Aung Myint

b. 1946, Yangon, Myanmar | lives and works in Yangon

Aung Myint has embraced diverse practices, from both nonrepresentational and figurative painting to performance art and installation. Myint experiments with medium and form to explore themes of cultural identity and personal memory. His painting White Stupa Doesn’t Need Gold (2010), acquired for the Guggenheim’s collection, includes the form of a typical Buddhist pagoda, but the artist disrupts the expected representation by depicting the structure unembellished against an enigmatic inky-black background. In 1989, Myint founded the Inya Gallery of Art in Yangon. He received the Juror’s Choice Award at the Philip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards in Bali (2002). He has had solo exhibitions at Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong (2003 and 2007); and Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore (2010).

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