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Karl Nierendorf Estate

In 1948 the Guggenheim Foundation purchased the entire estate of art dealer Karl Nierendorf (1889–1947), expanding the breadth of the Guggenheim collection through the addition of important Expressionist and Surrealist works, and significant holdings of Paul Klee, among other highlights.

Full Description
Josef Albers, b and p, 1937
Josef Albers, Concealing, December 1940
Josef Albers, Bent Dark Gray, 1943
Josef Albers, Penetrating (B), 1943
Lyonel Feininger, The Angler (Der Angler), 1916
Lyonel Feininger, The Harbor (Der Hafen), 1929
Lyonel Feininger, Lüneburg II, 1933
Adolph Gottlieb, The Sea Chest, 1942
Adolph Gottlieb, The Red Bird, 1944
Adolph Gottlieb, Augury, 1945
Adolph Gottlieb, Sleep Mask, 1945
Vasily Kandinsky, Far Away (Fern), November 1930
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Dancers (Tänzerinnen), 1906
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Nudes, ca. 1908
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Head of a Woman, ca. 1909