Luis Camnitzer

b. 1937, Lübeck, Germany | lives and works in Great Neck, New York

Artist, critic, educator, and theorist Luis Camnitzer was born Germany and moved to Uruguay when he was a year old. In 1964, he founded the New York Graphic Workshop with artists Liliana Porter and José Guillermo Castillo, and in 1971 helped establish New York’s Museo Latinoamericano, and a splinter group, Movimiento de Independencia Cultural de Latino América (MICLA). Camnitzer’s installation Art History Lesson no.6 (2000) is made up of ten slide projectors ranged around the gallery space, each one casting an empty rectangle of light onto the wall. The Uruguayan artist’s work underscores the fact that art history is written by those in power, and tends to exclude certain accounts.

Photo: Jean Noel Schramm

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