James Johnson Sweeney records

James Johnson Sweeney records

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SRGF Archives
Sweeney, James Johnson, 1900-1986.
James Johnson Sweeney records
1929-1988 (bulk 1952-1960)
36.5 cubic ft. (107 boxes)
James Johnson Sweeney was Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum from 1952-1960. He expanded the scope of the collection, emphasized the museum's public role, and was involved in the construction of the Frank Lloyd Wright building.
The James Johnson Sweeney records document the activities of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's (SRGM) second director, James Johnson Sweeney (JJS). JJS was named the Director of the SRGM on October 15, 1952 and oversaw its operation until his resignation in 1960. This collection contains correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, reproductions of artwork, loan forms, architectural plans, public affairs materials, memoranda, departmental records, exhibition information, and legal documents. The records document JJS's administration of the SRGM as he expanded its scope and oversaw the move into the newly constructed Frank Lloyd Wright building. The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence including feedback from SRGM visitors, letters and invitations from other museums, request for loans, acquisition of new artwork, and communications between JJS and artists, scholars, collectors, and the administrations of other institutions.
Collection is primarily in English.
Organized into 7 series: 1. Background; 2. Board of Trustees; 3. Administration; 4. Assistant Director Dr. Grace Louise McCann Morley; 5. Exhibitions and Objects; 6. Research; and 7. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Buildings.
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James Johnson Sweeney records. A0001. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York, NY.
Art, Modern--20th century
Guggenheim, Harry Frank, 1890-1971.
Hunt, Clinton N.
International Association of Art Critics.
Morley, Grace, 1900-1985.
Museum architecture
Museum directors
Short, William H., 1924-1991.
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Sweeney, James Johnson, 1900-1986.
Sweeney, James Johnson, 1900-1986.
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959.
Related Materials:
The Estate of James Johnson Sweeney collection. M0006. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York, NY.

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Historical Note

James Johnson Sweeney (JJS) was born on May 30, 1900 in Brooklyn, New York. The Sweeney family had immigrated from Donegal, Ireland and ran a business importing rugs, lace, and textiles. JJS grew up in Cincinnati and Chicago and as a youth traveled to Europe. JJS received his A.B. degree from Georgetown University in 1922 and continued his studies in literature and art at Jesus College in Cambridge, England from 1922-1924, at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1925, and at the University of Siena, Italy in 1926. In 1927, JJS married Laura Harden and they had five children together: Ann Sweeney Baxter, Sean Sweeney, Siadhal Sweeney, Tadhg Sweeney, and Ciannait Sweeney Tait.

Beginning in 1935, JJS organized several exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). He was named MoMA's Department of Painting and Sculpture Director in 1945, a position he held for one year. It was also during this period that JJS would start his long association with the International Association of Art Critics, serving on its Board from 1948-1963 (Vice President from 1948-1957, President from 1957-1963, and Director in 1963). Though JJS was known internationally as a lecturer, editor, curator, art historian and critic in the 1930s and early 1940s, he remained involved in the family textile importing business.

In 1952, JJS succeeded Hilla Rebay as the second director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM), formerly the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. He was the choice of the new chairman of the Board of Trustees, Harry F. Guggenheim (HFG), with whom JJS would work closely to reshape the physical and public image of the museum. JJS was responsible for reorganizing and re-envisioning the priorities of the museum into a modern art museum, beginning with a renovation of its exhibition space. This included many aesthetic changes such as painting the museum walls white and removing exhibited paintings from their frames. Previously the exhibition space was carpeted in shag rugs, the walls covered in heavy dark drapes, and paintings were exhibited in heavy decorative frames. Under his direction, the SRGM adopted cataloging and registration procedures modeled after MoMA's registration system. Additionally, JJS brought in Sheldon and Caroline Keck, two museum conservators, to create the Conservation department and train staff. JJS was also involved in the erection of the Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW)-designed museum building, which opened October 21, 1959, playing an active role in the building's design and construction. This included having FLW's design for lighting altered to suit the museum's needs.

JJS also expanded the scope of the collection to include "objective" painting and sculpture. He emphasized the public service role of the SRGM by establishing educational programs, long term loans programs, and the "Guggenheim International Awards" in 1956. JJS was also instrumental in promoting art films and supported a number of film projects, most notably "The Adventures of *." He also attempted to establish an Art Film Laboratory at the SRGM, and encouraged a museum policy for artists to have their work reviewed, critiqued, and encouraged.

Over the course of JJS's eight years at the museum, he corresponded with hundreds of artists and students. During his extensive worldwide travels to fulfill speaking engagements, attend conferences, research for exhibitions, and search for artwork to add to the SRGM permanent collection, JJS took time to visit many of these artists at their homes and studios. Artists discovered on these visits were the basis for two large exhibitions held at the SRGM that focused on new or unknown artists: "Younger European Painters: A Selection" (1953) and "Younger American Painters: A Selection" (1954).

During JJS's directorship the SRGM held four to seven exhibitions per year. In addition, the museum organized several loan exhibitions that traveled to dozens of universities, municipal archives, and other institutions. Highlights of JJS's exhibition program include the first American exhibition of Robert Delaunay's work (1955) and sculptor Constantin Brancusi's first career retrospective (1955). JJS also organized a joint exhibition, "Jacques Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, and Marcel Duchamp," often referred to as "The Three Brothers" exhibition, in connection with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in 1957. That same year the SRGM organized the "Guggenheim International Awards, 1956" (1957), an exhibition featuring the works of the winners of the international biennial award competition.

In 1958, JJS hired Dr. Grace L. McCann Morley (GMM), previously Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as the SRGM Assistant Director. GMM only served in the position for eight months before retiring in July 1959. Her responsibilities included planning the May 1959 General Assembly of the International Association of Art Critics held in New York City and assisting JJS in his day-to-day duties as director, including acquisitions. GMM also helped the museum prepare for its impending move into the FLW-designed museum building.

The FLW building located at 1071 5th Avenue in New York City opened to the public on October 15, 1959. JJS's influence ran throughout the building and could be seen in the use of JJS's method for hanging artwork on the walls rather than FLW's vision of free standing easels. For the duration of the building's construction until the time of FLW's death in April of 1959, the two men were at odds over its design. This friction was one of the factors that led JJS to tender his resignation in 1958, but HFG temporarily convinced JJS to remain on the job.

JJS again resigned from the SRGM in July 1960, but carried out his duties until August 15, 1960. After his departure from the SRGM in 1960, JJS went on to serve as Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston from 1961-1967, Art Adviser and Chairman of the Executive Committee at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem in the early 1970s, and continued to publish essays and articles and contribute to exhibition catalogues for the remainder of his life. JJS died in Manhattan on April 14, 1986.


1900Born on May 30 in Brooklyn, New York
1922Received A.B. from Georgetown University
1922-1924Studied literature at Jesus College, Cambridge University
1925Attended Sorbonne University, Paris
1926Attended University of Siena, Italy
1927Married Laura Harden
1931Named to the Executive Committee of Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) by Nelson A. Rockefeller
1935Organized his first MoMA exhibition, "African Negro Art"
1943Wrote the introduction for Jackson Pollock's one-man exhibition held at Peggy Guggenheim's Art of This Century Gallery; Frank Lloyd Wright commissioned by Solomon R. Guggenheim and Hilla Rebay to design museum
1945Named MoMA's Director of the Department of Painting and Sculpture and over next year arranges five major exhibitions: "Piet Mondrian," "Stuart Davis," "Marc Chagall," "Georgia O'Keeffe," and "Henry Moore"
1946Resigned from MoMA
1948Elected as Vice-President of International Association of Art Critics
1951Served as Director of Burlington Magazine
1952Appointed Director of the Museum of Non-Objective Painting on October 15; Museum name changed to Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM)
1953Temporary museum pavilion designed by Frank Lloyd Wright opened and hosted "Sixty Years of Living Architecture: The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright"; "Younger European Painters: A Selection" premiered at SRGM in December before beginning a nationwide tour as a major loan exhibition; The Extended Loan Program started
1954"Younger American Painters: A Selection" modeled after the 1953 exhibition opened at the SRGM and also was loaned to institutions for the next two years
1956Ground broken for permanent building at 1071 Fifth Avenue
1957First "Guggenheim International Award" exhibition held; Served as technical advisor, consultant, and story collaborator for the award winning film, "The Adventures of *"
1958Second "Guggenheim International Award" exhibition held; Dr. Grace L. McCann Morley named Assistant Director of the SRGM
1959Frank Lloyd Wright designed SRGM opens on October 21; "Inaugural Selection" was the first exhibition held in new building; Assistant Director Morley resigned
1960Organized "Before Picasso, After Miro" exhibition that was the last held at the SRGM under his administration; Resigned from the SRGM, effective August 15
1961Appointed Director of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH)
1963"The Olmec Tradition" exhibition opened at the MFAH
1968Named Consultant Director of the MFAH
1970Served as Art Advisor and Chairmen of Executive Committee of Israel Museum in Jerusalem
1986Passed away in Manhattan, New York, on April 15


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Scope and Content Note

The James Johnson Sweeney records document the activities of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's (SRGM) second director. This collection contains correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, reproductions of artwork, loan forms, architectural plans, public affairs materials, memoranda, department records, exhibition information, and legal documents. Records outside the scope of James Johnson Sweeney's (JJS's) directorship can be found in Series 1. Background. All other records document JJS's administration of the SRGM as he expanded its scope and oversaw the museum's move into the newly constructed Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW)-building.

Insight into the changed structure and direction of the museum under JJS's administration is provided in Series 2. Board of Trustees through the monthly and annual reports generated by JJS and SRGM staff for the Board of Trustees. Series 3. Administration contains all the administrative records retained by the Director's Office. It documents financial concerns, conservation of artwork, public relations efforts, and work related to production of art films. Also included are subject files on JJS assembled by the Public Affairs Department. Clippings found in these folders relate to JJS's professional activities for and outside the SRGM, his lectures, and his travels.

The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence including feedback from SRGM visitors; letters and invitations from other museums; requests for loans; acquisitions of new artwork; and communication between JJS and scholars, collectors, and the administrations of other institutions. Though primarily written by and addressed to JJS, a portion of the outgoing correspondence was written by other SRGM staff on his behalf. Many letters include attachments of photographs, invitations, newspaper clippings, exhibition brochures, and financial documentation. Also found among the correspondence are letters between JJS and artists, who were encouraged to send examples of their work to the museum to be critiqued by JJS.

Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects contains information on artwork that was acquired or displayed by the SRGM during JJS's tenure. The series contains materials related to exhibitions, loans, and additions to the permanent collection. The exhibition files contain correspondence, research, publications, traveling exhibition information, loans, and newspaper clippings. The majority of the exhibition files are related to the Guggenheim International Award and the resultant exhibitions. Other well documented exhibitions include "Constantin Brancusi," (1955), "Sixty Years of Living Architecture, The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright" (1953), "Younger European Painters: A Selection" (1953) and "Younger American Painters: A Selection" (1954). The records on the Extended Loan Program include materials created by the SRGM to educate borrowers on the loan program policies and track the location and condition of all loaned artwork from the SRGM's permanent collection.

Series 6. Research includes materials collected by JJS and is divided into two groups: artists and scholars, and galleries and museums. The artists and scholars research files are organized by last name and contain photographs or slides of artwork, lecture slides, brochures, small catalogues, biographical information, articles, and occasionally small original drawings. It is not clear which of these records were requested by JJS and which were sent unsolicited. The gallery and museum research files are organized by gallery or museum name. They contain materials that JJS collected about various galleries and museums, and materials that were sent to JJS by galleries and museums, which sometimes include correspondence. The majority of the galleries and museums represented are from the New York City area.

This collection also documents the preparation and opening of the FLW-designed SRGM at 1071 Fifth Avenue. Records related to the FLW building detail the internal and public controversies that arose over its construction. The FLW building records reflect the entire process of the building's creation from the temporary building erected in 1953 until its opening exhibition in October 1959. The FLW building was just one of four buildings that housed the SRGM during JJS's directorship. Documentation of each can be found in Series 7. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Buildings. Highlights include architectural plans, diagrams, and planning documents for the renovation of 1 East 88th Street, 7 East 72nd Street, and 1071 5th Avenue Townhouse, as well as the construction of the FLW building. Other materials in Series 7 include articles, correspondence, maintenance reports, facilities costs, photographs – many of which are presumed to be by William Short –, and construction estimates.

Additional information on the preparation for the move into the FLW building can be found in Series 4. Assistant Director Dr. Grace McCann Morley. Her records document her tenure as Assistant Director (1958-1959). They also include the planning of the May 1959 General Assembly of the International Association of Art Critics held in New York City, artist correspondence, and administrative records.

Digitized highlights can be seen at http://www.guggenheim.org/nhprcfindings.

