Thomas M. Messer records

Thomas M. Messer records

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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Office of the Director.
Thomas M. Messer records
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1931-2002 (bulk 1961-1988)
121 cubic ft. (277 boxes)
Historical Abstract:
Thomas M. Messer (TMM) served as Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) from 1961 until 1988 and as Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation from 1980-1988. He was the museum's third director.
Scope and Content Abstract:
The Thomas M. Messer records document the activities of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF) director, Thomas M. Messer (TMM). The bulk of the records in this collection span the duration of TMM's directorship of the SRGM. This collection contains correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, memoranda, departmental records, exhibition information, loan information and legal documents. Information on acquisition of new artwork, SRGM exhibitions, museum renovations, TMM's professional and scholarly activities outside the SRGM, communications between TMM and artists, scholars, and colleagues at other museums and arts institutions can be found in this collection.
Collection is primarily in English.
Organized into 8 series: 1. Governance; 2. Administration; 3. Artist Correspondence; 4. Director's Office Files; 5. Exhibitions and Objects; 6. Personal and Professional; 7. Scholarship; and 8. Day Files.
The collection is partially restricted, including the entirety of Series 8. Please contact the Manager of the Library and Archives for further information.
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Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Manager of the Library and Archives.
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Thomas M. Messer records. A0007. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York, NY.
American Association of Museum Directors.
American Association of Museums.
American Federation of Arts.
Art -- Exhibitions.
Art museum directors.
Art, Modern -- 19th century.
Art, Modern -- 20th century.
Artists -- Correspondence.
International Council of Museums.
MacDowell Colony, Inc.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.
Thannhauser, Justin, 1892-1976.
Halpert, Susan.
Kramer, Linda Konheim.
Lattin, Floyd.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
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Historical Note

Thomas M. Messer (TMM) was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia on February 9, 1920 to Dr. Richard and Agatha (née Albrecht) Messer. TMM's father was an art historian and educator who taught at Charles University in Prague.

TMM came to the United States in 1939 as an exchange student through the Institute of International Education and entered Thiel College in Greeneville, Pennsylvania, where he studied chemistry. He later transferred to Boston University and studied modern languages, earning a B.A. in 1942. TMM enlisted in the United States Army in 1943, serving in France and Germany. After the end of WWII, he remained in Europe and formally studied art for the first time at La Sorbonne in Paris, earning a degree in 1947.

Between 1949 and 1952, TMM served as Director of the Roswell Museum of History and Art (now Roswell Museum and Art Center) in Roswell, New Mexico. TMM joined the staff of the American Federation of the Arts in 1952, becoming the Director of Exhibitions in 1953 and Director in 1955. TMM then became the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Boston from 1957 to 1961. Under his leadership funds were raised for a permanent building for the ICA, which was completed in 1960.

TMM's relationship with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) began when he was appointed Director in January 1961, a position he held for 27 years until his retirement on June 30, 1988. At the time of TMM's appointment, the SRGM's iconic Frank Lloyd Wright building had opened less than two years prior and its viability as a museum was still a topic of great controversy. Working with curatorial staff that included Lawrence Alloway, Edward F. Fry, Angelica Rudenstine, Margit Rowell, Louise Svendsen, and Diane Waldman, among others, TMM organized temporary exhibitions that proved the museum's viability and expanded the scope of its exhibition program. TMM organized exhibitions such as "The Emergent Decade: Latin American Painters and Painting in the 1960's" (1965-1966) and "Joseph Beuys" (1979), which brought new forms of contemporary art to United States audiences. The last exhibition organized under TMM's administration was "Modern Treasures from the National Gallery in Prague" (1988).

TMM significantly expanded the museum's permanent collection through the acquisition of two important collections, the Thannhauser Collection and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. TMM was able to negotiate a gift of a significant collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and early modern works from Justin K. Thannhauser (JKT). The collector was TMM's neighbor and their friendship began in the 1950's. The Thannhauser Collection, which broadened the SRGF collection beyond its 20th-century focus, was housed in the Thannhauser Wing of the museum's Monitor building from 1965 until TJK's death in 1976. The collection was legally transferred to the SRGF in 1978. JKT's wife, Hilde Thannhauser made additional gifts to the collection, including a bequest of ten paintings upon her death in 1991.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, including the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, where it was and remains housed, was formally donated by Peggy Guggenheim (PG) to the SRGF in 1976. PG was courted for years by TMM and Presidents Harry F. Guggenheim (Solomon R. Guggenheim's nephew) and Peter Lawson-Johnston (Solomon's grandson); she was invited to show her collection at the SRGM, resulting in the exhibition "Works from the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation" in 1969. The SRGF assumed management and full responsibility for the collection upon PG's death in 1979. The painting and sculpture from the PGC further extended the span and depth of the collection to include works from movements such as Surrealism, which had previously been underrepresented in the New York museum.

Outside of the SRGM, TMM was an active member of many museum professional organizations. He assumed key leadership roles in many of these organizations, including the American Association of Museums (AAM), American Association of Museum Directors (AAMD), and the International Council of Museums (ICOM), among others. TMM received numerous honors during the course of his career, which included: Knight First Class, Royal Order of St. Olav, Norway in 1966; Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1975; Officer's Cross of the Order of Leopold II, Belgium in 1978; and the Chevalier Legion of Honor, France in 1980. After his retirement as director of the SRGM and SRGF, TMM remained involved in the art world by serving as trustee and advisor to various arts organizations, such as the Noguchi Museum, the Institute of International Education, and the Calder Foundation.


February 9, 1920Born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
1939Came to United States as an exchange student under the auspices of the Institute of International Education
1939-1941Attended Thiel College
1942Received B.A. from Boston University
1944Became a naturalized U.S. Citizen
1947Received degree from La Sorbonne, University of Paris
1948Married Remedios (Remi) Garcia Villa
1949-1952Served as Director of the Roswell Museum of History and Art (now Roswell Museum and Art Center), Roswell, New Mexico
1951Received M.A. from Harvard University
1952-1953Served as Assistant Director of the American Federation of Arts (AFA), New York City
1953-1955AFA, Director of Exhibitions
1955-1956AFA, Director
1957-1961Served as Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
1960Adjunct Professor, Harvard University
1961Appointed Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) in January
1963Justin K. Thannhauser (JKT) bequeathed works of his collection to the SRGF
1965-1976The Thannhauser collection was placed on loan, as a promised gift, to the SRGM and housed in the Thannhauser Wing until JKT's death in 1976.
1966Senior Fellow, Center for Advanced Study, Wesleyan University
1966, 1970Adjunct Professor, Barnard College
1969"Works from the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation" opened at the SRGM
1973"Edvard Munch" monograph published by Harry W. Abrams, Inc., New York
1974-1975Served as President of the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD)
1976After the death of Justin K. Thannhauser, the Thannhauser Collection formally entered SRGM holdings; the gift of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (PGC) and the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni was formalized
1976-1978Served as Founding Chairman, International Exhibitions Committee of the American Federation of Arts
1977-1980President of the MacDowell Colony, Inc.
1978The Thannhauser Collection was legally transferred to the SRGF
1979SRGF assumed management and full responsibility for the PGC upon the death of Peggy Guggenheim
1978-1984Chariman, International Council of Museums (ICOM), Committee of the American Association of Museums (AAM), Washington, D.C.
1980Appointed Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF); Appointed the first director of the PGC
1984Guest Professor at Hochschule für angewandt Kunst, Vienna, Austria
1988"Modern Treasures from the National Gallery in Prague" was the last exhibition held under TMM's administration; Retired as SRGM and SRGF director effective June 30


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Scope and Content Note

The Thomas M. Messer records document the activities of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's (SRGM) third director. The bulk of the records in this collection coincide with the 27 year duration of Thomas M. Messer's (TMM) directorship of the SRGM from 1961 until 1988. This collection contains correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, memoranda, department records, exhibition information, loan forms, and legal documents. Incoming and outgoing correspondence is heavily represented in the collection, including exhibition proposals; congratulatory notes; invitations; loan request; acquisition acknowledgement letters; and communication between TMM and artists, scholars, collectors, and colleagues at other museums and arts institutions. Some letters include attachments of photographs, invitations, newspaper clippings, exhibition brochures, and financial documentation. Most records document TMM's administration of the SRGM, including the expansion of its permanent collection. Records related to TMM's activities outside the SRGM can be found in Series 6. Personal and Professional and Series 7. Scholarship.

Series 1. Governance includes the governing documents of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF) and documentation of the activities of the SRGR Board of Trustees (BOT), primarily through copies of BOT meeting minutes, agendas, and other meeting materials. Further insight into the structure of the museum administration is provided in Series 2. Administration, which includes reports generated by various museum departments documenting their activities, organizational charts, and personnel information. This series, along with Series 4. Director's Office Files, documents the day to day activities of museum operations. Series 4. Director's Office Files contains the records of Susan Halpert, Linda Konheim (Kramer), and Floyd Lattin, who worked directly under TMM in the Director's Office.

Information on the physical expansion of the SRGM and the various renovations of the Frank Lloyd Wright building are well documented in Series 2. Administration. The series also contains various materials gathered by TMM on the history of the SRGM and on various institutions and art subjects. Series 2. also contains information on events held at the SRGM.

Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects contains information related to artists of interest to TMM, exhibitions, loans, acquisitions, and information on works of art in the permanent collection. The exhibition files contain correspondence, checklists, wall lists, research, publications, traveling exhibition information, loans, and newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining to numerous exhibitions held or planned to be held at the SRGM during TMM's tenure as director. While Series 5 contains research on artists as well as some correspondence with artists directly pertaining to SRGM exhibitions, the majority of correspondence between TMM and artists is located in Series 3. Artist Correspondence. This series reveals the personal relationships TMM developed with a number of artists over the course of his career and addresses artist development; works of art; exhibitions; and the New York, national, and international art communities.

TMM's biographical information, involvement with other art organizations, participation in non-SRGM juried exhibitions, and his leadership roles in various professional organizations are documented in Series 6. Personal and Professional. TMM's involvement in the American Federation of Arts, the International Council of Museums, the American Association of Museum Directors, the International Exhibitions Committee within the American Federation of Arts, and the MacDowell Colony are especially well represented in this series. Series 7. Scholarship contains material on courses taught by TMM, interviews with TMM conducted by and for other organizations, his published and unpublished writings, lecture materials, and his art historical research.

The Day files in Series 8 were established in 1961 under the directorship of Thomas Messer and was discontinued in 1990 under the directorship of Tom Krens. The Day files consist of copies of all outgoing correspondence from Solomon R. Guggenheim professional staff, 1961–1990. Neither original correspondence nor incoming correspondence is included in this series. Series 8 is restricted.

The correspondence index found in Series 2. Administration has been digitized and is available to view online through links in the folder list below. Additional digitized highlights from the collection can be seen at

Series Descriptions

Series 1. Governance, 1937, 1960-1988, 4.25 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 1. Governance includes the governing documents of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF), such as its by-laws and charter, as well as documentation of the activities of the SRGF Board of Trustees (BOT) during Thomas M. Messer's (TMM) tenure at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). The majority of the records consist of TMM's copies of agendas, correspondence, minutes, reports, and other materials from the BOT. All meeting minutes are arranged chronologically. Information on the organization of the SRGF and a list of its board members can be found in the series. Records under individual Board Members and Officers are largely composed of correspondence with TMM concerning BOT meetings and SRGM. The President of the SRGF at the beginning of TMM's tenure was Harry F. Guggenheim, who served in the position until Peter Lawson-Johnston succeeded him in 1969. Both presidents are represented by the records in this series. Copies of the SRGF charter and by-laws are also present. Records concerning the acquisition of artwork, budget planning, insurance, legal matters, and meeting minutes are restricted.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 2. Administration, 1931-1990 (bulk 1961-1988), 26.38 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 2. Administration documents the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) under Thomas M. Messer's (TMM) directorship. The bulk of the documents in this series coincide with the duration of TMM's directorship from 1961 until 1988. The series includes correspondence, grant applications, memoranda, reports, newspaper and magazine articles, architectural drawings, brochures, calendars, and photographs. This series contains information on many SRGM departments, as TMM directed the activities of the entire museum. Specific information on the administrative structure of the museum can be found in organizational charts, job descriptions and department reports. Documentation on renovation and additions the SRGM building (1963 to 1988) is well represented. The bulk of this series is comprised of incoming and outgoing correspondence. The correspondence includes exhibition proposals, letters of recommendation, congratulatory notes, invitations, lecture requests, and general communication between TMM and scholars, collectors, and colleagues at other museums and arts institutions. The majority of correspondence is organized into general alphabetical folders by the correspondent's last name. Cross reference sheets, which index the correspondent with their respective institution or organization and vice-versa by year, can be found at the beginning of the correspondence under general. These cross reference sheets have been digitized and are available to view online. The remainder of the correspondence is arranged by individual, organization, or topic. Please check general correspondence as well as the indexed correspondence as correspondence may be in both file locations. Additional correspondence can be found in Series 3. Artist Correspondence and in Series 4. Director's Office Files. The Finance Department records mostly consist of TMM's expenses, but contain some budget information. Additional TMM expenses can be found among his travel materials, which are organized alphabetically by destination and also contain itineraries, correspondence, receipts, and brochures. Most information on acquisition of artwork, conservation, insurance, and certain finance and legal documents are restricted.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 3. Artist Correspondence, 1961-1989 (bulk 1961-1988), 6.3 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 3. Artist Correspondence includes incoming and outgoing correspondence between Thomas Messer (TMM) and artists supported by the museum between 1961 and 1988, the years of TMM's directorship. Subjects addressed in the correspondence include works of art, exhibitions, artist development, dealers, galleries, art historical criticism, and the New York, national, and international art communities. The series also reveals the personal relationships TMM developed with a number of artists over the course of his career.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 4. Director's Office Files, 1960-1987, 3.85 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 4. Director's Office Files (DOF) is organized into three subseries and contains material created by three staff members who worked directly under Thomas M. Messer (TMM) during his directorship: Susan Halper (SH), executive assistant; Linda Konheim (Kramer) (LK), curatorial administrator; and Floyd Lattin (FL), museum secretary. Subseries A.) Halpert, Susan contains correspondence sent directly to her and also includes general questions or comments addressed to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation President Harry F. Guggenheim. SH began her employment at the SRGM as TMM's executive assistant, but her duties expanded to include personnel. Information on job descriptions, organizational charts, employees, and staff meetings can be found in her records and in Series 3. Administration under Personnel. Subseries B.) Konheim, Linda mainly documents curatorial and public affairs activities. Additional information on events can be found in Series 3. Administration under Events. Subseries C.) Lattin, Floyd contains records dealing almost exclusively with finance and funding.
Arrangement: Organized into 3 subseries: A.) Halpert, Susan; B.) Konheim, Linda; and C.) Lattin, Floyd
Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects, 1942-1989 (bulk 1961-1988), 19.18 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects documents the exhibition activities of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM); works of art in the permanent collection; loans; and artists of interest to Thomas M. Messer (TMM). Subseries A.) Artist Records is comprised of brochures and booklets; correspondence with gallerists and collectors; exhibition announcements and invitations; photographs of artworks (including slides and transparencies); press clippings; and resumes of artists. The subseries contains research materials collected on individual artists, including printed ephemera related to their exhibitions and photographic documentation of their artworks. Also heavily represented within this subseries are records documenting works of art offered for sale to the SRGM. Records for works of art acquired by the museum are located in Subseries D.) Permanent Collection. Correspondence between TMM and artists can be found in Series 3. Artist Correspondence. The majority of records within the Exhibitions and Objects series reflect the SRGM's exhibition activities during TMM's tenure as director and can be found in Subseries B.) Exhibitions. This subseries documents exhibitions planned by the SRGM regardless of whether or not the exhibitions were held. Information pertaining to exhibitions offered to the SRGM from other institutions, which were turned down by the SRGM, can be found under general correspondence in Series 2. Administration. Record types within Subseries B.) Exhibitions consist of checklists, correspondence, exhibition memoranda, invitations, memoranda, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, wall labels, wall lists, and wall texts. The exhibition numbers in folder titles refer to numbers assigned to SRGM-organized exhibitions by SRGM staff. In instances where an exhibition number is not included in the folder title, either the exhibition occurred but was never assigned a number or the exhibition was planned but not held. The General section of this subseries is largely comprised of documents which refer to multiple exhibitions. Subseries C.) Loans provides information on both incoming and outgoing loans as well as information on loan requests that were denied. Loans pertaining to specific exhibition can be found in Subseries B.) Exhibitions. The majority of records within Subseries C.) Loans are restricted. Subseries D.) Permanent Collection documents individual works in the permanent collection as well as the acquisition of the Evelyn Sharp Collection, the Hilla Rebay Collection, the Katherine S. Dreier Bequest, and the Thannhauser Collection. Record types within this subseries include correspondence; collection worksheets providing basic cataloging and provenance information; inventories; legal documents such as wills and deeds of gift; photographs; and registrar's receipts. Records in the Thannhauser Collection section pertains to works of art as well as the Thannhauser Wing (originally called the Thannhauser Gallery). A large number of records within Subseries D.) Permanent Collection are restricted.
Arrangement: Organized into 4 subseries: A.) Artist Records; B.) Exhibitions; C.) Loans; D.) Permanent Collection.
Series 6. Personal and Professional, 1955-2002 (bulk 1965-1985), 17.45 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 6. Personal and Professional reflects Thomas M. Messer's (TMM) personal life and professional activities outside of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). The series is divided into two subseries: A.) Personal and B.) Professional. Subseries A.) Personal includes international decorations and honors, resumes and biographical material, a bibliography of Messer's published works, honorary degrees and trusteeships, newspaper and magazine clippings, and photographs of TMM and his wife, Remi Messer (RM). Some of the photographs of TMM and RM were taken inside the SRGM or at SRGM-related events. Subseries B.) Professional documents TMM's work with outside art organizations, with the majority of records spanning Messer's tenure at the SRGM (1961-1988). Records pertaining to these organizations may include by-laws, correspondence, member lists and dues, publications and reports. TMM was especially active in the American Association of Museums (AAM), the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the American Association of Museum Directors (AAMD), the International Exhibitions Committee (IEC) within the American Federation of Arts (AFA) and the MacDowell Colony, Incorporated. His leadership roles in these organizations are especially well documented here. TMM's participation in non-SRGM juried exhibitions is also present in this series.
Arrangement: Organized into 2 subseries: A.) Personal; and B.) Professional
Series 7. Scholarship, 1948-1989 (bulk 1961-1988), 6.4 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 7. Scholarship is divided into 5 subseries, which document Thomas M. Messer's (TMM) intellectual activity both within and beyond the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). Spanning 1948-1989, records include lecture notes, slide lists, published articles, monograph research and draft material. Subseries A.) Course Materials includes course notes for art history courses taught at Barnard College, Wesleyan University and Harvard University. Subseries B.) Interviews consists of interviews with TMM conducted by and for other organizations. Additional interviews with TMM, conducted by Linda Konheim on the occasion of various SRGM exhibitions, can be found in Series 4. Director's Office Files: Subseries B.) Konheim, Linda. Subseries C.) Lectures includes lecture notes, slide lists and texts of lectures TMM conducted at SRGM and other institutions. Subseries D.) consists primarily of research on various artists. Research conducted for specific writings can be found in Subseries E.) Writings. Subseries E.) Writings includes published and unpublished writings, draft material, notes and research.
Arrangement: Organized into 5 subseries: A.) Course Materials; B.) Interviews; C.) Lectures; D.) Research; and E.) Writings
Series 8. Day Files, 1961-1990, 37 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 8. Day Files were established in 1961 as a means of collecting copies of all outgoing correspondence from Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's professional staff. The process of collecting correspondence was begun on November 1, 1961, under the directorship of Thomas M. Messer. The collection of the correspondence was discontinued in 1990 under the directorship of Tom Krens. The Day files consist of copies of all outgoing correspondence from Solomon R. Guggenheim professional staff, 1961–1990. The outgoing correspondence is addressed to other museums, galleries, organizations, artists, scholars, and members of the art and NYC communities. The subject matter of the correspondence includes general collections, exhibitions, public relations, finance, events, research projects, artists, and the general functions of the Guggenheim Museum. Neither original correspondence nor incoming correspondence is included in this series. All materials in Series 8 are restricted.
Arrangement: Alphabetical

