BMW Guggenheim Lab Opens in Berlin

BMW Guggenheim Lab

Continuing on its journey around the world, the BMW Guggenheim Lab opened in Berlin on Friday, June 15. The stop comes on the heels of a successful eleven-week pop-up experiment in New York’s East Village, which took place August 3 to October 16, 2011.

Located in Berlin’s artistic Prenzlaur Berg district, the Lab is open until July 29. With the theme of Confronting Comfort, the Lab—designed as an open-air loft by Tokyo-based architecture studio Atelier Bow-Wow—will present free programs for the public, exploring notions of individual and collective comfort and the urgent need for environmental and social responsibility.

The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a six-year project in which there will be three distinct mobile structures and thematic cycles. The initiative is led by international, interdisciplinary teams of emerging talents in the areas of urbanism, architecture, art, design, science, technology, education, and sustainability in partnership with BMW. The space is designed to serve as a catalyst in the exploration of new ideas, experimentation, and ultimately the creation of forward-thinking solutions for contemporary urban living.

Find out more about the Lab and follow updates on the official blog.

Photo: Duncan Bell

Marxz Rosado, The Process for Attaining the Signature of Pedro Albizu Campos in Neon Lights (Proceso para conseguir la firma de Pedro Albizu Campos en luces de neón), 1977–2002

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