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New York, 1960s

Though never a self-proclaimed movement, Minimalism refers to painting or sculpture made with an extreme economy of means and reduced to the essentials of geometric abstraction.

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Donald Judd, Untitled, 1973
Robert Mangold, 1/3 Gray-Green Curved Area, 1966
Robert Mangold, Neutral Pink Area, 1966
Robert Mangold, Circle In and Out of a Polygon 2, 1973
Brice Marden, Private Title, 1966
Brice Marden, Grove IV, 1976
Agnes Martin, Untitled No. 14, 1977
Robert Morris, Untitled (Corner Piece), 1964
Robert Ryman, Allied, 1966
Robert Ryman, Surface Veil I, 1970
Robert Ryman, Surface Veil II, ca. 1970
Robert Ryman, Surface Veil III, 1971
Tony Smith, For W.A., 1969