Folder List

Series 1. Governance, 1937, 1960-1988, 4.25 cubic ft.
Board of Trustees
Art and Museum Committee: Meeting Materials
40311General (restricted)1960s
40312July 14, 1961 (restricted)1961
40313October 10-11, 1961 (restricted)1961
40314November 9, 1961 (restricted)1961
40315December 12, 1961 (restricted)1961
40316January 8, 1962 (restricted)1962
40317March 13, 1962 (restricted)1962
40318April 18, 1962 (restricted)1962
40319May 8, 1962 (restricted)1962
403110July 10, 1962 (restricted)1962
403111October 25, 1962 (restricted)1962
403112November 7, 1962 (restricted)1962
403113January 24, 1963 (restricted)1963
403114March 11, 1963 (restricted)1963
403115April 17, 1963 (restricted)1963
403116October 25, 1963 (restricted)1963
403117December 17, 1963 (restricted)1963
403118March 11, 1964 (restricted)1964
403119-20October 14, 1964 (2 folders) (restricted)1964
21, 1January 27, 1965 (2 folders) (restricted)1965
40322April 13, 1965 (restricted)1965
3, 1September 13, 1965 (2 folders) (restricted)1965
40324November 19, 1965 (restricted)1965
40325March 10, 1966 (restricted)1966
40326April 14, 1966 (restricted)1966
40327November 22, 1966 (restricted)1966
40328March 23, 1967 (restricted)1967
40329May 10, 1967 (restricted)1967
403210November 15, 1967 (restricted)1967
40331-2May 13, 1968 (2 folders) (restricted)1968
40333September 16, 1969 (restricted)1969
40334December 10, 1969 (restricted)1969
40335March 12, 1972 (restricted)1972
50172May 8, 1978 (restricted)1978
40336December 13, 1978 (restricted)1978
40337May 21, 1979 (restricted)1979
40338November 19, 1979 (restricted)1979
40339May 7, 1980 (restricted)1980
403310November 18, 1980 (restricted)1980
403311May 13, 1982 (restricted)1982
403312November 17, 1982 (restricted)1982
403313May 19, 1983 (restricted)1983
403314December 8, 1983 (restricted)1983
403315May 16, 1984 (restricted)1984
403316September 19, 1984 (restricted)1984
40341December 4, 1984 (restricted)1984
40342December 31, 1984 (restricted)1984
Policy Committee
40343Building and Ground Subcommittee: April 14, 1981 (restricted)1981
40344Meeting Materials: May 23, 1972 (restricted)1972
40345Report (restricted)undated
50173-4Finance (2 folders) (restricted)1973-1976
Meetings: Agenda and Minutes
40346December 5, 1960 (restricted)1960
40347May 8, 1961 (restricted)1961
40348May 14, 1962 (restricted)1962
40349May 11, 1964 (restricted)1964
403410May 10, 1965 (restricted)1965
403411September 13, 1965 (restricted)1965
403412December 13, 1965 (restricted)1965
403413May 9, 1966 (restricted)1966
403414September 12, 1966 (restricted)1966
403415May 10, 1967 (restricted)1967
403416May 13, 1968 (restricted)1968
403417March 11, 1969 (restricted)1969
403418November 13, 1978 (restricted)1978
403419November 19, 1979 (restricted)1979
403420May 7, 1980 (restricted)1980
403421November 18, 1980 (restricted)1980
403422May 13, 1982 (restricted)1982
403423General: List (restricted)undated, 1981
403424Armstrong, Anne L.1981
403425Dannheisser, Elaine (restricted)1980-1986
403426David-Weill, Michel1981
403427Donner, Joseph1983
403428Duke, Robin Chandler1981-1983
403429Fuller, Andrew1977
403430Gross, Mason1971-1975
403431Hilson, John1981
403432Leake, Eugene "Bud"1980
403433McGraw, Harold1981
403434McNeill, Wendy Lawson-Johnston1981-1987
403435Milliken, Frank1981
403436Moe, Henry Allen1967-1975
403437-39Newlin, A. Chauncey (3 folders) (1 restricted)1964-1981
403440-41Preston, Lewis (2 folders)
403442Slive, Seymour1981
403443Wettach, Michael F1972-1981
403444Ylvisaker, William1981
403445General: Memoranda1982
Arnason, H. Harvard
403446-47General (2 folders)1962-1963
403449Ford Foundation1961
403450Messer, Thomas1971-1975
403452Easton, Glenn (restricted)1964
403453-54Castle Stewart, The Right Honorable Earl: Correspondence: Messer, Thomas (2 folders) (1 restricted)1971-1987
Dunker, Theodore
403455Barnard College1972
403456Easton, Glenn (restricted)1967-1970
57-58, 1-2Messer, Thomas (4 folders) (2 restricted)1966-1986
40353National Cyclopedia of American Biography1970-1971
40354Samuel Metzger, Incorporated (restricted)1973
40355-6Memoranda: Messer, Thomas (2 folders)1965-1973
Guggenheim, Harry F.
40357American Institute of Architects1966
40358-9Arnason, H. Harvard (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1963
403510Eastman, Jodie1965
11-14, 5Easton, Glenn (5 folders) (restricted)1961-1969
403515Ellin, Everett1971
403516Frances, Mrs. A.L.1970
403517Hechler, Myron1968
403518Hickens, Walter1968
403519Kollek, Theodore (Mayor of Jerusalem)1966
403520-21Messer, Thomas (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1975
403522Newlin, A. Chauncey (restricted)1968
403523-24Arnason, H. Harvard (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1964
403525Easton, Glenn (restricted)1963
403526McLean, Sally1963
403527Messer, Thomas1965
403529Portrait Commission for Alicia Patterson Guggenheim1963-1970
403530Report of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation1974
Lawson-Johnston, Peter
403531Allan, A.1971
403532Bessire, Henry E. (Fundraising Consultant)1980
403533Butcher, Willard (restricted)1982
403534Ellin, Everett1966
403535Emden, Miriam (restricted)1973
403536Gimbel, Alva1970
403537Green, Robin1971
403538Guggenheimer, Elinor1974
403539Hanes, Philip (restricted)1970
403540Johnson, Crawford1981
403541Lewisohn, Richard (City of New York Finance Administration) (restricted)1971
403542Low, Madeleine1972
43-45, 1Messer, Thomas (4 folders) (3 restricted)1967-1988
40362New York Times1973
40363Newlin, A. Chauncey (restricted)1971
40364Nussberg, Lew1981
40365Rockefeller, Blanchette (restricted)1980
40366Simon, Aye1970
40367Svendsen, Louise1971
40368Letterhead (Blank)1972
Messer, Thomas (restricted)Messer, Thomas (restricted)undated, 1969-1982
Rich, Daniel Catton
Messer, Thomas (2 folders) (1 restricted)Messer, Thomas (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1975
403613Moe, Henry Allen1972
403614Zigrosser, Carl (restricted)1973
403615Memoranda: Messer, Thomas (restricted)1972
403616-19Memorial Service (4 folders)1976
403620Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1960, 1963
403621Thiele, Albert: Correspondence: Messer, Thomas1962-1981
403622Whelpley, Medley: Correspondence: Messer, Thomas1964-1966
403623Zigrosser, Carl: Correspondence: Messer, Thomas (restricted)1964-1972
403624-25Organization of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (2 folders)1962-1966
403626-32To the President of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (7 folders) (restricted)1961-1971
403633To the Trustees of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (restricted)1961
40371Bi-Monthly: To the President of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (restricted)1966-1968
Department Cost Studies
50176Public Affairs1960
50177Admissions and Sales1963-1964
40373To the President of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (restricted)1966-1967
40374-6Quarterly: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Director's Report (3 folders) (restricted)1970-1972
7-16, 1-14, 1-11, 1-9, 1-8, 1-3Tetramester: Director's Report to President, Board of Trustees of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (55 folders) (restricted)1973-1988
40423-5By-Laws (2 folders)1960-1971
40426Charter (copy)1937
40427Peggy Guggenheim Advisory Board (restricted)1980, 1985
Series 2. Administration, 1931-1990 (bulk 1961-1988), 26.38 cubic ft.
8-12, 1Accreditation (6 folders) (4 restricted)1970-1971, 1980-1981
Admissions and Sales Desk
40432-3Correspondence (2 folders)1967-1972
50178Gimbels East Museum Information Center1972
50179Living Artist's Museum Pass Project1981
40434-7Memoranda (4 folders)undated, 1969-1983
40438Postcards (Blank)1981
9, 10Retail Inventories and Brochures (2 folders)undated, 1962-1963, 1969
404310-11Appointment Calendar (2 folders)1975, 1979-1980
Archives Department
501711Hilla von Rebay Foundation Archive1978
404313Memoranda1970-1973, 1983
404314Traveling Exhibitions Since 1961: Listundated
404315Brancusi Memorial (Musée d'Art Moderne)1955-1961
Annex and Thannhauser Gallery
404316Correspondence: Taliesin Associated Architects of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (Wesley Williams Peters)1963-1967
404317Finance (restricted)1964
40441Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1963-1967
40442Press Release1964
40443Research: Architectural Plansundated
Annex Expansion
40444Architectural History1983
5, 12Board of Standards and Appeals (2 folders) (restricted)1986-1988
6, 13Brochure (2 folders)1987
40447Correspondence: Gwathemy, Charles (restricted)1987-1988
40448-13General (6 folders) (restricted)1981-1987
404414Campaign Brochure1985-1986
404415-16Legal (restricted)1987-1988
404417Letters of Support1986-1988
404418Neighboring Property1986-1987
404419Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1985
404421Photographs: Modelundated
404422Planningundated, 1985
404423Fact Sheet1987
40451Howard J. Rubenstein and Associates1985-1988
40452Reports: Gwathmey Siegel Addition, Scheme IIundated
40453Researchundated, 1984-1985
40454Architectural History1978
40455Architectural Plans: Frank Lloyd Wright (Copies)circa 1959
Aye Simon Reading Room
40456Architectural Plans1978
40457Contract (restricted)1978
40458Esther Simon Charitable Trust (restricted)1977
40459Richard Meier Associates1977-1978
404510Samuel Metzger, Incorporated1978
404511-12Simon, Stephen (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977-1978
404514Insurance (restricted)1978
404516Newspaper and Magazine Articles1978
Bookstore and Restaurant
404518Freed, Donald (With Correspondence from Leonard Rothkrug)1972-1979
404519Pei, I. M.1973
404520Protest Letter1973
404521Taliesin Associated Architects of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (Wesley Williams Peters)1973
404522Kitchen Equipmentundated
404523Newspaper and Magazine Articles1973
Fourth Floor Renovation
404524Architectural Plansundated
404526Finance (restricted)undated
404527Memoranda (restricted)1979
Tea Room
501714Finance (restricted)
404528bBusiness Cardundated
29-30, 1Catalogue Raisonné: Vasily Kandinsky (3 folders) (restricted)1984-1988
City of New York
501716Advisory Committee on Construction to the Director of Construction of the Board of Education1963
Department of Cultural Affairs
40463Correspondence: Segal, Martin1975-1977
40464Percent for Art Program1984
Mayor's Cultural Committee
5, 17Correspondence (2 folders)1966-1967
40466Executive Order Establishing Recreation Administration1966
40467Meeting Minutes1966
40468Membership Listundated, 1966
404610-11Reports (2 folders)1964-1969
404612-13Research (2 folder)1965-1967
Museums Council
404614Calendar of Press and Private Previews of Exhibitions1966-1971
404615Committee Reports1965-1969
404617-18Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1969
40472Meeting Minutes1964-1969
40473Membership List1964-1969
Conservation Department
40474-8General (5 folders) (restricted)1968-1986
Recommendation Surveys
Museo Contemporanea
9, 1Architectural Plans (2 folders)1974
50182Newspaper and Magazine Articles1974
404711Museum of Arts, Science, and Industry: Report1974
List of Correspondence (Correspondence Index)1961-1986
31-42, 1-31, 5A (45 folders) (13 restricted)1961-1988
32-25, 1-23, 1-23B (51 folders) (22 restricted)1961-1988
24-26, 1-31, 1-18, 7-14C (60 folders) (24 restricted)undated, 1961-1989
19-29, 1-22D (43 folders) (14 restricted)1961-1990
23-54, 1-10, 15-16E (44 folders) (15 restricted)1961-1988
11-34, 1-20, 17F (45 folders) (15 restricted)1961-1988
21-41, 1-27G (48 folders) (20 restricted)1961-1988
28-33, 1-30, 1-14, 18-19H (52 folders (22 restricted)1961-1988
15-34, 20I (21 folders) (3 restricted)1961-1988
35-53, 1-23J (42 folders) (15 restricted)1961-1988
24-46, 1-28K (51 folders) (22 restricted)1961-1990
29-44, 1-32, 21-22L (50 folders) (19 restricted)1961-1989
33-36, 1-29, 1-17, 23M (51 folders) (20 restricted)1961-1988
18-45, 1-7, 24N (36 folders) (7 restricted)1961-1988
40648-43O (36 folders) (9 restricted)1962-1988
44-59, 1-28P (44 folders) (16 restricted)1961-1988
406529-33Q (5 folders)1965-1982
34-43, 1-33, 1-9, 25-17R (55 folders) (23 restricted)1961-1990
10-26, 1-22, 1-16, 28-34S (62 folders) (27 restricted)1961-1988
17-33, 1-25T (42 folders) (14 restricted)1961-1988
407026-43U (18 folders) (4 restricted)1962-1987
44-68, 1-10, 35V (36 folders) (7 restricted)1961-1988
11-37, 1-18W (45 folders) (17 restricted)1961-1988
19-61, 1-16X, Y, Z (59 folders) (9 restricted)1961-1988
407317Artist Questionnaire: Outgoing1954-1962
407318-20Arts Professionals Seeking Employment and Museums Seeking Employees (3 folders)1981-1988
407321Autograph Requests1962, 1967
407322Children's Lettersundated
23-27, 1Congratulatory Notes (6 folders)1961
Exhibition Proposals
40742-5General (4 folders)1973-1987
4074616 German Painters (The Corcoran Gallery of Art)1962
40747Avery, Milton (Smithsonian Institution)1968
40748Belgian Drawings (Smithsonian Institution)1961
40749Brazillian Art1978
407410Degas Drawings (City Art Museum of St. Louis)1966
407411Dewasne, Jean1974
407412Guggenheim Collection (Princeton University Art Museum)1977
407413Hartung, Hans (Galerie de France, Pasadena Art Museum)1931-1939, 1961-1962
407414Hélion, Jean1962
407415Italian Master Drawings from American Public and Private Collections (Florence Benefit Project, Charlie E. Slatkin, Incorporated Galleries)1966
407416Kemeny, Zoltan (Musée National d'Art Moderne) (resticted)1966
407417Lebrun, Rico (Jacques Seligmann and Company, Incorporated)1962
407418Léger, Fernand (Stedelijk Museum)1967-1968
407419Macdonald-Wright, Stanton (La Tourte Galerie)1974
407420Maillol, Aristide (Charles E. Slatkin, Incorporated Galleries)1965
407421Marin (Marlborough Gallery, Los Angeles County Museum)1968
407422Meadows, Bernard (The Whitechapel Art Gallery)1962
407423Modern Dutch Sculpture (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam)1962
407424Modern Flemish Painting (Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique)1962
407425Moore, Henry (Ruder and Finn Fine Arts)1977-1978
407426Moore, Henry (Tate Gallery)1966-1968
407427Morandi, Giorgio (Pasadena Art Museum)1966
407428Motherwell, Robert (Kunsthalle Dusseldorf)1976
407429Musée sur la Lune (Madame Goldschmidt-Rothchild)1962
407430Museum of Drawers1977-1978
40751Nesch, Rolf1966
40752Nicholson, Ben (Albright-Knox Art Gallery)1977
40753O'Keeffe, Georgia1977
40754Picasso, Pablo (David Duncan)1962
40755Picasso, Pablo (Worcester Art Museum)1961
40756Polish Exhibition1975-1979
40757-8Rodin Rediscovered (2 folders) (1 restricted)1980
40759Sardinian Bronze Exhibition (Italian Institute of Culture)1964
407510Schwitters, Kurt (Swetzoff Gallery)1962
407511Soutine, Chaïm (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)1964-1965
407512Stieglitz and 291 (University of Delaware)1973
407513Telefonica Collection1987
407514Villon, Jacques (French Embassy)1963-1965
407515Villon, Jacques (Smithsonian Institution)1961-1962
407516Yugoslavian Exhibition (Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade)1976-1977
407517Form Letters1963-1967
8-22, 1-2, 36Invitations (8 folders)1962-1968, 1981
40763Lecture Requests1973-1978
4-10, 1-4, 37Letters of Recommendation (12 folders) (restricted)1964-1988
40775Abbott, Edna1961
40776Abrams, Robert1980
40777Adler, Sebastian J.1988
40778A.D. Magazine1973
40779Adriani, Franziska1986-1987
407710Alfred A. Knopf, Incorporated1961-1962
407711American Academy in Rome1975
407712American Contemporary Theatre: Beckett's Unnamable1972
407713American Council for the Arts in Education1975
407714American Friends of Attingham, Incorporated1973
407715American Telephone and Telegraph Company1973
407716aAnderson, Warren (New York State Senate)1984
407716bAnthony d’Offay Gallery (Includes Photographs of Joseph Beuys)1982
407717Apollonio, Umbro1976, 1979-1980
407718Arp, Marguerite1976, 1984
407719Art Association of Indianapolis1963
407720Art Center in LaJolla1961
407721Art Centrum, Czechozlovak Center of Fine Arts1987
407722Art Council of Great Britain1976
407723Art Dealers Association of America1981
407724Art Gallery of Toronto1962
407725Art in America (Thannhauser Gallery Article)1965
407726Art International1963
501838Artists as Speakers Program1970
501827Art Now Artist Friends1982
407728Art Quarterly Magazine1972
501839Aspen Institute Berlin1985
407729-30Baltimore Museum of Art (2 folders)1963-1972
407731Belgium Today1978-1980
407732Bennett College1963
40781Bertonati, Emilio (restricted)1974
40783Blodgett, Sally1968
40784Blumfeld, Yorick1986
40785Boulton, Alfredo1984
501840Brademas, John (United Stated Congress House of Representatives)1976
40786Brandeis University1973, 1984
40787Brenner, Marcella Louis1971
40788Brest, Jorge Romero1975-1977
40789Brokaw, Tom1977
407810Brzezinski, Emilée Benes1988
407811Der Bundesminister für Winnsenschaft und Forschung1984
407812Cahn, Ruth1987
407813Calgary Allied Arts Center1962
407814Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition1964
407815Carter, Edward1979
407816Carton De Venezuela1974
407817Carvalho, Josely (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)1973
407818Castillo, Maria Provvidenza1985
407819Centre Georges Pompidou1978-1979
407820Centro Cultural Arte Contemporaneo1987
407821Checa Selari, Manuel (restricted)1969-1970
501841Chimet, Iordan1980
407822Cincinnati Art Museum1972
407823Cleveland Museum of Art1972
407824Collectors Institute of the New School Art Center1975
407825Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts1975-1976
407826Comini, Alessandra1986
407827Concerned Citizens for the Arts of New York State1972, 1977
407828Connaissance Des Arts1976
407829Coolidge, Johncirca 1978
407830Cosmopolitan Club1977
407831Crofts, M.L.1982
407832Cultural Assistance Center1978
407833Cultural History Research, Incorporated1961-1962
407834Cultural League of New York1969-1970
407835Cummer Gallery of Art1963
407836Cummings, Paul1973
407837Cuomo, Mario M. (New York State Governor)1987
407838Dallas Museum of Art1984
407839Dalzell Hatfield Galleries1961
407840DeCordova Museum1966
407841De Koning Company: Survey of Art Collectors1973-1974
501842De Rosner, Geza (Saga of the Inca Empire Film)1968
407842Des Moines Art Center1968
407843Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.1979
501843Diament de Sujo, Clara1974, 1979
407844Diamonstein, Barbaralee (CBS News)1975
407845DiCandia, Ann R.1968
46-47, 44Diplomat's Reading Program (Academy for Development, Incorporated) (3 folders) (1 restricted)1968-1970
407848Djerassi, Carl1981
407849Dunning, Roosevelt (City of New York Police Department)1977
407850Eckhardt, Ferdinand1961
407851Elkon, Robert1961
407852Everett Ellin Gallery1961
407853Fabrizio, Felix F.1977
407854Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, Incorporatedundated, 1974-1976
407855Felix Landau Gallery1961
407856Felman, Deborah1972
407857Ferri, Mina1987
407858Fiat U.S.A., Incorporated1987
407859Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego1961
407860Fink, Stanley (New York State Legislature)1984
407861Fischel, Gertrud1967
40791Fischer, Anne1981-1986
40792Fogg Art Museum1967-1974
40793Ford Foundation1963-1978
40794Frank Lloyd Wright Association, Japan1972
40795Franzke, Andreas1986-1987
40796Fraunces Tavern Museum1982
40797Galeria Conkright1974
40798Galerie Beyeler1964
40799Galerie Jeanne Bucher1987
407910Garcia-Tuñon, Carlos1978
407911Gardiner, Robert1984
407912Gay, Harriet and Larry1971
407913Gee, Helen1975
407914German Consul General1974
407915Gibbs, Charles and Rose1978
407916Goldberger, Paul1985
11, 45Goodman, Roy M. (New York State Senate) (2 folders)1974, 1984
407918Green, The Honorable William S. (United States House of Representatives)1978
407919Grohmann, Will (with correspondence from Annemarie Grohmann)1968
407920-22Guggenheim, Peggy (3 folders)undated, 1958-1976
407923Hamilton College (Costakis Lecture)1973
407924Hanamura Hachiro1983
407925Harrow, Gustave re: Richard Serra's "Tilted Arc"1985
407926-27Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated (2 folders) (1 restricted)1973-1985
407928Hart, Kitty Carlisle (New York State Council on the Arts)1984
407929Hayashi, Yoshitaka1981
407930Hayes, Bartlett Mrs.1988
407931Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst1986
407932Holubova, Miloslava1974
407933-34Horace Mann School Art Familiarization Program (2 folders) (1 restricted)1982
407935Huber, Carlo (?)undated
407936Hudson Hills Press1988
407937Institut Fuer Auslandsbeziehungen1985-1986
407938Institute of Contemporary Art (restricted)1984
407939Instituto Nacional de Cultural y Bellas Artes1973
407940Inui, Yoshiaki1981
407941Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts1984
407942Javits, Jacob M. (United States Senate)1976-1978
407943Joachim, Harold1973
44-45, 1-4John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (6 folders)1962-1974
40805J. Paul Getty Museum1976
40806Kandinsky, Nina1961-1980
40807Karol, John: Kandinsky Film Series1982-1985
40808-9Klein, Herbert: The Revolution in Modern Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1971-1973
408010-11Koch, Edward (Mayor of the City of New York) (2 folders)1971, 1975-1977
408012Koschatzky, Walter1970
408013Krannert Art Museum1986
408014Kremer, Arthur J. (New York State Legislature)1984
408015Kuh, Katharineundated, 1987
408016Kunsthalle Tubingen1988
408017Ladies' Committee of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts1963-1964
408018Laguna Beach Art Gallery1961
408019Laguna Beach Post1961
408020Lampadia Foundation (restricted)1987-1988
408021Lassaigne, Jacques1971
408022League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies1983-1985
501846Lefkowitz, Louis (New York State Attorney General)1967
408023Liebowitz, Joan1974
408024Lo, Angelica1971
408025Loreau, Max1970-1973
408026Lowry, Bala1967
408027Magriel, Paul1980
408028Magruder, Agnes (Mougouch)1979
408029Mark/Jett Productions1982
408030Marlborough Gallery1970
408031McHenry, Barnabas1984
408032Mead, McLain1978
408033Merigo, Angela1969
408034Mettler, Barbara1971
408035Mi Chou Gallery1961
408036Midonick, Millard J., Judge1978
408037The Minneapolis Star1978
40811Mondale, Joan and Walter (United States Vice President)1977-1980
501847Morley, Grace McCann1961
40812Moynihan, Daniel P. (United States Senate)1978
40813Munson-William-Proctor Institute1962
40814Museum for Black History and Culture (Includes Progress Reports)1969-1970
40815Museum of Fine Arts, Boston1962
40816-7Museum of Modern Art (2 folders)1973-1974, 1980-1981
501848The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa1962
40818National Society of Literature and the Arts1976
40819National Trust for Historic Preservation1986
408110New School Art Center1972
501849New York State Association of Museums1972
408111Ober, Stuart1967-1972
408112Oliveira, Jocy de1872
408113Oliver-Rozen, J. (?)1980
501850Orensanz, Aurelio1982
408114Owensboro Museum of Fine Art1984
408115Parsons School of Design1974
408116Partnership for the Arts1970-1971
408117Pennsylvania State University1965
408118Phelps, Regina: The Discerning Eye: Radcliffe Collector's Exhibition1974
408119Phillips Collection1963
408120Piazza, Paul M.1988
408121Picabia, Gabrielle1969-1971
408122Picabia, Olga1969-1976
408123Prăffcke, Hans1986-1987
408124Princeton University: Museum Study Program Proposal1970-1971
408125Quigley, T.B.1974
408126Rappleyea, Clarence D. (New York State Legislature)1984
408127Reese, Thurman1970
408128Reid, Norman1969, 1972
408129Reis, Bernard J.1970, 1975
408130Rembrandt Club1972
408131Rice University1972
408132Rifkind, Robert Gore1988
408133Rina Gallery1972
408134Robles, Alfonso Garcia1982
408135Rockefeller Foundation1978
408136Rodgers, J.W., Mrs.1972
408137Roethel, Konradundated
408138Rose Art Museum1981
408139Rosenberg, Gerald (?)undated
408140Russoli, Franco1977
408141Sale, Courtney1979
408142Satter, Andrew: Autumn Light: A Film about Egon Schiele1977
