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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

In 1939 The Museum of Non-Objective Painting opened its rented quarters in Manhattan on East 54th Street, showcasing the collection of American and European abstract and nonobjective artwork that Solomon R. Guggenheim had begun assembling a decade before. In the seven decades since, the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum—renamed in its founder's honor in 1952—has grown exponentially, expanding in both historical and stylistic range and depth.

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Francis Alÿs in collaboration with Cuauhtémoc Medina and Rafael Ortega, When faith moves mountains (Cuando la fe mueve montañas), April 11, 2002, Lima, Peru
Poklong Anading, Counter Acts, 2004
Armando Andrade Tudela, Untitled (GCC) 1, 2013
Carl Andre, 5 x 20 Altstadt Rectangle, 1967
Carl Andre, Fall, 1968, New York
Carl Andre, Trabum (Element Series), conceived 1960 (executed 1977)
Claudia Angelmaier, Betty, 2008
Julieta Aranda, Saving it for later, 2009
Julieta Aranda, Two shakes, a tick and a jiffy, 2009
Alexander Archipenko, Carrousel Pierrot, 1913
Alexander Archipenko, Médrano II, 1913–14
Alexander Archipenko, Vase Woman II, 1919