Artist files

Artist files

Collection Overview

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, 1071 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10128.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Library Department.
Artist files
Call Number:
1910-2001 (bulk 1960-1990)
215 cubic ft. (213 record center cartons)
Historical Abstract:
The Artist files collection spans the years 1910-2001 and is comprised of material collected by Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum staff. The bulk of the collection (1960-1990) consists of items collected during the tenure of museum director Thomas M. Messer and curator Diane Waldman. The collection was assembled by Ward Jackson, a past archivist at the Guggenheim.
Scope and Content Abstract:
The Artist files date from 1910-2001 (bulk 1960-1990). They consist of materials relating primarily to individual artists, but also to artist collectives, collectors, art historians, and curators. Records may include announcements, architectural drawings, artworks, auction catalogs, biographical information, books, brochures, correspondence, diaries, exhibition catalogs, institutional publications, institutional records, interviews, invitations, manuscripts, memorabilia, negatives, newspapers, official records, oral histories, pamphlets, photographs, postcards, posters, press clippings, press releases, price list and/or checklists, printed works, prints, scripts, serials, slides, and transcripts. Digitization of records is ongoing and can be viewed in the folder list.
Collection is primarily in English.
Arranged in one alphabetical sequence.
The collection is unrestricted.
Publication Rights:
Materials from this collection may be protected by copyright, and are made available for limited non-commercial, educational, and personal use only, or for fair use as defined in the United States copyright laws. Downloading the material for commercial use is prohibited. Anyone wishing to use any materials from this collection for commercial use or publication, or any purpose other than fair use as defined by law, must request and receive prior written permission from the Manager of the Library and Archives.
Preferred Citation:
Artist files. A0008. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York, NY.
Art, Modern 20th century.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.
Finding aid prepared by Rachel Chatalbash in September 2006 and records digitized by Archives Staff in 2009-2011.

Historical Note

The Artist files collection spans the years 1910-2001 and is comprised of material collected by Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum staff. The bulk of the collection (1960-1990) consists of items collected during the tenure of museum director Thomas M. Messer and curator Diane Waldman. The collection was assembled by Ward Jackson, a past archivist at the Guggenheim. Materials like those in the Artist files are no longer being actively collected.

Scope and Content Note

The Artist files date from 1910-2001 (bulk 1960-1990). They consist of materials relating primarily to individual artists, but also to artist collectives, collectors, art historians, and curators. Records may include announcements, architectural drawings, artworks, auction catalogs, biographical information, books, brochures, correspondence, diaries, exhibition catalogs, institutional publications, institutional records, interviews, invitations, manuscripts, memorabilia, negatives, newspapers, official records, oral histories, pamphlets, photographs, postcards, posters, press clippings, press releases, price list and/or checklists, printed works, prints, scripts, serials, slides, and transcripts. Oversize materials are located at the end of the folder list. Digitization of records is ongoing with updates monthly as appropriate. Records that have been digitized can be viewed in the folder list.

Folder List

6438150PDF of Artist files Finding Aidundated
6438151Aach, Herbertundated
6438152Abad, Francescundated
6438153Abakanowicz, Magdalenaundated
6438154Abbey, Rita Deaninundated
6438155Abbott, Bereniceundated
6438156Abbott, Maryundated
6438157Abe, Nobuyaundated
6438158Abeele, Rik van denundated
6438159Abeles, Kim Victoriaundated
64381510Aberconway, Christabelundated
64381511Abish, Cecileundated
64381512Abkarovits, Jánosundated
64381513Abner, Raymondundated
64381514Abrahams, Ivor, 1935-undated
64381515Abramo, Lívio, 1903-1992undated
64381516Abramovic, Marina, 1946-undated
64381517Abrams, Harry, N.undated
64381518Abrams, Isaacundated
64381519Abrams, Jane, 1940-undated
64381520Abrams, Ruth, 1912-1986undated
64381521Abramson, Larry, 1954-undated
64381522Accardi, Carlaundated
64381523-24Acconci, Vito, 1940-undated
64381525Acht, René, 1920-undated
64381526Ackermann, Max, 1965-undated
64381527Ackermann, Peter, 1934-undated
64381528Ackling, Rogerundated
64381529Adam, Henri-Georges, 1904-1967undated
64381530Adami, Valerio, 1935-undated
64381531Adams, Alice, 1930-undated
64381532Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984undated
64381533Adams, Clinton, 1918-2002undated
64381534Adams, Jeffundated
64381535Adams, Mac, 1943-undated
64381536Adams, Mark, 1949-undated
64381537Adams, Pat, 1928-undated
64381538Adams, Phoebe, 1953-undated
64381539Adams, Robert, 1917-1984undated
64381540Adams, Willemundated
64381541Adler, Andrew H.undated
64381542Adler, Jankel, 1895-1949undated
64381543Adler, Jaroslav, 1946-undated
64381544Adler, Lee, 1934-undated
64381545Adler, Samuel Marcusundated
64381546Ado, 1936-1994undated
64381547Adrian, Barbaraundated
64381548Adrian, Marc, 1930-2008undated
64381549Adrian, Pic G., 1910-undated
64381550Adzak, Royundated
64381551Aeppli, Eva, 1925-undated
6434361Aeschbacher, Hans, 1906-undated
6434362Afonso, Nadir, 1920-undated
6434363Africano, Nicholas, 1948-undated
6434364Africus Institute for Contemporary Art undated
6434365-6Afro, 1912-1976undated
6434367-10Agam, Yaacov, 1928-undated
64343611Agid, Olivierundated
64343612Agnetti, Vincenzo, 1926-undated
64343613Agosti, Jean-Paul, 1948-undated
64343614Agostini, Peterundated
64343615Agostini, Sergioundated
64343616Aguayo, Fermin, 1926-1977undated
64343617Agudelo-Botero, Orlando, 1946-undated
64343618Aguiar, Fernando, 1956-undated
64343619Aguilar, Nelsonundated
64343620Aguilar, Sergi, 1946-undated
64343621Ahearn, John, 1951-undated
64343622Ahlsted, David, 1943-undated
64343623Ahntholz, Richardundated
64343624Aiken, Williamundated
64343625Aillaud, Gilles, 1928-2005undated
64343626Aizenberg, Roberto, 1928-undated
64343627Aizpiri, Paul, 1919-undated
64343628Ajay, Ibrahimundated
64343629Akawie, Thomasundated
64343630Alacoque, Francoisundated
64343631Albardi´az, Valenti´n, 1962-undated
64343632Alberola, Jean-Michelundated
64343633Albers, Anniundated
64343634-37Albers, Josefundated
64343638-40Albers, Josefundated
64343641Albert, Calvin, 1918-undated
64343642Albert, Hermann, 1937-undated
64343643Albertini, Giorgioundated
64343644Alberty, Johnundated
64343645Albrecht, Hans Joachim, 1938-undated
64343646Albright, Ivan, 1897-1983undated
64343647Albuquerque, Litaundated
643437Alderette, Bob [1960s-1990s]
643437Aldouby, Zvi [1960s-1990s]
643437Aldrich, Larry [1960s-1990s]
643437Alechinsky, Pierre [1960s-1990s]
643437Alex, Kosta [1960s-1990s]
643437Alexander, Brooke [1960s-1990s]
643437Alexander, John [1960s-1990s]
643437Alexander, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643437Alf, Martha [1960s-1990s]
643437Alfano, Angel [1960s-1990s]
643437Alfano, Carlo [1960s-1990s]
643437Alfaro, Andrés [1960s-1990s]
643437Alfonzo, Carlos [1960s-1990s]
643437Alice Adam (Art dealer) [1960s-1990s]
643437Alinari, Luca [1960s-1990s]
643437Alkema, Wobbe [1960s-1990s]
643437Allan, William [1960s-1990s]
643437Allen, Elaine [1960s-1990s]
643437Allen, Terry [1960s-1990s]
643437Alleyn, Edmund [1960s-1990s]
643437Allington, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643437Aloe, Carlo [1960s-1990s]
643437Alper, Natalie [1960s-1990s]
643437Alquin, Nicolas [1960s-1990s]
643437Alt, Otmar [1960s-1990s]
643437Altman, Harold [1960s-1990s]
643437Altoon, John [1960s-1990s]
643437Altorfer, Esther [1960s-1990s]
643437Altrock, Hartmut von [1960s-1990s]
643437Alvarado-Juárez, Francisco [1960s-1990s]
643437Alvarez Bravo, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643437Alvarez Sánchez de Movellán, Pedro [1960s-1990s]
643437Alviani, Getulio [1960s-1990s]
643437Amado, Jean [1960s-1990s]
6434381Amano, Takaundated
6434382Amar, Joseph, 1954-undated
6434383Amaral, Antonio Henrique, 1935-undated
6434384Amat, Frederic, 1952-undated
6434385Amato, Micaela, 1945-undated
6434386Ambrosi, Gustinus, 1893-1975undated
6434387Amenoff, Gregory, 1948-undated
6434388Amer, Ghada, 1963-undated
6434389Amodio, Andresundated
64343810Anderle, Jiri, 1936-undated
64343811Andersen, Tove I., 1956-undated
64343812Anderson, David, 1946-undated
64343813Anderson, Jeremy, 1921-undated
64343814Anderson, Johnundated
64343815Anderson, Laurie, 1947-undated
64343816Anderson, Lennart, 1928-undated
64343817Anderson, Lucyundated
64343818Andersson, Torsten, 1926-undated
64343819Andre, Albert, 1869-1954undated
64343820Andre, Carl, 1935-undated
64343821aAndre, Carl, 1935-undated
64343821bAndre, Carl, 1935-undated
64343822Andre, Carl, 1935-undated
64343823Andre, Michaelundated
64343824Andrees, Gerhardundated
64343825Andrejevic, Milet, 1925-1989undated
64343826Andreou, Kōstas, 1917-2007undated
64343827Andrews, Benny, 1930-2006undated
64343828Andrews, J. J. C.undated
64343829Anselmo, Giovanni, 1934-undated
64343830aAntes, Horst, 1936-undated
64343830bAntes, Horst, 1936-undated
64343831Anthony, Carolundated
64343832Anthony, William, 1934-undated
64343833aAntin, Eleanorundated
64343833bAntin, Eleanorundated
64343833cAntin, Eleanorundated
6437911Antonakos, Stephen1968-1978
6437912Antoni, Janine 1996
6437913Antúnez, Nemesio1964-1978
6437914-5Anuszkiewicz, Richard (2 folders)1965-1991, undated
6437916Anzinger, Siegfried1984
6437917Apergis, Achilleundated
6437918Apollinaire, Guillaume1960-1973, undated
6437919Aponovich, James1984
64379110Apostolides, Zoe1963-1972, undated
64379111Appel, Karel1953-1985, undated
64379112Appel, Karel1954-1983
64379113Appel, Karel1956-1988
64379114Appel, Karel1957-1977
64379115Appel, Karel 1957-1961, 1969
64379116Apple, Billy1963-1974, undated
64379117-18Applebroog, Ida (2 folders)1973-1994, undated
64379119Aptekar, Bernard1964-1974, undated
64379120Apter-McKevitt, Marjorie1977-1983, undated
64379121Aquila, Luiz1985
64379122Aquino, Edmundocirca 1976
64379124Arakawa, Shusaku 1967-1984, undated
64379125Arbus, Diane1973-1974, undated
64379126Archambault, Louis 1960-1972
64379127-28Archipenko, Alexander (2 folders) 1954-1990
64379129Arcilesi, Vincent J. 1968-1985
64379130Arde, Gianni 1973-1977, undated
64379131Ardea Arts circa 1999
64379132Ardon, Mordecai 1961-1987
64379133Arensberg, Walter circa 1970
64379134Argeles, Gloria 1981
64379135Argeropolos, Theodore 1973
64379136Argimon, Daniel 1964-1973
64379137Arias Vera, Luis 1965-1967
64379138Arickx, Lydie 1983-1985
64379139Aricó, Rodolfo 1972-1984
40-41, 1Arikha, Avigdor (3 folders) 1961-1991, undated
6434392Arita, Akira 1983
6434393Armajani, Siah 1967, 1977-1991
6434394-7Arman (4 folders) 1961-1990
6434398Armitage, Kenneth 1955-1966
6434399Armleder, John 1986-1987
64343910Arms, Anneli 1962-1981
64343911Armstrong, Kathleen 1981
64343912Armstrong, Martha 1983
64343913Arnaez, Jose Manuel Rodriguez 1990
64343914Arnal, Francois 1953-1966, undated
64343915Arneson, Robert 1964-1987
64343916Arnest, Bernard 1954-1981
64343917Arnheim, Rudolf 1955-1976
64343918Arnold, Anne 1963-1976
64343919Arnold, Ludwig 1984
64343920Arnoldi, Charles 1973-1989
64343921Arnoldi, Per 1991
64343922Arnould, Marcel 1966
64343923Aroch, Arie 1968, 1976
64343924Aronovici, Isser 1965-1971
64343925Aronowitz, Myles 1979, 1985, undated
64343926Aronson, Boris 1962-1969, 1989
64343927Aronson, Carol Lena 1984, undated
64343928Aronson, David 1960-1979
64343929-36Arp, Jean (8 folders) 1939, 1949-1988, 1999, undated
64343937Árpád, Illés 1971
64343938Arranz-Bravo, Eduardo 1966-1977
64343939Arroyo, Eduardo 1971-1987
64343940Arseniew, Ludmilla von 1982
64343941Arthur, Revington 1966-1970
64343942Artigau, Francisco 1966-1981
64343943Artschwager, Richard 1964-1990
64343944Artymowska, Zofia 1971-1984
643440Artzybasheff, Boris [1960s-1990s]
643440Asawa, Ruth [1960s-1990s]
643440Aschan, Marit Guinness [1960s-1990s]
643440Aschheim, Isidor [1960s-1990s]
643440Ashbaugh, Dennis [1960s-1990s]
643440Asher, Elise [1960s-1990s]
643440Asher, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643440Ashton, Dore [1960s-1990s]
643440Ashton, Graham [1960s-1990s]
643440Askevold, David [1960s-1990s]
643440Askild, Anita [1960s-1990s]
643440Asoma, Tadashi [1960s-1990s]
643440Asse, Genevieve [1960s-1990s]
643440Assetto, Franco [1960s-1990s]
643440Atkinson, Conrad [1960s-1990s]
643440Atkinson, Terry [1960s-1990s]
643440Atlan, Jean-Michel [1960s-1990s]
643440Atroshenko, V. I. [1960s-1990s]
643440Attersee, Christian Ludwig [1960s-1990s]
643440Attie, Dorothy [1960s-1990s]
643440Auberjonis, Rene [1960s-1990s]
643440Auerbach, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643440Augustine, Chet [1960s-1990s]
643440Ault, George [1960s-1990s]
643440Autard, Georges [1960s-1990s]
643440Avalle, Filippo [1960s-1990s]
643440Ave, F [1960s-1990s]
643440Avedisian, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643440Avery, Milton [1960s-1990s]
643440Avramidis, Joannis [1960s-1990s]
643440Aycock, Alice [1960s-1990s]
643440Ayers, Philip [1960s-1990s]
643440Aylon, Helene [1960s-1990s]
643440Ay-o [1960s-1990s]
643440Ayres, Gillian [1960s-1990s]
643440Ayrton, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643440Azaceta, Luis Cruz [1960s-1990s]
643440Azara, Nancy J. [1960s-1990s]
643441Aziz + Cucher [1960s-1990s]
643441Baber, Alice [1960s-1990s]
643441Bacci, Edmondo [1960s-1990s]
643441Bach, Dirk [1960s-1990s]
643441Bachem, Bele [1960s-1990s]
643441Bachinski, Walter [1960s-1990s]
643441Bachmann, Hermann [1960s-1990s]
643441Bacht, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643441Bacon, Francis [1960s-1990s]
643441Bacon, Peggy [1960s-1990s]
643441Bacsik, Paul Michael [1960s-1990s]
643441Baden, Karl [1960s-1990s]
643441Baden, Mowry [1960s-1990s]
643441Badii, Líbero [1960s-1990s]
643441Badiola, Txomin [1960s-1990s]
643441Badur, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643441Baechler, Donald [1960s-1990s]
643441Baeder, John [1960s-1990s]
643441Baer, Jo [1960s-1990s]
643441Baertling, Olle [1960s-1990s]
643441Baerwind, Rudi [1960s-1990s]
643441Baes, Rachel [1960s-1990s]
643441Bahiana, Elisabete [1960s-1990s]
643441Bailey, William [1960s-1990s]
643441Baim, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643441Bainbridge, Eric [1960s-1990s]
643441Baisch, Rudolf Christian [1960s-1990s]
643441Baizerman, Saul [1960s-1990s]
643441Baj, Enrico [1960s-1990s]
643441Bak, Bronislaw M. [1960s-1990s]
643441Bak, Samuel [1960s-1990s]
643441Bakaty, Mike [1960s-1990s]
643441Bakel, Gerrit van [1960s-1990s]
643441Baker, Dina Gustin [1960s-1990s]
643441Baker, George [1960s-1990s]
643441Baker, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643441Baker, Richard Brown [1960s-1990s]
643441Bakis, Rosette [1960s-1990s]
643441Bakst, Leon [1960s-1990s]
643441Bakwin, Harry [1960s-1990s]
643441Balart, Waldo [1960s-1990s]
643441Balbo, Giuseppe Cesare [1960s-1990s]
643441Baldaccini, César [1960s-1990s]
643441Balderi, Iginio [1960s-1990s]
643442Baldessari, John [1960s-1990s]
643442Baldessari, Roberto Iras [1960s-1990s]
643442Baldessin, George [1960s-1990s]
643442Baldinelli, Armando [1960s-1990s]
643442Baldino, Phyllis [1960s-1990s]
643442Baldwin, Doug [1960s-1990s]
643442Balla, Giacomo [1960s-1990s]
643442Ballagh, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643442Ballaine, Jerrold [1960s-1990s]
643442Balle, Mogens [1960s-1990s]
643442Balossi, John [1960s-1990s]
643442Balsley, John [1960s-1990s]
643442Balth, Carel [1960s-1990s]
643442Bamberger, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643442Banana, Charly [1960s-1990s]
643442Banerjee [1960s-1990s]
643442Bang, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643442Banks, Rela [1960s-1990s]
643442Bannard, Walter Darby [1960s-1990s]
643442Baquié, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643442Baranik, Rudolf [1960s-1990s]
643442Baratella, Paolo [1960s-1990s]
643442Barbarigo [1960s-1990s]
643442Barbeau, Marcel [1960s-1990s]
643442Barbu, Louise [1960s-1990s]
643442Barceló, Miquel [1960s-1990s]
643442Bard, Joellen [1960s-1990s]
643442Bardazzi, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643442Barelier, André [1960s-1990s]
643442Bargheer, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643442Bargoni, Giancarlo [1960s-1990s]
643442Baribeau, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643442Barisani, Renato [1960s-1990s]
643442Barker, Clive [1960s-1990s]
643442Barker, Merete [1960s-1990s]
643442Barlach, Ernst [1960s-1990s]
643442Barlett, Jennifer [1960s-1990s]
643442Barletta [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnabè, Duilio [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnes, Albert Coombs [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnes, Fay [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnes, Howard [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnes, Margo [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnes, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnett, Will [1960s-1990s]
643442Barney, Matthew [1960s-1990s]
643442Barney, Ralph Ramoutar [1960s-1990s]
643442Barnhart, Raymond [1960s-1990s]
643442Barni, Roberto [1960s-1990s]
643442Barocas, Melanie Eve [1960s-1990s]
643442Baroff, Jill [1960s-1990s]
643442Baron, Hannelore [1960s-1990s]
643442Baron, Harry [1960s-1990s]
643442Barooshian, Martin [1960s-1990s]
643442Barr, Alfred Hamilton [1960s-1990s]
643442Barr, David [1960s-1990s]
643442Barré, Martin [1960s-1990s]
643442Barrell, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643442Barrett, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643442Barrett, Oliver O'Conner [1960s-1990s]
643442Barrios, Rafael [1960s-1990s]
643442Barron, Don [1960s-1990s]
643442Barron, Harris [1960s-1990s]
643442Barron, S. Brooks [1960s-1990s]
643442Barry, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643442Bart, Cécile [1960s-1990s]
643442Barth, Francis [1960s-1990s]
643442Bartlett, Bo [1960s-1990s]
643442Bartolani, Judith E. [1960s-1990s]
643443Bartolini, Luciano [1960s-1990s]
643443Barton, Bruce Walter [1960s-1990s]
643443Barton, Bruce, Jr. [1960s-1990s]
643443Baruchello, Gianfranco [1960s-1990s]
643443Baruffaldi, Carlo [1960s-1990s]
643443Basaldella, Dino [1960s-1990s]
643443Baschet, Bernard and Francois [1960s-1990s]
643443Baselitz, Georg [1960s-1990s]
643443Baska, József [1960s-1990s]
643443Baskin, Leonard [1960s-1990s]
643443Basko, Maurice [1960s-1990s]
643443Basquiat, Jean Michel [1960s-1990s]
643443Bass, Joel [1960s-1990s]
643443Bassman, Lillian [1960s-1990s]
643443Bastille, Franka Berndt [1960s-1990s]
643443Bastuji, Kemal [1960s-1990s]
643443Bates, David [1960s-1990s]
643443Bates, Leo [1960s-1990s]
643443Bates, Maxwell [1960s-1990s]
643443Batho, John [1960s-1990s]
643443Batka, Mirostaw [1960s-1990s]
643443Batke, Heinz [1960s-1990s]
643443Batlle Planas, Juan [1960s-1990s]
643443Battaglia, Carlo [1960s-1990s]
643443Battaglia, Xante [1960s-1990s]
643443Battenberg, John N. [1960s-1990s]
643443Batterton, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643443Batuz, Argen [1960s-1990s]
643443Bat-Yosef, Myriam [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauch, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauchant, André [1960s-1990s]
643443Baudelaire, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauer, Karlheinz [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauer, Peter M. [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauer, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauer, Rudolf [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauermeister, Mary [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauermeister, René [1960s-1990s]
643443Baugniet, Marcel-Louis [1960s-1990s]
643443Bauknecht, Philipp [1960s-1990s]
643443Baum, Don [1960s-1990s]
643443Baum, Mark [1960s-1990s]
643443Baumberger, Otto [1960s-1990s]
643444Baumgartel, Gerhard [1960s-1990s]
643444Baumgarten, Lothar [1960s-1990s]
643444Baumgartl, Monika [1960s-1990s]
643444Baumgartner, Fritz [1960s-1990s]
643444Baumiester, Willi [1960s-1990s]
643444Baur, John I. H. (John Ireland Howe) [1960s-1990s]
643444Bavar, Ann [1960s-1990s]
643444Baxter, John [1960s-1990s]
643444Bayer, Herbert [1960s-1990s]
643444Bayer, William [1960s-1990s]
643444Baykam, Bedri [1960s-1990s]
643444Baynard, Ed [1960s-1990s]
643444Bayrak, Tosun [1960s-1990s]
643444Bazaine, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643444Bazelon, Cecile Gray [1960s-1990s]
643444Baziotes, William [1960s-1990s]
643444Bea, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643444Beal, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643444Beal, Nancy Lord [1960s-1990s]
643444Beal, Sandra [1960s-1990s]
643444Bean, James [1960s-1990s]
643444Bear, Donald [1960s-1990s]
643444Beard, Mary [1960s-1990s]
643444Bearden, Romare [1960s-1990s]
643444Beardman, John [1960s-1990s]
643444Beardslee, Bridge [1960s-1990s]
643444Beardsley, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643444Beardsley, Walter R. [1960s-1990s]
643444Beasley, Bruce [1960s-1990s]
643444Beasley, Joanne Horsfall [1960s-1990s]
643444Beasley, Phoebe [1960s-1990s]
643444Beason, Donald [1960s-1990s]
643444Beattie, Basil [1960s-1990s]
643444Beatty, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643444Beaubernard, Jacques Alexandre [1960s-1990s]
643444Beauchamp, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643444Beauchamp, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643444Beaudin, André [1960s-1990s]
643444Becerra, German [1960s-1990s]
643444Bechara, Tony [1960s-1990s]
643444Becher, Bernd and Hilla [1960s-1990s]
643444Bechhoefer, William [1960s-1990s]
643444Bechtle, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643444Bechtold, Erwin [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, C.E. [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, Gerlinde [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, Gustav Kurt [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, Heinz [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, John A. and Audrey Jones [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, Margit [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, Rosemarie [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643444Beck, Wolfgang [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckelman, Jurgen [1960s-1990s]
643444Becker, Curth Georg [1960s-1990s]
643444Becker, Harvey [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckerath, Willy von [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckerman, Al [1960s-1990s]
643444Becket, Marta [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckley, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckley, John [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckley, Keith [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckman, Ericka [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckman, Ford [1960s-1990s]
643444Beckman, William [1960s-1990s]
643445Beckmann, Max [1960s-1990s]
643445Bedard, George [1960s-1990s]
643445Bédard, J. C. (Jean Claude) [1960s-1990s]
643445Bedel, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643445Bednarek, Janina [1960s-1990s]
643445Bednárová, Eva [1960s-1990s]
643445Bedolla, Myriam [1960s-1990s]
643445Beek, Felix van de [1960s-1990s]
643445Beek, Herman van de [1960s-1990s]
643445Beek, Nicolaas van [1960s-1990s]
643445Beer, Franz [1960s-1990s]
643445Beerman, Miriam [1960s-1990s]
643445Beguin [1960s-1990s]
643445Behan, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643445Behl, Wolfgang [1960s-1990s]
643445Behnke, Leigh [1960s-1990s]
643445Behrens, Timothy [1960s-1990s]
643445Behring, Edith [1960s-1990s]
643445Behrman, David [1960s-1990s]
643445Behrndt, Anne [1960s-1990s]
643445Behrndt, Willi [1960s-1990s]
643445Beighley, Carol Delfino [1960s-1990s]
643445Beirne, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643445Béjar, Feliciano [1960s-1990s]
643445Bekaert, Piet [1960s-1990s]
643445Beker, Gisela [1960s-1990s]
643445Belcher, Alan [1960s-1990s]
643445Belford, Marilyn [1960s-1990s]
643445Beling, Helen [1960s-1990s]
643445Beljon, J. J. [1960s-1990s]
643445Belkin, Arnold [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Cecil Crosley [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Clive [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Larry [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Leland [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Robin Charles Hungerford [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Temma [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Trevor [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Vanessa [1960s-1990s]
643445Bell, Victoria [1960s-1990s]
643445Bellandi, Giorgio [1960s-1990s]
643445Bellany, John [1960s-1990s]
643445Bellefleur, Léon [1960s-1990s]
643445Bellegarde, Claude [1960s-1990s]
643445Bellidori, John [1960s-1990s]
643445Belling, Rudolf [1960s-1990s]
643446Bellmer, Hans [1960s-1990s]
643446Bellos, Jill [1960s-1990s]
643446Bellotti, Evaristo [1960s-1990s]
643446Bellows, George [1960s-1990s]
643446Beloso, Jose R. [1960s-1990s]
643446Belville, Scott [1960s-1990s]
643446Bemelmans, Ludwig [1960s-1990s]
643446Bemporad, Franco [1960s-1990s]
643446Ben, Bianchi [1960s-1990s]
643446Ben [1960s-1990s]
643943Benítez Sánchez, José [1960s-1990s]
643446Benati, Davide [1960s-1990s]
643446Benazzi, Raffael [1960s-1990s]
