Carla Zaccagnini

b. 1973, Buenos Aires | lives and works in São Paulo

Carla Zaccagnini was born in Buenos Aires. In 1981, her family relocated to Brazil, where she now lives and works. Zaccagnini uses a variety of media and techniques—from drawing, installation, performance, text, and video to exhibition curating—to explore strategies of displacement. In Evidence of a Farce: “Time” and “The Economist” (Evidências de uma farsa: “Time” e “The Economist”), 2011, Zaccagnini juxtaposes two magazine covers that bracket a half-century of Brazil’s development, inviting the viewer to trace the connections between these two distinct yet comparable periods by learning about the political and economic crises that occurred between their cover dates of 1956 and 2009.

Photo: courtesy of the artist

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