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U.S., late 1960s

Coined by the art historian and critic Robert Pincus-Witten, Post-Minimalism refers to a general reaction by artists in America beginning in the late 1960s against Minimalism and its insistence on closed, geometric forms. These dissenting artists eschewed the impersonal object for more open forms.

Full Description
Mary Corse, Light Painting, 1971
Walter De Maria, Ball Drop, 1961
Walter De Maria, Cross, 1965–66
Walter De Maria, Star, 1972
Eva Hesse, Expanded Expansion, 1969
Ellsworth Kelly, White Angle, 1966
Tadaaki Kuwayama, Untitled, 1962
Richard Long, Red Slate Circle, 1980
Robert Mangold, 4 Color Frame Painting #9, 1964
Agnes Martin, Untitled, 1960
Agnes Martin, Little Sister, 1962
Agnes Martin, Untitled, 1977
Agnes Martin, Untitled, 1977
Agnes Martin, Fiesta, 1985
Gordon Matta-Clark, Reality Properties: Fake Estates, Little Alley Block 2497, Lot 42, 1974 (posthumous assembly, 1992)
Gordon Matta-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1975
Gordon Matta-Clark, Office Baroque, 1977
Gordon Matta-Clark, Study for "Office Baroque", 1977