Series Descriptions

Series 1. Background, 1930s-1988, 0.35 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 1. Background is comprised of publications by and about James Johnson Sweeney (JJS), biographical information, and his career outside of his work at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). Materials in this series were collected by SRGM Archives and Public Affairs staff after JJS left the museum. A highlight includes a copy of a masters thesis by Toni Ramona Beauchamp, "James Johnson Sweeney and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: 1961-1967," that contains significant information on JJS's professional career and personal life, including his time at the SRGM. Series 3. Administration contains writings JJS produced during his directorship at the SRGM.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 2. Board of Trustees, 1952-1960, 1.3 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 2. Board of Trustees includes James Johnson Sweeney's (JJS) director's reports, copies of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum budget, and agendas from the Board of Trustees and Museum Committee meetings. Information about acquisitions can be found under Museum Committee: Acquisitions, and Museum Committee: Meetings. Additional acquisitions related documents can be found in Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects. Records concerning the acquisition of artwork, budget planning, and meeting minutes are restricted. The director's reports created for the trustees by JJS provide summaries of all museum activities. The correspondence with Harry F. Guggenheim provides significant insight into the museum administration. Topics addressed in this correspondence include the construction and opening of the Frank Lloyd Wright building; exhibition planning, particularly the Guggenheim International Awards; public affairs; establishment of an acquisition policy; and the organizational structure of the museum.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 3. Administration, 1943-1961 (bulk 1952-1960), 22.35 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 3. Administration documents James Johnson Sweeney's (JJS) tenure as Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). The bulk of the records in this series coincide with the duration of JJS's directorship of the SRGM from 1952 until 1960. The series is comprised of correspondence, memoranda, newspaper and magazine articles, and reports. Correspondence makes up the bulk of the series. JJS or his office organized the correspondence by correspondent into A-Z folders, but for reasons unknown sometimes created individual files for a correspondent. All artist correspondence was separated and has been individually described in the finding aid. General correspondence folders for each letter of the alphabet are arranged chronologically. Please check general correspondence as well as the indexed correspondence as correspondents are often found in both file locations. It is also important to note that select universities are indexed under U, but correspondence can also be found under the name for the state or city found in the university's name. JJS's reorganization of the SRGM is well documented by the records in this series. Duty Analysis of Department Activities reports created early in his directorship detail the duties and functions of each SRGM staff member. Changes under his administration are captured by departmental reports and memoranda, as well as organizational charts. Daily reports of the SRGM's activities, created and mailed to JJS when he was absent from the museum, provide insight into the day to day operation of the museum. Additional highlights include information on the "The Adventures of *" and other film projects undertaken by the SRGM. The series also contains insight into JJS's personal and professional interests, including a number of his lectures and writings. All materials relating to JJS's career before and after the SRGM can be found in Series 1. Background. Public Affairs records include extensive subject files on JJS consisting mostly of newspaper and magazine articles. Additional Public Affairs records include information on the SRGM's loan program and correspondence related to advertising and public affairs. The Office of Business Administration records are not open to researchers. Other restricted materials include information on acquisition and conservation of artwork, finance, loans, and personal information.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 4. Assistant Director Dr. Grace Louise McCann Morley, 1958-1960, .6 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 4. Assistant Director Dr. Grace Louise McCann Morley contains records related to her administrative work at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Records include correspondence, memoranda, and reports and document preparations for the move into the Frank Lloyd Wright building and the planning of the May 1959 Ninth General Assembly of the International Association of Art Critics (A.I.C.A.) held in New York City.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects, circa 1935-1964 (bulk 1952-1960), 7.65 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects is divided into four subseries and contains all materials related to exhibitions, loans, and the permanent collection. Subseries A.) General contains glass plate slides of miscellaneous artwork not owned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) or with unidentified ownership. This subseries also contains reports from the registrar, which track the movement of all artwork, including loans and permanent collection artwork, to and from the museum. Registrar reports that deal exclusively with loans, exhibition related loans, and permanent collection artwork can be found under the appropriate subseries. Subseries B.) Exhibitions contains correspondence, research, publications, traveling information, loan forms, and newspaper clippings for exhibitions held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM). The exhibition numbers in folder titles refer to numbers assigned to SRGM-organized exhibitions by SRGM staff. The Guggenheim International Award (GIA) exhibitions are the most represented. The GIA records are organized by year and contain all documents relating to the selection of artists, creation of the exhibitions, events honoring the awardees, jury information, and by-laws. Other well represented exhibitions include "Constantin Brancusi," (1955), "Sixty Years of Living Architecture, The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright" (1953), "Younger European Painters" (1953), and "Younger American Painters" (1954). Subseries C.) Loans contains materials related to loans of artwork made to and from the SRGM for exhibition purposes. It includes records related to the Extended Loan Program, through which the SRGM loaned out small exhibitions of paintings to various institutions, predominantly university art galleries, throughout the country. The Extended Loan Program is sometimes referred to as the Long Term Loan program within the records. The records include materials created by the SRGM to educate borrowers on the loan policy and track the location and condition of all loaned artwork from the permanent collection. Information about Supplementary Loans, a series of touring exhibitions offered to institutions participating in the Extended Loan Program can be found in Subseries B.) Exhibitions under Supplementary Exhibition of Drawings (#92-T and #100-T), Supplementary Exhibition of Prints (#110-T) and Supplementary Exhibition of Watercolors (#98-T). All other loan records can be found under Subseries C.) Loans: General except for loan records related exclusively to specific exhibitions held at the SRGM, which can be found in Subseries B.) Exhibitions, under the appropriate exhibition. The majority of loan related records are restricted, and some loan records extend past JJS's directorship. The majority of documents found in Subseries D.) Permanent Collection relates to acquisition decisions made by the SRGM and are restricted. Additional documents related to acquisitions can be found in Series 2. Board of Trustees.
Arrangement: Organized into 4 subseries: A.) General; B.) Exhibitions; C.) Loans; and D.) Permanent Collection
Series 6. Research, undated, 1947-1960, 1.75 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 6. Research includes materials collected by James Johnson Sweeney (JJS) and is divided into two groups: artists and scholars, and galleries and museums. The artists and scholars research files are organized by last name and contain photographs or slides of artwork, lecture slides, brochures, small catalogues, biographical information, articles, and occasionally small original drawings. It is not clear which of these records were requested by JJS and which were sent unsolicited. The gallery and museum research files are organized by gallery or museum name. They contain materials collected by and sent to JJS about various galleries and museums. The majority of the galleries and museums represented are from the New York City area.
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Series 7. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Buildings, 1929-1962 (bulk 1952-1950), 2.5 cubic ft.
Summary: Series 7. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Buildings encompasses materials related to the four buildings that housed the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (SRGM) during James Johnson Sweeney's (JJS) directorship. The highlights include architectural plans, diagrams, and planning documents for the renovation of 1 East 88th Street, 7 East 72nd Street, and 1071 5th Avenue (Townhouse), as well as the construction of the currently standing Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) Building. The FLW Building records reflect the entire process of constructing the FLW-designed building from the Temporary Building (Pavilion) erected in 1953 until its opening exhibition in October 1959. Other records include articles, correspondence, maintenance reports, facilities costs, photographs and glass slides – many of which are presumed to be by William H. Short –, and construction estimates. This includes documentation of the design process through numerous reports and correspondence between the Office of FLW, JJS, and other SRGM staff. The majority of letters from the Office of FLW are to and from architect William H. Short. It is important to note that the architectural plans are not complete sets of blueprints and may not represent the ultimate construction of the buildings. The FLW architectural plans consist primarily of photocopies and working copies of blueprints.
Arrangement: Alphabetical

