Damián Ortega

b. 1967, Mexico City | lives and works in Mexico City

Damián Ortega began his career as a political cartoonist, and the blend of wit and incisive critique requisite of this role continues to permeate his conceptually driven installations, performances, sculptures, and videos. Ortega’s works highlight the latent poetry of everyday objects as well their complex social and political implications. An ad hoc quasi-modernist sculpture, Tortillas Construction Module (1998) is made from corn, the archetypal Mesoamerican staple. In stipulating that the work’s components may be rearranged with each presentation, Ortega presents an evolving expression of the abstract form of the grid, one which embodies a spirit of exploratory criticsm by inviting viewers to reconsider the importance of local knowledge and materials while pondering larger geopolitical issues.

Photo: Abraham Cruzvillegas

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