408143Schauberger, Dagmar1988
408144Schramm, James S.1971
501851Sewell, David1978
40821Smithsonian Institution: Akron University Project Support Proposal1975
40822Soros Foundation1987
40823Southern Methodist University1979-1980
40824South Street Seaport Museum1980
40825Stadelsches Museumsverein1979-1980
40826Stejskal, Josef1965
40827Stuart, Margaret Acheson1963
40828Sweeney, James Johnson1976-1978
40829Swid, Stephen C.1986
408210Tallroth, Tore (Royal Consulate General of Sweden)1966
408211Tasende Gallery1988
408212Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art1977-1978
408213Telfair Academy of Arts and Science1981
408214Thorne, Ludmilla1977
408215Town and Country1983
408216Turner, Evanundated
408217Umĕleckoprúmyslové Muzeum v Praze1983
408218United States Department of Commerce1965
408219United States Department of State1964
408220Unites States Information Service1965
408221University of California1961
408222University of Florida Gallery1985
408223-24University of Manitoba (2 folders)1962, 1984
408225University of Nebraska1964-1965
408226University of Oregon1964
408227-28Vidmax (2 folders) (1 restricted)1981-1985
408229Virginia Museum of Fine Arts1962-1963
408230Wadsworth Atheneum1974
408231Waetzoldt, Prof. Dr. Stephan1976-1977
408232Weeren-Griek, Hans van1963, 1967
408233Wemyss Foundation1963
408234Wesleyan University1962
408235White, Nina1969
408236William Hayes Ackland Art Museum1980
408237Williams College Museum of Art1986
408238Wiltmann, Otto1988
408239Winkler, Helenundated
408240Wolf Foundation1984-1986
408241Women's City Club of New York1975
408242Worcester Art Museum1963
408243a-43bWorld's Fair: 1964 New York (Includes Photographs and Design Reports) (2 folders)1961-1966
408244Zabriskie Gallery (restricted)1972
408245Zero, Romeo (Brazilian Consulate)1978
408246Zogbaum, Elizabeth Ross1972
408247Zoth, Adolf1972
40831[unknown]undated, 1976
Curatorial Department
40833-5Memoranda (3 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1963, 1970-1972, 1981
Alloway, Lawrence
40837-9Memoranda (3 folders) (1 restricted)1963-1966
Robbins, Daniel
408310b-11Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1958, 1962-1964
408312Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1962-1965
408313Rowell, Margit: Correspondence1975-1977
Rudenstine, Angelica
408314-15Correspondence (2 folders)1971-1972, 1982
Svendsen, Louise Averill
408317Audio Guide: Architectural Tour Script1971
408318bTuchman, Maurice S.: General1963-1964
Waldman, Diane
408319Correspondence (restricted)1981-1983
408320-22Memoranda (3 folders) (2 restricted)1970-1981
23-55, 1-14Day Files (47 folders) (14 restricted)1973-1983
Development Department
408415Brakely, John Price Jones (Consultant)1983
16-17, 52Donor Information (3 folders) (restricted)undated, 1971-1981
408418-20Half-Century Fund (3 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1977-1980
408421Applications (Blank)1977-1982
1-2, 53Roster (3 folders) (2 restricted)undated, 1962
40854Honorary: Memoranda1971, 1984
40855International Associates: Roster (restricted)undated
Life Members
40858Rosterundated, 1985
40859-14Memoranda (6 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1983
501854Newsletter (Mock-Up)1977
408515-17Peggy Guggenheim Collection Charter Members (3 folders) (2 restricted)1980-1984
408518V.I.P: Proposal1972
408519Memoranda (restricted)1968-1980
408520Pledges (restricted)1978-1987
Education Department
501855An Experience in Viewing Progamundated
408522-23Group Tours Calendar (2 folders)1967, 1986-1987
Learning Through Art
408524-25General (2 folders)undated, 1971-1973
408526Publications: Sculpture in Your Schoolyard Programundated
Summer Program
408527Brochurecirca 1971
408529Evaluation of Program1972
40861Fundraising (restricted)1972
40862Instructors: Resumes1971-1972
40865Staff List1972
40866Program Proposals and Reportsundated, 1971-1973
40868-10Correspondence (3 folders) (1 restricted)1961-1968, 1972
11-15, 1-2Lecture Series (7 folders)1961-1968
40874Projectionist Union1971
4087585th Street Playground Association Benefit1971
40876Academy of American Poets: Poetry Readings1963-1968
The Annual Hilla Rebay Lecture
40878-9Image and Word in Twentieth Century Art by E.H. Gombrich (2 folders)1980-1988
408710Matisse's The Italian Woman by Pierre Schneider1982
50191Carnivale di Venezia1985
Chamber Music Series
408714Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1971-1973
408715Collector's Day Tour1971-1972
408716Color Ball: Invitations1980
408717-18Dance Theatre of Harlem (2 folders)1970-1971
408719First Decade Symposium1981
408720Helena Rubinstein Concert Series: Cantilena Chamber Players1977
408721The Heritage of Gauguin Lecture1981
James Joyce Memorial Liquid Theatre
40881Associates' Party1971
The Company Theatre, Los Angeles
40883Aubrey Beardsley Playundated
50192Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1969-1971
40884Contract and Drafts (restricted)1971
8, 3Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)1971
408810Press Releases1971
408811The Jimmy Giuffre 31973
40884Live/Electric Music at the Guggenheim Museum1970
12, 5Mabou Mines: The Red Horse Animation (2 folders)1970
408813Meredith Monk Dance Program1969
408814a-14bMoog Synthesiser at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (2 folders)1970-1971
408815-16The Mother of Us All (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1972
408817New Forms in Film, Summer Arts Festival1972
408818On the Future of Art Lecture Series1970
408819Peggy Guggenheim Award Concert1982
408820Princeton Ensemble at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1977
408821S.E.M. Ensemble1975-1976
408822Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal of Belgium1977
408823The Twentieth International Congress of the History of Art: Invitations1961
408824Visit of President Ceausescu of Romania1970
408825White House Reception1977
Works and Process
408827Desert Music1984
Finance Department
28-31, 6-7Budget (6 folders) (1 restricted)1960-1961, 1979-1981
408832Collection Value (restricted)undated
33-34, 1-11, 1-5, 8Expenses: Thomas Messer (19 folders)1961-1983
50199Funding (restricted)1979
6, 10-12Income/Expense Statements (4 folders)1972, 1979-1980
40907Income Summary1972
40908Internal Revenue Service Tax Exempt Status (restricted)1966-1971
40909New York State Non-Profit Tax Exception1965, 1983
501913Operating Fund (restricted)1978
409010b-10cThe Ford Foundation (2 folders) (1 restricted)1970-1975
The Kresge Foundation
409011Climate Control Project (restricted)1981
409012Conservation (restricted)1977-1978
National Endowment for the Arts
409013-14Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1967-1974
409015Legislative Support1973
409016Artist in Residence (restricted)1972
409017-18Bicentennial Program (2 folders)1973-1975
19-20, 1Campaign Challenge (3 folders) (restricted)1977-1980
40912Climate Control Renovation (restricted)1975
40913Concert Series1973-1974
40914Conservation (restricted)1973
40915Dubuffet Performance (restricted)1973
40916Kandinsky Exhibition (restricted)1972-1973
40917-8Learning to Read Through the Arts (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1975
40919Lettica Performance1973
409110Miró Exhibition (restricted)1972-1973
11, 14Mondrian Exhibition (2 folders) (restricted)1970-1972
409112Museum Purchase Plan I (restricted)1967-1973
409113Museum Purchase Plan II (restricted)1982
409114Museum Training Program1973
409115Soto Retrospective Exhibition (restricted)1975
409116Visiting Scholar1972-1973
409117National Endowment for the Arts/United States Information Agency: Venice Biennale1985-1988
40921-2National Endowment for the Humanities: Learning to Read Through the Arts (2 folders)1973-1974
40923National Museum Act (Smithsonian Institution): Conservation (restricted)1972-1973
New York State Council on the Arts
40924-8Correspondence (5 folders) (1 restricted)1970-1975
40929Newspaper and Magazine Articlesundated, 1974
409210Report from the Ad Hoc Committee of the Council1974
11-16, 1-3, 15General Operations (10 folders) (4 restricted)1971-1980
40934Paul Falkenberg's Film Music Class1975
40935Summer Art Program (Children)1970
40936New York State Revolution Bicentennial Commission: Painting Through 1945 Exhibition (restricted)1975
Legal Department
Art Legislation
7, 16Art Frauds Investigation (2 folders)1967-1968
501917Arts and Artifacts Indemnity Act1975
40938-9Conference of Museum Representatives (2 folders)1965-1973
501918Sale of Reproductions1969-1970
40941Blue Rider Trust Archive Bequest (restricted)1984-1987
40942Cultural Media Associates (restricted)1983
40943Hochman, Sandra (Explosion of Loneliness) (restricted)1977
501919Lutz, Gordon (Photographer) (restricted)1982
40944Schroeder, Marilyn (Photographer) (restricted)1978
40945Somerset House (restricted)1975
40946-8Correspondence (3 folders) (restricted)1981-1987
501920Estate of Gerald E. Scofield (restricted)1982
40949-10Lawsuits (2 folders) (restricted)1970-1973, 1983
409411Memoranda (restricted)1971
501921Hubbuch, Hilde1971
501922Tannenbaum, Jane Belo1968
Library Department
409413Hunt, Marilyn M. (Research Assistant)1965-1966
409414Library of Congress: Card Catalog and Copyright of Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Publications1964-1970
409415Memorandaundated, 1976, 1981
409416Periodical Holdings1978
409417Recent Book Acquisitions1973
18-23, 23General (7 folders) (2 restricted)undated, 1961-1986
409424-27All Staff (4 folders)1963-1988
409428Notesundated, 1976
Office of Business Administration
29, 24Berg, Henry (Deputy Director): Memoranda (2 folders)1974-1979
Easton, Glenn H. (Business Administrator)
409431-35Correspondence (5 folders) (2 restricted)1961-1970
40951Employee Directory1970
40952Membership Passes1962-1964
40953-11Memoranda (9 folders) (3 restricted)1960-1971
409512Vouchers (restricted)1970
409513Administrative Restructuringundated
409514-16Appointments and Resignations (3 folders) (1 restricted)1961-1963, 1980-1988
409517-18Benefits (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1974
Employee Records
409521Ames, Peter (restricted)1981
409522Banach, Charles (restricted)1982
409523Berg, Henry (Includes Will) (restricted)1980-1986
409524Bissell Parker, Susan (restricted)1965-1966
409525Bloch, Susi (restricted)1961-1964
409526Botsford, Caroline (restricted)1980
409527Bradley, Peter (restricted)1965-1966
409528Breese, Marion (restricted)1964-1965
409529Buggiani, Paolo (restricted)1966
409530Burns, Patricia (restricted)1968
409531Butler, Donna (restricted)1959-1962
409532Denby, Eric (restricted)1972
409533Draper, Alexander (restricted)1981
409534Emden, Miriam (restricted)1972, 1981
409535Fry, Edward (restricted)1971
409536Green, Robin (restricted)1978
409537Grigoriadis, Mary (restricted)1965-1966
409538Grimshaw, Catherine (restricted)1982, 1987
409539Gross, Andrew (restricted)1965
409540Hall, Mary Joan (restricted)1981
409541Hayes, David (restricted)1963
409542Heffner, Jane (restricted)1978
409543Hines, Kay (restricted)1981
409544Jackson, Ward (restricted)undated
409545Kessel, Cynthia M. (restricted)1983
409546Leff, Sandra (restricted)1965-1967
409547Licht, Fred (restricted)1987
409548Mates, Robert (restricted)1981
409549Meio, Albina De (restricted)1983
40961Porcelli, Carolyn (restricted)1972
40962Rafferty, John (restricted)1972
40963-4Riley, Orrin (2 folders) (restricted)1972-1981
40965-6Rowell, Margit (2 folders) (restricted)undated, 1980-1981
40967Rudenstine, Angelica (restricted)1975-1982
40968Sutter, David (restricted)1982
40969Thrall, Donald (restricted)undated
409610aVondermuhll, Alfred (restricted)1972
409610bVon Ripper, Evelyn (restricted)1962-1963
409610cWashton, Rose-Carol (restricted)1964-1967
409611Way, Jeffrey (restricted)1965
409612aWray, Robert (restricted)1965
409612bXceron, Jean (restricted)1960-1967
13-16, 25Job Descriptions and Organizational Chart (5 folders)undated, 1954-1970
409617Bomb Threat Procedure1978
409619-20All Staff (2 folders)1961-1974
409621Community Relations Committee: Meeting Minutes1982
22-27, 1-9, 1, 26, 1Coordinators: Minutes (16 folders) (restricted)1972-1980
2-6, 2Executive (6 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1979
40987Managers and Supervisors (restricted)1974-1976
40988-12Memoranda (5 folders) (2 restricted)undated, 1958-1983
409814-15Salaries (2 folders) (restricted)1962, 1971, 1981
409816Staff Educational Fund (restricted)1970
409817Staff List1963-1965
409818-19Staff Passes: Museum of Modern Art (2 folders)1961, 1980
409820Staff Reports on Gallery Exhibitions1961
409822-24Volunteer and Intern Programs (7 folders)1962-1979
Photography Department
409825Color Transparencies of Permanent Collection: Inventory1967-1968
409826-27Memoranda (2 folders)1962-1972, 1981
409828Reproduction Orders1983
409829Slides: List1985
409830Study of Departmentundated
40991Works to Photograph1983-1984
Public Affairs Department
40992Advertisements: New York City Buses1964
40993Attendance Report1960-1962
40994-5Calendars of Events (2 folders)1974-1978
6-10, 3Correspondence (6 folders)1965-1981
409911Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Foundation1962
409912Department Calendar1976-1980
409913-14Department File (2 folders)1970-1971
409915-16Duties and Procedures (2 folders)1961-1964, 1971
409917a-17bEllin, Everett (Public Affairs Officer): Correspondence (2 folders)1963-1967
409918Empire State Building Display Case1964-1966
409919Event Supplies1970
409920Exhibition Catalogues Distribution1965-1966
409921Guest List Exampleundated
409922Interviews with Thomas Messer: Correspondence1961-1963
23, 4Mailing Lists (2 folders)undated, 1965-1967
41001-8Memoranda (10 folders) (2 restricted)1968-1982
41009Pollock, Peter (Public Relations Consultant): Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1962
410010Press Releases1971
410011Television Programs Featuring Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1954-1961
410012Peggy Guggenheim Collection Handbookundated
14-15, 5Questionnaires and Surveys Sent to Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (4 folders) (2 restricted)undated, 1972-1975, 1984
410016-17Registrar Department: Memoranda1968
410018Conservation (restricted)1960
410020Public Affairsundated
22-24, 1-3Annual: Education (6 folders)1963-1974
4-8, 1-3Admissions and Sales (8 folders)1962-1969
41024-6Membership (3 folders)1970-1972
41027-8Public Affairs (2 folders)1966-1968
41029-10Sales (2 folders)1962-1963, 1970
410212-13Registrar (2 folders) (restricted)1971-1972
410214Technical Services (restricted)1970-1973
410215Conservation (restricted)1983
410216-17Curatorial, Library, Archives, and Viewing Program (2 folders) (restricted)1983-1984
410218-19Development, Public Affairs, and Membership (2 folders) (restricted)1983-1984
410221Technical Services1983
41031-2Administration (2 folders) (restricted)1975-1976
41033-4Curatorial (2 folders) (restricted)1975-1976
41035-6Curatorial, Library, Archives and Viewing (2 folders)1976-1978
41037-8Development (2 folders) (restricted)1976-1977
41039Finance (2 folders)1976-1979
410311-13Public Affairs (3 folders)1975-1977
410314-16Technical Services (3 folders) (restricted)1975-1978
410317Emergency Procedures1968-1970
410319Memoranda (restricted)1981
50206Theft (restricted)1970
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum History
410321Family and Museum Chronologyundated
22, 7Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)undated, 1959-1976
410323Permanent Collection: Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsundated, 1960-1977
Wright, Frank Lloyd
410325Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1954
41041Stationary (Blank)undated
Subject Files
4104213 ze Slovenska (Špálova Galerie)1967
4104350 Years Ago: WPA/AAA (Washburn Gallery)1986
41044The American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters1977
41045American and Mexican Paintings from the Collection of John L. Paxtonundated
41046Arta Americană Contemporană La Ambasada Americană Bucureşti, Româniaundated
41047Artists' Books (The Dumb Ox Journal)1977
41048Art News and Reviews (New York Times)1972
41049Art Resource Transfer1979
410410Art Strike1979
410411aBell Telephone West Street Laboratoriesundated
410411bCenter for Understanding Mediaundated
410412City Guides: Moscow and Tehran1977
410413Concurso de Arte Picotico Xerox, Panama 19711971
410414Czechoslovak Socialist Republic1970
410415Delta Art Exhibition (Arkansas Arts Center)1969
410416Describing the Condition of Art Objects1963, 1978
410417Dia Art Foundation Report: New York Museum- A Museum Conceptundated
410418Diamet de Sujo, Clara1971
410419-20Dissertation: A Study of Role Conflict in the Relationship between the Art Museum Director and his Board of Trustees by Karl F. Price (2 folders)1970
21, 1Drawings (2 folders)1971-1981
41052Dubuffet Car1976
41053Exhibition André Masson (Michael Hertz)1965
41054Federal Funding1981
41056Foundations Supporting Museums1969-1972
7, 8aGalleries (2 folders)1971-1975
41058Gallery Association of New York Stateundated
41059Graphic Artsundated
410510Hakone Open-Air Museum1969
410511Hudson River School of Paintings and Prints of the Hudson River (Saint Peter's College Centennial Art Gallery)undated
410512Index of Art Organizations, Museums, Association, Clubsundated
410513Index of Education Programs in New York City's Museums, Zoos, and Botanical Gardens1975
410514Institute for Art Psychotherapy1971
410515Internationale Ausstellung Köln 19811981
410516Konstruktivismus (Galerie Gmurzynska + Bagera)undated
410517Latin American World- A Proposal to Build Understanding of Latin America in the United States (Guibert, Rita)1977
410518Le Corbusier Center1981
410519Long Island Artists (Port Washington Public Library)1972
410520Metropolitan Museum of Art1970
410521Mexico City Olympics: Picture Display1968
410522Miscreation (Schiff, R.)undated
410523Museum Issues1973-1979
Museum of Modern Art
410524aComputerized Archive of Art1967
24b-24c, 8bInternational Council/International Program (3 folders)1956-1969
410524dNational Committee on Art Education1962-1964
410525National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities1967
410526New York Cultural Center1973
410527New York State Council on the Arts Visiting Artists Programundated
41061On Understanding Art Museums1974
2-3, 9Photography (3 folders)1974-1976
41068SoHo and Downtown Artistsundated
41069Stadler, Marguerite Marie de Malglaive (Madame Rudolphe Stadler)1969
410610Store Front Museum1971
410611Studio 242undated
410612Survey of Public Tastes in Painting (Miller, Alfred F.)1979
410613Ten West Side Artists (Goddard-Riverside Community Center)1968
410614United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO): Basic Documents1977
410615Urban Art Conference1971
410616The Violent Imagination (Fox, Robin)1980
410617Walker Art Center: Annual Report1967-1968
502010Whitney Museum of American Artundated, 1969
410618Technical Services: Committee Meeting Minutes (restricted)1981-1982
41071Itinerariesundated, 1972
41072Lindblad Travel1966
41073Long Island Railroad1970
41074-5Albany, New York (2 folders)1970, 1977
41076Albany, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; and Toronto, Canada1979
41077Allentown, Pennsylvania1984
41079Asia and Europe1986
410710Atlanta, Georgia1986
12Austria (2 folders)1980-1983
410713-14Baltimore, Maryland (2 folders)1964, 1976
410715Baltimore, Maryland; Chicago, Illinois; and Youngstown, Pennsylvania1986
410716Baltimore, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania1978
410717Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.1978
410718-22Boston, Massachusetts (5 folders)1966, 1975-1980
410723Boston, Massachusetts and Canada1982
410724Boston Massachusetts; Dallas, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; and San Francisco, California1981
410725Boston, Massachusetts and Sarasota, Florida1979
410726Boston, Massachusetts and Toledo, Ohio1980
410727Brazil; Iran; France; and Russia1977-1978
410728-29Buffalo, New York (2 folders)1974, 1978
410730-32California (3 folders)1961, 1983-1986
410733-37Canada (5 folders)1962-1981
410738Canada and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania1974
410739Canada; Houston, Texas; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma1968
410740Charlotte, North Carolina1980
410741-43Chicago, Illinois (3 folders)1974-1978
41081Chicago, Illinois and Washington, D.C.1976
41082Cincinnati, Ohio1963
41083Cincinnati, Ohio and Little Rock, Arkansas1969
41084-5Cleveland, Ohio (2 folders)1972, 1979
41086Cleveland, Ohio and Berkeley, California1972
41087Cleveland, Ohio; Europe; and Korea1987
41088-10Columbus, Ohio (3 folders)1963, 1967, 1976
410811Corpus Christi, Texas1980
502012Czechoslovakia (restricted)1982
410812Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California1987
410813Dallas, Texas; Owensboro, Kentucky; and Washington, D.C.1984
410814Dayton, Ohio1987
410815Detroit, Michigan1978
410816Dominican Republic1968
410817Elkridge, Maryland (Belmont House)1967
410818Eugene, Oregon1964
19-31, 1-15, 1-4, 13Europe (36 folders) (2 restricted)1964-1987
41105Europe and Florida1985
41106Europe and Israel1985
41107Europe and Japan1983
41108Europe and Middle East1981
41109Europe and San Francisco, California1985
411010Europe; Brazil; and Iran1977
411011Evansville, Indiana1979
411012-15Florida (4 folders)1977-1985
411016Florida and Georgia1985
411017Florida and Washington, D.C.1974
411018Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky1973
411019-20France and Germany (2 folders)1977-1980
411021France and Italy1981-1982
411022-24Germany (3 folders)1976-1979
411025Grand Rapids, Michigan1964
411026-29Houston, Texas (2 folders)1976, 1982
41111Houston, Texas and Mexico1987
41112-6Italy (5 folders)1979-1982
41117Jacksonville, Florida1963
411110Kansas City, Kansas and Minneapolis, Minnesota1978
411111Keene, New Hampshire1977
411113Latin America1964
411114-15Los Angeles, California (2 folders)1983-1988
411116Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts1986
411118Minneapolis, Minnesota1985
411119-20New Haven, Connecticut (2 folders)1964, 1977
411121-22New Orleans, Louisiana (2 folders)1974-1975, 1977
411123New Orleans, Louisiana and Washington D.C.1977
411124New Paltz, New York1978
411125Newport, Rhode Island and Southhampton, New York1977
411128-30Peterborough, New Hampshire (3 folders)1976-1980
411131Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1976
411132-33Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. (2 folders)1973-1976
411134-39Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (6 folders)1967-1985
411140Pittsfield, Massachusetts1964
411141Princeton, New Jersey1978
411142Providence, Rhode Island1976
411143Puerto, Rico1986
411144Richmond, Virginia1978
411145-46Rye, New York (2 folders)1977, 1980
411147Savannah, Georgia1981
411148Silvermine, Connecticut1965
411149Spring Hill, Minnesota1976
411150Switzerland and England1978
51-52, 1-13, 16Washington, D.C (16 folders)1967-1987
411214Williamstown, Massachusetts1986
411215Winston-Salem, North Carolina1977
411216Worcester, Massachusetts1978
Venice Biennale
411217Background Information1966
411218Budget (restricted)1966
411219-21Correspondence (3 folders) (1 restricted)1963-1966
411222-23Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1964-1966
411224Newspaper and Magazine Articles1965-1966
411225Press Release1966
411226Response to Controversyundated
Viewing Program
27-29, 1-2General (6 folders)1961-1987
41133Arcier, Chas1981
41134Banerjee, Bimal1972
41135Engelbrecht, Christine1986
41136Gertsch, Franz1972
41137Greenman, Paulaundated
41138Grob, Walterundated
41139Gunther, Perry1972
411310Harman, Sheigla1986
411311Hochmuth, Rosemarie1986
411312-13Hulton, Lady Nika (2 folders) (1 restricted)1970
411314Jackson, Ward1985
502017Kranjnc, Dagmar1984
411315Kromholz, Pawel1986
411316Lo Greco, Matteo1986
411317Maxera, Oscarundated
