Art in the Twenty First Century: Spirituality

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Production still from the “Spirituality,” Art in the Twenty-First Century season 1, episode 2, 2001, © Art21, Inc.

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Art in the Twenty First Century: Spirituality

Friday, July 5, 2013 @ 2 pm

In conjunction with James Turrell, the artist’s first exhibition in a New York museum since 1980, the Sackler Center for Arts Education is pleased to screen “Spirituality” from the Peabody Award–winning television series Art in the Twenty First Century.

How does contemporary art address the idea of spirituality? How do artists working today reveal and question commonly held assumptions about faith, belief, meditation, and religious symbols? The Art in the Twenty First Century documentary “Spirituality” explores these questions through the work of the artists Beryl Korot, Ann Hamilton, John Feodorov, Shahzia Sikander, and James Turrell.

Art in the Twenty-First Century: Spirituality, 2001

Created by Susan Sollins and Susan Dowling, DVD, 60 min.
Courtesy Art21 Inc.

This event is part of Art21’s Access 100 Artists, a celebration of contemporary art, and Art in the Twenty First Century, season one through six, sponsored by Art21. Visit for more information.

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