Folder List

Series 1. Background, 1930s-1988, 0.35 cubic ft.
Biographical Information
1752Curriculum Vitaeundated, 1960
Newspaper and Magazine Clippings
1753-5General (3 folders)1945-1946, 1962-1976
50121Press Release: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Consultant Director1967
1757Course Materials: New York University School of Fine Arts1930s
1758Auction (Sotheby's)1986
17510Memorial Program1986
Lecture Announcements
17511Discussion and Survey of Abstract Art (American Abstract Artists)undated
17512Italo-American Painters (Casa Italiana, Columbia University)undated
17513Signals in the Sixties1968
17514The State of Art Today and Its Futureundated
17515Taste in Modern Painting and Sculpture (J. B. Speed Art Museum)1971
17516-17Thesis: "James Johnson Sweeney and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston: 1961-1967" by Toni Ramona Beauchamp (2 folders)1983
17519Book Review: Paul Klee (College Art Journal)1942
17520The Albert C. Barnes Collection (The Barnes Foundation Journal of the Art Department)1972
17521Eleven European Artists in America (The Museum of Modern Art Bulletin)1946
17522Georgetown University Convocation Excerpt1963
50122The World Was His Oyster (Hudson Review)undated
Series 2. Board of Trustees, 1952-1960, 1.3 cubic ft.
50123-9Budget (7 folders) (restricted)1953-1959
1761Building: Correspondence1958
1762Dockum Machine (The Charles Dockum Mobile Color Projector) (restricted)1952-1953
3-5, 10Acquisitions (4 folders) (restricted)1954-1959
6-9, 11-13Meetings (7 folders) (restricted)1952-1960
17610Summary of Director's Report1960
17611General1953, 1959
17612Booth, Willis H.1953-1955
17613Bullis, Ralph1952-1953
17614Castle Stewart, The Right Honorable Earl1952-1957
Guggenheim, Harry F.
15-18, 1-9General (13 folders) (2 restricted)1954-1960
17710Finance Committee (restricted)1953, 1955
17711Monthly Reports (restricted)1960
17712Painting: Dark Star (Winner of 1953 Kentucky Derby)1953-1955
1, 8-9Short, William H. (Includes Frank Lloyd Wright architectural plans) (3 folders)1958
1782Sweeney, James Johnson: Resignation1960
1783Wright, Frank Lloyd (With Correspondence from James Johnson Sweeney)1958
1784Newlin, A. Chauncey1952-1960
1785-6Rebay, Hilla (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1954
7, 14Thiele, Albert E. (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1959
1788Whelpley, Medley G. B.1953-1960
1789Zigrosser, Carl (restricted)1952-1960
17810-14Director's Reports (5 folders)1953-1959
17815Meetings (restricted)1955-1956
17817Publicity Sent to Trustees1953-1954
Series 3. Administration, 1943-1961 (bulk 1952-1960), 22.35 cubic ft.
17818Appointment Calendar1955
Conservation Department
17819-20General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953, 1956-1960
17821-22Keck, Sheldon and Caroline (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1960
17823Move to Frank Lloyd Wright Building1958-1959
17824-25Memoranda (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
17826Sample of Gallery Tape1953
17827Treatment Reports (restricted)1958
1-14, 1, 15A General (16 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
A Artist
1802Aas, Alf Jorgen1959
1803Abrams, Ross1956-1960
1804Acosta, Mary1953
1805Adam, Henri-Georges1957-1958
1806Ades, R.1953
501215Aeyrdy, [unknown]1954
1807Alber, Rose1954-1955
1808Albizu, Olga1954-1956
1809Alelyunas, Paul1955-1958
18010Amino, Leo (With Correspondence from Dorthea Denslow)1954, 1959-1960
18011Anderson, Forrest1953
18012Anderson, Jeremy1954
18013Andros, John1953-1955
18014Antonovici, Constantin1956
18015Appel, Karelundated
18016Armiss, [unknown] (With Correspondence from Simon Missirian)1959
18017Aronow, Maria1956, 1960
18018Arp, Jean (With Correspondence from Marguerite Hagenbach)1959
18019Ault, George1954
18020Aument, Carroll1954-1955
18021Avniel, Mordechai1953, 1958-1959
18022-23Addison Gallery of American Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1955
18024-25Albright Art Gallery (2 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1957
18026American Association of Museums1952-1960
18027American Encyclopedia: Definition of "Mobile"1955
28-30, 17American Federation of Arts (4 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1961
18031-32Art Association of Indianapolis: The John Herron Art Institute (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1955
18033-35Art Gallery of Toronto (3 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
18036Art in America1955-1960
37, 1, 18Art Institute of Chicago (3 folders) (2 restricted)1953-1960
1812Art News1953-1960
1813Arthur Lenars and Cie (restricted)1955-1958
1814Artist Equity Association1951-1952
1815-6Arts Club of Chicago (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
7-8, 19Arts Council of Great Britain (3 folders) (2 restricted)1956-1960
1819Association Pour La Diffusion Des Graphiques et Plastiques1954
10-19, 1-10, 21B General (21 folders) (2 restricted)1952-1960
B Artist
18211Bachrach, Gladys1957
18212Bahnc, Salcia1958
18213Bain, Donald1953
18214Baldwin, Josh1954
18215Baranowski, [unknown] (With Correspondence from Dorothy Blasingame)1953
18216Barchilon, Raquel1960
18217Barnhart, Raymond1960
18218Barnwell, Arthur1958
18219Barrett, William1958
18220Bartle, Annette1958-1959
18221Barton, John1954
18222Baudrot, Daniel1958
18223Bauer, Herbert1960
18224Beal, Gifford1953-1954
18225Bechtle, C. Ronald1956-1958
18226Beck, Jack1954
18227Beck, Julian1954-1956
18228Bedrossian, Navarttee1954
18229Beer-Benedikt, Anne1956
18230Behm, Walter1954
1831Bembé, Marion1954
1832Bennett, Regina1960
1833Bentley, Claude1955
1834Beny, W. Roloff1953
1835Berg, Rosamond1958
1836Bergschneider, John1958-1959
1837Berman, Sadie1960
1838Berman, Sarah1953
1839Bernard, Madeleine1957-1960
18310Bernstein, Sylvia1954
18311Berthold, Joachim1960
18312Bertrand, Huguette Arthur1957
18313Birkin, Morton1960
18314Black, Frederick1957-1958, 1960
18315Blacklock, William1958
18316Blades, Catherine1955-1956
501222Blankner, Frederika1955
18317Blhm, Lydia1955
18318Bloom, Jack1953-1955
18319Bloomer, John1958
18320Blumberg, Yuli1953, 1960
18321Blume, Peter1955
18322Blumenthal, Lucy1958
18323Boddington, Ethel1953-1955
18324Bodnár, Bertalan1954-1955
18325Boehler, Hans1953
18326Boers, Willy1953-1954
18327Böeselager, Ada Freifrau von1960
18328Bolston, Harold (?)1955
18329Bongé, Dusti1958
18330Bordeaux-Le Pecq, Andrée1956
18331Borgatta, Mark1954
18332Borne, Mortimer1959-1960
18333Boroson, Sally1952
18334Bossack, Bernard1955-1960
18335Boura, Oded1954-1955
18336Bouret, Jean1954
18337Bourgeois, Louise1953
18338Boxer, Stanley1958
18339Boynton, Jack1957-1959
18340Brady, Charles1957
18341Brecht, George1955
18342Breton, André1953-1956
18343Brevik, Robert1957
18344Briggs, Judson1954-1955, 1959-1960
18345Brill, Herbert1955
18346Brink, Guido P. (Brink-Rossato, Guido)1955-1958
18347Brisson, David W.1959
18348Brown, Herbert1955
18349Brown, Thomas A.1959
18350Brown, William Patton1955
18351Bruder, Harold1953-1956
18352Buchenholz, Bruce1960
18353Budd, Nina1954
18354Buffano, Beniamino1957
18355Bunage, Mildred1956
18356Burch, Claire1960
18357Burns, Josephine1955-1956
18358Busa, Peterundated
18359aBurrell, Harry1960
18359bBurri, Alberto (With Correspondence from Gaspero del Corso)1954-1959
18360Byrd, David1954
18361-62Baltimore Museum of Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1959
18364Bellew, Peter1957-1958
18365Berkowitz, Sidney1954
66, 1Biennale di Venezia (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1960
18367Bier, Justus and Senta1953-1954
18368Bihalji-Merin, Oto1956-1958
50132Black Mountain College1954
18369Blake, Edwin1951
18370Block, Leigh1953, 1957
18371Brandeis University (restricted)1960
18372Brearley School1952-1953
18373British Council1957
18374Brockstedt, Hans re: Otto Dix Paintings1957
18375-76Brooklyn Museum (2 folders)1953-1959
1841Brussels Universal and International Exhibition1953
1842Burke, Elizabeth1953
1-14, 1-2, 3C General (17 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
C Artist
1853Cafritz, Elaine1960
1854Cahn, Marcelle1954
50134Calapai, Letterio1953
1855Calderon, Enrique1960
1856Calderon, Ludmilla1953, 1956
1857Calfee, William H.1958
1858Callahan, Phillip1953, 1956
1859Calli, Nina1959
18510Calsina, Enriqueta1953
18511Campbell, Jewett1954, 1958
18512Canino, Joseph1957-1960
18513Cardinal, Marcel1954-1958
18514Cargaleiro, Manuel1958
18515Cariola, Robert1954-1955
18516Caro, Anthony1955-1956
18517Carreño, Mario1957
50135Carzou, J.1955
18518Cato, Robert1954
18519Chavchavadze, Paul1957
18520Chelimsky, Oscar1957
18521Cherry, Herman1953-1954
18522-23Childs, Bernard (2 folders) (1 restricted)1956-1960
18524Christ-Jauer, Allan1954
18525Cicero, Carmen1957-1958
18526Citron, Minna1956
18527Clairfond, Georges1956
18528Clarke, Allan1954-1957
18529Clarke, Willliam1955
18530Clarkson, John D.1960
18531Clendenin, Eve1954
32, 6Clerk, Pierre (2 folders)1956, 1958
18533Cleworth, Carol1954, 1960
18534Cluett, Catharine1953-1954
18535Coarding, Gerald1954-1959
18536Coco, Alphonse1955-1956
18537Cohen, Harveyundated
18538Cohen, Lillian Rachel1954-1956
18539Collins, Pat1954
18540Compton, Lawrence1956
18541Connor, Russell1955
18542Copnall, Bainbridge1959
18543Corbett, Edward1956
18544Corl, Edwin A.1960
18545Corpora, Antonio1958
18546Corre, Robert1956, 1958
18547Cortlandt, Lyn1955-1957
18548Coursey, Faye1953-1956
18549Courthion, Pierre1957-1958
18550Cousins, Harold B.1956-1957
1861Cox, Jan1957
1862Cox, Zimeri A.1953-1954
1863Cramer, Belle1955-1956
1864Crampton, Rollin McNeil1958
1865Cranmer, Thomas1960
1866Crawford, J. Braswell1953-1954
1867Crawford, Ralston1959-1960
1868Crawford, Robert1960
1869Crillo, John1954
18610Crimi, Alfred D.1954-1955
18611Crisera, Joseph1955-1958
18612Crivy, Joseph1955
18613Crokin, Lara1955
18614Crooks, Mildred (With Correspondence from Ruth White Gallery)1954, 1957-1958
18615Cyril, Ruth1956-1958
18617California College of Arts and Crafts1955
18618-19Carnegie Institute (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1959
18620-21Carolina Art Association (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1955
18622-23Cincinnati Art Museum (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1959
18624-25City Arts Museum of St. Louis (2 folders) (1 restricted)1958-1960
18626Clapp, Timothy1953-1954
18627Cleveland Institute of Art1952
18628-29Cleveland Museum of Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1960
18630-31Coe College (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1958
18632Cogan, M.S.1955
18633College Art Association of America1955-1960
18634-35Columbia University (2 folders) (1 restricted)1956-1959
18636-37Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston (2 folders) (1 restricted)1957-1960
18638Cook, Walter1954
18639Council of Europe (restricted)1960
40-41, 1-14, 7D General (17 folders) (5 restricted)1952-1960
D Artist
18715Daen, Lindsay1955
18716Dali, Salvador1952, 1954, 1960
18717Damfli, Henri1953
18718Damianovich, Zulema1959-1960
18719Dandelot, Pierre1954
18720David, Zelda1960
18721Davis, Elisha1954
18722Davis, Gerald1951, 1954, 1957
18723Davis, James E.1953
18724Davis, Jerrold C.1955
18725Dawson, John J.1954
18726Day, Worden1955
18727Decker, Lindsey1955, 1959
18728DeFord, Miss William1955
18729Degenhardt, Horst W. (With Correspondence from Charles Lawson Crowe)1955
18730Deikman, Etta1957
18731Dejoux, Daniel1953, 1955-1956
1881De Kosenko, Vera1954
1882Delaney, Beauford1956
1883-4Delaunay, Sonia (2 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1959
1885Delaye, Francis1960
1886Deliveyne, Nolundated
1887De Longa, Leonard1958
1888De Maio, Anthony1954
1889DeMartini, James1955
18810Denzler, Guy1960
18811De Silva, Alvaro1955
18812Deutsch, Alex1959
18813Di Donato, Joseph1958-1959
18814DiGiusto, Gerald1956
18815Di Stefano, Sebastian1960
18816Doczi, John1955-1956
18817Dodo1956-1957, 1960
18818Doherty, Wesley1954-1955
18818Dole, William1957
18820Dombeck, Blanche1959
18821Don, Michael1953-1956
18822D'Onofrio, Nino (With Correspondence from Ann Morrison)1958
18823Doubrava, Jan1954
18824Dragon, S.1955
18825Draper, Dorcas1953
26, 8Drew, Joan (2 folders)1953-1958
18827Dropkin, Philip1955
18828Dubowsky, Stanislaus1954
18829Duchamp, Marcel1954, 1958-1959
18830Duffy, Thomas1959
18831Dürig, Rolf1953
18832Duveen, Anneta1957
33, 9Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (2 folders)1952-1957
18834-35Dayton Art Institute (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1955, 1960
18836De Rochemont, Richard1955-1959
18837Detroit Institute of Arts (restricted)1959-1960
18838Drew, Jane B.1958
39-44, 10E General (7 folders) (2 restricted)1952-1960
E Artist
18845Edmondson, Leonard1958-1959
18846Efrem, Myrl1953-1954
18847Egri, Ted1954
18848Eichen, Isidore1954