643446Benca, Adolf [1960s-1990s]
643446Bencastro [1960s-1990s]
643446Benda, Bretislav [1960s-1990s]
643446Ben-David, Ariel [1960s-1990s]
643446Bendersky, Jaime [1960s-1990s]
643446Bendini, Vasco [1960s-1990s]
643446Bendixen, Klaus [1960s-1990s]
643446Benedetto, Enzo [1960s-1990s]
643446Benedict, Nan Magri [1960s-1990s]
643446Benedit, Luis [1960s-1990s]
643446Benefield, Jamis H. [1960s-1990s]
643446Benes, Barton Lidice [1960s-1990s]
643446Benesch, Thomas Edward [1960s-1990s]
643446Benetton, Simon [1960s-1990s]
643446Benevelli, Giacomo [1960s-1990s]
643446Benglis, Lynda [1960s-1990s]
643446Bengston, Billy Al [1960s-1990s]
643446Bengtsson, Dick [1960s-1990s]
643446Benjamin, Anthony [1960s-1990s]
643446Benjamin, Karl [1960s-1990s]
643446Benn, Ben [1960s-1990s]
643446Benoff, Miki [1960s-1990s]
643446Benow, Sheila [1960s-1990s]
643446Benrath, Frederic [1960s-1990s]
643446Benrimo, Thomas Duncan [1960s-1990s]
643446Bentham, Doug [1960s-1990s]
643446Bentivoglio, Mirella [1960s-1990s]
643446Benton, Fletcher [1960s-1990s]
643446Benton, Suzanne E. [1960s-1990s]
643446Benton, Thomas Hart [1960s-1990s]
643446Benton, William [1960s-1990s]
643446Benu, Brahim Ben [1960s-1990s]
643446Beny Roloff [1960s-1990s]
643446Benyon, Margaret [1960s-1990s]
643446Benz, Lily [1960s-1990s]
643446Berardinone, Valentina [1960s-1990s]
643446Berber, Mersad [1960s-1990s]
643446Berche, Roland van den [1960s-1990s]
643446Berdecio, Roberto [1960s-1990s]
643446Berdich, Vera [1960s-1990s]
643446Berdyszak, Jan [1960s-1990s]
643446Berendt, Eric [1960s-1990s]
643446Berensohn, Paulus [1960s-1990s]
643446Berenson, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643446Berenson, Marvin [1960s-1990s]
643446Berent, Hella [1960s-1990s]
643446Beres [1960s-1990s]
643446Berest, Dganit [1960s-1990s]
643446Berg, Henry [1960s-1990s]
643446Berg, Jon [1960s-1990s]
643446Berg, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643446Berg, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643446Berg, Shlomo Van Den [1960s-1990s]
643446Berg, Siri [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergamasco, Giuseppe [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, Carl [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, David [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, Jaques [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, Jason [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, Pat [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, Samuel A. [1960s-1990s]
643447Berger, Tore [1960s-1990s]
643447Berghash, Mark [1960s-1990s]
643447Berghe, Frits van den [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergman, Anna-Eva [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergman, Ingmar [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergman, Miriam [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergmann, Ella [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergmann, Gerhart [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergmann, Stefan [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergner, Yosl [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergschneider, John G. [1960s-1990s]
643447Bergt, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643447Beringer, Gerard [1960s-1990s]
643447Berk, Henrietta [1960s-1990s]
643447Berke, Hubert [1960s-1990s]
643447Berkeley, Pamela [1960s-1990s]
643447Berkeley, Sheila [1960s-1990s]
643447Berkeley, Stuart [1960s-1990s]
643447Berko, Ferenc [1960s-1990s]
643447Berkowitz, Leon [1960s-1990s]
643447Berks, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643447Berlant, Anthony [1960s-1990s]
643447Berlewi, Henryk [1960s-1990s]
643447Berlind, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643447Berman, Ariane R. [1960s-1990s]
643447Berman, Eugene [1960s-1990s]
643447Berman, Harriete Estel [1960s-1990s]
643447Berman, Irwin [1960s-1990s]
643447Berman, Reuven [1960s-1990s]
643447Berman, Sarah [1960s-1990s]
643447Berman, Wallace [1960s-1990s]
643447Bermejo, Fernando [1960s-1990s]
643447Bermowitz, Alan [1960s-1990s]
643447Bermudez, Jose [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernal, Angel Eduardo [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernard, Emile [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernarducci, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernegger, Alfred [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernhard, Franz [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernhard, Ruth [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernhardt, John [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernheimer, Franz [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernheimer, Ilse [1960s-1990s]
643447Berni, Antonio [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernier, Rosamond [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernik, Janez [1960s-1990s]
643447Berns, Ben [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernstein, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernstein, Charles Maxim [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernstein, Judith [1960s-1990s]
643447Bernstein, Theresa [1960s-1990s]
643447Berrocal, Miguel Ortiz [1960s-1990s]
643447Berschinski, Dieter Otto [1960s-1990s]
643447Bersz, Janusz [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertani, Luisa [1960s-1990s]
643447Berthold, Joachim [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertholin, Jean Marie [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertholle, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643447Berthot, Jake [1960s-1990s]
643447Berting, Jacqueline [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertini, Gianni [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertoia, Harry [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertoldi, Allen [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertolio, Angelo Guiseppe [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertoni, Christina [1960s-1990s]
643447Bertrand, Gaston [1960s-1990s]
643460Bertrand, Jean-Pierre [1960s-1990s]
643460Bervoets, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643460Bervoets, Hendrikus [1960s-1990s]
643460Besanko, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643460Beslic, Ana [1960s-1990s]
643460Besnard, Paul Albert [1960s-1990s]
643460Besner, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643460Bess, Forrest [1960s-1990s]
643460Besser, Arne Charles [1960s-1990s]
643460Best, David [1960s-1990s]
643460Beste, Susis [1960s-1990s]
643460Bettencourt, Pierre [1960s-1990s]
643460Bettina [1960s-1990s]
643460Betts, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643460Beucker, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643460Beullens, Andre [1960s-1990s]
643460Beutlich, Tadek [1960s-1990s]
643460Beutner, Jan [1960s-1990s]
643460Beuys, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643460Bevan, Oliver [1960s-1990s]
643460Bevan, Robert Polhill [1960s-1990s]
643460Bevan, Tony [1960s-1990s]
643460Beveridge, Karl [1960s-1990s]
643460Beyer, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643460Bezem, Naftali [1960s-1990s]
643460Bhavsar, Natvar [1960s-1990s]
643460Biala, Janice [1960s-1990s]
643460Bialobroda, Anna [1960s-1990s]
643460Bianchi, Domenico [1960s-1990s]
643460Biancini, Angelo [1960s-1990s]
643460Bianco, Remo [1960s-1990s]
643460Biasi, Alberto [1960s-1990s]
643460Biasi, Guido [1960s-1990s]
643460Bickley, Steven [1960s-1990s]
643460Biddle, George [1960s-1990s]
643460Bidner, Robert D. H. [1960s-1990s]
643460Bido, Candido [1960s-1990s]
643460Biederman, Charles Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643460Biederman, James [1960s-1990s]
643460Biel, Eugene [1960s-1990s]
643460Bielefeld, Ted [1960s-1990s]
643460Bieler, Andre Charles [1960s-1990s]
643460Bielutin, Ely [1960s-1990s]
643460Bieneck-Roos, Elisabeth [1960s-1990s]
643460Bierenbroodspot, Gerti [1960s-1990s]
643460Bierge [1960s-1990s]
643460Bieser, Natalie [1960s-1990s]
643460Bigbee, Brett [1960s-1990s]
643460Bigi, Rinaldo [1960s-1990s]
643460Bignardi, Umberto [1960s-1990s]
643460Bilick, Phyllis [1960s-1990s]
643460Bill, Max [1960s-1990s]
6434611Bille, Ejler 1970
6434612Billian, Cathey 1977
6434613Billings, Henry 1963
6434614Bills, Tom 1991
6434615Billy, Lucien 1972, 1979
6434616Bilotti, Carlos F. 1967
6434617Binder, Joseph 1965-1977, undated
6434618Binford, Julien 1972
6434619Bing, Bernice 1972
64346110Bingemer, Buja 1958-1965
64346111Bini, Maurizio 1973
64346112Bioulès, Vincent 1975
64346113Birch, Claes 1977
64346114Birillo, Ben undated
64346115Birker, Joop 1973
64346116Birmelin, Robert 1962-1975, undated
64346117Birnbaum, Dara 1978, undated
64346118Biro, Ivan 1976, undated
64346119Bisbee, John 2001
64346120Biscardi, Campos 1976-1978, undated
64346121Bischof, Peter 1959-1973
64346122Bischoff, Elmer 1956-1985
64346123Bischoffshausen, Hans 1957, 1959, 1977
64346124Bishko, Grace 1981
64346125Bishop, Ben 1967-1977, undated
64346126Bishop, Isabel 1967-1981, undated
64346127Bishop, James 1972-1977, undated
64346128Bishop, Jeffrey 1978, 1993
64346129Bishop, Michael 1976, undated
64346130Bishop, Ron 1969
64346131Bissell, Alice 1987
64346132-41Bissier, Julius (10 folders) 1951-1985
64346142Bissier, Lisbeth 1966
64346143Bissiere, Roger 1956-1973, undated
64346144Bitney, Sue 1967
64346145Bitran, Albert 1951, 1986
64346146Björk, Karl Olov 1968, undated
64346147Björklund, Poul undated
64346148Bjørlo, Per Inge 2001
64346149-50Black, David (2 folders) 1967-1985, undated
64346151Black, Richard 1987
64346152Black, Shirley 1969-1976
64346153Blackburn, Ed 1974-1982
64346154Blackman, Charles 1965, 1968
64346155Blackwell, Michael 1975, 1977
64346156Blackwell, Tom 1975-1986
64346157Blackwood, David 1990
64346158Blackwood, Michael 1979, 1988
64346159Bladen, Ronald 1966-1991
64346160Blagden, Allen 1987
6434841-2Blaine, Nell (2 folders) 1947-1991, undated
6434843Blair, Barbara 1956-1965
6434844Blais, Jean-Charles 1989
6434845Blake, James 1966, 1978
6434846Blake, John 1963-1981, undated
6434847Blake, Nayland 2000
6434848Blake, Peter 1965-1972, 1983, 1990
6434849Blakelock, Ralph Albert 1962, 1973
64348410Blanc, Peter 1967-1970
64348411Blanch, Arnold 1953-1973
64348412Blanchard, Carole 1971, undated
64348413Blanchard, Maria 1955
64348414Blanchard, Nancy 1974-1976
64348415Blanchet, Alexandre 1967
64348416Blanco, Eloy 1976
64348417Blanco, Lazaro 1983
64348418Blane, Marc undated
64348419Blank, Michael 1989
64348420Blass, Rico 1976
64348421Blaszko, Martin 1961, 1976-1978
64348422-23Blatas, Arbit (2 folders) 1965-1970, 1982
64348424Blau, Gunther 1973
64348425Blaustein, Al 1962-1974, undated
64348426Blechman, Robert O. 1978
64348427Bledsoe, John F. 1970s
64348428Bleifield, Stanley 1963-1972
64348429Blell, Dianne 1978, 1983
64348430Blitt, Rita circa 1969, 1977-1978, 1991
64348431Bloc, Andre 1954-1964
64348432Bloch, Albert 1988
64348433Bloch, Martin 1964, 1974
64348434Blochwitz, Ada 1982
64348435Block, Helen 1975
64348436Block, Irving 1964, 1973-1981
64348437Bloedel, Lawrence Hotchkiss 1977
64348438Blomquist, Bengt 1973, undated
64348439Blomst, Universets 1966
64348440Blomstedt, Juhana 1970-1982
64348441Blond, Maxwell 1978
64348442Bloom, Hyman 1954-1975
64348443Bloom, Miriam 1977-1978
64348444Blossfeldt, Karl 1976-1979
64348445Blount, Vincencia 1964
64348446Blow, Sandra 1958-1962
64348447Blue, Robert undated
64348448Bluemner, Oscar 1967-1973, 1985
64348449-50Bluhm, Norman (2 folders) 1959-1977, 1986, undated
64348451Blum, Andrea 1982
64348452Blum, June 1965-1977
64348453Blum, Naomi 1978
64348454Blum, Sydney 1990
64348455Blumberg, Donald 1954, 1970, undated
64348456Blumberg, Jane 1982
64348457Blume, Bernhard Johannes 1972, 1974
64348458Blume, Peter 1961-1970, 1976
64348459Blumenfeld, Erwin 1981
64348460Blumenfeld, F. Yorick 1968
64348461Blumenfeld, Helaine 1973-1989
64348462Blumenfeld, Triska 1980
64348463Blumenthal, Elizabeth Lienau circa 1975
64348464Blumenthal, Hermann 1967
64348465Boardman, Seymour 1962-1978
64348466Bober, Harry 1953-1954
64348467Bocanegra, Suzanne 1993
64348468Boccioni, Umberto 1962-1973, 1989
64348469Bochner, Mel 1969-1985
64348470Bockstiegel, Peter August 1975
64348471Bocola, Sandra 1970-1972
64348472Bocour, Leonard 1968-1977
64348473Bode, Arnold 1961-1965
64348474Bodeker, Erich 1989
64348475Bodin, Paul 1959-1961
64348476Bodini, Floriano 1961-1970
64348477Bodmer, Walter 1957-1970
64348478Bodnar, Peter 1977, undated
64348479Bodor, Andrew 1977
64348480Boeck, Felix de 1965, 1973
64348481Boeckl, Herbert 1957-1970, undated
64348482Boehler, Hans 1960-1962
64348483Boepple, Willard 1972-1991
64348484Boer, Saskia de 1972, 1976
643485Boernieck, Gertrud [1960s-1990s]
643485Boers, Willy [1960s-1990s]
643485Boetti, Alighiero [1960s-1990s]
643485Boeyen, Mari [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogart, Bram [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogart, Richard Jerome [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogdan, Alexander [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogdanos, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogdanovich, Borislav [1960s-1990s]
643485Boggs, Jean Sutherland [1960s-1990s]
643485Boghosian, Varujan [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogin, Erica [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogin, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogosian, Eric [1960s-1990s]
643485Boguslawski, Piotr [1960s-1990s]
643485Bogusz, Marian [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohannon, Elizabeth [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohatsch, Erwin [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohemen, Kees van [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohlen, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohlen, Nina [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohler, Hans [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohling-Petersen, Harald [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohman, J. L. [1960s-1990s]
643485Böhmler, Claus [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohnen, Blythe [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohnert, Thom [1960s-1990s]
643485Böhringe, Volker [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohrmann, Karl [1960s-1990s]
643485Bohrod, Aaron [1960s-1990s]
643485Boice, Bruce [1960s-1990s]
643485Boille, Luigi [1960s-1990s]
643485Boisrond, Francois [1960s-1990s]
643485Boisvert, Gilles [1960s-1990s]
643485Boix-Vives, Anselme [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolaffio, Rita Boley [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolduc, David [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolin, Gustaf [1960s-1990s]
643485Boller, Edelmira [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolling, George [1960s-1990s]
643485Bollinger, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643485Bollo [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolomey, Roger [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolotowsky, Ilya [1960s-1990s]
643485Boltanski, Christian [1960s-1990s]
643485Boltin, Lee [1960s-1990s]
643485Boltshauser, Ana Maria [1960s-1990s]
643485Boltz, Maude [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolus, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643485Bolz, Hanns [1960s-1990s]
643485Bomar, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643485Bomberg, David [1960s-1990s]
643485Bombois, Camille [1960s-1990s]
643485Bömmels, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643485Bona [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonafede, Joseph Anthony [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonalumi, Agostino [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonami, Francesco [1960s-1990s]
643485Bond, Douglas T. [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonelli, Alessandra [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonevardi, Marcelo [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonfanti, Arturo [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonharm, Don [1960s-1990s]
643485Boni, Paolo [1960s-1990s]
643485Bonies, Bob [1960s-1990s]
643486Bonifacio [1960s-1990s]
643486Bonin, Cosima von [1960s-1990s]
643486Bonnar, Stan [1960s-1990s]
643486Bonnard, Pierre [1960s-1990s]
643486Bonnefoi, Christian [1960s-1990s]
643486Bonniers, Gerard [1960s-1990s]
643486Bons, Jan [1960s-1990s]
643486Bontecou, Lee [1960s-1990s]
643486Bonzagni, Aroldo [1960s-1990s]
643486Booker, Chakaia [1960s-1990s]
643486Booker, S.-H.A. [1960s-1990s]
643486Booth, Cameron [1960s-1990s]
643486Booth, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643486Boothe, Power [1960s-1990s]
643486Borès, Francisco [1960s-1990s]
643486Borax, Edith [1960s-1990s]
643486Bordes, Adrienne [1960s-1990s]
643486Bordes, Juan [1960s-1990s]
643486Bordo, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643486Bordoni [1960s-1990s]
643486Borduas, Paul-Emile [1960s-1990s]
643486Borgatta, Isabel Case [1960s-1990s]
643486Borge, Ralph [1960s-1990s]
643486Borgeaud, Georges [1960s-1990s]
643486Borges, Jacobo [1960s-1990s]
643486Boric, Bogdan [1960s-1990s]
643486Boris, Bessie [1960s-1990s]
643486Borjlind, Rolf [1960s-1990s]
643486Borkovsky, Joshua [1960s-1990s]
643486Borla, Hector [1960s-1990s]
643486Bornarth, Philip [1960s-1990s]
643486Borne, Mortimer [1960s-1990s]
643486Bornstein, Eli [1960s-1990s]
643486Borodine [1960s-1990s]
643486Borofsky, Jonathan [1960s-1990s]
643486Borrel, Alfons [1960s-1990s]
643486Borsi, Manfredo [1960s-1990s]
643486Borsos, Jeremy [1960s-1990s]
643486Borsos, Miklós [1960s-1990s]
643486Borstein, Elena [1960s-1990s]
643486Bortoluzzi, Ferruccio [1960s-1990s]
643486Bosch, Françoise van den [1960s-1990s]
643486Boshier, Derek [1960s-1990s]
643486Bosilj, Ilija [1960s-1990s]
643486Bosler, Philip [1960s-1990s]
643486Bosse, Janet [1960s-1990s]
643486Bosslet, Eberhard [1960s-1990s]
643486Bosson, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643486Bostick [1960s-1990s]
643486Boterf, Check [1960s-1990s]
643486Botero, Fernando [1960s-1990s]
643487Botkin, Henry Albert [1960s-1990s]
643487Bott, Harvey John [1960s-1990s]
643487Bottari, Lorenzo Maria [1960s-1990s]
643487Bottini, David M. [1960s-1990s]
643487Bottnaryd, Djavuleen I. [1960s-1990s]
643487Botts, Gregory [1960s-1990s]
643487Boty, Pauline [1960s-1990s]
643487Boudník, Vladimír [1960s-1990s]
643487Bouillon, Francois [1960s-1990s]
643487Boujon, Claude [1960s-1990s]
643487Boulangé, Michel [1960s-1990s]
643487Boumeester, Christine [1960s-1990s]
643487Bour, Bernadette [1960s-1990s]
643487Bouras, Harry [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourbonnais, Alain [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourdeau, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourdelle, Emile Antoine [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourdette, Christine [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourdon, David [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourdouxhe, Denise [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourgeois, Louise [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourget, Marie [1960s-1990s]
643487Bourke-White, Margaret [1960s-1990s]
643487Bouse, Hugo [1960s-1990s]
643487Boussard, Dana [1960s-1990s]
643487Boussard, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643487Boussidan, Ya'akov [1960s-1990s]
643487Boustedt, Be [1960s-1990s]
643487Bouthoorn, Wil [1960s-1990s]
643487Boutin, Allan [1960s-1990s]
643487Boutis, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643487Bouts, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643487Bouyssou, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643487Bouzrd, Eva [1960s-1990s]
643487Bovani, Franco [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowen, Nancy [1960s-1990s]
643487Bower, Gary [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowers, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowes, David [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowles, Marianne [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowling, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowling, Katherine [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowman, Geoffrey [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowman, Ken [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowman, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643487Bowman, Stanley [1960s-1990s]
643487Boxer, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643487Boxer, Stanley [1960s-1990s]
643487Boxhorn, Hugo [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyce, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyce, Sonia [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyd & Evans [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyd, Arthur [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyd, David C. [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyd, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyd, Rutherford [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyden, Martha [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyer, Duane [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyle, Keith [1960s-1990s]
643487Boyle, Mark [1960s-1990s]
643487Boynton, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643487Brabanski, Lothar [1960s-1990s]
643487Bracigliano, Mario [1960s-1990s]
643487Bräckle, Jakob [1960s-1990s]
643487Brackman, Susanna [1960s-1990s]
643487Braconnier, Stephanie [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradford, John [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradley, Harry Lynde [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradley, Lisa [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradley, Martin [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradley, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradley, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradley, Sally Cale [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradshaw, Dove [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradshaw, William [1960s-1990s]
643487Bradshaw-Smith, Gillian [1960s-1990s]
643487Brady, Carolyn [1960s-1990s]
643487Brady, John, Jr. [1960s-1990s]
643487Brady, Mei [1960s-1990s]
643487Brady, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643487Brady, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643487Bragaline [1960s-1990s]
643487Bragg, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643487Braguin, Simeon [1960s-1990s]
643487Brainard, Joe [1960s-1990s]
643487Brakke, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643487Bram, Elizabeth [1960s-1990s]
643487Bram, Rudolph [1960s-1990s]
643487Brams, Joan [1960s-1990s]
643487Bramson, Phyllis [1960s-1990s]
643487Branco, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643488Brancusi, Constantin [1960s-1990s]
643488Brand, Erland [1960s-1990s]
643488Brand, Farmer John [1960s-1990s]
643488Brandely, Daniel [1960s-1990s]
643488Brandi, Cesare [1960s-1990s]
643488Brandner, Reinhard [1960s-1990s]
643488Brands, Eugène [1960s-1990s]
643488Brandt, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643488Brandt, Warren [1960s-1990s]
643488Brandtner, Fritz [1960s-1990s]
643488Brant, Sharon [1960s-1990s]
643488Braque, Georges [1960s-1990s]
643488Brasilier, André [1960s-1990s]
643488Brassaï [1960s-1990s]
643488Bratby, John [1960s-1990s]
643488Brauer, Erich [1960s-1990s]
643488Brauner, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643488Braun-Vega, Herman [1960s-1990s]
643488Bravo, Claudio [1960s-1990s]
643488Braxmaier, Rainer [1960s-1990s]
643488Bray, Ansell [1960s-1990s]
643488Bray, Karen [1960s-1990s]
643488Brazdys, Antanas [1960s-1990s]
643489Breakwell, Ian [1960s-1990s]
643489Brechert, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643489Brecht, George [1960s-1990s]
643489Breder, Hans [1960s-1990s]
643489Breen, Harry [1960s-1990s]
643489Breer, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643489Brehmer, K. P. [1960s-1990s]
643489Breidel, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643489Breiger, Elaine [1960s-1990s]
643489Bremen, Michael Hertz [1960s-1990s]
643489Bremmer, H. P. [1960s-1990s]
643489Bremmer, Rudolf [1960s-1990s]
643489Brendel, Bettina [1960s-1990s]
643489Brendel, Iris [1960s-1990s]
643489Brener, Noor-Zade [1960s-1990s]
643489Brenken, Hanne [1960s-1990s]
643489Brennan, Nizette [1960s-1990s]
643489Brenner, Edith [1960s-1990s]
643489Brenner, Leonard [1960s-1990s]
643489Brenson, Theodore [1960s-1990s]
643489Breschi, Karen [1960s-1990s]
643489Bressler, Emile [1960s-1990s]
643489Bressler, Martin [1960s-1990s]
643489Breton, André [1960s-1990s]
643489Breuer, Claire [1960s-1990s]
643489Breuer, Mala [1960s-1990s]
643489Breuer, Marcel [1960s-1990s]
643489Brevard, Lee [1960s-1990s]
643489Breverman, Harvey [1960s-1990s]
643489Brewster, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643489Brewton, J. E. [1960s-1990s]
643489Brianchon, Maurice [1960s-1990s]
643489Brice, Olivier [1960s-1990s]
643489Brice, William [1960s-1990s]
643489Brickhouse, Farrell [1960s-1990s]
643489Bridge, Alan [1960s-1990s]
643489Brierre, Murat [1960s-1990s]
643489Briggs, Ernest [1960s-1990s]
643489Brindisi, Remo [1960s-1990s]
643489Brink, Harm [1960s-1990s]
643489Brion, Marcel [1960s-1990s]
643489Brisgand, Jacqueline [1960s-1990s]
643489Brisson, Georges [1960s-1990s]
643489Brisson, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643489Britt, Sonny [1960s-1990s]
643489Britz, Chris [1960s-1990s]
643489Brizzi, Ary [1960s-1990s]
643489Bro [1960s-1990s]
643489Broch, Joan [1960s-1990s]
643489Brochard, Rene [1960s-1990s]
643489Brochet, Francois [1960s-1990s]
643489Brocklehurst, Jo [1960s-1990s]
643489Brockmann, Gottfried [1960s-1990s]
643489Broderson, Morris [1960s-1990s]
