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From its inauguration in November 1997 to its close in February 2013, the Deutsche Guggenheim has amply demonstrated the benefits of collaboration between a corporation and a nonprofit arts institution. With its many creative accomplishments, the museum transformed and enriched both Deutsche Bank and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. At the same time it also contributed inestimably to Berlin’s cultural landscape, helping the city emerge as a major hub of the international art scene.

Foremost among the Deutsche Guggenheim’s successes was its pioneering commissions program, which enabled eighteen artists to create new projects that were first exhibited in Berlin. In many cases, the works entered the Guggenheim Foundation’s collection. These commissioned artists are among the art world’s most important practioners, representing diverse nationalities and generations and working in a wide range of mediums. Through its role as an incubator for the arts, the Deutsche Guggenheim critically reconsidered the notion of the museum as a keeper of the past, and proposed itself instead as a producer of the future.

The Deutsche Guggenheim also offered a rich program of exhibitions: each year the museum mounted one show from Deutsche Bank’s extensive art collection and three organized by the Guggenheim, drawn from both the foundation’s collection and international loans. In keeping with our dual commitment to the modernist avant-garde and the latest innovations in contemporary art, these exhibitions investigated such historical movements as Divisionism and Photorealism, explored recent trends in new media and installation art, and offered artists the opportunity to realize their own thematic exhibitions. Many of these shows also traveled to other parts of the global Guggenheim network.

The Deutsche Guggenheim came to a close after fifteen years, and has reinvented itself as Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. Deutsche Bank and the Guggenheim continue to maintain our valued relationship and deep interest in Berlin as a site of artistic and intellectual activity.

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