18849Eilenberg, Sigmund H.1958-1959
18850Eisenhart, Lucy P.1958-1960
18851Ekren, Maybelle L.1960
18852Eldridge, James E. L.1957
18853Elliot, Lester1955-1956
1891Elliot, Ronnie1952-1954, 1958
1892Elser, Elizabeth1954
1893Emanuel, Akiba1954
1894England, Paul1953
1895Ericson, Beatrice1957
1896Ernest, Paul1957
1897Ernst, Jimmy1957, 1960
1898Escobedo, Augusto1954
1899Esman, Betty1954-1958
18910Etrog, Sorel (Eserick Sorel)1959
18911Ede, Harold Stanley1957
18912Eliot, Alexander1954-1958
18913Eliot, T.S.1954-1957
14-24, 11F General (12 folders) (2 restricted)1952-1960
F Artist
1901Fain, Yonia1954-1956
1902Farin, Louis1955
1903Faulkner, Barry1954-1959
1904Fautrier, Jean1957
1905Fehlmann, [unknown]1953
1906Feldman, Ralph M.1954
1907Feldman, Walter S.1954
1908Feller, Irving1955-1958
1909Fendell, Jonas J.1957
19010Fertig, George1954
19011Fields, Mitchell1953
19012Finkelstein, Barbara1955
19013Fischer, Phillip A.1954
19014FitzGerald, James H. (With Correspondence from Margaret Tomkins)1954
19015Fleischman, Chaim1958-1959
19016Fleischmann, Adolf Richard1952, 1955
501312Flexor, Samson1957
19017Follett, Jean1956
19018Fondrian, Werner E.1957
19019Forbes, W. Stanton1954
19020Foss, Jonathan1959
19021Fox, Charlotte1953
19022Francis, Sam1954
19023Frank, Emily1953-1960
19024Frank, John1956-1958
19025Fraser, Vera1955, 1959
19026Freed, William1954
19027Freid, Sam1954-1956
19028Freimark, Robert M.1956
19029Freund, Tibor1960
19030Friedman, Joan1955
19031Friend, David1954
19032Fritsch, Ken1956-1957
19033Fromboluti, Sideo1958
19034Fuller, Clement1958
19035Fulop, Joseph1954-1956
19036Fussiner, Howard1957
19037-38Fine Arts Associates (2 folders) (1 restricted)1957-1960
19039-40Fort Worth Art Center (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1954, 1960
19041Fox, Maxwell re: Frank Lloyd Wright Building Cafeteria1960
19042French-American Art Center (restricted)1956-1957
19043-45French Embassy (3 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1960
46-47, 1-12, 13G General (15 folders) (4 restricted)1952-1960
G Artist
19113Gadö, Bertil1959
19114Gambini, William1954-1959
19115Garcia-Llort, Josè Maria1958
19116Garston, Gerald D.1956-1957
19117Gasparo, Oronzo1956-1957
19118Gee, Bing S.1955
19119Geer, Marion1954
19120Gent, Cock van1953-1954
19121Gerardia, Helen1954-1956
19122Gerber, Samuel1953
19123Gerhold, William1954-1957, 1960
19124Giacometti, Alberto1954
19125Gilbert, Regine1954-1955
19126Gillespie, Jon1954
19127Gilliland, James V.1953
19128Girard, André1957, 1960
19129Glarner, Fritz1952-1954
19130Glasco, Joseph1955
19131Glenn, Sylvia G.1957-1958
19132Godwin, Judith Whitney1954-1956
19133Goldberg, Dorothy Kurgans1954-1958
19134Goldfarb, Shirley1954
19135Goldman, Albert1957-1960
1921Goldman, Lillian F. (With Correspondence from Beatrice Schenk de Regniers)1959
1922Goldring, Milton (With Correspondence from Niomar M.S. Bittencourt)1955
1923Goldstein, Maurice1953
1924Golobe, Dorothy1956, 1960
1925Golub, Leon1953
1926Gómez, Manuel Hernandez1957
1927Gonzalez, Frank1954-1960
1928Goodman, Elsie1960
1929Goodman, Job1952
19210Goodman, Samuel1956
19211Goodman, Sanford1954-1958
19212Goodspeed, Albert1956-1957
19213Goran, Frank1954
19214Goto, Byron1955, 1960
19215Gould, Samuel1953
19216Goya, Jorge1954
19217Greco, Frank1954
19218Greenberg, Sanford1953-1955
19219Greene, Zoe1955
19220Greenfield, Albertundated
19221Greenstone, Marion1953-1957
19222Gregory, Angela1960
19223Gregory, Jack1953-1959
19224Griffis, Larryundated
19225Grippi, Joseph1956
19226Gross, Chaim1956-1957
19227Gross, Sydney1958
19228Gruber, Aaronel1959
19229Grunig, Heller1953
19230Gruosso, Thomas1959
19231Guirk, John1954-1957
19232Gunkel, Virginia1955
19233Guttman, [unknown]1955
19234-36Galleria Nazionale D'Arte Moderna (3 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1960
19237Gardiner, Rita1957-1958
19238-39Georgia Institute of Technology (2 folders)1954-1958
19240German Embassy1953-1959
19241Gottlieb, Leo1955
19242Greek Earthquake Appeal1954-1955
19243Grohmann, Will1953-1956
19244Guggenheim, Irene M.1953-1954
19245Guggenheim, Peggy1955-1957
46-48, 1-12, 14H General (16 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
H Artist
19313Haan, Hendrik1959-1960
19314Haas, Helen1955
19315Haass, Terry1959-1960
19316Haesaerts, Paul1959
19317Hageman, Ruth1953-1954
19318Hagensick, Louis1960
19319Hager, Lee1953
19320Hahn, Joseph F.1958-1960
19321Hahn, Walter H.1953, 1956
19322Halit, Huseyin1954, 1957
19323Hall, Chenoiveth (?)1955
19324Hall, Lee1954-1960
19325Hall, William1954-1955
19326Hallett, Robert1958
19327Halsey, William1952-1958
19328Hamlin, Chauncey J.1959
19329Hammer, Darrie1956
19330Hancock, Theodore1955-1956
19331Hankins, A. P.1954-1958
19332Hannan, Tom1954
19333Hansegger, J.1953-1957
19334Hantman, Murray1953-1957
19335Harootian, Koren der1957
19336Harris, Lawren1954
19337Harris, Louis1954-1956
19338Hart, Agnes1955, 1959
19339Harvey, James V.1956
1941Harwood, Stuart1955-1956
1942Haseltine, Herbert1955
1943Hasen, Burton1957
1944Hatofsky, Julius (With Correspondence from Miss Creelman Rowland)1957
1945Hauck, Fred1953
1946Haydock, Joseph1954
1947Hayes, David1958
1948Hayes, Hazel McKinley1954
1949Hayter, Stanley William1954
19410Hechenbleikner, Louis1960
19411Heidenrik, C.1959
19412Heijmans, E. H.1958-1959
19413Heiloms, May1953-1957
19414Heisler, N. B.1959
19415Helfond, Riva1955-1956
19416Heller, Aaron1954-1955
19417Heller, Dorothy1955
19418Helman, Robert1954
19419Heming, Mark1954
19420Hémon, Sedje1959-1960
19421Hendler, Raymond1954, 1960
19422Henschel, Rose1959-1960
19423Hepworth, Barbara (With Correspondence from Harold Diamond)1953
19424Herrmann, Sophie1953-1954
19425Herrschaft, William1957
19426Herskovitz, David1958, 1960
19427Hetrovo, Nicholas S.1953
19428Hibbard, Peggy1960
19429Higgins, Betty1958
19430Higgins, John F.1952-1956
19431Hill, C. T. (?) Osborne1956
19432Hill, Clinton1955
19433Hillix, Virginia1955
19434Himbert, Jean Faber (Jacques)1956-1959
19435Hoberg, Erik1954-1955
19436Hofmann, Hans O.1953-1959
19437Hohenberg, Richard1954
19438Homolka, Florence1957
19439Hood, Dorothy1957
19440Hostetler, David1955
19441Houchens, Douglas1953-1954
19442Houser, James1958
19443Hovde, Jane (With Correspondence from June Burn)1955-1959
19444Hubbard, Earl Wade1955
19445Huebler, Charles1957
19446Huck, Robert1955
19447Hughes, Sophie1958
19448Hughes, Toni1954-1955
19449Hunt, Vance1953
19450Hurwitz, Harry1960
19451Hurwitz, Mildred1954-1960
19452Hutchinson, Peter A.1959
19453Hutsaliuk, Liuboslav1960
19454Haas, René (restricted)1956-1957
19455Haas, Robert1957
19456Harcourt Brace and Company: Brancusi Book1956-1958
19457Havemeyer, Henry O.1953
19458Holden, Egan and Associates (restricted)1953-1955
19459Howard University1953-1957
60, 1-5, 15I General (7 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1953-1960
I Artist
1956Insley, William1954
1957Iodice, Marcell1954-1955
1958Ito, Miyoko1957
1959-10Indiana University (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1959
501316Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston1953-1960
501317Institute of Contemporary Art, Lima1956-1957
501318Institute of Contemporary Arts, London1956-1959
501319Institute of Contemporary Arts, Washington, D.C.1954-1959
19511Institute of International Education1959-1960
19512International Art Festival1958-1959
19513International Association of Plastic Arts1956-1960
19514International Council of Museums1953-1958
19515International Graphic Arts Society1952-1954
19516International Institute for the Conservation of Museum Objects1954-1957
17-20, 1-6, 20Ivy Lee and T. J. Ross (Includes Photographs of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum) (11 folders)1953-1960
7-13, 21J General (8 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1960
J Artist
1971Jacobi, Lotte1955-1958
1972Jacobsen, Jurgen1957-1959
1973Jacques, Albert1953
1974James, Anton1954-1955
1975James, Claire1954-1956
1976Jameson, Demetrios1960
1977Janin, Louise1959
1978Janko, May1954
1979Janto, Martin1956-1959
19710Jardim, Evandro Carlos F. P.1958
19711Jardot, Maurice1955
19712Jenkinson, Geoffrey1954
19713Jenks, Joundated, 1955
19714Jennings, Elizabeth1954-1955
19715Jensen, Ray1955-1960
19716Johnson, Alice1954
19717Johnson, Benjaminundated
19718Johnson, Elroy1960
19719Johnson, Guy1954-1955
19720Johnson, Ponell1958
21, 22Johnson, Ray (2 folders)1953-1960
19722Joralemon, Dorothy Iraundated
19723Jordan, Edward1958-1960
19724Jorgensen, George1957
19725Jorgensen, Roger1953-1954
19726Jorn, Asger1960
19727Joseph, William1958-1959
19728Josephson, J.1954
19729Jung, Earl1959
501323Junyer, Joan and John1953-1955
19730Jurow, Mae W.1954
19731J [unknown]1954
19732Jacobs, Samuel1956-1957
19733-34Japan (2 folders) (1 restricted)1956-1960
19735Johnson, Edward1957
19736Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism1953
37-41, 1, 24K General (7 folders) (1 restricted)1951-1960
K Artist
1982Kabak, Robert1953, 1956
1993Kacere, John1954, 1956
1984Kahn, Eleanor1955
1985Kahn, Teresa1954
1986Kahr, Sidney1958
1987Kamm, Richard (With Correspondence from Mrs. Harold Israelson)1957-1959
1988Kane, Rose Danja1955
1989Kanigher, Robert1954
19810Kaprow, Allan1958
19811Karasz, Mariska1954
19812Kasak, Nicholas1955-1958
19813Katz, Alex1955
19814Katz, Frieda1954-1957
19815Katz, Hilda1954
19816Katz, Rosalie1956-1959
19817Kaufman, Enit1958-1959
19818Kazann, John1952-1958
19819Kellam, Lawrence B.1959
19820Keller, Harold1958
19821Kelly, Leon1954-1956
19822Kennedy, Jack1953-1954
19823Kettunen, Mar Jean1953
19824Keyser, Robert1954
19825Khosrovi, Karin1955
19826Kiaulenas, Petras and Vassia1954-1955
19827Kibel, Charles1957
19828King, Carroll1959-1960
19829King, Mary Elizabeth1955
19830King, Violet1958-1959
19831Kinzinger, Edmund1959
19832Kirk, Richard Channing1955
19833Kirke, Jeane Porter1954
19834Kleiman, Alan1954
19835Klein, Bessie Boris1955
19836Klein, Michael (With Correspondence from John B Schwedel)1954
19837Klement, Vera1960
19838Klimpt, Werner1955-1956
19839Klinger, Benjamin1953-1958
19840Klinghoffer, Clara1958, 1960
19841Klix, Richard1954
19842Klotz, Harri1954-1956
19843Knapp, S. Magnet1954-1955
19844Knotts, Howard1954
19845Knuttgen, Kay1955-1956
19846Kocsis, Ann1953-1959
19847Koehler, Karl1959
19848Koenig, John F.1960
19849Kohlmeyer, Ida R.1959
19850Kohn, Bernard A.1955, 1958
19851Kolb, James1954
19852Koplowitz, Hildegard1954
19853Kopman, Benjamin D.1953
19854Kordula, Herbert E.1960
19855Kosice, G.1955
19856Koskas, Georges1954-1955
19857Kostal, Lou1956-1957
19858Kosterlitz, Claire1953-1959
19859Kovarsky, Yehoshua1956
19860Kramer, Julius1954-1956
19861Kraus, Guenther (With Correspondence from Rudolph M. Stoiber)1958
501325Kreider, Stanton1951, 1954-1955
19862Kroll, Anne1954-1955
19863Kroll, Leon1955
19864Kubach, Allen1954-1957
19865Kuper, Rose1954
19866Kupferman, Lawrence1955
19867Kurach, Ivan1955-1956
19868Kurtis, Kurt G.1956-1957
19869Kusama, Yayoi1959
19870Kandinsky, Nina1952-1958
19871Köster, Hans (Karl Robert Langewieshe nachfolger Hans Kster)1959
1-10, 26L General (11 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
L Artist
2001Labrecque, Pierre1953
2002Lafuente, Mireya1957
2003Lall, Durga1957, 1960
2004Lamantia, James1959
2005Lamazar, Herman1953-1955
2006Lambert, Helen G.1960
2007Landin, Pearl1956
2008Langlais, Bernard1960
2009Lantzurakis, Zacharias N.1959
20010La Pelle, Roger1959
20011Lardera, Berto1953
20012Larrain, Hernan1954-1955
20013Larsson, Raymond E. F.1953
20014Larue, Fernand1959
20015Lassiter, Charles K.1959
20016La Terre, Anita1957
20017Laubiès, René1958
20018Laughlin, Clarence John1954, 1959
20019Lazansky, Alwyn1957
20020Lazaroff, Sonia1955-1956
20021Lazzari, Pietro1955-1959
20022Lebowitz, Murrayundated
20023Lechay, Myron1960
501327Le Corbusier1953-1957, 1960
20024Lee, Francis1953
20025Lee, Michael West1954
20026Lefton, Janice1960
501328Lehman, Irving (With Correspondence from Martha Lehman)1954-1955
20027Lekakis, Michael (With Correspondence from B. Anne Trayfors)1954
20028Leonard, Jack1954-1955
20029Leopole, [unknown]1955
20030Levee, John1953-1954
20031Levitan, Israel1953
20032Levitt, Alfred1954-1958
20033Levy, Hilda (With Correspondence from Bertha Lewinson)1959
20034Lewis, Harold1960
20035Lieberman, Harry1960
20036Lieberman, Meyer F.1954-1958
20037Lifson, Miriam1956, 1958
20038Lippold, Richard1954, 1960
20039Lismonde, [unknown]1958
20040Litineny, Gregory1954
20041Littlefield, William H.1953
20042Littler, Charles1954-1960
20043Littna, F. M.1960
20044Loberg, Robert W.1955, 1957
20045Lokos, Stefan1955-1958
20046Lonas, Joseph1959
20047Loos, Fridl1955, 1957
20048Lopez-Montenegro, Antonio1953
20049Lora, Silvano1956
20050Lorne, Naomi1954-1960
20051Lummis, Carol1952-1953
20052Lund, David1954-1955
20053Lye, Len1953-1959
20054Leymarie, Jean1955
20055Liebes, Dorothy1958
20056Loeb, Harold1953
