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Georges Braque, Violin and Palette (Violon et palette), September 1, 1909
Georges Braque, Piano and Mandola (Piano et mandore), winter 1909–10
Georges Braque, The Clarinet (La clarinette), summer-fall 1912
Georges Braque, Guitar, Glass, and Fruit Dish on Sideboard, early 1919
Victor Brauner, The Surrealist (Le surréaliste), January 1947
Victor Brauner, Consciousness of Shock, April 1951
James Brooks, Dolamen, 1958
Cecily Brown, Puttin' on the Ritz, 1999–2000
Alberto Burri, Composizione (Composition), 1953
Alberto Burri, Bianco B (White B), 1965
Alberto Burri, Cellotex LA 86, 1986
Giuseppe Capogrossi, Surface 210 (Superficie 210), 1957
Giuseppe Capogrossi, Surface 236 (Superficie 236), 1957
Enrico Castellani, Superficie Bianca, 1977