643489Broderson, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643489Brodie, Gandy [1960s-1990s]
643489Brodney, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643489Brodoff, Rosalind [1960s-1990s]
643489Brodsky, Eugene [1960s-1990s]
643489Brodwolf, Jurgen [1960s-1990s]
643489Brody, Barbara [1960s-1990s]
643489Brody, Joel [1960s-1990s]
643489Brody, Lilly [1960s-1990s]
643489Brofsky, Miriam [1960s-1990s]
643489Brøgger, Stig [1960s-1990s]
643489Broid, Perla Krauze [1960s-1990s]
643489Broisson, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643489Bromberg, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643489Broner, Erwin [1960s-1990s]
643489Broner, Mat [1960s-1990s]
643489Broner, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643489Bronner, Oscar [1960s-1990s]
643489Bronson, Steve [1960s-1990s]
643489Broodthaers, Marcel [1960s-1990s]
643489Brooks, James [1960s-1990s]
643489Brooks, Romaine [1960s-1990s]
643490Brose, Morris [1960s-1990s]
643490Brosk, Jeffrey [1960s-1990s]
643490Brossa, Joan [1960s-1990s]
643490Brotat, Joan [1960s-1990s]
643490Brotman, Lisa [1960s-1990s]
643490Broto, José Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643490Broucke, Koen [1960s-1990s]
643490Brouwn, Stanley [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Alice Dalton [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Carol [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Charlotte [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Christopher [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, David Lee [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Gloria [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Herbert [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Hilton [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, James [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, James [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Jeffrey [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Joan [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Judith [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Larry K. [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Nancy [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Ralph [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Ray [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Robert Delford [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Roger [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Tony [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, Trisha [1960s-1990s]
643490Brown, William Theo [1960s-1990s]
643490Browne, Byron [1960s-1990s]
643490Browne, Diana [1960s-1990s]
643490Browne, Pema [1960s-1990s]
643490Browning, Colleen [1960s-1990s]
643490Bruce, Patrick Henry [1960s-1990s]
643490Bruder, Harold [1960s-1990s]
643490Brugnadelli, Domenico [1960s-1990s]
643490Brunelle, Al [1960s-1990s]
643490Bruni, Bruno [1960s-1990s]
643490Bruni, Giuseppe [1960s-1990s]
643490Brüning, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643490Brunori, Enzo [1960s-1990s]
643490Brunovský, Albín [1960s-1990s]
643490Brunst, Stanley E. [1960s-1990s]
643490Bruria [1960s-1990s]
643490Brus, Günter [1960s-1990s]
643490Brusca, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643490Bruscaglia, Renato [1960s-1990s]
643490Brush, Leif [1960s-1990s]
643490Brusse, Mark [1960s-1990s]
643490Brussel, Cabell [1960s-1990s]
643490Brusselmans, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643490Brustlein, Daniel [1960s-1990s]
643490Bruzga, David [1960s-1990s]
643490Bry, Edith [1960s-1990s]
643490Bryan, Ashley [1960s-1990s]
643490Brýdlová, Eva [1960s-1990s]
643490Brydon, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643490Bryen, Camille [1960s-1990s]
643490Brynjolf, Jorgen [1960s-1990s]
643490Brzezinski, Myrna [1960s-1990s]
643490Bubenik, Gernot [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchanan, Jerry [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchanan, Sidney [1960s-1990s]
643490Bucher, Carl [1960s-1990s]
643490Bucher, Heidi [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchheister, Carl [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchholz, Erich [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchholz, Wolff [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchleiter, Adolf [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchman, Arles [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchman, James W. [1960s-1990s]
643490Buchwald, Howard [1960s-1990s]
643490Buck, John [1960s-1990s]
643490Buckley, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643490Bucknam, Bob [1960s-1990s]
643490Budd, David [1960s-1990s]
643490Budde, Lynn [1960s-1990s]
643490Bueno, Antonio [1960s-1990s]
643490Bueno, Mauricio [1960s-1990s]
643491Buffet, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643491Buggiani, Paolo [1960s-1990s]
643491Buhot, Félix Hilaire [1960s-1990s]
643491Buhrle, Emil Georg [1960s-1990s]
643491Bukovnik, Gary [1960s-1990s]
643491Bulkeley, Morgan [1960s-1990s]
643491Bulleu, Hugh [1960s-1990s]
643491Bullock, Wynn [1960s-1990s]
643491Bultman, Fritz [1960s-1990s]
643491Bumbeck, David [1960s-1990s]
643491Bunce, Louis [1960s-1990s]
643491Bunuel, Jean-Louis [1960s-1990s]
643491Buomo, Count Giuseppi Panza di [1960s-1990s]
643491Buonagurio, Edgar [1960s-1990s]
643491Buonagurio, Toby [1960s-1990s]
643491Buonopane, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643491Burch, Claire [1960s-1990s]
643491Burchartz, Max [1960s-1990s]
643491Burchfield, Charles Ephraim [1960s-1990s]
643491Burchman, Jerrold [1960s-1990s]
643491Burckhardt, Rudy [1960s-1990s]
643491Burckhardt-Blum, Elsa [1960s-1990s]
643491Burden, Carter [1960s-1990s]
643491Burden, Chris [1960s-1990s]
643491Buren, Daniel [1960s-1990s]
643491Burford, Byron [1960s-1990s]
643491Burgess, Catherine [1960s-1990s]
643491Burgess, James [1960s-1990s]
643491Burgess, Molly [1960s-1990s]
643491Burgin, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643491Burgt, Flip van der [1960s-1990s]
643491Burguillos [1960s-1990s]
643491Burgy, Donald [1960s-1990s]
643491Buri, Samuel [1960s-1990s]
643491Burka, Jan [1960s-1990s]
643491Burke, Ainslie [1960s-1990s]
643491Burke, Peggy [1960s-1990s]
643491Burkhardt, Hans Gustav [1960s-1990s]
643491Burkhart, Emerson [1960s-1990s]
643491Burko, Diane [1960s-1990s]
643491Burks, Joesph E. [1960s-1990s]
643491Burle Marx, Roberto [1960s-1990s]
643491Burlin, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643491Burlyuk, David [1960s-1990s]
643491Burnaham, Linda [1960s-1990s]
643491Burns, Jerome [1960s-1990s]
643491Burra, Edward John [1960s-1990s]
643491Burri, Alberto [1960s-1990s]
643491Burson, Nancy [1960s-1990s]
643491Burssens, Jan [1960s-1990s]
643527Bursztyn, Feliza [1960s-1990s]
643527Burt, David [1960s-1990s]
643527Burt, James Jackson [1960s-1990s]
643527Burtch, Jeffrey [1960s-1990s]
643527Burton, Dennis [1960s-1990s]
643527Burton, Scott [1960s-1990s]
643527Burton, Sigrid [1960s-1990s]
643527Burwitz, Nils [1960s-1990s]
643527Bury, Claus [1960s-1990s]
643527Bury, Pol [1960s-1990s]
643527Busa, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643527Busch, Wilhelm [1960s-1990s]
643527Bush, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643527Bustamante, Jean-Marc [1960s-1990s]
643527Buszko, Irene [1960s-1990s]
643527Butagu, Fide [1960s-1990s]
643527Butchkes, Sydney [1960s-1990s]
643527Buthe, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643527Butler, David [1960s-1990s]
643527Butler, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643527Butler, Jim [1960s-1990s]
643527Butler, Juana [1960s-1990s]
643527Butler, Reg [1960s-1990s]
643527Butler, Theodore Earl [1960s-1990s]
643527Butor, Michel [1960s-1990s]
643527Butter, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643527Butterfield, Deborah [1960s-1990s]
643527Button, John [1960s-1990s]
643527Butts, Freeman [1960s-1990s]
643527Byars, Donna [1960s-1990s]
643527Byars, James Lee [1960s-1990s]
643527Byng, Dennis [1960s-1990s]
643527Byrne, Jacqueline [1960s-1990s]
643527Byrne, James [1960s-1990s]
643527Bywaters, Jerry [1960s-1990s]
643527Byzantios, Constantin [1960s-1990s]
643527Caballero, José [1960s-1990s]
643527Cabré, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643527Cabral, Flavio [1960s-1990s]
643527Cabrera, Germán [1960s-1990s]
643527Cacciotti, Giancarlo [1960s-1990s]
643527Cadieux, Geneviève [1960s-1990s]
643527Cadmus, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643527Cadora, Georg [1960s-1990s]
643527Cadoret, Michel [1960s-1990s]
643527Cadre, Andre [1960s-1990s]
643527Cady, Arthur [1960s-1990s]
643527Cady, Sam [1960s-1990s]
643527Caesar, Doris [1960s-1990s]
643527Cage, John [1960s-1990s]
643527Cagli, Corrado [1960s-1990s]
643527Caglioti, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643527Cagnaccio, di San Pietro [1960s-1990s]
643527Cagnone, Angelo [1960s-1990s]
643527Cahén, Oscar [1960s-1990s]
643527Cahn, Marcelle [1960s-1990s]
6434921Caillaud, Aristide 1957-1972
6434922Caille, Pierre 1963-1967
6434923Cain, Michael de 1963-1967
6434924Cajori, Charles 1974, undated
6434925Calabuig, Federico Agustin 1966
6434926Calas, Nicolas 1966-1978
6434927Calcagno, Lawrence 1956-1983, undated
6434928Caldas Júnior, Waltércio 1976
6434929-21Calder, Alexander (13 folders) 1933-1990, undated
64349222-23Calderara, Antonio (2 folders) 1964-1981, undated
64349224Calderwood, Kathy 1975-1976, undated
64349225Calero, Ricardo 1988
64349226Calfee, William H. 1958-1960, undated
64349227Calia, Paolo 1971
64349228Callahan, Harry 1976-1980
64349229Callahan, Kenneth 1956-1976
64349230Callataÿ, Xavier de 1982
64349231Callery, Mary 1948-1965
64349232Callicott, Burton 1965-1974
64349233Calliyannis, Manolis 1958-1962
64349234Callner, Richard 1964-1977
64349235Calò, Aldo 1953-1977
64349236Calos, Nino 1961-1973
64349237Calvo, Antonio undated
64349238Calzadilla, Juan 1976-1977
64349239Calzolari, Pier Paolo 1970s
64349240Camacho, Paul 1970-1974
64349241Camara Filho, João 1970
64349242Camargo, Ibere 1959-1973
64349243Camargo, Sérgio de 1967-1975
643493Camaro, Alexander [1960s-1990s]
643493Cambellotti, Duilio [1960s-1990s]
643493Camblin, Bob Bilyeu [1960s-1990s]
643493Camesi, Gianfredo [1960s-1990s]
643493Caminati, Aurelio [1960s-1990s]
643493Caminho [1960s-1990s]
643493Camino, Luis Fernando [1960s-1990s]
643493Camnitzer, Luis [1960s-1990s]
643493Camoni, Riccardo [1960s-1990s]
643493Campano, Miguel Angel [1960s-1990s]
643493Campbell, Clayton [1960s-1990s]
643493Campbell, Kenneth [1960s-1990s]
643493Campbell, Scott [1960s-1990s]
643493Campbell, Steven [1960s-1990s]
643493Campendonk, Heinrich [1960s-1990s]
643493Campesan, Sara [1960s-1990s]
643493Campi, Gian [1960s-1990s]
643493Campigli, Massimo [1960s-1990s]
643493Campodonico, Juan [1960s-1990s]
643493Campoli, Cosmo [1960s-1990s]
643493Campus, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643493Canadè, Vincent [1960s-1990s]
643493Canaday, John [1960s-1990s]
643493Canaday, Molly Morpeth [1960s-1990s]
643493Canard, Bertrand [1960s-1990s]
643493Cañas, Benjamín [1960s-1990s]
643493Cañas, Carlos [1960s-1990s]
643493Canavier, Elena Karina [1960s-1990s]
643493Candell, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643493Cane, Louis [1960s-1990s]
643493Canham, Anthony [1960s-1990s]
643493Canin, Martin [1960s-1990s]
643493Canjura, Noe [1960s-1990s]
643493Canneto [1960s-1990s]
643493Canney, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643493Cannon, John [1960s-1990s]
643493Cannon, T. C. [1960s-1990s]
643493Cano, Pedro [1960s-1990s]
643493Canogar, Rafael [1960s-1990s]
643493Canole [1960s-1990s]
643493Canosa, Yamandú [1960s-1990s]
643493Canright, Sarah Anne [1960s-1990s]
643493Cantú, Gerardo [1960s-1990s]
643493Canter, Henry David [1960s-1990s]
643493Cantor, B. Gerald [1960s-1990s]
643493Capa, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643493Caparn, Rhys [1960s-1990s]
643493Cape, Francis [1960s-1990s]
643493Capek, Josef [1960s-1990s]
643493Capel, Miguel [1960s-1990s]
643493Caplan, Irwin [1960s-1990s]
643493Capobianco, Domenick [1960s-1990s]
643493Capogrossi, Guiseppe [1960s-1990s]
643493Caponi, Anthony [1960s-1990s]
643493Caporael, Suzanne [1960s-1990s]
643493Cappello, Carmen [1960s-1990s]
643493Capps, Kenneth [1960s-1990s]
643493Capralos, Christos [1960s-1990s]
643493Capsoni, Luigi [1960s-1990s]
643493Capurso, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643493Caraballo, Jorge [1960s-1990s]
643493Caracciolo, Roberto [1960s-1990s]
643493Caraceni, Bruno [1960s-1990s]
643493Caramelle, Ernst [1960s-1990s]
643493Caravaglia, Angelo Luigi [1960s-1990s]
643493Carballo, Aída [1960s-1990s]
643493Carbonell, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643493Carboni, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643493Carcan, Rene [1960s-1990s]
643493Card, Gregg [1960s-1990s]
100569Cardazzo, Carlo [1960s-1990s]
100569Cardells, Joan [1960s-1990s]
100569Cardena [1960s-1990s]
100569Cárdenas, Augustín [1960s-1990s]
100569Cárdenas, Juan [1960s-1990s]
100569Cárdenas, Miguel-Angel [1960s-1990s]
100569Cárdenas, Santiago [1960s-1990s]
100569Cardona Torrandell, Armando [1960s-1990s]
100569Cardoso, María Fernanda [1960s-1990s]
100569Cardot, Jean [1960s-1990s]
100569Carella, Peter [1960s-1990s]
100569Carelman [1960s-1990s]
100569Carewe, Sylcia [1960s-1990s]
100569Carey, Martin [1960s-1990s]
100569Cargaleiro, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
100569Caride, Miguel [1960s-1990s]
100569Caris, Gerard [1960s-1990s]
100569Carles, Arthur B. [1960s-1990s]
100569Carlesso, Gianpietro [1960s-1990s]
100569Carlisky [1960s-1990s]
100569Carlisle, Olga [1960s-1990s]
100569Carlson, Cynthia [1960s-1990s]
100569Carlson, Edith [1960s-1990s]
100569Carmassi, Arturo [1960s-1990s]
100569Carmean, Harry [1960s-1990s]
100569Carmeil, Louis [1960s-1990s]
100569Carmi, Eugenio [1960s-1990s]
100569Carnwath, Squeak [1960s-1990s]
100569Caro, Anthony [1960s-1990s]
100569Caro, Bill [1960s-1990s]
100569Carone, Nicolas [1960s-1990s]
100569Caroompas, Carole [1960s-1990s]
100569Carpenter, Gilbert F. [1960s-1990s]
100569Carpenter, Miles B. [1960s-1990s]
100569Carpi, Cioni [1960s-1990s]
100569Carr, Emily [1960s-1990s]
100569Carr, Tom [1960s-1990s]
100569Carrasco, Ted [1960s-1990s]
100569Carreño, Mario [1960s-1990s]
100569Carrega, Ugo [1960s-1990s]
100569Carrel, Claudia [1960s-1990s]
100569Carreno, Anibal [1960s-1990s]
100569Carr-Harris, Ian [1960s-1990s]
100569Carrière, Eugène [1960s-1990s]
100569Carrillo Gil, Alvar [1960s-1990s]
100569Carrillo, Juan [1960s-1990s]
643495Carrington, Dora de Houghton [1960s-1990s]
643495Carrington, Leonora [1960s-1990s]
643495Carrino, Nicola [1960s-1990s]
643495Carroll, Dickson [1960s-1990s]
643495Carroll, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643495Carsman, Jon [1960s-1990s]
643495Carson, Jo Anne [1960s-1990s]
643495Carson, Ronnie [1960s-1990s]
643495Carstensen, Ebba [1960s-1990s]
643495Carswell, John [1960s-1990s]
643495Carter, Clarence [1960s-1990s]
643495Carter, Dean [1960s-1990s]
643495Carter, Tony [1960s-1990s]
643495Cartier-Bresson, Henri [1960s-1990s]
643495Carton, Norman [1960s-1990s]
643495Caruana, Gabriel [1960s-1990s]
643495Caruso, Bruno [1960s-1990s]
643495Caruso, Luciano [1960s-1990s]
643495Carvalho, Josely [1960s-1990s]
643495Carybé [1960s-1990s]
643495Caryl, Naomi [1960s-1990s]
643495Casás, Fernando [1960s-1990s]
643495Casadesus, Beatrice [1960s-1990s]
643495Casado, Julian [1960s-1990s]
643495Casanova, Aldo [1960s-1990s]
643495Casanova, Teresa [1960s-1990s]
643495Casarella, Edmond [1960s-1990s]
643495Casas, Mel [1960s-1990s]
643495Cascella, Andrea [1960s-1990s]
643495Cascella, Pietro [1960s-1990s]
643495Case, Reginald [1960s-1990s]
643495Casebier, Cecil Lang [1960s-1990s]
643495Casertano, Gerolamo [1960s-1990s]
643495Casey, Bernie [1960s-1990s]
643495Casey, Ethel Laughlin [1960s-1990s]
643495Casimiro, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643495Caspe, Lynda [1960s-1990s]
643495Cassée, Dick [1960s-1990s]
643495Cassani, Nino [1960s-1990s]
643495Cassapidis, George [1960s-1990s]
643495Cassatt, Mary [1960s-1990s]
643495Cassini, Riccardo [1960s-1990s]
643495Cassos, Shlomo [1960s-1990s]
643495Cassou, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643495Castañeda, Alfredo [1960s-1990s]
643495Castagna, Alberto [1960s-1990s]
643495Castagna, Pino [1960s-1990s]
643495Castagnacci, Vincent [1960s-1990s]
643495Castagnino, Juan Carlos [1960s-1990s]
643495Castaing, Madeleine [1960s-1990s]
643495Castel, Moshe Elazar [1960s-1990s]
643495Castellón, Rolando [1960s-1990s]
643495Castellani, Enrico [1960s-1990s]
643495Castellar, Emilio [1960s-1990s]
643495Castelli, Alfio [1960s-1990s]
643495Castelli, Leo [1960s-1990s]
643495Castelli, Luciano [1960s-1990s]
643495Castellon, Federico [1960s-1990s]
643495Castellon, Federico [1960s-1990s]
643496Castillo, Jorge [1960s-1990s]
643496Castillo, Mario M, [1960s-1990s]
643496Castillo, Sergio [1960s-1990s]
643496Castle, Wendell [1960s-1990s]
643496Castoro, Rosemarie [1960s-1990s]
643496Castro, J. J. [1960s-1990s]
643496Castro, Lourdes [1960s-1990s]
643496Castro-Cid, Enrique [1960s-1990s]
643496Cato, Bob [1960s-1990s]
643496Cato, Eddie Earl [1960s-1990s]
643496Cattaneo, Giuseppe [1960s-1990s]
643496Cattani, Giorgio [1960s-1990s]
643496Cattell, Ray [1960s-1990s]
643496Caturani, Ferdinando [1960s-1990s]
643496Cauduro, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643496Caulfield, Patrick [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavael, Rolf [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavaillès, Jules [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavaliere, Alik [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavallaro, Vincent [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavallon, Giorgio [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavanaugh, John W. [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavat, Irma [1960s-1990s]
643496Cave, Leonard [1960s-1990s]
643496Cave, Nick [1960s-1990s]
643496Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille [1960s-1990s]
643496Cebula, Kazimierz [1960s-1990s]
643496Cecchini, Vincenzo [1960s-1990s]
643496Ceccobelli, Bruno [1960s-1990s]
643496Cecere, Gaetano [1960s-1990s]
643496Cederquist, John [1960s-1990s]
643496Ceglic, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643496Celant, Germano [1960s-1990s]
643496Celebonović, Marko [1960s-1990s]
643496Celiberti, Giorgio [1960s-1990s]
643496Ćelić, Stojan [1960s-1990s]
643496Celli, Luciano [1960s-1990s]
643496Celli, Van Claudio [1960s-1990s]
643496Celmins, Vija [1960s-1990s]
643496Ceniceros, Guillermo [1960s-1990s]
643496Cerdà, Jordi [1960s-1990s]
643496Ceretti, Mino [1960s-1990s]
643496Ceroli, Mario [1960s-1990s]
643496Cervantes, Pedro [1960s-1990s]
643496Cervelli, Enrico [1960s-1990s]
643496Cesery, Barbara [1960s-1990s]
643496Cézanne, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643496Chab, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643496Chabot, Hendrik [1960s-1990s]
643496Chadwick, Lynn [1960s-1990s]
643496Chaet, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643498Chagall, Marc [1960s-1990s]
643498Chahine, Edgar [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaïbia [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaillet, Françoise [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaimowicz, Georg [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaimowicz, Marc Camille [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaissac, Gaston [1960s-1990s]
643498Chait, Sylvia [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaki, Yehudah [1960s-1990s]
643498Chakravarty, Anamitra [1960s-1990s]
643498Chakrian, Hagop [1960s-1990s]
643498Chale, Gertrudis [1960s-1990s]
643498Chalem, Celine [1960s-1990s]
643498Chalfant, Henry [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaliapin, Boris [1960s-1990s]
643498Chalif, Ronnie [1960s-1990s]
643498Chalkidiotis, Basilio [1960s-1990s]
643498Challenger, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643498Chamberlain, Elaine [1960s-1990s]
643498Chamberlain, Elwyn M. [1960s-1990s]
643498Chamberlain, John [1960s-1990s]
643498Chamberlain, Samuel [1960s-1990s]
643498Chamberlain, Wynn [1960s-1990s]
643498Chambers, John [1960s-1990s]
643498Chambers, Nancy [1960s-1990s]
643498Chambers, Park [1960s-1990s]
643498Chamot [1960s-1990s]
643498Champeaux, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643498Chan, Henri [1960s-1990s]
643498Chanase, Dane [1960s-1990s]
643498Chance, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643498Chancho, Joaquim [1960s-1990s]
643498Chand, Suruchi [1960s-1990s]
643498Chandra, Avinash [1960s-1990s]
643498Chang, Danielle [1960s-1990s]
643498Chang, Sang Eui [1960s-1990s]
643498Chao, Bruce [1960s-1990s]
643498Chao, Chung-hsiang [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapel, Ron [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapin, David [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapin, Francis [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapin, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643498Chaplin, Elisabetta [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapline, Claudia [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapman, George [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapman, Grover [1960s-1990s]
643498Chapman, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643498Charbonneau, Monique [1960s-1990s]
643498Charbonnier, Pierre [1960s-1990s]
643498Charchoune, Serge [1960s-1990s]
643498Charles, Olivier [1960s-1990s]
643498Charley, Alfred [1960s-1990s]
643498Charlier, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643498Charlton, Alan [1960s-1990s]
643498Charney, Melvin [1960s-1990s]
643498Charpentier, Louis [1960s-1990s]
643498Charpentier, Michel [1960s-1990s]
643498Charpentier, Pierre [1960s-1990s]
643498Charrière, Gérard [1960s-1990s]
643498Charvolen, Max [1960s-1990s]
643499Chase, Ann [1960s-1990s]
643499Chase, Doris [1960s-1990s]
643499Chase, Louisa [1960s-1990s]
643499Chase, Ronald [1960s-1990s]
643499Chase, Saul [1960s-1990s]
643499Chase-Riboud, Barbara [1960s-1990s]
643499Chashnik, Il'ya [1960s-1990s]
643499Chastel, Roger [1960s-1990s]
643499Chatterton, Clarence K. [1960s-1990s]
643499Chauche, Daniel [1960s-1990s]
643499Chaves, Estelle [1960s-1990s]
643499Chavez, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643499Chavignier, Louis [1960s-1990s]
643499Chelimsky, Oscar [1960s-1990s]
643499Chellew, Gabriela [1960s-1990s]
643499Chelminski, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643499Chemeche, George [1960s-1990s]
643499Chen, Chi [1960s-1990s]
643499Chen, Hilo [1960s-1990s]
643499Cheng, Ching Ho [1960s-1990s]
643499Chenicek, Laura E. [1960s-1990s]
643499Cheren, Judith [1960s-1990s]
643499Chermayeff, Ivan [1960s-1990s]
643499Chermayeff, Serge [1960s-1990s]
643499Cherney, Marvin [1960s-1990s]
643499Chernow, Ann [1960s-1990s]
643499Chernyshov, Mikhail [1960s-1990s]
643499Cherry, Herman [1960s-1990s]
643499Chesney, Lee [1960s-1990s]
643499Chetham, Celia [1960s-1990s]
643499Cheu, Yu-Tian [1960s-1990s]
643499Cheung, N.S. [1960s-1990s]
643499Chevalier, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643499Cheverny, Philxippe [1960s-1990s]
643499Chew, Teng Beng [1960s-1990s]
643499Chi Hwan, Jeong [1960s-1990s]
643499Chia, Sandro [1960s-1990s]
643499Chiaverini, Miriam [1960s-1990s]
643499Chicago, Judy [1960s-1990s]
643499Childress, Deborah [1960s-1990s]
643499Childress, William [1960s-1990s]
643499Childs, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643499Chillida, Eduardo [1960s-1990s]
643499Chilton, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643499Chim [1960s-1990s]
643499Chimes, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643499Chin, Andrew [1960s-1990s]
643499Chin, Mel [1960s-1990s]
643499Chinmoy, Sri [1960s-1990s]
643499Chinn, Yuen-Yuey [1960s-1990s]
643499Chinni, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643499Chippindale, John Michael [1960s-1990s]
643499Chira, Alexandru [1960s-1990s]
643499Chirgwin, Judith [1960s-1990s]
643499Chiriani, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643500Chirino, Martín [1960s-1990s]
643500Chiti [1960s-1990s]
643500Chlupac, Miloslav [1960s-1990s]
643500Cho, Sung Hee [1960s-1990s]
643500Chodkowski, Henry [1960s-1990s]
643500Choong, Kam Kow [1960s-1990s]
643500Chorao, Ernesto [1960s-1990s]
643500Choul, Ji Souk [1960s-1990s]
643500Christenberry, William [1960s-1990s]
643500Christensen, Dan [1960s-1990s]
643500Christensen, Finn [1960s-1990s]
643500Christensen, H. Boyd [1960s-1990s]
643500Christensen, Jeannette [1960s-1990s]
643500Christian, Abraham David [1960s-1990s]
643500Christie, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643500Christo [1960s-1990s]
643500Christoffersen, Frade [1960s-1990s]
643500Christoforou, John [1960s-1990s]
643500Chrysler, Jean Outland [1960s-1990s]
643500Chrysler, Walter P. [1960s-1990s]
643500Chryssa [1960s-1990s]
643500Chuichi, Fuji [1960s-1990s]
643500Chung, Kwan-Mo [1960s-1990s]
643500Chung, Soo-Mo [1960s-1990s]
643500Chung, Sung Woo [1960s-1990s]
643500Churchill, Diane [1960s-1990s]
643500Ciarlo, Franco [1960s-1990s]
643500Ciarrochi, Ray [1960s-1990s]
643500Cibula, Ellen [1960s-1990s]
643500Cicero, Carmen [1960s-1990s]
643500Cieslewicz, Roman [1960s-1990s]
643500Cilliers-Barnard, Bettie [1960s-1990s]
643500Cimara, Mario [1960s-1990s]
643500Ciminaghi, Virginio [1960s-1990s]
643500Cimiotti, Emil [1960s-1990s]
643500Cina, Colin [1960s-1990s]
643500Cintoli, Claudio [1960s-1990s]
643500Cioni, Carlo [1960s-1990s]
643500Ciria, José Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643500Cirillo, Edmondo [1960s-1990s]
643500Cisneros, Domingo [1960s-1990s]
643500Citrin, Judith [1960s-1990s]
643500Citroen, Paul Roelof [1960s-1990s]
643500Citron, Minna [1960s-1990s]
643500Ciurlionis, Mikalojus Konstantinas [1960s-1990s]
643500Ciussi, Carlo [1960s-1990s]
