Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker

Donna Conlon, b. 1966, Atlanta; Jonathan Harker, b. 1975, Quito, Ecuador | live and work in Panama City

Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker, who also exhibit individually, have worked together since 2006, often using a playful approach to address serious sociopolitical themes in their videos. Specifically, they examine contradictions in the construction of Panamanian national identity, as well as political and societal disparities between Central America and the United States. In Drinking Song (2011), the style of which is reminiscent of a television advertisement, the U.S. national anthem is played on Panamanian beer bottles and cans. While the video has a humorous aspect, it also offers a sharp critique of U.S. imperialist interventions into Panama.

Photo: Natasha Ratia

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