Iván Navarro

b. 1972, Santiago, Chile | lives and works in New York

Born in the year preceding the coup d’état that instated Augusto Pinochet, Chilean-born artist Iván Navarro is interested in confronting the trauma of living under a military dictatorship. While the artist recalls from childhood the persistent fear of “being disappeared,” it was not until he relocated to New York City in 1997 that he began to learn more about the human rights abuses in his country, and the subject now forms the core of his practice. For Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker (2004–05), the artist built a grocery cart out of fluorescent tubes. Scored to a Mexican revolutionary song “Juan Sin Tierra” (John the Landless), the documentary video follows Navarro and a friend as they search for public electricity with which to illuminate the sculpture.

Photo: Thelma García

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