643500Civitico, Bruno [1960s-1990s]
643500Clad, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643500Cladders, Johannes [1960s-1990s]
643500Clague, John [1960s-1990s]
643500Claisse, Geneviève [1960s-1990s]
643501Clapeko [1960s-1990s]
643501Clapp, Christopher [1960s-1990s]
643501Clapp, Frederick Mortimer [1960s-1990s]
643501Clapp, Steven C. [1960s-1990s]
643501Clapsaddle, Jerry [1960s-1990s]
643501Clareboudt, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, A. William [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, Charles D. [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, Dale [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, John [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, Lucy [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, Lygia [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643501Clark, Stephen C. [1960s-1990s]
643501Clarke, Allan Hugh [1960s-1990s]
643501Clarke, Geoffrey [1960s-1990s]
643501Clarke, John Clem [1960s-1990s]
643501Clatworthy, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643501Claus, Jurgen [1960s-1990s]
643501Claus, Luc [1960s-1990s]
643501Clavé, Antoni [1960s-1990s]
643501Clear, Deanna [1960s-1990s]
643501Clement [1960s-1990s]
643501Clement, Frans [1960s-1990s]
643501Clemente, Francesco [1960s-1990s]
643501Clendenin, Eve [1960s-1990s]
643501Cleren, Jean-Paul [1960s-1990s]
643501Clergue, Lucien [1960s-1990s]
643501Clerici, Fabrizio [1960s-1990s]
643501Clerte, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643501Cline, Clinton [1960s-1990s]
643501Cloar, Carroll [1960s-1990s]
643501Clopton, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643501Close, Chuck [1960s-1990s]
643501Clough, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643501Clough, Prunella [1960s-1990s]
643501Clover, Jim [1960s-1990s]
643501Clutton, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643501Clutz, William [1960s-1990s]
643501Cnossen, F. [1960s-1990s]
643501Coarding, Gerald [1960s-1990s]
643501Coate, Ronald E. [1960s-1990s]
643501Coates, Robert M. [1960s-1990s]
643501Coates, Ross [1960s-1990s]
643501Cobb, J. B. [1960s-1990s]
643501Cobb, Ruth [1960s-1990s]
643501Cober, Alan E. [1960s-1990s]
643501Cobo, Chemma [1960s-1990s]
643501Coburn, Bette Lee [1960s-1990s]
643501Coburn, John [1960s-1990s]
643501Coburn, Ralph [1960s-1990s]
643501Cockayne, George [1960s-1990s]
643501Cocomir [1960s-1990s]
643501Cocteau, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643501Code, Audrey [1960s-1990s]
643501Codesido, Julia [1960s-1990s]
643501Coen, Arnaldo [1960s-1990s]
643501Coen, Eleanor [1960s-1990s]
643501Coetzee, Christo [1960s-1990s]
643501Coggeshall, Clavert [1960s-1990s]
643501Coggins, Robert P. [1960s-1990s]
643501Coghill, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643501Cognée, Philippe [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Adele [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Arthur [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Barbara [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Bruce [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Elaine Lustig [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, George [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Harold [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Henry [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Larry [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Nathan [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Perry [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Robert Stuart [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen, Sidney [1960s-1990s]
643501Cohen Gan, Pinchas [1960s-1990s]
6435021Cohrs, Albert 1975
6435022Coignard, James 1976-1980
6435023Coignet, Jean-Gabriel 1980
6435024Cointet, Guy de circa 1974-1975
6435025Colamartino, Donato 1973-1976
6435026Colby, Victor 1963, 1966
6435027Cole, Donald 1969-1978
6435028Cole, Max 1966-1981
6435029Cole, Stephanie Kirschen 1976, 1981
64350210Coleman, James 1970-1989
64350211Coles, Mary D. undated
64350212Colescott, Robert 1973-1985
64350213Colescott, Warrington 1962-1972
64350214Colin, Paul 1990
64350215Colin, Ralph F. 1960
64350216Colla, Ettore 1959-1983
64350217Collado, Lisa 1982
64350218Collette 1975
64350219Colli, Giancarlo 1963
64350220Collie, Alberto 1963-1967
64350221Collignon, Georges circa 1950s, 1977
64350222Collins, Cecil 1964, 1981
64350223Collins, Hannah 1989
64350224Collins, James 1966-1980
64350225Collins, Pat 1950s, 1975
64350226Collins, Robert D. 1970s
64350227Collmar, Bengt 1976
64350228Colombo, Gianni 1967-1984
64350229Colombo, Paolo 1974, 1978
64350230Colorio, Bruno 1969
64350231Colt, John Nicholson 1962-1970s
64350232Columbus, Carol 1967
64350233Colunga, Alejandro 1979-1980
64350234Colville, Alex 1961-1984
64350235Colville, Pat 1976-1980
64350236Colvin, Calum 1988
64350237Colvin, Marta 1967
64350238Combas, Robert 1981
64350239Comella, Ralph 1987
64350240Comtois, Louis 1975-1988
64350241Concato, Augusto 1975-1982
64350242Concepcion, Tomas Fernandez 1970-1971
64350243Condé, Miguel 1972-1980
64350244Condom, Jean-Jacques 1964
64350245Condon, Rudolph 1964, umdated
64350246Condopoulos, Alecos 1958
64350247Cone Collection 1951, 1974
64350248Cone, Marvin Dorwart 1969, 1973
64350249Congdon, William 1954-1967
64350250Conge, Robert 1963-1968
64350251Conger, William 1976-1980
64350252Conlon, William 1970-1987
64350253Conner, Angela 1971
64350254-55Conner, Bruce (2 folders) 1960-1975, 1990
64350256Connor, Kevin 1989
64350257Connor, Maureen 1973-1978
64350258Conolly, Thurloe 1953
64350259Conover, Robert 1950s-1960
64350260Conrath, Martin 1989
64350261-63Consagra, Pietro (3 folders) 1950s-1979
64350264Constant 1959-1978
64350265Consuegra, Hugo 1960s-1976
64350266Conte, Michelangelo 1959-1977
64350267Conte, Robert 1977
64350268Conti, Raúl 1980
64350269Contreras, Belisario R. 1963
64350270Conwill, Houston 1978-1989
64350271Cook, Beryl 1976
64350272Cook, Howard Norton 1963-1976
64350273Cook, John 1961, 1965
64350274Cook, Philip Jay 1974
64350275Cooke, Kathleen 1970-1978
64350276Cooke, Rebecca undated
64350277Cooke, Richard undated
64350278Cooke, Robert 1978, undated
64350279Cooley, William 1974
64350280Cooper, Austin 1962, undated
64350281Cooper, Douglas 1968-1984
64350282Cooper, Ian 1963
64350283Cooper, Ron 1970-1980
64350284Cooper, Stephanie 1981
64350285Cooper, Susan 1973
64350286Copley, Al 1956-1978
64350287Costa, João Frank da 1974
643504Cramer, Carol [1960s-1990s]
643504Cramer, Konrad [1960s-1990s]
643504Cramer, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643504Craner, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643504Crash and Daze [1960s-1990s]
643504Craven, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643504Crawford, Cair [1960s-1990s]
643504Crawford, Ralston [1960s-1990s]
643504Creecy, Herb [1960s-1990s]
643504Cremean, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643504Cremers, H. G. [1960s-1990s]
643504Cremonesi, Emilio [1960s-1990s]
643504Cremonini, Leonardo [1960s-1990s]
643504Crespi, Pachita [1960s-1990s]
643504Cress, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643504Crile, Susan [1960s-1990s]
643504Crimmins, Jerry [1960s-1990s]
643504Crippa, Roberto [1960s-1990s]
643504Crist, William [1960s-1990s]
643504Criton [1960s-1990s]
643504Croak, James [1960s-1990s]
643504Crockett, Marilyn [1960s-1990s]
643504Cronbach, Robt. [1960s-1990s]
643504Cronica, Equipo [1960s-1990s]
643504Cronin, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643504Cronqvist, Lena [1960s-1990s]
643504Cross, Henri Edmond [1960s-1990s]
643504Crotti, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643504Crouch, Don [1960s-1990s]
643504Crovello, William [1960s-1990s]
643504Crowl, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643504Crown, Keith [1960s-1990s]
643504Croy, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643504Crozier, William [1960s-1990s]
643504Crust, Noche [1960s-1990s]
643504Crutchfield, William [1960s-1990s]
643504Cruxent, José María [1960s-1990s]
643504Cruz, Emilio [1960s-1990s]
643504Cruz Diez, Carlos [1960s-1990s]
643504Crystal, Boris [1960s-1990s]
643504Csaky, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643504Csengeri, George [1960s-1990s]
643504Csentery [1960s-1990s]
643504Csernus, Tibor [1960s-1990s]
643504Csoka, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643504Csoka, Wendy [1960s-1990s]
643504Csontváry Kosztka, Tivadar [1960s-1990s]
643504Cuadros, Miguel Angel [1960s-1990s]
643504Cuartas, Gregorio [1960s-1990s]
643504Cuatrecasas, Gil [1960s-1990s]
643504Cuatro, Seis Y. [1960s-1990s]
643504Cubas, Alina M. [1960s-1990s]
643504Cubrakovic, Milena [1960s-1990s]
643504Cucaro, Pascal [1960s-1990s]
643504Cucchi, Enzo [1960s-1990s]
643504Cueto, Germán [1960s-1990s]
643504Cuevas, Jose Luis [1960s-1990s]
643504Cuin, Noel [1960s-1990s]
643504Cuixart, Modest [1960s-1990s]
643504Culbertson, Janet [1960s-1990s]
643504Cullberg, Erland [1960s-1990s]
643504Culwell, Ben L. [1960s-1990s]
643504Cumming, Douglas [1960s-1990s]
643504Cumming, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643504Cummings, E.E. (Edward Estlin) [1960s-1990s]
643504Cummings, Nathan [1960s-1990s]
643504Cummings, Willard Warren [1960s-1990s]
643506Cuniberti, Kim [1960s-1990s]
643506Cunningham, Ben [1960s-1990s]
643506Cunningham, Bruce [1960s-1990s]
643506Cunningham, Imogen [1960s-1990s]
643506Cunningham, John [1960s-1990s]
643506Cunningham, Merce [1960s-1990s]
643506Cuppaidge, Virginia [1960s-1990s]
643506Curino, Oscar [1960s-1990s]
643506Curnoe, Greg [1960s-1990s]
643506Curry, John Steuart [1960s-1990s]
643506Curtis, George [1960s-1990s]
643506Curtis, Philip C. [1960s-1990s]
643506Cusack, Eugene [1960s-1990s]
643506Cushing, Lily [1960s-1990s]
643506Cusimano, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643506Cusumano, Stefano [1960s-1990s]
643506Cutileiro, João [1960s-1990s]
643506Cutler, Charles Gordon [1960s-1990s]
643506Cutrone, Ronnie [1960s-1990s]
643506Cutrow, Leonard [1960s-1990s]
643506Cyphers, Peggy [1960s-1990s]
643506Cyr, Don [1960s-1990s]
643506Cyril [1960s-1990s]
643506Czapski, Józef [1960s-1990s]
643506Czarnopys, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643506Czegledy, Nina [1960s-1990s]
643506Czóbel, Béla [1960s-1990s]
643506Da Silva, Tidi [1960s-1990s]
643506Da Vinci, Teobaldo [1960s-1990s]
643506Daamen, Theo [1960s-1990s]
643506Dabrowski, Magdalena [1960s-1990s]
643506Dadamaino [1960s-1990s]
643506Dado [1960s-1990s]
643506Daga, Ricardo [1960s-1990s]
643506D'Agostino, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643506Dahm, Helen [1960s-1990s]
643506Dahmen, K. F. [1960s-1990s]
643506Dahn, Walter [1960s-1990s]
643506Dalbis, Eric [1960s-1990s]
643506Daley, William [1960s-1990s]
643506Dalí, Salvador [1960s-1990s]
643506Dallaire, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643506Dallegret, François [1960s-1990s]
643506Dallmann, Daniel [1960s-1990s]
643506D'Almeida, George [1960s-1990s]
643506Dalwood, Hubert [1960s-1990s]
643506Daly, Ann Burke [1960s-1990s]
643506Daly, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643506Damast, Elba [1960s-1990s]
643506Damer, John F. [1960s-1990s]
643506Damerow, Bernd-Rüdiger [1960s-1990s]
643506Damian, Horia [1960s-1990s]
643506Damiani, Jorge [1960s-1990s]
643506Damico, Gio [1960s-1990s]
643506Damisch, Gunter [1960s-1990s]
643506Damme, Suzanne van [1960s-1990s]
643506Damnjanović-Damnjan, Radomir [1960s-1990s]
643506Damon, Betsy [1960s-1990s]
643506Danby, Ken [1960s-1990s]
643506Danielle [1960s-1990s]
643506Danilov, Sergeĭ [1960s-1990s]
643506Danko, Steve [1960s-1990s]
643506Dannenfelser, Susan [1960s-1990s]
643506Dantzic, Jerry [1960s-1990s]
643506Danziger, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643506Danziger, Joan [1960s-1990s]
643507Daphnis, Nassos [1960s-1990s]
643507Darboven, Hanne [1960s-1990s]
643507D'Arcangelo, Allan [1960s-1990s]
643507Darie, Sandu [1960s-1990s]
643507D'Arista, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643507Darling, Lowell [1960s-1990s]
643507Darriau, Jean-Paul [1960s-1990s]
643507D'Arrigo, Elisa [1960s-1990s]
643507Dartel (A.L.M. Lutgerink) [1960s-1990s]
643507Darton, Chris [1960s-1990s]
643507Dasburg, Andrew [1960s-1990s]
643507Dash, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643507Daskaloff, Georgi [1960s-1990s]
643507Datas, Alberto [1960s-1990s]
643507Daudelin, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643507Daugherty, Charles Michael [1960s-1990s]
643507Daugherty, James Henry [1960s-1990s]
643507Daum, Howard [1960s-1990s]
643507Daumier, Honoré [1960s-1990s]
643507Dauriac, Jacqueline [1960s-1990s]
643507Davenport, Roselle [1960s-1990s]
643507David, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643507Davidson, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643507Davidson, Carol Kreeger [1960s-1990s]
643507Davidson, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643507Davidson, Phyllis [1960s-1990s]
643507Davidson, Thyra [1960s-1990s]
643507Davie, Alan [1960s-1990s]
643507Davies, Arthur B. [1960s-1990s]
643507Davies, Jim [1960s-1990s]
643507Davies, John [1960s-1990s]
643507Davila, Alberto [1960s-1990s]
643507Dávila, Carlos [1960s-1990s]
643507Dávila, Miguel [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, Brad [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, Douglas [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, Gene [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, James W. [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, Rebecca [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, Ronald [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, Stuart [1960s-1990s]
643507Davis, Willis Bing [1960s-1990s]
643508Davison, Francis [1960s-1990s]
643508Dawski, Stanisław K. [1960s-1990s]
643508Dawson, John [1960s-1990s]
643508Dawson, Manierre [1960s-1990s]
643508Day, John [1960s-1990s]
643508Day, Larry [1960s-1990s]
643508Day, Lucien [1960s-1990s]
643508Day, Nancy Sayles [1960s-1990s]
643508Day, Worden [1960s-1990s]
643508Dayez, Georges [1960s-1990s]
643508Daykin, Susan [1960s-1990s]
643508De Alexandris, Sandro [1960s-1990s]
643508De Andrea, John [1960s-1990s]
643508De Bouchony, Olivier [1960s-1990s]
643508De Bus [1960s-1990s]
643508De Carolis, Adolfo [1960s-1990s]
643508De Chirico, Giorgio [1960s-1990s]
643508De Creeft, José [1960s-1990s]
643508De Erdely, Francis [1960s-1990s]
643508De Filippi, Fernando [1960s-1990s]
643508De Groot, Adelaide Milton [1960s-1990s]
643508De Kolin, (Zdenek Chlubnk) [1960s-1990s]
643508De Kooning, Elaine [1960s-1990s]
De Kooning, Willem [1960s-1990s]
643509De La Mota, Carlos [1960s-1990s]
643509De Leeuw, Leon [1960s-1990s]
643509De Los, Kate [1960s-1990s]
643509De Lucca, Yargo [1960s-1990s]
643509De Luigi, Ludovico [1960s-1990s]
643509De Maria, Nicola [1960s-1990s]
643509De Monchaux, Cathy [1960s-1990s]
643509De Niro, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643509De Pagan, Sebastiano [1960s-1990s]
643509De Palma, Brett [1960s-1990s]
643509De Pauw, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643509De Rivera, Jose Ruiz [1960s-1990s]
643509De Romans, Maria Luisa [1960s-1990s]
643509De Sanctis, Fabio [1960s-1990s]
643509De Ville, Nicholas [1960s-1990s]
643509Deacon, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643509Dean, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643509Deats, Suzanne [1960s-1990s]
643509Debenjak, Riko [1960s-1990s]
643509DeBlasi, Anthony [1960s-1990s]
643509Deblé, Colette [1960s-1990s]
643509Debska, Anna [1960s-1990s]
643509Decker, Anja [1960s-1990s]
643509Decker, Linsey [1960s-1990s]
643509DeCredico, Alfred [1960s-1990s]
643509Dedicova, Irene [1960s-1990s]
643509DeFeo, Jay [1960s-1990s]
643509Defert, Maxime [1960s-1990s]
643509Defesche, Pieter [1960s-1990s]
643509Deforest, Roy [1960s-1990s]
643509Defrance, James [1960s-1990s]
643509Degado, Maria Elena [1960s-1990s]
643509Degas, Edgar [1960s-1990s]
643509Degottex, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643509Dehner, Dorothy [1960s-1990s]
643509Deichler, Deborah [1960s-1990s]
643509Deim, Judith [1960s-1990s]
643509Deineka, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich [1960s-1990s]
643509Deira, Ernesto [1960s-1990s]
643509Dejneki, Alexandra [1960s-1990s]
643509Dekkers, Ad [1960s-1990s]
643509Dekkers, Ger [1960s-1990s]
643509Del Drago [1960s-1990s]
643509Del Marle, Félix [1960s-1990s]
643509Del Re, Marco [1960s-1990s]
643509Delacroix, Eugène [1960s-1990s]
643509Delahaut, Jo [1960s-1990s]
643509Delahaye, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643509Delaney, Beauford [1960s-1990s]
643509DeLap, Tony [1960s-1990s]
643509Delaroyère, Thierry [1960s-1990s]
643509Delaunay, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643509Delaunay, Sonia [1960s-1990s]
643509Delcol, Roland [1960s-1990s]
643509D'elena, Giuliano [1960s-1990s]
643509Deleu, Luc [1960s-1990s]
643509Delevante, Sidney [1960s-1990s]
643509Delevoryas, Lillian [1960s-1990s]
643509Delfin, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643509Delfino [1960s-1990s]
643509Della-Volpe, Ralph [1960s-1990s]
643509Delmotte, Marcel [1960s-1990s]
643509Deluigi, Mario [1960s-1990s]
643509Delvaux, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643509Demanuelle, Stephanie [1960s-1990s]
643509Demarco, Hugo [1960s-1990s]
643509Demarest, Sharron [1960s-1990s]
643509DeMartelly, John S. [1960s-1990s]
643509Demers, Denis [1960s-1990s]
643509Demkowska, Zofia [1960s-1990s]
643509Demuth, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643509Denby, David [1960s-1990s]
643509Denby, Jillian [1960s-1990s]
643509Denes, Agnes [1960s-1990s]
643509Denning, John [1960s-1990s]
643509Dennis, Donna [1960s-1990s]
643509Dennis, Jeffrey [1960s-1990s]
643545Dennison - Dickinson undated
643510Dicocco - Dodd undated
643511Dodeigne, Eugene [1960s-1990s]
643511Dodig-Trokut, Vladimir [1960s-1990s]
643511Doesburg, Theo van [1960s-1990s]
643511Doetsch-Benziger, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643511Dogancay, Burhan [1960s-1990s]
643511Doherty, Willie [1960s-1990s]
643511Doi, Isami [1960s-1990s]
643511Dokoupil, J. G. [1960s-1990s]
643511Dole, William [1960s-1990s]
643511Dolezal, Frantisek [1960s-1990s]
643511Dolla, Noel [1960s-1990s]
643511Dolphin, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643511Dombek, Blanche [1960s-1990s]
643511Domela [1960s-1990s]
643511Domingo, Casimiro [1960s-1990s]
643511Dominguez, Oscar [1960s-1990s]
643511Dominic [1960s-1990s]
643511Dominik, Tadeusz [1960s-1990s]
643511Domnick, Ottomar [1960s-1990s]
643511Domoto, Hisao [1960s-1990s]
643511Domsaitis, Pranas [1960s-1990s]
643511Donagh, Rita [1960s-1990s]
643511Donaldson, Antony [1960s-1990s]
643511Donaldson, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643511Donati, Enrico [1960s-1990s]
643511Donati, Lazzaro [1960s-1990s]
643511Donegà, J. [1960s-1990s]
643511Doner, Michele Oka [1960s-1990s]
643511Dongen, Kees van [1960s-1990s]
643511Donneson, Seena [1960s-1990s]
643511Donoghue, Lynn [1960s-1990s]
643511Doolittle, Warren F. [1960s-1990s]
643511Dooper, Leo [1960s-1990s]
643511D' Orazio, Jon [1960s-1990s]
643511Dorazio, Piero [1960s-1990s]
643511Doremus, Susane [1960s-1990s]
643511Dorfler, Roland [1960s-1990s]
643511Dorflinger, Hans [1960s-1990s]
643511Dorflinger, Johannes [1960s-1990s]
643511Dorfman, Bruce [1960s-1990s]
643511Dorner, Helmut [1960s-1990s]
643515Dorosh, Daria [1960s-1990s]
643515Dorrance, Mark [1960s-1990s]
643515Dossi, Ugo [1960s-1990s]
643515Dotremont, Christian [1960s-1990s]
643515Dotremont, Philippe [1960s-1990s]
643515Dotti, Franco [1960s-1990s]
643515Dottori, Gerardo [1960s-1990s]
643515Doty, Neal [1960s-1990s]
643515Dotzenko, Grisha F. [1960s-1990s]
643515Douaihy, Saliba [1960s-1990s]
643515Doucet, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643515Dougherty, Dick [1960s-1990s]
643515Doukas, Thalia [1960s-1990s]
643515Douthwaite, Pat [1960s-1990s]
643515Dova, Gianni [1960s-1990s]
643515Dove, Arthur Garfield [1960s-1990s]
643515Dove, Toni [1960s-1990s]
643515Dow, Arthur W. [1960s-1990s]
643515Dowell, John [1960s-1990s]
643515Dowler, David [1960s-1990s]
643515Dowling, John [1960s-1990s]
643515Downes, Rackstraw [1960s-1990s]
643515Downey, Juan [1960s-1990s]
643515Downing, Joe [1960s-1990s]
643515Downing, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643515Downs, Ralph [1960s-1990s]
643515Doyle, Joe [1960s-1990s]
643515Doyle, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643515Drachler, Jacob [1960s-1990s]
643515Drago, Francesco Del [1960s-1990s]
643515Dragulj, Emir [1960s-1990s]
643515Draheim, Rudolf [1960s-1990s]
643515Drake, James [1960s-1990s]
643515Drapell, Josef [1960s-1990s]
643515Draper, Kenneth [1960s-1990s]
643515Draskovic-Johnson, Jasmina [1960s-1990s]
643515Drawbridge, John [1960s-1990s]
643515Drebusch, Gunter [1960s-1990s]
643515Dreesen, Walter [1960s-1990s]
643515Dregely, Laszlo [1960s-1990s]
643515Dreher, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643515Dreiband, Laurence [1960s-1990s]
643515Dreier, Katherine Sophie [1960s-1990s]
643515Drenkhahn, Reinhard [1960s-1990s]
643515Dressler, August Wilhelm [1960s-1990s]
643515Dreven, Maarten Van [1960s-1990s]
643515Drever, Timothy [1960s-1990s]
643515Drew, Leonardo [1960s-1990s]
643515Drewes, Werner [1960s-1990s]
643515Drexel, Christof [1960s-1990s]
643515Drexler, Rosalyn [1960s-1990s]
643515Drexler, Sherman [1960s-1990s]
643515Dreyfus, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643515Dries, Jan [1960s-1990s]
643515Drisch, Russell [1960s-1990s]
643515Driskell, David [1960s-1990s]
643515Droese, Felix [1960s-1990s]
643515Drozdik, Orshi [1960s-1990s]
643515Du Bois, Guy Pene [1960s-1990s]
643515Du Casse, Ralph [1960s-1990s]
643515Du Plantier, Marc [1960s-1990s]
643515Duarte, Angel [1960s-1990s]
643515Duback, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643515Dubin, Ralph [1960s-1990s]
643515Dubin, William [1960s-1990s]
643515Dubreuil, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643515Dubsky, Mario [1960s-1990s]
Dubuffet, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643516Duchamp, Marcel [1960s-1990s]
643516Duchamp, Suzanne [1960s-1990s]
643516Duchamp-Villon, Raymond [1960s-1990s]
643516Duchateau, Hugo [1960s-1990s]
643516Ducimitiere, Gerald [1960s-1990s]
643516Duckworth, Aidron [1960s-1990s]
643516Dudley, Don [1960s-1990s]
643516Dudley, Randy [1960s-1990s]
643516Dudzika, Zygfryda [1960s-1990s]
643516Duff, John [1960s-1990s]
643516Duffy, Raoul [1960s-1990s]
643516Dufoor, Frederic [1960s-1990s]
643516Dufour, Bernard [1960s-1990s]
643516Dufrene, Francois [1960s-1990s]
643516Dufresne, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643516Dufresne, Leonard [1960s-1990s]
643516Dufy, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643516Dugan, George [1960s-1990s]
643516Dugmore, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643516Duguay, Rodolphe [1960s-1990s]
643516Duin, Ed [1960s-1990s]
643516Dujourie, Lili [1960s-1990s]
643516Dumas, Marlene [1960s-1990s]
643516Dumitresco, Natalia [1960s-1990s]
643516Dumochel, Albert [1960s-1990s]
643516Dunbar, Maggie [1960s-1990s]
643516Dunbier, Hildegard [1960s-1990s]
643516Duncan, Ann [1960s-1990s]
643516Duncan, John [1960s-1990s]
643516Duncan, John [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunkell, Ruth [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunkelman, Loretta [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunkers, Ed [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunlap, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunlap, William [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunn, Alfred [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunn, Anne [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunn, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunning, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunning, Jeanne [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunoyer de Segonzac, André [1960s-1990s]
643517Dunoyer, Pierre [1960s-1990s]
643517Dupin, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643517Dupont, Chantal [1960s-1990s]
643517Dupriez, Colette [1960s-1990s]
643517Dupuy, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643517Duran, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643517Durand, Andre [1960s-1990s]
643517Durant, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643517Durchanek, Ludvik [1960s-1990s]
643517Durham, John [1960s-1990s]
643517Duschat, Ulf [1960s-1990s]
643517Dusell, Lee [1960s-1990s]
643517Dusenbery, Walter [1960s-1990s]
643517Dutary, Alberto [1960s-1990s]
643517Duthoo, Jacques [1960s-1990s]
643517Duval, Jeanne [1960s-1990s]
643517Duvillier, René [1960s-1990s]
643517Dvortcsak, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643517Dwan, Virginia [1960s-1990s]
643517Dworkin, Elizabeth [1960s-1990s]
643517Dwurnik, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643517Dwyer, James [1960s-1990s]
643517Dwyer, Nancy [1960s-1990s]
643517Dyens, Georges [1960s-1990s]
643517Dyk, Kees van [1960s-1990s]
643517Dzierzynski, Andre [1960s-1990s]
643517Dzubas, Friedel [1960s-1990s]
643517Eades, Luis [1960s-1990s]
643517Eakin, Jane [1960s-1990s]
643517Eakins, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643517Eames, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643517Earl, Jack [1960s-1990s]
643517Eastman, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643517Eatherton, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643517Eaton, Macdonald [1960s-1990s]
643517Ebbe, Gary T. [1960s-1990s]
643517Ebbesen, Torben [1960s-1990s]
643517Ebendorf, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643517Ebizuka, Koichi [1960s-1990s]
643517Ebnöther, Josef [1960s-1990s]
643517Ebner, Tim [1960s-1990s]
643517Eboigbe, Felix [1960s-1990s]
643517Echaurren, Pablo [1960s-1990s]
643517Echevarria, Federico [1960s-1990s]
643517Echevarria, Jesús [1960s-1990s]
