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U.S. and Europe, late 1970s

By the end of the 1970s, Modernism’s utopian principles of innovation, artistic authenticity, and individual expression had become increasingly suspect in a critical culture attuned to late capitalism’s production of desire.

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Ross Bleckner, Throbbing Hearts, 1994
James Casebere, Subdivision with Spotlight, 1982
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, "Untitled" (Public Opinion), 1991
Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Not Perfect), 1980
Sherrie Levine, White Knot: 1, 1986
Sherrie Levine, After Rodchenko: 1-12, 1987/1998
Allan McCollum, Perpetual Photo (No. 244), 1982/1990
Richard Prince, Untitled (jewels, watch and pocketbook), 1978–79
Richard Prince, Untitled (joke), 1986
Richard Prince, Mad Magazine, 1992
Richard Prince, Cereal 1, 2002
Richard Prince, Cereal 2, 2002
Richard Prince, Cereal 3, 2002
Richard Prince, Climax, 2002
Richard Prince, My Pocketbook, 2003