated
Rebay, Hilla
30999Criticism of Exhibitionsundated
309911Florida Southern College: Art of Tomorrow1955
309912Galerie Carmine, Paris1929
309913Galleries of Marie Sterner, New York1927
309914Kingore Galleries, New York1928
309915Mainz on Rhine1962
309916Wildenstein & Co., New Yorkundated
309917List of Museums that Own Work by Rebayundated
309918Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1935
309919Portfolio: Translation of Introductionundated
309920Postcard Reproductionsundated
309921aRemarks on the Triptych "3 Black Rings"undated
309921bReproductions for Publicationsundated
309924b?smann, M.: Etchingundated
309924cUnidentified (Bauer, Rudolf?): Sketchundated
25-31, 1Autobiographical Notes (8 folders)undated, 1944, 1946, 1953-1960
Automobile License and Registration
309933Identification Cards1939-1943
309934Biographiesundated, 1950
Christmas Cards
31001-11Mailing Lists (11 folders)undated, 1944-1958
310012Unsent Cardsundated
13-29, 1-49, 1-36, 2Collective Letters 1-114 and Unnumbered (103 folders)undated, 1947-1957
310237Carter, Unidentifiedundated
310238Castle Stewart, Arthur Stuart, Earl1951-1952
310239Castle Stewart, Eleanor May1951
310240Koch, Dr. Unidentifiedundated
310241Lindsay, Unidentifiedundated
310242McNaab?, Unidentifiedundated
31031Plaut, Unidentifiedundated
31032Rebay, Gabriele von (Includes Drawings)undated
31033Rebay, Roland vonundated, 1958
31034Reitzenstein, Unidentified1952
31035Richter, Unidentifiedundated
31036Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Board of Trustees1953-1958?
31037Sweeney, James Johnson1953-1958?
31038Xceron, Jeanundated
31039Unidentified, Constance and Evan?1938
10-15, 1-4, 3Unidentified Drafts (11 folders)1951-1958?
31046Bank Account Statement1961
31047-11Bills and Receipts (5 folders)undated, 1936-1944, 1954
Book Orders
1, 4General (2 folders)1941-1946
31052Wm. H. Williams and Company Publishers1941, 1948-1952
31053Charitable Contributionsundated, 1941, 1947, 1949-1952
31054-5Checkbook (2 folders)1944-1945
31056Gift Parcels
50435Guaranty Trust Company of New York (Hilla von Rebay Trust)1951-1956
50436Investment Property: 894-904 Wintrop Street, Brooklyn, New York1941-1942
31058Checking Account1943-1944 1949-1952
31059-10Magazine Subscriptions (2 folders)1939-1944, 1949-1950
310511The National City Bank of New York1938-1944
310512Franton Court1942-1945
310514Old Age Assistance1939
301515Personnel (restricted)1957-1958
310517The Westport Bank and Trust Company1944, 1958
310518Hilla Rebay Museum Temple of Non-Objective Painting at Florida Southern College (Proposed)undated
310519Brochuresundated, 1945
310520Recipes Bookundated
310521Silverware and Dishesundated
Immigration and Nationalization
310522Generalundated, 1939-1945
Department of Justice
310523Immigration and Naturalization Services1943
310524US Attorney Bulter1943-1944
310525Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)1943-1944
310526Rublee, George (restricted)1943-1944
Enemy Alien
310527Change of Address or Employmentundated, 1942
310528Hearing Board for the State of Connecticut1942
310529Parole Reports1943
50439Permissions for Travel1943-1943
1, 10AEtna Insurance Company (2 folders)1938-1967
31062Albert R. Lee and Company, Incorporated1938-1952
31063American Associated Insurance Companies1947
4, 11American Automobile Insurance Company (2 folders)1942-1950
5, 12Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company (2 folders)1940, 1955-1967
31066Automobile Club of New York (AAA)1939-1941
31067Automobile Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticutundated
31068-9Chubb and Sons, Managers (2 folders)1939-1942
310610Great American Insurance1962-1967
310611Grille and Company, Incorporated1955-1967
310612National Benefit Life1960
504313Maryland Casualty Company1947-1951
310613Massachusetts Bonding and Insurance Company1955
310614Merchant Mutual Casualty Company1939-1940
310615Norwalk Agency, Incorporated1941
310616-20Notari and Dunaway Incorporated (Includes Insurance Record Photographs of Franton Court) (5 folders)undated, 1939-1954
31071Royal Indemnity Company1943-1948
504314Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company1946-1952
31072Samuel Metzger and T. Ruggles Brooks1938-1941
504315Sun Insurance Office1962-1965
31073Vander Poel, Francis and Company, Incorporated1939-1940
31074Books on Art: Library of Baroness Rebay1941
31075Items Belonging to Miss Hilla v. Rebaycirca 1948
31075bPainting Titlesundated
31076Legal: Rebay vs. Guggenheim Foundation: Statement Draftsundated
31078Bills and Receipts1942-1951, 1957
31079Burrow, Trigant, Dr.: Article: The Human Equation1941
310710Henzerling, H.L.: Article: Neue Behandlung der Epilepsieundated
310711Hopkins, R., Dr.: Correspondence1940
Meyer, Otto, Dr.