643517Echeverri, Beatriz [1960s-1990s]
643517Echeverría, Enrique [1960s-1990s]
643517Eckenberger, Reinaldo [1960s-1990s]
643517Ecker, Bogomir [1960s-1990s]
643517Eckerdt, Alexander [1960s-1990s]
643517Eckhard [1960s-1990s]
643517Eckstein, Berry Morton [1960s-1990s]
643517Eckstein, Ruth [1960s-1990s]
643517Economos, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643517Eda, Eugene [1960s-1990s]
643517Eddwin [1960s-1990s]
643517Eddy, Arthur Jerome [1960s-1990s]
643517Eddy, Bret [1960s-1990s]
643517Eddy, Don [1960s-1990s]
643517Eddy, Kay [1960s-1990s]
643517Edebau, Werner [1960s-1990s]
643517Edelman, Asher B. [1960s-1990s]
643517Edelman, Gail Cohen [1960s-1990s]
643517Edelmann, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643517Edelson, Mary Beth [1960s-1990s]
643517Edelstein, Pablo [1960s-1990s]
643517Eder, Otto [1960s-1990s]
643517Ederer, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643517Edgar, Natalie [1960s-1990s]
643517Edion, Henri [1960s-1990s]
643517Edkins, John [1960s-1990s]
643517Edlich, Stephen [1960s-1990s]
643517Edmondson, Leonard [1960s-1990s]
643517Edwards, Beverly [1960s-1990s]
643517Edwards, Ethel [1960s-1990s]
643517Edwards, John [1960s-1990s]
643517Edwards, Margery [1960s-1990s]
643517Edwards, Melvin [1960s-1990s]
643517Edwards, Stan [1960s-1990s]
643517Edwards, Sybil [1960s-1990s]
643517Eeckhoudt, Jean van den [1960s-1990s]
643517Eerdekens, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643517Eerenbeemt, Gérard van den [1960s-1990s]
643517Effront, Nadine [1960s-1990s]
643517Efrat, Benni [1960s-1990s]
643517Egan, Ray [1960s-1990s]
643525Egg, Loys [1960s-1990s]
643525Egger, Marc [1960s-1990s]
643525Eggler, Axel [1960s-1990s]
643525Eggleston, William [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehanno, Jean-Marc [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehlers, Gesine [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehlers, Wendy Ward [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehrenhart, Amaranth [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehrenzweig, Anton [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehrlich, Bill [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehrlich, Georg [1960s-1990s]
643525Ehrlich, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643525Eiag [1960s-1990s]
643525Eibisch, Eugeniusz [1960s-1990s]
643525Eichenberg, Fritz [1960s-1990s]
643525Eickemeyer, Rudolf [1960s-1990s]
643525Eide, Palmer [1960s-1990s]
643525Eidlitz, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643525Eielson, Jorge Eduardo [1960s-1990s]
643525Eiffel, Gustave [1960s-1990s]
643525Eigenheer, Marianne [1960s-1990s]
643525Eikaas, Ludvig [1960s-1990s]
643525Eikelenboom, Alfred [1960s-1990s]
643525Eilshemius, Louis M. [1960s-1990s]
643525Eins, Stefan [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisch, Erwin [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisele, Karl Heinz [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisenberg, Sonja [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisendieck, Suzanne [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisenman, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisenmayer, Ernst [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisenstein, Sergei [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisler, Georg [1960s-1990s]
643525Eisner, Carole [1960s-1990s]
643525Ekiert, Janusz [1960s-1990s]
643525Ekström, Thea [1960s-1990s]
643525Elbaz, André [1960s-1990s]
643525Elder, David M. [1960s-1990s]
643525Elderoğlu, A. Âbidin [1960s-1990s]
643525Eldon, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643525Eldred, Dale [1960s-1990s]
643525Eldredge, Letitia [1960s-1990s]
643525Elggren, Leif [1960s-1990s]
643525Elia, Michel [1960s-1990s]
643525Elias, Arthur [1960s-1990s]
643525Elias, Sheila [1960s-1990s]
643525Eliashiv, Esther [1960s-1990s]
643525Elisofon, Elin [1960s-1990s]
643525Elk, Ger van [1960s-1990s]
643525Elkoff, Clara [1960s-1990s]
643525Elling, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643525Ellingson, William [1960s-1990s]
643525Elliott, Anne [1960s-1990s]
643525Elliott, Paula [1960s-1990s]
643525Ellis, Robert C. [1960s-1990s]
643525Elmaleh, Victor [1960s-1990s]
643525Eloul, Kosso [1960s-1990s]
643525Elskus, Albinas [1960s-1990s]
643525Elso, Juan Francisco [1960s-1990s]
643525Emanuel, Herzl [1960s-1990s]
643525Emblema, Salvatore [1960s-1990s]
643525Embry, Norris [1960s-1990s]
643525Emery, Lin [1960s-1990s]
643525Emura, Tatsuya [1960s-1990s]
643525Endō, Toshikatsu [1960s-1990s]
643525Ende, Edgar [1960s-1990s]
643525Enders, Elizabeth [1960s-1990s]
643525Engel, Jules [1960s-1990s]
643525Engel, Michel [1960s-1990s]
643525Engel, Peter [1960s-1990s]
643525Engelman, Martin [1960s-1990s]
643525Engel-Pak [1960s-1990s]
643525Engelson, Carol [1960s-1990s]
643525Enger, Erling [1960s-1990s]
643525England, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643525Englert, Rudolf [1960s-1990s]
643525Englund, Lars [1960s-1990s]
643525Engman, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643525Enokura, Koji [1960s-1990s]
643525Ensor, James [1960s-1990s]
643525Ente, Lily [1960s-1990s]
643525Epple, Waldemar [1960s-1990s]
643525Epstein, Beatrice [1960s-1990s]
643525Epstein, Bernice Dritz [1960s-1990s]
643525Epstein, Jacob [1960s-1990s]
643525Epstein, John [1960s-1990s]
643525Epstein, Joshua [1960s-1990s]
643525Erb, Leo [1960s-1990s]
643525Erbe, Gary T. [1960s-1990s]
643525Erben, Ulrich [1960s-1990s]
643525Erbslöh, Adolf [1960s-1990s]
643525Erdelyi, Sergius [1960s-1990s]
643525Erdem, Bensu [1960s-1990s]
643525Erdman, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643525Erhardt, Hans Martin [1960s-1990s]
643525Erickson, John W. [1960s-1990s]
643525Erla, Karen [1960s-1990s]
643525Erlanger, Elizabeth N. [1960s-1990s]
643525Erma, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643525Ermilov, Vasily Dmitrievich [1960s-1990s]
643525Erni, Hans [1960s-1990s]
643518Ernst, Helge [1960s-1990s]
643518Ernst, Jimmy [1960s-1990s]
643518Ernst, Jupp [1960s-1990s]
643518Ernst, Max [1960s-1990s]
643518Ernst, Wolfgang [1960s-1990s]
643518Erro [1960s-1990s]
643518Ertan, Simona [1960s-1990s]
643518Erté [1960s-1990s]
643518Erwin, James [1960s-1990s]
643518Erythropel, Ilse [1960s-1990s]
643518Esbin, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643518Escher, M. C. [1960s-1990s]
643518Escher, Rolf [1960s-1990s]
643518Escobar, Héctor [1960s-1990s]
643518Escobedo, Helen [1960s-1990s]
643518Escuder, Joaquín [1960s-1990s]
643518Eshel-Gershuni, Bianka [1960s-1990s]
643518Eshet, Pinas [1960s-1990s]
643518Eskell, Camille [1960s-1990s]
643518Eskenazi, Roger [1960s-1990s]
643518Esman, Betty [1960s-1990s]
643518Esmond, Diane [1960s-1990s]
643518Espada, Angel Luis [1960s-1990s]
643518Espinoza, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643518Esposito, Diego [1960s-1990s]
643518Esposito, Enzo [1960s-1990s]
643518Esposto, Arnaldo [1960s-1990s]
643518Ess, Barbara [1960s-1990s]
643518Essche, Leon van [1960s-1990s]
643518Essig, Donna [1960s-1990s]
643518Essley, Roger [1960s-1990s]
643518Estève, Maurice [1960s-1990s]
643518Estes, Merion [1960s-1990s]
643518Estes, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643518Estienne, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643518Estorick, Eric [1960s-1990s]
643518Estrada, Carlos Garcia [1960s-1990s]
643518Eterovic [1960s-1990s]
643518Ethe, Solomon [1960s-1990s]
643518Etien [1960s-1990s]
643518Etkin, Suzantien [1960s-1990s]
643518Etra, Bill and Louise [1960s-1990s]
643518Etrog, Sorel [1960s-1990s]
643521Ettenberg, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643521Ettl, Georg [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Bob [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Degen [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Dennis [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Garth [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, John [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Merlyn [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Minnie [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Nicholas [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Tom [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, Walker [1960s-1990s]
643521Evans, William T. [1960s-1990s]
643521Evanson, James [1960s-1990s]
643521Everett, Bruce [1960s-1990s]
643521Evergood, Philip [1960s-1990s]
643521Eversley, Frederick John [1960s-1990s]
643521Evett, Philip John [1960s-1990s]
643521Evola, Julius [1960s-1990s]
643521Ewald, Reinhold [1960s-1990s]
643521Ewart, Elizabeth [1960s-1990s]
643521Ewen, Paterson [1960s-1990s]
643521Ewing, Edgar Louis [1960s-1990s]
643521Ewing, Lauren [1960s-1990s]
643521Exter, Alexandra [1960s-1990s]
643521Exworth, Ray [1960s-1990s]
643521Eyborg [1960s-1990s]
643521Eyck, Robert Van [1960s-1990s]
643521Fabbri, Agenore [1960s-1990s]
643521Fabian, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643521Fabricant, Gwen [1960s-1990s]
643521Fabro, Luciano [1960s-1990s]
643521Fabrycki, William [1960s-1990s]
643521Faccinto, Fictor [1960s-1990s]
643521Faegenburg, Bernice [1960s-1990s]
643521Fafard, Joe [1960s-1990s]
643521Fagniez, Francois-Xavier [1960s-1990s]
643521Fahlen, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643521Fahlstrom, Oyvind [1960s-1990s]
643521Fahrner, Kurt [1960s-1990s]
643521Faiers, Edward [1960s-1990s]
643521Faillard, Asta [1960s-1990s]
643521Fain, Yonia [1960s-1990s]
643521Fainaru, Belu-Simion [1960s-1990s]
643521Faini, Cesar Andrade [1960s-1990s]
643521Fairey, John [1960s-1990s]
643521Fajnzang, Dominique [1960s-1990s]
643521Falk, Hans Albert [1960s-1990s]
643521Falk, Petra [1960s-1990s]
643521Falkenstein, Claire [1960s-1990s]
643521Falsetta, Vincent [1960s-1990s]
643521Fan, Hu [1960s-1990s]
643521Fane, Lawrence [1960s-1990s]
643521Fangor, Wojciech [1960s-1990s]
643521Fantin-Latour, Henri [1960s-1990s]
643521Fara, Libor [1960s-1990s]
643521Faralla, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643521Farangis [1960s-1990s]
643521Farber, Manny [1960s-1990s]
643521Farfa [1960s-1990s]
643521Farmanfarmaian, Monir [1960s-1990s]
643521Farr, Charles [1960s-1990s]
643521Farrell, Althea [1960s-1990s]
643521Farrell, Diane Ecklund [1960s-1990s]
643521Farreras, Francisco [1960s-1990s]
643521Fasnacht, Heide [1960s-1990s]
643521Fassbender, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643521Fast, Omer [1960s-1990s]
643521Fathwinter [1960s-1990s]
643521Fattizzi, Michael [1960s-1990s]
643521Faucher, Serge [1960s-1990s]
643521Faudie, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643521Faulkner, Barry [1960s-1990s]
643521Faulkner, Frank [1960s-1990s]
643521Faure, Elie [1960s-1990s]
643521Faust, Victoria [1960s-1990s]
643521Fauteux, André [1960s-1990s]
643521Fautrier, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643521Febland, Harriet [1960s-1990s]
643521Fedeli, Francesco [1960s-1990s]
643521Feder, Pat [1960s-1990s]
643522Federle, Helmut M. [1960s-1990s]
643522Fedier, Franz [1960s-1990s]
643522Fedorenko, Nicolas [1960s-1990s]
643522Feeley, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643522Feher, Ungheria [1960s-1990s]
643522Fehlau, Fred [1960s-1990s]
643522Feidt, Thorpe [1960s-1990s]
643522Feigenbaum, Harriet [1960s-1990s]
643522Feigin, Dorothy Lubell [1960s-1990s]
643522Feinberg, David [1960s-1990s]
643522Feinberg, Jean E. [1960s-1990s]
643522Feininger, Lyonel [1960s-1990s]
643522Feinman, Matthew [1960s-1990s]
643522Feintuch, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643522Feitelson, Lorser [1960s-1990s]
643522Feito, Luis [1960s-1990s]
643522Fekeste, Esteban [1960s-1990s]
643522Fekner, John [1960s-1990s]
643522Feldberg, Barbara [1960s-1990s]
643522Feldgus, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643522Feldman, Aline [1960s-1990s]
643522Feldman, Walter [1960s-1990s]
643522Felguérez, Manuel [1960s-1990s]
643522Felixmuller, Conrad [1960s-1990s]
643522Fell, Ella May [1960s-1990s]
643522Fellows, Alice [1960s-1990s]
643522Fels, Donald [1960s-1990s]
643522Feltus, Alan Evan [1960s-1990s]
643522Fendrick, Lucia [1960s-1990s]
643522Fenosa, Apel·les [1960s-1990s]
643522Fenton, John [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferber, Herbert [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferdi [1960s-1990s]
643522Fergola, Sergio [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferguson, Catherine [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferguson, Kathleen [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferguson, Max [1960s-1990s]
643522Fermayer, Yo [1960s-1990s]
643522Fernandez, Louis [1960s-1990s]
643522Fernández, Rafael [1960s-1990s]
643522Fernández-Muro, José Antonio [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferraioli, Joseph [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrandini, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrari, Arnaldo [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrari, Enea [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrari, Jean-Marc [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrari, Renzo [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrari, Virginio [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferren, John [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrer, Joaquin [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrer, Raphael [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferrer, Suzi [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferriter, Clare [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferro, John [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferron, Marcelle [1960s-1990s]
643522Ferroni, Gianfranco [1960s-1990s]
643522Fesenmaier, Helené [1960s-1990s]
643522Fesenmaier, Helené [1960s-1990s]
643523Fessler, Cristina [1960s-1990s]
643523Festa, Tano [1960s-1990s]
643523Feszt, Laszlo [1960s-1990s]
643523Fetting, Rainer [1960s-1990s]
643523Feuerman, Carole [1960s-1990s]
643523Fibichova, Zdena [1960s-1990s]
643523Fidolini, Marco [1960s-1990s]
643523Fiebig [1960s-1990s]
643523Fiedler, Herbert [1960s-1990s]
643523Fietz, Gerhard [1960s-1990s]
643523Fievre, Yolande [1960s-1990s]
643523Figari, Pedro [1960s-1990s]
643523Figge, Eddie [1960s-1990s]
643523Figueroa, Antonieta [1960s-1990s]
643523Fijalkowski, Stanislaw [1960s-1990s]
643523Filcer, Luis [1960s-1990s]
643523Filhos, Jean [1960s-1990s]
643523Filip, Traian [1960s-1990s]
643523Filipo, Marcello de [1960s-1990s]
643523Filipovic, Augustin [1960s-1990s]
643523Filipowski, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643523Filippini, Felice [1960s-1990s]
643523Filko, Stanislav [1960s-1990s]
643523Filkosky, Josefa [1960s-1990s]
643523Fillin, Walter [1960s-1990s]
643523Filliou, Robert [1960s-1990s]
643523Filo, Julius [1960s-1990s]
643523Filomeno, Janet [1960s-1990s]
643523Filonov, Pavel Nikolaevich [1960s-1990s]
643523Fima, Efraim [1960s-1990s]
643523Finberg, C. Eldridge [1960s-1990s]
643523Fincher, John [1960s-1990s]
643523Findlay, Paul [1960s-1990s]
643523Fine, Joan [1960s-1990s]
643523Fine, Jud [1960s-1990s]
643523Fine, Maxine [1960s-1990s]
643523Fine, Perle [1960s-1990s]
643523Fingerhut, Jeanne Kaye [1960s-1990s]
643523Fink, Aaron [1960s-1990s]
643523Fink, Don [1960s-1990s]
643523Fink, Lou [1960s-1990s]
643523Finke, Dieter [1960s-1990s]
643523Finke, Leonda [1960s-1990s]
643523Finkel, Alan [1960s-1990s]
643523Finkelstein, Louis [1960s-1990s]
643523Finkelstein, Max [1960s-1990s]
643523Finkelstein, Mike [1960s-1990s]
643523Finlay, Ian Hamilton [1960s-1990s]
643523Finlay, Virgil [1960s-1990s]
643523Finley, Barry [1960s-1990s]
643523Finley, William [1960s-1990s]
643523Finnegan, Sharyn Marie [1960s-1990s]
643523Finneran, William [1960s-1990s]
643523Finster, Howard [1960s-1990s]
643523Fio, Zvjezdana [1960s-1990s]
643523Fiorini, Marcel [1960s-1990s]
643523Firschein, William [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischer, Egon [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischer, Ida [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischer, John [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischer, Lothar [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischer, R. M. [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischinger, Oskar [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischl, Eric [1960s-1990s]
643523Fischli, Hans [1960s-1990s]
643523Fish, Janet [1960s-1990s]
643523Fish, R. [1960s-1990s]
643523Fisher, Joel [1960s-1990s]
643523Fisher, Margaret [1960s-1990s]
643523Fisher, Stanley [1960s-1990s]
643523Fisher, Thomas [1960s-1990s]
643523Fisher, Vernon [1960s-1990s]
643523Fishman, Louise [1960s-1990s]
643523Fishman, Richard [1960s-1990s]
643524Fitzgerald - Fort undated
643546Fontana - Frangovski undated
643547Frank - Freund undated
643548Freundlich - Furman undated
643549Fuss - Garfinkel undated
643792Gargallo - Gay undated
643550Gayor - Gerassi undated
643551Gerber - Gibbings undated
643552Gibbons - Giovanopoulos undated
6435531Giradin, Dr. 1953
6435532Girair, Palamoudian 1979, undated
6435533Giraldeau, Jacques 1978
6435534Giraldi, Stefano 1980
6435535Girard, Alexander 1960's
6435536Girard, André 1955-1964, undated
6435537Giradier, Antonio 1967-1973
6435538Girbau, Jorge 1990
6435539Girke, Raimund 1970-1988
64355310Girling, Sheila 1991-1993
64355311Girona, Julio 1961-1963
64355312Girona, Maria 1961-1975
64355313Girola, Claudio 1963-1970
64355314Gironcolli 1969
64355315Gironella, Alberto 1971-1977, undated
64355316Gironella, Ansesa 1981, undated
64355317Girouard, Tina 1972-1978, undated
64355318Gischia, Leon 1954-1973
64355319Gislebertus 1964
64355320Gismondi, Amerigo 1983
64355321Gitlin, Michael 1973-1990, undated
64355322Gittins, Alvin 1962,1978
64355323Gittler, Wendy 1976
64355324Giuliani, Vin 1959-1972, undated
64355325Guiliano, Charles undated
64355326Giuntoli, Donatella 1971
64355327Giusti, Giorgio 1970-1980
64355328Girona, Maria 1970-1980
64355329Givaudan 1975
64355330Givotsky, Igor 1974
64355331Glackens, William James 1967-1977, undated
64355332Glading, Gay undated
64355333Gladson, Carson 1966-1977, undated
64355334Gladstone, Eugene undated
64355335Gladstone, Gerald 1962-1965, undated
64355336Gladu, Arthur 1971
64355337Gladwell, Guy 1981
64355338Gladwell, Rodney 1964-1967
64355339Glander-Bandyk, Janice undated
64355340Glarner, Fritz 1952-1979, undated
64355341Glasco, Joseph 1953-1979
64355342Glaser, Milton 1975-1979
64355343Glasgow, Lukman 1974-1978
64355344Glashausser, Suellen 1978-1980
64355345Glasier, Marshall 1958, undated
64355346Glasmacher, Dieter 1969-1971
64355347Glass, Herald 1974
64355348Glass, Ingo 1974, undated
64355349Glass, Philip 1971-1972
64355350Glass, Robert 1963
64355351Glass, Slyvia 1981
64355352Glasser, Ingeborg 1970
64355353Glassman, Joel 1970-1974
64355354Glasson, Lawrence 1965
64355355Glasson, Lloyd 1974, undated
64355356Glattfelder, Hansbjorg 1970-1975
64355357Glauber, Hans 1969-1972, undated
64355358Glavin, Matt 1977
64355359Glazbrook, Ed undated
64355360Glaze, Lionell undated
64355361Glazunov, Ilia 1964-1977
64355362Gleichmann, Otto undated
64355363-64Gleizes, Albert (2 folders) 1953-1989
64355365Glenesk, William (lecturer) 1962
64355366Glenn, Avril 1971
64355367Glenn, Kenneth undated
64355368Gless, Nicolas 1971
64355369Glicenstein, Henryk 1959, undated
64355370Glick, Evelyn undated
64355371Glick, Leolla undated
64355372Glick, Pam 1993
64355373Glickfeld, Ken 1980, undated
64355374Glickman, Gabriel 1976
64355375Glickman, Maurice 1960-1966
64355376Glier, Mike 1987
64355377Gliha, Oton 1957-1965
64355378Gliko, Carl 1967-1973
64355379Gliksberg, Chaim undated
64355380Gloeckler, Raymond 1977
64355381Glockner, Hermann 1977, undated
64355382Gloeckner, Michael 1964-1966
64355383Glover, William 1971
64355384Gluck, H. undated
64355385Glϋck, Heidi 1967
64355386Glasgow, Lukman 1974-1978
64355387Gluckmann, Grigory 1961-1964
64355388Glucksberg, Steven 1976
64355389Glueck, Grace 1976-1978
64355390Glucksman, Andre undated
64355391Glueckman, Joan 1973-1977
64355392Glykokokalos, Ioannis 1970, undated
64355393Glynn, Cliff 1969, undated
64355394Gnass, Peter 1965-1977
64355395Gnatowski, Jerzy 1979
64355396Gnoli, Domenico 1966-1983
64355397Gobbato, Imero undated
64355398Gobhai, Mehlli 1980-1985
64355399Godard, Gabriel 1961-1978
643553100Goday, Michel 1980
643553101Godeg, Karl 1962
6435541Godfrey, Richard 1968, 1978
6435542Godfrey, Robert 1980
6435543Godino 1975
6435544Godowsky, Frances 1975, 1980
6435545Godoy Opazo, Marcial 1972
6435546Godwin, Fay 1979
6435547Godwin, Judith 1958-1959, 1977-1981
6435548Godwin, Ted 1962
6435549Goebel, Gottfried circa 1958
64355410Goebel, K. 1962
64355411Goebel, Renate 1974-1981
64355412Goedike, Shirl 1959-1981
64355413Goell, Abby 1973
64355414Goenaga 1976
64355415Goepfert, H. 1974
64355416Goerg, Edouard 1954-1969
64355417Goeritz, Mathias 1958-1980
64355418Goertz, Augustus 1960s-1970s
64355419Goesch, Paul 1977
64355420Goeschl, Roland 1960s, 1975
64355421Goessl, Rudolf 1973
64355422Goethe, Joseph 1961
64355423Goethem, Jan van 1973
64355424Goethem, Nancy van 2001
64355425Goetz, Henri 1953, 1962-1980
64355426Goetz, Richard 1967
64355427Goetz, William 1970
64355428Goff, Bruce 1970
64355429Goff, Emery 1965
64355430Goff, Lloyd Lózes 1962-1974
64355431Goffman, Steve 1966
64355432Gogh, Theo van 1953, 1973
64355433Gogh, Vincent Willen van, Dr. 1966, 1978
64355434Goguen, Jean 1962
64355435Gohlke, Frank 1975, 1978
64355436Goines, David Lance 1977
64355437Goings, Ralph 1973, undated
64355438Gojmetac, Georgia 1977
64355439Gojowczyk, Hubertus 1975
64355440Göknil, Can circa 1972
64355441Golanda 1970
64355442Golbin, Andree 1964, 1966
64355443Gold, Arnold 1972
64355444Gold, Fay 1951, 1964, 1987-1992
64355445Gold, Joel 1976
64355446Gold, Lawry 1978
64355447Gold, Sandra 1962
64355448Gold, Sharon 1970s-1981
64355449Goldberg, Chaim 1968, 1971, undated
64355450Goldberg, Elias 1963, 1970
64355451Goldberg, Eric undated
64355452Goldberg, Glenn 1990
64355453Goldberg, Lesley Jean 1974, 1978
64355454Goldberg, Michael 1959-1972, 1981, 1991
64355455Goldberg, Paul 1978
64355456Goldberg, Rochelle circa 1977
64355457Goldberg, Rube 1965-1978
64355458Goldblatt, Joel 1962-1971
64355459Goldemberg, Jorge 1977
64355460Golden, Annette undated
64355461Golden, Eunice 1974-1979
64355462Golden, Patricia 1966
64355463Golden, Rolland 1968-1971
64355464Golden, Van 1966
64355465Goldenberg, Thomas 1978-circa 1979
64355466Goldfarb, Shirley 1956, 1963-1964
64355467Goldfine, Linda 1969
64355468Goldfine, Pauline 1966
64355469Goldhagen, Carl 1983
64355470Goldin, Amy Mendelson 1978
64355471Goldin, Leon 1956-1972, undated
64355472Golding, John 1962-1994
64355473Goldkorn 1970-1976
64355474Goldman, György 1979
64355475Goldman, Herbert J. 1964
64355476Goldman, Irving 1974
64355477Goldman, Lester 1976
64355478Goldman, Shifra 1981
64355479Goldman-Schwartz, Hall 1975
64355480Goldring, Milton 1953-1966
64355481Goldring, Peter circa 1972
64355482Goldsmith, Derek 1976
64355483Goldsmith, Judith undated
64355484Goldsmith, Lawrence 1970s
64355485Goldsmith, Lloyd 1972
64355486Goldstein, Alfredo 1969
64355487Goldstein, Daniel 1994
64355488Goldstein, Howard 1973-1979
64355489Goldstein, Jack 1971-1985
64355490Goldstein, Jerry 1962-1966
64355491Goldstein, Julius 1968, 1970
64355492Goldstein, Peggy 1970, 1973
64355493Goldstein, Stanley 1990
64355494Goldstein, Zvi 1975
64355495Goldstone, Herbert A. 1965
64355496Goldstone, Jeanette 1970
64355497Goldsword, Peter Van undated
64355498Goldsworthy, Andy 1988
64355499Goldsworthy, James Francois 1957
643554100Goldwater, A.T. 1966
643554101Goldwater, Robert 1953-1973
643554102Goldyne, Joseph 1976
643554103Golfinopoulos, Peter 1959, 1970s
643554104Golinkin, Joseph Webster 1970
643554105Goll, Elsie 1965
643554106Goller, Bruno 1963-1969
643554107Golobe, Dorothy 1963
643554108Golovin, Alejszandr 1991
643554109Golschmann, Vladimir 1947, 1958, undated
643554110-111Golub, Leon (2 folders) 1950s-1993
643554112Golubov, Maurice 1976-1981, undated
643554113Golyscheff, Jef 1965-1975
643554114Gomariz, Osvaldo 1985
643554115Gombrich, Ernst 1965-1972
643554116Gomery, Emeryc undated
643554117Gomez, Jose 1970
643554118Gomez, Juan Carlos 1971, undated
643554119Gomez, Manuel Hernandez 1969
643554120Gomez, Tony 1976
643554121Gómez Cornet, Ramón undated
643554122Gomez-Jaramillo, Ignacio 1960
643554123Gomez-Osuna, Monserrat undated
643554124Gomez-Quiroz, Juan 1969-1971, 1981
643554125Gomide, Antonio 1966, 1968
643554126Gomila, Juan 1979
643554127Gompertz, Jeff 1987
643554128Gomringer, Eugene 1963
643554129Gomulickiej-Damskiej, Magdaleny 1975
643554130Goncharova, Natalia 1914-1930, 1958-1965, undated
643554131Goncourt, Jules de 1970
643554132Gondouin, Emmanuel 1963-1964
643554133Gonen, Judith 1976
643554134Góngora, Leonel 1963-1975
643554135Gongora, Marcelo 1980
643554136Goni circa 1968
643554137Gonschior, Kuno 1971-1976
643554138Gonski, Edward undated
643554139Gonzales, John 1976-1977
643554140Gonzales-Janex, Carlos 1966
643554141Gonzalez, Antonio 1978
643554142González, Asier Pérez undated
643554143Gonzalez, Beatiz 1976
643555Gonzalez - Gorky undated
643573Gorky - Graesli undated
643577Graevenitz - Graziotti undated
643578Greacen - Griffin undated
643788Griffin - Grosz undated
643789Groth - Gutierrez undated
643790Gutierrez - Halepas undated
643793Halfa - Harden undated
643794Hardesty - Haskell undated
643796Haskin - Hecht undated
643795Heckel - Hell undated
100573Heller - Hernon undated
6437981Hero, Barbara undated
6437982Herold, Rich 1965-1972, undated
6437983Heron, Hilary 1964
6437984Heron, Michael undated
6437985Heron, Patrick 1960-1975, undated
6437986Herran, Alvaro 1963-1964
6437987Herrera, Carmen 1965
6437988Herrera, Raul 1975-1986
6437989Herrera-Guevara, Luis undated
64379810Herreros, R. Gabriel undated
64379811Herreshoff, Louise 1978
64379812Herriman 1973
64379813Herring, Ed 1973
64379814Herring, Eve 1968
64379815Herring, Jan 1969