57-60, 1-11, 29M General (16 folders) (2 restricted)1952-1960
M Artist
20112Macdonald, James W.G.1954
20113Madigan, Gerald P.1955-1956
20114Magalhaes, Aloisio1956
20115Malaquais, Galy1958
20116Mallary, Robert1960
20117Manchak, Albert1954-1956
20118Mandel, Manni1954-1955
20119Mandelman, Beatrice1954
20120Manilla, Tess1954
20121Manscher, Frances1954
20122Marcil, Réne (With Correspondence from A.R. Marcil)1956
20123Margolis, Lawrenceundated
2021Margotton, Renéundated, 1953
2022Margules, DeHirsh1955
2023Margules, E. G. (Gabrielle)1957
2024Marinsky, Harry1957
2025Marrel, Thesoute1954
2026Marren, Janet1955-1958
2027Martin, Charles B.1957
2028Martinelli, Ezio1957, 1959
2029Martin, Elsa1954
20210Martin, Ernst1956-1957
20211Martinez, Luis Sanchez1959
20212Martino, Madame Carlosundated
20213Matthews, Lester1955, 1957
20214Mattos, Betty1956
20215Mattson, Bradford1958-1959
501330Mayuzumi, Toshiro1959
20216McCartin, Jan1960
20217McGlynn, Thomas, Reverend1957
20218McKay, Martha1959-1960
20219McKenzie, Aida1953
20220Medlin, William J.1960
20221Meert, Joseph1956-1958
20222Meierhans, Joseph1953-1954
20223Melohs, Charles1957
20224Mendelson, Amy1954
20225Mendelson, Marc1960
20226Meo, Joseph N. (Giuseppe)1958
20227Meo, Salvatore S.1953-1954
20228Merinoff, Dmitri1954
20229Merriam, Harold Austin1952-1953
20230Mertens, Stella1953
20231Messinger, Marion1952
20232Mettler, Barbara1953
20233Metz, Frank R.1954
20234Meunier, Jacques1953-1957
20235Meyer, Howard N.1958
20236Meyers, Sidney1953
20237Michaelsen, Niels1960
20238Middleton, Samuel M.1958
20239Mikki, [unknown]1954
20240Miller, Henry1952
20241Millman, Jessica1953
20242Millsaps, Daniel1953
20243Milner, Freda R.1959
20244Minassian, H.1954
20245Miranda, Hernan1954-1955
20246Mirepoix, Robert Pierre (With Correspondence from Fanchon Mirepoix Keeversen)1953
20247Miró, Joan1956-1960
20248Mitchell, Fred1953-1960
20249Moldow, Ira1959
20250Molin, Donald1955
20251Mondriaan, Frits J.1950
20252Monroe, Keith1958
20253Montgomery, Frank1953-1958
20254Montgomery, Maxim Edward1956-1958
20255Moore, Henry1952, 1954
20256Morgan, Norma1954-1958
20257Morgan, Olga B.1959
20258Morris, Carl and Hilda1958-1959
20259Morton, Ralph1957-1958
20260Moskovits, Laszlo1955-1957
20261Motherwell, Robert1957, 1960
20262Mueller-Kraus, Erich1953
20263Muhoner, Walter R.1954
20264Muller, Emma1958
20265Murman, Joseph (With Correspondence from Vilma Murman)1957-1958
20266Murphy, Joseph A. Jr.1955
20267Murphy, Lester G.1955
20268Murray, Albert1953-1954
20269Mussman, Nathan1959
20270Myers, Legh R.1958-1960
20271Myrick, Burny1954-1955
72, 1Maremont, Arnold H. (2 folders) (1 restricted)1958-1960
2032Maremont Fund for Underprivileged Children1959-1960
2033-4Marquette University (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1955
2035-6Matisse, Pierre (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1957
2037-8Matter, Herbert (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1957
2039McCurdy, Charles1956, 1958
20310McGrath, Raymond1956-1957
20311Menil, Dominique and John de (restricted)1958-1959
20312Metropolitan Educational Television Association1958-1959
20313-14Metropolitan Museum of Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1957
20315-16Milwaukee Art Institute (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1957
20317Milwaukee-Downer College (restricted)1954-1957
20318-19Minneapolis Institute of Arts (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1959
20320Mobilux Lumia Company1957
20321-22Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl (2 folders) (1 restricted)1951-1960
20323Montagna, Lino1954
20324Montreal Museum of Fine Arts1954-1959
20325Moore, Lamont1953
20326Murphy, Grace E. Barstow1954
20327-28Musée Arts Decoratifs (2 folders) (1 restricted)1958-1960
20329Musée Fernand Leger1957-1959
20330-31Musée National D'Art Moderne (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1959
20332-33Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2 folders) (1 restricted)1957-1960
34, 1Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1960
2-9, 31Museum of Modern Art (9 folders) (4 restricted)1952-1960
20410Museum Tel Aviv1957
20411Museums Association1953-1959
12, 32Museums Council of New York City (2 folders)1952-1958
20413Myers, John1953
14, 1-9, 33N General (11 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
N Artist
20510Nabb, Paul1953-1954
20511Nack, Kenneth1955, 1957
20512Napoli, Giuseppeundated
20513Narotzky, Norman1957
20514Nash, Bob1955-1960
20515Nash, Raymond1954
20516Nazareth, Richard1954-1958
501334Neill, John1956-1958
20517Nejad, Melih Devrim (With Correspondence from Atemur Kilic)1956-1957
20518Nemours, Aurélie1954
20519Neuffer, Hans1960
20520Newbill, Albert1954
20521Newell, Roy1955-1956
20522Newman, Henry1959
20523Nicholas, K. Angela1958
20524Nicholson, Peter Lewin1958
20525Noera, Alice1955-1960
20526Nolan, Leah1954-1960
20527Noreev, Sister M. (?)undated
20528Noten, Jean van1960
20529Nunnelley, Robert1957
50141Nuti, Pier Luigi1957
20530National Broadcasting Company1955-1958
20531National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa1955-1960
20532-33Newark Museum (2 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1956, 1958
2061New Republic Magazine1952-1954
2062New York Times1953-1960
2063New Yorker1953, 1957-1958
2064New York Herald Tribune1953-1959
2065New York University1956-1959
2066Nichols, Dale (Includes Copy of his Book, "The Animal Stalks")1953
2067-12O General (6 folders)1953-1960
O Artist
20613O'Brien, Joseph1959
20614Olander, Wesley E. (Wesso)1954-1959
20615Olin, Harry1952-1953
20616Olson, Eugene1958-1959
20617Ongenae, Josef1960
20618Orfuss, Elsie1954-1956, 1960
20619Orlando, Felipe1959
20620Orlowsky, Lillian1954
20621Osada, Takeshi1956
20622Osborn, Bayard1954
20623Ott, Lynfield1956-1959
20624Otta, Francisco1959
20625Ownby, Haynes1956
20626Ozenfant, Amédée1959
20627-28Oberlin College (2 folders) (1 restricted)1956-1958
20629-30Obre, Barbara (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1959
31-36, 1-8, 2P General (15 folders) (4 restricted)1952-1960
P Artist
2079Pace, Stephen1953-1955
20710Pach, Walter (Includes his Article about George F. Of)1956
20711Pagnato, Frank1954
20712Palà, Joan1954
20713Pan-Wogenscky, Marta1956-1957
20714Pansot, Adriano1959
20715Paris, Harold1960
20716Paris, Nadine1953
20717Parker, Margery1956
20718Parks, Jarvin L.1958
20719Parr, Ella1958
20720Parry, Marian1955-1958
20721Pasilis, Felix1953-1954
20722Pasto, Tarmo1955
20723Paul, William D. Jr.1954
20724Paulon, Domenico1954
20725Pearl, Julia1954, 1957
20726Pease, Dorothy1954
20727Peavy, Paulina1954
20728Pedersen, Carl-Henning1958
20729Peinado, Joaquin1954-1955
20730Pellan, Alfred1955
20731Pellotier, Jean1953
20722Penalba, Alicia1959
20733Pensler, Jerome L.1956
20734Perkins, Harley1956-1957
20735Perleberg, Gilbert1955
20736Perlin, Zalmer1959
20737Pershing, Louise1959
20738aPeterson, Wynford R.1953
20738bPevsner, Antoine1953-1960
20739Pfoutz, J. Earle Jr.1960
20740Phelps, Warren1954-1955
20741Phillips, Blanche1958
20742Piaubert, Jean1955-1960
20743Picken, George1954
20744Pierce, Earl1956, 1960
20745Pine, Geraldine1954
20746Pink, Lutka (With Correspondence from Edith Di Ré)1952-1959
20747Pinon, Jack1953
20748Plotkin, J.1956
2081Podbereski, Jerzy1954-1955
2082Poliakoff, Serge1957
2083Porter, David1954
2084Powell, A.1958
2085Powell, Leslie1956-1960
2086Prince, Pagria Bryant1955
2087Prins, Warner1959
2088Probst, Frances1956
2089Provan, Sarah1958-1959
20810Puccinelli, Raymond1954
20811Puma, Fernando (With Correspondence from Ruth Friedman)1957-1958
20812Purdy, Donald1954-1956
20813-14Pasadena Art Museum (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1960
20815Pennsylvania State University1956-1957
20816Perls, Hugo1952-1954
20817-18Philadelphia Museum of Art (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1958
20819Pisrbport, Ninal (?)1954
20820Portland Art Museum1954-1955
20821Powers, J. F. (James Farl)1956-1957
20822Prats, Joan1954
20823Q General1953-1959
Q Artist
20824Quinn, Edward1956
20825aQuirk, John1954
20825bQuirt, Walter1954
26-32, 1-3, 1, 3R General (12 folders) (2 restricted)1952-1960
R Artist
2094Radulovic, Savo1954
2095Raisen, Nathan1960
2096Rakine, Marthe1953
2097Ranson, Nancy (With Correspondence from Alexander Z. Kruse and The Brooklyn Society of Artists)1954
2098Rath, Alexander (With Correspondence from Sibylle Heinrich)1955
2099Ratsep, Hilda1954-1955
20910Rauschenberg, Robert1954
20911Rauschwald, Mark1954
20912Ravenet, Domingo1953
20913Ray, Glenn1959
20914Ray, Rudolf1958
20915Raymond, Lilly1954
20916aReber, [unknown] (With Correspondence from Otto Heitmanek)1956-1957
20916bReed, Orrel P.1959
20917Regis, Henry D.1955
50144Reichert, Ernest1953-1957
20918Reichman, Fred1956-1957
20919Reiss, Wallace1955
20920Rem (Le Peintre Rem)1954-1958
20921Ribak, Louis1954
20922Ribley, De Forrest1959
20923Ricci, Leonardo1960
20924Rice, Ann1956
20925Rice, Nan1954-1955
20926Richards, Joe1954-1955, 1959
20927Richards, Karl1954
20928Richter, Hans1952-1954, 1957
20929Rickey, George1954
20930Rigsby, John1958
20931Ripper, Rudolph Charles von, Baron1955
20932Risley, M. (Mrs. Ralph Greene Risley)1953-1955
20933Rival, Freddy1957-1958
20924Robinson, Richard1953
20935Rochefort, Justin1959-1960
20936Rocklin, Raymond1957
20937Rodowski, Mary1953
20938Roesch, Kurt1955
20939Romero, Pepe1957, 1959
20940Rona, Lilly1955, 1958
20941Rosenberg, Samuel1959
20942Rosenthal, Bernardundated, 1953
20943Ross, Al1958
20944Rostand, Michel1956-1958
20945Roth, Jack1955, 1958-1959
20946Rothstein, Irma1954-1960
20947Rowan, Herman1960
20948Rowedder, Charlotte Weir1959-1960
20949Ruben, Richards1958
20950Rudolf, Ray1954-1955
20951Rudulph, Rella1958
20952Rueda, Gerardo1960
20953Russo, Alexander1956, 1958
20954Rutkoff, Sylvia1954-1955
20955Ryan, Anne (With Correspondence from Elisabeth McFadden)1955
20956Ryan, Erskine H.1959-1960
2101Rannit, Aleksis1952-1953
2102Renaissance Society of America1955-1958
2103Richards, Dorothy Pilleyundated
2104Richards, I. A.1954
2105Roberts, Colette1957
2106Roché, Denise and Henri Pierre (restricted)1953-1960
2107Roosevelt, Eleanor1954
8-17, 1-11, 5S General (22 folders) (3 restricted)1952-1960
S Artist
2121Sacco, Giovanni1960
2122Sager, Peter1956-1957
2123Saito, George1955
2124Saito, Kiyoshi1957
2125Salas H., Roberto1958
2126Salomone, Albert1956, 1960
2127Salustri, Marc1954-1955, 1960
2128Samuels, Gerald1960
2129Sánchez Martinez, Luis1958-1959
21210Sand, Ray1955
21211Sandol, Maynard1960
21212Salemme, Attilio and Lucia Autorino (With Correspondence from Mrs. Louis A. Carliner1953-1958
21213Sanso, Juvenal G.1957
21214Sato, Hidemani1956
21215Savage, W. Lee1957
21216Savelli, Angelo1958
21217Savitz, Frieda1958-1960
21218Sawin, David M.1953-1954
21219Schaefer, Rudolf1959-1960
21220Schaeffer, Henri Bella1953
21221Schaffer, A.1956
21222Schanker, Louisundated, 1958
21223Scharf, William1959
21224Schawinsky, Xanti1954
25, 6Schiller, Albert (2 folders)1954-1958
21226Schlam, Murray J.1956
21226aSchleeter, Howard B.1958
21227Schnabel, Day1959
21228Schneider, Noel1955, 1959
21229Schneier, Inge1954
21230Schoffer, Nicholas1954, 1956
21231Schoneberg, Sheldon Clyde1954
21232Schreiber, Martin1953-1955
50147Schroder, Fridtjof1957
21233Schucker, Charles1958
21234Schueler, Jon1954
21235Scornavacca, Anthony1955-1956
21236Seach, Victor1954
21237Seeman, George1954
21238Segaloff, Seymour1955, 1960
21239Semiatin, Jacob1959-1960
21240Serneaux-Gregori, Charlot1954-1956
21241Seuphor, Michel1955
21242Shadbolt, Jack L.1955
21243Shahn, Ben1957
21244Shapiro, Seymour1957
21245Shapshak, René1955
21246Shaw, Kendall1954-1955
21247Shayn, John1958
21248Shea, Sara1960
21249Sheehan, A. M.1954-1955
21250Shibley, Gertrude1954
21251Shick, Wayne1953
21253Shimon, Paul1958-1959
21254Shiraki, Shoichi and Tatsue Hayose (With Correspondence from Helena G. Homer)1959-1960
21255Shoemaker, Peter1954
21256Sido, Germaine (With Correspondence from Marcelle Sido)1953-1954
21257Siegler, Sheerle1959
21258Sievan, Maurice1954, 1958
21259Signorini, Renato1957
21260Silberman, Charles (With Correspondence from Allen Silberman)1960
21261Sillman, Sewell1958
21262Silver, Murray1954
21263Simon, William1953-1954
21264Simonoff, Arnold and Dina1956-1959
21265Simpson, Marshall (Simpson-Middleman)1953
21266Siskind, Aaron1954
21267Skrivseth, Walt1954
21268Slobodkina, Esphyr (With Correspondence from W.L. Urquhart)1955
21269Small, Mrs. Marvin1957
21270Smith, Charles W.1959
21271Smith, Edith M.1953-1954
21272Smith, Ernest R.1955
21273Smith, Matthew1959
74, 8Smith, William Gordon Jr. (2 folders)1953-1956
21275Snyder, Richard1959
2131Sokolsky, Sulamith1958
2132Solbert, R. G.1957
2133Sonenberg, Phoebe1958
2134Soulages, Pierre1956-1959
2135Sparhawk-Jones, Elizabethundated
2136Spector, Stephen1955-1958