310712Congestion of the Headundated
310713Focal Infection and Essential Hypertension1942
310714A New Conception About the Cause and Cure of Encephalitis Lethargiaundated
310715Phlebitis and Burns1945
310716What Causes High Blood Pressure?undated
310717Correspondence1940-1945, 1949
310718Phone Numbercirca 1942
310719Nastasia, James E., Dr.: Correspondence1943-1944
310720Newspaper and Magazine Articlesundated
310721General (restricted)1940-1949
310722Eyeglasses (Includes Lens) (restricted)undated, 1935
310724Skull (restricted)1944
310725Teeth (restricted)1944
504316Conservation Organizations1950-1964
310728Identification Cards1947-1967
29-34, 1-9, 1-3, 17-26Museum Business (28 folders) (11 restricted)undated, 1937-1962
31094Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsundated, 1943
5-12, 1, 13 Notes and Drafts (10 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1953-1958?
310913Notes for Radio Broadcast1953-1958?
310914Notice of Shipment (restricted)1967
Personal Care
310916-17Fashion (2 folders)undated, 1942-1944
31101Au Revs? Hoffen Fur Shop Entranceundated
31102Dance School Performanceundated
31103Firenze (Reproduction)undated
31106Paul Klee's House (Architectural Drawing Reproduction)undated
31107-9Rebay, Hilla (3 folders)undated, 1930, 1956
311010Unidentified (negatives)undated
311011Postcards (Blank)undated, 1960
311012Pressed Dried Plantundated
Franton Court (Westport, Connecticut)
311013Address Book and List of Keysundated
14-19, 2Alterations and Renovations (7 folders)undated, 1937-1947
311021Delivery List1942
24-26, 1-4, 3Garden and Landscape (8 folders)1938-1966
3111 5Library: List of Books, Catalogues, and Magazines on Art1941
3111 6Map: Published1950
3111 7Personnelundated
3111 8Photographsundated
14, 2Sketches and Floor Plans (2 folders)undated, 1939
Sunlife (Jefferson, New Hampshire)
3111 9Address Bookundated
3111 10Alterations and Renovations1947-1948
3111 11Correspondence: Ayling, Louis and Walter (Caretakers)1950-1954
3111 12Furnishingsundated, 1947-1948
311113Garden and Landscape1949-1954
3111 14Correspondence1950
3111 15Hand Drawnundated
3111 16Original Copy and Corrections1950
3111 17Published1950
3111 18Office Supplies: Inventory1947
31122By Miss Rebay for Her Personal Use1951
31123On Resignationundated
31124Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Listundated
31125Toy Shops: Addresses1944
31128United States of America1948-1964
9-18, 4-6Trips (13 folders)1947-1962
311219War Bondsundated
Series 6. Research, 1882-1967 (bulk 1940-1966), 5 cubic ft.