64379816Herrman, Curt undated
64379817Herrman, Edward E. undated
64379818Herrmann, Otto 1968
64379819Herrmann, Sophie 1967
64379820Herron, Don 1978
64379821Hersch, Lee 1955
64379822Herschenson, Arthur 1962
64379823Herschler, David 1971-1976, undated
64379824Herscovitz, Marcia undated
64379825Hershber, Arline 1974, undated
64379826Hershberger, Abner circa 1971
64379827Hershman, Lyn Lester 1972-1978
64379828Hershoff, Paul undated
64379829Hershon, Elia 1964-1965
64379830Hertel, Susan Lautmann 1964
64379831Herter, Christian 1980
64379832Hertervig, Lars 1962
64379833Hertzberg, Benjamin Christian 1967
64379834Hertzberg, John undated
64379835Hertzberg, Rose 1968-1976, undated
64379836Herve, Lucien 1977
64379837Hertvieu, Louise 1953
64379838Hervoet 1964
64379840Herzbrun, Helene undated
64379841Herzfeld, Anatol 1972-1974
64379842Herzog, Frank 1982
64379843Hess, Berthe 1970
64379844Hess, Charles 1960-1976, undated
64379845Hess, Emil 1968-1970
64379846Hess, Johanna 1983
64379847Hess, Leta English 1962
64379848Hess, Scott 1989
64379849Hess, Thomas B. 1971-1976
64379850-51Hesse, Eva (2 folders) 1963-1985
64379852Hessing, Gustav 1960-1965
64379853Hettmansperger, Sue 1976
64379854Heusden, Wouter Bernhard van 1962-1976
64379855Heussler, Hey 1980
64379856Heward, John 1977
64379857Hewat, Christopher 1990
64379858Heyboer, Anton 1967-1976
64379859Heydemann, Jorg undated
64379860Heyden, J. van der 1966-1983
64379861Heyen, Gras 1959
64379862Heym, Rolf 1972-1985, undated
64379863Hiby, Hans-Jurgen 1978
64379864Hickerson, Melanie 1993
64379865Hickey, Mary Ann 1993
64379866Hickman, Jesse circa 1981
64379867Hidai, Nankoku 1958-1965, undated
64379868Hidalgo, Rodriguez 1977
64379869Hide, Peter 1972-1986, undated
64379870Hien, Albert 1985
64379871Hiersoux, Arne 1962-1966, undated
64379872Hietz, Mathias 1965
64379873Higgins, E. F. 1977
64379874Higgins, Edward 1963-1977, undated
64379875Higgins, Eugene 1971
64379876High, Fredda 1976
64379877Highstein, Jene 1973-1986, undated
64379878Hightower, John B. 1972, 1974
64379879Hilaire, Camille [empty folder] undated
64379880Hijuelos, Joseph undated
64379881Hildebrand, June 1963-1965
64379882Hildebrandt, Hans 1978
64379883Hildenbrand, Bernard undated
64379884Hileman, Jayne circa 1980
64379885Hiler, Hilaire 1956-1963, undated
64379886Hilgemann, Ewerdt circa 1974
64379887Hill, Anthony 1966-1969
64379888Hill, Carl Fredrick 1976, undated
64379889Hill, Charles Christopher 1975-1980, undated
64379890Hill, Clinton 1971-1990, undated
64379891Hill, Gary 1994
64379892Hill, Jerome 1962-1971, undated
64379893Hill, Pati 1975-1979, undated
64379894Hill, Richard circa 1977
64379895Hill, Robin 1991
64379896Hillard, John 1984
64379897Hiller, Anton 1966
64379898Hilles, Susan Morse 1967
64379899Hillman, Alex 1971
643798100Hillman, Kay 1966-1968, undated
643798101Hillsmith, Fanny 1954-1965, undated
643798102Hilsing, Werner 1972
643798103Hilson, Harry 1963-1971, undated
643798104Hiltman, Jochen 1961-1975, undated
643798105Hilton, Roger 1960-1978, undated
643798106Hilu, Nathan 1987
643798107Himmelfarb, John 1986-2001
643798108Himstedt, Anton 1986
643798109Hinder, Frank 1980
643798110Hines, Francis 1979-1981
643798111Hinez, Stefan 1975
643798112Hinkhouse, F.M. 1962-1965
643798113-114Hinman, Charles (2 folders) 1966-1981
643798115Hinrichsen, Kurt 1954
643798116-117Hinterreter, Hans (2 folders) 1965-1985
643798118Hios, Theo 1963-1981, undated
643798119Hird, Valerie Blackwell 1993
643798120Hiroshi, Teshigahara 1981
643799Hirsch - Hoffman undated
643800Hofheinz - Holzer undated
6438011Holzman, Eric 1993
6438012Homer, Winslow 1985
6438013Hood, David undated
6438014Hopp, Maggie 1993
6438015Hopper, Edward 1993
6438016Horn, Roni 1993
6438017Hornak, Ian 1993
6438018Horvath, Sharon 1993
6438019Houshiary, Shirazeh 1993-1994
64380110Houston, Joe 1994
64380111Howard, Charles 1993
64380112Howe, Catherine 1998
64380113Hristoff, Peter 1993
64380114Huebler, Douglas 1970-1990, undated
64380115Huelsenbeck, Richard 1975
64380116Huene, Stephan Von 1969, 1974, 1990, undated
64380117Huet, Wilfried 1981
64380118Hufan, Katherine 1987, 1993
64380119Huftier, Jean-Paul 1983
64380120Hughes, Malcolm 1963-1989
64380121Hughto, Darryl 1971-1980
64380122Hugnet, Georges 1978
64380123Hugo, Jorge 1978
64380124Huin, Rene undated
64380125Hull, Richard 1993
64380126Hultberg, John 1955-1974, undated
64380127Hulten, C.O. 1960
64380128Hulton, Edward 1966, undated
64380129Humair, Daniel 1973
64380130Human, Richard 2000
64380131Humphrey, David 1984-1993
64380132Humphrey, Jack 1977
64380133Humphrey, Ralph 1990
64380134-37Hundertwasser, Fritz 1957-1983
64380138Hunenko, Alexander 1966, 1974-1975
64380139-40Hunt, Bryan 1976-1988
64380141Hunt, Carol 1993
64380142Hunt, Richard 1958-1976, undated
64380143Hunter, Sam undated
64380144Huot, Robert 1964-1976
64380145Huppi, Alfonso 1983
64380146Hurd, Peter 1983
64380147Hurson, Michael 1982-1986, undated
64380148Hurt, Paul 1981
64380149Hurtig, Martin 1970, 1974, undated
64380150Hurtubise, Jacques 1963-1973, 1981
64380151Husain, Maqbool Fida 1968-1975
64380152Husgen, Wilhelm 1978
64380153Hussem, Willem Franz Karel 1961, 1968
64380154Hutchins, Alice 1968-1970, 1982
64380155Hutchinson, Jaqueth 1974-1977
64380156Hutchinson, Peter 1963, 1969-1981
64380157Hutchison, Heather 1993
64380158Hutton, Leonard 1990
64380159Huws, Bethan 2000
64380160Huxley, Paul 1967-1982
64380161Huyer, Elaine undated
64380162Huysmans, Joris-Karl 1958-1960
64380163Hwang, Ji-Sun 1987
64380164Hwang, Young-Ja 1987
64380165Hyder, Frank 1986
64380166Hynes, Frances 1993
64380167Iannone, Dorothy 1966, 1977-1978
64380168Icaro, Paolo 1966-1982
64380169Ida, Shoichi 1977-1979, 1984
64380170Ide, John Jay 1989
64380171Ignatow, Rose Graubart 1966
64380172Ihara, Michio 1964, 1977, 1984
64380173Iida,Yoshikuni 1963-1969
64380174Iimura, Takahiko 1972-1979
6438021Ikam, Catherine 1980
6438022Ikeda, Masuo 1963-1984
6438023Ilecko, Alexander 1970
6438024Imai, Toshimitsu 1953-1960, 1981
6438025Imanaka, Kumiko 1965, 1973
6438026Imber, Jon 1990
6438027-9Immendorff, Jorg (3 folders) 1965-1990
64380210Indermaur, Robert 1985
64380211Indiana, Robert 1959-1978, 1990
64380212Ineichen, Irma 1972
64380213Ingham, Bryan 1990, 1993
64380214Inlander, Henry 1960-1963
64380215Innerst, Mark 1989-1993
64380216Innes, Callum 1990, 1993
64380217Inokuma, Genichiro 1956-1974
64380218Inouye, Tadao 1976
64380219Inshaw, David 1989
64380220Insley, Will 1971-1983
64380221Inukai, Naohiko 1968
64380222Iommi, Enio 1958-1966
64380223Ionesco, Eugene 1971, 1981
64380224Ionesco, Nicolas 1956
64380225Ionescu, Vlaicu 1969
64380226-29Ipousteguy, Jean (4 folders) 1954-1983
64380230Ippolito, Angelo 1954-1975, 1984
64380231Iranyi 1970, undated
64380232Ireland, David 1984
64380233Ireland, Patrick 1973-1978
64380234Irmer, Michael 1990
64380235Irriguible, Leopoldo 1990
64380236Irvin, Albert 1972-1974, 1990
64380237Irvine, Jaki 1997
64380238Irvine, Louva circa 1972-1976
64380239Irwin, Gwyther 1962-1968
64380240Irwin, George M. 1980
64380241Irwin, Robert 1957-1987
64380242Isaacs, Walter 1956-1965
64380243Isdebsky, Vladimir 1965, 1968
64380244Iseli, Rolf 1965-1983
64380245Iselin, Lewis 1965, 1975, undated
64380246Isham, Sheila Eaton 1964-1981
64380247Ishida, Traute circa 1974
6438031Iskowitz, Gershon 1964-1983
6438032Isobe, Yukihisa 1962, 1965
6438033Isozaki, Arata 1991
6438034Israel, Margaret 1960s-1978
6438035Israel, Marvin 1966-1974
6438036Istrati, Alexandre 1955-1975, undated
6438037István, Nádler 1985
6438038Itten, Johannes 1959-1973
6438039Ivačković, Đorđe 1977
64380310Ivančić, Ljubo 1960-1963
64380311Ivančić, Nina 1980-1989
64380312Ives, Norman 1965-1978
64380313Ivins, William M., Jr. 1953-1963
64380314Jaar, Alfredo 1990, 1992
64380315Jacklin, Bill 1971-1990
64380316Jackson, Derek 1957
64380317Jackson, Harry 1953-1969
64380318Jackson, Oliver 1993
64380319Jackson, Richard 1974-1981
64380320Jackson, Suzanne 1970s
64380321Jackson, Ward 1986
64380322Jacob, Max 1953-1966
64380323Jacobi, Katherine 1993
64380324Jacobi, Peter and Ritzi 1971-1987
64380325Jacobs, David 1963-1970
64380326Jacobs, Harold 1971, 1978
64380327Jacobs, Joan 1960s, undated
64380328Jacobsen, Charles R. 1949, 1951
64380329Jacobsen, Egill 1970s
64380330-31Jacobsen, Robert (2 folders) 1957-1984
64380332Jacobsen, Rodger 1962-1974
64380333Jacobson, Bill 1970
64380334Jacquard, Jerald 1965-1966
64380335Jacque, Louis 1971, 1977
64380336Jacquemon, Pierre 1963, 1972
64380337Jacquet, Alain 1963-1978
64380338Jacquette, Julia circa 1996
64380339Jacquette, Yvonne 1971-1986
64380340Jadot, Maurice 1963-1964, 1978
64380341Jaeger, Wilhelm 1981
64380342Jaenisch, Hans 1956-1983
64380343Jaffé, H.L.C. 1966
64380344Jaffe, Lee 1985, 1988
64380345Jaffe, Nora 1963-1978
64380346Jagger, Gillian 1964-1987
64380347Jahns, Rudolf 1991
64380348Jahoda, Susan Eve 1984
64380349Jakabčic, Michal 1976
64380350Jakobson, John 1969
64380351James, Edward 1976
64380352James, William undated
64380353Jameson, Demetrios 1954-1967
64380354Jamgochian, Leon 1969
64380355Jammes, Louis 1984
64380356Janco, Marcel 1961, 1963, 1972
64380357Janis, Sidney and Harriet 1967-1980s
64380358Jankowski, Christian 2000
64380359Jano 1979
64380360János, Halápy 1980
64380361János, Jakuba 1980
64380362János, Szirtes 1986
64380363Janousek, Frantisek 1969
64380364Janouska, Vladimira 1967
64380365Janouskova, Vera 1986
64380366Janschka, Fritz 1966, undated
64380367Jansem, Jean 1963-1976
64380368Jansen, Franz M. 1970, 1985
64380369Janson, H.W. 1953-1974
64380370Janssen, Horst 1967-1976, undated
64380371Janssen, Rune 1960-1967, undated
64380372Janthur, Richard 1968
64380373Janz, Robert 1974-1977
64380374Jarry, Alfred 1964-1970
64380375Jaruska, Wilhelm 1971
64380376Jarvaise, James 1955-1967
64380377Jarvis, Donald 1961, 1977
64380378Jaudon, Valerie 1977-1990
64380379Jauran (Rodolphe de Repentigny) 1977
6438041-3Jawlensky, Alexei (3 folders) 1939-1980s, undated
6438044Jaworowski, Jerzy 1978
6438045Jean, Marcel 1969-1983
6438046Jeanclos-Mosse, George 1987
6438047Jelonek-Socha, Anna 1986
6438048Jemne, Elsa 1957
6438049Jendritzko, Guido 1965
64380410Jene, Edgar 1954-1959
64380411-13Jenkins, Paul (3 folders) 1956-2000, undated
64380414Jenney, Neil 1968-1983, undated
64380415Jennis, Stevan 1973-1978
64380416Jeno, Gabor 1971
64380417Jeno, Gadanyi 1960
64380418Jeno, Kerenyi 1976
64380419-21Jensen, Alfred (3 folders) 1955-1991, undated
64380422Jensen, Clay 1984
64380423Jensen, Jens 1972-1988, undated
64380424Jensen, Per Bak 1992
64380425Jensen, R. Allen 1969
64380426Jensen, Soren Georg 1957
64380427Jensen, Ulf Valde 1970-1975
64380428Jespers, Oscar 1961, 1969
64380429Jess 1971-1993, undated
64380430Jessup, Robert 1981-1989
64380431Jetelova, Magdalena 1985-1993
64380432Jeune, Francois 1982
64380433Jevric, Olga 1964
64380434Jilek, Karel 1970
64380435Jimenez, Luis 1970-1985, undated
64380436Jirka, (Jiri Mezricky) 1967
64380437Job, Enrico 1970-1976
64380438-39Johanson, Patricia (2 folders) 1967-1991
64380440Johansson, Atti 1966
64380441-42John, Augustus (2 folders) 1961-1975
64380443John, Gwen 1965, 1981, undated
64380444John, Jiri 1969-1970, undated
64380445-46Johns, Jasper (2 folders) 1959-1993, undated
6438051-2Johns, Jasper (2 folders) 1963-1991, undated
6438053Johnson, Anne 1971
6438054Johnson, Barry Charles 1993
6438055Johnson, Bart 1993
6438056Johnson, Ben 1957-1967
6438057Johnson, Bruce 1981
6438058Johnson, Buffie 1949-1989
6438059Johnson, Cletus 1990
64380510Johnson, David 1968, undated
64380511Johnson, Don 1973, 1975
64380512Johnson, Douglas James 1975-1981
64380513Johnson, Franklin 1976
64380514Johnson, Guy 1971-1976
64380515Johnson, Jerome 1974, undated
64380516-19Johnson, Lester (4 folders) 1955-1988, undated
64380520Johnson, Lucas 1976-1980, undated
64380521Johnson, Melvin 1963
64380522Johnson, Philip 1960-1978, undated
64380523Johnson, Ray 1960-1978, undated
64380524Johnson, Robert Emory 1973, 1976
64380525Johnson, S.C. 1962-1970, undated
64380526Johnson, Sue 1993
64380527Johnson, William Henry 1968, 1982
64380528Johnston, Alan 1978
64380529Johnston, David 1966-1969
64380530Johnston, Mary E. 1956-1972
64380531Johnston, Ynez 1955-1978, undated
64380532Joki, Olli 1993
64380533Jokisalo, Ulla 1992
64380534Jongert, Jac 1982
64380535Jones, Allen 1967-1975, undated
64380536Jones, Amelia 1992
64380537Jones, Bill 1976
64380538Jones, Fay 1985
64380539Jones, Henry Wanton 1969, undated
64380540Jones, John Paul 1956-1975, undated
64380541Jones, Marion Kenyon 1987
64380542Jones, Ronald 1990
64380543Jonson, Raymond 1956-1981
64380544Joostens, Paul 1970, 1976
64380545Jordan, Rachel 1978, undated
64380546Jordan, Vassilje 1961-1978
64380547Jorg, Charles 1965
64380548-53Jorn, Asger (6 folders) 1955-1992, undated
6438061Joseph, Erne 1958
6438062Joseph, Peter 1978
6438063Josephson, Ernst 1964-1968, undated
6438064Josephson, Kenneth undated
6438065Josee, Fried 1975
6438066Jovanovic-Mihailovic, Ljubinka 1967
6438067Jovanovics, Gyorgy 1985
6438068Joyce 1975,1977
6438069Juarez, Roberto 1983-1986, undated
64380610-13Judd, Donald (4 folders) 1961-1995, undated
64380614Judson, Jeannette 1965-1975
64380615Julian, Lazaro undated
64380616Julius, Rolf 2001
64380617Jung, Dieter 1968-1983
64380618Jungheim, Michael 1973
64380619Jungries, Sophie 1992
64380620Jungwirth, Martha 1967-1979
64380621Jurgen-Fischer, Klaus 1955-1975
64380622Jurres, Rolf 1976
64380623Just, Ferdl 1962-1976, undated
64380624Juste, Julio 1985
64380625Juviler, Adolphe A. 1961
64380626Kabak, Robert 1958-1967
64380627Kabakov, Ilya 1994-1995
64380628Kabbe, Lautaro 1961, undated
64380629Kabberton, Anthonie Cornelis 1977
64380630Kadar, Bela 1966-1985
64380631Kaden, Siegfried 1981
64380632Kadish, Reuben 1961-1986, undated
64380633-35Kadishman, Menashe (3 folders) 1970-1993
64380636Kadonaga, Kazuo 2001
64380637Kahana, Aharon 1960-1970
64380638Kahlen, Wolf 1966-1977, undated
64380639Kahlo, Frida 1977-1991
64380640Kahn, Louis Isidore 1961-1979
64380641Kahn, Max 1960-1973
64380642Kahn, Tobi 1993
64380643Kahn, Wolf 1956-1982
64380644Kahnweiler, Daniel-Henry 1963-1986
64380645Kainen, Jacob 1964-1983
64380646Kaish, Luise 1968-1981, undated
64380647Kaish, Morton 1964-1983
64380648Kaks, Ollie 1968-1983, undated
64380649Kalab, Frantisek 1967-1968
64380650-51Kaldis, Aristodemos (2 folders) 1959-1985, undated
64380652Kaler, Michael 1991
6438071Kaletsch, Clemens 1985
6438072Kalina, Richard 1970, undated
6438073-4Kalinowski, Horst Egon (2 folders) 1963-1979, undated
6438075Kalish, Muriel S. 1964-1978
6438076Kallem, Herbert 1964-1977, undated
6438077Kallir, Otto 1986
6438078Kallos, Pauk 1955-1977
6438079Kalmia 1978
64380710Kaminaga 1985
64380711Kampehl, Peter 1974-1977
64380712Kampmann, Utz 1965-1969
64380713Kamrowski, Gerome 1959-1978, undated
64380714-16Kandinsky, Vasily (3 folders) 1931-2001, undated
64380717Kane, Bill 1983, 1990
64380718Kane, Bob 1968-1981
64380719Kaneko, Jun 1990-1993, undated
64380720Kanemitsu, Matsumi 1959-1969
64380721Kaneshiro, Allan 1973
64380722Kanoldt, Alexander 1977
64380723Kanovitz, Howard 1966-1990, undated
64380724Kantor, Alfred 1970
64380725Kantor, Morris 1959-1976
64380726Kantor, Tadeusz 1969-1976, undated
64380727Kanter, Norman 1959-1962, undated
64380728Kaplan, Anatoli 1962-1978
64380729Kaplan, Jacques 1967-1974
64380730Kaplan, Penny 1976-1978, undated
64380731Kapoor, Anish 1985-1993
64380732-33Kaprow, Allan (2 folders) 1954-1978, undated
64380734Kapp, David 1985
64380735Karakana 1985
64380736Karasek, Laurence undated
64380737Karavagna, Michael 1990
64380738-39Karavan, Dani 1976-1982
64380740Kardizu, To 1992
64380741Kare, Antero 1984
64380742Kares, Johannes 1986
64380743Karlstrom, Patrik 1993
64380744Karnauke, Eckhard 1988
64380745Karp, Aaron 1990
64380746Karp, Ivan C. 1966-1986, undated
64380747Karp, Richard 1977, undated
64380748Kars, Georges 1970-1971, undated
64380749Karsh, Yousuf 1968-1978, undated
64380750Karshan, Donald 1970
64380751Karskaya, Ida 1959-1962
64380752Karver, Sherry 1993
64380753Kasak, Nikolai M. 1946-1979
64380754Kaspar, Adolf 1978
64380755Kass, Ray 1973-1987, undated
64380756Kassak, Lajos 1971, 1984
64380757Kasten, Sherry Zvares 1983
64380758Kastner, Wolfram 1983
64380759Katei, Taki 1971
64380760Katterbach, Ellen M. 1985
64380761Katz, Alan 1977
64380762-66Katz, Alex (5 folders) 1953-1988
6438081Katz, Alex 1974-1991
6438082Katz, Karl 1971
6438083Katz, Leo 1957-1966, undated
6438084Katz, Margie 1978, undated
6438085Katz, Melvin 1968-1978, undated
6438086Katz, William P. 1964-1965
6438087-8Katzen, Lila (2 folders) 1962-1986, undated
6438089Katzenstein, Irving 1974
64380810Katzman 1993-1994
64380811Katzman, Herbert 1959-1978
64380812Kauffman, Craig 1962-1978
64380813Kauffman, Jane 1968-1976, undated
64380814Kaufman, Victoria Kogan 1975, undated
64380815Kaufmann, Arthur 1961-1971
64380816Kaufmann, Edgar Jr. 1989
64380817Kaufmann, Herbert 1964
64380818Kaufmann, Massimo 1994
64380819Kaupelis, Robert 1959-1972
64380820Kaus, Max 1971
64380821Kauzlaric, Tomislav 1973
64380822Kawabata, Minoru 1963-1988, undated
64380823Kawabata, Yoshiko 1962-1965, undated
64380824Kawamata, Tadashi 1990
64380825Kawara, On 1970-1978
64380826Kawashima 1966-1986
64380827Kay, Emma 2001
64380828Kaz, Nathaniel 1965, undated
64380829Kazez, Ruth T. 1968-1976
64380830Kazlov, Brian 1990
64380831Kazuko 1973-1977, undated
64380832Keane, John 1993
64380833Kearl, Stanley Brandon 1965-1968
64380834Kearney, John 1964-1976
64380835Kearns, Jerry 1974-1975, undated
64380836Kearns, Maude I. 1965
64380837Kedar, Dan 1989
64380838Kedl, Rudolf 1975
64380839Keeley, Shelagh 1993
64380840Keil, Helene 1975
64380841Kelder, Toon 1953-1975
64380842Keleman, Emil 1965
64380843Kellenbergerovi, Pocta 1971
64380844Keller, Frank 1977, 1980
64380845Keller, Gottfried 1976
64380846Keller, Martha 1987, 1993
64380847Keller, Terrence 1988
64380848Kelley, Richard 1976
64380849-53Kelly, Ellsworth (5 folders) 1958-1993
64380854Kelly, James 1956-1965
64380855Kelly, Jay 1989
64380856Kelly, Ken 1993
64380857Kelly, Lee 1968-1976, undated
64380858Kelly, Mary 1993
64380859Kelley Ward, Cora 1973-1976
64380860Kelpe, Pauk 1980, undated
64380861-62Kemeny, Zoltan (2 folders) 1958-1974, undated
64380863Kempe, Roland 1967, 1983
64380864Kempner, Page 1994
64380865Kendall, Daren 2001
64380866Kendall, Tom 1963-1977
64380867Kendrick, Mel 1978-1990
64380868Kenna, Michael undated
64380869Kennedy, Tim 2001
64380870Kenny, Michael 1966-1989
64380871Kent, Adaline 1953-1956, undated
64380872Kent, Claude 1975-1981
64380873Kent, Martha 1994
64380874Kent, Rockwell 1960-1977
64380875Kentridge, William 1999
64380876-77Kepes, Gyorgy 1954-1984
64380878Kerbach, Ralf 1987
64380879Kerim, Salah Abdel 1960, undated
643809Kerkovius - King undated
6438091Kerkovius, Ida 1961-1973
6438092Kermadec, Eugene Nestor de 1960-1977
6438093Kermaire, Christine 2007
6438094Kermarrec, Joel 1974-1980
6438095Kern, Pascal 1985
6438096Kerns, Ed 1972-1978
6438097Kerns, Maude I. 1947-1989
6438098Kerr, Illingworth Holey 1985
6438099Kertesz, Andre 1960-1985
64380910Kerton, Sudjana 1961-1969
64380911Kessler, Jon 1986-1987
64380912Kessler, Michael 1986-1994
64380913Kesteren, Maria Van 1975
64380914Keyser, Raoul de 1980-1981
64380915Keyser, Robert 1958-1975
64380916Khakhar, Bhupen 1986
64380917Kheradyar, Habib 1990
64380918Khosrovi, Karim 1954-1956
64380919Kidd, Richard 1977-1983
64380920Kidner, Michael 1964-1985
64380921-23Kiefer, Anslem (3 folders) 1978-1989, undated
64380924Khalil, Mohammad Omer 1992
64380925Kienbusch, William 1954-1983, undated
64380926-27Kienholz, Edward (2 folders) 1971-1989, undated
64380928-33Kiesler, Frederick (6 folders) 1937-1989, undated
64380934Kiewe, Chaim 1982
64380935Kiland, Lance 1985
64380936Kilian, Josef 1977
64380937Kille, Harald 1978
64380938Kilstrom, Kenneth 1963-1965
64380939Kim, Byron 1992
64380940Kim, In-Hyung 1994
64380941Kim, Jin Yung 1987
64380942Kim, Ku-Lim 1987
64380943Kimball, Ward 1964, 1972
64380944Kimball, Yeffe 1962-1967, undated
64380945Kimiyo, Mishima 1985, undated
64380946Kimura, Mashiko 1972-1975
64380947Kin-Chung, Chan 1978-1981
64380948Kindschi, Karen Ann undated
64380949Kindynis, Anna 1962
64380950Kinert, Albert 1961-1965
64380951King, Eleanor 1962-1967
64380952King, Marcia Gygli 1984
64380953King, Phillip 1966-1983
64380954King, Tony 1972, undated
64380955King, William 1960-1981
6438101Kingman, Dong 1954-1978
6438102Kingsley, April 1978
6438103Kinigstein, Jonah 1961-1966
6438104Kinley, Peter 1958-1964
6438105Kinnaird, Richard 1978, undated
6438106Kinnewbrew, Joe 1975
6438107Kinsella, Marion 1964-1969, undated
6438108Kinsey, Douglas 1970
6438109Kinzer, Roy 1979
64381010Kiopini, Christian 1976, 1984
64381011Kipling, Ann 1976
64381012Kipp, Lyman 1962-1978
64381013Kirchgaesser, Wilhelm Bernhard undated
64381014Kirchmayer, Karoly 1973
64381015-20Kirchner, Erndst Ludwig 1948-1988, undated
64381021Kirchner, Heinrich 1962
64381022Kirili, Alain 1978-1985
64381023Kirk, Frank 1993
64381024Kirk, Jerome 1967, 1972
64381025Kirk, Joanna 1988
64381026Kirkeby, Arnold 1958
64381027-30Kirkeby, Per (4 folders) 1975-1993
64381031Kirschenbaum, Jules 1961, 1965
64381032Kisch, Gloria 1969-1977, undated
64381033-34Kisling, Moise (2 folders) 1953-1957, undated
64381035Kishino, Keiko 1993
64381036Kissenbeck, Martina 1984
64381037Kissik, Kathy 1993
64381038Kistler, Heinz 1961
64381039Kirschner, Wulf 1986
64381040-41Kitaj, R.B. (2 folders) 1963-1980
64381042Kitayama, Yoshio 1991
64381043Kitzel, Herbert 1963
64381044Kivijarvi, Harry 1973
64381045Kiyokawa, Taiji 1973-1983, undated
64381046Kiyomizu, Kyubei 1982
64381047Kiyono 1994
64381048Kiyooka, Roy 1962-1966
6438111Kjarval, Johannes S. 1955
6438112Klaidman, Kitty 1988
6438113Klapheck, Konrad 1960-1975
6438114Klapisch, Liliane 1977
6438115Klapper, Siegfried 1957-1972
6438116Klarewicz-Osker, Claire 1993
6438117Klasen, Peter 1969-1975
6438118Klau, Rudiger 1967
6438119Klauke, Jurgen 1977-1986
64381110Klavun, Betty 1965-1980
64381111-27Klee, Paul (17 folders) 1913-1987
6438121-5Klee, Paul (5 folders) 1912-1976
6438126Kleem, Geoffrey 1999
6438127Kleeman, Ron 1971-1979, undated
6438128Kleerebezem, Jouke 1989
6438129Klein, Bernhard 1968
64381210Klein, Doris 1968-1973, undated
64381211Klein, Ellen Lee 1972-1978, undated
64381212-13Klein, Yves (2 folders) 1961-2000
64381214Kleinholz, Frank 1965-1977, undated
64381215Kleinschmidt, Paul 1964-1965
64381216Kleintje, Dieter 1980
64381217Klemensiewicz 1983, 1985
64381218Klensch, June 1977-1978
64381219Kley, Miriam undated
64381220Kliemann, Carl-Heinz 1976
64381221Klien, Erika Giovanna 1989, undated
64381222-24Klimt, Gustav (3 folders) 1958-1986, undated
64381225-26Kline, Franz (2 fodlers) 1955-1978
64381227Kline, Martin 1993
64381228Klinger, Max 1971-1975
64381229Klingler, Monica 1990
64381230Klingelholler, Harald 1993
64381231Klink, Age 1970
64381232Klinkan, Alfred 1981, undated
64381233Klonis, Stewart 1989
64381234Klossowski, Pierre 1970-1983
64381235Klotz, Lenz 1960-1974
64381236Klotzer, Bernd 1981
64381237Klusemann, Georg 1983
64381238Kmentova, Eva 1978
64381239Knapp, Stefan 1957-1974
64381240Knappe, Karl 1975
64381241Knaths, Karl 1955-1975
64381242Knaupp, Werner 1981
64381243Kneale, Bryan 1960-1974
64381244Knee, Gina 1973
64381245Knerr, Ted 1968
64381246Kneulman, Carol 1974
64381247Knight, Laura 1970-1973
64381248Knigin, Michael 1979, undated
64381249Knipe, Jan 1993
64381250Knipp, Gunther 1969, 1972
64381251Knizak, Milan 1991
64381252Knonecsni, Gyorgy 1976
64381253Knoop, Guitou 1958-1967
6438131Knowlton, Grace 1971-1987
6438132Knowlton, Win 1986-1990
6438133Knudsen, Chris 1978
6438134Koberling, Bernard 1982-1983
6438135Koblasa, Jan 1969-1981
6438136Koblasy, Jana 1981
6438137Kobzdej, Aleksander 1960-1972
6438138Koch, Diethelm 1984-1985
6438139Koch, Edwin 1962, undated
64381310Koch, Gerard 1973-1974
64381311Koch, Gerd 1961-1968, undated
64381312Koch, Irene 1960-1961
64381313Koch, John 1963-1978
64381314Koch, Pyke 1960, 1972
64381315Kocherscheidt, Kurt 1990
64381316Kodama, Masami 1981
64381317Kodra, Ibrahim 1958-1977, undated
64381318Koehler, Reinhold 1965
64381319Koenig, Fritz 1959-1972
64381320Koenig, John Franklin 1957-1981
64381321Koenigstein 1985, 1993
64381322Kogan, Nina 1985
64381323Kogelnik, Kiki 1964-1990
64381324Kogler, Peter 1983, 1985
64381325Kohler, Heinz-Peter 1975-1983
64381326Kohlmeyer, Ida 1959-1993
64381327Kohn, Gabriel 1959-1977
64381328Kohn, Misch 1964-1967, undated
64381329Kohrogi, Yoshitaka 1973
64381330-33Kokoschka, Oskar (4 folders) 1956-1987
64381334-36Kolar, Jiri (3 folders) 1970-1988
64381337Kolbe, Georg 1972-1973
64381338Kolcakova, Bela undated
64381339Kolibal, Stanislav 1977-1985, undated
64381340Kolig, Anton 1971
64381341Kolin, Sacha 1955-1978
64381342Kolitz, Louis 1989
64381343Kolle, Helmut 1988
6438141-3Kollwitz, Kaethe (3 folders) 1955-2002
6438144Koman, Ilhan 1961-1965
6438145Komar and Melamid 1976, 1980
6438146Komarin, Gary 1978, 1983
6438147Komodore, Bill 1966-1975
6438148Komuro, Itaru 1978
6438149Kondor, Bela undated
64381410Kondor, Gyorgy 1972
64381411Kondos, Gregory 1993
64381412Koni, Nicolaus 1963
64381413Konitz, Peter 1967-1984
64381414Konjovic, Milan 1963-1974, undated
64381415Konsal, Joseph 1963-1978
64381416Kooi, Hans 1987
64381417Koons, Jeff 1988, 2000
64381418Koop, Wanda 1982
64381419Kootz, Samuel M. 1982
64381420Kop, David van de 1968, 1976
64381421Kopac, Slavko 1963, 1982
64381422Kopfermann, Sigrid 1962-1983
64381423Kopman, Benjamin 1958-1965
64381424Koppe, Richard 1957-1970
64381425Koppel, Heinz 1958-1953
64381426Koppelman, Chaim 1962-1974
64381427Kopystiansky, Igor and Svetlana 2000
64381428Korab, Karl 1973-1976
64381429Korelis, Klairy 1986
64381430Koren, Shlomo 1967-1975
64381431Kornberg, Dianne 1993-1994
64381432Korn, E. P. 1971, 1973
64381433Kornberger, Alfred 1963
64381434Korniss, Dezso 1980
64381435Kos, Paul 1971-1987
64381436Koshimizu, Susumu 1986, 1990
64381437Kosice, Gyula 1953-1971
64381438Koss Family 1974-1978
64381439-40Kossoff, Leon (2 folders) 1959-1984
64381441Kostabi, Mark 1986-1987
64381442Kostal, Lou 1957
