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Museum Closed
Museum Closed
Museum Closed
The Guggenheim is open daily except Thursdays. Hours on Sundays and weekdays are 10 am–5:45 pm, and on Saturdays 10 am–7:45 pm. The box office stops selling tickets 30 minutes before close. Avoid lines at the museum—buy tickets now.

Thannhauser Collection

January 1, 2013–Ongoing

This exhibition presents works from the Thannhauser Collection, which was given to the Guggenheim Foundation by the art dealer Justin K. Thannhauser. More

Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe

February 21–September 1, 2014

Please note that Annex Levels 5 and 7, which displayed Benedetta's murals and major works by Giacomo Balla and Fortunato Depero, closed August 20. More

A Long-Awaited Tribute: Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian House

July 27, 2012–Ongoing

This presentation, comprising material from the Guggenheim Archives, pays homage to Frank Lloyd Wright's first structures in New York City. More

Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today

June 13–October 1, 2014

This exhibition reconsiders the state of contemporary art in Latin America. More

Opens June 13

Kandinsky Before Abstraction, 1901–1911

June 27, 2014–April 1, 2015

This intimate exhibition drawn from the Guggenheim collection explores the artist’s representational origins. More

Opens June 27