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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

In 1939 The Museum of Non-Objective Painting opened its rented quarters in Manhattan on East 54th Street, showcasing the collection of American and European abstract and nonobjective artwork that Solomon R. Guggenheim had begun assembling a decade before. In the seven decades since, the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum—renamed in its founder's honor in 1952—has grown exponentially, expanding in both historical and stylistic range and depth.

Full Description
Jean Arp, Classic Sculpture, 1960–63
Lewis Baltz, San Quentin Point, 1982–83
Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 1, 1996
Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 5, 1997
Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 2, 1999
Matthew Barney, Chrysler Imperial, 2002
Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 3, 2002
Martin Barré, Greenwich, 1957
Martin Barré, 60-T-44, 1960