2137Spero, Adolph N.1960
2138Spiegel, Elmer Ezriel1954
2139Spivak, Max1954
21310Spoltore, Federico1958
21311Spyer, Richard1960
21312Staack, Zora1953
21313Stacy, Don1955-1959
21314Stahly, François1958-1960
21315Stamos, Theodore1958
21316Stapleton, Joseph F.1954
21317Stark, Bill1955
21318Steed, Gilbert1952
21319Stefanelli, Joe1954
21320Stencel, F. R.1954
21321Stern, Jan Peter1960
21322Stewart, John1953-1954
21323Stiles, Knute1954
21324Stipe, William1955-1959
21325Stix, Hugh S.1956
21326Stoller, Helen1959
21327Stoller, John1956
21328Stoloff, Carolyn1953-1955, 1959
21329Stoltz, Jo1957-1958
21330Story, William E.1956
21331Strickland, Virginia1960
21332Sturdy, Kenneth1960
21333Suarez, Antonio1959
21334-35Sugai, Kumi (2 folders) (1 restricted)1957-1958
21336Swanson, Joseph N.1960
21337Szalay, Lajos1959-1960
21338Sanberg, W.1959
39-40, 9San Francisco Museum of Art (3 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1959
21341School Art League of New York City1952-1958
21342Scott, Cecil1952
21343Sieveking, Lance1952-1953
21344Siroto, Leon1953
21345Skidmore College1955-1956
21346Society of Architectural Historians1959-1960
21347Society of the Four Arts1954, 1956
21348Soderberg, Eugenie1953-1954
21349Sonnenberg, Benjamin1954
21350Spence-Christenson, Karl1953
21351State University of New York: Harpur College1952-1956
21352Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam1952-1958
21353Stedelijk van Abbemuseum1954
2141-8T General (8 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
T Artist
2149Tabak, Dorothy1955-1956
21410-11Tacké, Reinhard R. (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1958
21412Taggart, J. M.1954
21413Tailer, Peter L.1954
21414Taranczewski, Wacław1960
21415Taulier, M.1959
21416Taylor, Charles W.1954
21417Taylor, Joseph1953
21418Teater, Patricia1954
21419Tedlie, H.1953-1956
21420Teich, Seymour1956-1959
21421Templeton, Rowener1956
21422Tesch, J. B.1959-1960
21423Thielker, Alan1957-1959
21424Thomas, Howard and Mary1958, 1955-1956
21425Thomas, Neal1956
21426Throop, Jean1960
21427Tlil, Amali1953
21428Todd, Ruth1958
21429Tofel, Jennings1954
21430Tomaso, Carla1956-1957
21431Tomkins, Margaret1954, 1957
21432Tourte, X. Suzanne (With Correspondence from Rosalind W. Duckworth)1954
21433Tovish, Harold (With Correspondence from Hyman Swetzoff)1956-1957
21434Townley, Hugh (With Correspondence from Edward Dwight)1956
21435Tracy, Lois Bartlett1952-1953
21436Trajan, [unknown]1954
21437Trifon, Harriette1959-1960
21438Tsokalas, Leo1953
21439Tucker, Albert (With Correspondence from Mary Dickson)1957-1958
21440Tucker, Pat1960
21441Tuft, Ruth1954
21442Tyslo, Edward1954-1955
43-45, 1-4Telegrams (7 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1958
5, 10Thwaites, John Anthony (2 folders)1953-1954
2156Time Magazine1955-1960
2157Toledo Museum of Art1954-1959
2158U General1953-1960
U Artist
2159Udvardy, Zoltan1959-1960
21510Urban, Albert1958
21511Urquhart, Tony1959
21512a-12bUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (2 folders)1956-1959
21513United Press Associations: Paul Mocsaniy1953-1958
21514-15University of Arkansas (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1958
21516-17University of California (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1960
21518-19University of Georgia (2 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1960
21520-21University of Kentucky (2 folders) (1 restricted)1960
21522-23University of Miami: Lowe Gallery (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1955
21524University of Michigan (restricted)1957-1960
21525-26University of Minnesota (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1959
21527University of North Carolina1954, 1959
21528Unsolicited Correspondence (restricted)1954-1960
29, 1-2V General (3 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
V Artist
2163Vaccaro, Anthony1957
2164Vago, Diane1957
2165Van Lyn, Cortlandt1953-1954
2166Van Staten, B.1954-1955
2167Vanders, Paul1958
2168Varaud, Serge1953
2169Vasey, Joel1954
21610Vautier, Renee1952
21611Vavruska, Frank1956
21612Vedova, Emilio1957, 1960
21613Vermont, Raya1953-1954
21614Vey, J. Forest1954, 1958
21615Vickery, John1958, 1960
21616Villarini, Pedro (Peter)1954-1959
21617Vogel, Alice1959
21618Von Wicht, John1958
21619Von Wiegand, Charmion1954
21620-21Valentin, Curt (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1955
21622-23Varese, Edgar (2 folders) (1 restricted)1959-1960
21624-25Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1958
21626Vogue Magazine1953-1960
27-31, 1-8W General (13 folders) (3 restricted)1952-1960
W Artist
2179Wald, Sylvia1955-1956
21710Waldren, William1955-1960
21711Walinska, Anna1957
21712Wallace, Frank K.1953
21713Wallace, Lucie1953
21714Wall, Leon1958-1959
21715Wardlaw, George M.1958
21716Washington, James W. Jr.1959
21717Watts, Robert1955-1956
21718Wayne, June1954
21719Weekley, Celeste1954-1955
21720Wehner, Agatha1955
21721Wehrheim, Roland1955-1956
21722Weinbaum, Judith1954
21723Weinberg, Helen Joy1954-1958
21724Weininger, Andrew1954
21725Weinstein, Florence1954
21726Weinstein, Joyce1959
21727Weissman, Elizabeth1956
21728Welham, Louise P.1959
21729Wellner, Helen1955, 1958
21730Wells, George J.1955
21731Welton, Elise C.1954
21732Weschler, Anita1954-1959
21733West, Pennerton1953-1954
21734Weygandt, Don1954-1955
21735Whedon, William T.1958
21736Wheeler, Steve1954
21737Whiddon, Henry L.1953
21738Whinston, Charlotte1954
21739Whitefield, Betty1956
21740White, Walter S.1956-1959
21741Whitmire, Benjamin1955
21742Wiley, Hugh S.1956
21743Wilke, Ulfert1958-1960
21744Williams, Christopher1954
21745Williams, Paul Whitman1953-1956
2181Williams, Raymond1954
2182Williams, Ruby Jean1953
2183Wilner, Marie1956
2184Wilson, Catharine Vacchio1953-1954
2185Windrow, Patricia1960
2186Winekoff, Rose1960
2187Wingren, Dan1954
2188Wirtschafter, [unknown]1954
2189Wolf, Allen1955
21810Wolf, Laura1954
21811Wood, Paul W.1954
21812Woodburn, Annette1954-1956
21813Woodman, Lawrence1954
21814Wright, Clifford1953
21815Wright, Frank Lloyd1954
21816Wright, Paul Morris1959
21817Wunderli, Charles1958
21818Wadsworth Atheneum1957-1960
21819Wagner, Robert1957
21820-21Walker Art Center (2 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1959
21822Walker, Maynard1955
21823Weisenthal, M.1958
21824Weiss, Walter1958
25, 11Wesleyan University (2 folders) (1 restricted)1957
21826Wettach, Michael and Fred1957-1960
21827White, James1955
21828Whitney Museum of American Art1952-1960
21829Wildenstein and Company1952-1960
21830-31Williams College (2 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1960
21832William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art1954-1955, 1959
21833-34Worcester Art Museum (2 folders) (1 restricted)undated,1957-1958
21835-37X, Y, and Z General (3 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1960
X, Y, and Z Artist
21838Xceron, Jean1957-1958
21839Yamamoto, Taro1952
21840Yeats, Jack B. (With Correspondence from Victor Waddington)1955
21841Yee, Chiang1959
21842Yektai, Manoucher1954
21843Yoors, Jan1953, 1959
21844Yoshida, Hadaka1957
21845Young, Birge1952, 1960
21846Youssef, Kamal1959
2191Zalatto, [unknown]1955, 1960
2192Zarin, Lucienne1960
2193Zawisa, Bernard I.1960
2194Zeiv El Hussein, Princess1957
2195Zerlin, Robert1955-1956
2196Zetlin, F. (Mrs. Arnold Zetlin)1960
2197Zev (Daniel Harris) (With Correspondence from Gertrude Harris Zev)1956-1957
2198Zilzer, Gyula1957
2199Zimmer, Fred1958-1960
21910Zimmerman, Sidney E.1953-1954
21911Zolotow, Harry1953-1960
21912-13Yale University (2 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1958
21914Zervos, Christian1956-1958
21915Zukofsky, Paul1956
21916[unknown], Barbara1954
21917[unknown], Julius and Francascaundated
501412a[unknown]1953, 1955
21918-20Gallery Talks (3 folders)1954-1958
21921Lectures and Tours1954-1960
21923Policy on Admissions1959
21924School Groups1955
21925College Art Association of America/Society of Architectural Historians Joint Meeting1960
21926Community Service Society of New York Benefit1959
21927Conference of Museum Directors1954-1955
21928Goucher College Club Visit1960
21929International Association of Art Critics1959
501412bLecture: Non-Objective Painting by Hilla Rebay: Invitations1952
Sculptors Guild Outdoor Exhibition
21930American Museum of Natural History: Catalogue1952
21934Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1955-1959
21936Press Release1955
"The Adventures of *"
Awards and Film Festivals
2202International Experimental Film Competition, Brussels (Brussels Universal and International Exhibition)1958-1959
3, 13International Festival of Documentary and Experimental Films, Universidad de Chile (2 folders)1959-1960
2205Copyright Certificate1957
2206-8General (3 folders)1958-1960
2209-10Distribution (2 folders)1957
22012Film Stills1957
22013Memoranda1954, 1957-1958
22014Newspaper and Magazine Articles1954-1958
Storyboard, Inc./Hubley, John
22015Contract (restricted)1955, 1957
22016-17Correspondence (2 folders)1954-1960
2211Notesundated, 1954-1956
501414Film Festivals and Organizations1951-1957
2213Fischinger, Oskar (restricted)1953-1955
2214Inventory of Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Films1949-1953
2215Mailing Listundated
2216Memorandaundated, 1953
Miller, Perry (Art-Film Laboratory)
2217-8Correspondence (2 folders)1953-1954
22110-12Proposals (3 folders)1953
22114Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1953-1954
2222-5Miscellaneous Local (4 folders)1952-1959
2226Travel (Includes Itineraries)1952-1959
2227-9Retail: Sales (3 folders)1954-1960
501415Karl Nierendorf Estate (restricted)1948-1955
22210Vandalism (restricted)1954
22211Acquisitions1952-1953, 1959
22212Book Binding1960
22214Karl Nierendorf Estate: Inventory of Books1954-1956
22215-22Memoranda (8 folders)undated, 1952-1960
2231-2General (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
2233Departure of Sweeney1960
2234-5Operations and Administration (2 folders)1952-1953, 1956
2237-8Security (2 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
22310Warehouse1954, 1958
Office of Business Administration
12-13, 16Easton, Glenn (3 folders) (restricted)1960
14-16, 1-6, 17Hunt, Clinton (10 folders) (restricted)1952-1959
Personal and Professional
2247Brochures, Maps, and Travel Guides: Turkeyundated, 1954
2248Conferences: Notesundated
2249Gabo, Naum1943
22410Sweeney, Ciannait1954
22411Sweeney, Lauraundated, 1954
22412Sweeney, Seanundated, 1955
22413Finance (restricted)1952-1954
Lectures and Writings
22414The Artist and the Museum in a Mass Society (Daedalus)1960
22415Book Reviews1951-1957
22416A Cat That Walks by Itself (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago)1954
22417Chambered Nautilus (Museum News)1960
501418Fernand Léger: Simple and Solid (Fashion and Travel)1955
22418The Fifty Books Dinner (American Institute of Graphic Arts)1957
22419Hanging a Picture is a Work of Art (Garden City, N.Y. Newsday)1954
22420Is There Something New in American Painting (House and Garden)1956
22421Léger's Art is the Man (New York Times Magazine)1953
22422Man and Art: Correspondence and Speech (Brussels Exhibition)1958
501419Modern Architecture: Correspondence and Notes (Thames and Hudson)1953-1956
2251Some Ideas on Exhibition Installation (Curator; Delaware Art Center)1958-1959
2252Yehoshua Kovarsky Exhibition Address: Invitation (The Jewish Museum)1956
2253The Young Guard-Painters in Paris (Harper's Bazaar)1954
2254American Federation of Arts1954
2255Brooklyn Museum1956
2256Diner's Club: Credit Card Booklet1954
2257The International Council at the Museum of Modern Art1953-1954, 1957
2258MacDowell Colonyundated, 1957
2259Rome-New York Art Foundation: Planning and Catalogues1957-1958
22510Virgil Society1954
22511National Broadcasting Company Studio Pass1956
22512Photograph: Sweeney, James Johnsonundated
22513Postcards (blank)undated
14-19, 1-5Correspondence re: Requests for Employment (11 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
Employee Records
2266Adams, Joan (restricted)1958
2267Beckmann, Hannes (restricted)1953
2268Butler, Barbara (restricted)1955
2269Carpenter, Margaret (restricted)1959
22610Dautilia, Frank (restricted)1952
22611Hartranft, Edward (restricted)1959
22612Hughes, Janice (restricted)1958
22613Jones, Mary Ellen (restricted)1953
22614Landre, Marianne (restricted)1955
22615Marquardsen, Carl (restricted)1953-1958
22616McCampbell, Mary (restricted)1957-1958
22617Morgan, George (restricted)1954
22618Murray, Doris (restricted)1955
22619Notkin, Ann (restricted)1955
22620Potter, Margaret (restricted)1956-1957
22621Saunders, Judith (restricted)1955
22622Stathos, William (restricted)1954-1955
22623Stringer, Cyril (restricted)1956
22624Svanoe, Ruth Hooker (restricted)1958
