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June Yap

No Country Opens in Singapore on May 10

Singapore’s Centre for Contemporary Art, a national research center of the Nanyang Technological University, will host No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia from May 10–July 20. In this essay by its curator, June Yap, discover the inspiration behind No Country, find out how the exhibition explores ideas of nation and community, and learn more about the featured artists. Download: e-book | PDF

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  • In Bangladesh, a Vibrant Contemporary Scene

    The New York Times visits Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city, where an arts community is thriving and growing. Among the city’s many new galleries and organizations is the Britto Arts Trust, cofounded by Tayeba Begum Lipi.

  • Q&A: Tayeba Begum Lipi

    “Many of my experiences are common to many women in Bangladesh, so when I make work about myself, it is also I hope universal,” says No Country artist Lipi in this illuminating Q&A with the Financial Times.

  • Khadim Ali Evokes Persecution in Pakistan

    In a new exhibition at Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales, works by No Country artist Ali blend Persian mythology with the history of the persecution of the Hazara minority in Pakistan.


  • New Video: Morning Glory as Food and Artwork

    Sopheap Pich’s sculpture Morning Glory will be on view as part of No Country for the first time at Singapore’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, a national research center of the Nanyang Technological University. In this video, he explains how the work references the Khmer Rouge’s regime in Cambodia.

  • June Yap’s Curatorial Essay

    In her essay “No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia,” available here as a free downloadable e-book and interactive PDF, June Yap contextualizes her exhibition and discusses some of the featured artists. The illustrated text includes links to further information in the Collection Online.

  • MAP Family and Teacher Resources

    Family guides from the No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia exhibitions in New York and Hong Kong invite children and adults to explore the exhibition and its works. For educators, a Resource Guide provides curriculum suggestions focused on the strategies artists are using to address the issues of our time.


  • “No Country: Regarding South and Southeast Asia,” Day One

    During the first day of the symposium, artist Wong Hoy Cheong screened Doghole at the Guggenheim Museum. This was followed by a video talk by Wong about the role of Malaysian history in his work. Afterward, in a live Q&A, Wong spoke with the audience from his home in Malaysia, via Skype. Watch videos, and listen to audio from the event.

  • Roundtable—“MAP: Regarding South and Southeast Asia”

    In these podcasts recorded over two days in Bangkok, fifteen experts discussed a broad range of topics including politics, religion, and censorship, changing definitions of the avant-garde, and South and Southeast Asia’s contemporary art market.

  • Artist Khadim Ali’s New York Residency Program

    During the No Country exhibition’s run in New York, Khadim Ali led workshops inspired by his work and journey as an artist. View photos from the programs, during which, Ali combined storytelling and art making. Experience a multimedia series from Ali’s Mind’s Eye workshop for the blind and people who have low vision.

  • Video Works and Related Films

    Videos by five artists and collectives were shown as part of the No Country exhibition in New York, complemented by weekly film programs. Read more about the works and films. View photos from a special program featuring filmmaker Barmak Akram, independent curator Leeza Ahmady, and artist Mariam Ghani.

  • “MAP: Regarding South and Southeast Asia” Video

    During a public program held at the Jim Thompson Art Center in Bangkok, Guggenheim UBS MAP curator, South and Southeast Asia, June Yap led an absorbing debate around issues raised in her exhibition No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia.

About the Region

Iftikhar Dadi
“Curating South Asia” by Iftikhar Dadi

Patrick D. Flores
“Southeast Asia: Art History, Art Today” by Patrick D. Flores


Kamin Lertchaiprasert: What is Art? 9:23

Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo on Materials and Process 4:32

Excavating Doghole 22:09

Khadim Ali: An Artist’s Experience 51:46

Vincent Leong: Artist Video 5:30

Vandy Rattana’s Bomb Ponds Photographs and Video 6:54

No Country: An Introduction 7:54

Curator's Vision 3:06


Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook: Life Needs No Introduction 3:29

Reza Afisina: To Whom Should One's Day Be Narrated? 4:05

Tuan Andrew Nguyen on Monuments and History 4:50

The Propeller Group on the Production of TVCC 4:36


Tran Luong on Lap Lòe and Welts 4:14

Wah Nu and Tun Win Aung’s Background 4:06

MAP: Regarding South and Southeast Asia 1:20:00

Khadim Ali Discusses the Shahnameh’s Significance 5:32



Read, watch, listen to, and discuss essays, stories, and interviews by international artists, writers, and curators.

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No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia

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