Artist Biographies
311220Bauer, Rudolfundated
311221Beckmann, Hannesundated
311222Bertoia, Harryundated
311223Biel, Eugen V.undated
311224Bolotowsky, Ilyaundated
311225Bonnard, Pierreundated
311226Burliuk, Davidundated
311227Campendonk, Heinrichundated
311228Cezanne, Paulundated
311229Chagall, Marcundated
311230Coale, Donaldundated
311231Coeffin, Josetteundated
311232Delacroix, Eugeneundated
311233Delaunay, Robertundated
311234der Hohannesian, Garabedundated
311235Domela-Nieuwenhuis, Cesarundated
311236Drewes, Wernerundated
311237Edwards, Emmetundated
311238Feininger, Lyonelundated
311239Ferren, Johnundated
311240Fine, Perleundated
311241Franklin, Georgeundated
311242Gauguin, Paulundated
311243Gleizes, Albertundated
311244Gris, Juanundated
311245Grossman, Noahundated
311246Hohenberg, Marguerite Kurtzundated
311247Kandinsky, Vasily1944-1946
311248Kerns, Maude Irvineundated
311249Klee, Paulundated
311250Klein, Medard P.undated
311251Lassaw, Ibramundated
311252Léger, Fernandundated
311253Lewis, Samuel Reichmannundated
311254Marc, Franzundated
311255Mason, Alice T.undated
311256Mattern, Alice Louiseundated
311257Metzinger, Jeanundated
311258Mitchell, Wallaceundated
311259Modigliani, Amedeoundated
311260Moholy-Nagy, Lászlóundated
311261Nebel, Ottoundated
311262Neumann, J. B.undated
311263Ney, Lloyd R.undated
311264Nicholson, Benundated
311266Peterson, Vilhelm Bjerkeundated
311267Picasso, Pabloundated
311268Rebay, Hillaundated
311269Rousseau, Henriundated
311270Scarlett, Rolphundated
311271Schwab, Wladimirundated
311272Seurat, Georges-Pierreundated
311273Silva, Helena Vieira daundated
311274Smith, Charlesundated
31131Valmier, Georgesundated
31132Vordemberge-Gildewart, Friedrichundated
31133Vuillard, Edouardundated
31134Wadsworth, Edwardundated
31135Wicht, John vonundated
31136Wolff, Robert J.undated
31137Xceron, Jeanundated
Subject Files
8-12, 7General: Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (6 folders)undated, 1935-1966
31142Advice Columnundated
31443African Americans1954-1959
31144Alexander, Henry1959
31145Americaundated, 1937-1950
31146American Art Association Anderson Galleriesundated
31147American Artist1942
31148American Association of Museums (AAM)1956
31149American Federation of Arts (AFA)1947
10, 7American Society for Aesthetics (2 folders)undated, 1943-1954
311411Amsterdam Art Critics Congressundated
311412Animalsundated, 1941-1965
311413Anthony, John J.1949
311414Architectureundated, 1945-1959
311415Armory Show Recreatedundated
311416Arte Contemporea1949
311417Art Fair1948
311418Art Gallery Monthly Guide1947
311419Artists Equity Association1950
311420Art Lectures1944-1959
311421Atomic Energy Commission1951
311422Bacon, Peggyundated
311423Ball State Teachers College1959
311424Balsan, Madam Jacques (Consuelo Vanderbilt)1953
311425Bauer, Rudolf1939, 1946
26, 8Beckmann, Max (2 folders)undated
311427Berenson, Bernard1949-1955
311428Bernhardt, Sarah1942
50449Biennale di Venezia1950-1952
311429Blackburn, Morris1948
311430Blume, Peter1943
311432Bonnard, Pierre1946-1948
311433Booksundated, 1937-1959
311434Borg, Z.S.undated
311435Boston: Institute of Contemporary Art1949
311436Bowen, Elizabethundated
311437Boynton, James1959
311438Boys Townundated, 1942
31151Brancusi, Constantin1955-1958
31152Bratby, John1956, 1959
31153Brenner's Park Hotel, Baden-Baden1961
31154Brooke, Dorothyundated
31155Brooklyn Museum1949