22625Svendsen, Louise Averill (restricted)1953-1954
22626Xceron, Jean (restricted)1953-1954
22627Guard Uniform Buttons and Material1952, 1959
22628Job Descriptions1952-1953, 1959
22629-33Memoranda (5 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
34, 20Organizational Chart (2 folders)1954- 1960
35, 1-3Weekend (4 folders)1954-1960
2275Staff Listundated, 1956-1957
Staff Managers
Oeri, Georgine
2276-8Correspondence (3 folders)1953-1957
2279-12Memoranda (4 folders) (1 restricted)1953-1957
Ogden, Sheila
22713-14Correspondence (2 folders)1957-1960
15-17, 1Memoranda (4 folders) (1 restricted)1957-1960
2282Staff Passes to Museum of Modern Art1956-1960
2283Staff Reports on Non-Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Exhibitions1955
2284-9Photography Department (6 folders)1951-1960
Public Affairs Department
22810Advertisements and Listingsundated, 1952, 1956
22811-13Catalogue Requests: Correspondence and Memoranda (3 folders)1955-1958
14-17, 1-10, 1-9, 1-10, 1-8Correspondence (45 folders)1952-1960
2331Gallup Poll: Memoranda1960
2332Magazine Subscriptions1955-1956
2333-8Mailing Lists (6 folders) (1 restricted)1952-1960
9-14, 1-4Memoranda (10 folders)1952-1960
2345Museum Council of New York City Events Schedules1953-1955
6-9, 21Press Releases (5 folders)1951-1960
23410-11Publicity Photographs: Correspondence and Memoranda (2 folders)undated, 1954-1955, 1958
23412Radio: Correspondence and Script1955-1957
23413Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Historycirca 1956-1957
Subject Files on James Johnson Sweeney
2351-6General (6 folders)1953-1957
2357Albright Gallery1956
2358American Federation of Arts Convention (Houston, Texas)1956-1957
2359Cincinnati Art Museum's Contemporary Arts Center1954
23510Barnard College Spanish Exhibition1953
23511Berthe Morisot and Her Circle (Frye Museum)1954
23512Collectors of the Theatre (City Center Gallery)1955
23513Fine Arts Project of the Fashion Group1955
23514Hallmark Award (Wildenstein Gallery)1955
23515The International Exhibition of Art (São Paulo Museum of Modern Art)1953
23516Sixth Annual Momentum Exhibition (Institute of Design, Chicago)1954
23517Sixty-first American Art Exhibition (Art Institute of Chicago)1954
23518Thirty-seventh Annual Juried Exhibition of the Springfield Art League1956
23519Virginia Museum Quadrennial1954
23520Grinnell College Convocation1957
23521International Association of Art Critics1954, 1956
23522James Joyce Society1954
2362Atlanta, Georgia (Georgia Institute of Technology)1954
2363Bennington, Vermont1955
2364Boston, Massachusetts1955
2365Greensboro, North Carolina1954
2366Hanover, New Hampshire (Dartmouth College)1954
2367Milwaukee, Wisconsin1954
2368Providence, Rhode Island1956
2369Springfield, Massachusetts1954
23610MacDowell Art Colony1953-1956
23611Massachusetts Institute of Technology's School of Humanities and Social Studies1954
23612Mount Sinai Statue1957
23613Museum Purchase Fund1954
23614La Nouvelle Revue Francaise1953
23615Quandrum Magazine1956
23616Seattle Art Museum1954
501422The Society of the Four Arts1954-1956
23618Visitor Comments and Questionscirca 1959
Publications Department
23620Braun and Company: Booklet on Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Collection1953-1960
21, 1General (2 folders)1952-1959
23622Matter, Herbert (Studio Associates, Inc.)1952-1953
23, 1Lawfulness of Art by William Suida (Unpublished Manuscript) (2 folders)1950-1952, 1957
2372Letterhead and Forms: Samples1953
2373-4Memoranda (2 folders)1952-1955
2375-7Registrar Department: Memoranda (3 folders) (2 restricted)1952-1960
2378-11Attendance (4 folders)1952-1959
1, 2General: Duty Analysis (2 folders)1952-1954
2382-14Annual (13 folders) (6 restricted)1953-1959
16, 1-10Museum Activities: Daily (11 folders)1953-1960
23911Postcards: Correspondence and Memoranda1953
23912Publications Information1952
23913Storage (restricted)1953-1960
Series 4. Assistant Director Dr. Grace Louise McCann Morley, 1958-1960, .6 cubic ft.
23914-17Acquisitions (4 folders) (restricted)1959-1960
23918Attendance Reports1959
19,1-3General (4 folders)1959
2404Adam, Lawrence1959
2405Bolomey, Roger H.1959
2406Martin, Fred1959
2407Newman, Elias1959
2408Obeliskos, Lewis1959
2409Phillips, Blanche1959
24010Schlesinger, Albert E.1959
24011Weber-Sachs, Hannah1959
50153Kñallinsky, Adasa E.1958
13, 4aSweeney, James Johnson (2 folders)1958
International Association of Art Critics: Conference Planning
24016-17Correspondence (2 folders)1959
2411Hotel Reservations and Lodging1959
2412-4Reply Cards (3 folders)1959
2417Recommendation Letter (restricted)1959
2418Registrar and Shipping (restricted)1959
2419aReports to James Johnson Sweeney1959
Series 5. Exhibitions and Objects, circa 1935-1964 (bulk 1952-1960), 7.65 cubic ft.
A. General
26744-57Photographs: Artwork (Glass Plates)circa late 1950s
52-66, 1-61Photographs: Artwork (Glass Plates)undated
2721-30Photographs: Artwork (Glass Plate Negatives)circa 1935
27231-37Photographs: Artwork (Negatives and Prints)circa 1935
58-63, 43-51Photographs: Artwork and Architecture (Glass Plates; Originally housed in box with crossed out“Gaudi” handwritten on it)undated
2419bPhotographs: Artwork and Architecture: Note in Box (Originally housed in box with crossed out“Gaudi” handwritten on it)undated
25718-19Reports from Registrar (2 folders) (restricted)1953-1960
B. Exhibitions
Circulating Exhibitions: Policy and Procedures
24110-11Instructions (2 folders)undated, 1956
24112Generalundated, 1956-1961
24113Museum of Modern Art (restricted)1955
24114Wall Labels: Resourcesundated, 1953, 1957-1960
45 Oeuvres de Kandinsky Provenant du Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (#105)
2422Loans (restricted)1956-1957
Alberto Giacometti (#94)
2424Checklist: Published1955
2426Loans (restricted)1955-1956
2428Wall Labels1955
2671-10American Painting, 1950: Photographs: Artwork (Glass Plates)undated
Before Picasso; After Miró (#123)
2429Loans (restricted)1960
24210Wall Labels1960
Constantin Brancusi (#96)
24211Catalogue Information: Correspondence (Unpublished Catalogue)1955-1957
24214Conservation (restricted)1956
24216Events: Opening: Invitations1955
24217Finance (restricted)1955
24218Loans (restricted)1956, 1959
24219Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1955
20, 11-43, 1-57, 4bPhotographs: Artwork (Includes Glass Plates)1955, undated
Public Affairs
24222Press Mailing List1955-1956
24223Radio Interview Subjects1955
24224Research: The Secret of Brancusi by Gillo Dorfles1956
24225Shipping (restricted)1955
An Exhibition of Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (#104-T)
27, 5Loans (2 folders) (restricted)1956-1958
24229Shipping (restricted)1957
24230Ground Floor Gallery Rearrangement: Checklist: Internal1960
24231Group Exhibition: Gianni Dova, Elinor Evans, Ben Joppolo, Alberto Martini, Dale McKinney, J. Jay McVicker, Samuel Olkinetzky, Cesare Peverelli, Mauro Reggiani (#75): Exhibition Planning1952
Guggenheim International Award, 1956 (#102)
34-35, 1-3General (5 folders) (1 restricted)1955-1957
2434American Jurors1956
2435-7General (3 folders)1956-1957
2438Bouzianis, Georges1957
2439Eweis, Mohamed Hamed1957
50156Obregón, Alejandro1957
24310Pettoruti, Emilio1957
24311Søndergaard, Jens1957
24312Tobey, Mark1957
24313Vedova, Emilio1957
24314Gille-Delafon, S.1956-1957
24315International Jurors1956
24316Newton, Eric1956
2441-2Dinner Party (Hotel de Crillon, Paris) (2 folders)1956
2443Press Cocktails: Invitations (Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris)1956
2444Press Party (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)1956
2445Exhibition and Award Planning1955-1956
2446-7General (2 folders) (restricted)1956-1957
2448-11Expenses: European Trips (4 folders)1956-1957
24413Insurance (restricted)1956-1957
24414Lists of Award Winners, Candidates, and Jurors1956
24415Loans (restricted)1955-1960
2451Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1956-1957
Public Affairs
2452Mailing List1956
3, 8Press Releases (2 folders)1956-1957
2454Registration Forms1965
50159Artist: D'Ébneth, Lajos1956
2455International Association of Plastic Artsundated, 1954
2456Shipping (restricted)1956
2457Wall Labels1957
Guggenheim International Award, 1958 (#114)
501510Checklist: Internal1958
2459Conservation (restricted)1959
501511Morgan and Brothers and The Manhattan Storage Company1958
501512Finance: Budget and Expenditures (restricted)1959
501513Insurance (restricted)1958-1959
24511Loans (restricted)1958-1959
24513Photographs: Artwork1956-1957
Public Affairs
501514Press Release1958
24515Rights and Reproductions1958
24516Shipping (restricted)1958-1959
24517Wall Labels1958
Guggenheim International Award, 1960 (#124)
24518Award Certificates: Correspondence1960
19, 15Catalogue Information: Mock-ups (2 folders)1960
24520Checklist: Internal1960
22-23, 1-2Gille-Delafon, S. (4 folders)1959-1961
2463International Jurors1959-1960
2464Exhibition Planning: Tentative Schedule1960
2465Finance1958-1960, 1964
7, 16Lists of Award Winners, Candidates, and Jurors (2 folders)1960
2469Newspaper and Magazine Clippingsundated
10, 17Public Affairs: Press Releases (2 folders)1960
Regional Winners
24635Union of South Africa1960
24636United Kingdom1960
24637United States1960
2471Registration Forms1960
2, 18Rules Governing Guggenheim International Award (2 folders)1959-1960
2473-5Shipping (3 folders) (restricted)1960
Inaugural Selection (#118)
2476Conservation (restricted)1960
2477Artists Preview1959
2478Press Preview1959
24710Interim Exhibition of Museum Collection (#81): Checklist: Internal1953
24711Interim Exhibition of Museum Collection (#83): Checklist: Internal1954
Jacques Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Marcel Duchamp (#101)
Catalogue Information
24716Events: Opening1957
24718Loans (restricted)1956-1957
24720Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1956-1958
Public Affairs
2482Press Previewundated
2483Press Release: Draft1957
2484Wall Labels1957
2485A Loan Exhibition of Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (#85-T): Catalogue1954
2486Model of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts1960
2487Outdoor Sculpture Garden: Correspondence1953
Piet Mondrian: The Earlier Years (#108)
2488Booklet: "Unpublished letter from Mondrian, New York, 1943"circa 1957
2489Checklist: Internal1957
24811Events: Preview: Invitation1957
24812Loans (restricted)1956-1957
24813Public Affairs1957-1958
24814Wall Labels1957
Recent Accessions (#111)
24815Checklist: Internal1958
24816Events: Preview: Invitation1958
24817Loans (restricted)1956-1959
Recent Acquisitions and Loans (#106)
24821Loans (restricted)1957-1959
Recent Acquisitions and Loans II (#107)
24824Events: Preview1957
24827Wall Labels1957
Robert Delaunay (#91)
24828Catalogue Information: Correspondence1955
24830Loans (restricted)1955
24831Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1955
24832Public Affairs: WNYC Radio Interview with Georgine Oeri1955
24833Sculpture and Drawings by Sculptors from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (#121-T): Loans (restricted)1960
Sculptures and Drawings from Seven Sculptors (#109)
24834Checklists: Internal1958
24836Loans (restricted)1958-1959
24837Wall Labels1958
A Selection (#78)
24838Checklist Information1953
24839Checklist: Published1953
24840Events: Press Preview1953
24841Exhibition Planning: Diagrams of Stands1953
24843Public Affairs: Press Release1953
Selection II (#79)
24844Checklist Information1953
24845Checklist: Published1953
24846Events: Opening1953
Selection III (#84)
24848Checklist: Internal (Preliminary)1953
Selection IV (#87)
24850Conservation (restricted)1955
24852Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1954
24853Selection V (#95): Checklist: Published1955
Selection VI (#97)
24856Loans (restricted)1956, 1958
2491Selection of American Paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (#103-T): Loans (restricted)1957
2492Selections and Loans: Wall Labelsundated
Sixty Years of Living Architecture: The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright (#80)
2495Events: Opening and Press Preview1953
2496Loans (restricted)1953
2498-9Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)1953
24910Events: Opening1953
Public Affairs
24913Press Releasesundated, 1953
501519Research: Frank Lloyd Wright: Architectural Forum1951
24914Shipping (restricted)1953
24915Traveling Exhibition Information1953-1954
24916Usonian House Contractors and Suppliers1953-1954
24917Some Recent Gifts (#116): Wall Labels1959
Supplementary Exhibition of Drawings (#92-T)
24918-19General (2 folders)undated, 1954-1955
24920-23Loans (4 folders) (restricted)undated, 1954-1956
Supplementary Exhibition of Drawings (#100-T)
24925Loans (restricted)1957-1958
