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Daniele Lombardi in concert. Photo: Nora Heinzelmann

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014 @ 6:30 pm

Performed by maestro Daniele Lombardi, this recital presents Futurist music by composers Francesco Ballila Pratella, Franco Casavola, and Silvio Mix, among others. Highlighting the myriad Futurist endeavors to transform and revolutionize sound, including the noise-making of Luigi Russolo, isochronic experiments inspired by the machine, the new idea of a synesthetic theater, and the fusion of diverse musical genres, these piano performances demonstrate the transmission of Futurists’ emphasis on speed to the temporal genre of music.

Read the program (PDF) from this event.

Followed by a reception and exhibition viewing of Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe.

$18, $12 members, $9 students

Daniele Lombardi, well-known internationally for his uncommon repertoire, has worked extensively on the music of the 20th-century historical avant-gardes, including the first modern performances of a large number of compositions of Italian and Russian Futurist music, as well as composers such as George Antheil, Leo Ornstein, Alberto Savinio, Alexander Mossolov, and Arthur Vincent Lourié. The musicological interest underlying this research has led him to write articles on this subject, as well as the book Il suono veloce: Futurismo e futurismi in musica (Milan: Ricordi-Lim, 1996). He is also an expert in contemporary musical notation and performing praxis (see his books: Spartito preso [Florence: Vallecchi, 1981] and [Rome: Edipan, 1984]). Lombardi’s extensive repertoire includes many works written in recent years, and several compositions have been dedicated to him. He has for many years directed the Nuova Musica Italiana and Nuova Musica Internazionale festivals in Rome (Coop. La Musica, RAI). Together with Bruno Nicolai, in 1985 he founded La Musica, a magazine of contemporary music, and has been artistic director of the music publishing company Edipan. He has recorded many CDs with Edipan, Arte Nova, Col Legno, Musica & Immagine, and Nuova Era. He teaches piano at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. A boxed set of nine CDs of Lombardi’s Musica Futurista was released in summer 2014.