411318McLaughlin, John1974
411319Navin, Richard1975
411320Poncet, Antoineundated
502018Querido, Zita1973-1974
411321Riley, Bridget and Le Mouvement1975
411322Roth, Jerold1982
411323Schwartz, Beth Ames1985
502019Seidel, Jochen1974
411324Strater, Antje1987
411325UberBein-Sprung, [unknown]undated
411326Vicuna, Rosa1964-1973
Series 3. Artist Correspondence, 1961-1989 (bulk 1961-1988), 6.3 cubic ft.
411327Aach, Herb1974
411328Abatz, Arlene1983
411329Abrams, Arthur Rosskam1962
411330Adam, Judith1962
502020Adlmann, Jan Ernst1977-1978
411331Agam, Yaacov1979-1984
411332Agudelo, Pablo1968
411333Aguinaldo, Lee1968
411334Albers, Josef1963-1976 (bulk 1970-1973)
411335Albright, Ivanundated
411336Alechinsky, Pierre1970, 1979-1988
411337Alò, Valerio1970
411338Andĕl, Jaroslav1982-1985
411339Andre, Carl1970-1972, 1980
411340Antes, Horst1969-1972, 1980
411341Anuszkiewicz, Richard1974, 1977, 1986
411342Appel, Karel1972, 1980
41141Arman, Armand P.1983-1984, 1988
41142Armitage, Kenneth1967
41143Arnoldi, Per1984
41144Arthur, Revington1970
41145Artigas, Joan1967
41146Aycock, Alice1967
41147Azimi, Sirus1984
41148Baber, Alice1973-1980
41149Babieri, Joseph1982
411410Bacon, Francis1970-1972, 1983
411411Baer, Jo1970
411412Bakel, Tinus vanundated
411414Barbey, Gilles1973
411415Bardazzi, Peter1978
411416Barnet, Will1981, 1986
411417Barnett, Ed Willis1978
411418Baron, Carmela Tal1984
411419Barrault, Jean-Louis1974
411420Barrell, Bill1969
411421Barron, Harris1962, 1978
411422Baruchello, Gianfranco1965, 1974-1976
411423Bassan, Nessim1976
502021Bastin, Michele1969
411424Battaglia, Xante1977-1979
411425Batuz (With Correspondence from Ute Mahr-Batuz)1985
411426Bauermeister, Mary1970
411427Bayer, Herbert1965-1966
411428Bayrak, Tosun1965, 1967
411429Baziotes, William1973, 1976
411430Beasley, Fran1968
411431Beck, Gustav1967
411432Bell, Larry1977-1980
411433Benno, Benjamin G.1967
411434Bentzon, Eva Weis1980, 1982
411435Berg, Siri1980
411436Berger, Jason1968-1972
411437Bergthorson, Paddy1968
411438Bernstein, Judith1985
411439Berthold, Joachim1977-1983
411440Bethusy-Huc, Reinhold1978
411441Bettiol, Zoravia1971-1972
411442Beuys, Joseph (With Correspondence from Dr. Dieter Koepplin)1970-1988
411443Bhavsar, Natvar1982
411444Biagi, Rossana1982
411445Bill, Max1964, 1981-1983
411446Biller-Klein, Rakhel1969
411447Binder, Joseph1971
502022Blaszko, Martin1971
411448Bohemen, Kees van1966
411449Böhling-Petersen, Harold1972
411450Bohman, Janet L.1983
411451Bolomy, Roger1962
411452Bolotowsky, Ilya1964-1981
502023Bonnier, Alexandre1973-1974
411453Boothe, Power1984-1985
502024Borenstein, Abraham1982
411454Borges, Jacobo1988-1989
411455Botero, Cecilia and Fernando1972, 1974
411456Botway, Helen1962
411457Boulton, Alfredo1971, 1981
411458Bowie, Effie1982
411459Bowles, Marianne1966
411460Bradley, Peter1983
411461Brendel, Bettina1971, 1977
411462Brenner, Leonard1966, 1973-1976
411463Brody, Lilly1961-1968
411464Brun, Elsa de (Nuala)undated
411465Brzezinkski, Muskaundated, 1986
411466Budnick, Sidney Jonas1972-1976
411467Buić, Jagoda1967, 1987
411468Buren, Daniel1967
69, 25Burri, Alberto (2 folders)undated, 1970-1983, 1987
411470Burton, Scott1975, 1980
411471Bury, Pol1965-1988
1-29, 1-15, 1-3, 1-4, 1-6, 10-12Byars, James Lee (60 folders)undated, 1963-1988
411472Cadere, Andre1978
41151Caglioti, Victor1967-1968
41152-4Calder, Alexander (With Correspondence from Louisa Calder and Margaret Clader Hayes) (3 folders)1961-1981
41155Camargo, Iberê1966
41156Camnitzer, Luis1966
41157Campbell, David1976
41158Canier, Caren1981, 1985
41159Canogar, Rafael1988
411510Carewe, Sylviaundated
411511Caro, Anthony1966-1968, 1982
411512Carter, Joan L.1986
411513Cartier, Jean S.1969
411514Carvalho, Josely1983-1984
411515Case, Reginald1976
411516Cato, Bob1975
411517Cenci, Silvana1962
411518Chagall, Marc1967-1980
502026Chalupecký, Jindřich (2 folders)1973-1975
411519Charlot, Martin1983
411520Cheek, Leslie Jr.1985
411521Chia, Sandro1982
411522Chicago, Judy1976
23, 27Chillida, Eduardo (2 folders)1968-1982, 1989
411524Chirino, Martin1974
411525Chomienne, Phillipe1972-1975
411526Christo and Jeanne-Claude1970-1975
411527Christopher, William1972
28, 28Chryssa (2 folders)1966-1987
411529Cicero, Carmen L.1972
411530Ciobotaru, Gillian Wise1986
411531Clendenin, Eve1970
411532Coates, Ross1967
411533Coetzee, Christo1965
411534Cohen, Phyllisundated
411535Cole, Joyce1978
411537Collado, Lisa1981-1983
411538Conner, Angelaundated
411539Copley, Alfred1972-1979
411540Cordani, Giorgio1984
411541Corey, Philip D.1975
411543Cornell, Joseph1966-1973
411544Cornell, Thomas1972
411545Cosma, Ion1971
411546Couzijn, Wessel1967
411547Cox, Gardner1968
411548Cox, Jan1970, 1976
41161Crawford, Ralston1971
41162Cronbach, Robert1970
41163Crook, Kenneth1967
41164Crutchfield, William1971-1972
41165Cucchi, Enzo1982-1983
41166Cuevas, Jose Luis1963, 1970, 1980
41167Cuttler, Judy1984
41168Cyr, Annette1984
41169Czwiklitzer, Christophe1972
411610Dado (With Correspondence from Hessie Dado)undated
411611Dalen, Anton van1972
411612Dali, Salvadorundated, 1983-1984
411613Damian, Horia1976-1978
411614Daphnis, Nassos1965, 1972-1985
411615Darboven, Hanne1970
411616Davenport, Roselle1974
411617Davidson, Carol Kreeger1977
Davis, Douglas
19-20, 29Menage à Trois Project (3 folders)1982-1987
411621Davis, Gene1961-1980
411622Davis, Scott1982
411623Davis, Susanna1988
411624Dawson, John1983
411625Dedicova, Irena1982
502030De Groot, Pat1964-1976
411626Deira, Ernesto1965-1966
411627De Jong, Ernst1974-1975
411628De Kooning, Willem (With Correspondence from Carmen Barreda)1967-1972, 1988
411629Del Gaudio, Joseph1970
411630Del Junco, Emilio1971
411631Delaunay, Sonia1975, 1979
411632Delbanco, Kurt1988
411633De Maria, Walter1973, 1983
411634Denes, Agnesundated
411635De Romans, Maria Luisa1972, 1982
411636Descharnes, Robert1984
411637Dewasne, Jean1965
411638Diamonstein, Barbaralee1977
411639Di Canio, Michael1982
411640Diebenkorn, Richard1977
411641Dine, Jim1962-1978
411642Dineen, Tom1976-1977
411643Dinnerstein, Simon1975-1987
411644Dogancay, Burhan1965-1973
411645Dominat, Paul1962
411646Domjan, Joseph1977
411647Dörflinger, Johannes1977-1990
411648Drapell, Joseph1972, 1980
411649Draper, Dana1973
411650Drozdik, Orsolya1985-1987
411651Drumheller, Grant1984
52, 1-2Dubuffet, Jean (3 folders) (1 restricted)1965-1987
41173Duchamp, Marcel1962-1965
41174Earl, Donald1968
41175Edgar, Natalie1979
41176Edwards, Sibyl1979
41177Eldredge, Letitia1973-1985
41178Elliot, Jorge1971
41179Ellis, Robert C.1965
10-15, 1Embry, Norris (With Correspondence from Alfred Auerbach and Betty Williams) (7 folders)1961-1979
41182Emes, Mario1984
41183Engelson, Carol1982
41184Ennenga, George1989
41185Ernst, Dallas1985
41186-7Ernst, Jimmy (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1967-1981
41188Ernst, Max1970-1976
41189Etrog, Sorel1963, 1965
411810Evans, Carolyn R.1984
411811Falkenstein, Claire1981
411812Fangor, Wojciech1966-1967, 1970
411813Febeli, Leé (?)1988
411814FeBland, Harriet1961, 1986
502031Fels, Donaldundated, 1968
411815Fernández-Muro, Antonio1961, 1970
411816Ferrara, Frank1966
411817Ferren, John1966, 1981
411818Finch, Gertrude M.1971
411819Finney, William E.1967
411820Fischinger, Oscar1965
411821Fisher, Walter1980
411822Fitzi, Hermann1971
411823Fitzkee, Ted K.undated
411824Flanaga, Barry1973-1974
411825Flavin, Dan1971-1982
411826Fontana, Lucio (With Correspondence from Teresita Fontana and Archivio Lucio Fontana)1975-1983
411827Forester, Russell (With Correspondence from Marie-Christine)1972-1982
411828Forrest, Samuel1968
411829Francis, Sam1966-1971
411830Franck, Fance1972-1973
411831Francken, Ruth1969-1979
411832Frank, Mary1970
411833Frankenthaler, Helen1974-1989
411834Franklin, Charlotte White1970
411835Franklin, Richard1983
411837Freischman, Jerry1968
411838Frohner, Adolf1983
411839Fuller, Sue1965-1978
411840Gabo, Naum (With Correspondence from Miriam Gabo)1967-1981
411841Gasparo, Oronzo1961
411842Gaudnek, Walter1962, 1978-1985
411843Gechtoff, Sonia1980
411844Geist, Sidney1969
411845Genzken, Isa1984
411846George, Árvay1965
411847George, Herbert1967
502032Gerchman, Rubens1965
411848Gerrassi, Fernando1961
411849Ghikas, Panos1970
411850Giacometti, Alberto1964
411851Giacometti, Diego1980
411852Gibson, Michael1976
411853Gilbert and George (George Passmore and Gilbert Proesch)1972-1973
411854Gilbert-Dinklage, Erna1977, 1979
411855Gillen, Ann1981
411856Gillen, Michael1967-1968
411857Giobbi, Edward1978-1982
411858Girard, André1964
502033Giuliani, Giuliano1982
411859Gloeckner, Michielundated
411860Godwin, Judith1983
411861Goeritz, Mathias1965-1972
411862Goldberg, Michaelundated
411863Góngora, Leonel1976
411864González-Robles, Luis1975
411865Goodnough, Robert1966-1977
411866Goodovitch, Israel Meir1978
411867Goor, Ilana1977-1984
411868Gottesman, Sheila Cantorundated
411869Gottlieb, Adolph1967-1979
41191Gourevitch, Jaqueline1973
41192Graetz, Gidon1977
41193Grataloup, Daniel1965
41194Graves, Nancy1973
41195Gray, Cleve1966-1977
41196Greene, Balcomb1971, 1981
41197Greene, Stephen1966
41198Gribaudo, Ezio1981
41199Grillo, John1966-1985
411910Grosman, Alexander1981-1982
411911Gross, Howard A.1968
411912Grossbard, Batya1983
411913Grossbard, Henry1970
411914Groth, Jan1972, 1986
411915Gruen, Victor1965
411916Guez, Pablo1983
411917Gunderson, Karen1984
411919Guston, Phillip1966-1973
411920Haacke, Hans1971
411921Hadzi, Dimitri1965
411922Haese, Günter1967-1970
411923Haese, Roel d'1967
411924Hahn, Gerald1975
411925Hahn, Joseph1965
411926Hajdecka, Barbara1982
411927Halaby, Samia A.1976-1981
411928Halberstadt, Ernst1962-1968
411929Hall, George W.undated
411930Halpern-Dileva, John (?)1985
411931Halter, Ardyn1983
411932Halter, Marek1973-1982
411933Hamel, Manette van1971
411934Hamilton, Richard1971-1986
411935Hanafusa, Hisao1969
411936Hare, David1962-1978
411937Hare, Denise Browne1983
411938Harms, Ernest1966, 1971
411939Harmsworth, Margaret1969
411940Harris, Anita Charney1980-1981
411941Harris, Lawren P.1963
411942Hartman, Sheigla1985-1987
411943Hartung, Hans1976
411944Hasselriis, Malthe1961
411945Haus, Rudolf1963, 1965
411946Hayes, David1968-1985
411947Hayet, Georges1969
411948Hazner, Paul1982
411949Heckel, Erich1963
411950Hegelheimer, Bill1962
411951Heiliger, Bernhard1984
411952Hélion, Jean1967-1981
411953Hendricks, Davidundated
411954Henry, Robert1976
411955Hepworth, Barbara1967-1968
411956Herbert, Robert1975
411957Herbin, Auguste1970
411958Hiegel, Hans Robert1984
411959Hiery, Oswald1968
411960Higgins, Edward1966
411961Hildenbrand, Paul1966
411962Hill, Charles Christopher1982
411963Hinterreiter, Hans1988
411964Hiquilly, Philippe1966
411965Hockney, David1983
411966Hoeydonck, Paul van1966
411967Hofmann, Hans1962-1963
411968Holbrook, Hollis1965
411969Holty, Carl1965, 1969
411970Hopkins, Budd1982
411971Hosiasson, Philippe1972
411972Houser, John1971
411973Huftier, Jean-Paulundated
411974Hultberg, John1965-1966
411975Hurd, Peter1967
411976Ima, Toshimitsu1978-1979
411977Indiana, Robert1962
411978Inokuma, Genichiro1966, 1980
411979Inoue, Bukichi1977-1978, 1982
411980Insley, Will1977
411981Ipousteguy, Jean1971-1983
411982Irvine, Louva Elizabeth1977-1983
411983Isham, Sheila1984
411984Jackson, Ward1971, 1981, 1988
411985Jacobs, David1966
411986Jacobsen, [unknown]1967
411987Jacoby, Zahavit1966
411988Jeffers, Wendy1977
411989Jenicek, Jana1973
411990Jenkins, Paul1965-1966
411991Jensen, Alfred1966
411992Jerobson, Flora J. (?)undated
411993Johns, Jasper1971
41201Johnson, Buffie1966-1977
41202Johnson, Philip1971
41203Jorn, Asger1970
41204Judd, Donald1969, 1972
41205Jurjevic, Mike1970
41206Kabak, Robert1966
41207Kakutani, Mitsuo1965-1966
41208Kamrowski, Gerome1987
41209Kanereissog (?)1984
412010Kanter, Michel1982
11, 34Karavan, Dani (2 folders)undated, 1978-1981
412012Karp, Aaron1982
412013Kasak, Nikolai M.1970, 1982
412014Kasanicky de Kassay, J.V.1966
412015Katz, Alex1978
412016Katz, A. Raymond1965, 1967
412017Katzen, Lila1981, 1983
412018Kearl, Stanley1984
412019Kelly, Ellsworth1970-1972
412020Kent, Jean1967
412021Kenton, Mary Jean1983
412022Kepes, György1967
412023Kiesler, Frederick J.1965
412024Kilgore, Louis (Bud)1984
412025King, Erika1979
412026King, Phillip1968
412027King-Hookham, Eleanor1966
412028Kitaj, R.B.1983
412029Kiyokawa, Taiji1966
412030Klee, Felix1964-1974
412031Klinghoffer, Clara1966
412032Knaths, Karl1966
412033Knowlton, Grace1974, 1986
412034Kochman, J.H.1976
502035Koczÿ, Rosemarie1979-1988
412035Koenigstein, W.1982
412036Koening, John Franklinundated
412037Kohout, Ond?ej1985
412038Kokoshka, Oskar (With Correspondence from Olda Kokoshka)1970, 1976
412039Kolář, Jiří (With Correspondence from Bĕla Kolářová)1973-1983
40, 1Kolíbal, Stanislav (With Correspondence from Carlo Grosetti, Stanislav Macháček and Meda Mladek) (2 folders)1968-1980
412041Kolin, Sacha1970
412042Konenkova, Nina1971
412043Koolhaas, Rem1979
412044Krasner, Lee1965, 1977-1978
412045Kreindler, Doris1961
412046Kreznar, R.J.1964
412047Kulhavy, Zaboj Bohuslav1987
412048Kulich, Jan1965-1966
412049Kunth, Uwe1965
412050Kupferman, David1973
412051Kupferman, Lawerence1961-1962
412052Kuslansky, Eli1986
412053Kusuno, Tomoshige1970-1971
412054Lacy, Laury1968
412055Lam, Wilfredo1970, 1981
412056Lannoye, Henri1987-1988
412057Lapenna, Fredy1983
412058Larrea, Vicente1970
412059Lassiter, Charles Keeling1983
412060Latham, John1967
50212Lavrillier-Cossaceanu, Marguerite1970
412061Lawder, Standish1961
412062Lederman, A.1968
412063Lee, Wesley1965
412064Leger, Nadiaundated
412065Leibowitz, Joan1971
412066Lenk, Kaspar-Thomas1967-1973
412067Leondar, Arnold1965-1966
412068Lerman, Ora1972
50213Leufert, Gerd (2 folders)1965
412069Levee, John1966
412070Levi, Beniamino1985
412071Levine, Jack1971
412072Lewen, Si1962
412073Le Witt, Jan1975-1976
412074Lewitt, Sol1970, 1972
412075-76Lichtenstein, Roy (2 folders) (1 restricted)1970-1977
412077Lipchitz, Jacques1967-1971
412078Lipchitz, Yulla1976
412079Lippold, Richard1987
412080Lister, Jeanne1965-1966
412081Liu, Kuo-Sungundated
412082Lloyd, Tom1971
412083Locks, Marian1968
412084Lohse, Richard Paul1983
412085Longuet, Karljean1963
50214Long, Hubert1961
412086Loomer, George1969
412087Lorne, Naomi1961
412088Lowe, Maxine1961
412089Luz, Arturo R.1970
412090Maas, Arnaldo1977
412091Mabe, Manabu1965
41211Macció, Rómulo1971
41212MacWhinnie, Johnundated
41213Maderna, Marianneundated
41214Madlener, Jörg1987
41215Magnelli, Susi1983
41216Magritte, René1964
41217Malina, Frank1962, 1966
41218Mamorsky, Elizabeth1968
41219Mangold, Robert1970
412110Manning, John R.1965
412111Manzù, Giacomo1967-1968
412112Marcks, Gerhard1963
412113Margariños, D.1966
412114Marini, Marino1967-1968
412115Markwood, Valerie1982, 1984
412116Martin, Agnes1965-1978
412117Martinbeau, Georges1963
412118Martinelli, Ezio1966
412119Martini, Raffaeleundated, 1979
412120Maryan, Maryan S.1972
412121Masakazu, Horitui1968
412122Maskell, Alfred1982
412123Mastroianni, Umberto1972
412124Mathieu, Georges1980
412125Matta, Roberto1965-1983
412126Maxera, Oscar1981-1982, 1989
412127Mayer, Richard A.1974
412128Mazur, Michael1971
412129McGowin, Ed1982
412130McGurn, France-Lise1984
412131McHugh, Heather1976
412132McKinley, Hazel Guggenheim1981-1985
412133Meadmore, Clement1967
412134Mehring, Howard1967
412135Meléndez-Contreras, José1961
412136Mendiburu, Remigio1970
412137Menses, Jan1965
412138Mérida, Carlos1980-1981
412139Merz, Mario1971
412140Michaux, Henri1965-1983
412141Miles, Jeanne1965-1977
412142Miller, Alfred F.1983
412143Milne, John1976
412144Minujin, Martaundated
412145-47Miró, Joan (3 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1981
412148Mitchell, Fred1972
412149Miyashita, Tad (With Correspondence from Ralph Iwamoto)1971-1975, 1984-1985
412150Miyawaki, Aiko1967-1981
50215Mlyárčik, Alex1969-1987
412151Modlin, M. Marley1966
412152Moholy, Lucia1977
412153Molinari, Guido1965
412154Molles, Andrew1967
412155Moore, Henry1965-1977
412156Moore, Tony1982-1985
412157Morales, Armando1966, 1989
412158Morgan, Maritze1968
412159Morin, Thomas1962
412160Morris, Robert1970
412161Moss, Matthew1986
412162Moss, Molla Archerundated
412163Motherwell, Robert1964-1968
41221Mount, Dorothy I.1968
41222Moy, Soeng1962
41223Muehlemann, Jim1983
41224Mullender, J.1982
41225Müller, Jan (Dody)1963-1978
41226Muntadas, Antoniundated
41227Murray, Robert1967
41228Nadler, Harry1980-1988
41229Nakagawa, N.1984
412210Namuth, Hans: Jasper Johns Film Project1972
412211Napoli, Giuseppe1961
412212Nash, Bob1967
412213Nash, David1982
412214Natkin, Robert1970-1979
412215Navin, Richard1964-1977
412216Nay, Ernst Wilhelm1965-1966
412217Negret, Edgar1967
412218Neizvestny, Ernst1976-1977, 1983
50216Néjad, M.D.1983-1984
412219Nelson, Dona1975-1976
412220Nelson, Judd1982
412221Nesti, Jacqueline Joseph1967
412222Neumann, Hans1974
412223Neuman, Robert S.1962, 1979
412224Neutra, Weixlgartner1967
412225Nevelson, Louise1965-1988
50217Newlin, Carl Albert1967-1969, 1977
412226Newman, Barnett1965-1966
412227Newman, Henry1962
412228Newman, Roberto1968
412229Nicholson, Ben1970, 1981
412229Nicholson, Mike1985
412231Nicolas, Geneviéve1984
412232Niizuma, Minoru1977-1988
412233Njau, Charles1983
412234Noe, Luis Felipe1964-1965
412235Noguchi, Isamu1966-1981
412236Nolan, Sidney1972
412237Noland, Kenneth1970-1982
412238Norton, Ann1978-1980
50218Notabartolo, Albert1976, 1978
412239Noten, Jean van1961
412240Nothmann, Naama1982-1983
412241Novak, Donald W.1973
412242Nuñez, Guillermo1965-1975
50219Nussberg, Lev1979-1984
412243Obregón, Alejandro (With Correpondence from Diego Obregón)1966-1983
412244O'Donnell, Hugh1982
502110Offner, Elliot1972
412245Ohashi, Yutaka1966
412246Okada, Kenzo1979-1980
412247Okamoto, Taro1983
412248O'Keebo, M. (?)1975
412249O'Keeffe, Georgia1977
412250Oliveira, Nathan1966
412251Onslow-Ford, Gordon1982
412252Ontani, Luigi1982
412253Opazo, Rodolfo1965
412254Oppenheim, Dennis1989
412256Orsini, Nicholas1970-1972
412257-58Ossorio, Alfonso (2 folders) (1 restricted)1969-1976
412259Otero, Alejandro1965-1972
412260Ottenheimer, John1971
412261Pacheco, Maria Luisa1962, 1972
412262Pachner, William1975-1977
412263Paik, Nam June1964
412264Painitz, H.J.1977
412265Pantaleo, Raffaella1982
412266Pantas, Lee James1984
412267Paolozzi, Eduardo1970
412268Park, Kwon-Soo1986
412269Parker, Raymond1966, 1977
412270Parry, Louise1976
412271Partin, Robert1965
412272Paternosto, Cesar1967-1990
412273Pavia, Philip1968, 1974
412274Pei, I.M.1974-1982
412275Penny, Aubrey1962
412276Penone, Giuseppe1982
412277Peppard, Blaylock1983
412278Pepper, Beverly1966
412279Perret, Blaise1966-1969
412280Pethink, Jerry1982
412281Pezold, Friederike1971
412282Pfriem, Bernardundated
412283Phillips, John1987
412284Picard, Lil1962-1978
412285Picasso, Pablo1972
412286Piere, Luc1965-1967
412287Pierri, Diulio1983
41231Pisani, Vettor1982
41232Pittenger, Robert1984
41233Podulke, Michael1962
41234Pollack, Sydell1977-1978
41235Pope, Nicholas1982-1983
41236Pousette-Dart, Joanna1982
41237Pousette-Dart, Richardundated
41238Powell, Leslie J.1969-1970
41239Premoli, Serghiev1964
412310Puzinas, Paul (With Correspondence from Austra Puzinas)1977
412311Qotbi, Medhi1983
412312Querido, Zita1973
412313Quiroz, Juan Gomez1983
412314Rabionvich, Raquel1967
412315Rabkin, Leo1962-1982
412316Rabolini, Pino1983
412317-18Rainer, Arnulf (2 folders) (1 restricted)1983
412319Ramer, Ruth Noemi1976
412320Ramirez, Eduardo1966
412321Ramous, Carlo1978
412322Rassiat, J.1966
412323Rauschenberg, Robert1965-1975
412324Ray, Rudolf1972
412325Rayo, Omar1964
412326Reade, Simon1982
412327Rebay, Roland von1972
412328Reisman, Richard1977-1978
502111Renouard, Baronundated
412329Reutersward, Carl Fredirik1965
412330Richardson, Dean1961
412331Richter, Gerhard1983
412332Richter, Hans1961-1962, 1972
412333Richter, Heinrich1968
412334Richter, Vjenceslav1967
35, 12Rickey, George (2 folders)1967-1988
412336Rickey, Philip J. Leighton1984
412337Riley, Bridget (restricted)1972
412338Ringi, Kjell1982
412339Risa1967, 1978
412340Risley, John1967
412341Ritter, Barbara1970
412342Ritz, Lorna1979
502113Rivera, Manuel (2 folders)1985
412343Robinson, Ione1976, 1979
412344Rocco, Ron1983
412345Roche, Juliette1976
412346-47Rohe, Georgia van der (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1985
412348Rohm, Robert1965
412349Rojas, Carlos1965
412350Rolick, Esther1972
412351Romano, Umbertoundated
412352Ron, Timothyundated
412353Rosenquist, James1982
412354Rosenthal, Bernard (Tony)1967, 1977
412355Rost, Kerstin1980-1981
412356Rostand, Michel1963
412357Roszak, Theodore1966-1978
412358Rosz, Martin1979
412359Roth, Jack1977, 1979
412360Rothko, Mark (With Correspondence from Kate Rothko Prizel)1962-1969, 1976-1977
412361Rothschild, Judith1977-1980
412362Rotterdam, Paul1974-1978, 1984
502114Rowedder, C.1962
412363Rubadoux, Craig1965
412364Ryskamp, John1982
412365Sadley, W.1966
412366Sakamoto, Sanae1984
412367Sander, Ludwig (With Correspondence from Kate Sander)1973, 1977
412368Sansegundo, Carlos1965-1966
412369Santomaso, Giuseppeundated, 1959, 1982-1985
412370Scharf, William (With Correspondence from Sally Scharf)1985
412371Schauberger, Dagmar1988
502115Schöffer, Nicolas (2 folders)1970-1976, 1983
412373Schreck, Michael1976
412374Schröeder, Gerhard1978
502116Schult, Hans Jürgen (With Correspondence from Elke Koska)1980
412375Schultze, Bernard1965-1967
412376Schwalb, Susan1983
412377Schwartz, Manfred1962-1967
502117Schwertberger, De Esundated
412378Seawright, James1972-1982
412379Segal, George (With Correspondence from Helen Segal)undated, 1983
412380Segal, Robert1968
412381Seliger, Charles1984-1989
412382Selinger, S.1969
412383Sempere, Eusebio1963
41241Serrano, Pablo1967-1985
502118Sessions, Gloundated, 1974
41242Seuphor, Michel1971
41243Shaffer, Mary1979
41244Shahn, Ben1961
41245Shapiro, David1978
41246Shaw, Don1961, 1967
41247Shaw, Joyce Cutler1977
41248Shingu, Susumu1977
41249Simonds, Charles1987
412410Simonds, Edith1974
412411Simson, Bevlyn1973-1976
412412Singer, Michael1980
412413Slivka, David1984
412414Slowinski, Ron1984
412415Smith, G.E. Kidder1975
412416Smith, Leon Polk1970-1976, 1981
412417Smith, Richard1983
412418Soloman, Syd1965-1966
412419Sonderborg, K. R. H.1970
412420Sonnenberg, Jack1963, 1965
412421Soto, Jesús Rafael1967-1981
412422Soulages, Pierre1970, 1973
502119Sovák, Pravoslav1974-1979
412423Sperry, Ann1980-1981
412424Spitzer, Lala1970
412425Spyropoulos, Yannis1963, 1965
412426Stankiewicz, Richard1966-1967
412427Stark, Larry1971
412428Starkey, Alexander1971
412429Stein, Ronald1964-1965
412430Stein, Walter1977, 1980, 1984
412431Steinberger, Erika1974
412432Stenfield, Larry1976
412433Sternberg, Harry1971
412434Still, Clyfford1972-1973
412435Stone, Herman L.1970
412436Sturges, Holly1963
412437Sutherland, Graham1964
412438Sutner, Ladislav1964, 1966
412439Szalai, László1968
412440Szyszlo, Fernando de1961-1972
412441Tagel, Edgar1971
412442Takai, Teiji1961
412443Takis1972, 1974
412444Talpo, Bruno1978
412445Tamayo, Rufino1966-1983
412446Tania (Tania Schreiber)1964-1965
412447Tanouarn, Michel1968
412448Tàpies, Antoni1966-1983
412449Teichtner, Alice1963
502120Templin, Marieundated, 1981-1986
412450Terry, Alice1963-1965, 1980
412451Tharaldsen, Aagot L.1982
412452Tharrats, Juan José (Joan Jesep)1965
412454Thurman, Hal1983
412456Tinguely, Jean1987
412457Tolbert, Margaret R.1982
412458Toral, Cristobal1974
412459Torres, Horacioundated
412460Tovish, Harold (Red)1962-1980
412461Trakas, George1976
412462Tranyedach, Kurt (?)1984
412463Traverso, Giacomo1987
412464Triffa, Stefan1985
412465Trivigno, Pat1969, 1976
412466Trova, Ernest1966, 1970
412467Turnbull, William1968
412468Turrell, James1975, 1984-1985
412469Twombly, Cy1982
412470Tworkov, Jack1974, 1979-1982
412471Ubiña, Senen1965
412472Urban, Reva1963-1965, 1984
412473Urbasek, Miloś1970
412474Uriburu, Nicolas García1966-1975
41251Valoch, Jiřĭ1976
41252Van Leyden, Ernst1966
41253Van Meel, Joop1965
41254Varia, R.1974
41255Vary, Karlovyundated
41256Vasarely, Victor1970-1984
41257Vass, Gene1965
41258Vicente, Estaban (with correspondence from Hank Vincente)1977