Supplementary Exhibition of Prints, 1958-1959 (110-T)
2503Published: Talladega College Art Gallery1959
2504Loans (restricted)1957-1959
Supplementary Exhibition of Watercolors (#98-T)
2506Loans (restricted)1955-1960
2507Twenty Contemporary Painters from the Philippe Dotemont Collection (#115): Loans (restricted)1959
Younger American Painters: A Selection (#86)
2509Catalogue Information: Correspondence1953-1955
25010General (restricted)1955
25011Artists1954, 1956-1957
25012Purchase Inquiries1954
25013Events: Lectures1954
25014Exhibition Planningundated
25015Finance: Expenses1954-1955
25016Loans (restricted)1954-1956
25017Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1954
25018Public Affairs: Press Release: Draft1954
19, 20Artists (2 folders)1954-1955
25020Shipping (restricted)1955-1956
25021-22Traveling Exhibition Information (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954-1956
Younger European Painters: A Selection (#82)
25024Correspondence: Artists1954, 1956-1958
25025, 26European Trip Budget and Itinerary (2 folders)1953
25027Events: Opening1953
501521Finance (restricted)1955
2511Loans (restricted)1954-1956
16, 3Newspaper and Magazine Clippings (2 folders)1953-1954
2514Shipping (restricted)1954-1955
2515-13Traveling Exhibition Information (9 folders) (8 restricted)1954-1957
[Unidentified Exhibitions]
25114Checklist: Internalundated
25115Installationcirca 1960
25116Wall Labelsundated
C. Loans
17-21, 1-16General (21 folders) (restricted)1952-1960
Extended Loan Program
17-22, 1-28, 1-36, 1-3General (73 folders) (restricted)1952-1961
Booklet for Extended Loan Program Institutions
2554-5General (2 folders)undated, 1954, 1956
2556-251-24 (except 4, 16, 18): Notes, Photographs and Samples (20 folders) (8 restricted)undated, 1953-1959
2561Mock-upsundated, 1956
2562Wall Labelsundated
D. Permanent Collection
3-15, 1-5, 22Acquisitions (18 folders) (restricted)1952-1960
2576Artwork Pricesundated, 1953, 1959
501523Guggenheim, Solomon R.: Will with Inventory1951
2577Hilla Rebay Collection (restricted)1952-1956
9-10, 24General (3 folders) (1 restricted)undated, 1951-1960
25711Artwork Sent to Charleston (#4-T)1938
25712Estate of Irene Rothschild Guggenheim (restricted)1955
25713Frames (restricted)1958
25714Interim Selectionsundated
25715Newspaper and Magazine Clippings1956
2691-42Photographs: Artwork (Glass Plates)undated
25716Printing and Drawing Fund (restricted)1957-1959
25717Reproduction Requests1951-1952
3008801Scrapbook: Collection Inventory, Henri-Georges Adam - Ernst Ludwig Kirchnercirca 1950s
3008802Scrapbook: Collection Inventory, Paul Klee - Zao Wou-Kicirca 1950s
Series 6. Research, undated, 1947-1960, 1.75 cubic ft.
Artists and Scholars
2581Albers, Josefundated
2582Arnal, Francois1956
2583Arnest, Bernardundated
2584Arnould, Reynoldundated
2585Arp, Jeanundated
2586Askin, Walterundated
2587Avery, Miltonundated
2588Baranowski, W.undated
2589Barnet, Willundated
25810Behl, Wolfgang1955
25811Bertrand, Gaston1953
25812Bloom, Hymanundated
25813Bodin, Paulundated
25814Boehler, Hansundated
25815Boehr, Irma1952
25816Boïlle, Luigi1956
25817Brink-Rossato, Guido1956
25818Browning, Colleenundated, 1957
25819Burlin, Paulundated
25820Burri, Albertoundated
25821Calder, Alexanderundated
25822Calfee, William H.undated
25823Ceely, Robertundated
25824Chillida, Eduardoundated
25825Couzijn, Pearl and Wesselundated
25826Crawford, Ralstonundated
25827Cremean, Robertundated, 1960
25828Crespi, Pachitaundated
25829Culwell, Ben L.undated
25830Dali, Salvadorundated
25831Darcely, Roland1959
25832De Kooning, Willemundated
501525Delaunay, Robertundated
25833Delaye, Francisundated
25834Dmitrienko, Pierre1956
25835Dole, Williamundated, 1951
25836Dozier, Otisundated
25837Drewes, Wernerundated
25838Dubin, Ralphundated
25839Evett, Kennethundated
25840Falkenstein, Claireundated
25841Feininger, Lyonelundated
25842Ferber, Herbertundated
501526Fogel, Seymour1954
25843Forndran, Werner1956-1957
25844Francis, Samundated
25845Fuseli, Henryundated
2591Gerdits, Williamundated
2592Gliha, Oton1957-1959
2593Goldstein, Howardundated
2594Gordin, Sidneyundated
2595Graves, Morrisundated
2596Gris, Juanundated
2597Gutierrez, Jose Casel1955
2598Hahn, Joseph1957
2599Hall, William1954
25910Halsey, William1954
25911Hammid, [unknown]undated
25912Hartell, Johnundated
25913Hartung, Hansundated
25914Harwood, Stuart1956
25915Haseltine, Herbert1956-1957
25916Hayes, David V.undated
25917Hedai, Nankokuundated
25918Hepworth, Barbaraundated
25919Higgins, Edwardundated
25920Humbert, Jacquesundated
25921Judd, Deforrestundated
25922Katz, Leoundated
25923Kiaulénas, Petras and Vassiaundated
25924Klee, Paulundated
25925Klimt, Gustav1954
25926Kožarić, Ivanundated
25927Lassaigne, Jacquesundated
25928Léger, Fernandundated
2601Levee, J.undated
2602Levine, Morrisundated
2603Lewis, Haroldundated
2604Libinstein, [unknown]undated
2606MacIver, Lorenundated
2607Mansouroff, Paulundated
2608Marc, Franzundated
2609Marin, Johnundated
26010Matta, Robertoundated
26011Meyers, Sidneyundated
26012Miestchaninoff, Beatrice1955, 1957
26013Morris, Hildaundated
26014Motherwell, Robert1948
26015Ohno, Hidetakaundated
26016Okamura, Arthurundated, 1960
26017Pan-Wogensky, Martaundated
26018Paris, Haroldundated
26019Pasto, Tarrusundated
26020Peiute, Pierreundated
26021Pellotier, Jeanundated
26022Perceval, Johnundated
26023Pereira, Irene Riceundated
26024Pevsner, Antoine1954
26025Phillips, Jamesundated
26026Picasso, Pabloundated, 1952, 1958
26027Picó, Joséundated
26028Pinon, Jackundated
26029Pollock, Jacksonundated
26030Prendergast, Mauriceundated
26031Rattner, Abrahamundated
26032Reiss, Wallaceundated
26033Renouf, Edwardundated
26034Rocklin, Raymond1957
26035Rodin, Augusteundated
2611Rosenthal, Bernardundated
2612Rothko, Markundated
2613Sainto, Kioshi1956
2614Scharpf, Rudolfundated
2615Schffer, Nicolasundated
2616Schrag, Karlundated
2617Shahn, Benundated
2618Soulages, Pierreundated
2619Stahly, Françoisundated, 1953
10, 27Stankiewicz, Richard (2 folders)undated
26111Tobey, Markundated
26112Tomkins, Margaretundated
26113Tovish, Howardundated
26114Townley, Hughundated
26115Vallee, Jackundated
26116Van Leyden, Ernstundated, 1959
26117Varaud, Serge1950-1953
26118Weber, Maxundated
26119Wilke, Ulfert1953
26120Wingren, Danundated
501528Yamamoto, Taro1955
26121Yektai, Manoucherundated
26122Young, Birge1952
26123aZajar, Jackundated
26123b[unknown], James (?)undated
26124-25[unknown] (2 folders)undated
Galleries and Museums
2612621 Gallery1955
26127ACA Gallery1954
26128Alan Gallery1954
26129Alexandre Iolas Gallery1955
26130Allan Frumkin Gallery1954
26131Allerton House1954
26132Area Arts1953
26133Artists' Gallery1954-1955
26134Arts Club of Chicago (Collection of Mr. Mrs. Charles Zadok)1952
26135Barone Gallery1955
26136Bertha Schaefer Gallery1955
26137Betty McLean Gallery1954
26138Betty Parsons Gallery1954
26139Brownstone Gallery (With Correspondence from Donald Ray Purdy)1955
26140Carlebach Gallery1955
26142Contemporary Arts1954
26143Downtown Gallery1953
26144Duveen-Graham Modern Art1955
26145E. and A. Silberman Galleries, Incorporated1954
26146Edwin Hewitt Gallery1954
26147Fantasy Gallery1954
26148Fine Arts Associates1955
26149Forum Gallery1955
26150Frank Perls Gallery1954
26151Galerie Lara Vincy1956
26152Galerie Moderneundated, 1953
501529Galleria S. Fedele (With Correspondence to Prof. Giorgio Kaiserlain and Materials from Other Italian Galleries)1952-1953
26153Gallery Urban1954
26154Grace Borgenicht Gallery1953, 1955
501530Grand Central Art Galleries1954
2621Hansa Gallery1953-1955
2622Harry Salpeter Gallery, Incorporated1954
2623Hilson Gallery for Creative Artundated, 1956
2624Howard Wise Galleryundated
2625James Gallery1955
2626John Heller Gallery, Incorporated1953-1954
501531Kaufmann Art Galleryundated
2627Kilbride-Bradley Art Galleryundated
2628Kleemann Galleries1954
2629Knoedler Gallery (With Correspondence from Roloff Beny)1954
26210Kootz Gallery1953-1954
26211Korman Gallery1953-1955
26212-13Kraushaar Galleries (2 folders) (1 restricted)1954
26214Landau Gallery1954
26215Lotte Jacobi Gallery1954
26216M. Knoedler and Co.undated
26217Martha Jackson Gallery1953-1955
26218Maynard Walker Gallery1955
26219Metropolitan Museum of Art1954
26220Miami Artist Association1958
26221Musée Paul Dupuy1954
26222Museum of New Mexicoundated
26223New Gallery1955
26224New York City Center Gallery1954
501532Norton Gallery (re: Palm Beach Art League and The Society of Four Arts exhibitions)1947-1954
26225Obelisk Gallery1954
26226Parke-Bernet Galleries1954
26227Passedoit Gallery1952-1955
50161Perdalma Gallery1954-1955
26228Peridot Gallery1954
26229Peter Cooper Galleryundated
26230Pietrantonio Galleriesundated
26232Saidenberg Gallery1954
26233Schainen Stern Design Associatesundated
50162Serigraph Galleries1954-1955
26234Sidney Janis Gallery1952-1954
26235Spiral Group1953
26236Stable Gallery1954
26237Swetzoff Gallery1954
26238Tanager Gallery1954
26239Tibor De Nagy Gallery1953
26240Van Diemen-Lilienfeld Galleriesundated
26241Walker Arts Center1954
26242Wellons Gallery1954
26243Whitney Museum of American Art1954
50163Wildenstein Galleries1953
26244Willard Gallery1954-1955
26245Windsor Castle1955
50164Zwemmer Gallery1956
46, 5[unknown] (2 folders)undated
Series 7. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Buildings, 1929-1962 (bulk 1952-1950), 2.5 cubic ft.
1 East 88th Street
Architectural Plans
2712C. G. Flygare Incorporated1954
3000591Carpenter, J. E. R.1929
3000592Dalzell, K. Whitney1947
50166Earl B. Lovell - S. P. Belcher, Incorporated1950
2, 5Holden McLaughlin and Associates (2 folders)1951-1952
26248Maintenance and Security: Memoranda1952-1956
26251Renovations: Memoranda1954-1956
7 East 72nd Street
Architectural Plans
3000593Jaenike, Harry P.1951-1952
3, 3Sloane, W. J. (2 folders)1954
3, 3Town Planning Associates (2 folders)1956
26252Correspondence and Memoranda1956-1959
26254Maintenance and Security1956-1958
2631Photographs: Gallery1958
2632Correspondence and Memoranda1956, 1959
2634Restoration of Premises to Original Condition1959
1071 5th Avenue Townhouse
50167Architectural Plans: Locations of Lighting Fixtures1957
2636Perey Turnstiles1953
Maintenance and Security
2638Gallery Maintenance Reports1952
2639Photographs: Gallery1953
26310Fifth Floor1953
26313Room Measurements1953
26314Ground and Second Floor1953
Frank Lloyd Wright Building
Architectural Plans
2714American Lighting Corporation: Lighting1959
2714Century Lighting: Lighting1959
30005911Holophane Company: Lighting1958-1959
2715Jens Risom Design: Director's Office1959
6,4Middeleer, Charles: Landscaping (2 folders)1959
2717Oscar Fisher Company: Photography Departmentundated
2714The Simese Company: Lighting1959
Wright, Frank Lloyd
30005912Cafeteria and Kitchen1958
3000596Conservation Department1958-1959
30005912Fencing and Gates1959
26318Fifth Floorundated
2641First Floor (2 folders)undated
2642Fourth Floorundated
3000596Furniture Details1957
30005912Glass Enclosed Ante Room1959
30005912Grand Gallery Lighting1959
2643Ground Levelundated
2644Lecture Roomundated
2645Lecture Room Mezzanineundated
3000596Movable Web Partitions1959
3000596Office for Shipping and Receiving1959
30005912President's Room: Dome at Parapet1960
3000596Projection Room1958-1959
2719Receptionist Desk1959
2646Second Floorundated
3000596Sidewalks and Plantings: Plot Plan1958-1959
3000596Space Assignments by Department1958
7, 6Third Floor (2 folders)undated, 1958
27110Second Floorundated
3000597Third Floorundated
2648b"An Open Letter" from 21 Artists1956
9-13, 8Office of Frank Lloyd Wright (6 folders) (1 restricted)1956-1960
26414Wright, Frank Lloyd1956
2652Director's Office1959
3, 10Finance (2 folders)1958-1960
501611Legal: Contracts: Robert Day, Incorporated: Restaurant Operation Agreement (restricted)1959
2655Lightingundated, 1954, 1959-1960
Maintenance and Security
7, 12Janitorial and Security Services1959
2659Security Survey (restricted)1959
2731-31Architectural Drawings and Plans (Glass Plates)circa 1950s
27332-33Architectural Drawings and Plans (Glass Plate Negatives)circa 1950s
1-53, 1-34Building Construction (Glass Plates)circa 1950s
27535-39Building Construction: Frank Lloyd Wright (Glass Plates)circa 1950s
26510bBuilding Construction1956-1957
26511Building Exteriorcirca 1959
26512Final Construction and Move-in1959
26513-14General (2 folders)1956, 1959
26517Diagrams and Notesundated, 1954
26518Maximum Occupancy1959
26519Photography Department1959
20, 13Registrar (2 folders)1954
Public Affairs
Event: Museum Opening
26523Fact Sheets1959
Newspaper and Magazine Clippings
1-2, 14General (3 folders)1953-1962
2663Wright, Frank Lloyd1955, 1957
2664Postcards (blank)undated
2665Press Releases1953, 1956
30005910Pavilion: Architectural Plans: Wright, Frank Lloyd: Temporary Building1953