31156Browne, Byron1943, 1946
31157Brown Mottoundated
31158Buchholz Gallery1945
31159Buck, Pearl S.1957
311510Button, Paul1945
311511Cagli, Corrado1948
311512Carnegie Institute1952
311513Casals, Pabloundated
504410Chagall, Marcundated, 1958-1959
311514Channing, Carolundated
311515Chaplin, Charlesundated
311516Charitiesundated, 1944-1963
311517Churchill, Winston1953-1965
311518Civil Rights1964-1966
311519The Clown (Grock)1924
311520-21Cold War and McCarthyism (2 folders)undated, 1948-1966
311522College Art Association of Americaundated, 1942
504411Committee for the Preservation of Austrian Art and Culture in the United States of Americaundated
311523Conn, Russell J.1949
311524Corcoran Biennial Nierendorf Gallery1943
311525Coward, Noëlundated
504412Cuba: Visa Information1941
311526Daniel Guggenheim Foundation1945-1952
311527Dealers and Expertsundated, 1958-1962
311528Declaration of the Federation of the World1941-1942
311529Degas, Edgarundated
311530De Havilland, Oliviaundated
311531Delauney, Robert1954-1957
311532Derivation and Form1950
311533De Rivera, Joséundated
311534Designundated, 1948
311535Dietrich, Marleneundated
311536Dionne Quintuplets1935-1937
311537Dominguin, Luis Miguelundated
311538Dove, Arthur1943, 1949
311539Dreier, Katherine1941
311540Duchamp, Marcel; Villon, Jacques; and Duchamp-Villon, Raymond1936, 1957
311541Dulles, Eleanor Lansing1959
311542Dunham, Katherineundated
311543Eastern Arts Association1945
311544Eby, Adelaide1948
311546Ehemals Staatlichen Museen-Berlinundated
311547Einstein, Albertundated
311548Enters, Angna1952
311549Ernst, Jimmy1948
311550European Aid1947
31161-8Exhibitions (8 folders)undated, 1929-1962
31169Faini, Maria Luisa1954
311610Farish, Joan R.undated
311611Feitelson, Lorser1952
311612Fischer, Maxundated
311613Food and Recipesundated, 1941-1966
311614Ford, Henryundated
311615Ford, Henry, II1965
311616Forster, Corneliaundated
31171Franklin, Sidneyundated
31172Funeral Price Fixing1967
31173Gallatin, A. E.1943, 1952
31175Garbo, Gretaundated
31176Gardens, Plantsundated, 1943-1959
31177Gauguin, Paul1950, 1959
31178Geiger, Williundated
31179Genauer, Emily1951-1952
311710General Federation Clubwoman1946
311711Genn, Nancyundated
311712German Art Exhibitions1948
311713German Museums1939
504413Germany1924, 1938
311714Giacometti, Alberto1955
311715Giessler, Rupert1948
311716Goodwin, W.A.R., Rev.1941
311717Gotham Book Martundated
311718Grassi, Ernesto1952
311719Grosz, Georgeundated
311720Guggenheim, Solomon R.1935-1959
311721Guy, James1948
311722Hajdu, Ettienne1958
504414Harper's Weekly1882
311723Harris, William1948
311724Harvard University: Fogg Museum of Art1941
311725Hayes, Helenundated
311726Heliker, John1948
311727Helion, Jean1943
311728Hemingway, Ernest1954
311729Hepburn, Audrey1951, 1954
311730Herter, Christian A.1959
311731Hirshfeld, Albert1961
311732Hofmann, Josefundated
311733Hogarth, Williamundated
311734Home Care and Improvementsundated, 1948-1966
311735Hoover, J. Edgarundated
311737Houdon, Jean-Antoineundated
311738Hudson Valley: Art in the Park1959
504415Huffong, F.1920
311739Ingersoll, R. Sturgisundated
311740Inge, William R., Rev.1954
311741Interior Design and Decorating1945-1952
311742International Club, Harlem Branch YWCA1951
311743International Council of Museums (ICOM)1950
311744Investments and Finance1951-1967
311745Jacoby, Coleman1943
311746J. C. Morgenthau and Company1939