9-10, 21Victor IV (3 folders)1965-1981
412511Vieira de Silva, Maria Helena1981
412512Villalba, Dario1982
412513Viner, Frank Lincoln1974, 1976
412514Voelker, Elizabeth1978
412515Voin, Thona1966
412516Vondra, Vera Kalas1979
412517Von Schlegell, David1967, 1985
412518Von Wicht, John1961-1962, 1967
412519Von Wiegand, Charmion1976
412520Wagner, Dieter1984
412521Waintrob, A.L. (Budd)1968
412522Waitzkin, Stella1983
412523Waldman, Paul1976-1982
412524Warhol, Andy1982
412525Weaver, Kenneth H.1966
412526Wecker, Christoph1987
412527Weisman, Mel1962
412528Werner, Alfred1980
412529Werry, Wilfrid1962
412530Weschler, Anita1966-1968, 1984
412531Wesselow, Eric1980
412532White, Laurie A.1977
412533Whorrall, Jeanne1965
412534Wight, Frederick S.1983
412535Wilder, Joseph R.1971-1984
412536Wilke, Ulfert1971-1972
412537Williams, Hiram1965, 1972
412538Wilmarth, Christopherundated
412539Wolfe, Jack1981-1983
412540Wolff, Robert Jay1971
412541Woodman, George1985
412542Wootton, Cynthiaundated
412543Wotruba, Fritz1967
412544Wou-ki, Zao1967
412545Xenakis, Cosmas1977
412546Yacoubi, Ahmed1983
412547Yamamoto, Noriko1961
412548Yelle, Richard Wilfred1983
412549Yoors, Jan and Marianne1972, 1983
412550Youritzin, Glenda Green1974-1978
412551Yuan-Chia, Li1966
412552Yuhara, Kazuo1972
412553Yunkers, Adja1967-1982
412554Zabludovsku, Moisesundated
412555Zack, Jan1964
412556Zech, F.1967
412557Zemlinsky, Louiseundated
412558Zóbel, Fernando1964-1966
412559Zorio, Gilberto1982
412560[unknown]undated, 1963-1987
Series 4. Director's Office Files, 1960-1987, 3.85 cubic ft.
A. Halper, Susan (Executive Assistant)
412561Appointment Calendar1974
412562Bicentennial Exhibition and Acquisition Program1975-1976
City of New York
412563Executive High School Internships Program1972
412564Retired Senior Volunteer Program1974
41261Urban Corps1973-1974
2, 22Voluntary Action Center (2 folders)1975
3-26, 1-21, 1-13, 23Correspondence (59 folders) (11 restricted)1970-1980
412814Dues and Institutional Contributions1979
412815Education Department: Memoranda1978
412816Architectural Forum Party1975
412817Art Dealers Association of America Dinner1974
412819Smithsonian Associates Tour and Reception1973-1975
412820Finance Department (restricted)1975-1980
412821Grants (restricted)1978
412822Legal: Privacy and Disclosure Laws1978
412823Library: Memoranda1978
412825-26All Staff (2 folders)1971-1978
412827Coordinators and Division Heads1971
412828-32Messer, Thomas M (5 folders) (2 restricted)1971-1978
Permanent Collection
34-36, 1-10, 1-11, 1-12, 24-26Acquisitions (39 folders) (restricted)1960-1980
13, 1Inventory (2 folders) (1 restricted)1969-1977
41322Loans (restricted)1971-1972
41323-4Memoranda (2 folders) (restricted)1971-1978
Interns and Volunteers
41325-8Correspondence (4 folders)1971-1975
502127Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College1971
41329Guide to New York City Museums, Zoos, and Botanical Gardens Intern Programs1975-1976
Staff Events
413212Morgan Library1979
413213Museum of Modern Art1977
413214Phone Message Logundated
413215-19Registrar Department (5 folders) (restricted)1971-1981
B. Konheim, Linda (Curatorial Administrator)
413220Admissions and Sales Desk: Memoranda1970-1972
413221Building: Auditorium Renovation1972
413222City of New York: Human Resources Administration: Executive High School Internship Program1972-1973
413223-24Conservation Department: Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1970-1973
25, 1-3, 28Correspondence (5 folders) (1 restricted)1964-1978
41334Education: Learning Through Art1974
41335-6Exhibitions: Memoranda (2 folders) (restricted)1971-1978
41338a-9bGrants: New York State Council on the Arts (4 folders) (2 restricted)1973
413310Hunter College: The Concept of the Museumundated
413311Louise Svendsen on James Johnson Sweeney1987
413312Louise Svendsen on Klee, Giacometti, 1955 and 19741987
413313-14Staff (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1975-1979
413315Thomas M. Messer on Fiftieth Anniversary Show1987
413316Thomas M. Messer on Jean Dubuffet: A Retrospective, 19731986
413317Thomas M. Messer on Joseph Beuys, 19791987
413318Thomas M. Messer on Julius Bissier, 1893-1965: A Retrospective, 19691986
413319Thomas M. Messer on Léger: Five Themes and Variations, 19621986
413320Thomas M. Messer on Master Craftsmen of Peru, Tamayo, 19681986
413321Thomas M. Messer on Peggy Guggenheim and Giacometti 1974, and Kupka1987
413322Thomas M. Messer on Vasily Kandinsky, 1866-1944: A Retrospective Exhibition, 19631986
413323Jury and Lecture Requests1966-1970
413324Berg, Henry1977-1978
413325-31Messer, Thomas (7 folders) (2 restricted)1964-1978
41341aPosters and Signs1974
2-6, 29Permanent Collection: Acquisitions (6 folders) (restricted)1974-1977
41347Job Descriptionsundated, 1969-1973
41348-9Memoranda (2 folders)1970-1973
Public Affairs Department: Events
413412Reproduction Requests1968-1970
413413-16Security (4 folders) (1 restricted)
Surveys and Questionnaires
413417Association of Art Museum Directors Bicentennial Questionnaire1974
413418Concerned Citizens for the Arts1973-1975
413419New York State Association of Museums1973-1975
413420Viewing Program: Memoranda1972
C. Lattin, Floyd (Museum Secretary)
413421Building: Fourth Floor Renovation (restricted)1980
413422Conservation Department (restricted)1979-1980
413423Correspondenceundated, 1980
24, 30Membership (2 folders)1978-1980
413425Pledges (restricted)1979
1900-1980 from the Guggenheim Museum Collection (#355)
413428Exhibition Memorandum1980
Ad Reinhardt and Color (#349)
413429Catalogue Information: Finance1979
413430Grants (restricted)1979
413431Arshile Gorky (#368): Catalogue Information (restricted)1980
British Art Now (#350)
413432Catalogue Information: Finance1979
41352Grants (restricted)1976, 1979
41353Shipping (restricted)1979
41354Eduardo Chillida (#352): Finance1980
Expressionism: A German Intuition, 1905-1920 (#361)
41355Catalogue Information1979-1980
41356Exhibition Memorandum1980
41357-8Finance (2 folders) (1 restricted)1979-1980
41359Grants (restricted)1979
413510Loans (restricted)1980
413512Kandinsky Watercolors (#363): Catalogue Information: Finance1980
New Images from Spain (#352)
413513Catalogue Information: Finance1980
413514Grants (restricted)1979
413515Finance: Income/Expense Statements1980
413516Grants (restricted)1979-1980
413517Library: Publications Exchange1978
413519Museum Mile Surveyundated
413520-22Permanent Collection (3 folders) (restricted)1979-1980
413524Costakis Project1980
413525Rights and Reproductions1975-1980
413526Correspondenceundated, 1980
413527Guggenheim Handbook: Finance1979-1980
41361The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: Frank Lloyd Wright Picture Book: Reprint1975-1980
41362Architectural Plansundated
41364-5Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1979-1980
41366Menusundated, 1979-1980
41367Security (restricted)undated, 1978-1980
Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects, 1942-1989 (bulk 1961-1988), 19.18 cubic ft.
A. Artist Records
8-18, 1-15, 1General (27 folders)undated, 1950-1980
41382Alberti, Donaldundated
41383Antes, Horst1979
41384Bacon, Francisundated
41385Benno, Benjaminundated, 1967
41386Berthold, Joachimundated
41387Cage, Johnundated
41388Caro, Anthony1955, 1968
41389Close, Chuck1966-1972
413810Compton, Lawrenceundated
413811Davis, Geneundated
413812Dubsky, Marioundated, 1968
413813Ducet, Jorge Luis1969
413814Emmet, Rowland1970-1972
413815Fontana, Lucioundated
413816Forester, Russellundated
413817Gloecknar, Michielundated
413818Godowsky, Frances1965, 1970, 1973
413819Grosz, Georgeundated
413820Haeger, Barbaraundated
413821Haring, Keithundated
413822Held, Al1957, 1964
413823Ipousteguy, Jean-Robertundated
413824Jorn, Asger1979
413825Judd, Donald1976
413826Kirchner, Ernst-Ludwigundated
413827Kupka, František1964, 1968
413828Le Corbusierundated, 1964, 1975
413829Lichtblau, Charlotteundated
413830Longuet, Kail-Jeanundated
413831Macdonald-Wright, Stanton1974
413832Matisse, Henri1977
413833Minujin, Marta1967
413834Mondrian, Piet1961-1965
502131Monet, Claude1971
502132Moore, Henryundated
502133Morandi, Giorgio1968
413835Munch, Edvardundated, 1963-1966
413836Nicholson, Ben1962
413837Nolde, Emilundated
41391Norton, Annundated
41392Palermo, Blinkyundated
41393Parekh, Manu1978
41394Picasso, Pabloundated
41395Pignataro, Roberto1968
41396Rauschenberg, Robertundated
41397Rosenthal, Bernardundated
41398Russell, Gordonundated
41399Schiele, Egon1966
413910Schillinger, Joseph1967-1968, 1971
413911Scotese, Peter1979
413912Shaw, Donundated
413913Slowinski, Ronundated, 1973
413914Smith, David1976
413915Stankiewicz, Richard1976
413916Torres-García, Joaquínundated, 1972
413917Urry, Steven1969
413918Vassilakis, Takis1975
413919Velde, Bram vanundated
413920Voin, Thonaundated
502134Weinik, Sam1971
413922Zach, Janundated, 1961-1967
413923Zogbaum, Wilfrid1965
B. Exhibitions
413924Audio Guide: Listsundated
413925Catalogue Information: Schedules and Notesundated, 1974
413926-27Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1963-1972, 1979-1983
413928Eventsundated, 1971
29-32, 1Exhibition History: Lists (5 folders)1969-1988
41402Exhibition Overviewsundated, 1984
41403-6Exhibition Planning (4 folders)undated, 1961-1981
7, 1Finance (2 folders)undated, 1962-1973
41408Legal: Earl Rowland Foundation (restricted)undated, 1972-1973
41409Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1972-1988
10, 1Events (2 folders)undated, 1963-1978
41412Installationundated, circa 1964-1974
41413Planning Proceduresundated, 1966-1968
41414-10Schedules (7 folders)1961-1980
414111Scrapbooks: Informationcirca 1965-1973
414112Sign Production1976
414113Traveling Exhibition Informationundated, 1974-1975
1900-1980 from the Guggenheim Museum Collection (#355)
414114Correspondence: Mathilda Beckmann1980
414115Exhibition Memorandumundated
Abstract Expressions, 1930-1950 (#373)
414116Checklists: Internal1981
414117-18Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1981
Acquisition Priorities: Aspects of Postwar Painting in Europe (#407)
414119Conservation (restricted)1983
414120-21General (2 folders)1983
414122-23General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1983
414124Hamilton, Richard1983
414125Acquisitions, 1953-1961 (#127): Exhibition Planning and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1961
Ad Reinhardt and Color (#349)
414126Loans (restricted)1979
414127Newspaper and Magazine Clippingscirca 1980
414128Researchundated, 1962-1967
414129Wall Lists1980
Agam: Beyond the Visible (#359)
41421Correspondence (restricted)1980
41422-4Events (3 folders)1980
41425Exhibition Memorandum1980
41426-7Exhibition Planning (2 folders)undated, 1977-1980
41428Researchundated, 1965
41429Albert Gleizes (#164-T): Correspondence1964-1965
Alberto Burri: A Retrospective View (#327)
414210Catalogue Informationcirca 1978
414211-12General (2 folders)1977-1978
414213Artist: Alberto Burri1978
414214Finance (restricted)1977
414215Memorandaundated, 1977-1978
414216Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1978
Alberto Giacometti (#275)
414218Audio Guide: Script1974
Catalogue Information
414219Generalcirca 1974
414220-21Correspondence (2 folders)1973-1974
414226-28General (3 folders) (1 restricted)1973-1974
414229Giacometti, Annette1974
414231Exhibition Memorandum1974
414232-34Exhibition Planning (3 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1971-1974
414236Legal (restricted)1973
414237-41Traveling Exhibition Information (5 folders) (1 restricted)1974
414242Wall Lists1974
Alberto Giacometti (#275) and Cuno Amiet, Giovanni Giacometti, Augusto Giacometti: Three Swiss Painters (#270)
43, 2Correspondence (2 folders)1973-1974
414244-45Events (2 folders) (1 restricted)1973-1974
41431Exhibition Planning1973
41433Loans: Lenders: Correspondence1974
4, 3Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)1974
Public Relations
41439Press Kits1974
414310Press Releases: Drafts1974
Alexander Calder (#166)
414311-12General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1964-1965
414313Artist: Alexander Calder1965
414314Events: Filmundated, 1964
414315Loans (restricted)1965
414316Traveling Exhibition Information1965
414317Alfred Jenson (#131): Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1961
414318-19Alfred Jensen: Paintings and Works on Paper (#454): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1983-1986
American Abstract Expressionists and Imagists (#133)
50224Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1961
414320American Drawings (#165): Traveling Exhibition Information: Correspondence1964
414321American Painters through Two Decades from the Museum Collection (#262): Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1973
American Painting from the Museum Collection (#213)
414322Catalogue Information (#213)undated, 1969
414323Checklists: Internal1969
414324Wall Lists1969
414325American Postwar Painting from the Guggenheim Collection (#311): Correspondence and Exhibition Planningundated, 1977
Amsterdam Paris Düsseldorf (#256)
414326Catalogue Information (restricted)1974
41441Exhibition Planning1972
41442Finance (restricted)circa 1972
41443-5Traveling Exhibition Information (3 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1973
41446Andy Warhol, Cars (#506): Correspondence1987-1988
41447Antoni Tapies (#140): Correspondence1961
41448Arshile Gorky (#368): Events: Invitation List1981
41449Arthur Dove: Correspondence1969-1972
414410The Artist Responds to Crisis: A Sketch for an Exhibition (#236): Loans (restricted)1971
Art of the Avant-Garde in Russia: Selections from the George Costakis Collection (#377)
414411Conservation (restricted)1987
414412-15General (4 folders) (2 restricted)1974-1986
414416-17Costakis, George (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977-1984
414418-21Events (3 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 19811
414422Exhibition Planning1977-1978
414423Legal (restricted)1977-1982
414424Loans (restricted)undated, 1974-1982
414425-26Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977-1984
Public Relations
414427Press Kits1981
414428Press Release: Draft1981
29, 6Research (2 folders)1977, 1980
414430Traveling Exhibition Information1982
414431Wall Lists1981
Asger Jorn (#388)
33, 1Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1974-1982
41452Aspects of British Art from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection (#404): Brochures1983
41453Australian Visions: 1984 Exxon International Exhibition (#437): Events1984
British Art: An American Perspective Now, 1980 Exxon International Exhibition (#350)
41455Checklists: Internal1979
41456-7Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1975-1980
41459Exhibition Planningcirca 1980
414510-11Finance (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1977-1980
414512Legal (restricted)1975-1979
Calder Airplanes
414515Artist: Alexander Calder1973
414517Canadian Art: Correspondence1978
414518Charles Simonds (#412): Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1983
414519Classics in the Collection (#251): Wall Lists and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1972
414520Collection: American Sculpture (#321): Exhibition Planning1978
Collection Exhibition (#260)
414521Checklists: Internal1972
414522Wall Lists1972
Collection Exhibition
414523Checklists: Internal1974
414524Wall Lists1974
Concentrations: Nine Modern Masters from the Guggenheim Museum and Thannhauser Collection (#276)
414525Checklists: Internal1974
414527Loans (restricted)1974
414529Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1974
414530Photographs: Installationcirca 1974
414531Wall Lists1974
414532Constantin Brancusi (#296): Events: Symposium1976
Constantin Brancusi, 1876-1957: A Retrospective Exhibition (#224)
414534Finance (restricted)1970-1971
414535Constructivism: Exhibition Planning1969-1977
414536Contemporary Japanese Art: Fifth Japan Art Festival Exhibition (#237): Correspondence1970
414537Cubist Painters from the Museum Collection (#240): Wall Lists and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1971-1972
Cuno Amiet, Giovanni Giacometti, Augusto Giacometti: Three Swiss Painters (#270)
414538Checklists: Internal1974
414539-40Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1973
41, 7Exhibition Planning (2 folders)circa 1974
414542Shipping (restricted)1974
414543Wall Lists1974
414544David Hare (#314): Exhibition Planning and Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsundated, 1976-1977
414545David Smith (#215): Correspondence1966
De Staël (#175)
41462Loans (restricted)1965-1966
41463The Drawings of Rodin (#246): Correspondence1972
41464Eduardo Arroya (#427): Correspondence (restricted)1984
41465Eduardo Chillida (#448): Correspondence: Artist: Eduardo Chillida (restricted)1985
Eduardo Chillida: The Graphic Work (#352)
41466Audio Guide: Script1980
50227-8General (3 folders) (1 restricted)1978-1981
41469Artist: Eduardo Chillida ( restricted)1976-1980
414611Grants (restricted)1979
414612Loans (restricted)1979
414613Memorandaundated, 1978
414614Newspaper and Magazine Clippingscirca 1980
414615Shipping (restricted)1979
Edvard Munch (#180)
414616-18Catalogue Information (3 folders)circa 1965
414619-20Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1965-1966
414621-22Exhibition Planning (2 folders)undated, 1964-1965
414623-24Loans (2 folders) (restricted)1963-1966
414625Research: Artwork: Study of a Head1963-circa 1965
414626Elements of Modern Art (#159-T): Memoranda1964
The Emergent Decade: Latin American Painters and Painting in the 1960's (#179)
414627-28Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1964-1969
414630Loans: Lenders (restricted)undated, 1967
414631Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1966
414632Traveling Exhibition Informationundated
European Art from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (#303-T)
414633Checklists: Internal1976
41472Finance (restricted)1976
50229Installationcirca 1976
41473Loans (restricted)1975
41474-5Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1975-1977
41476Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1976
41477Shipping (restricted)1977
European Drawings (#183)
41478Loans (restricted)undated, 1967
41479Traveling Exhibition Informationundated
414710European Painting from the Museum Collection (#216): Wall Lists1969
414711-12Eva Hesse: A Memorial Exhibition: Correspondence (#261) (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972
Evaluación de la Pintura Latinoamericana (#169-T)
414713Acquisitions (restricted)1965
15-16, 10Correspondence (3 folders) (1 restricted)1964-1966
414717Loans (restricted)1965
The Evelyn Sharp Collection (#323)
414720Checklists: Internalcirca 1980
414721Correspondence: Evelyn Sharp1978
414722Exhibition Overview1978
Expressionism: A German Intuition (#361)
414725Events: Opening: Speech Transcription1980
414726Finance (restricted)1978-1981
414727Loans (restricted)1978-1981
414729Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1980-1981
414731Rights and Reproduction1979
Ferdinand Hodler (#259)
502211Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1973
Fernand Léger: Five Themes and Variations (#139)
414733Exhibition Planning1962
414734Loans (restricted)1962
Fifty Years of Collecting: An Anniversary Selection (#493)
414738Installationundated, 1987
414739Public Relationscirca 1987
First Decade
414740Exhibition Planning1981
414741Grants (restricted)undated, 1979
414742-43Five Mural Panels Executed for Harvard University by Mark Rothko (#150): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1963
Forty Modern Masters (#319)
41482-3Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)circa 1977
41486Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977
41487Wall Lists1977-1978
41488Wall Texts1977
41489Francis Bacon (#155): Correspondence1963
Francis Picabia: A Retrospective Exhibition (#253)
414810Catalogue Information: Finance1970-1971
414812Exhibition Memoranda1970
Frank Lloyd Wright
414815Exhibition Planningundated
414817-18František Kupka (#289): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1961-1964
Frederick Kiesler (#299)
Frederick Kiesler: Environmental Sculpture (#161): Correspondence
414821Artist: Frederick Kiesler1965
414822Other Institutions: Stedelijk Museum1962-1964
From the American Collection: New Additions (#318)
414823Checklists: Internal1977
414824-25General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1977
414826Artist: Richard Poussette-Dart1977
414827Wall List1977
414828Wall Textcirca 1977
414829From Degas to Calder (#433): Exhibition Planningcirca 1983
414830Futurism: A Modern Focus: The Lydia and Harry Lewis Winston Collection, Dr. and Mrs. Barnett Malbin (#271): Research1973
Gauguin and the Decorative Style (#187)
414831Catalogue Information1966
414832Loans (restricted)1965-1966
414833Gauguin: Correspondence (restricted)1981
George Rickey (#344)
41492Generalundated, 1977
41493-4Artist: George Rickey (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1979
41496Georges Braque (#501): Loans (restricted)1987-1988
41497-8Georgia O'Keeffe: Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977
41499-10Gericault: Exhibition Planning (2 folders)undated
Goya's Late Work
414911-12Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1963
414915-16La Grande Parade: Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1983-1985
The Graphic Work of Kandinsky (#273)
414917Catalogue Information: Text1973
414919-20Guggenheim International Award, 1960 (#124): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1959-1960
414921Guggenheim International Award, 1964 (#157): Exhibition Planning and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1961-1965
Guggenheim International Exhibition, 1967: Sculpture from Twenty Nations (#197)
414922Checklist: Internal1967
414924Events: Preview1967
25, 12Exhibition Planning (2 folders)1964-1967
414926Fact Sheet1966
414927Loans (restricted)1967
414928Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1967
414929Traveling Exhibition Information1967-1968
Guggenheim International Exhibition, 1971 (#239)
414930Catalogue Informationundated, 1970-1971
414931Checklists: Internalcirca 1971
414932Conservation (restricted)1971
414933-34Correspondence (2 folders)1970-1971
414936Exhibition Planningundated
414937Finance (restricted)1971
414940Loans (restricted)1970-1971
41501Shipping (restricted)1971
41502Wall Listundated
Guggenheim Museum Collection: Paintings 1880-1945 (#295)
41504-5Catalogue Information (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976
41506Checklists: Internal1976
41509Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1976
415010Guggenheim Venezia-New York (#364-T): Exhibition Planning1982
Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele (#170)
415011-12Catalogue Information (2 folders)1965
415013Correspondence1962, 1965
415014Loans (restricted)1965
Hans Haacke
415015-16Catalogue Information (2 folders)undated, 1971
415017-19General (3 folders) (1 restricted)1971-1972, 1986-1987
415021Exhibition Planning1970
502213Interviews: Studio International (Transcription Draft)1971
502214Legal (restricted)undated, 1972
415022Loans (restricted)1971
415024-25Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)1971, 1986
415026Notescirca 1971
27, 15Research (2 folders)undated, 1971
415028Rights and Reproductions (restricted)1971
502216Guggenheim Statementscirca 1971
415029Opposition Statements and Protestsundated, 1971
415030Hans Hinterreiter (#503): Correspondence1987
415031Harold Tovish (#203): Correspondence: Artist: Harold Tovish1967
Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman 1882-1945: "Drucksel" Prints and General Printed Matter (#329)
415032Checklists: Internal1978
415033-34Correspondence (2 folders)1977-1978
415035Exhibition Memorandum1978
415036Finance (restricted)1978
415038Research: Artistundated
41511Wall Lists1978