64381443Kostyniuk, Ron 1978
64381444-46Kosuth, Joseph (3 folders) 1965-1989, undated
64381447Kotchar, Ervand 1966
64381448Kothe, Fritz 1967-1975
64381449Kotik, Jan 1963-1971
64381450Kotik, Petr 1971-1974
64381451Kotoske, Roger 1974, undated
6438161-4Kounellis, Janis (4 folders) 1964-2001
6438165Kovacs, Francois 1972
6438166Kovarsky, Yehosua 1954-1958
6438167Kovesdy, Paul K. 1983
6438168Kowal, Dennis 1970-1971, undated
6438169Kowalski, Piotr 1963-1975
64381610Kozak, Ellen 1994
64381611Kozaric, Ivan 1962-1975
64381612Kozloff, Joyce 1970-1982
64381613Kozloff, Max 1962-1977
64381614Kraan, Axel van der 1972-1990
64381615Kraemer, I. C. 1994
64381616Kraft, Otto 1968
64381617Kraft, Polly 1993
64381618Krajcberg, Frans 1960-1969
64381619Krakauer, Leopold 1967, 1974
64381620Kralik, Jaroslav J. undated
64381621Kramer, David 1994
64381622Kramer, Harry 1962-1993, undated
64381623Kramer, Hilton 1959-1978
64381624Kramer, Milton Lurie 1966
64381625Kramer, Reuben 1978, undated
64381626Kramer, Sam 1964
64381627Kranz, Kurt 1967-1977
64381628Kranz, Marilia 1973
64381629Kranz, Stewart 1958, undated
64381630Krasinski, Edward 1966-1975
64381631Kraskin, Sandra 1993
64381632-33Krasner, Lee (2 folders) 1960-1984
64381634Krasno 1963, 1970
64381635Krasnow, Peter 1954, 1975
64381636Kraupe, Janina 1966
64381637Krause, Karl-Heinz 1960-1969
64381638Krauss, Rosalind undated
64381639Krawagna, Peter 1986
64381640Krebs, Patsy 1983
64381641Krebs, Rockne 1967-1974
64381642Kreeger, David Lloyd 1968
64381643Kreindler, Doris 1959-1973
64381644Kremegne, Pinchus undated
64381645Kremen, Irwin 1966-1968
64381646Kremer, Alfred 1966
64381647Kremer, Karin 1983
64381648Krempel, Ralph 1981-1984
64381649Kresba, Francouzska 1963
64381650Kress, Samuel H. 1954-1965
64381651Kressy, Christopher 1994
64381652Krestensen, Kresten 1963
64381653Kretz, Walter 1970
64381654Kreutz, Heinz 1969-1981
64381655Kreznar, R. J. 1970-1974
64381656Kricke, Norbert 1953-1975
64381657Krieg, Dieter 1968-1987
64381658Kriesberg, Irving 1955-1985
64381659Kriesche, Richard 1967
64381660Krikorian, Leo 1987
64381661Krims, Leslie 1975, undated
64381662Kristiansen, Nils 1977
64381663Kristolaityte, Vida 1973
64381664Krize, Yehiel undated
64381665Krizek, Jan undated
64381666Krkovic, Momcilo 1975
64381667Kroger, Klaus 1966
64381668Kroll, Beris 1977, 1979
64381669Kron, Eugen 1963, 1972
64381670Kronengold, Penny undated
64381671Kroon, Carlo 1993
64381672Kroutel, Ronald 1984
64381673Krsmanovic, Marko 1969
64381674Kruczek, Marian 1964-1971
6438171Krueger, David 1987
6438172Krueger, Jack undated
6438173Krueger, William R. 1962, undated
6438174Kruger, Barbara 1976-1988
6438175Kruger, Gudrun 1962, 1976
6438176Kruger, Louise 1955-1978
6438177Krugman, Irene 1971-1981
6438178Krukowski, Lucian 1963
6438179Krushenick, Nicholas 1957-1978
64381710Kruyder, Herman 1961
64381711Krzstalowski, Stanislaw 1965
64381712Krynski, Sheila 1983
64381713-15Kubin, Alfred (3 folders) 1957-1983, undated
64381716Kubota, Shigeko 1971-1981
64381717Kubricht, Charles Mary 2000
64381718Kuchenmeister, Rainer 1965-1976
64381719Kudo, Tetsumi 1966-1971
64381720Kudryashov, Oleg 1983-1986
64381721Kuehn, Frances 1973-1978
64381722Kuehn, Gary 1968-1974
64381723Kuh, Katherine 1967-1974
64381724Kuhlman, Walter 1959-1969, undated
64381725Kuhn, Hans 1963, 1965
64381726Kuhn, Paul 1971
64381727Kuhn, Rosina 1987
64381728-29Kuhn, Walt (2 folders) 1962-1989
64381730Kuhn-Weber, Marta 1964
64381731Kuijpers, Toon undated
64381732Kuiper, Jan 1971
64381733Kutica, Guillermo 1991, 1993
64381734Kujawski, Jerzy 1966
64381735Kulakowska, Bronislawa 1968
64381736Kulcycky, Adriana 1987
64381737Kulicke, Robert 1963-1990
64381738Kulik, Zofia undated
64381739Kulisiewicz, Tadeusz 1962, 1972
64381740Kulmer, Ferdinand 1961, 1983
64381741Kulon, Stanislaw 1971
64381742Kulzer, Anne 1972
64381743Kumar, Ram 1976
64381744Kulvianski, Issai 1978
64381745Kumher, Franz 1971
64381746Kunc, Milan 1985-1988
64381747Kunerth, Diether 1967
64381748Kuniyoshi, Yasuo 1950-1986
64381749Kuno, Shin 1961-1978
64381750Kuntz, Roger 1954-1965, undated
64381751Kuper, Barbara 1975-1984
64381752Kupelwieser, Hans 1983-1985, undated
64381753Kuper, Yuri 1974, 1983
64381754Kupferman, David Cobb 1974
64381755Kupferman, Lawrence 1956-1990
64381756Kupferman, Moshe 1969-1977
64381757-58Kupka, Frantisek (2 folders) 1970-1976
64381759Kupper, Johanns 1967-1977
64381760Kurach, Ivan 1963-1967
64381761Kurelek, William 1962-1974
64381762Kurhajec, Joseph 1974, undated
64381763Kuriloff, Aaron 1964-1967
64381764Kurschner, Henning 1987
64381765Kurt, Kay 1970-1981
6438181Kurtz, Kay 1978, 1988
6438182Kurtz, Ellery 1983-1984
6438183Kuryluk, Ewa 1973
6438184Kurz, Diana 1977
6438185Kurzweil, Max 1968-1986
6438186Kusama, Yayoi 1961-1998
6438187Kushner, Robert 1973-1987
6438188Kusuno, Tomoshige 1964-1968
6438189Kuszek, Robert 1990, 1994
64381810Kusztos, Endre 1972
64381811Kutchin, Lucius 1988
64381812Kuvshinoff, Nicolai undated
64381813Kuwabara, Kineo 1984, 1985
64381814Kuwabara, Moriyuki 1991
64381815Kuwayama, Tadaaki 1958-1977
64381816Kuypers, C. M. 1963
64381817Kvaalen, Arne 1993
64381818Kvaran, Karl 1986
64381819Kvetesnsky, Vlastimil 1972
64381820Kylberg, Carl 1962-1977
64381821Kyncl, Frantisek 1982
64381822Labisse, Felix 1964-1974
64381823Lacassee, Joseph 1959
64381824Lacey, Bruce 1963-1975
64381825Lach, David 1980
64381826Lachaise, Gaston 1963-1975
64381827Lacomblez, Jacques 1976
64381828Lacome, Geroges 1974
64381829Lacy, Byron W. 1984
64381830Ladanyi, Emory 1981
64381831Ladda, Justen 1988
64381832Laden, Robert undated
64381833Laderman, Gabriel 1964-1977
64381834Ladniewska, Wanda 1965, 1969
64381835Laenen, Jean-Paul 1969
64381836La Farge, John 1966-1973
64381837Laffoley, Paul 1971-1976
64381838Laffon, Maria del Carmen 1963, 1967
64381839Lafond, Robert 1975
64381840Lafontaine, Marie-Jo undated
64381841Laforgue, Leo de 1970
64381842Lafranca, Francois 1985
64381843Lafresnaye, Roger de 1945-1967
64381844Laganne, Jeanne 1953-1971
64381845Laget, Denis 1984, 1989
64381846La Hotan, Robert 1960-1990
64381847Laib, Wolfgang 1978-1990
64381848Laing, Gerald 1965-1966, undated
64381849Lakner, Laszlo 1976, 1977
64381850Laksine, Irene 1983
64381851Lalanne, Claude 1970-1977
64381852Laliberte, Norman 1963-1971
64381853Laloux, Gilbert 1971-1974
64381854Laloy, Yves 1960
64381855Lam, Jennett 1961-1973
64381856-59Lam, Wifredo (4 folders) 1953-1990
64381860Lam, Wladyslaw 1970, 1972
64381861Lamanet, Shari 1984
643819La Mantia - Lara undated
643820Larcher - Lausen undated
643821Lauvray - Le Corbusier undated
643823Lecoultre - Leitner undated
643822LeJeune - Leverett undated
643824Leverkuhne - Liatand undated
643825Liberman - Linhares undated
643826Linn - Loew undated
643827Loffer - Louis undated
643828Love -Lusker undated
643829Lutgen - Mackie undated
643830Mackintosh - Maize undated
643830Mackintosh - Maize undated
643831Majakowski - Manley undated
6438321Manlio [Helfrich-Guberti] 1957-1965, undated
6438322Mann, Andy undated
6438323Mann, Ilan 1981
6438324Mann, Karl 1963, undated
6438325Mann, Katinka 1977-1982, untitled
6438326Mann, Mary 1975
6438327Mann, Sol 1963, 1965
6438328Mann, Yigal 1974
6438329Manning, John 1970-1973
64383210Manno, John 1965, undated
64383211Mannoni, Gerard 1958
64383212Mannucci, Edgardo 1957-1962
64383213Manolo, [Manuel Martinez Hugue] 1957-1990, undated
64383214Manrique, Cesar 1961-1967
64383215Mansen, Erich 1967
64383216Mansfield, Robert 1971
64383217Manship, Paul 1958-1972
64383218Manso, Leo 1961-1976, undated
64383219Mansouroff, Paul 1963-1982, undated
64383220Mansur, Ben 1973, undated
64383221Mante, Harald 1978
64383222Mantu, Nicolae 1970
64383223Mauelli, Colombo 1961-1962
64383224Mantz, Werner 1977
64383225Manville, Elsie 1966-1978
64383226Manzano, Salvador 1981
64383227Manzella, David 1962
64383228Manzi, Alice 1976, undated
64383229Manzi, Ricardo 1966
64383230Manzoni, Piero 1956-1972, undated
64383231-34Manzu, Giacomo (4 folders) 1956-1989, undated
64383235Manzur, David 1962-1973
64383236Mao 1973, 1976
64383237Maoz, Igal 1970, 1973, undated
64383238Mapaey, Ricardo 1968
64383239Mapioni, Joseph undated
64383240Mapplethorpe, Robert 1977-1995, undated
64383241Mapston, Tim 1974
64383242Mara, Oscar Cesar 1973
64383243-44Mara, Pol (2 folders) 1964-1973, undated
64383245Marais, Ka undated
64383246Maranca, Francisco undated
64383247Marangone, Giorgio 1988
64383248Maragoni, Federica 1978-1983
64383249Maranca, Paolo 1957
64383250Maranian, Zareh undated
64383251Marano, Vincenzo undated
64383252Maranova, Jarmila 1976
64383253Marans, Moissaye undated
64383254Marantz, Irving 1962-1970, undated
64383255Maraz, Adriana 1976
64383256Marburger, Manfred 1978
64383257-58Marc, Franz (2 folders) 1940-1994
64383259-62Marca-Relli, Conrad (4 folders) 1955-1989, undated
643833Marc-Aurele-Fontin - Marinetti undated
643834Marini - Martinez undated
643835Martinez - Matare undated
643836Matarrese - Matta undated
643837Matta-Clark - McGann undated
643838McGarrell - Melle undated
643839Melli - Mestrovic undated
643840Metcalf - Miljus undated
643841Milkes - Miro undated
6438421-4Miró, Joan (4 folders) 1947-1994, undated
6438425Mischke, Christian 1974, 1976
6438426Mishaan Pinto, Rodolfo 1966-1968
6438427Miss, Mary 1971-1980
6438428Mistal, Stanley 1975
6438429Misure, Luogo di 1980
64384210Mitchell, Alfred R. 1973
64384211Mitchell, Brett undated
64384212Mitchell, Denis 1962
64384213Mitchell, Fred 1954-1965, 1973, undated
64384214Mitchell, Jeffry 1993
64384215-16Mitchell, Joan (2 folders) 1960-1993, undated
64384217Mitchell, Lucy 1983
64384218Mitchell, Michael 1977
64384219Mitchell, Wallace 1953, 1971, 1977, undated
64384220Mitchnick, Nancy 1983
64384221Mitriceski, Boro 1974
64384222Mitruk, Stanley undated
64384223Mittelstadt, Verne undated
64384224Mittendorf, George S. 1969-1974
64384225Mittleman, Ann 1956-1968
64384226Mix, Walter undated
64384227Miyasaki, George 1961-1964, 1981, undated
64384228Miyashita, Tad 1966-1970
64384229Miyawaki, Aiko 1964-1976, 1991, undated
64384230Miyazaki, Manpei 1967
64384231Mizne, Annette 1962
64384232Mizufune, Rokushu 1962
64384233Mizui, Yasuo 1983
64384234Mizuno, Mineo 1983
64384235Mladejovsky, Jan 1978, 1985
64384236Mleczko, Piotr 1961, 1963
64384237Mlynarsik, Alex 1966, undated
64384238Mnuchin, Leon A. 1963
64384239Mo, Carlo 1975
64384240Möbus, Christiane 1976, 1980
64384241Mocenni, Gualtiero 1981
64384242Mochetti, Maurizio 1969-1980s
64384243Mock, Richard 1971-1977, 2001
64384244Mocek, Jiří 1978
64384245Model, Elisabeth 1958, 1968
64384246Modell, Frank 1971
64384247-48Modersohn-Becker, Paula (2 folders) 1958-1983, undated
64384249-51Modigliani, Amadeo (3 folders) 1923, 1954-1984, 1994, undated
64384252Modigliani, Jeanne 1964
64384253Modonesi, Aimone 1967
64384254Moehl, Karl 1975
64384255Moers, Denny 1981
64384256Moffett, Ross 1975
64384257Mogami, Hisayuki 1979
64384258Mogensen, Paul 1967-1978
64384259Mohalyi, Yolanda 1970
64384260Mohamed, Shafiq 1970
64384261Mohassess, Ardeshir 1975
64384262-64Moholy-Nagy, László (3 folders) 1939-1988, 2002
64384265Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl 1953-1973
643843Mohr - Moor undated
643844Moore - Moran undated
6438451-3Morandi, Giorgio (3 folders) 1954-1986, undated
6438454Morandini, Marcello 1965-1977
6438455Morandis, Gino 1967
6438456Morang, Dorothy 1963, 1965
6438457Morano, Olga 1971
6438458Morath, Inge 2001
6438459Mordmuller, G. Rainer 1978
64384510Mordowanec, Halyna 1975, 1978
64384511Mordvinoff undated
64384512Moreau, Gustave 1961-1977
64384513Moreh, Mordecai 1967
64384514Morehouse, William 1954-1963
64384515Morellet, Francois 1958-1981
64384516Morelli, P. 1973, undated
64384517Moreni, Matta 1958-1975
64384518Moreno, Dolly 1977
64384519Moreno, Rosario 1972, undated
64384520Moreno, Victor 1969
64384521Morera, Gabriel 1963-1975
64384522Moret 1973
64384523-24Moretti, Alberto (2 folders) 1954-1983
64384525Morgan, Barbara 1961-1977
64384526Morgan, Kenneth 1978-1981, 1993
64384527Morgan, Randall 1962-1968
64384528Morgan, Robert 1975-1977
64384529Morgan, Tony 1968, 1976
64384530Morganstern, Steven Ira 1977
64384531Morgner, Michael undated
64384532Mori, Marisa 1969, undated
64384533Morice, Pascale 1978
64384534Moriconi, Roberto 1975
64384535Morin, Thomas 1963-1964, undated
64384536Morina, Giuseppe 1965-1975
64384537Morisot, Berthe 1957-1961, 1993, undated
64384538Morita, Mieko 1993
64384539Morley, Grace L. McCann 1958, 1985, undated
64384540-41Morley, Malcolm (2 folders) 1964-1990
64384542Morlotti, Ennio 1959-1973, 1984
64384543Morofsky 1965-1970
64384544Moroles, Jesús Bautista 1988, 1993
64384545Morrel, Owen 1975-1982
64384546Morrell, James 1966-1968, undated
64384547Morris, Ann 1979, undated
64384548Morris, Carl 1955-1977, 1993
64384549Morris, Hilda 1974-1980
64384550Morris, Kyle 1952-1974
64384551Morris, Mark 1973-1974
64384552Morris, Michael 1971, 1980
64384553Morris, Robert Lee 1975-1977
64384554Morrison, Clivia 1961, 1964
64384555Morrison, George 1957, 1960, undated
64384556Morrison, Robert circa 1970s
64384557Morrison, Susan 1994
64384558Morrow, Tiffanie 1993
64384559Mortenson, Richard 1955-1967
64384560Mortier, Antoine 1958, undated
64384561Morton, Douglas 1965
64384562Morton, Ree undated
6438461Morvan, Jean-Jacques 1957-1964
6438462Mosbacher, Alois 1983
6438463Mosca, Ivan 1953-1964, 1974
6438464Moscarda, Leonor 1968
6438465Moscatt, Paul 1968-1972, 1990
6438466Moser, Koloman 1971
6438467Moser, Wilfrid 1955, 1965-1981
6438468Moses, Ed 1961-1979, 1990, 1993
6438469Moses, Forrest 1974-1978
64384610Moses, Herb 1976, 1979
64384611Moses, Jacqueline 1994
64384612-13Moskowitz, Robert (2 folders) 1969-1985, 1990, undated
64384614Moskowitz, Stanley 1967
64384615Mosquera, Chris 1975
64384616Moss, Don 1962
64384617Moss, Irene 1966-1975, undated
64384618Moss, Joe 1966, 1977, undated
64384619Moss, Marlow 1958, 1975
64384620Mosset, Olivier 1993-1994
64384621Most, Alvin 1962
64384622Mostel, Zero 1973
64384623Moswitzer, Gerhardt 1965-1977
64384624Moszkowicz, Symcho 1969-1978
64384625Mota, Carlos de la undated
64384626-34Motherwell, Robert (9 folders) 1951-1997, undated
64384635Moti, Kaiko undated
64384636Mothner, Carol 1979
64384637Motonaga, Sadamasa 1961-1963
64384638Moulton, Donn 1972-1977
64384639Mouly, Marcel 1957
64384640Mouraud, Tania 1970-1973
64384641Mourlot, Fernand circa 1965
64384642Mousseau, Jean-Paul 1956-1967, undated
64384643Moussia 1956
64384644Mouton, Grover 1977
64384645Movitz, Edward 1966
64384646Moy, Seong 1954-1967, undated
64384647Moyaga, Nkoane Harry 1977
64384648Moyao, Francisco 1978
64384649Moyems, H. Marc 1969
64384650Moyer, Roy 1958-1974, undated
64384651Moynihan, Rodrigo 1963-1984, undated
64384652Mravec, Milana 1976
64384653Mrkusich, Milan 1985
64384654Mrozewski, Stefan 1959, 1966
64384655Mucha, Alphonse 1963-1980, undated
64384656Mucha, Reinhard 1987, 1993
64384657Muck, Herbert 1975
64384658Mueller, Barbara M. undated
64384659Mueller, George Ludwig 1961-1969, undated
64384660Mueller, Louis 1984
64384661Mueller, Stephen 1994
643848Mueller - Murch undated
643847Murchie - Nannucci undated
6438491-2Nannucci, Maurizio (2 folders) 1970s-1982
6438493Napoli, Guiseppe 1957-1967, undated
6438494Napper, John 1968-1977
6438495Nardin, Mario 1972, 1977
6438496Narkiewicz, Paul 1977-1978
6438497Narotzky, Norman 1962-1987
6438498Nascimento, Joao 1973
6438499Nash, David 1980-1990
64384910Nash, John 1980-1981
64384911Nash, Katherine 1959-1965
64384912Nash, Paul 1944, 1961, 1973, undated
64384913Natali-Morosow, Victor 1963
64384914Natalia- 1970
64384915Natapoff, Flora 1979
64384916Nativi, Gualtiero 1964, 1970
64384917-20Natkin, Robert (4 folders) 1961-1987
64384921Nattermüller, Ulrike 1990
64384922-24Nauman, Bruce (3 folders) 1968-1994, undated
64384925Navarre, Marie 1994
64384926Navez, Jean-Marc 1981
64384927Navin, Richard 1980
64384928-31Nay, Ernst Wilhelm (4 folders) 1950s-1981
64384932Nay, Mary Spencer 1960s-1976
64384933Naylor, Martin 1974-1978
64384934Neal, Reginald 1959-1968, 1989
64384935Nebel, Otto 1956-1988, undated
64384936Nedo 1974
64384937Neel, Alice 1963-1987
64384938Neffson, Robert 1978, 1980, 1990
64384939Negoita, Rolando 1993
64384940Negret, Edgar 1953-1975
643850Negri - Nicholson undated
643851Nickle - Nolde undated
643852Nolf - Oberhoff undated
643853Oberhuber - Olitski undated
6438541-4Olitski, Jules (4 folders) 1961-1990, undated
6438545Oliver, Nancy circa 1993
6438546-8Oliveira, Nathan (3 folders) 1960-1994, undated
6438549Oliveira, Raimundo de 1963-1966, undated
64385410Oliveira, Claudio 1969-1980
64385411Oliveira, Giorgio 1975-1979
64385412Olivotto, Germano 1970-1971, undated
64385413Olkinetzsky, Sam 1965
64385414Ollman, Arthur 1977
64385415Olmos, Cesar 1963
64385416Oloruntoba, Z. K. 1973, 1976
64385417Olovson, Gudmar 1976
64385418Olschewski, Lothar 1984
64385419Olsen, John 1963
64385420Olson, Paul 1966, undated
64385421Olson, Erich 1964-1972
64385422Olsson, Arne 1969
64385423Olstoorn, Bernard 1976
64385424Omar, Valentin 1967
64385425Ongenae, Joseph 1963
64385426Olnishi, Shirgeru 1963-1969
64385427Onley, Toni 1962-1983
64385428Ono, Yoko 1968-1988, undated
64385429Onosato, Toshinobu 1962-1976, undated
64385430Onslow-Ford, Gordon 1956-1976, undated
64385431-33Ontani, Luigi (3 Folders) 1974-1983, undated
64385434Oonark undated
64385435Oorebeck, Willem 1988
64385436Opalka, Roman 1965-1977
64385437Opazo, Rodolfo 1962-1980
64385438Opfersei, Peter Kunz circa 1985
64385439Opie, John 1994
64385440-41Oppenheim, Dennis (2 folders) 1970-1988, undated
64385442Opper, John 1960-1974, undated
64385443Opperman, Anna 1978-1981
64385444Oppi, Daniele 1969-1970
64385445Opie, John 1969-1979, undated
64385446Orcajo, Angel 1973-1974
64385447Orellana, Gaston 1968-1973
64385448Orensanz, Angel 1974-1981
64385449Orey, Waldemar undated
64385450Organ, Bryan 1969-1977
64385451Orgeix, Christian 1956-1975
64385452Ori, Luciano 1974-1978, undated
64385453Oriani, Pippo 1964
64385454Orkin 1977
64385455Orlando, Felipe 1960
64385456Orlik, Emil 1970, undated
64385457Orlov, Boris 1990
64385458Ormezzano, Mario 1960-1971
643855Orn - Padros undated
6438561Paeffgen, C.O. 1972-1983
6438562Paez Vilaro, Carlos 1958
6438563Pagava, Vera 1957-1960
6438564Page, Ann S. undated
6438565Page, George 1985
6438566Page, John 1972
6438567Page, Peter 1993
6438568Pages, Bernard 1957-1960
6438569Pagh, Barbara 1987
64385610Pagk, Paul 1991
64385611Pahr-Iversen, Kjell 1982, undated
64385612-13Paik, Nam June (2 folders) 1964-1977
64385614Paik, Younghee 1989
64385615Pailes, Issac 1963-1973
64385616Painitz, Hermann 1963-1975, undated
64385617Pajak, Jacques 1965-1970
64385618Pajeck, Martin 1960-1968
64385619Paklikowski-Winnicka, Wanda 1960-1966
64385620Pal, Deim 1972
64385621Pal, Varsanyi 1979
64385622Palaia, Franc 1993
64385623-24Paladino, Mimmo (2 folders) 1978-1996, undated
64385625Palaia, Frank 1976-1986, undated
64385626Palatnik, Abraham 1965-1966
64385627Palats, Minos 1960-1966
64385628Palazuelo, Pablo 1963-1978
64385629Palazzola, Guy 1977-1980
64385630Palazzolo, Carl 1975-1990
64385631Paldi, Isreal 1967-1972
64385632Palermo, Alfredo 1968-1978
64385633Palermo, Blinky 1977-1987
64385634Palestine, Charlemagne 1975-1979, undated
64385635Paley, Albert 1977
64385636Pall, William 1977, undated
64385637Palladio 1978-1981
64385638Pallas, Jim 1978-1979
64385639Pallini, Fred 1968
64385640Pallucio, Paolo 1990
64385641Pally, Marc 1988
64385642Palm, Joachim 1969-1981
64385643Palmer, Brett de 1984
64385644Palmer, Potter 1963
64385645Palmer, William 1956-1977
64385646Palombo, David 1966
64385647Palumbo, J. 1971-1976
64385648Paluzzi, Rinaldo 1966-1974
64385649Pan, Marta 1957-1970
64385650Pang, Lisa 1983
64385651Panamarenko 1969-1977
64385652Pangburn, Bill 1993
64385653Panhuysen, Paul 1978
64385654Panneton, Louise undated
64385655Pankok, Otto 1961-1974
64385656Pankofsky, Erwin 1963-1968
64385657Panseca, Filippo 1973
64385658Panting, John 1973
64385659Pantoja, Oscar 1960-1962, undated
64385660-61Paolini, Giulio (2 folders) 1966-1985, undated
64385662-63Paolozzi, Edwardo (2 folders) 1958-1985
643857Paolucci - Passavant undated
643858Passlof - Pelz undated
643859Penafiel - Perrais undated
643860Perrault - Piaubert undated
6438611-3Picabia, Francis (3 folders) 1930-1989
6438614Picard, Lil 1963-1981, undated
6438615-22Picasso, Pablo (18 folders) 1923-2001, undated
6438621-7Picasso, Pablo (7 folders) 1939-1986
6438628Picchi, Alfredo 1963
6438629Piccillo, Joseph 1966-1970
64386210Piccolo, Richard 1975-1983
64386211Picelj, Ivan 1961-1969
64386212Picenni 1970
64386213Piche, Roland 1967
64386214Pichette, James 1953-1966
64386215Pichler, Walter 1967-1988
64386216Pick, Grant J. 1970
64386217Pickering, David 1978
64386218Pickhardt, Carl 1961-1972
64386219-20Piene, Otto (2 folders) 1962-1978
64386221Pietkiewicz, Kazimierz 1970
64386222Pietrantoni, Marcello 1977, 1978
64386223Pignon, Edouard 1955-1976
64386224Pijoan, Irene 1990
64386225Pujuan, Hernandez 1981
64386226Pile, James 1982
64386227Pilgrim, Hubertus Von 1966
64386228Pillet, Edgard 1953-1964
64386229Pillhofer, Josef 1971
64386230Pilot, Robert 1961
64386231Pinceman, Jean Pierre 1986, 1987
64386232Pinchbeck, Peter undated
64386233Pinczehelyi, Sandor 1974
64386234Pindell, Howardena 1974-1990
64386235Pinelli, Pino 1971
64386236Pinheiro, Antonio Costa 1965, 1967
64386237Pinkerton, Clayton 1958-1966, undated
64386238Pinoncelli, Pierre 1963, 1967, undated
64386239Pintaric, Josip 1971
64386240Pinto, Jody 1980-1984
64386241Pinto, Rocha 1983
64386242Piot, Rene 1976
64386243Piper, Jane 1983
64386244Piper, John 1955-1984
64386245Pippig, Heiko 1983
64386246Pippin, Horace 1968, 1977
64386247Piqueras, Jorge 1957-1975, undated
64386248Pirandello, Fausto 1955, 1962, undated
64386249Pirovano, Ignacio 1983
64386250Pisani, Gianni 1971
64386251Pisani, Vettor 1970, undated
64386252Piening, M. Peter 1959, 1969
64386253Pierce, Elijah 1972, 1976
64386254Pierelli, Attilio 1966-1968
64386255Pierluca, Massimo 1961-1968
64386256Pierre et Gilles 1984, 1985
64386257Pierri, Orlando 1961, 1969, undated
64386258Pierson, Arthur 1970, 1977
64386259Pieters, Ian J. 1964
643863Pisarska - Poli undated
643864Poliakoff - Poot undated
643865Pope - Prabha undated
643866Prachensky - Proost undated
643867Proskauer - Radecki undated
643868Radell - Randolph undated
643869Ranes - Ray undated
643870Rayen - Reichman undated
643871Reichmann - Resnick undated
643872Resnicoff - Richter, G. undated
643873Richter, H. - Riopelle undated
643874Rios - Rocha undated
643875Roche - Rojo undated
643876Rokeah - Rosenberg undated
643877Rosenblatt - Roth undated
643878Rothbort - Rubin undated
643879Rubin - Ryder undated
6438811Rydingsvard, Ursula von 1977, 1984-1992
6438812Ryerson, Margery 1967
6438813Ryggen, Hannah 1962-1970, undated
6438814Ryley, Bryan circa 1977
6438815Ryman, Robert 1967-1981, 1988, 1993
6438816Rysselberche, Theo van 1963, 1973
6438817Ryszki, Adolfa 1971
6438818Ryther, Martha 1978
6438819Rzasy, Antoniego 1972
64388110Rzepinski, Czeslaw 1959-1960, 1975
64388111Rzewski, Frederic 1973
64388112S, Samling 1967
64388113SMK 1965
64388114Saalburg, Allen 1974
64388115Saar, Alison 1993
64388116Saar, Betye 1976-1981
64388117Saari, Onni 1971
64388118Saari, Peter 1974, 1977
64388119Saarinen, Aline 1956, 1972
64388120Saarinen, Eero 1962-1964
64388121Saarinen, Eliel 1951-1965
64388122Saatchi 1987
64388123Saavedra, Andres 1972
64388124Saba, Richard undated
64388125Sabat, Hermenegildo 1962-1969
64388126Sabato, Paolo Icaro da 1977
64388127Sabbeth, Barbara 1969
64388128Sabelis, Huibert 1972, 1976
64388129Sabin, Hib 1968
64388130Sable, Kas undated
64388131Sabrier, Jean 1983, undated
64388132Saccaro, Claude 1989
64388133Saccaro, John 1961-1962
64388134Sacchi, Franca 1973
64388135Sacharow-Ross, Igor 1989
64388136Sachs, Paul 1965-1967
64388137Sachweh, Maya 1981
64388138Sacilotto, Deli 1974
64388139Sack, Daniel 1990
64388140Sack, Neil 1966
64388141Sackenheim, Rolf 1962, 1973
64388142Sacklarian, Stephen 1978
64388143Sacks, Miriam circa 1971
64388144Saco, Don 1969-1970
64388145Sacramento, Antonio 1964
64388146Sacriste, Eduardo 1977
64388147Sadequain 1962
64388148Sadkowsky, Alex 1972
64388149Sadler, Heiner 1970
64388150Sadley, Wojciech 1967, 1973
64388151Sadowska, Krystyna 1964
64388152Sadowski, Konrad 1961
64388153Sadun, Piero 1956-1959, 1967, 1977
64388154Saemundsson, Nina 1967
64388155Saetti, Bruno 1951, 1966-1968
64388156Saez, Luis circa 1966-1970
64388157Safer, John 1972-1978
64388158Saff, Donald 1969
64388159Saffaro, Lucio 1962
64388160Saffron, Pat undated
64388161Safran, Bernard 1965
64388162Sage, Kay 1958-1977
64388163Sagen, Jay 1975
64388164Sager, Peter 1963
64388165Sahlstrand, Margaret circa 1977
64388166Saidel, Mary 1976
64388167Saietz, Gunnar 1963
64388168Saillour 1963
64388169Saint Denis, Paul 1978
64388170Sainthill, Loudon 1973
64388171Saint Florian, F 1969-1973
64388172Saint-Gaudens, Augustus 1967-1973
64388173Saint Loubert-Bie, Arnaud 1972
64388174-75Saint Phalle, Niki de (2 folders) 1961-1976, 1987
64388176Saint-Saens 1970
64388177Sainz, Francisco 1962-1969
64388178Saisset, Ernest de 1972
64388179Saito, Juichi 1963, 1974
64388180Saito, Kikuo 1976, 1980
64388181Saito, Kiyoshi 1960, undated
64388182Saito, Tatsuo 1969, 1976
64388183Saito, Yoshishige 1962-1976
64388184Sajnani, Hario 1968
64388185Sakaguchi, Susumu 1977
64388186Sakai, Katsuchisa 1990
64388187Sakai, Kazuya 1959-1977
64388188Sakson, Robert 1970
64388189Sakuyama, Noriko circa 1977
64388190Sakuyama, Shunji 1974
64388191Sala, Annamaria and Marzio 1972
64388192Sala, Gerard 1972-1974
64388193Salaburski, Zdzislaw 1966
64388194Salahi, Ibrahim Mohammed El 1962-1963, 1967
64388195Salamanques, Mirna 1975-1976
64388196Salamun, Andraz 1981
64388197Salamon, Josef 1972, undated
64388198Salazar, Carmen undated
64388199Salberg, Lilo 1963
643881100Salcedo, Bernardo 1976
643881101Salcedo, Doris 1999
643881102Saldanha, Firmino Fernandez 1959
643881103Saldanha, Ione 1977
643881104Salden, Helmuth 1966
643881105Salemme, Antonio 1961, 1964
643881106Salemme, Attilio 1954-1983
643881107Salemme, Lucia 1960-1976
