Conversations with Contemporary Artists: Stan Douglas

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Conversations with Contemporary Artists: Stan Douglas

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 @ 6:30 pm

By using dated, passé, or quasi-extinct stylistic devices, subject matter, and technologies, much contemporary photography and video embodies a melancholic longing for an otherwise unrecuperable past. Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance documents this obsession, examining myriad ways photographic imagery is incorporated into recent practice, and in the process underscores the unique power of reproductive media. On the occasion of the exhibition, select artists featured in Haunted discuss the themes of their work. Curators introduce the programs and receptions, including an exhibition viewing, with the artists follow.

Stan Douglas (b. 1960, Vancouver) utilizes forms of popular entertainment—cinema and television—to destabilize narratives that depict society as a unified, homogeneous front with one history, one set of desires, and one value system. His film installation Der Sandmann investigates the intersection of history and memory as witnessed against the backdrop of post–Cold War Germany. Shot on 16mm film, and projected as two separate but intersecting videos that show a community garden in use during the 1960s and as a construction site some 20 years later, Der Sandmann contemplates temporality and the transformative effects of history.

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