Henri Michaux (#330)
41512Catalogue Information: Text1978
41514Artist: Henri Michauxundated, 1977-1979
41515Events: Guest List1978
41516Exhibition Memorandum1978
41518Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1978
41519Wall Lists1978
415110-11Homage to Hilla Rebay: Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1973
415112-13Horst Antes (#439): Correspondence: Artist: Horst Antes (2 folders) (1 restricted)1984
Illustrations for Opera by Gramatté and Lissitzky (#172)
415114Correspondence (restricted)1964
415115Exhibition Planningundated, 1965
415116Loans (restricted)1964
415118Ilya Bolotowsky (#277): Events: Dinnercirca 1974
415119The Image of Thinking in Visual Poetry: Exhibition Planningundated, 1986-1987
415120Italian Art Now (#383): Exhibition Planningundated, 1976-1982
415121Jack Youngerman (#463): Events: Preview: Invitation1986
James Ensor (#306)
415122Catalogue Information: Textundated
415123-24Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1974-1977
415125Events: Performance1977
415126Exhibition Planning1973
415127Finance (restricted)1976
415128Legal (restricted)1976
415129Loans (restricted)1973-1976
415130Memorandaundated, 1976-1977
415131Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977
415132Photographs: Artworkundated
415133Traveling Exhibition Information1977
Jean Arp: 1877-1966 (#298)
415134-35Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976
415136Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1976
Jean Arp (1886-1966): A Retrospective Exhibition (#210)
415137Catalogue Information: Finance1969
415138Finance (restricted)1970
415139Loans (restricted)1970
415140Jean Dubuffet 1962-1966 (#190): Correspondence1965-1967
415141Jean Dubuffet and Art Brut: Shipping (restricted)1986
Jean Dubuffet: A Retrospective (#265)
415142Catalogue Information: Textscirca 1973
415143Events: Legal (restricted)1973
415144Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1974
41521Public Relations: Clipbook1973
Jean Dubuffet: A Retrospective Glance at Eighty (#372)
Jean Dubuffet: Recent Acquisitions and Permanent Collection (#278)
41525-6Events (2 folders)1973-1974
41527Finance (restricted)1975
41528Loans (restricted)1976
415210Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1974
415211Wall Lists1974
415212Jean Ipousteguy (#405): Exhibition Planning and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1976-1979
Jean Xceron
415214Loans (restricted)1965-1966
Traveling Exhibition InformationTraveling Exhibition Information1965
415216Jiří Kolář (#288): Photographs: Installation1975
Jiří Kolář at the Guggenheim Museum (#320)
415217-18Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1978
Joan Miró: A Retrospective (#486)
415220-21Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1983-1987
415222Loans (restricted)1986
415223Wall Lists1987
415224Joan Miró: Magnetic Fields (#257): Finance (restricted)1971
John Chamberlain (#247)
415225-28Catalogue Information (4 folders)1971
415230Finance (restricted)1971
Joseph Beuys (#346)
Audio Guide
502217aCatalogue Informationundated, 1977-1980
415232Checklists: Internal1979
415233Conservation (restricted)1979
34a-34c, 17b-17cCorrespondence (5 folders) (2 restricted)1976-1980
415236Exhibition Planningcirca 1979
415237aFinance (restricted)undated, 1978-1979
415237bFree International Universitycirca 1979
415237c-37dInstallation (2 folders) (1 restricted)1979
415238Legal (restricted)1978-1980
415239Loans (restricted)1978-1980
415240a-40bMemoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1978-1979
41a-41b, 18Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (3 folders)1979-1980
415241cPhotographs: Events: Opening1979
41531Researchundated, 1971-1973
41532Shipping (restricted)1977, 1979
41533aWall Lists1979
41533bWall Textscirca 1979
Joseph Cornell (#194)
41535-6Loans (2 folders) (restricted)1967
41537-8Juan Gris (#430): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1982-1983
41539-11Julio González: A Retrospective(#402): Correspondence and Exhibition Planning (3 folders) (2 restricted)undated, 1982-1984
Julius Bissier 1893-1965: A Retrospective Exhibition (#206)
415313Finance (restricted)1967
14, 19Catalogue Information: Texts (Includes Research) (2 folders)undated, 1945-1976
415315-16Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1975
502220Researchundated, 1976-1977
Kandinsky at the Guggenheim Museum (#252)
415318Kandinsky, Nina1967-1973
Kandinsky in Munich: 1896-1914 (#380)
415320-22Catalogue Information (3 folders)undated, 1981
41541Generalundated, 1978-1983
41542-3Curators: Peg Weiss (2 folders) (1 restricted)1978-1981
41544-6Events (3 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1978-1982
41547Exhibition Planningundated, 1981
41548Grants (restricted)undated, 1979-1982
41549Insurancecirca 1981
415410Loans (restricted)1980-1982
415411-12Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1981
415413Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977-1982
415415-16Traveling Exhibition Information (2 folders) (1 restricted)1979-1982
415417-18Kandinsky in Paris: 1934-1944 (#444): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted):undated, 1982-1985
Kandinsky: Russian and Bauhaus Years: 1915-1933 (#418)
415419-20Catalogue Information (2 folders) (1 restricted)1982-1983
415421Conservation (restricted)1983
415422-23Correspondence (2 folders)undated, 1979-1984
415424Finance (restricted)undated, 1983
415425Grants (restricted)1981-1983
415426Loans (restricted)1981-1983
41551Public Relations: Press Kits1983
41552Rights and Reproductionsundated
41553-4Traveling Exhibition Information (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1983-1984
41555-6Kandinsky: Selected Works (385-T): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977, 1982
41557Kandinsky Watercolors (#363-T): Exhibition Planningundated
Kasimir Malevich (#272)
41558-9Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1974
415510Exhibition Planningundated
415511Finance (restricted)1973
415513-14Loans (2 folders) (restricted)1973
415515Shipping (restricted)1973
Kenneth Noland: A Retrospective (#309)
415516Catalogue Information1976-1977
415517-18General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1978
415519Artist: Kenneth Noland1977
415520Exhibition Memorandum1976-1977
415521-22Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1977
415523Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977
415524Traveling Exhibition Information1977
415525Wall List1977
415526Kinetics Around a Fountain: Pol Bury (#354): Exhibition Memorandumundated
Klee at the Guggenheim (#310)
415528-29Catalogue Information (2 folders)undated, 1976
415530Checklists: Internal1977
415531Conservation (restricted)1977
415532-34Correspondence (3 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1977
415535Loans (restricted)undated, 1977
415537Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977
415539Research1974, 1977
415540Shipping (restricted)1973
415541Wall Texts1977
The Knife Ship from "Il Corso del Coltello" (#478)
415542Events: Preview: Invitations1986
502221Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1987
László Moholy-Nagy (#218)
415543Exhibition Planningundated
415544Loans (restricted)1963-1970
415545Shipping (restricted)1970
41561-2Latin American Art: Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1973-1974
Lucio Fontana, 1899-1968: A Retrospective (#316)
41563-4Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977
41565Financeundated, 1977
41566Exhibition Memorandum1977
41567Exhibition Planningundated
41568Loans (restricted)1977
415610Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977
415611Wall List1977
Marc Chagall (#287)
415612Checklists: Internal1975
415613Loans (restricted)1975
Mark Rothko, 1903-1970: A Retrospective (#333)
415614-15Audio Guide (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1977-1979
415616-17Catalogue Information (2 folders)1976-1978
415618-19Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977-1979
415620Eventscirca 1978
415621Finance (restricted)1980
22-25, 22Legal (5 folders) (restricted)1970-1983
415626Loans (restricted)1978
415627-28Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1978
415629Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977
415632-34Traveling Exhibition Information (3 folders) (2 restricted)1977-1979
Mastercraftsmen of Ancient Peru (#209)
415636Eventscirca 1968-1969
41571Masterpieces from the Guggenheim Museum: Correspondence, Exhibition Planning, and Invitations1967
41572-4Masterpieces from the Guggenheim Museum: Exhibition Planning (3 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1978
41575Masterpieces of Modern Art (#174): Catalogue1965
Masters of Modern Sculpture: The Lydia and Harry Lewis Winston Collection (Dr. and Mrs. Barnett Malbin) and the Guggenheim Museum Collection (#280)
41576Checklists: Internal1974
41577-8Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1973
41579Exhibition Memorandumundated
415710-11Finance (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1972-1974
415712Loans (restricted)1973
415714Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1973
415716Matisse in the Collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art (#343): Events: Dinner1979
Max Ernst: A Retrospective Exhibition (#282)
415717Catalogue Information: Correspondence1974
415718-22aEvents (5 folders) (2 restricted)1974-1975
415722bLegal: Contract (restricted)1974
415723Photographs: Artworkundated
Modern Art in the West (#415-T)
415724-25Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1982-1984
415726Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1983
415727Modern Masters in France (#339): Wall List1979
415728-29The Moderns (#422-T): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1983-1984
Modern Treasures from the National Gallery in Prague (#499)
415730Catalogue Informationundated
415731Checklists: Internalundated
41581Events: Invitations1988
41582Exhibition Planningundated, 1988
41583-4Finance (2 folders) (restricted)1987-1988
41585Grants (restricted)1988
41586Legal: Contract (restricted)1987
41587Loans (restricted)1988
41588Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1988
41589-10Traveling Exhibition Information (2 folders) (1 restricted)1988
Modern Treasures from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (#509-T)
415811Catalogue Informationundated
415812Checklists: Internalundated, 1987
415813Conservation (restricted)1988
415814-15Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1986-1988
415816Finance: Budget (restricted)1987-1988
Modigliani (#345-T)
415819Exhibition Planningundated
415820Loans (restricted)undated, 1979
415821Morris Louis, 1912-1962: Memorial Exhibition (#154): Catalogue Information: Memoranda1963
Museum Collection (#186)
415822Checklists: Internal1966
415823Exhibition Planning (restricted)1966
415824Museum Collection: Recent American Art (#286): Exhibition Planning1975
Museum Collection, Seven Decades, A Selection (#196)
415826-27Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1966-1967
415828Exhibition Planningcirca 1967
415829Museum Collection, Spring, 1963 (#151): Exhibition Planning and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1963
415830Museum Pieces of the Postwar Era: Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1972
Neo-Impressionism (#199)
415833Loans (restricted)1966-1967
New Horizons in American Art: 1985 Exxon National Exhibition (#455)
415834Catalogue Informationcirca 1985
New Images from Spain (#353)
415836-37Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1977-1979
415838Grants (restricted)1978-1980
415839-40Memoranda (2 folders)undated, 1979-1980
415841Traveling Exhibition Information1979
415842New Perspectives in American Art: 1983 Exxon National Exhibition (#413): Finance (restricted)1983
415843The New York School: Four Decades, Guggenheim Museum Collection and Major Loans (#386): Correspondence: Artists1982
Nicolas Schöffer
415844-45General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1968-1975
415846-74Artist: Nicolas Scöhffer (2 folders) (1 restricted)1971-1973
48, 1, 23Exhibition Planning (3 folders)undated, 1965-1972
41592Finance (restricted)undated, 1971
41593Legal: Exhibition Contract (restricted)circa 1972
41594-5Notes (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated
41596Researchundated, 1970
41597Traveling Exhibition Information1971-1972
Nine Artists: Theodoron Awards (#308)
41599Checklist: Internal1977
415910-11Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1972-1977
415912Exhibition Memorandum1977
415913-14Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1976-1977
415915Wall List1977
415916Wall Text1977
Nineteen Artists-Emergent Americans: 1981 Exxon National Exhibition (#366)
415920-21Exhibition Planning (2 folders)1979-1980
415924Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1981
415925Wall List1981
415926The Nineteenth Century: One Hundred Twenty-Five Master Drawings: Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1958, 1962
415927OMA: The Sparkling Metropolis (#334): Brochure1978
415928-29Oskar Kokoschka (#477): Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1982-1986
Öyvind Fahlström (#389)
415930Correspondence: Artist: Jasper Johns1979
415931-32Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1980-1982
415933-34Pablo Picasso: Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1963-1964
415935Pablo Serrano: The Guitar and Cubism (#456): Correspondence1984-1985
415936Paul Feeley (1910-1966): A Memorial Exhibition (#201): Correspondence1966-1967
Paul Klee, 1879-1940: A Retrospective Exhibition (#192)
415937-38Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1966-1968
41601Loans (restricted)undated, 1966-1967
41602-5Research: Artwork (4 folders)circa 1967
41606Peggy Guggenheim's Other Legacy (#483): Loans (restricted)undated, 1986
41607Philip Guston (#142): Correspondence1962
41608The Photographic Image (#182): Exhibition Planning and Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsundated, 1966
41609-10Picasso: The Last Years, 1963-1973 (#425): General (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1983-1984
Pierre Alechinsky: Margin and Center (#480)
Catalogue Information
416013Textscirca 1986-1987
41611Checklists: Internalundated, 1986
41612-3Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1985-1987
41614Exhibition Planningundated
41615Grants (restricted)undated, 1985-1986
41616Loans (restricted)1986
41617Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1986-1987
9, 24Research (2 folders)undated, 1967-1984
416110Rights and Reproductions1985
416111Traveling Exhibition Information: European Venues: Checklist: Internal1987
Piet Mondrian at the Guggenheim Museum (#305)
416112-13Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976, 1979
416114Exhibition Planning (restricted)undated
416115Loans (restricted)1971
416116Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1977
416117Notes (restricted)undated
416119Wall List1976
The Planar Dimension: Europe, 1912-1932 (#340)
416120Catalogue Information1978-1979
416122Loans (restricted)1978-1979
Pol Bury (#231)
416124Catalogue Informationundated, 1970
416125Exhibition Planningundated
416126Legal (restricted)1969
416127Loans (restricted)1970
416128Photographs: Artworkundated
416129Public Relations: Press Release: Draftsundated
416130Research: Artistundated
Traveling Exhibition Information
416131University Art Museum, University of California, Berkeley: Correspondence1968-1970
416132Public Relations: Press Release1969
416133Postwar Painting from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (#267-T): Correspondence, Exhibition Planning, and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1973
416134-35Prints from the Guggenheim Museum Collection (#332-T): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1976-1978
416136Raymond Parker (#130): Exhibition Planning and Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsundated, 1962
416137-38Recent Acquisitions (#285): Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1975
Recent Acquisitions (#307)
416139-40Checklist: Internal (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1977
Recent Gifts and Purchases (#313)
416142Correspondenceundated, 1977
416143Exhibition Planning1977
416144-45René Magritte: Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1978-1979
Richard Hamilton (#268)
416146Checklist: Internalcirca 1973
416147Public Relations1973
416148Richard Navin: The Mycenae Circle (#367): Correspondence: Artist: Richard Navinundated
Richard Serra: Different and Different Again
416149Finance (restricted)1973
416150Loans (restricted)1973
416151Photographs: Installation1973
Robert Motherwell
41621Traveling Exhibition Informationundated
41622Rodin Drawings: True and False: Loans (restricted)1972
41623Rolf Nesch: Exhibition Planning1966
Roy Lichtenstein (#223)
41624Catalogue Information: Specificationsundated
41625Conservation (restricted)1970
41627Exhibition Planningundated
8, 25Finance (2 folders) (restricted)undated, 1970
41629Loans (restricted)1969-1970
416210Traveling Exhibition Information (restricted)1969-1970
Rubinshtejn Collection
416211-12Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1982-1983
416213-14Booklets (2 folders)1966-1982
416216Newspaper Clippingsundated
416217Rufino Tamayo: Myth and Magic (#341): Catalogue Information: Text1979
Salvador Dalí (#297)
416220Legal (restricted)1977-1978
416221Loans (restricted)1976
416223Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1976
416224Public Relations: Press Release: Draftundated
416225Rights and Reproductions (restricted)1978
416226Wall List1976
416227School of Paris: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection: Checklist: Internal1978
Sculpture from the Museum Collection (#136)
28, 26General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962
416229Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1962
416230Sculpture Selections from the Museum Collection (#229): Wall Lists1970
Selected Acquisitions (#331)
416231Checklist: Internal1978
416232-33Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1978
416234-35Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1978
Selected Acquisitions (#351)
416236-37Correspondence (2 folders) (1 restricted)1980
416239Wall List1980
Selected Sculpture and Works on Paper (#220)
41631Exhibition Planning1969
Selections from the Guggenheim Museum Collection, 1900-1970 (#232)
41632Catalogue Information1970
41634-5Exhibition Planning (2 folders)undated, 1969-1970
41636Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1970
41637Selections from the Guggenheim Museum Collection: Recent Acquisitions 1972-73 (#266): Checklists: Internal1973
41638Selections from the Museum Collection (#195): Correspondence (restricted)1967
Selections from the Museum Collection and Recent Acquisitions (#241)
41639Audio Guide1971
416310Catalogue Information (restricted)1971
416311Checklists: Published1971
416312-13Events (2 folders) (1 restricted)1971
416314Exhibition Planningcirca 1971
416315Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1971
416316Selections from the Permanent Collection: Exhibition Planning1967
Seven Photorealists from New York Collections (#367)
416318Brochure Information1981
416319Checklist: Internal1981
41642Events: Opening: Invitation1981
41643Finance (restricted)1981
41644Wall List1981
41645Sixty Works: The Peggy Guggenheim Collection (#392): Public Relations: Clipbook1982
Sleeping Beauty-Art Now (#390)
41647-8Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1981-1982
Soto: A Retrospective Exhibition (#279)
416410-11General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1974
416412Artist: Jesus Rafael Soto1974
416413-14Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)1974-1975
416415Finance (restricted)1974, 1982
416416Public Affairs1974
416417Space Light Motion: Correspondence1963
Summer Selection, 1962 (#144)
416419Events: Preview1962
416420Exhibition Planning1962
Ten Young Artists: Theodoron Awards (#243)
416422Correspondence (restricted)1971
416423Events: Opening: Invitation List (restricted)1971
416424Exhibition Planningundated
Toyama Now '81 (#371-T)
416425Correspondence1981, circa 1985
416426Legal (restricted)1981
416427A Tribute to Henry Moore: Correspondence1977-1979
416428-29Two Decades of American Painting: Exhibition Planning (2 folders)1972-1975
Van Gogh and Expressionism
416432Loans (restricted)1964
Vasily Kandinsky, 1866-1944: A Retrospective Exhibition (#146-T and #147)
416433Catalogue Informationundated, 1963
416434Checklist: Internal (restricted)1963
416435-36General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1961-1964
41651-2Kandinsky, Nina (2 folders) (1 restricted)1961-1964
41653-4Städtische Galerie und Lenbach Galerie (2 folders) (1 restricted)1961-1964
41655-6Exhibition Planning (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated
41657Finance (restricted)1962
41658-10Loans (3 folders) (restricted)undated, 1961-1963
416511-12Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1962-1963
416513Notesundated, 1962-1963
416514Traveling Exhibition Informationundated, 1964
Vasily Kandinsky, 1901-1914 (#184)
416515Checklists: Internalcirca 1966
416516Loans (restricted)1966
Vasily Kandinsky: Paintings on Glass (Hinterglasmalerei), Anniversary Exhibition (#191)
416517Catalogue Information: Correspondence1966
416519Loans (restricted)1966
416520Vasily Kandinsky: Works on Paper: Checklists: Internal1976-1977
416521Video: Exhibition Planning1973-1976
Willem de Kooning in East Hampton (#322)
41662Checklist: Internal1978
41665Exhibition Memorandum1977
41666Loans (restricted)1977-1978
41668Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1978
41669Public Relations: Advertisingundated
416610Research: Artistundated
416611Wall List1978
William Baziotes: A Memorial Exhibition (#171)
416612Correspondence: Ethel Baziotes1965
416613Loans (restricted)1965, 1967
416614Will Insley: The Opaque Civilization (#436): Grants (restricted)circa 1982
416615Works from the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation (#211): Correspondence: Peggy Guggenheim1966
416616Young Artists from Three Countries: Exhibition Planning1972, 1975-1976
Younger Artists from the Museum Collection (#230)
416617Wall Labelscirca 1970
416618Wall List1970
Yves Klein (1928-1962): A Retrospective (#393)
416621Finance (restricted)1982
416622Grants (restricted)1981
416623Loans (restricted)1980-1982
416624Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1982
Yves Tanguy: A Retrospective (#397)
416626Legal: Contract (restricted)1982
C. Loans
27-36, 1-9Correspondence (19 folders) (restricted)1961-1988
416710-17Incoming (8 folders) (restricted)1955, 1961-1964, 1974-1982
416718Loan Form Productionundated, 1965
19-21, 1-7Long Term (10 folders) (restricted)undated, 1961-1988
8-12, 1-12, 1-17, 1-4, 27Outgoing (39 folders) (restricted)1954, 1961-1987
41715-6Policies (2 folders)1973, 1980
7-19, 1-2Refused (14 folders) (restricted)1960-1972
D. Permanent Collection
3-14, 1-17, 1-11, 1-37, 1-46, 1-21, 1-5, 1-4Acquisitions and Gifts (153 folders) (130 restricted)undated, 1959-1988
50235Appraisals1966, 1972
Art and Museum Committee
41786-13Approval Lists (8 folders) (6 restricted)1960-1984
417814Proposals (restricted)undated
417815Artists: Lists1980
417816Collection Notebooks: Procedures1983
17-55, 1-50Collection Worksheets (89 folders) (restricted)undated
417951Commission: Alicia Patterson Guggenheim Mural (Joan Miró)1962-1972, 1986
417952-54Conservation (3folders) (restricted)1968-1977
55-62, 1-13, 1-7Deaccessions (29 folders) (28 restricted)undated, 1962-1986
41818Director's Consideration (restricted)1968
9-16, 1-5Evelyn Sharp Collection (13 folders) (restricted)1976-1986
41826-8Exchanges (3 folders) (restricted)1972-1987
41829Generalundated, 1949-1971
418210The Adventures of *1958-1961
