Education Programming

Education Programming

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All educational programs accompanying exhibitions of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative will evolve from a dynamic and inclusive process of cross-cultural and professional exchanges among the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s curatorial and educational staffs, initiative curators and artists, and colleagues from each the exhibition venue. The exchanges will focus on learning about the educational philosophies, approaches, and programs at each of the focus-region venues in order to develop relevant offerings for their respective audiences. Interpretive materials and educational activities for the initiative will be codeveloped and customized to best serve the audiences identified for each venue.

Anticipated materials and programs may include offerings for general museum visitors, such as special collaborations with the artists; programs for adults, including lectures, panels, and performances; multilingual exhibition pamphlets; films, audio tours, and other multimedia tools; family programs; resources for educators; and gallery tours.

Online Resources

Online offerings will provide rich content about the exhibitions, collections, and programming and be a vibrant platform for audience engagement, multidisciplinary learning, and cross-cultural exchange. The Guggenheim's website,, will serve as the hub and will be instrumental in sustaining the initiative and extending learning beyond geographical boundaries by actively inviting worldwide participation.

The website will expand on the educational programs and include online forums about the exhibition themes, curatorial insights on the experience of researching and creating the exhibitions, and a multimedia archive of public programs, such as lectures, panel discussions, performing-arts events, symposia, and readings. The website will also include Teacher Resource Units to familiarize educators and students with the work of artists and curators, as well as Family Activity Guides to aid appreciation and encourage participation.

Education Summit

During the final year of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, the Guggenheim will organize and host a culminating summit, inviting representatives from each of the exhibition venues to review their experiences and share processes, findings, and accomplishments. Information gathered from the summit will be documented and shared with other arts and cultural organizations and the general public both regionally and globally.

Discussion at Global Forum: Art Museums and Public Engagement. Photo: Tanya Ahmed. © The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York