643881108Salentin, Hans 1962, 1974-1976
643881109Salerno, Charles 1951, 1965-1973
643881110Salgado, Graciela 1963-1964
643881111Salgado, Susana 1964
643881112Salinas, Baruj 1981
643881113Salle, David 1976-1991, undated
643881114Salles, Francis 1965
643881115Salles, Georges A. 1954, 1966
643943Sallick - Santomaso undated
101055Santonocito - Scaife undated
643944Scaiola - Schimke undated
643945Schindler - Schnell undated
643946Schnier - Schuh undated
643947Schumacher - Scotese undated
6439481Scott, Arden 1975, undated
6439482Scott, Bill 1993
6439483Scott, Dellmore E. 1973
6439484Scott, Jane Wooster 1974, 1976, undated
6439485Scott, l. Michael 1990
6439486Scott, Marc undated
6439487Scott, Marian 1954, undated
6439488Scott, Marlene 1974
6439489Scott, Michael 1990
64394810Scott, Patrick 1959-1964, undated
64394811Scott, Robert 1986
64394812Scott, Roy undated
64394813Scott, Sam 1972
64394814Scott, Susan 1976
64394815Scott, Tim 1973
64394816Scott, Tom 1963-1984
64394817Scott, Vivian 1972-1974, undated
64394818-19Scott, William (2 folders) 1952-1978
64394820Scoville, Ann Curtis 1971
64394821Scroppo, Filippo 1910
64394822Scruggs, Margarette 1967
64394823Scull, Barclay 1968
64394824Scull, Robert C. 1966-1974
64394825-26Scully, Sean (2 folders) 1973-1994
64394827Scully, Vincent 1964, 1971
64394828Seaburg, Libby 1971
64394829Seace, Bruce W. 1976
64394830Seager, Edward 1983
64394831Searle, Ronald 1963, undated
64394832Seager, Harry 1965-1978
64394833Searles, Charles 1989
64394834Seawright, James 1966-1970, undated
64394835Sebaste, Salvatore 1982
64394836Seborga, Guido 1972
64394837Secomandi, Gianni 1974
64394838Secon, David 1972
64394839Secter, Michael undated
64394840Secunda, Arthur 1964-1976, undated
64394841Sedaka, Michelle 1993
64394842Sedgely, Peter 1965-1980
64394843Sedlisky, Ivo 1970
64394844Seebacher, J. 1978
64394845Seeger, Stanley 1961
64394846Seehausen, Richard 1962
64394847Seeholzer, Werner 1974, undated
64394848Seelbach, Anne 1981
64394849Seem, Olga 1971
64394850Seerosen, Bernd Vokle 1979
64394851Seery, John 1969-1981
64394852Segal, Arthur 1962-1978
64394853-56Segal, George (4 folders) 1965-1984
64394857Segal, Karen 1993
64394858Segal, Martin Eli 1975
64394859Segal, Shalvan 1986
64394860Segal, Simon 1964
64394861Segall, Freda 1976
64394862-63Segall, Lasar (2 folders) 1948-1985, undated
64394864Segall, Thea 1978
64394865Segalman, Richard 1965-1976
64394866Segantini, Giovanni 1953-1978
64394867Segard, Alexandre 1974
64394868Segebarth, Kim undated
64394869Segre, Sergio 1971
64394870Segui, Antonio 1964-1990
64394871Sehgal, Amarnath 1951, 1965, undated
64394872Sehlbach, Wener 1971
64394873Seidel, Jochen 1962-1983
64394874Seidelman, Phylilis Kent 1983
64394875-76Seidle, Claire (2 folders) 1981, undated
64394877Seigfred, Earl 1967
64394878Seitz, Gustav 1958-1976
64394879Seitz, William Chapin 1969, 1974, undated
64394880Seiwert, Franz W. 1933
64394881Sekimachi, Kay 1970
64394882Sekine, Nobuo 1970, 1978, undated
64394883Sekine, Yoshio 1965-1975
643949Seko - Settani undated
6439501Settel, Sylvia 1971
6439502Seuphor, Michel 1959-1978
6439503Seurat, Georges-Pierre 1947-1977
6439504Severance, Jake circa 1978
6439505Severi, Carlo 1974
6439506Severini, Gino 1947, 1956-1966
6439507Severino, Ariel 1966, 1970
6439508Severson, Susan 1976
6439509Sevimli, Haluk 1976
64395010Sevy, Elen 1973
64395011Seward, Claude 1974
64395012Sewards, Michele Bourque 1974-1975
64395013Sewell, David 1971, circa 1976
64395014Sewell, K.A. circa 1972
64395015Sextro, Rolf 1988
64395016Seyfried 1970-1971
64395017Seyle, Robert undated
64395018Shaar, Pinchas 1965, 1975
64395019Shacham, Michael 1977
64395020Shackelford, Helen Metzger circa 1970
64395021Shackelford, Shelby undated
64395022Shackford, John B. 1977
64395023Shadbolt, Jack 1964-1970
64395024Shaffer, Brian 1979
64395025Shaffer, Rosalind 1974
64395026Shafner, Janet 1976, 1978
64395027Shahly, Jehan 1962-1963, 1978
64395028Shahn, Abby 1968-1970
64395029-32Shahn, Ben (5 folders) 1949-1981
64395033Shahn, Jonathan 1972
64395034Shaland, Laurie 1978
64395035Shalom of Safed 1966-1972
64395036Shamieh-Dressman, Dolly 1977
64395037Shanks, Nelson 1973, undated
64395038Shannon, Charles 1978
64395039Shannon, Joseph 1969-1977
64395040Shannon, Thomas 1976
64395041Shapiro, Ann 1973
64395042Shapiro, Babe 1969-1977
64395043Shapiro, Daniel 1966-1968
64395044Shapiro, David 1963, 1992
64395045Shapiro, Dee 1975-1980
64395046Shapiro, Joel 1970-1993
64395047Shapiro, Lois 1977
64395048Shapiro, Seymour undated
64395049Shapiro, Shmuel 1966, circa 1976
64395050Sharifi, Pury 1975
64395051Sharir, David 1973
64395052Sharits, Paul 1976-1977
64395053Sharon, Russell 1988
64395054Sharp, Ann circa 1974
64395055Sharp, Evelyn 1978
64395056Sharp, William 1972, undated
64395057Sharp, Willoughby 1970-1975
64395058Sharpe, David 1973-1979, 1990
64395059Shart, Serge 1962
64395060Shatan, Norma 1976, 1984
64395061Shatkin, Susanna 1976
64395062Shatter, Susan 1973-1979
64395063Shattuck, Aaron Draper 1970
64395064Shattuck, Roger 1970
64395065Shatz, Jacqueline 1976
64395066Shaver, Nancy 1975
643952Shaw - Shwab undated
643953Sibbison - Simpson undated
643954Sims - Sliwinska undated
643955Sloan - Smith, David undated
643956Smith, Deborah - Sobrino undated
643957Soby - Soriano undated
6439581Sorinoi, Abramovich S. 1973
6439582Sorman, Steven 1976-1991
6439583Sormani, Marino 1970
6439584Sosa, Rene Aguero 1973-1974
6439585Soshana 1958-1973
6439586Sotilis, Lisa 1972
6439587-10Soto, Jesus Raphael (4 folders) 1956-1990
64395811Sotomayor, Jaime 1976
64395812Sottsass, Ettore 1964-1978
64395813Soucek, Karel 1958-1966
64395814Souchi 1973
64395815-17Soulages, Pierre (3 folders) 1953-1979
64395818Soult, Steve 1976
64395819Southall, Derek 1973, 1976
64395820Southcombe, Anthony 1978, undated
64395821-22Soutine, Chaime (2 folders) 1952-1983, undated
64395823Souto, Ozores 1973
64395824Soutter, Louis 1962-1987
64395825Souza, Al 1975, 1982, undated
64395826Souza, Aldir Mendes de 1977
64395827Souza, Francis Newton 1954-1962, undated
64395828Souza-Cardoso, Amadeo de undated
64395829Sovak, Pravoslav 1971-1976
64395830Sovia, Andy 1976
64395831Soviak, Harry 1964-1985
64395832Sowers, Miriam 1971-1972
64395833Sowers, Robert 1971, undated
64395834Soyer, Moses 1962-1977
64395835-36Soyer, Raphael (2 folders) 1956-1989
64395837Spacal, Luigi 1957-1964, undated
64395838Spadari, Giangiacomo 1968-1974
64395839Spaeth, Emil undated
64395840Spaeth, Otto L. 1952, 1955
64395841Spagnoli, Renato 1976
64395842Spagnolo, Sal 1975
64395843Spagnulo, Giuseppe 1972-1984
64395844Spahn, Dan 1974
64395845Spain, Mary 1977
64395846Spala, Malir Vaclav 1961
64395847Spalatin, Marko 1970-1975
64395848Spalding, Jeffrey 1981
64395849Spalletti, Ettore 1979
64395850Spandorfer, Merle 1970-1981
64395851Spannerova, Edita 1975
64395852Sparre, Eric 1987
64395853Spaulding, Selden 1964-1965
64395854Spaventa, George 1980
64395855Spazzapan, Luigi 1959-1964
64395856Speckels, Alma de Bretteville 1968
64395857Speicher, Eugene 1963, 1965, 1981
64395858Speiman, Jill 1973-1977
64395859Speirs, Doris Huestis undated
64395860Speiser, Stuart M. 1973-1976
64395861Spelce, Fannie Lou undated
64395862Spence, Andrew 1974
64395863Spence, John undated
6439591Spencer, Bill 1977
6439592Spencer, James B. circa 1975
6439593Spencer, Niles 1966-1990, undated
6439594Spencer, Robert 1965-1983
6439595Spencer, Stanley 1955-1978
6439596Spencer-Churchill, George undated
6439597Sperakis, Nicholas 1976-1980
6439598Sperl, Robert Zeppel 1973
6439599Spermon, Kees 1970
64395910Spero, Nancy 1974-1989, undated
64395911Sperone, Gian Enzo 1973
64395912Spescha, Matias 1959-1971, undated
64395913Speyer, Nora 1959-1983, undated
64395914Spiegelman, Art 1992
64395915Spierer, Madeleine 1975
64395916Spiers, Ray 1974, undated
64395917Spiesel, Christina Olson undated
64395918Spievogel, Bert 1971
64395919Spikol, Eileen 1974-1977
64395920Spilimbergo, Lino Enea undated
64395921Spillemaeker, Fetrnand 1971
64395922Spiller, Barbara 1976
64395923Spiller, Jurg 1951
64395924Spilliaert, Leon 1972
64395925Spina, Giusepe 1974
64395926Spina, Paul undated
64395927Spindel, Ferdinand 1959-1970
64395928Spindler, Louis 1970-1972
64395929Spinelli, Aldo 1973
64395930Spinelli, Peter 1974
64395931Spinelli, Pino 1974-1975
64395932Spiro-Smith, Lucille undated
64395933Spiteris, Giovanna 1962-1968
64395934Spitzer, James undated
64395935Spitzer, Moshe 1970-1978
64395936Spitzer, Neal 1976
64395937Spoerel, Hermann 1981
64395938Spoerri, Daniel 1960-1981, undated
64395939Spoerri, Max 1973-1977, undated
64395940Spofford, Sally 1974
64395941Spohn, Clay circa 1974
64395942Sponberger, Lars-Birger 1973
64395943Spratt, Fred undated
64395944Sprague, Nancy K. 1969
64395945Spreafico, Leonardo 1960, undated
64395946Sprengel, B. 1965
64395947Sprinchorn, Carl 1968
64395948Spring, Michael undated
64395949Springer, Ferdinand 1964-1975
64395950Springford, Vivian 1963- 1970, undated
64395951Sprotte, Siegward circa 1993
64395952Spruance, Benton 1967-1973
64395953Spruce, Everett undated
64395954Sprumont, Andre 1974
64395955Sproat, Christopher 1975, 1980
64395956Sprout, Randy 1974
64395957Spurey, Gerda 1978
64395958-59Spyropoulos, John (2 folders) 1958-1969, undated
64395960Spyer, Richard 1965-1977, undated
64395961Squier, Jack 1950-1968, undated
64395962Squires, Norma Jean 1960s
64395963Squires, Richard 1970
64395964Squirru, Carlos circa 1962
64395965Squirru, Rafael undated
64395966Srbinov, Mladen 1960
64395967Srnec, Aleksander 1971
64395968Srzednicki, Konrad 1968-1969
64395969Staakman, Ray 1973-1974
64395970Stacciolo, Mauro 1972-1984
64395971Stachańczynk, Grzegore 1993
64395972Stack, Gael 1978-1994
64395973Stackhouse, Robert 1969-1990, undated
64395974Stackpole, Peter 1976
64395975Stacy, Don circa 1959-1971
64395976Stadler, Albert 1964-circa 1972
64395977Stadler, Thomas 1982
64395978Stadtbaumer, Pia 1992, 1999
64395979Staebler, Stephen De 1974
64395980Staeck 1972, 1975
64395981-83Stael, Nicholas De (3 folders) 1950-1990
64395984Staffel, Rudolf 1981
64395985Stafford, Lawrence 1970-1974, undated
64395986Stahle, Armin circa 1977
64395987Stahly, Francois 1960
64395988Staiger, Paul 1974
64395989Stalder, Anselm circa 1981
64395990Staley, Earl 1970-1993, undated
64395991Stalin, John 1982
64395992Staller, Eric undated
64395993Stallknecht, Alice 1977
64395994Stamm, Ted 1975-1990
64395995-96Stamos, Theodore (2 folders) 1956-1993, undated
64395997-98Stämpfli, Peter (2 folders) 1967-1980, undated
643960Stamsta - Stevenson undated
643961Steinberg - Stephson undated
643992Stevenson - Stroh undated
643993Stroher - Surjan undated
644064Surls - Szyszlo undated
1010541Tabachnick, Anne 1963-1970s
1010542Tabak, Dorothy 1975-1978
1010543Tabaković, Ivan 1960s
1010544Tábara, Enrique 1963
1010545Tabuchi, Yasse 1985
1010546-7Tacha, Athena (2 folders) 1972-1989
1010548Tack, Augustus Vincent 1972-1973
1010549Tacla, Jorge 1983-1993
10105410Tacon, Edna 1966, undated
10105411Tacon, Percy 1949
10105412Tada, Etsuko 1970
10105413Tada, Minami 1973
10105414Tadasky 1960s
10105415-16Tadeusz, Norbert (2 folders) 1970-1991
10105417Tadini, Emilio 1967, 1974, 1993
10105418Taeuber-Arp, Sophie 1954-1990
10105419Tafel, Edgar 1965-1970, 1992
10105420Tafelmaier, Walter 1972
10105421Taft, Lorado 1983
10105422Tagaya 1970
10105423Taggart, Bill 1973-1979
10105424Taggart, Terry 1971
10105425Tagore, Rabindranath 1959-1971, undated
10105426Tague, Robert Bruce 1990
10105427Tahir, Salah 1960, undated
10105428Taino undated
10105429-30Tajiri, Shinkichi (2 folders) 1959-1977, undated
10105431Takaezu, Toshiko 1973
10105432Takahashi, Rikio 1962-1968
10105433Takahashi, Shū 1968-1977
10105434Takahashi, Taeko 1993
10105435Takai, Teiji 1959-1972
10105436Takal, Peter 1954-1972
10105437Takamatsu, Jirō 1966-1978
10105438Takayanagi, Yutaka 1975
10105439Taki 1962, undated
10105440-41Takis (2 folders) 1960-1990, undated
10105442Takis, Robert M. 1971
10105443Talan, Dianne 1978
10105444Talarico, Donald 1973
10105445Talbert, Ben undated
10105446Talbot, William H.M. 1963-1972
10105447Talbot, William Henry Fox undated
10105448Tal-Coat, Pierre 1954-1976
10105449Talca, Jorge 1993
10105450Talec, Nathalie 1986
10105451Tali 1973
10105452Taller, Alex 1969-1971, undated
10105453Tam, Reuben 1958-1967
644067Tamayo - Taranczewski undated
644068Tarantal - Theys undated
644144Thiebaud - Ting undated
644274Tingley - Tomshinsky undated
644275Tondo - Tozzi undated
644276Tracy - Tuck undated
644277Tucker - Tzur undated
644278Ubac - Utterback undated
644279Utteatt - Van Geest undated
644280Vangi - Vasarely, Victor undated
644281Vasarely, Victor - Verlinde undated
644282Verlon - Villarini undated
644283Villarreal - Voorhier undated
644284Voorst - Waldron undated
644285Waldrum - Warpechowski undated
6442861Warren, Guy 1977
6442862Warren, Michel 1975, 1987, 1989
6442863Warren, Rosalie 1970
6442864Warren, Russ 1979, 1981
6442865Warrens, Robert 1971-1979, 1990
6442866Warring, Bruce undated
6442867Warshaw, Howard 1954-1976
6442868Warshaw, Laurence 1969
6442869Warzager, Ber 1973
64428610Warzecha, Marian 1964, 1973
64428611Wasey, Jane 1971
64428612Washburn, Joan 1971
64428613Washburn, M. undated
64428614Wasko, Ryszard 1981
64428615Wasny, Gladys undated
64428616Wąsowska, Maria 1974
64428617Wassenaar, Anke undated
64428618Wassenberg, Maio 1978
64428619Wasserburger, C. A. 1975
64428620Wasserman, Barbara 1964
64428621Wasserman, Burton 1965-1975
64428622Wasserman, Emily 1972
64428623Wasserman, Helene 1965
64428624Wasserman, Max 1966
64428625Wasserstein, Julius 1960s-1973
64428626Watanabe, Junzo 1970
64428627Watanabe, Ryo 1980, undated
64428628Watanabe, Sadao 1969
64428629Watcke, Tom 1986
64428630Watel, Andrew 1981
64428631Watenphul, Max Peiffer 1965
64428632Waterman, Doug 1971-1974
64428633Waterman, Gar 1993
64428634Waterman, Judith 1976, undated
64428635Waters, Sandy undated
64428636Waterston, Darren 1993
64428637Waterstreet, Ken 1974, undated
64428638Watkins, Brian 1961
64428639Watkins, Franklin 1954, 1964
64428640Watkins, Jesse 1971
64428641Watkins, Tim undated
64428642Watson, Colin Webster undated
64428643Watson, Homer 1963
64428644Watson, Robert 1962-1965, undated
64428645Watson, Ron 1973
64428646Wattenberg, Jane 1972
64428647Watts, Bob undated
64428648Watts, Chi undated
64428649Watts, Christopher 1972, 1977
64428650Watts, Joan Woodson 1968, 1980
64428651Watts, Robert 1958-1976
64428652Watts, Todd 1978
64428653Waugh, Coulton 1968, 1971
64428654Waugh, Frederick Judd 1963-1968, 1978
64428655Wawrin, Isolde 1984
64428656Waxberg, Richard 1975, undated
64428657Way, Jeff 1974-1980
64428658Wayne, Alan 1981
64428659Wayne, James M. undated
64428660Wayne, June 1959-1974
64428661Wayne, Sam undated
64428662Wdowski, Grzegorz 1962
64428663Weare, Shane undated
64428664Weatherson, Alexander 1958, undated
64428665Weaver, Robert 1972, 1977, undated
64428666Webb, Boyd 1978-1987
64428667Webb, Doug 1981, undated
64428668Webb, Harriet 1975
64428669Webb, Hugh undated
64428670Webb, Jim 1972
64428671Webb, Spider 1976
64428672Webb, Todd 1979, undated
64428673Webber, Francis undated
64428674Webber, Helen 1963
64428675Webber, Ron 1973
64428676Weber, Anne 1972
64428677Weber, Arnold 1965-1968, 1978
64428678Weber, Clare undated
64428679Weber, Hugo 1954-1976, undated
64428680Weber, Idelle 1963-1977, undated
64428681Weber, John undated
64428682Weber, Marilyn 1967, 1969
64428683-84Weber, Max (2 folders) 1956-1989
64428685Weber, Roland 1974
64428686Weber, Stephanie 1985
64428687Weber, Willy 1971-1973
64428688Weber, Wolfgang 1974, undated
64428689Weberman, Harris Edward 1977, undated
64428690Weborg, Jan 1971
64428691Webster, E. Ambrose 1965, 1968
64428692Webster, Herman A. 1974
64428693Webster, Meg 1990
64428694Wechsler, Arnold 1971
64428695Wechsler, Jacob 1954
64428696Wechter, Vivienne Thawl 1962-1978
64428697Weck, Wolfgang undated
64428698Weddige, Emil 1977, undated
64428699Wedgwood, Geoffrey Heath undated
644286100Wedgwood, Josiah 1965
644286101Wedin, Elof undated
644286102Wedow, Rudy 1967
644286103Weed, Tom 1978
644286104Weedman undated
644286105Weedman, Kenneth 1993
644286106Weedman, Kenneth Russell 1973
644286107Weege, Billy 1973, undated
644286108-109Weeks, James (2 folders) 1961-1988
644286110Weel, Bet 1976
644286111Weelen, Guy 1963, 1966
644286112Weems, Carrie Mae 1996
644286113Weene, Rosalyn 1994
644286114Wega (Wega Nery) 1967-1973, undated
644286115Wegman, Wiliam 1971-1979, 1993
644286116Wegner, Lena Kowalewicz undated
644286117Wegner, Nicholas 1978
644286118Wegner, Stefan undated
644286119Weh, Renate 1973, undated
644286120Wehrenberg, Ralph 1964
644286121Wehrens, Jan 1982
644286122Weibel, Peter 1975
644286123Weichberger, Philipp 1958-1970
644286124Weidemann, Jakob 1961, 1984
644286125Weidl, Seff 1952, undated
644286126Weidman, John 1973
644286127Weidmann, Daniel 1972
644286128Weidner, Gary 1993
644286129Weie, Edvard 1982
644286130Weiers, Ernst 1954-1962
644286131Weight, Carel undated
644286132Weihs, Erika 1961-1974
644286133Weihs, Kurt 1969-1970, undated
644287Weil - Werner undated
644288Wernher - Whiteley undated
6521441Whiteley, Brett 1975
6521442Whiteman, Edward 1965, 1976
6521443Whiten, Colette 1973
6521444Whitfield, Travis 1972-1975
6521445Whitfield, Vincent 1975
6521446Whitman, Robert 1961-1979
6521447Whitman, Simone 1968
6521448Whitman, Sylvia 1977
6521449Whitney, Frances 1962
65214410Whitney, Isabel Lydia 1963
65214411Whitten, Jack circa 1969-1974, undated
65214412Whittome, Irene 1978
65214413Whorf, John 1961, 1969
65214414Whybrow, Gerry 1975
65214415Whyte, Kenneth Raye 1972
65214416Whyte, Raymond A. 1961-1963, circa 1972
65214417Wiasigina-Kowalenko, Claudia 1966
65214418Wibin, Jean Bernard 1976
65214419Wichman, Erich 1959
65214420Wichner, Milton 1981
65214421Wick, Robert circa 1969
65214422Wickenburg, Alfred 1962, 1976-1977
65214423Wickey, Harry 1968-1969
65214424Wicki, Bernhard 1961
65214425Wickiser, Ralph 1968, 1976-1977, 1991
65214426Widder, Felix 1971
65214427Widenfalk, Lars 1989
65214428Wides, Susan 1993, 2002
65214429Widmaier, Hank 1974
65214430Widman, Harry circa 1964
65214431Widmann, Bruno 1970
65214432Wiecek, Magdalena 1961
65214433Wiechmann, Flora Savioli 1963
65214434Wieczorka, Karola 1976
65214435Wiedemann, Guillermo 1958-1970
65214436Wiederspan, Stan circa 1973
65214437Wiegand, Charmion von 1978-1994
65214438Wiegand, Gottfried 1976-1978
65214439Wiegand, Robert circa 1964-1975
65214440Wiegele, Franz 1974
65214441Wiegers, Jan 1953-1963
65214442Wieghardt, Paul 1966, undated
65214443Wieland, Joyce circa 1963-1978
65214444Wiele, Gerald van de 1962-1973
65214445Wielen, Evylin van der circa 1972
65214446Wielgus, Raymond 1966
65214447Wiemken, Walter Kurt circa 1962
65214448Wiener, Isidor 1970-1974
65214449Wiener, Sam circa 1971-1976
65214450Wiesauer-Reiterer, Heliane 1972
65214451Wiesenfeld, Paul 1973-1981
65214452Wiesner, Jurgen 1987
65214453Wiesner, Richard 1957, circa 1973
65214454Wigert, Hans 1968
65214455Wiggins, Guy Carleton 1970
65214456Wigglesworth, Anne Parker 1975
65214457Wiggli, Oscar 1968-1969
65214458Wight, Frederick 1956-1981
65214459Wiiralt, Eduard 1947
65214460Wijngaerdt, Piet van 1954
65214461Wik, Wilhelm 1969, 1971
65214462Wikstrom, Robert 1971
65214463Wilbert, Robert 1962-1984
65214464Wilburn, Phillip 1967
65214465Wilchusky, Le Ann Bartok 1974
65214466Wilcox, Jarvis 1973-1981
65214467Wilcox, Lucia 1961, 1974
65214468Wilcox, Robert 1964
65214469Wild, Bruce circa 1972
65214470Wild, David 1963
65214471Wild, Ernst 1962, undated
65214472Wild, Marianne 1975-1976
65214473Wilde, John 1965-1972, 1984, undated
65214474Wildemann, Heinrich 1966
65214475Wildenhain, Frans 1977
65214476Wildenhain, Marguerite 1966
65214477Wildenstein, Georges 1963-1965
65214478Wilder, Joe 1968-1979
65214479Wilder, Nicholas 1974
65214480Wilding, Alison 1985-1989
65214481Wilding, Ludwig 1960, 1969-1978
65214482Wildt, Heinrich 1966
65214483Wiles, Irving R. 1967
65214484Wiley, Hugh 1956
65214485Wiley, Irena 1955
65214486-87Wiley, William T. (2 folders) 1962-1997
65214488Wilfred, Thomas 1968
65214489Wilhelm, Theo 1970, 1974
65214490Wilhelmsson, Rolf 1978
65214491Wilke, Hannah 1972-1978, undated
65214492Wilke, Karen Alexis 1955
65214493Wilke, Rudolf 1957, 1963, 1973
65214494Wilke, Ulfert 1948-1977
65214495Wilker, Erich 1972-1975
65214496Wilkerson, Jerry 1972, 1977
65214497Wilkes, Gunter 1971-1972
65214498Wilkes, Jack 1990
65214499Wilkins, Tim circa 1973-1975
652144100Wilkinson, John 1974
652144101Wilkinson, Lanette 1973
652144102Wilkinson, Una 1976, 1978
652144103Will, Dennis circa 1972
652144104Willaert, Joseph 1976
652144105Willard, Charlotte 1964-1968
652144106Willard, Howard 1958, 1976
652144107Willats, Stephen 1975-1980, undated
652144108Willem, Denyse 1970
652144109Willems, Robert circa 1977
652144110Willen, Gerald 1963-1965
652144111Willenbecher, John 1963-1978
652144112Willequet, Andre circa 1968
652144113Williames, Shad 1976
652144114Williams, Alan 1973
6521491Williams, Amancio 1942-1972
6521492Williams, Aubrey 1962-1963
6521493Williams, Bruce 1966
6521494Williams, Charles T. 1957
6521495Williams, Chester 1970
6521496Williams, Claude K. 1969-1978
6521497Williams, Emmett 1963
6521498Williams, Franklin 1965-1977
6521499Williams, G. Mennen 1966, undated
65214910Williams, Gerard 1994
65214911Williams, Gerry 1970
65214912Williams, Guy 1965-1986, undated
65214913Williams, Hiram 1962-1978, undated
65214914Williams, Isabel 1971
65214915Williams, Jeanine Smith 1967, undated
65214916Williams, Joyce 1967
65214917Williams, Lawrence 1975, 1977, undated
65214918Williams, Louis R. 1967, 1976
65214919Williams, Mark undated
65214920Williams, Neill 1964-1989
65214921Williams, Nelson 1977, undated
65214922Williams, Paul 1970
65214923Williams, Randy 1977, undated
65214924Williams, Robert L. undated
65214925Williams, Roger 1973-1977, undated
65214926Williams, Saul 1974, 1978
65214927Williams, Susan Lewis circa 1975, undated
65214928Williams, Stephen 1990
65214929Williams, Walter 1962, 1963
65214930Williams, Wayne Francis 1961-1974
65214931Williams, William 1970-1976
65214932Williamson, Clara circa 1948-circa 1967, undated
65214933Williamson, Philemona 1993
65214934Willikens, Ben 1978
65214935Willing, Victor 1978
65214936Willink, Albert Carel 1974
65214937Willis, Constance Clark 1963
65214938Willis, Jay circa 1972, 1976, undated
65214939Willis, Thornton 1968-1993, undated
65214940Willis, William 1989
65214941Wills, Miriam 1974
65214942Willsgate-Smythe, Avery undated
65214943Willsher-Martel, Joan 1978
65214944Willson, Robert 1964-1973, undated
65214945-46Wilmarth, Chris (2 folders) 1968-1989, undated
65214947Wilmarth, Susan circa 1978
65214948Wilner, Lucinda 1975
65214949Wilp, Charles 1974
65214950Wils, Lydia 1975, undated
65214951Wilson, Al undated
65214952Wilson, Ann 1972
65214953Wilson, Ben 1964-1966, undated
65214954Wilson, Bill 1977
65214955Wilson, Bryon circa 1956-1966, undated
65214956Wilson, Charles 1966
65214957Wilson, Donald Roller 1969-1993
65214958Wilson, Douglas Fenn 1977-1979
65214959Wilson, Emily 1968
65214960Wilson, Evelyn 1962
65214961Wilson, Forrest 1962
65214962Wilson, Frank Avray 1960
65214963Wilson, Fred 1990
65214964Wilson, Glenn 1960, 1966, undated
65214965Wilson, Gohan 1974
65214966Wilson, Helen 1965, circa 1977
65214967Wilson, Helena Chapellin 1993
65214968Wilson, Howard S. 1966
65214969Wilson, Ian 1970, 1978, undated
65214970Wilson, Jane 1991-1993
65214971Wilson, Jim 1977
65214972Wilson, Mark 1974, undated
65214973Wilson, Martha S. 1970s, undated
65214974Wilson, May 1971-1990
65214975Wilson, Michael 1981
65214976Wilson, P. circa 1975
65214977Wilson, R. Thornton circa 1964
65214978Wilson, Richard 1949, 1968
65214979Wilson, Robert 1974-1990, undated
65214980Wilson, Scottie 1962
65214981Wilson, Sol 1962, 1967
65214982Wilson, Stanley C. undated
65214983Wilson, Sybil 1962-1970
65214984Wilson, Thomas T. 1973
65214985Wilson, Tom Muir 1960s
65214986Wilson, Vernon 1977, undated
65214987Wilson, William 1970-1975, undated
65214988Wilson, York 1968
65214989Wilt, Richard 1958-1970, undated
65214990Wiman, Bill 1976, 1977, undated
65214991Wimberly, Frank 1974
65214992Wimmer, Charles 1969
65214993Wimmer, Hans 1976, 1977, undated
65214994Winberg, Hasse 1978
65214995Winborn, Bobbi undated
65214996Wind, Dina 1993
65214997Wind, Edgar 1960
65214998Wind, Gerhard 1971
65214999Windham, Donald 1970s
652149100Windheim, Dorothee Von 1973
652149101Windust, Marjorie 1962-1964, undated
652149102Wine, Gordon David undated
652149103Winer, Arthur Howard 1971-1973, undated
652149104Wines, James 1960-1966, undated
652149105Wing, Elaine undated
652149106Wingate, Arline 1962
652149107Wingerter, John 1977
652149108Wing-Lin, Kan 1976
652149109Wingo, Buster undated
652149110Wingo, Michael undated
652149111Wingreen, Dan 1958-1978, undated
652149112Winiarski, Ryszard 1974-1980, undated
652149113Winiecki, Wladyslaw 1977
652149114Winkfield, Trevor undated
652149115Winkler, Federico 1981
652149116Winkler, Fritz Paul 1978
652149117Winkler, John W. undated
652149118Winkler, Woldemar 1964-1978, undated
652149119Winnewisser, Rolf 1972-1975, undated
652149120Winner, Gerd 1968, 1974
652149121Winokgrand, Garry undated
652149122Winokur, Paula 1978
652149123Winsberg, Jacques 1959-1972, undated
652149124Winship, John 1993
652149125Winslow, Jean undated
652149126Winslow, John 1973-1978, undated
652149127Winsor, Jacqueline 1973-1988, undated
652149128Winsrugg, Marian M. 1974
652149129-131Winston, Harry (3 folders) 1951-1974, undated
652149132Winston, Sara undated
652149133Winteler, Anna 1981
652159Winter - Wols undated
652220Wolska - Wyss undated
100552Xavier - Youngerman undated
691815Youngerman, J. - Zehngut undated
100553Zehr - Zym undated
100554Oversize 1: Adam - Cesar undated
100555Oversize 1: Chagall - Gereau undated
100556Oversize 1: Gerstner - Lam undated
100557Oversize 1: Larrain - Pichler undated
100558Oversize 1: Pisani - Tapies undated
100559Oversize 1: Telemaque - Zucker undated
100560Oversize 2: Alechinsky - Luginbuhl undated
100561Oversize 2: Machlin - Zakrzewski undated