Marta Minujín

b. 1943, Buenos Aires | lives and works in Buenos Aires

As a pioneer of happenings, performance art, soft sculpture, and video, Marta Minujín pursues a varied and irreverent practice that demonstrates a profound distrust of the collectible art object. She often uses ephemeral materials such as cardboard, fabric, and food in work that is both monumental and fragile. Statue of Liberty Covered in Hamburgers (Estatua de la Libertad recubierta de hamburguesas, 1979) and The Transformation of the Statue of Liberty into Something Edible (La transformación de la Estatua de la Libertad en comestible, 1980) form part of plan to build an iron replica of the Statue of Liberty and install it lying down in New York’s Battery Park, where it would eventually be covered in hamburgers, offering the public a free lunch.

Photo: courtesy of the artist

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