418211-12Inventory and Condition Reports (2 folders) (restricted)1964
13-14, 1-5, 6, Hilla Rebay Collection (8 folders) (restricted)undated, 1967-1974
6-9, 7Insurance (5 folders) ( 3 restricted)undated, 1961-1965, 1968
418310-15Inventories (6 folders) (3 restricted)undated, 1942, 1960s-1970s
1, 8The Katherine S. Dreier Bequest (2 folders) (restricted)1952-1953, 1970
41842Memoranda (restricted)undated
41843-5Photographic Documentation (3 folders)undated
41846Registrar's Receipts (restricted)1979-1980
41847-8General (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1969, 1983-1984
41849Bauer, Rudolphundated, 1977
418410Beckmann, Max (restricted)1970
418411Kardovsky, Dmitry (restricted)1967
Thannhauser Collection
418412-13Appraisal Information (2 folders) (restricted)1977, circa 1984
418414Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: Excerpts (restricted)1963, 1978
418415Collection Inventoryundated
418416-17Conservation (2 folders) (restricted)1965, 1974
418418General (restricted)1961-1977
418419Mann, Francis A. (restricted)1977
20-29, 1Thannhauser, Hilde (11 folders) (10 restricted)undated, 1972-1985
2-17, 1-8Thannhauser, Justin K. (24 folders) (restricted)undated, 1953-1976
41869Dinner Remarks: Guggenheim, Harry F.1965
418610Dispositions: Memoranda (restricted)1981
418611-12Exhibitions: Masterpieces of Modern Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1965
418613-15Photographs (3 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1972
418616Report and Correspondence (restricted)undated, 1977-1986
418617Agreement between Hilde Thannhauser and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (restricted)1984-1986
418618Agreement between Justin K. Thannhauser and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (restricted)1963
41871Certificate of Dissolution (restricted)1982
41872Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobsin (restricted)1977-1978
41873Newlin, A. Chauncey (White and Case) (restricted)1967-1977
41874Deed of Gift: Justin K. Thannhauser to Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (restricted)1964
41875-7Last Will and Testament of Justin K. Thannhauser (3 folders)1974
41878Legacy Receipt (restricted)1978
50239Personal Mailing List of Justin K. Thannhauser (restricted)undated
41879Photographs: Thannhausers and Collectioncirca 1963
418710Postersundated, 1980
Public Affairs
418711-12Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)1963-1979
418713-14Press Releases: Drafts (2 folders)1963. 1972-1989
418715Research Notes (restricted)undated
16-17, 1Rights and Reproductions (3 folders) (restricted)1965-1973
41882Serkin Program1972
Thannhauser Catalogue
41884Malcolm Grear Designers1971-1972
41885Research for Biography1963-1976
Thannhauser Gallery
41887Architect's Rendering of Entranceundated
41888Architectural Drawing1965
41889Audio Guide: Script1973
418810Correspondence1965, 1972-1987
418813Memorial Plaque: Information1960
418814Newsletter: Draft1979
418815Planning Processundated
418818Security (2 folders) (restricted)1970-1972
418819Signage: Information1972
418820Thannhauser, Henry: Biographical Information1945, 1986
Series 6. Personal and Professional, 1955-2002 (bulk 1965-1985), 17.45 cubic ft.
A. Personal
418821Art Collection: Memoranda (restricted)1974
418822Alumni Award for Distinguished Public Service, Boston University1980
418823Chevalier Legion of Honor, France1980
418824Decoration, Consul General of Austria1981
418825Decoration, Consul General of Denmark1984
418826Decoration, Consul General of Spain1984
418827Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav1968
418828Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit, Federal Republic of Germany1975-1981
418829Order of the Dannebrog, Knight of First Class1984
418830Order of Leopold II, Consul General of Belgium1978
31, 10Bibliography (2 folders)undated, 1978
Biographical Information
32-33, 11General (3 folders)undated, 1961
41891National Cyclopedia of American Biography1962-1963
2-3, 12Resume (3 folders)undated, 1972-1983
4, 13Who's Who (2 folders)1961-1991
Honorary Degrees
41895Philadelphia College of Art and Design1988
41896Thiel College2002
41897University of Massachusetts1962
41898Honorary Trustee: Institute of Contemporary Art1980
41899Identification (restricted)1972-1977
418910Jury Duty1980-1981, 1986
11-15, 1-3, 14-15Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (10 folders)1961-1990
41904Messer, Remiundated
5-9, 7Messer, Thomas (6 folders)undated, 1989
419010Roswell Museum and Art Center: Gifts (Restricted)1981-1982
B. Professional
41901192nd Street Young Mens and Womens Hebrew Association1974
American Arts Alliance
419013Board Meeting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1980
419014Board Members1979
419015Finance1977, 1983
The American Assembly, Columbia University1974-1975
419016Board Meeting1974
419017Art Museums in America1974-1975
419018European-American Assembly on Art Museums1975
419019American Association of C.R.B. Alumni1987
American Association of Museum Directors
419020By-Laws1961, 1982
419021Code of Ethics1961
419022General: Lists1975-1983
419023Ethics and Standards Committee: Report: Professional Practices in Art Museums1981
Ethics Committee
1-3, 16-17Pasadena Art Museum (5 folders) (restricted)1973-1975
4, 18Ethics of Acquisitions Committee (2 folders)1970-1973
41915Future Directions Committee1975-1983
41916-7Insurance Committee (2 folders)1972-1974
41918-10Legislative Committee (3 folders)1974-1976
419111Nominating Committee1976
419112Policy Review Committee1977
41921-2Professional Practices Committee (2 folders)1971-1975
41923Selection Committee, ADAA Award1978-1979
41924Conference: Pending Museum Issues1975
41925-15Correspondence (11 folders)1976-1986
419216Executive Secretary1972-1973
18-19, 19Legislation (3 folders)1973-1975
Meetings (Annual and Bi-Annual)
419220-21General (2 folders)1974-1983
419222Atlanta, Georgia1986
419223Boston, Massachusetts1987
24, 1Buffalo, New York (2 folders)1966-1967
41932Cincinnati, Ohio1981
41933Cleveland, Ohio1966
41934Corpus, Christi, Texas1980
41935Dallas, Texas1984
41936Denver, Colorado1982-1983
41937-8Houston, Texas (2 folders)1986-1987
41939-10Los Angeles, California (2 folders)1983, 1988
419311Minneapolis, Minnesota1978
419312New Orleans, Louisiana1977
419313-17New York, New York (5 folders)1973-1982
41941Phoenix, Arizona1981
41942-3Portland, Oregon (2 folders)1960-1967
41944Richmond, Virginia1979
41945-6San Francisco, California (2 folders)1975, 1985
41947San Juan, Puerto Rico1986
41948-9Toledo, Ohio (2 folders)1961, 1980
419410Toronto, Ontario1979
419411Venice, Italy1987
419412Washington, District of Columbia1976
419413Wilmington, Delaware1982
419414Winterthur, Delaware1985, 1965
41953-6Reports (4 folders)1973-1982
41957-8Venice Biennale (2 folders)1973-1976
American Association of Museums
41959Boston, Massachusetts1980
419510Chicago, Illinois1966
502320Cleveland, Ohio1979
419511Indianapolis, Indiana1980-1981
419512Kansas City, Missouri1979
419513New Orleans, Louisiana1968
419514Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1982
419515-17Washington, District of Columbia (3 folders)1982-1984
419518Electioncirca 1969
419520-21Reports (2 folders)1979-1984
419522-24By-Laws (3 folders)1969-1977
419526ALI-ABA Committee1975
419527Benefit Committee1970
419528Credentials Committee1980
419529Curators Committee1982
419530-31Education Committee (2 folders)1980-1982
32, 1-3Ethics Committee (4 folders)1974-1978
41964-5Executive Committee (2 folders)1979-1981
41966Insurance Committee1986-1987
41967Museum Association Security Committeeundated
41968Museum Studies Committee1979
41969-11Museum Trustees Committee (3 folders)1972-1985
419612Non-Print Media Committee1979
419613Registrar's Committee1979
419614-16Belmont Museum Needs Conference (3 folders)1967-1968
419617Future Development of Museums Between Now and 19801966
419618-21Correspondence (3 folders)1965-1984
419622-24Finance (3 folders)1962-1981
419625Foreign Museum Professionals Tour1976-1977
27, 21Legislative (2 folders)undated, 1986-1987
Meetings (Annual)
419628Boston, Massachusetts1979-1980
41971Cleveland, Ohio1979
41972-3Denver, Colorado (2 folders)1971
41974Fort Worth, Texas1974
5-6, 22Los Angeles, California (3 folders)1973-1975
41977Mexico City and Yucatan, Mexico1972
41978New Orleans, Louisiana1977
41979-10New York, New York (2 folders)1969-1970
419711Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1981-1982
419712-13Toronto, Canada (2 folders)1967, 1979
419714-15Washington, District of Columbia (2 folders)1982-1984
419717-20Dues (4 folders)undated, 1962-1982
419721-22Lists (2 folders)1982-1983
419724Museum News1978
419725Museums: Their New Audience1972
419726Public Relations: Press Release: Museum Assessment Continues to Grow1982
419727AAM Council, Advisors and Committees; AAM Grant Administrationcirca 1980
419728Escort Data Listing1982
419729Executive Council1982-1983
419730International Exchange Program Proposal1972
American Association of Museums/International Council of Museums
31, 23Art Sales: Mansoor Collection of Egyptian Art (2 folders)1978
Board Meetings
41982Boston, Massachusetts1980
41983Chicago, Illinois1975-1976
41984Cleveland, Ohio1979
41985Copenhagen, Denmark1974
41986Denver, Colorado1971
41987Detroit, Michigan (2 folders)1985
41988Fort Worth, Texas1974
41989Hartford, Connecticut1971
419810-11Indianapolis, Indiana (2 folders)1974-1981
419812-13Leningrad and Moscow, Russia (2 folders)1976-1977
419814Los Angeles, California1975
419815Mexico City, Mexico1972
419816Milwaukee, Wisconsin1973
419817-19New York, New York (3 folders)1970, 1973, 1981
419820Oxford, England1985
419821Paris and Grenoble, France1971
419822Paris, France1976
419823Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1982
419824San Francisco, California1969
419825St. Louis, Missouri1973
26-28, 1-3Washington, District of Columbia (6 folders)1971-1984
41994-5Board Members (2 folders)1978-1983
41996-9By-Laws (4 folders)1973-1979
419910-11Ad Hoc Committee (2 folders)1969-1980
419912Advisory Committee1976-1978
13-14, 24Committee for Education and Cultural Action (3 folders)1975-1981
50241Delegates Committee1972
419915-18Executive Committee (3 folders)1978-1980
19-29, 1, 2Executive Council and Advisory Committee (4 folders)1971-1981
2-4, 3Indo-U.S. Joint Committee (4 folders)1976-1978
42005International Consultative Committee1976-1982
42006-7Legislative Committee (2 folders)1981-1983
42008-9National Committee (2 folders)1972-1983
420010Special Committee on Programs and Other Activities1971
11-12, 4Conference: International Conference on Museum Storage (3 folders)1976-1977
13, 1-10, 1-7, 5Correspondence (19 folders)1971-1985
42028-12Finance (5 folders)1970-1982
13-14, 6Foreign Museums Professional Tour (3 folders)1974-1977
420215International Museum Training Program1970-1972
16-21, 1-6, 7Members (13 folders)1970-1983
42037ICOM Newsletter1970-1974
42038Protection of Cultural Property Lawsundated
42039Coordinator's Reports1973, 1982
420310International Information Clearinghouse1981
420311Principal Services of the ICOM Committee of the AAM1975
420312Regional Extension of the International Museum Documentation Centre1970
420313-15Report to AAM Council1980
420316American Council for Emigres in the Professions: Benefit Committee1975
420317American Council for the Arts in Education1975
American Federation of Arts
18, 8Board Meeting (2 folders)1972-1974
420319Catalogue: Primitive Art and Masterworks1972
420320Ad Hoc Policy Review Committee1972-1973
21-23, 1, 9Executive Committee (5 folders)1974-1977
42042Honorary Committee of the Arts1979
International Exhibitions Committee
42044-12Biennales (9 folders)1974-1979
420413-26Board Meetings (14 folders)1975-1983
420429Corporate Advisory Committee1977
30-31, 1-4Correspondence (6 folders)1976-1978
42056Exhibition Planning and Proposalsundated, 1978
42057-8Finance (2 folders)1977-1979
42059-12Finance Subcommittee (4 folders)1976-1978
420513-16Members (4 folders)undated, 1976-1981
42061-2Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)1976-1978
42063Press Releases1977
42065-6Reports (2 folders)undated, 1976
42068-9Finance (2 folders)1973-1975
420612American Friends of the Israel Museum1975
420613American Symphony Orchestra: Advisory Committee1962
420614ARTABRAS: Albert Einstein Commemorative Award Committee1978
420615Art Commission of the City of New York1985
420616Art Committee for Managua Homeless1973-1974
420617-18Art Committee for Nicaraguan Relief (2 folders)1973-1974
420619-21Art Dealers Association of America (3 folders)1963-1983
420622Art for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze1982
420623Art for Mexico1986
420624Art News: World Art Market Conference1976
420625-29Arts International (5 folders)1981-1985
420630-31Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies (2 folders)1964-1971
42071-2Association des Amis du Centre Georges Pompidou (2 folders)1975-1986
42073Attorney General's Office: Museum Advisory Committee1973-1977
42074Bank Street College of Education: Arts in Education Committee1967
42075Barbara Wertheim Tuchman: Sponsoring Committee1964
42076-8Belgian American Educational Foundation (3 folders)1964-1973
42079Bellevue Hospital Center1981
420710Berkshire Art Association1961-1964
420711Berlin/New York Advisory Board1986
12-16, 10-12Boston University: Board of Visitors, School of Visual Arts (8 folders)1975-1986
420717Bowery Savings Bank1973
Brandeis University
420718Board of Overseers1965
420719Creative Arts Awards Commission1984
420720Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine1978-1979
420721CBS: Third Street Music School Settlement Award Luncheon Committee1977
420722Center for Advanced Studies, Wesleyan University: Fellowship1966-1969
Center for Inter-American Relations
23, 13General (2 folders)1968-1978
420724-25Finance (2 folders)1975-1977
42081-2Publications (2 folders)1967-1969
42083-6U.S. Latin American Commission (4 folders)1974-1977
The Century Association
8-11, 1-2Admissions Committee (6 folders) (restricted)1966-1987
42093House-Art Committee1970-1974
502414Public Affairs Committee1975
42094Children's Storefront1976
42095Citizen Exchange Corps1973
42096Citizens' Committee for Children1974
42097Citizens Union1974
42098City of New York Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Administration: Harlem Subway Sculpture Committee1973
42099Colorado Springs Fine Art Center1963
Columbia University
420910Report of the 46th American Assembly: Art Museums in America1974
420911Russian Institute1979
420912Comitato Amicidi Palazzo Grassi1984-1987
420913Commission for Cultural Affairs of the City of New York: Report: A Major Celebration of the Arts in New York City in 19791977
420914Committee Concerned for Chileundated
420915Committee to Commemorate the Six Million Jewish Martyrs1966-1967
420916Critica I: Conference, Montecatini, Terme1979-1980
17-20, 1-6, 15-16Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in America (12 folders)1968-1996
42107Elysium Theatre Company: Advisory Board1985-1987
42108Emory University Museum of Art and Archaeology: Search Committee1982-1987
42109Ford Foundation1973
42111Fordham School of General Studies: Brancusi Conference1976
42112Friends of the World Museums1971
42113The General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church: Joint Commission on Church Architecture and the Allied Arts1967
42114General Foods Corporation1979
42115-6Goddard Riverside Community Center (2 folders)1966-1978
42117Harvard Club of New York City1966
Harvard University
42118-9Board of Overseers (2 folders)1975-1981
Department of Visual and Environmental Studies
421110-11Review Committee (2 folders)1973
421112Fogg Art Museum1977
Haus der Kunst
13-17, 1, 1Egon Schiele (7 folders) (1 restricted)1974-1975
42122-6Kandinsky Exhibition (5 folders)1975-1976
42127Henry Street Settlement: 50th Anniversary Exhibition of the Armory Show1962
42128-9Hereward Lester Cooke Foundation: Advisory Board (2 folders)1974-1979
421210Hotsun Foundation1978
421211Igor Foundation: Advisory Board1986
Independent Committee on Arts Policy
421212-13General (2 folders)1984-1988
Board Meetings
421216-17The Algonquin Hotel (2 folders)1983-1984
421218The Ford Foundation1986
421219The New York Public Library1984
421220The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1983
421221Program Committee: Board Meeting1983-1985
421222Steering Committee: Board Meeting1983-1987
42131-2Members (2 folders)1982-1987
502418Policies and Standards in the Arts1982-1983
42133Public Relations: Press Release1984
42134-5Reports (2 folders)1982-1986
42136-7The Institute for Art and Urban Resources (2 folders)1973-1976
42138-12Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (5 folders)1961-1982
421313Institute of Contemporary Hispanic Art1975
Institute of International Education
421314Conference: International Exchanges in the Arts1970
421315-16Correspondence (2 folders)1967-1975
42141Institute of Modern Russian Culture at Blue Lagoon, Texas1983
42142Instituto per l'Arte Contemporanea: Advisory Board1983-1984
42143-4Inter-American Foundation for the Arts (2 folders)1963-1964
42145Internal Revenue Service: Art Advisory Panel1974-1977
42146International Art Show for the End of World Hunger1984-1988
42147International Committee of the Museum Ciudad Bolivar1973
502419International Communication Agency1977-1978
International Council of Museums
42148-9Meetings (2 folders)1976-1980
421411-14By-Laws (4 folders)undated, 1969-1975
Advisory Committee
15-18, 20Board Meetings (5 folders)1976-1984
421420Member List1978
421421National Committee: Working Group1982
421422Consultative Committee for Projects: Board Meeting1981
421423Executive Committee1989
International Committees
421425International Committee for Conservation1978-1981
26, 21International Committee for Education and Cultural Action1976-1982
421427International Committee for Egyptology1983-1984
421428International Committee for Exhibition Exchange1981
421429International Committee for Museology1978-1982
30, 1-13,1-17,1-12,1-10, 1-9,1-13, 22-31International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (85 folders)undated, 1962-1987
422014International Committee for Museums of Ethnography1973
422015International Committee for Regional Museums1977
National Committees
422016General (2 folders)1970-1976
422017French National Committee1964
502432Mexican National Committee1974
502433The Netherlands National Committee1977
18, 34Pakistan National Committee (3 folders)1970-1979
422019-20Polish National Committee (2 folders)1964-1973
502435Portugal National Committee (2 folders)1977-1978
502436Romanian National Committee1977-1978
21-24, 1-5, 37United States National Committee (10 folders)1969-1981
42216Planning Committee1982
42217Rome Centre Standing Committee of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation1971
42218-11Correspondence (4 folders)1965-1984
Executive Council
422112Ad Hoc Committee on Membership1982
Board Meetings
422113-14London, England (2 folders)1982-1983
422115Mexico City, Mexico1980
422116Moscow and Leningrad, Russia (2 folders)1977
422117-20Paris, France (4 folders)1970-1981
422122Finance1970, 1983
422124-25Reports (2 folders)1970-1984
27-29, 1-7, 1Meetings (Triennial) (11 folders)1965-1983
42228Generalundated, 1964
422210Museum Exchange Programundated
422212ICOM: National and Interntational Perspectives1979
422213-14ICOM News (2 folders)1977-1978
422215Newsletter1962, 1978
42231Study: The Public and Modern Art1966-1969
2-4, 2Reports (4 folders)1971-1982
42235James Weldon Johnson Community Center, Theater Arts Center: Honorary Advisory Committee1966-1967
42236The Jewish Theological Seminary of America1962
7-13, 3J. Paul Getty Trust: Computer Advisory Committee (8 folders)1981-1983
Juried Exhibitions
42231472nd American Exhibition, Chicago1975-1976
422315Art Center in La Jolla1961
422316-17Brandeis University: Creative Arts Awards Commission (2 folders)1978-1987
422318Business Committee for the Arts, Inc: Business in the Arts Award1986
19, 4Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts (2 folders)1974
422320The Drawing Society1964-1965
42241Festival of Arts: All California Art Exhibition1963-1964
42242The Francis J. Greenburger Foundation1986
42243Gensler and Associates Architects1981
42244International Centre for Ancient and Modern Tapestry1980
42245Montreal Museum of Fine Arts1962-1963
42246Pan-American Art Exhibition (Archdiocese of Miami)1973
42247Ridge Art Association: 15th Annual Fine Arts Competition1977
42248Silvermine Guild of Artists1965
42249-10The Society of the Four Arts (2 folders)1974-1975
422411Spring Mills, Inc: The 1976 Traveling Art Show1975-1976
422413University of Florida: The Samuel P. Museum of Art and Design Competition1985
50255Winnipeg Art Gallery1962-1963
15-17, 6The Kandinsky Society (4 folders)1980-1988
422418KOSMAS: Journal of Czechoslovak and Central European Studies1981
The MacDowell Colony
422419-23Background (5 folders)undated, 1963-1977
24-29, 1-2Board Meetings (8 folders)1971-1981
42254Arts Committee1985
42255Awards Committee1972
42256-8Benefit Committee (3 folders)1975-1979
42259-12Development Committee (4 folders)1975-1981
422513-14Executive Committee (2 folders)1975, 1980
422515Long Range Planning Committee1974
422516-17Nominating Committee (2 folders)1975-1978
422518-19Visual Arts Admissions Committee (2 folders)1971-1977
42261-8Correspondence (8 folders)1963-1981
9-13, 1Finance (6 folders) (1 restricted)1973-1979
42272-3Lectures (2 folders)1973-1975
42274-6Meetings (Annual) (3 folders)1972-1980
42279Publication: Seven Decades of MacDowell Artists1976
422710-11Public Relations (2 folders)undated, 1977
12-15, 1Reports (5 folders)1972-1980
42282Manhattan School for Seriously Disturbed Children1967-1973
Mark Rothko Foundation
3, 7Board Meeting (2 folders)1970-1976
4, 8By-Laws (2 folders)undated
7-13, 1, 9Legal (9 folders)1959-1976
42294Mathematica, Incorporated: Theatre Research Project1977
42295Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester: Financial Conference1971
42296Metropolitan Boston Arts Centerundated, 1959
42297Metropolitan Opera Club1965-1988
42298Mobil Corporation: ICD Communications Awards Dinner1979
42299Municipal Art Society of New York1979
422910-13Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (4 folders)1973-1987
422914-15Museum Computer Network (2 folders)undated, 1982
16, 10National Committee for Cultural Resources (2 folders)1975
17-19, 1National Endowment for the Arts (4 folders)1974-1987
42302New Jersey State Council of the Arts: Latin-American Symposium1975
42303-4The New School (2 folders)undated, 1970
42305The New York Academy of Sciences: Advisory Board1987
42306New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation: Art Advisory Board1977-1982
42307The New York Cultural Center International Conference on Subsidy and the Arts1975
42308New York Diabetes Association: Committee on the Artsundated, 1975
42309New York Landmarks Conservancy1975
423010New York Society for Ethical Culture1973
423011New York Sponsoring Committee: Due Case, Una Tradizione1987
423012New York University: Honorary Committee for the Rosenwald Fund1977
423013Once Gallery1975
423014Pantheon: Editorial Board1983
502511People for Public Television in New York State1978
423015Philadelphia College of Art1984
16, 12The Pollock-Krasner Foundation (2 folders)1985-1988
17-21, 1The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (6 folders)undated, 1963-1987
42312Prison Reform Task Force1976-1977
42313Public Relations Society of America: New York Chapter1977
42314Regional Plan Association1975
42315-6The Rockefeller Foundation (2 folders)1985
42317Saint Peter's Church1980
42318-9The Salvador Dali Foundation: Advisory Board (2 folders)1983-1987
423110Sandberg Art Foundation: Advisory Board1981-1986
423111The Sara Roby Foundation1963