311747John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation1948
311748Johnson, Lyndon B.1965
311749Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism1951-1952
311750Kandinsky, Vasilyundated, 1951-1952
311751Karajan, Herbert vonundated
311752Kasenkina, Oksana1948
311753Kassel: Documenta IIundated
311754Katims, Milton1949
311755Kennedy, John F.undated, 1963
311756Kennedy, Sybil1949
311757Khan, Ali1954
311758Khrushchev, Nikita1961
31181Kline, Franz1962
31182Knaths, Karl1946
31183Knaust, Herman1952
504416Kollwitz, Kätheundated, 1926
31184Krupp, Vera1965
31185Lafitte, Pierre1955
31186Le Corbusierundated
31187Lewisohn, Sam A.1945
31188Longshore Clubundated
31189Los Angeles County Museumundated
311810Lubeck Church Frescoes Forged1954
311811Ludlow, Elizabeth Morrisonundated
311812Lustig, Alvin1955
311813Maazel, Lorinundated
311814MacArthur, Douglas, Generalundated
311815Macke, Auguste1952
311816Manns, Heinrich1950
311817Matisse, Henri1948
311818Matta, Roberto1944
311819Maugham, W. Somerset1949
311820Maxwell, Elsa1958
311821McGuire, William M., Captain1965
311822McKinley, Hazel Guggenheim1946, 1949
311823-24Medicine and Science (2 folders)undated, 1942-1964
311825Mellon, Matthew Taylorundated
504417Merrick Schoolundated
311826Metropolitan Museum of Artundated, 1939, 1954-1956
311827Metropolitan Opera House1930
311828Milwaukee Art Institute1956
311829Miró, Joanundated, 1958
311830Modigliani, Amedeoundated
311831Mondrian, Piet1957
311832Moore, Henry1959
311833Morgan, J.P.undated
311834Morris, George L.K.1947
311835Morris, Suzy1948
311836Mountainsundated, 1937-1963
311837Müller, Erwin, Dr.undated
311838Museum Council of New York1948-1954
311839Museum News1953-1955
311840Museum of Modern Art: Trustee List1952
311841Museum of Non-Objective Art1939-1952
31191Music, Theater, Dance1936-1965
31192Myers, Bernard1952
31193Naef, Hans1948
31194Nägler, Gertrudundated
31195"Naïve" Art1961
31196National Academy School of Fine Arts1951
31197National Amateur Painters Competition1950
31198National Audubon Society1941
31199National Broadcasting Company (NBC)1940
311910National Concert and Artist Corporationundated
311911Nazi-Banned Art Exhibitions1939, 1957
311912Nazi Germany and World War II1937-1947
311913Nehru, Jawaharlal1955
311914Nemirovitch-Dantchenko, Vladimir1936
311915Nemitz, Fritzundated
311916Neutra, Richard1949
311917New York Adult Education Council1946, 1948
311918New York City1927-1966
311919New York Visitor1944
311920New York World's Fair1939
311921Nicholson, Ben1956-1958
311922Nierendorf Galleries1944
311923Nitz, William H.1943
311924Noack, Hermann1957
311925Noguchi, Isamuundated
311926Non-Objective Paintings1951
311927Nostitz, Helenundated
311928Offner, Richard1965
311929Ogunquit Art Center1939
311930Olivier, Laurence1948
311931Onassis, Aristotleundated
311932Opportunity No. 49: "Old" Angus1941
311933Origins of Artundated, 1949-1956
504418Orozco, J. C.undated
311934Paderewski, Ignace Janundated
311936Paris World's Fair1937
311937Pasadena Art Instituteundated
311938Pasternak, Boris1960
311939Pellegrini, Aldo1953
311940Peron, Juanundated, 1956
311941Perrine, Van Dearing: Painting with Mobile Light1938
311942Petzet, Wolfgangundated
311943Pfeiffer, Fritz1940
311945Politics Influencing Artundated, 1949-1952
311946Powell, Wesleyundated
311947Prado Collectionundated
504419Project M.I.I.undated
311948Providence Museum of Art1949
