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Abstract Expressionism

New York, ca. 1940

The designation Abstract Expressionism encompasses a wide variety of postwar American painting through which the U.S. first became the center of the avant-garde.

Full Description
Karel Appel, Two Heads (Deux têtes), 1953
William Baziotes, Dusk, 1958
William Baziotes, Aquatic, 1961
Elaine de Kooning, Juarez, 1958
Willem de Kooning, Composition, 1955
Willem de Kooning, Untitled, 1958
Willem de Kooning, Villa Borghese, 1960
Willem de Kooning, ...Whose Name Was Writ in Water, 1975
Arshile Gorky, Untitled, summer 1944
Adolph Gottlieb, The Red Bird, 1944
Adolph Gottlieb, Augury, 1945
Adolph Gottlieb, Sleep Mask, 1945
Adolph Gottlieb, Mist, 1961
Philip Guston, Duo, 1961
Hans Hofmann, The Gate, 1959–60
Franz Kline, Painting No. 7, 1952
Joan Mitchell, Composition, 1962
Robert Motherwell, Personage (Autoportrait), December 9, 1943