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Edgar Degas, Seated Woman, Wiping Her Left Side (Femme assise, s'essuyant le côté gauche), 1896–1911 (cast posthumously 1919–26)
Edgar Degas, Spanish Dance (Danse espagnole), 1896–1911 (cast posthumously 1919–26)
Vasily Kandinsky, Pond in the Park (Parkteich), ca. 1906
Aristide Maillol, Woman with Crab (La femme au crabe), ca. 1902–05
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Nudes, ca. 1908
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Head of a Woman, ca. 1909
Édouard Vuillard, Place Vintimille, 1908–10
Georges Braque, Piano and Mandola (Piano et mandore), winter 1909–10
Robert Delaunay, Saint-Séverin No. 3, 1909–10