311949Provincetown Art Association1948
311950Queens College1944
Rebay, Hilla
51, 1-3, 20General (5 folders)undated, 1931-1963
31208Refregier, Anton1949
312010Religionundated, 1943-1961
312012Renoir, Pierre Auguste1949
312013Richter Archive of Illustrations on Art1943
312014Riverside Museum: American Abstract Painters Exhibition1943
504421Rockefeller, John D.1941
312015Rockefeller, Nelson (and Wife)undated, 1941
312016Ronald, William1956
312017Roosevelt, Elliot1965
312018Roosevelt, Franklin Delano1949
312019Rosenberg, James N.1949
312020Rosse, Herman1949
312021Roth, Eugeneundated
312022Rouault, Georges1948, 1962
312023Rousseau, Henriundated, 1954
312024Rousseau, Theodore Jr.1955
504425Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences1949-1951
26-28, 1-7, 1-3, 1-5, 23-24Royalty (20 folders)undated, 1947-1967
31236Rusk, Dean1966
31237Russell Sage Foundationundated
31238Salemme, Attilioundated
31239Samuels, Robertundated
San Francisco
312310San Francisco Museumundated
312311Santa Fe Museum1948
312312Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art: International Exhibition1953
312313Schlicter, Rudolf1949
312314School Art League1942
312315School of Paris1932
312316Schultz, Anton1961
312317Schweitzer, Dr. Albertundated, 1946-1956
312318Sekula, Sonia1948
312319Seurat, Georges1949
312320Sewell, Sumner1946
312321Shaw, George Bernardundated
312322Silvercruys, Suzanne1949
312323Sinatra, Frankundated
31241Sizer, Theodore1948
31242Slevogt, Max and Emil Orlik1944
31243Sobiloff, Hy J.undated
31244Social Illsundated, 1951
31245Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation1949
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
31247-15Frank Lloyd Wright Building (9 folders)1944-1961
31251Spivak, Max1948
31252Sportsundated, 1954-1959
31253Staël, Nicolas de1951
31255Stanley, Louis T.1950
31256Steinkraus, Billy1952
31257Stettheimer, Florineundated
31258Stieglitz, Alfred and Georgia O'Keefeundated
31259Sutherland, Graham1962
312510Sweeney, James Johnson1953, 1959
312511Table Talk1943
312512Tam, Reuben1949
312513Taylor, Elizabeth1962
312514Taylor, Robertundated
312516Thomas, Dylan1957
312517Tierney, Gene1949
312518Tolstoy Foundation1940
312519Toscanini, Arturoundated
312520Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri deundated
312521Town Hall Program1944
312522Trapp Family1947, 1951
312523-24Travel (2 folders)undated, 1951-1965
504426Treasury Department: Census of Property in Foreign Countires (blank forms)1943
312525Trökes, Heinz1953
312526Truman, Harry S.undated, 1948
312527Uhlman, Hans1949
312528University of Illinois1949
312529Urvater, J. Bertold and Gaetane1958
312530Vanderbilt, Corneliusundated
312531Van Doren, Charles1959
312532Valentin, Karl1948
312533Vilmorin, Louise de1954
312534Virginia Museum of Fine Arts1953
312535Walkowitz, Abraham1927(?)
312536Washburn, Gordon Baileyundated
312537Watteau, Jean Antoineundated
312538Wellman, Constanceundated
504437Westport Audubon Society1952
312539Westport Connecticut Institute of Commercial Art1952
312540Whitney Museum1949-1956
312541Wiedman, Charles1948
312542Winchester College Chapel: Stained Glass Restoration1950
312543Wingler, Hans Maria1948
312544Worcester Art Museum1951
312545Works Progress Administration Art Toursundated
312546World Religious Council1947
47, 1Wright, Frank Lloyd (2 folders)1943-1959
31262Zionist Organization of America1944