423112Save Our Seas: Tresor de Georges Braque Committee1977
423113Sculpture in the Environment, The School of Visual Arts1969-1974
14, 1-14, 13-14Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee (17 folders)1987-1988
423215-16Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture: Advisory Board (2 folders)1966-1986
42331Skystone Foundation: Advisory Board1987
42332Smithsonian Institution, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: Search Committee1983-1984
42333Society Amis de Nogent1962
42334The Soros Foundation, Inc.: Advisory Council1984-1987
42335Spring Hill Conference Center: Museum III Conference1976
42336St. Botolph Club1962
42337Stern de Woche1976
42338Storm King Art Center1978
502515Studio International: Advisory Panel1966-1978
42339Swiss Society of New York1974
423310Trans World Airlines: Honorary Committee1978
423311Turin: Committee on Art and Culture1988
12-19, 1United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (9 folders)1974-1985
42342United States General Services Administration: Tilted Arc1985
42343U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON)1980-1985
42344Venezuelan Culture Foundation1962
42345Vermont Studio Benefit Committee1986-1987
42346Visual Artists and Galleries Association1981
42347Wemyss Foundation1965
42348Westchester Community College Foundation1985
42349Winnipeg Art Gallery1967
423410WNET Thirteen: Steering Committee, the Thirteen Collection1978
423411-12Wooster School (2 folders)1964-1978
423413The World Museum Fund, Inc.1970
Series 7. Scholarship, 1948-1989 (bulk 1961-1988), 6.4 cubic ft.
A. Course Materials
Barnard College
423415Abstract Expressionism1971
423416American Art 1900-19401971
423417American Art, Twentieth Century1971
423418Art Noveau1971
423419Artists List1971
423420Course Organization1966
423421Cubism and Orphism1966
423422Cubism, Cezanne1971
423423Cubism, Expressionism, Fauvism1971
423424Dada and Surrealism1971
423425De Kooning and Kline1971
42351De Staël1966
42359Impossible Art1969-1971
423510Impressionism and Post-Impressionism1971
423511Introductory Lecture1971
423513Lichtenstein, Louis1971
423516Modern Art Bibliography1971
423517Neo-Plasticism and Mondrian1971
423519Non-Objective Abstraction1966
423520The Object, Cornell1963-1971
423521Picasso Before Cubism1971
423523Pollock and Abstract Expressionism1966
423524Pop Art1971
423525Post War Art1966
423527Approaches to Art1971
423528Final Review1971
423529Rothko, Newman and Still1971
423530School of Paris1966
423531Sculpture and Painting Between the Wars1966
423532The Sixties, Louis1971
42362Twentieth-Century Painting1971
42363Twentieth-Century United States Art, Andre1971
42364-5Harvard University: Dubuffet (2 folders)1960
42366Wesleyan University1967
B. Interviews
42367Archives of American Art by Paul Cummings1984
502516Crise A New York1971
42368Inside New York's Art World by Barbaralee Diamonstein1976-1980
42369Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart1985
423610Kandinsky: Russian and Bauhaus Years by Channel 131984-1985
423611Ein Symposium des Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart1985
C. Lectures
42371-10General: Notes and Slide Lists (10 folders)undated, 1958-1981
423711Abstract Expressionism (Cosmopolitan Club)1976
423712Address of Thomas M. Messer, Director, Institute of Contemporary Art, Inaugural Dinner1960
423713Alberto Giacometti1963
423714Alberto Giacometti (Kunsthaus Zurich)1976
42381Art Approaches (La Jolla Art Center)1961
42382Art Museums in Western Europe and the United States: A Comparison Between Respective Support Systems (Centro Mostre Di Firenze)1987
42383Art and Public Patronage: The Role of Government and Other Institutions (Radcliffe College)1974
42384Betrachtungen zur Zeitgenössischen Deutschen Kunst in Der U.S.A. (Aspen Institute, Berlin)1985
42385Bonn Lecture1978
42386Certain General Conclusions about Modern Art (Middletown, Connecticut)1963
42387Chillida: Homage to Man and Nature Symposium (La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art)1963
42388Collection for a Modern Museum (Cleveland, Ohio)1972
42389Commencement Address (John Herron Art School, Indianapolis, Indiana)1963
423810Communication (University of Rhode Island)1959
423811Construction in Modern Art (University of California Los Angeles; San Diego; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1961
423812Contemporary Art (Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, Inc.)1973-1974
423813De Kooning Remarks (Peterborough)1975
423814-15Dubuffet (2 folders) (The Albright-Knox Gallery)1974
423816Egon Schiele (Des Moines Art Center)1971
423817Egon Schiele (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; Channel 2; Louisville, Kentucky)1961
423818The Emergent Decade (University of Illinois)1966
423819Excellence (Symphony Association)1987
423820Expressionism - A German Intuition 1905-19201980
423821Forum on Art (American Association of University Women)1963
423822Four Lectures on Modern Art (Cosmopolitan Club)1977
423823Guggenheim Musee D'Art Moderneundated, 1976
423824Ibsen-The Pillars of the Community1966
423825Ideological Predilections of Contemporary Art Institutions (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston)1976
423826Igor Stravinsky and Twentieth-Century Art1962
423827In Contrast with Harold Rosenberg1963
423828Introduction to Art1962
423829Introduction to Modern Artundated
423830Joan Miró's Self Portrait II (Detroit Institute of Arts)1972
423831Julius Bissier (San Francisco Museum of Art)1968
423832-33Kandinsky at the Guggenheim (2 folders) (Minneapolis Institute of Art)1985
423834Klimt and Schiele1965
423835Lecture on Modern Art1950
423836Léger (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1962
42391Levels of Understanding in Kandinsky's Art (Corcoran Gallery of Art)1962
42392Masterpieces from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Collection (Metropolitan Museum of Art)1968
42393Masters of Modern Sculpture: González and Giacometti1962
42394Modernism in Art Museums and the Modern Art Museumundated
42395Modern Museum Acquisitions: Actions and Attitudes (World Art Market Conference)1976
42397Mondrian (Rembrandt Club)1972
42398Non-Objective Art: Interpreter of Spaceundated
42399Non-Objective Art: Interpreter of Space (Cooper Union)1962
502517Paul Klee (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1967
18, 10Paul Klee (Wesleyan University) (2 folders)1967
423911Paul Klee: Selected Works (Cleveland Museum of Art)1987
423912Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth1967
423913-15Phases of Kandinsky (Baltimore Museum of Art) (3 folders)undated, 1962-1963
423918School of Paris: The Mary E. Johnston Collection (Cincinnati, Ohio)1973
423919The Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection (Columbus, Ohio)1968
423920The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Collection Compared to the Arensberg-Gallatin (Philadelphia Museum of Art)1961
423921Talks and Tours1957-1958
423922The Thannhauser Collection1965
423923Thirty Masterpieces from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (Cleveland, Ohio)1972
423924To Whom Does the Museum Belong? (International Council of Museums, Poland)1972
423925The Visual and the Various (Brandeis University)1987
423926Zeitgenössische Deutsche Kunst (Institute for Foreign Relations)1985
D. Research
423927General: Notes on Artundated
423928Approaches to Artundated
29-30, 1-2, 19Bissier, Julius (5 folders)undated
42403Bongard, Willicirca 1973
42404Brancusi, Constantin1970s
42405Christo-Valley Curtain Projectcirca 1971
42406-8Dubuffet, Jean (3 folders)undated, 1970
42409Evolution in a Modern Museumundated
424010Fauvism and Expressionismundated
11-12, 20-21Giacometti, Alberto (4 folders)1948-1974
424013-14Introduction to Artundated
424015-16Ipoustéguy, Jean-Robert (2 folders)undated, 1968
42411Jorn Mural at Arhus: Research and Essay1963
42412Kupka, Františekundated
42413Michaux, Henricirca 1976
42414Modern Artundated
502522Picasso, Pabloundated
5-6, 23-24Schiele, Egon (4 folders)undated
42417-8Soto, Jesús-Rafael (2 folders)1970s
42419Stravinsky and Twentieth Century Artundated
424110Wells, Codyundated
E. Writings
424111Generalundated, 1977
424112About Museum Ethics: Report (Association of Art Museum Directors)1968
424113Acquisitions of the 1930s and 1940s: Catalogue Introduction (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1968
424114Agam: Essayundated
424115Alejandro Obregon: Recent Paintings/ Obra Reciente: Catalogue Essay (Metropolitan Museum and Art Center)1982
424116Alexander Calder: Draft for Annotated Bibliography: Essay and Notesundated
424117Anne Weaver Norton: Sculpture, A Memorial Exhibition: Catalogue Introduction (Norton Gallery and School of Art)1983
424118Armando Morales: Catalogue Introduction (Centro de Contemporaneo, Caracas)1976
424119Armando Morales: Catalogue Introduction (Lee Ault and Company)1973
424120Arshile Gorky: Essay and Correspondence (Editions d'Art Lucien Mazenod)1962-1963
424121Arthur G. Dove: Exhibition of Paintings, 1917-1946: Catalogue Introduction (Terry Dintenfass, Inc.)1972
424122The Artist and the Museum: Areas of Conflict: Essay (Independent Committee on Arts)1988
424123Art of the Carolinas: The 1976 Springs Traveling Art Show: Catalogue Essay (Springs Building)1975
424124The Artist's Role in the Art Museum: Essay1987
42421Asphyxiating Culture and Other Writings, Jean Dubuffet: Monograph Introduction (Four Walls Eight Windows)1988
42422Betrachtungen zur Zeitgenössischen Deutschen Kunst in Der U.S.A.: Essay1989
42423Beuys zu Ehren: Essay (Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus)circa 1986
42424Bolotowsky: Paintings and Columns: Catalogue Essay1976
502525Boston Arts Festival: Essay (Art in America)1959
502526The Cancellation of Haacke's Exhibition: Thomas M. Messer's Misgivings: Essay (Studio International)1971
502527A Century of Fine Arts in Boston, A Review of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: A Centennial History: Book Review (Sunday Herald Traveler)1970
42425The Changing Likeness of Ferdinand Hodler: Essay (Art International)1973
42426Chillida de Gernika: Essay (Tasende Gallery)1988
50261Coins by Sculptors: Essay (Art in America)1963
42427Conciliare Creatività e Disponibilità: Essay (La Cometa)1982
42428Contemporary Art in a Metropolitan Center: Essay (Museum News)1960
9-15, 1-6, 2-3The Contemporary Art Situation in Czechoslovakia: A Report for the Ford Foundation (Ford Foundation) (15 folders)undated, 1957-1969
7-8, 4Contemporary Artists: Correspondence, Essays and Research (St. James Press LTD) (3 folders)1975-1982
42439Deira, De la Vega, Maccio and Noe: Catalogue Introduction1986
424310Director's Choice: A Portfolio of Religious Art: Essay (A.D.)1973
424311Does Art Need Money or Does Money Hurt Art: Essay1989
424312Dogançay, e.d. Roy Moyer: Monograph Introduction (Hudson Hill Press)1986
424313Dotting his Subject Matter: Essay (The Baltimore Museum of Art)1968
424314Down to Earth: The Painting of Jean Dubuffet: Essay (Saturday Review of the Arts)1973
424315Dubuffet- en erindring: Essay (KWJ/LXX)1986
424316Dubuffet's Paradoxes: Things are Both Black and White: Essay (Art News)1973
17, 5Editorial: Past and Future: Essay (Art in America) (2 folders)1965
18-20, 1-34, 1-4, 6-22Edvard Munch: Monograph (58 folders)undated, 1966, 1973-1977, 1985
42455Egon Schiele (1890-1918): Watercolors and Drawings: Catalogue Essay (Galerie St. Etienne)1965
42456Egon Schiele: Catalogue Essay (Galerie St. Etienne)1965
502623Egon Schiele-Gustav Klimt: Catalogue Introduction (Galerie St. Etienne)1980
502624Emergent Decade: Latin American Painters and Painting in the 1960s: Catalogue Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1965
42457Enzo Cucchi: Blurb (Flash Art)1987
42458Europe Now - Contemporary Creation in Western Europe: Catalogue Essay (Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Prato)1988
42459Evaluacion de la Pintura Latinoamericana: Catalogue Introduction (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1965
424510Far-from-Last Judgements: Essay (Art News)1977
424511Fernanadez-Muro: Catalogue Introduction (Galleria Pogliani, Rome)1965
424512Die Finanzierung von Kunstmuseen in den Vereinigten Staaten: Essay (Art Management)1984
424513Form Elements in Modern Art: Catalogue Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1964
424514Franta: Monograph Introduction (Mage Publishers)1986
424515František Kupka, 1871-1957: A Retrospective: Catalogue Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1975
424516From the Guggenheim Museum: Introduction Essayundated
424517Gorky: Essay (Editions d'Art Lucien Mazenod)1964
424518Great Collectors, The Guggenheims: Monograph (Art e Dossier)1987-1988
424519-20The Great Parade: Leger's Final Masterpiece: Essay (Art News) (2 folders)1980
502625The Guggenheim Giacomettis? Still There: Letter to the Editor (The New York Times)1972
424521The Guggenheim Kandinsky's: Essay (The Art Gallery)1972
42461The Guggenheim Museum Collection: Paintings, 1880-1945: Brochure Essay1976
502626Gurgles Around the Guggenheim: Essay (Studio International)1971
42462The Hangwoman, Pavel Kohouts, Review: Essay1978
42463Hans Haacke: Guest Editorial (Arts Magazine)1971
42464Hans Hinterreiter: Essay (Galerie Pudelko)1988
42465Henri Michaux: Catalogue Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1978
42466Hilla Rebay: In Search of the Spirit of Art (Joan Lukach): Monograph Essay1983
42467Homage to Beuys: Catalogue Essay (Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus)1986
42468ICOM: Essay (American Association of Museums/International Council of Museums)undated
9, 27ICOM: National and International Perspectives: Essay (2 folders) (Museum News)1979
424610-11Impossible Art - Why It Is: Essay (Art in America) (2 folders)1961, 1969
502628Intimate Recollections of the Rio de la Plata: Paintings by Pedro Figari: Catalogue Introduction (Center for Inter-American Relations)1986
424612James Johnson Sweeney: Essay (American Association of Museum Directors)1986
424613Jan Muller: 1922-1958: Catalogue Essay (Gruenebaum Gallery, New York)1976
424614Jan Muller: Essay (Arts Magazine)1981
424615Jean Dubuffet: A Retrospective: Catalogue Introduction (Galeries Nationales di Grand Palais, Paris)1973
424616Jean Dubuffet: Catalogue Introduction (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1973
502629Jean Dubuffet: Delits, Departments, Lieix de Haut Jeu (Max Loreau): Review (Art International)1972
424617Jean Dubuffet et l'Art Brut: Essay (Art e Dossier)1986-1987
424618Jean Dubuffet: Materiologies et Texturologies from the Milton D. Ratner Family Collection: Catalogue Introduction (Summit Art Center)1978
424619Jiří Kolář: Essay (Flash Art)1981
424620Jiří Kolář: Essay (Katonah Gallery)1988
502630Jiří Kolář, Jan Mueller, Jesús Rafael Soto: Essays (Contemporary Arstists)1977
424621Jiří Kolář: Notes, Research, Essayscirca 1969
424622John Ferren: Paintings 1936-1969: Essay (A.M. Sachs Gallery, New York)1972
424623John Ferren: Selected Works: Essay (Museum Section/Guild Hall, East Hampton)1971
424624José Antonio Fernández-Muro: Essay (Arts International)1970
424625Joseph Beuys: Essay1988
424626Julius Bissier: 1893-1965: Catalogue Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1968
424627Kandinsky at the Guggenheim: Catalogue Introduction (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1972
424628Kandinsky: Catalogue Essay (Grande Galerie, Paris)1984-1985
424629Kandinsky en Amerique: Catalogue Essay1984
424630Kandinsky en Amerique: Essay (Xxe Siecle)1966
424631Kandinsky in America: Essay1970
424632Kandinsky in Paris: 1934-1944: Catalogue Introduction (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1985
424633Kandinsky: Painting on Glass: Catalogue Essay1966
424634Kandinsky: The Language of the Eye, Paul Avery, A Review: Essay (American Scholar)1971
424635Kolibal: Catalogue Introduction (National Gallery in Prague (?))1973
424636Latin America: Esso Salon of Young Artists: Essay (Art in America)1964-1965
424637Major Work in Minor Scale: Essay (The American Federation of Arts)1963
424638Mark Rothko and the Musical Character of His Art: Essayundated
424639Mark Rothko: Catalogue Essay1978
424640A Masterpiece is: Essay (Musee de la Ville de Paris d'Art Moderne)1988
424641Materiaux Brut: Catalogue Essay and Correspondence (Centre Georges Pompidou)1981-1982
424642Minoru Niizuma: Catalogue Essay (The Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo)1976
424643-45Miró Twice Removed: Essay (Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts) (3 folders)1972-1973
424646Una Miscela Darrero Esplosiva (Art e Dossier)1988
424647A Masterpiece is: Essay (Musee de la Ville de Paris d'Art Moderne)1988
42471A Modern Art Museum: Essayundated
42472The Moral Rights of Artists: Essay (Back Page)1962
42473Le Musee au Coeur des Contradictions Americaines: Essay (Xxe Siecle)1973
42474Museum Expansionundated
42475Museum Issues: Research and Notesundated
42476Museums in Society Today: Contemporary Art Museums: Essay (International Council of Museums)1983
42477New York: Collections and Museums: Essay (Kunst und Kirche)1987
42478New York's Guggenheim: An Essay in Responsible Populism: Essay (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Publication Museum)1982
9, 31Nipponism: Essay (Art in America) (2 folders)1958
502632Norris Embry: An Expressionist Enigma (Margaret Betz): Reviewundated
424710Norris Embry: Brochure Essay (Gruenebaum Gallery, New York)1977
424711Norris Embry: Catalogue Essay (Gruenebaum Gallery, New York)1981-1982
424712Norris Embry: Catalogue Introduction (The Baltimore Museum of Art)1975-1976
424713On Auction Prices: Essayundated
424714Pablo Serrano: Catalogue Essay (Galerie Darthea Speyer, Paris)1979
424715Pan America: Contemporary Idioms: Essay (Art in America)undated, 1961
424716Paul Horgan: Essay: Correspondence1972-1973
424717-18Paul Klee at the Baltimore Museum of Art: Notes, Research and Essay (Studies in Honor of Gertrude Rosenthal Baltimore Museum of Art Annual) (2 folders)undated, 1972
19-21, 33, 1Paul Klee at the Gugenheim Museum: A Post Scriptum: Monograph (Monday Evening Papers: No. 14, Center for Advanced Studies, Wesleyan University) (5 folders)1967-1968
424722Paul Klee im Guggenheim-Museum: Catalogue Essay (Jahresbericht)1967
23-24, 1-4, 2Peggy Guggenheim: Art of this Century: Essay (S.I.G.N.A.L.E., Munich) (7 folders)1988
42485Peggy Guggenheim: Post Mortem: Essay1986
42486Peter Lawson-Johnston: Essay (Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture)1986
42487Photo-Realism: Essayundated
42488Photorealism: Toyama Now: Catalogue Essay (Museum of Modern Art, Toyama)1981
9-10, 3Picasso, Pablo: Correspondence and Essay (Encyclopedia Americana) (3 folders)1973-1974
424811Polarities: Essay1984
424812The Position of the Artist in Society: Essayundated
13-14, 4 Pravoslav Sovák: Radierung: Catalogue Introduction (Kolnischer Kunstverein, Cologne) (3 folders)1974
50275Un Proyecto Capital de Cultura: Monographundated
424815-16Raices Antiguas/Visiones Nuevas (Ancient Roots/ New Visions): Essay and Correspondence (Tuscon Museum of Art) (2 folders)1977
424817Regional Art Exhibtions: Essay (Art: USA: 59)1959
424818Remembering Jean Dubuffet: Essay (Glydendal)1986
424819Rosemarie Koczy: Essay1989
424820Santomaso: Opere 1939-1986: Monograph Essay (Palazzo Reale)circa 1986
424821Selection 1957: Catalogue Essay (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston)1957
424822Selection 1958: Catalogue Essay (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston)1958
424823Selection 1959: Catalogue Essay (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston)1959
424824Selection 1961: Catalogue Essay (Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston)1961
42491The Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection: Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1988
42492The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright: Monograph Introduction (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1975
42493Sorel Etrog: Essay1976
42494Sponsorship as a Factor in Exhibition Dynamics: Essay (Art e Dossier)1986
42495Standards in Art Criticism: Essayundated
42496Thoughts About an Anniversary: Essay and Correspondence (Tasende Gallery)1988-1989
42497Thoughts About Joseph Beuys: Essaycirca 1984
42498To Whom Does the Museum Belong?: Correspondence (XXe Siecle)1974
42499Traum Museum?: Essay (Weiner Journal)1984
424910Turcato: Catalogue Introduction (Galeria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna)1986
424911Twenty Five Artists: Photographer Hans Namuth and 24 Others: Essay and Correspondence (Pheonix II, Washington, D.C.)1983
424912-13Understanding Picasso: Monograph Introduction (Newsweek Books) (2 folders)1974
424914Vasily Kandinsky 1866-1944, Supplement to the Catalogue: Catalogue Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1963
424915Vasily Kandinsky 1901-1914: Catalogue Essay (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)undated
16-29, 1-5, 6-7Vasily Kandinsky: Monograph (21 folders)undated, 1963-1982
42506Venice Biennale: Essay (Il Giornale dell'Arte)1986
50278What Should a Museum Be?: Essay (Art in America) (2 folders)1961
42507What They Said in 1973: Excerpt (Monitor Book Company, Inc.)undated
50279Which Klee: Essay (Arts Magazine)1967
42508Xante Battaglia: Catalogue Essay1983
42509Zeitgenössische deutsche Kunst- ein gessellschaftsästhetisches Phänomen (Zeitschrift für Kulturaustausch)1986
Series 8. Day Files, 1961-1990, 37 cubic ft.
709855AllOctober 31, 1961 - June 5, 1963 (restricted)1961-1963
709854AllMay 2, 1963 - June 4, 1964 (restricted)1963-1964
709859AllMay 29, 1964 - June 24, 1965 (restricted)1964 -1965
709858AllJuly 1, 1965 - August 11, 1966 (restricted)1965-1966
709860AllAugust 26, 1966 - January 25, 1968 (restricted)1966-1968
709883AllJanuary 24, 1968 - April 10, 1969 (restricted)1968-1969
691718AllApril 10, 1969 - October 15, 1970 (restricted)1969-1970
709882AllOctober 16, 1970 - October 28, 1971 (restricted)1970-1971
709884AllNovember 4, 1971 - September 7, 1972 (restricted)1971-1972
709885AllSeptember 1, 1972 - September 14, 1973 (restricted)1972-1973
709887AllAugust 24, 1973 - June 20, 1974 (restricted)1973-1974
691728AllJune 19, 1974 - January 24, 1975 (restricted)1974-1975
691731AllJanuary 20, 1975 - September 18, 1975 (restricted)1975
709861AllSeptember 18, 1975 - June 10, 1976 (restricted)1975-1976
691719AllMay 27, 1976 - April 21, 1977 (restricted)1976-1977
691720AllApril 22, 1977 - December 28, 1977 (restricted)1977
691721AllJanuary 2, 1978 - August 3, 1978 (restricted)1978
691722AllAugust 3, 1978 - February 1, 1979 (restricted)1978-1979
691529AllJanuary 5, 1979 - July 16, 1979 (restricted)1979
691730AllJuly 10, 1979 - March 6, 1980 (restricted)1979-1980
709867AllFebruary 20, 1980 - October 2, 1980 (restricted)1980
709710AllSeptember 24, 1980 - May 31, 1981 (restricted)1980-1981
709712AllMay 28, 1981 - January 8, 1982 (restricted)1981-1982
691733AllDecember 23, 1981 - July 1, 1982 (restricted)1981-1982
691729AllJune 25, 1982 - December 2, 1982 (restricted)1982
709866AllNovember 5, 1982 - June 9, 1983 (restricted)1982-1983
709872AllApril 27, 1983 - December 5, 1983 (restricted)1983
709832AllNovember 28, 1983 - August 2, 1984 (restricted)1983-1984
709873AllJuly 31, 1984 - May 9, 1985 (restricted)1984-1985
691734AllApril 11, 1985 - December 5, 1985 (restricted)1985
709875AllNovember 4, 1985 - May 23, 1986 (restricted)1985-1986
709865AllMay 15, 1986 - November 20, 1986 (restricted)1986
709869AllOctober 23, 1986 - May 15, 1987 (restricted)1986-1987
691732AllMay 1, 1987 - December 17, 1987 (restricted)1987
709870AllNovember 27, 1987 - September 30, 1988 (restricted)1987-1988
709868AllJune 27, 1988 - April 20, 1989 (restricted)1988-1989
709830AllApril 21, 1989 - February 9, 1990 (restricted)1989-1990